The Executioner's Song (1982) Movie Script

I'm riding a big blue ball
I never did dream
I would fall
But even the day that I do
I'll jump off
And smile back at you
We don't even know
Where we are
They tell us we're circling a star
Well, I'll take their word
For I don't know
Well, I'm dizzy
So maybe that's so
Attention, please.
Flight 432 arriving
Salt Lake City
from Los Angeles via Las Vegas.
There he is!
There he is!
Gotta tuck in
my shirttail. Who gives a shit
about your shirttail?
Oh, yay, you're tall.
What'd you expect, a midget?
No, I'm just glad you're tall.
Hey, cousin,
good to see you.
Oh, sorry.
This is my husband, Johnny.
Was that everything?
This is it.
This is all I have.
So let's get the hell
out of here. Okay.
Little bit.
I'm happy.
They kept giving us
these little, tiny bottles
of liquor on the airplane.
Well, I guess you're entitled
to be a little "snockered."
This time if you
want me to come back
It's up to you
But remember
I won't allow the
things you used to do
You're gonna have to toe
the marks and walk the line...
I feel like going jogging.
Oh, man, you got to be nuts,
tired as you are.
Oh, God.
I'm out.
I'm really out.
You know, Gary,
I can't look into your eyes
without feeling
full of sadness.
Oh, yeah?
Well, don't be
too sure about that.
Whoa-oh-oh-oh. Hey...
You're a real
criminal, aren't you?
Ah, cousin,
it's just that I like you a lot,
that's all. Shh!
Gary, I know what you're saying.
Believe me.
Don't you dare mess up.
Well, Lordy, Lordy,
Lordy, Lordy
Girl, you're surely
looking good to me...
Brenda, will you always
tell me the truth?
Better believe it, buddy.
How come you're
taking a chance on a man
who's spent half
his life in the can?
Gary, I've been
married four times.
First time when I was 15.
Couldn't live
without the guy, right?
After two months,
I couldn't live with him.
And, I guess I sort have been
in prison ever since, you know?
In my way.
So get it straight.
The reason I want you out is...
Well, let's just say
I got a real soft spot for you.
Okay, Brenda,
I think I understand.
How's Vern?
How long has it been
since you've seen him?
25 years.
Well he's a lot older, Gary.
Here, Gary, let me
give you a hand.
Yeah, Sterling.
Oh, yeah.
It's a rush job, Gary.
I'll do it myself.
Vern? I feel useless.
Well, you can't learn
everything immediately.
Yes, Mrs. Mann?
Vern, I really
need those shoes.
I just wondered
when I could have them?
I'll get them for you.
Don't you worry.
Hi, Sterling.
Look at that, man,
I haven't seen
nothing like that in 12
solid years.
Mama! Shake it!
Oh, man! Mmm!
Get back to your shoes.
What do you
think of my nephew?
He's a nice fellow, Vern.
Awful horny guy.
I didn't always have red hair.
I used to be an ash blonde
before my divorce.
And then it was a little brown,
but it was just yuck.
Settled on red 'cause it
suits my temperament.
Being a redhead is being me.
Well, you haven't been in a bar lately,
have you, Gary?
Let's play the jukebox.
You make the selections.
Well, I left Kentucky
back in '49
Went to Detroit
working on assembly line
First year, they had me
putting wheels on Cadillacs
Every day I'd watch them
beauties roll by...
Why'd you tell Vern
you'd go out with me?
It's simple.
You need a friend.
And I need a new friend.
Seem to be getting
no place with my old friends.
Do you normally do this?
Just drive around like this?
It relaxes me.
It don't bother you,
me being here?
Not in the least.
Will you go to a motel with me?
I am here to be your friend.
If the other
is what you want,
you better look some place else.
Well, I'm sorry,
I haven't been around
girls very much, you know?
You can't have it
all in five minutes, Gary.
You have to earn it,
bit by bit.
Yeah, well, you know,
you got it real easy, you know?
Listen, I work hard.
I've worked super hard to
have my home and my car,
and my color TV. Jesus, I don't want
to hear anymore of that.
Well, you're going to.
You want to hit me.
Don't you?
Can I hug you?
Don't rush so, Gary.
You got time.
You're not going
to see me again, are you?
I'm sorry I messed it up.
Vern will probably be
disappointed in me.
I guess you think I gobble
like a pig, kind of quick.
I noticed you eat fast.
You see, in prison you get
15 minutes to get your food,
sit down, eat it,
and get out of there,
otherwise you don't eat.
But you managed.
Well, now, why don't
you take a little more time?
Slippin' and a-slidin',
playin' dominoes
Leftin' and a-rightin'
ain't a crime, you know
Well, they got
to tell the story, folks
Before it's time to go
Are you ready for the country,
ready for me?
Better get ready
for the country
Get ready for me
Get the crowbar, and
I'll find the blowtorch.
uh, running that drill in reverse.
Didn't know it had a reverse.
Hey, Spence,
I'm sorry I'm late.
Well, it's the first time, Gary,
it's no big deal.
I couldn't hitch a ride,
I had to walk it.
You walked the seven
miles from Provo?
You been doing that every day?
I been trying real hard,
I ain't learned how to fly yet.
Hey, you're all right, Gary.
You know that?
You got the makings
of right good stuff in you.
Tell you what.
You stick around
after work
I'm gonna make sure
you get a ride home.
Now, this car is tagged
at $795, but, uh,
I need space, Spence,
so I'll move it for you for $550.
That sounds reasonable, Val.
But look here,
Gary's only taking home
$95 a week after taxes.
If I put in the first $50,
you carry him for the rest
at $25 a week, okay?
That sounds functional.
Too many roads
I've been up and down
Too many nights
The days of one more round
Too many times
I done kicked my body down
And I don't know if I can
get it up to get it on again
Da, da, da, da, da
Too many ins and outs
and downs and rounds
Too many times
I done kicked my body down...
I haven't seen Sterling
in a while.
Mommy. I'm here.
We're gonna see Sterling.
We're gonna go see Sterling.
Come on.
All right.
Come here.
We're gonna go see Sterling.
Come on, sweetheart.
Say, "Hi, Sterling."
Well, hi, there.
Oh, hi.
How you doing?
You look nice tonight.
Now that my old lady's
left me,
I'm a hell of an attraction
to you girls.
Well, thank you.
I know you.
How do you know me?
I know you.
From some other life
or some damn thing.
Stop kicking your feet.
I told you not to do that.
Momma, he's real nice.
This little girl could
wind up in reform school.
Maybe I'm the kind of mother
that does that to her children.
Oh, hey, I, I was only
wanting to talk to you.
I just wanted to count
all the freckles on you.
Of course, you can't
count the freckles on an elf.
Come on.
Go get some beer.
I can't.
I have to take my kids home.
Your girlfriend
ain't ready to leave here, yet.
Nicole, go with him.
I'll take your kids over to Sue's.
That's all that's left
of all those years
You had to leave me,
you had to go...
This banana's for
your Kids, by the way.
Thank you.
State sent me
to school for a week
so I'll learn how to use
a power sewing machine.
But as soon as I got
the hang of it,
they put me on another one.
The new machine screws up
when you least expect it.
I never let them
put me in no shop.
You put in time?
Half my life.
You another loser?
Oh, I figure
I'm paying off my karma.
I heard that word.
Is it like reincarnation?
Yeah, right.
See, after you die, your soul
comes right back to Earth.
Then it's reborn in a new body.
And you're supposed to pay
for what you did wrong
in your last life.
That's the only thing
that makes any sense.
You have to face yourself.
That's the whole point of living.
If you don't...
your burden's going to grow.
I have thoughts
like this all the time.
But I never knew you could have
a conversation about them.
Hey, uh, I think I'm
going to crash for awhile.
Good night.
Good night.
I don't want to just
jump in bed with you.
I want to make love to you.
You know, I'd sleep with a fellow
instead of hurting his feelings.
I've been married three times.
Only I haven't been
with a guy in a long time
"cause I don't want to.
But you're so beautiful...
and fresh and young.
And sweet.
Gary, I've dated more
guys than you want to count.
I don't care.
You're my guardian angel.
Guardian angel.
My mother... was once stranded
with my brother
and me in the desert.
My old man
took off and left us.
In Humboldt Sink, Nevada.
I was only four,
and we didn't have any money.
We hadn't eaten for days.
We hitchhiked it home to Provo.
And there were no cars.
And then a man
comes walking down the road
out of nowhere,
and he said,
"Here, my wife
fixed a lunch,
but it's more
than I can eat."
Mom said, "Well, I'd be
really grateful."
And we were so? Hungry,
we just started eating.
And when I finally
looked up to thank that man,
he was gone.
Right out on the desert,
on a long, flat stretch.
I didn't know it,
but that man
was my guardian angel.
And I lost him,
a long time ago.
When you came
in here tonight...
I said to myself,
"Boy, you got
your guardian angel back."
This your address?
I wouldn't lie to you.
I'm coming over
after work.
Hey, just a little bit
too much beer.
Yeah, I want one.
No, more cookies.
I told you to stop
worrying about it.
You'll get better.
You remember the first
time you did it?
What do you mean "vaguely"?
Wasn't that big a deal.
I was 11.
You're a tolerant guy.
You're perfect.
I've heard that one before.
No, no, you're an angel.
Really, I believe that's so.
Do you love me?
I don't know if I've
ever been in love
with a guy.
It's like I have crushes.
You got a crush on me?
With you, I feel like
I'm in the right place
for the first time.
So, where do you live?
Down the road.
Springville, Spanish Fork, what?
Spanish Fork.
Mmm, she got it.
Like a pickle?
Thank you.
Hot dog, please.
One hot dog.
Don't you love her,
Brenda? Huh?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, don't you?
Oh, yeah, sure do.
Like it?
No, I don't.
Well, I think it
looks kind of nice.
Yeah, well, it's done
with a real nice,
steady touch,
but it looks a lot
like you stepped in shit.
Where's your bathroom?
Uh, it's back there,
turn to your left.
I really love that girl, Brenda.
You think she might be
too old for me?
Oh, no, Gary.
Not at all.
I think you're both on the exact
same level of intellectual maturity.
Yeah, and well, you know,
sometimes I feel like I'm 19.
Like her, you know?
Gary, why don't you grow up?
You're 35.
You're blunt. Yeah?
Well, damn it, Gary,
you come in here
with this welfare witch
who's living
on the government forever...
You want my good opinion, Gary?
A real space cadet.
You're rotten.
We're going.
I don't want to go.
Brenda, you're
really ignorant.
I don't want to go home.
We're leaving,
and you're a disgrace.
Oh, Gary!
Get in the car, Jeremy.
Gary, just a second.
When did you paint your mustang?
It's her car, man!
What, same year?
No, we bought our cars
on the same day.
Can you see the beauty in that?
It's a sign!
I love her.
All right, Gary.
God bless you.
You got yourself
a good-looking girl.
I love you.
Hot dogs?
Baby, I never believed
that women could be
as sweet-smelling as you are.
Damn, you're glorious.
You're an angel to babysit
for Nicole and me.
I'm going to go phone her
right now. Vern.
Looks like Gary just tried
to proposition your granddaughter.
I want you to stay away
from that child. What?
What are you
talking about, Vern?
I was just asking
her to babysit.
Pete says he
saw something.
Now, I don't
know what he saw, Gary,
but I don't want to think
there's anything out of the way.
Galovan, get over here!
I'm here.
What did you see me do, man?
I didn't see you do
nothing, Gary,
but the appearances left
no doubt in my mind.
Maybe I should've kept
my mouth shut.
But it seems that
your interest in Vern's
don't look right to me.
Okay, motherfucker,
you draw the line, now, man.
You want to fight?
Get out back.
You had enough?
Let him up!
That was rotten, Gary.
Hitting a man from behind.
Get out of here
right now, Gary.
I'm calling the police.
All right, man,
let's go again.
Now, come on. Geez.
I'm going to call them anyway.
You do what you have to do.
Pete Galovan!
Galovan, why'd you call them?
You're absolutely right, Nicole.
I'm the man who got in touch
with Gary's parole officer.
But let me tell you,
he hurt me.
My neck is in pain right now.
Pete, the guy's been
locked up a long time.
It takes awhile
to get used
to being really out.
Yeah, but he hit me from behind.
Gary's dangerous,
he needs help.
I'm the only one
that can help him.
That's because I love Gary.
Love is the only way
to really help a person.
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
Love can bring the spiritual
power of God to a situation.
But this is a bad situation.
Your man is far gone.
He wants to kill me.
Pete Galovan,
if you press charges,
they'll arrest Gary,
and then they'll
let him out on bail.
He'll get you then.
Even if they lock
him up right away.
He's more important
to me than my life.
He's a hell of a lot
more important to me
than your life.
If he don't get you, I will.
All right.
I'll drop the charges against Gary.
Maybe your man
needs another chance.
But now I want you
to kneel with me.
I want you to pray.
It's for you and Gary.
You're both gonna need it.
Our Father in heaven,
please have mercy on Nicole,
this young girl,
and upon Gary,
the possible father
of her children.
God bless them, and...
please give Gary some
control in his life,
which is essential to...
to his well-being.
We ask these things in the name
of Jesus Christ our Lord.
They sent me here
to the nuthouse when I was 11.
What for? They catch you
with your first boyfriend?
My first boyfriend
happened to be my uncle.
Uncle Lee.
Your uncle?
Well, he wasn't
really my uncle.
He was just a friend
of the family.
I'll kill him for you.
Too late.
He got burnt in Vietnam.
Nicole, come back here!
Can you hear those
psychos in the nuthouse?
You think they call up spirits?
I believe they can.
I think crazy people
are very close
to the spirits, yeah.
Yeah, they call 'em forth.
Are you the devil?
I had a friend one time
in reform school named Paul.
I held him down
while he got raped.
Well, see, I ran into him
later on in prison,
and he was making this
ring out of silver.
I said,
"Give me that ring, punk."
And he said,
"Are you the devil?"
I didn't answer him.
I just took his fucking ring.
When I got married
for the second time,
my mother was so mad,
she dressed me in
a black wedding dress.
It was short
with a slit up the sides.
Nobody in the house took
a picture of the bride.
Endorse it.
Do what?
Write your name
on the back of it.
Gary, I don't want to
go around knocking on doors.
You bring the 50 bucks in,
not a six-pack.
I don't like that Mustang.
It gets left at intersections.
Mm-hmm. Well, let's
get it straight, partner.
With your credit,
I'm doing you
the favor.
What I want is a truck.
You got a white truck
right out here in your lot.
I'm very highly interested
in that truck.
Well, you pay
for the Mustang first.
That truck is mucho mazuma.
Lists for $1,700.
Too much truck for you,
partner. Hmm.
My uncle Vern will
cosign with me.
Your uncle Vern ain't in
shape for that kind of credit.
Give me a credit app, Val.
Oh, boy, Val, is he hot.
I don't give a damn.
People come around
me to get hot.
I think that's about
two pounds worth.
I'll just put it on
a scale and see.
Honey, I think the kids
ate all the peanut butter.
Better get some.
You know Bishop Christionson's son
is going to go to Brazil
on his mission.
And there's eight...
Hey, Mister!
Here you go, Vern.
Well, it's very nice of
you to offer me a case, Gary.
How can you afford it?
I don't need money for beer.
You realize you're
violating your parole.
You gonna turn me in?
I might.
If it persists, I might.
Fuck it.
Gary, stop.
It's a bummer.
Sorry. I'm not used
to sex with girls.
You're using downers, Gary.
I got that headache.
Don't hassle me.
Well, then don't start
what you can't finish.
Sometimes, when we're,
making love,
there's an old nightmare
that comes back to me
where I feel, uh...
like I'm in this closed up space.
And there's that old, uh,
terrible smell of
oldness comes back
and I feel like I am dead.
Come inside.
I'll mellow you out.
We thought I was gonna improve.
All right, now...
Keep it straight,
get it straight.
Keep your aim straight.
I got me a habit that I
surely gotta quit
Ain't got a habit
but I'm hooked a little bit
Every time I try to see you
Lord you're nearly never home
There you go.
And I wouldn't call at
all but you give good phone
Talk good boogie
but you won't get down
Tell me that you love me
but you won't come around
Not bad, huh?
Talk good boogie
but you won't get down
One hot lady.
I know that.
I know that!
Hey, sweet mama,
why don't you and me
do it in the dirt,
right here, right now
in front of everybody?
Every time I really think
I really got a chance...
Sterling, it is your birthday
and you are owed
one birthday kiss.
Mmm, hell,
I'll take you up on that.
Okay, Gary?
You having fun?
Mm! Mm.
Hey, man, we want
them sunglasses back!
That's a birthday
present from me to Sterling.
I do not want them ripped off.
Cool out, Gary.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
You're messing up the party.
Enough, enough!
Gary, no! Damn it!
The party!
Jimmy! Stop, Jim!
We're going.
It's over, Gary.
This is fucked.
I don't like to get whipped.
I hate to see it.
Oh, baby, I got whipped
in front of everybody
and yet you're still
being real nice to me.
Yeah, well, I love you
all the way.
No, goddamn it to hell!
How you doing, Gary?
I want that white truck.
we're not
anywhere near it, Gary,
till you come in
with the money.
I'll bring in the money.
All right.
What's the matter?
This car, man.
This goddamn car.
Well, now, hold it.
Let's get some jumper cables.
We'll get it started
for you, partner.
Oh, pardner.
Don't call me "pardner.
I love it... I love it, pardner.
Well, why don't you get
yourself a little boy?
Oh, no, baby, I hit you...
I'm sorry sweetheart.
I'll never hit you again,
sweet... baby.
It always ends
the same way. I'm so...
No, no, no, no, baby,
you gotta forgive me.
Sweetheart, please,
please forgive me, baby, I'm sorry.
I could die.
You want to die?
No, I guess I don't.
That's right, you don't.
You don't.
Eat that up... that's good.
I've been telling you all day
I don't want to go.
I need you and the kids...
I don't want no state trooper
pulling me over 'cause
I don't look right, okay?
Well, I ain't driving in
the car with those guns.
Nicole, I found a guy
to buy them.
Lousy stolen guns.
Shut up, Jeremy.
Oh, no.
I know.
Hey, what's happening?
Hi. Trying to get
out of here, huh?
The guy ain't there.
That's the second place
he ain't there.
This evening's
been right-out wasted.
Pull over!
You're gonna Kill us all,
pull over!
Damn it!
Stop it!
Shut up!
Shut up, you're
driving me nuts! Fuck you!
You be quiet!
Just be quiet,
I'll let you go.
Goddamn! Bitch!
Get out of the car.
Get out of here.
Go on, take your fucking kids!
Fuck you!
Come on.
Come on, Jeremy.
Go on, get out of here.
Go on!
Wait a minute!
Get back in the car;
You're gonna get run over.
I hate you!
I hate your guts!
Come here, bitch.
Keep it going.
I hate you!
I hate you.
Nicole, is that you?
Oh, Lordy, Pepper.
Hey, get over here, bitch.
This is a family affair.
I've known Nicole
since she's six years old,
and you ain't family.
Come back here, bitch.
Come on back here, bitch,
you get back here, bitch!
Come here, bitch!
I love you.
She's out of my life,
can I stay here tonight?
Come on in.
My old lady's back,
so coolit.
I'm gonna hide
for a few days,
Mama, and I ain't
gonna tell you where.
I would never
tell him nothing.
He's awful persistent.
Kathryne, I want you
to take good care of this beer.
It's stolen property.
My gosh.
Weren't you afraid?
No, I always act like I own the place.
What have you
got yourself there, Gary?
Want to leave them here
for a little while.
My God, Gary.
Just for a little while.
What do you think of that.
44 Magnum?
It's nice, they're all nice.
I gave Nicole this
real sweet little
over-and-under Derringer,
to protect herself.
I want you to
have this Special.
You're a woman living alone.
Gary, I still
got my ex-husband's Magnum.
That's too much for you,
you need a Special.
I want you to give this
picture of me to Nicole.
Where you going?
I'm gonna look for Nicole.
Sue, these cigarettes
are for Nicole.
I'll give them to her
if I see her.
If you see her,
you tell me about it.
Sue, where is she?
Sue, where is she?
Look, I've been looking
everywhere for her.
I looked in the Laundromat
five times.
Where is she?
Gary, I don't ever know
where my own husband is.
We're out of draft,
want some CornNuts?
Oh, baby.
Let go of me.
I have to get away, man.
Ain't living with you anymore.
Go ahead, shoot, shoot.
Get away from my car.
Too bad, pardner.
You're leaving the accessories
to the vacuum cleaner,
and they're gonna get ripped off!
All right, damn it, Gary.
I've accepted
the Mustang as a down payment,
plus another $400
you've promised
to bring in tomorrow morning,
plus another
$400 in ten days.
Oh, Val, Val,
you can count on me.
Well, you just get the money, Gary.
Get the money!
You seen Nicole?
No, Gary,
I still ain't seen her.
As far as I'm concerned,
she can go to hell.
Straight to hell.
Gary, I can't believe
you'd use words
like that for Nicole.
I want that Special back.
You can have it tomorrow,
when you're sober.
If I'm gonna use a gun,
this little baby
right here will take
care of it all.
All right, man,
I'll get it.
Stay on the porch, April.
Gary, Gary!
My mama, she won't
take me to the Kmart
to get new guitar strings.
Get in the truck.
April, you can't go.
I'll bring her back.
Maybe Nicole will be here
when we return.
In this life,
there's no concern
And you get
a whole lot of hurtin'
A heart full of sadness...
Gary, my guitar
needs new strings.
To attract more
harmonious spirits.
You're in tune with
the heaviest strings, aren't you?
I can see there'll be
no forgettin'
A heart full of hurtin',
a heart full of tears...
I want to stay out all night.
Oh, yeah.
I'm in orbit, too.
You had to leave me,
you had to go.
Oh, Gary.
It's not like holding you
In this life
there's no concern
And you get
a whole lot of hurtin'...
I'm gonna
make a phone call.
A heart full of tears
That's all that's left
of all the years
That's all that's left of
all the years
That's all that's left
of all the years.
Hi, can I help you?
Go inside.
Give me all your money.
Now go to the bathroom.
Lay down on the floor.
Put your arms
underneath your body.
This one's for me.
This one's for Nicole.
Let's drive a little.
Judas Priest.
Do you believe this guy?
Now, what kind of an idiot
would do that,
shooting a guy for nothing?
I can understand if he has
to fight for the money.
But... but to take anybody
who'd take the cash,
then take the kid in the back
room, lay him on the floor
and shoot him in the back of the
back of the head, twice!
I mean, he's gotta be
a psycho maniac.
Maybe that fellow
deserved to die, Val.
Oh, come on, Gary,
to shoot a kid for nothing?
You gotta be crazy, man.
Val, would you like a beer?
No, I don't want a beer.
I want you to remember that
if you don't bring the $400 in
by tomorrow, you lose the truck
and the Mustang.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Gary.
You've been away for hours.
Yeah, I'm really sorry, Spence.
It's the fourth time
in the last two weeks
you lost half a day.
Well, yeah, I know, but I've...
my girl's had a really bad case
of acute indigestion
I've been cleaning up puke
all afternoon, I'm...
Go to work.
Hey, Spence,
you know I'm really sorry,
but you know, I know...
it's a real bad time,
and I just hope
you'll bear with me.
Just go to work.
Oh, Spence,
I got a friend
that's got some guns
to sell on commission.
You think I could
interest you in
357 Magnum with
a six-inch barrel?
Good God, Gary,
I don't need a howitzer.
Now please go to work!
Yes, sir.
I am telling you,
if a woman don't want
to see you,
it's no use looking for her.
I don't think I can take this.
You and Johnny
always been real happy.
You don't know what this is.
Uh-uh, Johnny and me
have come very close
to getting divorced, Gary,
it can be real frightening.
You think Nicole went out
with some other man?
I don't know.
I think I'm gonna...
I'm gonna kill her.
Great, you that
selfish of a lover?
Fuck it, I'm in misery.
I got this ulcer starting up.
Put it in the bay,
we'll check the thermostat.
I'll do a little visiting.
All right.
Vehicle is being impounded
at 200 North...
Be able to psyche out
his younger,
less experienced opponent.
And he makes it, Vasili Alexeyev
of the Soviet Union
snatching 195 kilos
with power to spare.
Can I help you?
Somebody help me!
Please! Please, somebody!
Somebody help me, please!
Somebody help me!
All fixed.
You get it all done?
Yep, all done.
just put it on my tab.
Okay, hey, take care.
You look a little wasted,
get some Z's.
Yeah, I think I'll crash.
Open up a line to the hospital.
Close off the intersection.
Car 23, close off
the off-ramp at BYU.
Close off the on-ramp
at the interstate.
I want every room checked.
Find out if there's
anyone else who saw...
All right, check around.
Here's the bag.
Okay, let's
get some CPR going, guys.
Look, that's a police car.
Two, three... Somebody call
and get another unit.
Four, five...
We're all right!
Vern, Gary did it.
How do you know?
Did you see him do it?
How do you know
I didn't do it?
Vern, there was blood
all over his hand.
Officer, listen.
This guy left blood
all over my gas station.
I caught his license,
he's driving a white truck.
It's possible my nephew,
Gary Gilmore,
had something
to do with this.
You'd better check it out.
do you think Gary did it?
Dumb son of a bitch.
Somebody shot...
that nice man Mr. Bushnell
next door.
They seen Gary running away.
He'll come to you;
He always does.
Yeah, right.
Could I talk
to the chief, please?
Yeah, Chief, hi,
this is Brenda Nicol calling.
Could you catch my neighbor,
Toby Bath,
before he goes off duty, please?
Yeah, just... just ask him
to stop by
Johnny Nicol's house, all right?
Thanks a lot.
Sterling, I want you
to take me to the airport.
Gary, I ought to
bring you to the hospital.
Hospitals don't
understand ex-convicts
with gunshot wounds.
I guess not.
Go call Brenda for me.
How you doing, Gary?
Brenda, I had
this dumb accident.
Uh, I'll explain
it to you later.
It's... I got
shot in the hand.
Uh, it's hurting real bad,
and, um...
can you come to me?
Yeah, of course
I'll come, um...
I'll bring some codeine
and some bandages.
Now, you just gotta tell
me where you are, Gary.
Okay. Right.
Either I'll be
coming or Johnny will.
Okay, honey.
Toby, um, Sterling's
got a wife and a kid.
You can't pick up Gary there.
You'll have a shootout.
All right, let's go down
to police headquarters,
and maybe they
can figure something out.
Brenda, in the meantime,
will you stall Gary?
Say anything.
How long has Johnny been gone?
He must be having some trouble
with all those weird roads
in Pleasant Grove, Gare.
He's always getting lost there.
Don't worry.
He'll find you.
If Johnny's not here
in five minutes, I'm leaving.
Gary, you on the run
or something?
Five minutes.
Be careful, Gary.
Suspect proceeding west
on 900 East,
just past 1150 South.
All cars copy.
Driver of the white truck,
stop your vehicle.
Stop your vehicle immediately.
Stop your truck immediately.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up
where we can see them.
Hands up in the air, up high.
Right now, put them up!
Put your hands up,
all the way up!
Now, put both hands
out the left-hand side
of the truck.
Both hands outside right now.
Unlatch the door.
Open the door and get out.
Turn around,
put your hands up.
Put your hands
up so we can see them.
High as you can get them.
Now, step away from the truck.
Step away from the truck.
Lay down in the street.
Lay down immediately
in the street!
Face down, in the street, now.
All the way down.
All the way down
on your stomach.
Face down in that street.
All the way down.
Now, stay where you're at,
don't move.
Stay where you're at.
Mr. Gilmore,
you're under arrest
for criminal homicide.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be used
against you in a court of law.
You have the right
to talk to a lawyer
and have him present with
you while you are being questioned.
If you cannot afford
to hire a lawyer,
one will be appointed
to represent you
before questioning,
if you wish.
You can decide at any time...
Locally here in Orem last night...
was apprehended by police.
He's been identified
as Gary Mark Gilmore.
Yeah, hello.
why didn't Johnny show up?
Gary, you commit
a murder on Monday,
you commit a murder on Tuesday.
I wasn't about to wait
till Wednesday rolled around.
I called them.
Well, don't lose no sleep over it.
You just go soak
your head, okay?
What about your mother, Gary,
what do you want me to tell her?
You tell her
what you're gonna tell her.
You will anyway, you snitch.
Fuck you.
Give me that.
I'm Lieutenant Nielsen.
I don't want to see him;
He'll just mess me up.
Well, it's your decision.
you want a beer?
I'll tell him.
Hold up.
Maybe I will.
You can sit right there.
Hello, baby.
Hello, Gary.
No physical contact.
Did you do it?
Nicole, don't ask me that.
Baby, I wrote you a letter.
They'll give it to you
on the way out.
I love you.
I... I don't know
what I feel.
I got to get out of here.
Nothing in my experience
prepared me
for the kind and open,
honest love you gave me.
I'm so used to hostility,
deceit and pettiness,
evil and hatred.
These things
are my natural habitat.
They have shaped me.
I look at the world through eyes
that suspect, doubt, fear,
hate, cheat, all selfish and vain.
I truly belong in a place
this dank and dirty.
Gary! Gary!
Gary Gilmore!
Yeah, babe!
Gary Gilmore, can you hear me?
Gary Gilmore, I love you!
You gotta leave.
You can be arrested
for doing a thing like this.
I didn't know
they can keep you
from expressing yourself.
They say I gotta go,
I'll write to you!
Write to me again!
You read all his shit?
Gary writes a lot.
Maybe I don't
read every word.
Just scrounge through?
No, I read them.
Every night.
You answer them?
Every night.
You're crazy.
I got your letter today
where you wrote
that you fucked a guy twice.
I can't stand the
thought of some man
holding your naked body.
You gotta be all mine, baby.
I'm locked up,
I can't get it.
Why can't you go without, too?
Nicole, I have to keep
thinking of the men
who've known you, used you
and hurt you.
I try to understand
as well as I can.
I tell myself that you get by
on very little money,
and you raise your kids to
the very best of your ability.
You are true and sincere,
and I realize
that I love you utterly.
I can't see you anymore,
you got to go.
You're a flake.
That old man of yours
is gonna get nothing
but lead poisoning.
Bang, bang!
Bang, bang,
bang, bang.
Bang, bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang.
Is there anything the defendant
would like to say to the jury?
Well, I'm glad to see
that the jury
is finally looking at me.
No, I have nothing to say.
Since the verdict
of the jury is death,
do you have an election
as to the mode of death?
I prefer to be shot.
Very well,
that will be the order.
You're not gonna find this
like the county jail.
Big boy, there ain't
nothing you can tell me
about state prisons;
I've been there before.
I'm here to see Gary Gilmore.
I'm glad you came.
Well, you invited me,
didn't you?
Yeah, but you weren't
gonna come, were you?
No, but I came.
I couldn't resist looking
a stupid man right in the face.
Maybe I was stupid.
Yeah, you don't believe it.
I might.
I mean, after all,
you gave me a chance
and I blew it.
I... I want to tell you
I appreciate that chance.
Now, we don't want
to talk as if we're friends,
cause we may not be.
I don't like
what you did at all.
It was mean and dirty.
I'm a bad man, I guess.
You're bragging.
What would you say
if I told you
I deserve to die?
I'd say you were a
damn fool.
Don't pay any attention
to what I say.
Pay attention
to what I do.
Your Honor, the Supreme Court
of the State of Utah...
Mr. Gilmore has asked me
to act as his new attorney.
My name is Dennis Boaz.
Mr. Boaz, you may proceed.
Mr. Gilmore asks that
the motion for appeal
filed by his former
attorney be set aside
and that he be
allowed to be executed.
Gary Gilmore, are you in fact
at this moment
ready to accept execution?
Not at this moment.
But I am ready to accept it
next Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.
That's when it was set,
and that's when
I'm ready to accept it.
Mr. Boaz, how does
Gary Gilmore feel
about the decision
of the Utah Supreme Court
to lift the stay?
It brings him peace.
Well, Mr. Boaz, why do
you think Gary Gilmore
committed the crime
in the first place?
Let me answer that
as if I were a right-winger,
which I am not.
The prison system
is a completely regimented,
controlled way of life.
Just check it out.
For more than a dozen years,
Gary was told when to go to bed,
when to get up and when to eat.
That's totally contradictory
with our capitalist lifestyle.
Then one day, they put Gary
out on the street
and they say,
"Here, today is magic.
"Now you're a capitalist.
Go out and do it on your own."
"Find a job,
get up in the morning,
"get to work on time,
manage your money.
Do everything we taught you
not to do while in prison."
Guaranteed to fail.
I reckon your karma's
got a lot to pay for
if you commit suicide.
I'm not asking you to.
But you want me to.
I want us to be together.
I love you more than God.
If I do,
what about my kids?
Your children come
through you, baby.
They're not of you.
Everybody's an individual soul.
You're not really
thinking about my kids.
Baby, if you have to,
I know you'll stay alive
and take care of them.
Only once I'm gone,
I don't know
what I'm gonna do
if you're with another man.
I wish we were dead together.
Did Gary seem like himself
when you saw him today?
He told me he'd just as so
on be shot right now.
Yeah, what did you say back?
I said maybe he should.
You really got
a sense of humor, girl.
Get one thing straight.
Gary deserves the death penalty.
You don't understand him.
You try understanding
them poor women
that has to raise their kids
without a father
while you're running up
every cockeyed day
to see the Killer.
I don't want to hear
a goddamn thing you got to say.
Raise your arms.
Lift your foot.
Lift your other foot.
Yard door is open
for recreation.
Repeat, yard door is open...
Open section twelve, Harry.
Thank you.
I got it.
How many is it?
25 reds and ten downers.
Hope it's enough.
Remember when I asked
you if you was the devil?
Are you?
The devil doesn't feel any love.
I may be further away from God
than I am from the devil.
I know evil very intimately.
Oh, oh, I trust you.
I'm gonna do it.
Go to sleep now.
Go to sleep, Sunny bunny.
Go to sleep, Jeremy.
Mom, please do not resent
my leaving this life.
If I could spare you all
any pain, I surely would.
I love you all.
Please love my kids always
as they are part of the family.
Never hide truth from them.
Try not to grieve for me
or resent Gary.
I love him.
How did he get the stuff?
Is he going to be
allowed visitors?
Is he conscious?
What did he say?
Get back!
Yeah. Okay.
I can't put Nicole
in a mental hospital.
If you don't sign,
we have to get a court order
saying she's incompetent
and suicidal.
It's a lot of awful publicity.
Mrs. Baker,
it's just not safe to let her out.
Gary Gilmore will talk her
into suicide again.
Dr. Brooks, Dr. Brooks,
wanted in O.R.
Dr. Brooks, Dr. Brooks,
wanted in O.R.
I don't want him
ever to get near my daughter.
There won't be anymore
contact visits.
I'm sorry.
I gotta talk to you!
Sit here, please.
You can use this telephone
to talk to him.
It's temporary
while he's over here
at the prison hospital.
Gary will you pick
up the telephone, please.
Warden Smith, Henry Bay.
Well, we didn't
end very good, did we?
I don't think I'm very
mad anymore.
I'm glad to hear that.
I need you.
Whatever for, Gary?
I want you to act
as my representative,
take care of things.
I'm a shoemaker, Gary.
I don't think I can handle it,
something as big as this.
Vern, with your business ability
and my practical sense,
who can stop us?
Let's shake on it.
You know how to do that
through glass?
Hey, Gary, you ol' shit head.
Looks like you're
gonna pull through, huh?
You ain't changed none.
You still mad at me?
Well, I don't give a damn.
Glad you're alive.
Only I'm wondering, Gary,
how come you didn't take
enough pills to do the job?
What are you talking about?
Well, Gary, come on.
You know a whole lot
about drugs.
You know how much to take.
I bet you just wanted
to stay around long enough
to see whether
Nicole was dead
or... maybe just damaged
in her brain some.
I don't think like that.
Ah, come on, Gary.
If she's brain damaged,
nobody else is gonna want her, right?
You're a wretched woman.
And you're a scum-sucking pig.
You have a vile and dirty mouth.
Miss Baker is not going
to hear Gilmore's name
any more than necessary.
Make it clear.
No aid or patient here
is to mention it.
That may be impossible.
She has to be allowed
to see her relatives.
Well, warn them.
She's under our supervision now.
As far as I'm concerned,
Gilmore is out of her life.
Locally, Pastor Confare stated,
"The Old Testament idea
of an eye for an eye,
"was replaced
by the New Testament concepts
of love and rehabilitation."
Pastor Confare stated,
"Gilmore doesn't want
to be rehabilitated."
He also pointed out...
Let's show'em, gang!
Kept alive by machine
in the hospital,
who wants the plug pulled.
And because of the many
questions Come on, guys
about Gary Gilmore's sentencing,
Governor Rampton has asked
the Utah Board of Pardons
to review Gilmore's death
sentence at their next meeting,
that means the execution...
Cannot take place as scheduled.
And this morning Provo County attorney Noall
Wootton stated, Chocolate milk, please.
"I've done my job.
I asked for and got the death penalty."
Lou, there is no way
that this story can miss.
Look, if we get Gilmore's
okay but no Nicole,
we do a scenario of a guy
who comes out of prison,
struggles with old con habits
before killing a man.
On the other hand,
if we can get the girl
but we can't sign Gilmore,
then we focus the whole thing
completely on Nicole.
I mean, here's a study
of an adolescent,
saddled with children, who falls
in love with a criminal.
I am sure of the potentialities.
And I want the network
to back me in a real way.
I want to be able
to get in there
and deal for this property.
Everybody's here.
The stamp is on the meat.
I'm prepared to offer
you a total of $75,000
for all rights,
of which Nicole will get a third.
In effect,
I'm offering Gary $50,000.
This is a firm offer,
Mr. Damico.
This is not a bargaining stance.
These are the real
prices that are available.
Other producers
eventually may tell you
that the property may
be worth $10 million.
Watch them only offer
a small amount now.
The likelihood is,
the big piece will never be seen.
Mr. Susskind called me
from New York.
He said the difference between
him and you is the difference
between a high school football
team and the Dallas Cowboys.
Mr. Susskind is right.
He is equal to the Dallas
Cowboys, and in his eyes
I'm maybe just
a high school football team.
But I am here, Mr. Damico,
all suited up, ready to play.
Where are
the Dallas Cowboys?
They're not even in the stadium.
I'm listening.
Mr. Gilmore,
your uncle has asked me
to serve as your lawyer,
but I can't represent
this case by myself.
There could be
a conflict of interest.
Suppose you change your mind
and want to appeal.
Then the movie and book rights
to your life story
will be worth less
when Mr. Samuels gets around
to selling them.
I don't want to ask myself
whether your death will
be more profitable to me
than your life.
So I've asked Mr. Stanger, here,
to represent you on your
court appearances.
Okay, let me talk to Samuels.
Warden Smith,
Warden Smith, report
to the visiting room.
Who's gonna play me in the movie?
Well, who'd you have in mind?
Well, there was this guy in, uh,
in that movie "Bring Me the Head
of Alfredo Garcia".
That's Warren Oates.
Yeah, Warren Oates.
I like him;
I want him to play me.
Put it in the contract.
Warren Oates might
not be available.
I might not want Warren Oates.
You're getting into my
part of the business.
I have to say no.
Larry, we both know Warren Oates
ain't handsome enough to play me.
All right.
Who do you really want?
Gary Cooper.
I was named after him.
Are you a Hollywood producer?
How much is Gilmore being paid?
Who do you represent?
Has Gilmore spoken
to his girlfriend yet?
Have you spoken
to Gilmore's brother?
Gilmore's family's
appealing the state.
Who are you paying
for the rights, Samuels?
Who do you represent, Samuels?
Why was Dennis Boaz fired?
I want to apologize
for driving you around
in a Rolls Royce.
It's my boss's.
I don't care about
the accommodations.
I just want to get to the
prison to see my brother.
It's been four years.
Yeah, well, you will.
I succeeded in getting
an unrestricted visit.
There won't be a glass
window between you.
Mikal, you realize.
Gary's execution is going
to have fatal results
for a lot of men
on death row, everywhere.
The guard says Canfield
brought you out here
in a Rolls Royce.
It's not important.
Those liberals
are idiots, Mikal.
I might have to help them.
Who do you think the ACLU is?
A bunch of holy men?
They're using you so
they can get to me
so they can make
headlines in New York.
That's how they
make their money.
Gary, they won't
be doing it, I will.
Would you really appeal,
against my wishes?
Violate my privacy?
Gary, save it.
I know you too well.
Every time you broke into
a house when you were a kid,
you spoiled it for the
people who lived there.
You violated their privacy.
You're an incredibly
selfish human being.
Watch it, kiddo.
I want to speak.
I've always been too
frightened of you to say anything,
but face it, brother,
I may appeal your execution.
Maybe I believe your redemption
can only be found
by your choosing to live.
Very well put, Mikal.
But you don't have to live here.
And I do.
I've been here so long
there's nothing left in me.
When they first sent
me to juvenile hall,
two boys held me
down and raped me.
Right at the bucket.
Two years later,
I was the one holding
down the new kids.
On the inside of every wolf,
there's a scared little punk
looking for revenge.
I see.
No, you don't.
I don't want anybody holding me
down again, Mikal.
I want to die
while I'm still strong.
I'll see you
in the darkness.
Minicam Two, ready.
We're live to New York.
And today, in Washington, DC,
the ACLU filed a motion
to appeal the execution
of Gary Gilmore.
Locally, the Board of Pardons,
will review
Gilmore's death sentence.
Imagine that cheap killer
getting all this attention.
We, of the Board of Pardons,
are meeting here
at the request of the governor
to review your death sentence.
Do you have a statement
you'd like to make?
I accepted the sentence
that was given to me.
I've accepted
sentences all my life.
I didn't know I had
any choice in the matter.
Then everybody wanted to jump up
and argue with me about it.
Seems that the people
of the State of Utah
want to have the death penalty,
but they don't want any executions.
When it became a reality,
well, they started
backing off on it.
Well, I took them
literal and serious
when they sentenced me to death.
Just like they'd
sentenced me to ten years
or 30 days in the
county jail or something.
I thought you was supposed
to take them serious.
I didn't know I was a joke.
In my opinion,
you're all acting
like a bunch of moral cowards.
Mr. Gilmore,
in spite of what
you might think of us,
we on the Board of Pardons
here are not cowards.
We will make this
decision on the statutes
of the State of Utah,
and not your desires.
This morning,
the Supreme Court
ruled in your favor.
They said you made
an intelligent
waver of your rights.
Well, I could've told you
the Supreme Court
knows I'm intelligent.
It's the people
of Utah that don't.
Now, the execution
is set for the 17th of January.
Good. It doesn't seem
to affect your mood.
Someday you guys are
going to realize I'm serious.
Oh, we do, Gary.
Okay, let's get on
with Samuels' questions.
Samuels is rough today.
I warn you.
For instance,
here's the first one.
You speak of this cold,
murderous rage you felt
on each of the nights
of the killings.
Samuels wants
to know if that rage
couldn't have been vented in sex.
I don't answer questions
that pertain to sex.
I think they're cheap.
You seem to find it easier
to talk about murder
than sex.
That's your judgment.
Next question.
What are some
of the evil acts
you could not perform?
Well, that's easy.
I don't think
I could torture anybody.
Isn't forcing somebody
to lie down on the ground
and shooting them
in the back of the head torture?
It's a very short torture.
How can any crime
be worse than taking a life?
Well, you could alter somebody.
You'd maim 'em, blind em,
fuck 'em up so bad
the rest of their lives
would be in misery.
Now, to me, that's a lot
worse than killing.
I mean, if you Kill
somebody you might be
assuming their karmic debts
and thereby relieve them
of the burden.
So there are crimes you deem
worse than murder.
I mean, Jesus, look what some
governments do to their people.
I'm talking about
the forms of brainwash,
like all the forms
of behavior modification,
like the irreversible forms.
Like lobotomies and Prolixin.
I mean, uh, you don't interfere
with people's fate,
is what I say.
Didn't you interfere
with Jensen's
and Bushnell's lives?
You think you had
any right to do that?
Did Jensen resist
or did he show fear?
No, he did not resist.
He did not show undue fear.
In fact, I was struck by
his kind and friendly...
smiling face.
Next question.
Was the second murder
any easier than the first?
I would say it was
a little more certain
that Mr. Bushnell was gonna die.
Because it was already
a fact that Mr. Jenkins
had died.
Jensen, Gary, not Jenkins.
Oh, damn!
I hate getting his name wrong
like that, man. Damn!
Hang in there.
Gary, paperboy time.
Thank you.
Jimmy Carter.
Betty Ford.
Body of Mao Tse Tung
lying in state.
Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger,
and do you know who else is
right here on this page?
Gary Gilmore.
No question about it,
I'm by now
the best known convict
in the United States.
Father, I'd so much
rather be known
for my humanitarianism
and my intellect.
Like Jimmy Carter.
whatever's fair.
Move it right in here.
Come on, move it in.
Just follow him.
Move it in here.
May I have your attention,
Are you that dumb that you're
going to go to your grave
not forgiving me
for what I did?
I'll forgive you, yeah.
I guess.
I don't know.
We got different codes
of ethics, after all.
Anyway, I feel like
I ought to say good-bye.
Well, I guess you know
that I'm... going
to the hospital from here.
They're operating
on me early this evening.
Yeah, I heard.
They didn't say what for.
It's my insides.
They just got to cut out
a couple of knots.
God, Brenda,
you sure are a mess.
I love you.
Hurry up, Jerry.
Is that Gilmore's lawyer?
Yeah, and that's
his uncle with him.
Hey, here they come.
Mr. Damico, do you think.
Gilmore's repented
of his two murders?
Do you think there's
going to be another stay?
Has the ACLU spoken
to you, Mr. Moody?
Will Gilmore make a statement
to the press before the execution?
Is it true that a great
many state officials
have been invited
to the execution?
What's Gilmore going
to have for his last meal?
When they said,
"A blessing for us, too."
He said, "Si, Si, tutti-frutti,
First year they had me puttin'
wheels on Cadillacs
Every day I'd watch
them beauties roll by
And sometimes I'd hang
my head and cry
'Cause I always wanted me
one that was long and black
One day I devised
myself a plan
That should be the envy
of most any man
I'd sneak it out there
in a lunchbox in my hand
Now, gettin" caught
meant gettin" fired...
Hey, Doug.
Can't stop the pain
I don't want to see you at all...
Looking at you while
you're looking at me
I'm happy you do
You're sure good-looking
You're good enough for me
And you're so good, woman
You're just too good for me
Couldn't love you, boy,
you couldn't love her
They were off
and ran for cover
This execution
is a brutalizing horror
and a dangerous precedent.
Who can justify it?
This is judicial homicide.
Your Honor,
the U.S. Supreme Court
ruled that Mr. Gilmore has
waived his right to appeal.
That should remove any doubt
in the mind of the court.
Now, the State asks
that Ms. Canfield's request
for stay be denied.
It is true.
Mr. Gilmore did say,
"I do not want to appeal.
But that does not
release the State of Utah
from undertaking a mandatory
review of this case.
Right now, we don't
know whether the Utah
death penalty statute is or is not
in contravention to
the U.S. Constitution,
since it hasn't been examined
by the U.S. Supreme Court.
In addition,
public funds are being
spent for the purpose
of executing Gary Gilmore.
Unlawfully spent.
The Utah death penalty
statute has not been
held unconstitutional
by any court, and...
If I may, Your Honor.
Ms. Canfield is attempting
to stop an execution,
not the wrongful expenditures
of taxpayers' funds.
Thank you, Mr. Dorius.
Say, Al? Ai?
Al, the warden wants
us to proceed
as though the execution is on.
So everyone, uh,
you'll all have to say good-bye
to Gary Gilmore, now.
Have you heard from Denver?
No, there's no word,
but if they do
overturn Ritter,
we don't want to be caught
sitting on our hands, okay?
You been really great,
you know that?
So long, Gary.
So long, Gary.
Good luck to you.
See ya, Gary.
You're all right, man.
So long.
Uncle Vern.
They overturned Ritter.
It's on!
It's on!
Hey, it's on.
It's on?
Oh, wait a minute.
Hey, you guys.
Get up, it's on.
It's on.
All right, come on, it's on.
What's happening?
Get a shot of that.
Wake up, wake up!
It's on, it's on!
It's over there, huh?
We getting this?
Too many roads I've been...
Leave it on, please.
Too many times
I done kicked my body down,
and I don't know
Sure you want me
to leave this on?
Too many hits,
miles and miles around
Too many times,
I done kicked my body down
I don't know if I can get
it up to get it on again
Stand over here.
Not too tight,
you son of a bitch.
Gary wants to speak to you.
Come on, Vern,
I'll give you ago.
Come on, come on.
Gary, I could pull you
right out of that chair.
Would you?
Come on.
Having been found guilty
of the crime
of criminal homicide,
murder in the first degree,
by a jury of his peers,
and the defendant
having been given
the election to determine
the mode of death as provided
in Section 77-36-16
of the Utah Code,
annotated 1953,
as amended, and he,
having elected
to be put to death
by shooting, the warden
of the Utah State Prison
is hereby ordered
to execute said
judgment of death
on the 17th day
of January
Do you have anything
you'd like to say?
Let's do it.
Depart, oh, Christian soul,
out of this sinful world.
In the name of God
the Father, Almighty,
who from nothing created thee.
In the name of his son,
Jesus Christ our Lord,
who suffered and died
on the cross for thee.
In the name of God,
the Holy Spirit who sanctified thee.
Let peace be your abode.
We send you forth
with a blessing.
In the name of the Father
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
Dominus vobiscum.
Et cum spiritu tuo.
Everybody can leave now.
I'm riding the big blue ball
I never did dream
I would fall
But even the day that I do
I'll jump off
And smile back at you
We don't even know
where we are
They tell us
we're circling a star
Well, I'll take their word
I don't know
But I'm dizzy
So maybe that's so...
Come on.
Is this is where our Mommy is?
Let's go.