The Exception (2016) Movie Script

I have to go.
Can I see you again?
One war ministry telegram
is enough.
What do you know
about the kaiser?
Kaiser Wilhelm ii, former
emperor of the fatherland.
Weak leader. Poor strategist.
Led us to defeat.
Ran away afterwards.
- Exiled in Belgium, sir.
- Holland.
- Is he still alive?
- Damn your ignorance, captain.
The kaiser is still alive
and remains
of great symbolic importance.
You'll take immediate command of
kaiser Wilhelm's military guard
outside utrecht.
As of now,
the safety of the kaiser
is of prime concern
to the reich,
and, therefore, also to you.
General, I am now fit
for active service.
Don't push your luck, captain.
After that business
with the ss in Poland,
you were lucky to avoid
a court martial.
This posting is a great honor.
Yes, general.
Thank you, general.
if the kaiser's in Holland,
how am I to guard him?
At dawn, our forces invaded
Belgium and the Netherlands.
The fuhrer thinks of everything.
Brandt. Eighth infantry.
I am
colonel sigurd Von ilsemann,
aide-de-camp to the kaiser.
My orders are to assume
immediate command
of the kaiser's bodyguard.
A captain?
All the majors are busy, sir.
The Dutch army guard
have deserted.
Your men can billet
in the stables.
- I'll need a command post.
- I'm in charge.
Within the grounds.
The female staff
are not to be interfered with.
Look forward
to working with you.
They're here.
- The army, your army.
- No. No. Not mine.
They have been sent
to protect you.
That in itself
is not without significance.
In return, it is vital to make
the right impression.
Oh, on whom?
Our friends in Berlin
have been constantly active
on your behalf.
The army want you back.
They always have.
The stage is set.
Every detail matters.
We must invite the commanding
officer to dinner.
So now we're running
a restaurant?
- He will be watching us.
- Yes, perhaps. From outside.
Wilhelm, do you want
your throne back or not?
You are the kaiser.
Secure the perimeter.
Get this place cleaned up.
- We have to go faster.
- Move it!
I'm looking for
gestapo inspector Dietrich.
Inspector Dietrich, I'm Brandt.
I expected you yesterday.
Apologies. My orders
were to report upon arrival.
No time was specified.
What can I do for you,
The kaiser.
The former kaiser.
The gestapo keeps extensive
files on this individual,
but they are not up to date.
As part of your duties here,
you will compile
a detailed report.
In particular,
his attitudes towards the reich
and its leaders,
anything he says
about the war and its conduct,
noting also
significant omissions,
such as failure to agree
with statements
in favor of the reich.
You expect me to spy on him?
You'll also list his visitors,
noting the duration
of their stay.
- Is that really necessary?
- Ah.
You think because he is old,
he is unimportant?
The British secret service
have an agent in the area.
We picked up coded radio
transmissions from the vicinity.
It could be a kidnap attempt
or an assassination.
Assassinate an old man
ousted 20 years ago?
I couldn't care less.
He is everything that was wrong
with old Germany.
Where was he
while we were all starving?
If anything happens to him,
captain, you'll be shot.
And I will do it.
Did you read the ss file on him?
Hard to believe
he wasn't executed.
He must have friends in Berlin.
Brussels fell
to our forces yesterday
and airborne troops have secured
the French border.
Holland is now
almost completely occupied,
- barring unofficial resistance.
- It's unnecessary.
Strategically irrelevant
and a waste of resources.
I mean, invading Holland!
Further south, armored divisions
are through the ardennes forest,
in behind the maginot line.
Forgive me, your highness.
I was told
you have coffee at this time.
You're new.
- Yes, your highness.
- No need to be alarmed.
What's your name?
- Mieke, your highness.
- Dutch?
- Yes, your highness.
- I see.
Well, tell me, child,
would you have invaded Holland?
If you commanded
the German army,
would you have invaded Holland?
Why, yes, your highness.
Of course.
I see. And what precisely
is your military objective?
- Well, it's very nice.
- What is?
Goddamn, sigurd. She's better
than half the general staff!
We will expect you
at tomorrow's briefing!
Yes, your highness.
She's the one my wife has been
complaining about, I suppose.
You know,
I don't mind telling you,
if I was
a hundred years younger...
Oh, never mind.
You know, sigurd,
I've been thinking.
Tonight we'll have fish.
The kaiser presents
his compliments.
He'd be pleased
if you'd join him
at dinner tomorrow night.
Take your clothes off.
Tell the kaiser
I would be honored
to accept his invitation.
Fuck it.
Your highness.
May I take that, captain?
Thank you.
- You stink of schnapps.
- We must speak.
Not now. You're late.
He's waiting.
You'll call him sir
and his wife madam.
The treaty of versailles forbids
any other form of address.
His left arm
is slightly deformed.
You will not look at it.
You will speak only
when spoken to
and avoid politics.
Express no opinion of your own,
agree with his, and remember...
At the age of four,
he bit the Duke of Edinburgh
in the leg.
Captain Brandt.
Prince friedrich Wilhelm Viktor
Albrecht Von preussen
and his wife,
Princess hermine reuss
Von greiz.
Your highness. Your highness.
We are both so pleased
you could join us, captain.
That I have always found
so fascinating.
I published a book
on the subject in 1934.
You will have seen it.
For example, there are
some people who actually believe
that Adolf Hitler invented
the swastika.
Utter nonsense. The word
comes from the sanskrit.
It means well-being,
and the earliest examples
date from the indus valley,
3,000 years before Christ.
Oh, yes.
In many religions, it's...
It is a symbol of life,
of good fortune.
Not that it has brought much
to me.
And yet we must accept
that god has imposed
these terrible trials on us
for some inscrutable purpose
of his own.
Oh, these books they're writing,
my god!
They just dump bucketloads
of filth on my head
and nobody does anything.
Bismarck would have had
something to say on the subject.
But he had something
to say on every subject,
which is why I got rid of him.
His servants would pull
the wine corks in front of you.
But I must say the old boy knew
how to deal with troublemakers.
Freemasons, bolsheviks, Jews.
The unholy alliance
that we have to face.
Which is exactly why
a strong monarchy,
the physical manifestation
of god's will on earth,
is more vital now than ever.
Tell us about yourself, captain.
Where's your family from?
Brandenburg, your highness.
My grandfather was
an army officer,
as was my father.
He was killed on the somme
just before I was born.
- And your mother?
- From a landowning family.
- Really? Which one?
- Related to the ludendorffs.
- Oh.
- Distantly.
After the war, of course,
she had to clean houses.
I remember helping her wheel
her wages home in a barrow.
By the time we got to the bakery
it was worthless.
She died of tuberculosis
when I was 12.
Am I to blame
for every misfortune
on this earth?
I gave my life
to the fatherland!
And this is my thanks?
Nobody cares
my Navy betrayed me!
Nobody remembers
my army fell apart.
Ludendorff, bethmann, tirpitz!
Where were they?
Where were they?
After all I've done for them,
they stabbed me in the back.
They lost me the war!
They lost me my country.
I ask forgiveness
for unintentionally upsetting
his highness.
His earlier remark
about the fuhrer
was simply a correction of fact,
in no way a criticism.
The trout was first rate.
How did you get in?
Take your clothes off.
Will there be anything else,
your highness?
No, thank you, sigurd.
There will be
absolutely nothing.
Stay. Stay the night.
- Good morning, your highness.
- Huh!
I had a visit just now
from captain Brandt.
He tells me the British have
an agent active in this area.
It is his opinion that
this agent may wish you harm.
An agent?
We must alert the ducks.
He therefore requests
that he move
into the house immediately.
What do you think of him,
our captain Brandt?
He is a typical, cocky,
young officer,
sure he can win
the war on his own.
Does he remind you of anyone,
Are you ready for your daily
briefing, your highness?
I think I will give it a miss.
I have something
much more important to do.
He is not himself.
But I expect great news
any day now.
We must never lose hope.
It is the hope
which is killing him.
Of course,
I shall say nothing for now.
Until then, we must just keep
his spirits up.
- Oh.
- Forgive me, your highness.
Colonel Von ilsemann sent me out
with more bread.
Oh, did he now?
That was very good of him. Ha!
- For the ducks.
- Oh, for the ducks, of course.
It's a bit early for my lunch.
No, why don't you feed them?
You have beautiful hands.
You are quite unused
to physical labour, no?
War changes everything.
What do you think of ducks,
Hmm? I'm very fond of them.
They're beautiful creatures,
and they ask for so little.
A duck will never blame you
for his troubles
or force you
to abdicate your throne.
I know you miss it terribly,
and yet, what a dreadful burden.
You're right.
And it was.
Captain. Captain!
Your highness.
I hear there's a British spy
after me.
You'll be quite safe,
your highness.
Sigurd tells me that you fought
in Poland last year.
My grandson, Oscar, was killed
at the front there.
Perhaps you knew?
No. No, your highness.
I... I didn't.
Please accept my sympathies.
Last September. Hmm.
You must come to dinner again.
Tell me all about it. Er...
Why don't you, er,
show the captain
his new rooms at the house?
Of course, your highness.
My name is Stefan.
I was wondering what yours was.
De jong. Mieke de jong.
May I call you mieke?
It would be better
if you didn't.
Copulation is strictly forbidden
among the staff.
I would lose my position.
You might lose yours.
Where's your room?
On the other side
of the staircase.
The last on the right.
They told me you were up here.
Nice place. Very comfy.
What can I do for you,
There was another transmission
last night.
We only have
the one detector truck,
but there's a chance
it's coming from the village.
We're getting
a second truck soon,
and then we'll find
the exact location.
- Soon?
- How's your report coming?
Fuck. I wouldn't mind
pulling her in for questioning.
You know,
they say the Dutch women
are as sex-mad as the French.
I'm sure your reich marks
will be welcome anywhere.
- What?
- In the meantime,
you might spend less time
lusting after servant girls
and more finding
a second detector truck.
Ah! You've marked her out
for yourself, have you?
Copulation is strictly forbidden
among the staff.
Goodbye, inspector.
Anyone might think
you were spying on me, captain.
Forgive me, your highness.
What are you doing
creeping around in the woods?
If anything happens to you,
I'll be shot.
Oh, it's good to know
they still care.
Walk with me.
Tell me about Poland.
Your first action?
Yes, your highness.
What you expected?
I expected to die.
They know a British agent's
Who knows?
The captain guarding the kaiser.
And the gestapo turned up
at the house today.
If they knew any more than that,
you'd have been arrested by now.
- When can you do it?
- I need more time.
- You may not have it.
- I know that.
As soon as you feel it's safe,
do it.
Then we'll get you out.
Be careful.
What are you doing?
I wanted to see you.
I'm on duty now.
They're calling me.
There's a gestapo officer,
Dietrich, in utrecht.
What about him?
If he bothers you at all,
tell me.
I'll deal with it.
It seems the general staff
has learnt
from its mistakes of last time.
Wouldn't you say, huh, child?
On the whole, your highness.
Although, they may find
the infernal machinery,
la machine infernale,
harder to stop than to start.
I never wanted the last war,
you know.
But there are still people
who don't...
Who don't seem to realize that.
Of course,
the serbs were a crowd of thugs.
They still are.
But I told the Austrians,
"you got what you wanted.
Stop in Belgrade!"
I wrote a telegram to Vienna,
"stop in Belgrade!"
They never sent it.
Bethmann, moltke,
they wanted the war, you see.
It was never sent.
They made sure of that.
Yes, your highness.
My voice...
My voice was a lone voice.
What could I do?
What could I do?
The captain would
like to see your collection
of military uniforms?
Yes, yes, go on.
He was still the kaiser.
He could have sent
another fucking telegram.
Any progress catching the spy?
They're waiting
for another signal truck.
Your family.
- My family, your highness?
- Are they all right?
If there's anything I can do
for them, you must let me know.
- These are difficult times.
- Thank you, your highness.
Your highness...
What is it?
You're very kind, your highness.
Good night.
Was that girl asking for money?
I believe I was enquiring
about her family.
Perhaps I dreamed it.
Well, I don't like her manner.
If it weren't for the shortage,
I would certainly let her go.
I suppose your duty is
to read this stuff?
- You're ignorant.
- I know.
Mieke, I wanted to apologize
for how I was the first time
we met.
You know what I mean.
I wanted you.
It's somewhere in the village.
We'll get him next time.
So, how did you get
your iron cross second class?
I survived
in a second class way.
And the scars?
Most of it's still in there.
It hurts you.
Is that why you're stuck here
and not at the front?
I'm here
because I follow orders.
Do you always follow orders?
What else is there?
I'm Jewish.
I'm not.
I don't care.
One day, you might have to.
One day, we'll be dead.
You have bad dreams.
You have someone, somewhere?
If I did, you wouldn't be here.
And you, captain?
No girl anywhere?
If I did, I'd still be here.
You have to go.
What you told me
about yourself...
Don't tell anyone else.
You're up early, inspector.
The transmitter's right
in the village.
If he doesn't signal tonight,
we'll go in and search.
But that's not why I'm here.
The old man is getting
a visit tomorrow,
from the head of the ss.
- Himmler's coming here?
- You catch on quick.
He'll have dinner,
then we'll take him back
to a secret location.
- I'll notify the household.
- No, you won't.
You can tell the old man,
but no one else.
I'm handling his security,
so we'll search the house.
I'll need a list
of all the staff.
What do I tell them?
They'll ask questions.
Oh, their job is to answer them.
I'll be back in an hour.
Captain Brandt requests
a private audience.
Your highness,
what I have to tell you
is top secret and must remain
strictly between us...
Wilhelm! Oh, captain.
Have you heard the news?
Reichsfuhrer of the ss,
Heinrich himmler,
is coming to dinner
tomorrow night.
Isn't that marvelous? I just
received this telegram from Berlin.
One can only hope
he has better manners
than that oaf, goering.
It is a pity that his wife
is not able to join him,
but still...
Oh, we have
a million things to do!
He came here a few years back,
fat goering.
You never knew
if he was a boy or a girl.
And he came down to lunch
in plus fours.
Plus fours!
My old regiment would have set
the dogs on him.
My husband is always joking.
You must have a great deal
to do today, captain,
so we mustn't keep you
a moment longer.
Better start counting
the silver.
I regret to inform you
the gestapo will search
the house
before the reichsfuhrer's visit.
And may I say, between us,
it would be better if the kaiser
didn't air certain opinions
in front of the gestapo.
Inspector Dietrich
has no sense of humor.
Oh, colonel?
Do you keep guns in the house?
Of course. His highness shoots.
- And who cleans them?
- The guns? The footmen.
Hmm. Not the maids?
No, of course not the maids.
Thank you.
At ease.
- Captain.
- Your highness.
You must pay no attention
to my husband's jokes.
You know, there is nobody
more loyal to the fuhrer.
Now, this visit tomorrow
is of the utmost significance.
It is, of course, well-known,
among those who know,
that himmler is
Hitler's right-hand man.
One hears that goering
isn't quite so trusted
it is due to my efforts
in that direction,
I shall say no more -
that the government continues
to pay our allowance,
which Wilhelm doesn't seem
to understand,
could be taken away
at any moment.
But, before the last war,
he was the richest man
in Germany,
so I'm afraid he has
very little idea of money.
The purpose of this visit
can only be to propose
in some form
the restoration of the monarchy.
Oh, the fuhrer has done
very well so far, of course.
But it is obvious that,
in this time of crisis,
Germany needs its king.
A man of wisdom and experience,
who can ensure
the allegiance of the church,
the aristocracy,
and the armed forces.
I myself have been using
what little influence
I have in Berlin.
Oh, I shall say no more.
But I am delighted that
my efforts have borne fruit.
It was for Germany that I acted,
of course.
Not for the pleasure
of seeing my sisters
bowing and scraping
in front of me.
Do you know, I am not sure
I shall even receive them
in court.
They treated me very shabbily
when I was young.
as head of the kaiser's
personal bodyguard,
herr himmler will surely want
your impressions.
May I hope
you will give a positive account
of our humble and loyal
- Of course, your highness.
- Thank you.
- I knew I could rely on you.
- If you'll excuse me.
- Yes.
- Everyone knows.
- Hmm?
- Kaiser's wife got a telegram.
I'll find out who sent it.
May I suggest my men start
at the top, work down?
You come up from the bottom.
Yes, that's just
what I was going to suggest.
It's a madhouse.
It's a damned madhouse!
Who do they think they are?
Who do they think I am?
You should never
have permitted it!
Send me the damned girl!
Take a room each.
Be respectful
of personal property,
but thorough.
I'll start at the far end.
You know, my uncle friedrich
once told me
that a one-armed man
should never be king in prussia.
I'll show you, I thought,
you miserable swine.
The old bastard died just
before I came to the throne.
I always thought
he did it on purpose.
By the way, are you courting?
No. Well, not exactly,
your highness.
I mean, there is someone.
Oh, of course there is.
Do you love him?
No, I... I hardly know him.
You know, my... the first girl
I ever loved, her name was Ella.
We had the same grandmother,
queen Victoria of england,
on her mother's side
and on mine.
But Ella...
Oh, she was gorgeous.
Of course, she knew it.
I went down on my knees
one summer evening
and begged her to be my wife.
Instead, she married a romanov.
Butchered by bolsheviks
in a mine shaft.
That'll teach her, I thought.
the moral of this story is...
Be careful what you wish for.
And, as they say, seize the day.
Yes, definitely do that.
For now.
- You look happy.
- Of course.
Here am I,
a butcher's son from Munich,
tearing the kaiser's palace
upside down.
That is what national socialism
has done for Germany.
Staff files from Von ilsemann.
- What do you think of him?
- He's harmless.
- I don't like him.
- You don't like anyone.
We'll be back...
Get it refueled.
Himmler's coming
to the house tomorrow.
Himmler? The head of the ss?
He'll arrive in the afternoon,
and he'll stay for dinner.
- I can kill him.
- No, that's not our mission.
Well, tell London.
They might change it.
No, it would be suicide!
The ss murdered my father
and my husband.
You're not here for your family.
Tell London.
Tell them I'm ready.
Tell them I'll do it.
Oh, my god.
Oh, mieke.
I'll come to the house.
And I'll give you the answer
Let's go!
I can go, if you want.
What is it this time?
A village of women and children.
They'd been machine-gunned
by the ss.
It was a beautiful day.
And I thought...
God made this.
God made all of it.
There was a girl.
She was still alive.
I tried to help her,
but she died.
I beat the officer senseless
in front of his unit.
It's men like that they shame
the ss. They shame us all.
But they are not the exception,
they are the rule.
I don't believe that.
I have to go.
- Will you marry me?
- What?
Marry me, mieke. Now. Today.
- Are you serious?
- Completely.
But I'm a jewess.
- I'll protect you.
- No!
Nobody can.
I will do my duty.
Everyone must.
You never stop.
You're always there.
Why is he coming, sigurd? Why?
Not to see my uniforms.
Is it possible?
After all this time?
I dare not hope. I cannot.
Certainly it would make
the empress exceedingly happy.
A small price to pay.
Sigurd, I have to be
at this morning's briefings.
I must be up to date
for our visitors.
- Your highness.
- What?
I am sorry to involve you
in this sordid affair.
This disgrace also involves
the head
of your personal bodyguard,
whom you'll wish
to dismiss yourself.
What is the nature
of this scandal?
This girl has been caught
in flagrant
in this officer's bedroom.
Frau linnenkamp swears
it is not the first time.
Your highness,
I am entirely to blame.
This comes to light
on the very day
herr himmler is to visit!
God forbid
that he should hear of it.
You are dismissed.
Go and pack
your effects immediately.
Now, just a moment.
Nobody's going anywhere.
I'll speak to the captain
and the girl.
In private.
I'm not sure you understand.
They have been caught
fornicating under our roof.
This girl is no better
than a common slut.
This officer has disgraced
his uniform.
Your uniform.
I may not rule in Germany,
but, by Christ,
I rule in my own house!
This is him, I hope?
- Of course, your highness.
- Well!
I am ashamed to say
that before and after
my first marriage
I myself fathered at least
two illegitimate children.
One with an Austrian countess,
with a French prostitute,
who was known in court circles
as madame I'amour.
Both, incidentally,
blackmailed me
for huge sums of money,
the countess and the prostitute.
I expected better
of the prostitute.
Now, I have many vices,
hypocrisy is not one of them.
So you will resume your duties,
but this time,
you will be more discreet.
Thank you, your highness.
His highness will see you now.
Telephone message for you,
You sent for me?
I've got something to show you.
It was the fucking pastor!
We found the radio set
and everything.
Dirksen knocked him out
last night,
or we would have started sooner.
Still, we should have
everything we need by tonight.
Good work, inspector.
I'm sorry I could not count
on you this morning, sigurd.
And your attitude since the news
of herr himmler's visit
is far from what I'd hoped.
I long for the restoration
of the monarchy
as much as you do.
And yet I fear this meeting
carries with it
a very grave risk.
- What do you mean, sigurd?
- The kaiser's temper is short.
Should himmler provoke him
to rage,
as goering nearly did,
his highness could lose
Not only the annual allowance
they so generously Grant him,
but his life.
The night of the long knives
taught us who and what they are.
The fuhrer simply dealt
with a few Jews and communists.
The former chancellor
and his wife
gunned down in their own home.
Nobody is safe,
not even you.
Then you must make sure
he is not provoked,
mustn't you, colonel?
Your highness.
He's here. He's here.
Herr reichsfuhrer,
I am sigurd Von ilsemann.
- Welcome to huis doorn.
- Heil Hitler.
May I present captain Brandt
of the eighth infantry regiment?
- He commands the army here.
- Captain.
May I present prince
friedrich Wilhelm Victor...
Heil Hitler.
Herr reichsfuhrer,
welcome to our humble home.
We are delighted you could spare
the time from your duties
and we are sorry your dear wife
is unable to be with you
on this occasion.
You will, we hope, allow us,
as representatives
of the hohenzollern dynasty
and the royal house of prussia,
to congratulate you
and the fuhrer
on the latest
of your astounding series
of great victories.
The national socialist
Democratic workers' party
thanks you for your kind words
and your loyal support.
May I show you to your rooms?
Thank you.
It's been a tiring journey.
May I request, before dinner,
the pleasure
of a private audience?
That is to say,
a meeting on matters of state.
I shall arrange it.
- I need to see you.
- Not now.
Yes, now!
No, we were told to be discreet.
The pastor's been arrested
by the gestapo.
They're interrogating him now.
Soon he'll tell them
everything he knows.
- Why tell me?
- Why sleep with me?
- Why ask me?
- Following orders?
No, it was a mistake, a madness.
You used me!
- I used myself.
- If you wanted to kill him,
you could have done that
any time.
- I'll scream the house down!
- You will when Dietrich starts.
How did you know?
I saw you with him
at the church.
And you're a Jew
who knows German army medals
and keeps gun oil hidden
in her room.
Then, captain,
you must do your duty.
Just leave. Leave now.
I can't.
Do you expect me
to betray my oath,
my country, for you?
I expected nothing from you,
You must do your duty.
And I will do mine.
Forgive me, herr reichsfuhrer.
What can I do for you?
This is for you,
herr reichsfuhrer.
I'm sure a man in your position
must have
so many unforeseen expenses,
in your positions...
It can be so difficult
to make ends meet.
I know in my own household...
Servants are so expensive,
especially in wartime.
So difficult to keep.
Thank you.
Here you are!
I was worried.
It's almost time for dinner.
It seems we are to go back
to Berlin.
If we choose.
Can that be true?
You are to be king again?
I'm afraid I'm going to need
a new wardrobe.
For now I think we should
keep this to ourselves.
Oh, my dear frau linnenkamp.
First thing tomorrow,
I shall say no more,
we must start packing the house.
Your highness.
May I be the first
to offer my congratulations.
I know we both had reservations
about these people
and all the people in power,
that both they and the German
people can only benefit
from a firm
and Christian presence
on the throne.
A restraining influence.
Perhaps god has not forgotten me
after all.
Make yourself at home.
Some of us
weren't invited to dinner.
So much for national socialism.
Has the pastor talked yet?
I just called them.
It won't be long.
Heil Hitler.
At ease, gentlemen.
Is that schnapps?
This will go no further.
I have just told
the former kaiser
that the fuhrer has,
under strict conditions,
and for the good
of the fatherland,
agreed to bring him back
from exile
to take up his throne in Berlin.
I have to tell you now
that this is a deception.
Its aim is to flush out
any remaining monarchists,
sympathizers, in the reich.
You two will work together
to intercept any communications
in and out of the house.
You will find out where they come
from and where they are going
and report directly to my office
in Berlin.
Heil Hitler.
Any questions?
Thank you.
He's holding out. For now.
- Captain.
- Your highness.
I'm starving.
We'll take a break
until he comes round again.
The Americans
will stay out this time.
They are decadent,
no fonder of the Jews
and communists than we are.
There I disagree with you.
We face
an international conspiracy
funded by Jewish capital
which has its home in America.
It will have to be defeated
sooner or later.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
You had 30 years to do something
about the Jews,
and yet you just let them
get on with it.
We had other priorities.
But you had Jewish friends,
didn't you?
I'm sure I read that.
In the last war, the German Jews
fought and died for our country
- in their thousands.
- What's your point?
It's fair to say that few people
really understood
the Jewish threat
until the '20s.
For that we are very grateful
to the fuhrer.
The problem
is the same everywhere,
but only now, in Germany,
is there sufficient clarity
to admit the scale of the task
and to examine
the potential solutions
in a thorough
and an imaginative manner.
And yet, where we lead
I'm sure
that others will follow.
Germany needs more room
for its people,
especially in the east,
and for that
there will have to be
a re-ordering
of other populations.
Where relocation is impractical,
a more sensible solution
must be found.
The elderly, the mentally ill,
are a drain
on the reich's resources.
Not to mention the children,
of course.
In wartime, it is
hardly feasible to feed them
until they can provide
the return on capital.
And we are very much
at the experimental stage.
I attended
one demonstration recently
at the laboratory in potsdam
where ten disabled children
were each given
a red balloon to play with
and then injected in the heart
with a solution
of concentrated phenol.
- I beg your pardon?
- Phenol.
You probably know
it as carbolic acid.
It's easily soluble.
They appear to have passed away
in their sleep,
but the doctor
and his assistant,
who are both very skilled,
could only manage ten
in a minute.
So I fear it's hardly practical
on the scale
we may eventually need.
Will you take some Brandy
and a cigar, herr himmler?
Yes, yes, and I will show you
my collection of pg wodehouse.
First editions.
I'm afraid I must go.
I have an early start tomorrow.
We have an understanding,
I think?
Indeed, we do.
Brandt, they are the rule.
You are the exception.
Tell me if the pastor
gives you anything.
Ah, good to see you finally
taking an interest, Brandt.
You were wonderful.
I was very proud of you.
You are a bloody fool, sigurd.
You almost ruined everything.
I've been wondering something.
Can an officer have
a loyalty to anything
greater than his country?
he must answer the question,
"what is my country?"
"And does it even still exist?"
The offer his highness received
tonight from himmler...
It's a trap.
They want to know who secretly
supports the restoration.
I trust you will inform
his highness accordingly.
If you'll excuse me.
Thank you.
Is something wrong?
- I have to go now. Forever.
- Oh...
But first I...
I have a message for you.
From Winston Churchill.
Of course you do.
You're the secret agent.
It's the kaiser, he's collapsed!
No, get him to hospital now!
What happened? Is he dead?
We spoke and then I left.
He picked up his axe
and then fell.
You should have gone hours ago.
I'll go now.
I'll find her.
They know.
They are coming for you now.
You'll never make it.
Mieke, trust me.
It's Brandt. Listen,
one of the female servants
is an enemy agent.
Get all the men out. Seal off
the exits and the perimeter.
And nobody,
nobody gets in or out
without my permission. Clear?
I'm perfectly well.
Just a little dizzy, that's...
I'm fine now.
I'm all right.
Please, don't fuss.
I have told you so many times
not to exercise so after dinner.
I must remember that. Huh?
You... you won't believe...
I... I just received a message
from britain's prime minister.
- The boy Churchill.
- What? What message?
He was offering me exile
in england,
and then, when the war ends,
the throne
of a defeated Germany.
Imagine that!
Two offers in one night.
Not bad, huh? After 20 years.
- Oh!
- Wilhelm, please, please rest.
Of course, I was very polite.
I said, "no, thank you."
Of course. Please rest. Rest.
Sigurd will be here in a moment.
- Hermine.
- Hmm?
There's something
I must tell you.
I shall not return to Berlin.
I shall stay here with you,
and I will never leave.
Was it tonight?
That dreadful man?
I should never have
brought him here.
Oh, I am such a fool.
No, no, no!
Thank god, I'm grateful to you.
But they are not all
like himmler.
You will talk to the fuhrer,
and the man must be dismissed.
- Something must be done.
- Nothing can be.
No, they are not as we are,
as anyone is.
We had to know that,
and now we do.
Oh! Look at me.
My love.
It's god's will. All of it.
No. How can that be?
And I'm content. I must be.
Then so am I.
It's that new servant girl.
- He has chest pains.
- Dr. krahl is coming.
- Don't fuss, sigurd.
- Quick, help!
- Don't...
- To the house.
The doctor is coming.
Don't fuss, sigurd.
Don't fuss.
- Careful.
- Yes. Yes. Just put me to bed,
that's all.
- Captain, open the door.
- He needs the hospital.
Open the door!
the doctor is coming here.
- Follow me.
- Brandt!
But wait! I need to go with him!
Mieke. Mieke!
The gestapo's coming for her.
Well, get her in. Quick!
Why did you wait so long?
Did you think I was going
to turn you over to the gestapo?
Well, of course, that's exactly
what I should have done.
Open the gate, damn you!
We're looking
for an enemy agent.
So are we!
Open the fucking gate!
Oh, Christ.
They're here already.
Mieke, give me your gun, now.
- Mueller, get that gate open.
- Sir.
Move that car now!
Where are you going?
The kaiser's had a heart attack.
- Our priority is the spy.
- Mine is his life.
They've sealed the perimeter.
Take my men
and search the house.
I'll be back in an hour.
Get them up to the house!
Oh, come along.
Move that fucking car!
Get moving!
- I'm checking the Van.
- It's the kaiser.
Get out of the way.
we'll just take a little look.
Oh, mieke.
You saved my life.
I'm glad we had the chance
to say goodbye.
I shall miss you.
Such beautiful hands.
Your highness.
Your highness?
Your highness.
Brandt! Brandt!
He's just asleep.
Have you got somewhere to go?
An address.
Will you come with me?
I betrayed my country,
but I won't abandon it.
Please, you'll be shot!
I left two gestapo officers
to guard the gate
and took the kaiser to hospital.
The enemy agent killed them
and escaped.
Don't be sad.
I found something else
to fight for.
Me too.
I know.
But will you marry me?
Come and find me after the war.
Is that a yes?
Of course!
Has she gone?
Thank you.
From the red cross.
Your highness,
captain Brandt sent
a message from Berlin.
He has good news.
Thank you, sigurd.
Of course he has.
There you are.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
The prime minister
will see you now.
Thank you.