The Executioners (2018) Movie Script

[breathing heavily]
[whispers] Okay.
[men laughing, talking
in distance]
[suspenseful music]
[woman 2 whimpering, crying
in distance]
[talking continues]
[woman 2 sobbing]
[talking, shouting
grow louder]
- [men] Whoo!
- Upsy-daisy!
Up, up, baby!
- Come on, baby!
- Here we go!
Yeah! Whoo!
Fight for
that air, baby!
- Fight for that air, baby!
- [woman 2 choking]
[woman 2 gasping]
[ominous music]
[laughing, shouting continue]
[woman 2, gasping,
- Whoo!
- Yeah!
[laughing, shouting
continue, echoing]
[upbeat acoustic guitar music]
[female singer
[woman 1] Remember when your
mother used to bring us here?
[woman 2]
Ages ago.
Every single summer
for a week.
[song continues
on car radio]
Till Dad passed.
I'm sorry.
I didn't...
What are you
laughing at?
Remember our first skinny
dip in the midnight moon?
We couldn't find our clothes
when we came back to shore!
I was freaking out, thinking
some maniac stole them.
Of course I remember. I was the
one that had to walk home naked.
- And Mom was furious!
- [laughing]
[woman 2] Yeah, but we were the ones
that stayed in the freezing water
until you got back.
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
[cell phone ringing]
[woman 1] Hey, Mom! Yeah.
We just pulled up.
No. We haven't been
inside yet, but, uh,
everything looks fine.
Sure. I'll call you in a bit.
Just give us the time to...
I will.
Okay. Love you, too. Bye.
[inhales] Mom.
Let's go get our bags.
[ominous music]
Everything is exactly
the way I remember it.
All right.
Pick your room.
This is the best room
in the house.
- Oh, my God!
- It's just so cozy!
- Oh, I miss this smell!
- Oh!
[both sighing]
[birds chirping]
[soft piano music]
Whoo! I wasn't sure that's
where it was going.
[laughing] Yeah.
- [laughing]
- Let's see a trick.
Lory? You need anything?
I hope this isn't
too hard on you.
I'm fine.
The pleasure of
having you here
is stronger than...
any regret.
[clicks tongue]
- Thanks.
- [chuckles]
This was a beautiful way
to say goodbye.
[doorbell rings]
Who is it?
Jim's nephew.
Caretaker's my uncle.
Where's Jim?
He's resting.
He caught a cold.
Oh. I'll stop by
in the morning.
Hey, you ladies
need anything?
We're fine.
Thank you.
Tell Jim I'll be here
until Sunday.
Are you expecting
any more guests?
No. Goodnight.
[ominous music]
Connection always sucked
around here.
Lory, stop it.
You're starting
to freak us out.
There hasn't been any crime in
this area since I can remember.
Not even a stolen CD.
Perfect opportunity to tell
you about my new novel.
You're not gonna spook
us again, are you?
Readers like
to be spooked.
Not me. Not tonight.
All right. Tell us.
[ominous music]
It takes place...
in the house by the lake.
You must be kidding.
It actually takes place
in this very house.
It begins...
with an 11-year-old girl...
the age when the
boundaries between reality
and the inner world
are still blurred.
Somewhere in the woods...
three mysterious men
are discussing their evil plan.
A mere story
of home invasion...
mixed with
supernatural elements.
I don't like this already.
You're not
supposed to like it.
And yes, you're supposed
to be freaked out.
That's... That's the point.
You see, this time I went
for a story without a plot.
We never figure out
why they're doing it
and what they hope
to gain from it.
Cause if we know
their motives...
we can always
convince ourselves
that it will
never happen to us.
I want to explore fear...
and masochism.
I wanna know...
How does it feel
to be confronted
with the devil?
What if you don't
believe in it?
The only thing
you have to believe...
is that there are men...
capable of horrible acts.
All right. Enough.
Yeah. That's enough.
We'll read the book.
Are you finished
with it?
Haven't written
a page yet.
[ominous music]
Oh, I'm going
jogging at dawn
if anyone wants
to join.
[all chuckling]
Yeah. Why don't you make us
breakfast when you come back?
I can do that.
Yeah. You don't have
to do that.
Anyway, night.
- Goodnight.
- See you in the morning.
[ominous piano chord]
[bathtub faucet
[ominous music]
It's not funny.
I know you're
in there, Kay.
Come out now!
[ominous music swells]
[music fades]
[whispers] Oh, my God.
[ominous music]
[voice whispering,
[voices overlapping,
[voices continue]
[music swells]
[music and voices fade]
[whispering] Dad?
I'm so sorry, Dad.
I'm so sorry.
[ominous music]
- [music swells]
- [yelps]
[softly] My God. Come on. Hey.
Come on, baby.
- [spits, coughing]
- There you go. There you go.
All right.
You're good.
- Good girl.
- [coughing continues]
I got you.
I got you.
Oh, thank God.
I thought I'd lost you.
- Never do that again, okay?
- [laughing] I promise.
[ominous music]
Dad? Dad?
No, no, no, no!
Daddy? No! No.
Dad. Dad!
Mom! Mom!
[crying] D-Dad!
No, Dad. No. No.
[soft piano music]
Were you waiting
for someone?
[ominous music]
Who is it?
Who is it?
[banging stops]
Do it.
- [music fades]
- [crickets chirping]
[ominous music]
Was that a publicity stunt
for your book?
Are you
out of your mind?
What do you want?
[ominous music swells]
- I don't like this.
- Yeah. None of us do.
There's a hotel
ten miles from here.
- Good idea.
- Let's get our stuff.
- Oh, my God!
- Belle! Lory!
Who did this?
Calm down.
Just grab your stuff.
We're gonna go.
[ominous music]
[voices whispering,
[ominous music continues]
Damn! I forgot the keys.
[ominous music continues]
[voices continue]
[music, voices fade]
[crickets chirping]
[woman] I don't like this.
[buzzes lips,
You scared us.
All four.
Ah, shit.
Try yours.
Back inside. Now.
- It's disconnected.
- [Lory] Of course!
We need to calm down and
figure out what to do next.
[ominous music continues]
We're gonna sleep together
upstairs tonight.
Kids' room is the
hardest to break into.
Six hours till dawn.
Whoever's doing this doesn't
know who they're fighting with.
Well said.
We'll show them.
[hinges creaking]
[glass breaking]
[glass shards clattering]
[Lory] At least
we'll hear them coming.
We will.
[whispering] They only
have one way in now.
Lift up.
Drop it.
Kay and Lory,
you sleep first.
I won't be able
to close my eyes.
Neither will I.
Just try, at least.
[ominous music]
I wonder if they get off just
knowing that we're scared.
You're optimistic.
[ominous music swells]
[floor creaks]
- [gasps]
- What? What?
- Shh! Shh!
- [Kay] What happened?
Angela. What?
[Angela] Nothing.
Right now!
Fuck. Fuck.
[women gasping]
[gasps] I saw it! It's here!
K... I saw it!
The terrace!
He's hiding
behind the wall outside!
- Good evening, ladies!
- [all gasp]
How bout we drop
the weapons?
Lower them.
You too, honey. Mm?
- [object clatters]
- Turn around.
Put it on the ground, slowly.
[gun clatters]
What do you want?
Move the bed!
Mr. Black is anxious
to make your acquaintance.
- Let's go! Move the bed!
- Move it!
Let's go!
Come on.
Open the door.
Open it!
And say hello to Mr. Black.
[hinges creaking]
I'm a little underwhelmed.
And a little disappointed.
I expected you to be
a little bit more polite...
and obey
every single word I say.
I said,
"Say hello to Mr. Black!"
[whimpering] Hello.
- No. No, no, no, no, no.
- [gasps]
"Hello, Mr. Black."
Hello, Mr. Black.
And you?
Look at him.
Say it!
Hello, Mr. Black.
Thank you.
It wasn't so hard, was it?
Now, I think
we could do...
a little bit better.
Don't you, huh?
Look at him.
What do you have to say?
Hello, Mr. Black.
And you? Hmm?
Hello, Mr. Black.
Say it louder, please.
Hello, Mr. Black.
Hello, girls.
Thank you for inviting us
to your party.
Shall we start...
with... the fun?
"Please," what?
- Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
- Please, don't kill us.
Kill you?
Why would I want
to kill you?
Do you want to kill
these young ladies?
Of course not.
Of course not.
All we want to do
is join the party.
You see?
Hmm? Okay.
[Mr. Black laughs]
Very well then.
Let's begin.
Take off your clothes.
Hey! Girls!
Don't make me repeat myself.
You're gonna regret this.
Sure. Sure.
Sure. Sure. Sure.
Take it off.
- I politely ask.
- [Lory] No!
[Mr. Black, softly]
Come here.
That wasn't much fun,
was it?
[Mr. Red] No. It actually wasn't.
Not at all.
[Mr. Black sighs]
Do you have music?
- Downstairs.
- [Mr. Blue] Aw, yeah.
- Music.
- A little tunes.
So what are we
waiting for?
[handcuffs jingle,
[Kay, crying]
No! No! No! No! No!
[Kay whimpering]
Stop! No!
No! No! No! No!
- Hey! Hey! Quit it!
- No!
- Don't you move! Don't move a muscle!
- [screaming, whimpering]
[women crying]
[Kay] Stop!
[crying continues]
Stop. Stop.
That will be a lesson
to all of you.
I don't want
to kill you.
But I won't hesitate.
Do you believe me?
- [Lory] Yes.
- Huh?
I can't hear you!
[Angela] Yes!
[Mr. Black whispers,
Okay. Okay.
- [Mr. Blue] Let's go.
- [Mr. Black] Come on!
[Mr. Blue]
Let's go! Let's go!
[Mr. Black]
Move! Get downstairs!
Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
[Mr. Blue] Come on!
Take off your shoes.
Take them off!
[Mr. Blue] Let's go!
You first.
I would love to please you.
I'll probably do it, too.
[Mr. Blue] Give me the chairs.
Come on!
Come on!
[Mr. Black] Go.
- [Mr. Black] Go.
- [screaming]
[Mr. Black] Continue.
Don't even think about it.
I will kill her.
Don't do it.
[Mr. Blue]
Come on! Move!
[Mr. Black]
Come on! Move!
Come on!
[ominous music]
[male voice] Belle.
There's nothing you could
have done to save me.
You died for me.
I died because
I had a weak heart.
What is this?
Don't let the darkness
get to you.
It will harden your soul
and erode your emotions.
[groans, gasps]
[Angela whimpers]
- [screams]
- [cackles]
[Mr. Black]
You're next.
Your turn.
For what?
Take off your clothes.
Like a stripper?
That would be nice.
[mid-tempo song playing]
[Mr. Black] Start.
- Now!
- Okay!
[Mr. Red] That's right.
There we go.
[song continues]
[Mr. Blue clapping]
Okay! Sorry!
Sorry! I... I'm sorry!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I won't...
Stop! Stop! No!
- [wheezes]
- Let her go!
And you're next.
You want me
to dance for you?
[Kay gasping, wheezing]
- You're going to be doing it for her.
- Stop! Stop!
- Stop!
- You're gonna...
[Kay screams]
[Kay] Stop.
[Mr. Blue] Watch.
[Kay] Stop!
- [Mr. Black] Kiss her.
- [cries out]
[Mr. Black:
mock kissing noises]
[Mr. Black]
Give another kiss.
Mmm. [kissing noise]
Yes. She likes that.
[Mr. Black] Enjoy.
Stop. Stop.
[Mr. Black] You're still
helping your friend.
Still helping her.
Go on. She likes it.
You want to make her happy.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
[groans, gasps]
Oh, Jim!
[sobbing] No, Jim.
No, Jim.
[chorus vocalizing]
[sobs] No.
[chorus continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[chorus fades]
- [sobs]
- [chorus resumes]
[Mr. Black breathing heavily]
- [laughing]
- Oh, yeah.
[Mr. Black]
Oh, yeah.
No! No! No!
[Mr. Black]
Now you're going down.
Where are you going?
[Mr. Black] Where are you going?
Huh? Where are you going? Huh?
[Mr. Black] Where are you going?
No! No!
Huh? Where you going?
- Come here! Come here!
- No!
Let's get
comfortable, huh?
- No!
- Get 'em off!
- Shh.
- No, please!
Where you going?
- Come here.
- We got a runner, don't we?
No! No! Stop!
Stop! [crying]
- Take your shirt off! Let's go! Come on!
- Someone help me!
Let's see
what you got, huh?
No! No!
- No! Please!
- Take these off her. Can't leave these on.
[Mr. Red shushing]
It's okay.
- It's okay. Look at me.
- No.
- Look at me.
- No.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I love you.
Come here.
Stand. Come here.
There we go.
Come here.
[mid-tempo waltz music]
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Huh? See,
it's not bad.
- No.
- Wanna dance?
- No. No.
- "Yes. Yes. Yes."
Me too.
Well, okay then.
Let's dance.
- No.
- [laughing]
[music fades]
[ominous music]
[indistinct voices overlapping]
- [Mr. Blue, faint] Come on, baby!
- [Mr. Red] Whoo!
- There we go!
- [laughs] Yeah! Whoo!
- [Mr. Blue] Fight for that air, baby!
- [choking]
[Mr. Red] Fly for Mr. Red!
[Mr. Blue,
- Yeah, huh?
- [laughing]
- Hang, baby, hang!
- There you go! There you go!
You look pretty.
[Mr. Red] Come on. Hang 'em up!
Hang 'em up!
[shouting continues]
[woman whimpers]
[men laughing]
[Mr. Blue] Whoo! Woo-hoo!
Baby! Whoo!
[Mr. Red] Whoo! Yeah!
[woman] No!
[Mr. Blue] There you go.
How's it feel, huh?
[Mr. Blue] Just wanna join
the party, baby, huh?
[indistinct shouting]
- [laughing]
- [both gasping]
[ominous music]
[metal clatters]
[muffled screaming]
Huh? Come on!
Hey, yo, Red?
Hey, you see him?
No. I don't see him.
Hey, yo, Red?
The fuck?
[Belle grunts]
Fuck. [grunts]
Drop your gun
on the floor.
[pistol cocks]
I will kill her.
Then I'll kill you.
Open your eyes.
All right.
Say goodbye
to your friend.
Don't do it.
Too fast.
Not enough pain.
[Mr. Black laughing]
Listen to
what she says.
It's not worth it.
[chuckles] Thank you.
Soon enough...
you'll wish you were dead.
- Kay.
- [grunts]
- Kay.
- No.
- No!
- Kay.
- Kay, it's me. It's me. It's me.
- No! No! Get off!
- It's me. It's me. It's me. It's me.
- No!
No! Ow! Ow.
They're not gonna
hurt us anymore.
We're not alone,
you know.
You will regret this.
The other two
are in the basement.
They're out there...
See this?
This is live feed.
They're coming
any moment now.
- And all of...
- Shh.
[ominous music]
What the fuck?
What is
your real name?
Fuck you.
Mr. Fuck You, welcome
to the party.
Maybe, just maybe,
I'll spare your life if you
tell me your real name.
[Mr. Black]
Don't say shit.
What about you?
Three real men.
strong, defiant.
I like that.
They're coming.
Oh, God!
You're going
to die slowly.
That is what
you deserve.
No one is coming
to avenge you.
That really just
sounded good.
Who's watching us?
- Who is watching us?
- I don't... I don't know.
I don't know. It wasn't
part of the deal.
Oh, God!
I don't believe you.
What difference
does it make?
None... to me.
- [shivering]
- [Mr. Red] What are you doing?
[screams, groans]
- My God!
- Come on!
- Yeah!
- Fucking bitch! You fucking bitch!
Fuck. Fuck.
[Kay] Yeah! Die!
- [Mr. Red] Come on!
- Fucking bitch! Fuck.
- [Mr. Blue] Fuck!
- I just killed you.
Are we supposed
to be nice?
We should call
the police.
No phone. The nearest
house is too far. What...
What do you suggest?
We shouldn't do what
they did to us.
We're not.
We didn't provoke
the events.
We're just
reacting to them.
We shouldn't be...
Angela, shut up.
It's not right.
They just raped you!
I got...
For what?
- [groans]
- For what?
Fuck! I'm sorry.
So you can make
your own snuff movie?
No. No. No. No. No.
No. I'm sorry.
- [Belle] Do it.
- Please.
No. No.
Please. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Do it.
- I'm sorry. Please.
Please, please, please. Don't do it.
Don't do it. Don't do it.
No! No! No!
Please! Please!
- I'm sorry. Don't do it.
- Do it!
Please. Please.
Please. Please.
Fuck! Don't do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so fucking...
Please! Please!
- [grunts]
- [gun clatters]
What? "I'm sorry,"
and all is forgotten?
I can't believe it.
Nothing is forgotten!
[Mr. Red]
Stop! He's dying!
Look, I'll tell you
everything I know.
Okay? Which isn't much.
I'll take not much.
My name is...
Paul Collins.
I don't know theirs!
I swear!
Look, we met for the first
time this afternoon.
It was all preplanned.
And... And he's right.
The paint, the GoPro,
it was in a mailbox.
And then you
killed old Jim?
No! No, we didn't!
We weren't even
supposed to shoot at you!
Look, all we had to do
was scare you...
play with you
as much as we wanted,
and leave you here...
Look in my pocket.
See? You gotta believe me.
I do.
I do.
You do?
Okay, so, what are
you gonna do with us?
- Eye for an eye.
- No. No. No.
Fuck, no! Please!
Come on. Faster!
Come on. Move!
I like the way
you're thinking.
[Kay] Get in.
- [coughing]
- Come on. Shh.
Come here.
There you go.
It's been a good companion
of mine.
Too bad I'll have to
trash it after this.
- On the bed. Get on the bed!
- [whimpering] No! No!
- Come on!
- On the bed!
- [Belle] For you.
- No! No!
Come here!
So, Mr. Red.
Wanna do us the honors?
- This has to stop!
- [Mr. Blue shrieking]
[Mr. Red]
No, you gotta stop.
Belle. Belle.
It's me.
[Mr. Red] Please.
It's Ange.
Are you really
gonna kill me?
[Belle] Wait.
Wait! Wait!
No, don't open the door!
- David!
- There's no David!
- [Belle] What if?
- [Angela] You're all going crazy!
[Belle] No, no.
Please, no.
- Wait.
- No!
- Talk to me. No!
- No, no, no, no, please!
[ominous music]
[Kay] What the fuck?
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
[Kay] Hey, come on.
[Lory] Okay.
Almost there.
Come on.
- [Kay] Hurry up.
- [Lory] Okay.
You didn't wanna kill us.
Is that what you said?
[coughing, wheezing]
I hope you're enjoying
this show.
[men whimpering]
[Kay] Come on!
- Move it!
- [sob] Stop! Please!
[pleading, muttering]
Please! Okay!
No. No! No!
Do it.
- No more, please.
- Start!
[chorus vocalizing]
I'm sorry!
[crying continues]
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
I'm sorry!
Say "Hi"
to Mr. David.
- "Hi."
- Hi!
- "David"!
- David!
Hi, Mr. David.
[Kay] Pathetic.
- Oh, God!
- [Kay] Shut up!
Please. Please.
[Kay] Shut up!
- You gotta stop.
- This...
- You gotta stop!
- for Angela!
- No! No!
- [Belle laughing]
Fuck! Stop!
[Belle] Shut up!
- No! No, please!
- This is for...
[laughing continues]
[ragged breathing]
Listen to me carefully.
Whoever is out there...
doesn't care
about any of us.
Including you.
He would already
have saved you if he did.
You have no choice.
Let's get
out of here.
[Belle] Here's the plan.
Lory, you sneak out from the
window in the basement.
Try to get help
any way you can.
Red, Kay, and I will try
to create a diversion.
Red, I'm gonna
trust you with a gun.
we're not the enemy.
Whatever is the amount of
money they promised you,
they never intended
to pay it.
[Lory screaming
in distance]
[screaming continues]
Don't you dare touch me!
Stand back!
He cut Lory's head off.
- [grunts]
- No, no, no.
No, it's impossible.
No, it's impossible.
[Kay sobbing]
We're gonna make it.
I promise.
He's not gonna get us.
[Belle] Okay.
[hammers, stops]
There must be a reason
for whoever's doing this.
Anyone in college
we hurt?
Anyone who wants to buy
this house for cheap.
- I don't know.
- Kay.
I know, I know,
I know.
That was stupid.
Have you ever witnessed
pure evil?
I wanted to write
about it...
but I didn't even
know what it meant.
Not until tonight.
I did.
[father's voice] Don't let
the darkness get to you.
It will harden your soul
and erode your emotions.
You got me worried.
You were far away.
I was just thinking
of my father.
I was thinking...
These old basements,
they usually have, like,
a crawlspace
under the house.
I don't know.
[whispers] No! No! No! No!
Wait. Wait. Wait.
No. We have to find
another way.
Holy shit. Okay, go.
[ominous music]
[Kay whispering]
There's something there.
- [grunts]
- [gunshot]
[Kay whispering]
Oh, my God.
We gotta go.
[gasps, wheezes]
You were supposed
to just have fun.
[labored breathing]
It didn't work out
that way.
No, it didn't.
Who the fuck are you?
You would have killed us any...
Fuck! Oh, fuck!
How does it feel, huh?
[gurgles, gasps]
[whispered talking]
Oh, my God.
- Go!
- I'm trying!
- [grunts]
- [poker clatters]
- I'm trying. I'm trying.
- [Belle] Oh, God.
Oh, he's coming!
Oh, shit.
Okay, almost there.
Hold on.
Hold on.
[Belle] I hear him!
[Belle, Kay screaming]
Okay, grab my hand!
Grab my hand!
- Grab my hand!
- Let go!
Get off of me!
Go! Go! Go!
Grab my hand.
Come on.
- Grab my hand.
- [shrieks]
[Kay] Come on.
Come on.
Let's stay here.
[Kay] Belle. Belle!
[David] How long should
we play this game, huh?
You're trapped.
How about I spare the life
of the first one to come out?
Gonna get you
either way!
[ominous music]
[owl hooting]
[birds chirping]
[both gasping]
I think...
I think we're okay.
[mouths words]
We made it.
We did.
We made it.
We're not far away.
[arrow strikes]
[ominous music]
[Kay's voice]
"And that night,
I realized that there was no such thing
as a boundary between good or evil,
black and white,
right or wrong.
All I learned
is that this world
is divided by the executed
and executioners."
What do you think?
it's not Shakespeare...
or Styron.
It's certainly not Cormac
McCarthy or J.K. Rowling.
You know...
your proofreader
did a good job.
I was right
about your first book.
It was a piece of crap,
and it sold nil.
I really thought
your career was over.
And what do you think
about this one?
Not great either.
It's gonna make
a lot of money.
And as you well know...
wealth gives you the ability
to fully experience life.
- That's Henry David Thoreau.
- Sure.
So... you like it?
Not a bit. But I'd be
crazy not to publish it.
Yeah. You would say the
same thing about the Bible.
Is this all true?
It was
in the newspapers.
How... How do you feel?
Writing was cathartic.
That's why I wrote "A true
story," not "Based on."
Yeah, no, I, uh...
I got the nuance.
So did they ever prove
Belle did it?
She has never
been the same
since her father died.
Well, I'll give you this: You got an
amazing gift for capturing details.
I will never forget
a second of it.
It's all recorded...
in here.
[birds chirping]
Do you have it?
It's all there.
Not so fast.
Everything that happened last
night is recorded in here.
I trust the second half of
the payment will be there.
Trust me.
You'll be very satisfied.
Can I ask you
why you did it?
I'll have to kill you
if I tell you.
[scoffing chuckle]
Now that I think
about it...
I have to kill you
[ominous music]
[phone dings]
[upbeat western music]
You can take the real estate
the cash and the best car
I only want the little dog
and my orange guitar
You made me sell my comic
books for pennies on the pound
But I'll still love the Silver
Age when you are in the ground
Oh my teenage crush on you only
makes me crush and not create
I could search for 1,000 years
to find another word for hate
[guitar solo]
I would like to illustrate
the way you made me mad
I have my favorite
pen in hand
I'm reaching for my pad
You are the squeezy snake
Release your hold on me
I won't make the big mistake
that freedom must be free
Oh my teenage crush on you only
makes me crush and not create
I could search for 1,000 years
to find another word for hate
[guitar solo]
I now express my discontent
in the form of a song
You made me feel so criminal
when I did nothing wrong
You tried to make yourself so
tall by pushing down on me
All you did was set me back
which truly set me free
Oh my teenage crush on you only
makes me crush and not create
I could search for 1,000 years
to find another word for hate
[guitar solo]
You can take the real estate
the cash and the best car
I only want the little dog
and my orange guitar
You made me sell my comic
books for pennies on the pound
But I'll still love the Silver
Age when you are in the ground
Oh my teenage
crush on you...