The Exam (2021) Movie Script

-How are you Ms Shilan?
-Thank you.
Why are you so late?
I couldn't help it, Senur kept crying.
What are you doing here?
Go to your room.
If dad calls you, don't come out.
-Darling, darling!
-Hello dad.
Our guests have come to see you,
won't you come sit with them?
Why are they here?
I told them not to come.
They're here to see Rojin.
Didn't you tell them she has exams?
-Hello dear.
So, where is Rojin?
She has exams.
I called Ms Rangin and told her
Rojin doesn't want to get married.
Didn't I tell you?
Mr Aziz we're here to ask for Rojin,
...but it seems that the children
are speaking for their elders.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you both for coming.
Can you give us till next month?
We'll think about it and let you know.
Okay, we'll come back next month.
Yes Faiq?
-What happened?
-She didn't even let them see Rojin.
Thank you.
No, Shilan dismissed them.
Well, come over tonight and we'll talk.
Hameed will come too.
Because he doesn't like it.
Hello Mr Shamal.
How are you?
Lana told me about you.
Yes, I'm Rojin's sister.
Where will we meet tomorrow?
Yes. Okay.
Okay goodbye.
-What are you doing Shilan?
-Bring us some tea.
-He's going to drive right past dad!
-Sir, can we take a different route?
Why? This is the right way!
Aren't you going to Bakrajo?
Bend down, he won't see us.
-Tell me what to do.
-Nothing sir, just go.
God forgive us!
-Don't say anything to grandpa, okay?
-Here, sir.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
-What about my change?
-Change? This is it.
For such a short distance?
Why is it haram?
You made me drive around
and brought me here
to the middle of nowhere.
Is this how you follow the Quran?
-Mind your own business.
-Get lost!
It's you who disrespects the Quran.
Hello Mr Shamal. We're here
but it doesn't look like an office.
Okay Ms Shilan, I'm on my way.
-Mr Shamal...
-It's too expensive for me.
-It's not so expensive.
Don't you know the discount
Mr Engineer gave you?
-Fine. Thank you, goodbye.
Welcome Ms Shilan, come this way.
Our building isn't finished yet but
we have a lovely office downstairs.
This way please.
No, not like that.
No you don't have to.
Hello, hello?
My phone's out of battery.
-Mr Engineer...
-These ladies are here to see you.
-Welcome. Have you seen my charger?
It was around here somewhere.
Sir, Lana told us about you.
-Lana? Who's Lana?
-Our Lana...
Oh yes.
You're here for the exams, right?
-For which one of you?
-For my sister.
-Which school do you go to?
Kurdistan School.
-Do you happen to have a Galaxy charger?
Shamal, did you tell them
how much they have to pay?
Didn't Lana tell you?
It's a thousand dollars per exam.
-A thousand dollars?
That's too much.
Too much? The boy who just left,
I'm charging him three thousand per exam.
I'm doing you a favor.
Let's just go Shilan,
it's a lot of money.
Wait a moment.
-How many exams do you need help for?
-Six exams.
Then give me five thousand dollars
for all six. Okay?
Okay, I have five hundred dollars ready.
Can you give us some of the answers now?
That's not possible.
It's more complicated than that.
It needs Bluetooth, a mobile phone,
and a thousand other things.
-Where did I put the charger?
-Why Bluetooth?
Shamal, please explain it to them.
Apart from the exam,
we also charge you for these things.
You put this on. I'll show you
how after we've made the deal.
Mr Engineer is good at his job.
You will definitely pass the exam.
Okay, we'll think about it.
Let's go. Thanks.
-Where will we get all that money?
-I'm going to sell my jewelry, yours too.
How much is our jewelry worth?
Why don't you answer your phone?
Sardar will get angry with you.
He'll just give me a headache.
I'll call him later.
You'll have to study hard, so we pay
But I don't understand any of it,
you know that.
I know why you don't get it.
Aren't you coming to help me?
I'm coming.
What are you doing?
Aren't you tired of looking
at those pictures?
That boy is gone, it's over.
It's not over.
Then where is he? It's been two years.
They didn't even find his body.
Hiwa was a good swimmer.
Nobody on that boat survived,
you idiot.
He's alive.
If he's alive then he left you behind.
He was just tired of fighting.
If you don't pass the exams
you'll have to get married.
Dad is very serious.
Even if Hiwa is alive,
there's nothing he can do for you.
Go to university. It will be good
for your mental health too.
-I'll buy those things tomorrow.
-I'm scared.
Don't be, I'm here.
-Mom, I'm hungry.
-Okay honey.
I've been standing the whole day,
my legs are numb.
-Where's Rojin?
She's been studying for two years
and achieved nothing.
She's trying.
I've started
my retirement procedure.
When it's done,
I'm going to live in the village.
Don't sell the house dad.
-I'll get it.
Even if I didn't sell it how could
a young girl live alone in the city?
How are you, honey?
Dad, let her go to university and maybe
she won't try to kill herself again.
Let her go, who's stopping her?
Go, go, here we are!
How lovely.
How are you uncle Aziz?
Hi Sardar, how are you?
It seems Mosul has been taken back.
I guess it's the end of ISIS.
I think so too.
I saw troops heading to Mosul today.
Why didn't you tell me you were here?
-I forgot... Dinner's ready.
-Let's go eat.
Where did you take Senur today?
She said it was a strange place.
I went to deal with Rojin's exam.
Rojin... Leave her be. Your father's
about to get married, you know?
Ms Miryam has agreed to marry him.
But on one condition:
First, Rojin has to get married.
What are you talking about?
How do you know all this?
All I know is you have two weddings.
-You woke her up.
-That's three thousand.
Here, this is for the wedding.
Wake up lazy! Are you still sleeping?
It's late.
Get up, it's getting late.
I left Senur with Shayda.
-I'm tired.
-Get up lazy, get up darling.
We're here to see Mr Engineer.
Sit over there.
-Are you also here for this?
-Excuse me?
For the Bluetooth?
-Is this your sister?
I'm here for my husband.
He was too ashamed to come himself.
It's a crime to pay five
hundred dollars for Bluetooth!
-Here you are.
-Thank you.
Look, it's very simple.
You put this in your ear,
and you put the phone in your underwear.
Look here...
You can put it here,
or here, or in the middle.
It's better if you wear a headscarf too.
The doctor will explain it
so that everything's clear.
Here you go doctor.
Come over here.
It's really easy. I'll put it in now.
It won't damage her eardrum?
Do you know where the eardrums are?
This is the eardrum.
We put the Bluetooth here.
I'll show you now.
Not any further than here, right here.
Okay, it's good.
-You can try it at home.
-Thank you very much.
-You're welcome.
-Thank you.
Just a moment.
Will you be reading the answers to her?
Shamal will send you the answers.
Keep an eye on your phone.
Ms Shilan...
Did you bring the money?
-That's far too little!
I'll bring the rest later.
We don't accept credit.
You have to pay in full.
Bring it later, okay?
This is the cell phone.
I told you how to place it.
-Put it on her at home.
When you enter the exam,
first you'll wait.
When they give out the exam papers,
pretend to be busy for a while.
After half an hour we'll send her
the answers. She'll read them to you.
Just push the button once
and you'll hear it.
-Don't forget the money.
-Okay, many thanks.
-Come here please.
What do we do with this?
Just leave it,
I'll show you how to do it later.
This is just a trial.
Is the cell phone okay?
Let me put the Bluetooth in.
When the phone rings, drop your pen,
bend over, press the button.
No one will notice.
Let's test it.
I'll call you from outside.
-Can you hear me?
-Yes, yes I hear you.
Not like that stupid,
you'll get caught.
When I ask you, just tap once.
Now drop your pen.
Good, we'll try again.
Thank you.
Teachers, go ahead.
-Ms Munira.
Go ahead, Mr Jamal.
That car has been following us since
a while. What's that about?
Which car?
You should've been a police detective.
What are you talking about?
I just hope we get the exam papers
to the school without getting robbed.
Don't you expect such things?
Why would anyone rob us? We're not
coming out of a bank with money.
It's just some questions.
He's so suspicious of everything.
That's why he can't get married.
Don't you worry, Mr Jamal,
don't worry.
What are you talking about?
People want to get into university by
cheating and with the help of crooks.
They want to become doctors or engineers,
without doing anything.
Some people are at war against
ISIS, fighting for us...
Others are busy with corruption.
Leave your bag here.
Come closer.
-How are you?
-Good. How are you?
Are you sick? Why are you so pale?
I got my period this morning.
-Is that so?
-Hurry up, come on.
I've been studying so hard
I couldn't eat anything.
I'm so afraid of failing.
Leave your bags here.
-Hurry up.
Come closer. Where's your badge?
-Good morning everyone.
-Good morning.
This bag holds the exam questions.
You all see it, right?
It's sealed. It hasn't been opened.
To assure you,
I'll give it to your friends to sign.
Sign over here.
Thank you.
Not with that, with this.
-Zheer, right?
-Yes, teacher.
Pass them around quickly.
Here you go.
Here. Be quick.
Don't start yet.
Nobody starts yet.
Ms Munira, they haven't cut
the internet connection.
They should have cut it off.
I don't know why they haven't.
I'm sure they're copying the questions.
It's no big deal.
We're watching everything.
You can begin now.
Good luck.
Be careful,
they haven't cut off the internet.
Be careful,
they haven't cut off the internet.
What's all the noise about?
You'll wake Senur.
It's not about Senur, it's about you...
You want to sleep till noon.
My car keys.
Who are you calling so early
in the morning?
I'm calling Rojin to see if she's gone
for her exam.
Rojin... There's no point.
She's wasting her time.
Hello Rojin, do you hear me?
Tap if you hear me.
I'm reading the answers for you:
1, C
2, D
3, B
Which one?
Do you have Bluetooth?
-No, what Bluetooth?
-Yes, you have Bluetooth.
I don't! Here, look in my ear.
Get up, get up now.
Let me finish my exam.
-Where's the device?
-What device?
-Where's your device?
-I swear I don't have anything.
You have Bluetooth.
Let me see your ear.
Why are you doing this Mr Jamal?
-What happened?
-He has Bluetooth.
-Do you have Bluetooth?
-No I don't.
Okay, he doesn't have it.
Let him go back to his exam. Go ahead.
Come here.
Leave him alone.
-Look, it's bleeding.
-Let me see.
-Come with me.
-What, blood?
Keep your eyes on your papers.
Mind your own business.
Answer your questions.
21, D.
22, C.
23, B.
24, D.
-What happened to my eardrum?
-Nothing happened, be patient.
It really hurts.
It's too deep in the ear.
He should go to a doctor.
Go with him.
I'll sue you.
My father won't leave you alone.
-Get up.
-Do you know who my father is?
You're the one cheating and using
Bluetooth, but you're threatening us?
-Give me the name, come on!
-My ear!
Why are you letting him go?
He had Bluetooth, he was cheating.
His ear is bleeding.
He needs to see a doctor.
So what if his ear's bleeding.
He was cheating.
-His father can sue you, you know that?
-He would sue me?
-What then, me instead?
-He's cheating and it's him suing me?
Who gave you permission
to pull him out of the exam?
You're interfering in my business.
Am I the director here or you?
Let this be the last time.
46, C.
47, A.
48, B.
49, D.
50, C.
If you've written it, tap once.
-My dear, you're awake?
What took you so long?
Did you write all the answers?
They caught someone and threw him out.
-Did they find anything on him?
-I don't know.
I don't feel well.
Tara said she studied so hard
and still might not pass.
You have no choice!
I feel like I'm being unfair to her.
I brought the jewelry.
Come on, let's go.
One million,
three hundred thousand.
But sir,
it's worth more than that.
Prices are down, the refugees from
Mosul sold all their gold and jewelry.
Weigh this one too.
Are you going to sell that too?
-Won't Sardar be angry if he finds out?
-I'll find a solution.
This one will be
five hundred thousand.
Okay, thank you. We'll sell them.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Welcome sir.
Which of these is for birth control?
-Do you have proof that my son cheated?
-Sir, we found this Bluetooth in his ear.
But kids these days use
Bluetooth to listen to music.
But they're not allowed to use it in
the exam hall. Isn't it forbidden?
All devices are forbidden.
Out of respect for you
I won't take any action.
Otherwise I'd go see the minister.
My son almost had a burst eardrum.
Anyway, we'll fix this issue.
Ms Munira, we'll send him to
another hall for the next exam.
-You can leave. Send the student in.
Go in.
Close the door.
What happened?
It seems like you let him off.
-He'll be sent to another hall.
-Really? What a great solution.
Cheaters and liars transferred
to another exam hall.
Why didn't you let me search him
and take the device that day?
-Why did you let this happen?
-They worked things out among themselves.
He promised not to use Bluetooth again.
Here, this is a gift for you.
They decided to disconnect the internet.
One, two, three...
Shilan, my Bluetooth isn't working.
Are you sure?
What happened to it?
Try it once more.
Sardar is back.
Don't call me, just text.
Okay, okay, bye.
Rojin again, right?
Where are you Ms Shilan?
There they are.
Yes, I see you.
This one stopped working. We tried
it several times, but it's not working.
Can you replace it?
-Does she have the device on?
-Yes she does.
-Where's the money?
-We'll bring it to you.
Replace it for her.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Where are you going?
Aren't you going to the school?
It's late, we have to go.
Put it on in the car. You can't do
it outside, people will see you.
Do it correctly so it doesn't fall out.
And don't fiddle with it.
-Many thanks.
-Don't forget the money.
-Okay, I won't.
And you're telling me this now?
What can I do this early in the morning?
-Well, that's why I pay you for!
-What happened?
-What is it?
-They've cut the internet connection.
I don't have a connection either.
Let's call that woman
over for a second.
Ms Shilan, one minute please.
-Can you get in the car for a moment?
-Why should I?
There's a problem.
Please get in the car for a moment.
I have to go.
I told you I'd bring you the money.
It isn't the money.
There's another problem.
-Please get in, just for a minute.
-It's late, I have to go home.
-Your sister went to the exam, correct?
Well that's the problem.
Get in for a second please.
-Can't we talk here?
-Get in and listen to what he has to say.
Someone in your sister's school
takes pictures
of the questions for us.
But the internet has been disconnected,
so they can't send us the pictures.
It's simple. There's an orange trash bin
in the school yard, behind the exam hall.
The phone will be behind the bin.
Take it and bring it to us.
I'm sorry, I can't do that.
Please listen to him,
listen to what he says.
You see, you're a woman,
nobody will suspect you.
If we don't get the questions,
we won't be able to give you the answers.
You know what, I won't charge you
for this exam. Just help me out.
-It's too difficult. I can't do it.
-Please listen to me.
Look if we go there, they'll recognize
us, but they don't know you.
It's really simple.
Listen, I won't charge you
for two exams. Okay?
But please help me out.
I'm running out of time now.
If we don't get the questions we can't
give the answers to the students.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Does your mum always leave
you when she goes out?
Look Ms Shilan.
I'll stop in front of the gate.
You'll see the bin.
Look. Do you see it?
There's nobody in the yard.
I can't do it.
Why won't you understand?
Quickly go and take the phone, please.
This is too difficult.
I can't do it.
For God's sake,
you'd have been back by now.
Come on, go.
Be quick!
Call Mr Ahmad.
Here she comes.
Mr Ahmad! Thanks. Wait for us
at the corner, where I told you.
-Did you bring it?
-God bless.
-Did you bring it?
Please give it to me. My heart was
about to stop. I won't do this again.
Well done!
Did you call them?
I'm calling them now.
I told you it was simple.
It took you just two minutes. Good job!
Be quiet...
Good morning.
-What about Mr Ahmad?
-Let me call him.
Hello teacher! Is that you?
We're almost there.
We're very late.
Hello sir.
-Here are the questions sir.
-Thank you.
-Will it be done soon sir?
-God willing, yes.
Hello, come to the English school.
Yes the one I told you about. Goodbye.
-It's very crowded.
-Everyone's here.
Are you done Mr Ahmad?
Almost done.
Hurry up, come downstairs.
-Hurry, they might cause trouble for us.
-What can we do!
That idiot Jamal messed everything up.
Be quick...
Give me the ones you've done.
-These are ready.
-Let me share these. I'll be right back.
I'm scared of getting in trouble.
Hurry up folks.
Please go down to the office.
-Sit on those chairs.
Faster please... Hurry up...
Everyone take out your cell phones.
We'll read out the answers now.
Make sure to speak clearly
so they don't get confused.
Question 1, A.
Question 2, C.
Question 3, B.
Carry on reading,
I'll go get the rest of the answers.
Question 4, A.
5, B.
6, D.
Mr Kareem, one minute please.
Where is Ms Munira?
-Don't know, isn't she in the other hall?
I feel like someone's cheating.
-Did you finish them?
-Yes, here you go.
Thank you.
What's going on sir?
That's not all of them!
It makes 70 out of 100.
They just want to pass.
They don't need full marks.
What are you talking about?
I promised these people.
Don't be cruel!
I can't let them get 100.
Other students go blind studying so
hard for this exam.
What do you mean cruel?
I pay you, you don't do this for free.
Money? Take it.
-Give it to me.
-I don't need your money.
Thank God I only needed you
for this exam.
18, A.
-That's the rest of it.
19, C.
34, A.
35, A.
That's all we have for today.
-Calm down, listen...
I promise I'll give you
all the answers tomorrow.
I'll explain it upstairs.
Ms Shilan,
can you come here for a second?
It seems they'll cut the internet
connection during the rest of the exams.
If you could get the phone every day,
you won't pay anything.
I did it just the once.
I won't do it again.
You saw how easy it was.
It wasn't. I can't do it, sorry.
You still have to pay
four thousand dollars.
Help me with this tomorrow
and don't pay half of it.
-Only one more time?
-Just one more time.
-Okay. I need to go now.
-Thank you.
Come here.
This doesn't make sense sir,
we're finished.
-It does make sense, you're all cheaters.
Just wait.
-Mr Jamal.
Come here please.
What is going on?
Nothing. We didn't have time to search
them when they arrived in the morning.
Now we have time.
Search them? Leave it Mr Kareem.
Don't stay here, go home, all of you.
I don't want anyone standing around here.
What harm does it do to search them?
We didn't have the chance to search
them in the morning, now we do.
What harm does it do?
You're searching them after the exam!
Which rule says you can
search them after the exam?
-You're causing trouble.
-I'm causing trouble?
I just wanted the observers to agree
to cut off the phone service.
What are you talking about?
I can make them agree, Mr Jamal.
Never do anything without my permission
again. I am the director, not you!
This is the last time
I'm warning you.
I swear I suspect her.
If my husband goes to university,
he'll get promoted and earn more.
He has to get into university.
That's him.
Hello, welcome.
This is Ms Shilan.
She's helping her sister.
Where is your sister?
She called to say she's taking
a taxi home.
You see Ms Shilan,
I can't study properly because of my job.
I don't like the way
I'm getting into university but...
Don't worry about it my dear,
you have to.
Hello Shayda.
He took Senur too?
Okay, I'm on my way.
Are you okay?
Shayda told me you took Senur.
Forget about Shayda,
where have you been?
-With Rojin.
-Didn't she have an exam?
She was anxious.
Where's Senur?
You left Senur because
Rojin was anxious?
Why are you taking birth
control in secret?
-I don't take it in secret.
-Yes you do.
Where is Senur? Senur!
Answer me!
Why are you taking birth control?
Because I don't want any more kids.
But I do. I want a boy.
You have a daughter.
What do you want?
Who's this Shayda
you leave Senur with?
I took her with me to work
for five hours.
She got bored so I took her
to my mum's.
Let's go and get her.
I want to be alone together.
I'm not in the mood Sardar.
Senur will be restless, let's go get her.
Rojin, darling
why are you so sad?
I know the exam wasn't easy,
it wasn't easy for me either.
I have an idea, I'll take you somewhere.
I'm sure you'll feel better.
Now smile.
Smile darling...
I wrote a powerful prayer,
God willing you'll overcome your fears.
Don't worry, a lot of students
do this before the exams.
I prayed on this water.
Wash your hands in it.
What are those scars on your wrists?
-Did you try to kill yourself?
-No, she hasn't done anything like that.
Hello Ms Shilan,
shall I come to pick you up tomorrow?
Then we'll wait for you by the school.
The phone is right behind the bin.
Okay, goodbye.
Who was it?
What should we do about
the money?
I've got some sewing work.
How much will that bring?
I talked to Mr Engineer.
He agreed to take half the money
after the exam.
-What is that?
-A prayer.
-It's not a cheat sheet, is it?
-No, it's a prayer.
Good, go ahead.
Where are you going?
-Rojin had forgotten her badge.
-Get in the car!
Get in the car!
She's leaving.
She took the phone with her.
-Who was that?
-I don't know.
-What are you looking at?
Why did you have Rojin's badge?
She forgot it.
You've been doing stupid stuff.
You've totally messed up my head!
What have I done?
Why are you speaking to me like this?
What haven't you done?
I'll talk the way I want, understand?
I'm taking you home now.
You can't go out without
my permission anymore!
-She went into that house.
-I guess that's her house.
Go there and I'll knock on the door.
Wait a second, let's see what happens.
Look, there she is.
She's coming.
Who was that Ms Shilan?
Here's the phone.
-Was he your husband?
I won't do this again.
Don't count on me.
-We're really sorry.
-We got scared.
That was the last time.
Find out where the physics teacher is.
We don't have much time.
I called them.
They're all waiting for us there.
I have this one.
It's six hundred dollars.
-And how much is this one?
-Two thousand.
Are you going to kill yourself
or someone else?
I might kill you.
Be careful, it's loaded.
Five hundred?
After you walk out that door
I don't know you, you don't know me.
And if you want to sell it,
bring it back here.
-There's five hundred.
Iraqi military sources states that
Mosul will soon be liberated from ISIS.
The Ministry of Education of the
Kurdistan Regional Government
announced that for reasons
of health and
security stricter measures'll be applied
to this year's university entrance exams.
Internet and mobile coverage
will therefore be suspended
for three hours during the exam times.
In past years only the internet
connection was supended,
"but this year it has been deemed
necessary to cut off
all telecommunications signals."
-Hello Munira!
Did you hear the announcement?
No, no, they'll be cutting off the
mobile signal as well as the internet.
Of course it's not a good thing.
I don't think it is.
It just gives them the opportunity
to think of another way to cheat.
You keep saying it doesn't matter.
It's become very complicated.
Take my advice and give up on this.
Me? Give up?
That idiot Jamal doesn't know me yet.
I'll teach him not to mess with me.
How many are there?
Just these.
I've prepared some others.
There'll be enough.
It's dangerous to work
with these walkie-talkies.
The clients will get us in trouble.
Don't worry about that.
Just call them over here,
I'll teach them myself.
Hurry up...
Don't you cry baby,
I'll be right back.
-Put her into bed.
-What did they call you for?
I don't know. They just said to get there
quickly. Put her into bed.
Listen to me! In previous exams
they cut off the internet,
but tomorrow they'll also suspend
the mobile service for three hours.
The only solution
is these walkie-talkies.
But they won't work
from a long distance.
So Mr Shamal has arranged a truck.
You'll get into that truck
and it will take you close to
the school to read the answers.
Why a truck? You're not smuggling us
out of the country!
Don't worry about anything,
he has everything sorted.
This is the street in front
of the school.
Shamal will take you here by truck.
This is a field.
The truck will stop here.
The distance from the truck
to the hall is one hundred meters.
You can read the answers there.
In half an hour you'll be done
reading the answers.
Don't get off the truck there,
Shamal will bring you back to our office.
It's simple.
It's not all day and night, it's just for
half an hour, one hour at most.
Listen, if there's a risk for anyone,
it's for us, not you.
Those who agree can take
a walkie-talkie.
Stand up.
Why did you follow me?
You want to get Rojin
into university by cheating?
Should I ask for your permission
even for this?
Who else would you ask?
Aren't you my wife?
That's why I don't want Rojin
to get married!
Her marriage is none of your
business, go. I said go!
Rojin, Rojin, Rojin... You ruined
our life because of your sister.
I'll tell your father
what your up to.
Dad knows everything.
He's very angry.
He won't let me take the exam.
Don't worry, I'll talk to him.
Did Sardar call you?
Why won't you let Rojin
take the exam?
After thirty years of honest work
I don't want to appear in court.
You only care about yourself.
It's your right to get married,
but do you think I don't know about
your future wife's conditions?
That you have to sell the house
to give her a dowry!
I did all this to give Rojin
a better chance in life,
so that she goes to university.
And then you can go ahead
with your own life.
But Rojin doesn't know about this.
Do you want her to know?
Here, take this.
Don't be so sad.
I just don't know why Shilan
keeps lying to me.
That's how the women are.
You never understand them.
Then why don't you leave Rojin alone?
Go find someone who understands you.
I can't, I love her. Because of her
I want to be close to you too.
But she doesn't like you,
she wants to go to university.
-How, by cheating?
-Leave it, Faiq, please.
I always wanted to marry
an understanding man.
I thought Sardar would change,
but he didn't.
Then Senur came along.
Rojin, never allow anyone force you
into something you don't want.
My only regret is that
I built this building on my dad's land.
I wanted to rent it to an English school,
so it would benefit me and the people.
But they put thousands of obstacles in
my way and I couldn't finish it.
What about the Turkish company that
wanted to make a Turkish restaurant?
-Why didn't you agree?
-I don't know. I need to think about it.
It's still not too late.
Give up on Bluetooth and exams,
they're of no use.
It's become a kind of challenge
for me,
I'll finish what I started.
Now there's no internet
or mobile service.
What excuse will you find this time?
I don't find excuses, I just want
everything to happen properly.
Don't be so pessimistic,
get rid of this attitude.
-It's not Canada here, right?
-What does Canada have to do with it?
-What's this?
Someone called this morning to say that
this person is cheating.
I think it was a relative.
-Just one second.
Let's observe her first,
then decide what to do.
But I don't think it's a student
taking out the exam papers.
-It must be one of us.
-What do you mean?
I mean one of the teachers.
You never change Jamal.
Come along.
Now turn right.
Your location is good.
43, C.
44, D.
45, B.
46, B.
47, D.
-Are you done?
-Get up!
-What is it sir?
Come with me.
Take this.
Go. Go inside.
Okay, stop there!
Hurry up.
Get out, but help each other.
Hurry up.
Be quick.
Where is your Bluetooth?
Which ear?
Let me see.
What is this?
Where is the rest?
Undo these.
What on earth is this?
How did you put these on?
Why are you crying?
You cheated.
Go get your things.
Mr Jamal will come
and fill out your case.
Sit down over there.
You were right, Mr Jamal.
Cutting off the internet and the mobile
service won't stop them cheating.
I'm going back to the exam hall,
you take care of it.
And you Rojin,
you can't take exams anymore.
Give your address and
phone number Mr Jamal.
We'll contact your parents and ask them
to come here so we can talk to them.
I'll talk to her Mr Kareem.
Nobody's here,
maybe she'll tell us something.
Don't let Ms Munira know
about this though.
Why are you so scared?
We won't kill you, will we?
You knew that if you got caught...
you wouldn't be able to take
the exams for two years.
Now tell me, who's giving you
the answers. Give me a name, quick.
-I don't know.
-What do you mean you don't know?
What does that mean?
Didn't you hear what Ms Munira said?
The last exam is in two days.
Tell me who gives you the answers
so I can help you. Tell me.
I swear I don't know,
a friend gave me the answers.
So tell me the name of that friend.
Tell me so I can help you.
Tell me the name and
you can go back to your exam.
Say it.
Say it. Think of yourself.
Look dear,
I'll fill out your file but
I won't send it to the administration.
And I won't confiscate your badge.
Here take it.
Don't forget,
there's just two days to the exam.
You have until ten o'clock tomorrow
to call me.
This is my number.
I'll be waiting.
If you give me the name of the
facilitators you can take the exam.
If not, you'll miss the last exam
and won't be able to take exams
for two years. Understood?
Do you understand me?
Take your time, think about yourself.
Now go.
Come here.
You forgot this.
Call me, I'll be waiting.
Don't forget.
Rojin! Come dear.
Come dear.
-Yes, sir.
-Get in dear.
-Why? You gave me until tomorrow.
-Don't worry, I'll help you.
Come on, get in.
Don't worry,
I know how to fix this.
-How are you?
-What happened?
-It's Jamal, he won't give up.
-He gave her till tomorrow morning.
-And you couldn't do anything?
No I couldn't.
What did you do?
Why did they suspect you
among everyone?
I don't know.
-There's something going on for sure.
-She was scared.
Who is that idiot Jamal?
Why won't he leave us alone?
You've been a teacher for thirty years.
He's been there for two days
and he's in charge of everything.
Please don't get up, sir.
Ms Shilan, give this money
to that idiot teacher Jamal.
Convince him to leave Rojin alone.
Just don't mention my name.
You mean we bribe him?
Call it whatever you want,
just make him take the money, okay?
Will he take it?
I don't think so,
he's a very stubborn man.
Oh God!
It's me.
Hello, sir!
Where are you?
I'm in a corner at the back.
Ah I see you.
How are you?
-Thank you for coming.
-No problem.
You said you were Rojin's sister,
She was so scared yesterday.
This may not be important
for you to know,
but my sister attempted suicide,
and we don't want that
to happen again.
That sounds bad,
but she has to cheat in order
not to commit suicide?
-What would you like to order?
-Nothing for me, thanks.
She's doing this to get into university.
She won't be successful in this way
even if she does get into university.
If she doesn't go to university
she has to get married.
Every girl has to get married.
Just tell me who's giving you
the answers?
Tell me.
Tell me so your sister can finish
her exam tomorrow.
-Tell me.
-You're not aware of our situation.
Tell me who is it?
How much is this?
How much is this?
-I don't know but they said...
-Who said?
Who said it? Tell me.
They said you'll get
the other half later.
You know what?
My honor is not for sale!
-Forgive me.
-Shame on you!
Someone called to say Rojin
would be cheating.
-What? Someone called?
Look, Rojin will be lost
if she gets into university in that way.
It'll ruin her future too.
Now tell me who's giving
you the answers.
Just tell me and I'll help you.
I promise I'll help you.
Tell me so she can take her exam.
Say it.
-Here uncle Haji.
-Thank you.
-Five thousand.
-Thank you.
-Why did you do it Sardar?
-What are you doing here?
-How could you do that to Rojin?
-What have I done?
-Why did you betray us?
-What are you doing? Get out of here!
-Why did you do that to Rojin!
-What do you mean, Rojin?
-Why did you do it?
-Go, get out of here.
What is it?
It's very unfortunate Mr Kareem.
I'd never expect you to do this
after 30 years of teaching.
You think you're loyal and a hero?
I'm more loyal than you.
I put up with all the difficulties
here in Kurdistan
while you were making money abroad.
We were paid a quarter of our salaries,
sometimes none.
We were desperate.
You see that Mr Engineer? He was
my student, now he's a millionaire.
I'm working for him.
Someday you
will understand everything.
You may leave.
I was helping the people, your honor.
You should reward me for that,
not punish me.
Helping the people? You've stolen
exam questions! You call this help?
I helped a lot of people your honor.
Your own niece, for instance.
-Are you threatening me?
Take him out.
Dear mom.
Where is Senur?
She's downstairs, playing with dad.
Go take the exam tomorrow
without the Bluetooth.
They won't bother you.
I won't go.
What do you mean?
How can you not go?
Who are you to say that?
How can you not go?
How can you not go?
You disgraced me!
-My life is ruined because of you!
-I'll go.
How can you not go?
What are you doing here?
You're not allowed to take the exam.
-But madam...
-Give me your badge and get out!
What's going on, Ms Munira?
Didn't you send her file?
She cheated.
-She's not allowed to take the exam.
-Just give me a second.
Let me explain it.
Let her take the exam,
I promised her sister.
-Her sister helped us.
What do you mean?
She gave us the name of the guy
who sells Bluetooth to the students.
That list you have,
it's thanks to her sister.
You're helping a cheater
take the exam?
-How is this acceptable?
-You don't know her story.
Her story is not our problem.
Students who cheat aren't allowed
to take the exam. That's it.
Just wait, please.
Let her take the last exam. Her sister
promised she won't use Bluetooth.
If she doesn't have Bluetooth,
let her take the exam. Please.
Okay, fine.
-Get out!
-Please, miss.
-Don't speak, get out!
-Ms Munira...
-Ms Munira...
-I said, out!
Get out of here.
-Get out.
-Let's talk...
Don't stop till you're out.
Don't come back.
If I read out your name, take your badge
and go to the principal's office.
Baban Omar Mahmud.
Stand up and go.
Ahmad Ali Yasin
Stand up.
Kawa Jabar.
Kawa Jabar.
Go and stand over there.
You're banned from taking exams
for two years.
Hand in whatever else you've got.
Hurry up.
Hurry up, put it down.
The Mosul battle was intense.
ISIS put up a fight
in every single street.
Beneath ruined buildings
lay hundreds of corpses
belonging to ISIS fighters and civilians.
There is the noise of clashes
all around...
I've searched everywhere,
all the hospitals.
I've informed the police too.
I don't know what's happened
to my daughter.
-Sardar says...
-Don't mention his name!
Be careful.
Wait here for me,
I'll be right back.
Come upstairs.
It's nice.
Take my word for it.
This restaurant here
will do great business.
Don't worry Mr Engineer, it's a great
place for business.
Mr Engineer, one second please.
Yes Mehmet yes.
-What's she doing here?
-She called and I told her to come here.
I'm here to return your money.
Give it to Shamal.
I forgive you for your sister's sake.
I gave you that money to keep
that idiot Jamal quiet,
not to give him my name!
I had no other choice.
Have they found Rojin yet?
-Hello uncle Aziz.
-Any news on Rojin?
Shilan doesn't answer my calls.
She's inside, go talk to her.
If she carries on like this,
I'll take Senur with me.
Now is not the time,
I have to go.
Come here Senur.
-Mom I want to eat.
Shilan open the door, let's talk.
I didn't get Rojin caught.
Why are you doing this?
It's all that stupid Faiq's fault.
I beat him till he bled.
-Go away.
-Why are you doing this?
You ruined Rojin's life.
If you hadn't done this,
she'd be here now.
I don't want Senur to end up
like Rojin.
I'll take Senur with me, Shilan!
-Let's go for a boat ride dad.
Keep an eye on the fish, Shilan.