The Exorcists (2023) Movie Script

Oh, I brought
last night's scores.
Let's see.
The Dodgers played the Rockies.
They won that game 6-1.
And the Padres, who are not
too shabby at all this season...
-Father Ryland?
You don't know me, but your
reputation precedes you.
Well, that can be
a double-edged sword.
I'm Father Raul Cortes.
Father, glad to know you.
-This is the boy?
-Yes, this is he.
Terrible tragedy.
A failure.
You did what you could.
And I failed at it,
and that's why I don't
do these things anymore.
Actually, that's why I'm here.
Father John Murphy
passed away a week ago.
Oh, no.
Before he died,
he told me to come see you.
Oh, that's hard news to take.
We had lost touch.
I haven't heard
from him for years.
Was he alone?
He died in my arms.
I presided over his funeral
in Boston.
In Cuba, where I grew up,
priests were like superheroes.
Everyone, even the
soldiers, looked up to them.
Now you're a soldier for God.
In a sense, yes.
Father Murphy was my general.
Mine, too.
You were in
the seminary together?
Uh, no.
John was my mentor.
And he was my friend.
His parish sponsored me
in seminary school.
He was one of the best.
That's what
he always said about you.
He almost brought you in to
consult on our current case,
but he knew you had
taken some time off.
Was it heart failure?
You know why heart disease
is the leading cause of death
in exorcists?
Because this is where
it all comes from.
The engine, the shield,
the spark of life.
It's what makes us human,
and they hate that.
But still we fight.
Still we fight.
Okay. So, to what do
I owe the pleasure?
What are we dealing with here?
Her name is Huxley Hendrix.
She's 14.
Has a father,
her mother is a deceased.
By suicide.
They're Catholic,
but not practicing.
And has she undergone a full
psychiatric evaluation?
Exhaustive, yes.
The bishop has signed
off as well.
Or else, you know, Father Murphy
wouldn't approach it.
Previously, I was just
assisting Father Murphy,
but I've been given
the go ahead by the bishop
to continue the exorcism
as lead.
As long as I have a seasoned
pro by my side, that is.
It takes a piece of you,
you know, every time.
A little piece of you dies,
until eventually there
are no more pieces left.
She's dying.
I think I can save her.
We can save her.
Do you got any pieces left?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Right here.
One enormous chip
on my shoulder.
The best of me is gone,
but you can have
the rest of me.
Do you know what
my favorite word is?
The sound of victory.
And I'm almost there.
Take your time.
Try to be two steps ahead
when reading the board.
Oh, good one.
That's a sticky situation
you've put me in.
Sacrifice your pawn,
Dr. Beckett.
My apologies.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I'm Sister Caroline.
I work for the
Sacred Heart Charities.
I have seen your billboards.
We do the Lord's work.
I'm sorry for tracking
you down like this.
I realize it's unorthodox
on your day off and all.
If it's a psychiatric
matter, please, call my office.
We can schedule a time that's
more convenient for both of us.
Yes, your office did say
that you would be away
for about three weeks.
At a chess tournament.
I fly out tomorrow.
Okay, well, I'm terribly sorry,
but my particular
problem is pressing.
It's a child.
A young girl.
She needs your help.
I don't mean
to be rude, Sister.
And I do have
colleagues that I can...
No, it has to be you, Doctor.
I'm sorry, but I must insist.
[woman sighs]
If you already have two priests,
why do you need me?
Three priests to
represent the Trinity.
Round-the-clock exorcisms.
A marathon exorcism?
Of a sort, yes.
Okay, let's hear it.
-[Man] Who are you?
-[Demon] I am Gog and Magog.
I am war. I am famine.
I am pestilence.
You are nothing but pitiful.
You're pathetic.
[Demon] Not as pathetic
as an 80-year-old virgin.
I'm here to help you, Huxley.
Stand by your side until
my last breath.
If you can hear...
[Raul] Father Murphy?
That's enough.
Help, please!
When do we start?
How soon can you pack?
Sobering, isn't it?
To see all the
names of the dead.
Sobering is a
good word for it.
You must be Dr. Olivia Beckett.
I must.
Father Patrick Ryland,
Father Raul Cortes.
I thought I recognized
that voice.
Why am I not surprised?
-Good to see you again, Melody.
-You too.
Well, it looks like they
dusted us both off.
And we are the last line
of defense yet again.
So help me out here.
I'm coming in a little blind,
and this is my first exorcism.
What exactly are we
going to be doing today?
Are you a believer?
I'm a little low on blind faith,
to be perfectly honest.
Well, then this is going to
be very illuminating for you.
Oh, good.
You've all met.
I'll show you inside.
We'll have a brief discussion
before we begin.
Follow me.
Right this way.
I need to mention that
there is no cell service
inside the building.
Something to do
with the kind of rock
used to make the walls here.
Not to worry,
we have land lines.
Why isn't this happening
in a hospital?
It's been deemed
to dangerous to move her.
We tried. Twice.
But, um...
She's caused near fatal
accidents both times.
She's comfortable here.
Huxley's father owns
the grounds,
so it's safer for all involved.
This place is amazing.
It's really something, isn't it?
Over 137,000
people interred here.
And where is Huxley?
Well, you'll see her in time.
Let's have a brief
discussion first.
Why don't we come back
when they're open?
Yeah, I'm sure they'd be
cool with us
setting up a Spirit board
during visiting hours.
Can we get arrested for this?
Shit, yes.
This is stupid.
You don't have to prove
anything to us.
You asked for this?
-I didn't.
-She really didn't.
I was there.
She did not.
Regardless, tonight is
the night I open your eyes.
Tonight is the night
I'm going to prove to you all
that there is life after death.
Welcome, everyone.
Thank you so much
for being here.
Everyone, this is Mr. Hendrix.
Please, call me Whit.
I'm so grateful for you all.
This chapel will be our home
away from home for tonight.
Please, feel free to place
your things right there.
All the comforts of home.
Excuse me.
Will I be able to speak
with Huxley one on one
before we get started?
Oh, I don't think
that's a good idea.
Oh, I thought that I was
brought in as a second opinion.
If I'm not here to discern
whether she's medically
or psychiatrically
impaired, then what?
Well, she asked for you.
We're close.
We're really close to ridding
Huxley of her affliction.
My predecessor was sure of it,
and Sister Caroline,
who has been aiding
the family since the beginning,
also believes it to be true.
As a matter of fact,
she was the one who
came up with
tonight's master plan.
We've attempted marathon
exorcism sessions
with priests trading off
to provide a constant barrage
of prayer against
the possessing entity.
And it's proven effective
in other cases.
Despite the stubborn
nature of this attachment,
we believe that a
lengthy, intense exorcism
can finally shake
the demon's hold on Huxley.
What was that?
That was her.
She knows you're all here.
It remains unnamed?
Believe me, we've tried.
It's been our primary goal
with the exorcisms
to extract its identity.
The demon's identity?
The game is won
if you can get the demon
to admit its real identity.
You gain power over it.
Easier to evict it that way.
It has to stop pretending,
and that weakens it.
And what does the demon
ultimately want with Huxley?
Her soul.
I've read the reports.
But she could just as
easily be suffering
from some sort of psychosis
or a severe form
of disassociative
or personality disorder.
Possession is a
spiritual issue, Dr. Beckett.
Not a medical one.
The criteria for
establishing true possession,
Doctor, are as rigid as
a medical diagnosis.
Is she currently on medication?
The files I received
weren't clear on that.
We've seen no efficacy
with medical trials.
She's been on everything
under the Goddamn sun.
Might as well be bubblegum
for all the good it did.
She just wants attention.
It's getting antsy.
Well, let's not keep
it waiting, shall we?
Dr. Beckett, I wondered
if you might be interested
in helping me out
with a little experiment.
I think it might be quite
an eye opener for you.
Of course, and please,
call me Olivia.
Olivia, one of these bottles
contains holy water.
The other, common tap water.
A double-blind experiment.
I'm impressed.
I only want to impress upon
you the seriousness
of what we are doing here,
and sooner rather than later,
for your own sake.
I had to rig up new
sleeping arrangements
since it came to nest.
That's what it says.
Set up a nest inside of her.
Would you allow me to perform a
prayer over you, Dr. Beckett?
I wouldn't want you to
enter the room un-guarded.
Thank you for the offer.
But I'll be fine, Father.
This is barbaric.
What have you been
doing to this child?
It's for her own good.
Her own good?
It looks like child abuse.
We realize that her
condition is startling.
I've seen prisoners in isolation
for years look healthier.
Hi, Huxley.
My name is Dr. Olivia Beckett.
I'm here to help you.
Doctor, please.
Hello, Huxley.
Do you remember me?
I came back and
brought some friends.
She's dying.
I know.
That's why we're here.
Be careful.
She bites.
Hello, sweet girl.
Don't worry.
We're here.
Can you hear me, Huxley?
You don't scare me.
What's being given
Just a hypotonic solution.
We need to keep her hydrated.
It refuses to eat.
Except for spiders and flies.
She likes spiders and flies.
Dr. Beckett.
The bottles.
What are you doing?
What is that?
It's all right, sister.
I'm just going to pour a little
bit of this on your hand.
Was that supposed to hurt?
I wouldn't if I were you.
Are you okay?
She's not.
No one's going to be okay.
Get her down.
Get her down.
Olivia, did...
did you hit your head?
I just hit my shoulder.
It took the brunt of it.
How many fingers
am I holding up?
She doesn't like holy water.
She hates it.
It's like acid to her.
Did you put something
in one of those?
Vinegar or salt?
Taste them.
I wouldn't cheat you.
I have nothing
to gain from that.
There's nothing.
Not nothing.
It meant something to her.
I think I must
be losing my mind.
Keep them.
You never know when a little
holy water may come in handy.
Told you I had a key.
So this is called
breaking and entering.
And it's a felony, FYI.
Guys, I really don't
feel comfortable in here.
Now, where's Granny?
Hi, Grandma.
Guys, this is Grandma Mary.
Hi, Grandma Mary.
Let's take a look properly.
[door closing]
Holy shit.
Is there someone else in here?
It could be zombies.
Would you not be an
idiot for once?
How did you get into exorcisms?
Well, for one
I'm not Catholic.
Catholics don't ordain
women as of yet.
I'm Baptist.
And Baptist exorcists are even
more rare than female priests.
And I met with
demonic oppression early on
and it changed the course
of my life.
Okay, now that we have an
idea of what we're dealing with
and considering the state
of Hux's medical condition,
I think we should begin.
Who would like to go first?
I'll do it, I'm ready.
Duty calls.
Uh... Can I watch?
I'm intrigued.
No, no, I think
it's best you waited
until after the priests have
had their first session.
I should at least observe.
Please, Dr. Beckett.
As Huxley's advocate,
you have to follow my rules.
And you can't go in there
until she's ready.
And not without me
or her father present.
Why, are you afraid
I'll talk her out of it?
Just be patient
with the process.
When she's ready for you,
you'll see her.
You've got this.
I learned from the best.
I would really like
to pray over you, Dr. Beckett,
if I could.
No offense, Father.
I'm okay.
I want to speak with Huxley.
I demand to speak with Huxley.
Oh, she's burning up.
Oh, Heavenly Father,
who keeps His covenant
for those who love
and obey His commands,
let Your ears be attentive
and Your eyes be
widened for the voice
of this humble servant
who is praying for the soul of
this lost child, Huxley Hendrix.
She is Your servant who
You shall redeem
by Your great love,
by Your gracious hand.
Give me, Your humble servant,
success today
by granting me favor in
the presence of this evil
that has corrupted this child.
It hurts! It hurts!
Oh, my God.
This is why I keep
a first aid kit here.
Thank you, Sister.
Grandma Mary, we're
reaching out to you.
Grandma Mary,
Amanda is here.
She wants you to know
she misses you very much.
No, I'm out.
I'm not touching that again.
Sophie, come on,
it's a board game.
No, no, I'm gone.
I will wait for you
guys back in the car.
-Sophie, don't.
-Let her go.
Her energy would throw off
the vibe anyway.
Nathan, will you walk
back with me, please?
I don't really want to walk
around here by myself.
Uh... I kind of want to see
what happens here.
Be a gentleman for
once in your life.
-Go with her.
-I want to meet your granny.
Fine, whatever.
Sophie, hold on.
-Okay, okay.
Sophie, wait.
Where'd she go?
The power of Christ
compels you to leave this child.
I demand it by the authority
of the Most Holy Father.
You do not belong here and
she does not belong to you.
If you confess with your
mouth that Jesus is Lord
and believe in your heart that
God raised him from the dead,
you will be saved.
For it is with your heart you
believe and are justified.
And it is with your mouth
you confess and are saved.
Give me your name, demon.
You are compelled.
I command you to release
this child to live in peace.
You are compelled.
You have been driven
into a corner.
Now free this child.
You are compelled.
I order you by the might of
God to reveal your name.
You'll not have it!
I will remain undaunted.
You will not shake me.
The power of Christ
compels you to yield.
I will remain steadfast against
all the foul deeds of...
You must take it easy, Reverend.
Or else you'll have an aneurysm
like dear old daddy.
[Male voice] You don't want
to end up like me.
Do you, sugar plum?
No, no.
No, it... it...
Oh, God! Help!
If exorcism works, then
why does Huxley need more?
Why didn't the first one
do the trick?
Exorcism isn't magic, Olivia.
No prayers are a
waste of time, Doctor.
Exorcism is like boxing.
The prayers are there
to weaken the demon over time
so that the person
under the influence
can gain strength and
fight back.
Assuming they want to.
Assuming they don't suffer from
disassociative identity disorder
or a form of epilepsy.
Even the bruises,
they could be explained
by a form of
psychogenic purpura.
We have specific benchmarks that
pinpoint demonic attachments.
We wouldn't be here if
she didn't meet the criteria.
And I guess
I just don't understand.
If the Vatican or whatever
is so sure,
why am I here?
Bit of an issue here!
She started bleeding from the
nose and then she collapsed.
Give me some pillows.
Is she okay?
Her heart rate is fine.
Pupil response is normal.
She may have just fainted.
Here, put those
underneath her legs.
-Okay, I got it.
-Raise it above her heart.
What happened?
She was just talking to Huxley.
That's all.
Where the hell am I?
Sorry, I know we're
not supposed to be in here.
But I got locked in.
Can you show me
where the exit is?
Hello, Mr. Caretaker?
Who's there?
You're scaring me?
Who's there?
Should we call an ambulance?
Her vitals are fine.
She just needs to rest.
It's best not to move her.
Buy you a coffee?
I warned you it
would be dangerous.
I think it's more likely
that the reverend suffers
from some
underlying conditions
that we weren't
previously aware of
rather than a little girl made
her faint with her brain powers.
And your incident?
I felt a hand on my back.
I'm not saying that it
was either one of you.
But maybe Whit grabbed me.
He was across the room.
There has to be
a logical reason.
There is.
And what about
the state she's in?
She worries me from a medical
standpoint more than anything.
She needs to be in a hospital.
I concur.
But we must break
the oppression first.
And that's why I think it's time
I had a little
chat with this thing.
Are you sure?
I'd be happy to go next.
She already knows me.
I can continue.
And that's exactly
why it should be me.
We have no rapport.
I am the shock and awe.
God, by Thy name save me.
And by Thy strength
defend my cause
In the name
of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Ghost.
Most glorious prince
of the heavenly armies.
Saint Michael the Archangel
defend us in our battle
against the powers
and principalities.
Against the rulers of
this world of darkness.
And against the spirits of
wickedness in the high places.
Come to the assistance of men
whom God has created
in His likeness
and whom He has redeemed
at a great price
from the tyranny of the devil.
The holy church venerates You
as her guardian and protector
and the Lord has
entrusted unto You
the souls of the redeemed that
You may lead them into heaven.
Offer our prayers to the
Most High that without delay
Thy mercy may come down upon us
-and take hold of the dragon...
-Stop it, now!
And the old serpent that
is Satan and the devil
-and bind him--
And cast him
into the bottomless pit
that he may no longer
seduce the nations!
You couldn't save Corey.
I won that one.
How do you know that name?
Grandma Mary,
do you have a message for us?
Is there anything
you'd like to say?
I'd like to say that I'm bored.
Are you kidding me?
You guys have to have
your eyes closed,
or it's not gonna work.
Maybe it's not gonna work
because it's not real.
You said you'd give it a shot.
I did, it's been like 20 minutes
and nothing's happened.
Continue without me, ladies.
My back is cramping.
You're such a quitter.
No, I know when to quit.
That's different.
That's smart.
That doesn't make any sense.
Did you all hear that?
Can you make sure Sophie
got back to the car okay?
By myself?
Okay, yeah, fine.
But I'm not bailing you out
if you two get caught
down here, okay?
I will never understand
what you see in that guy.
He's kind of cute, right?
For a troll.
Now concentrate
and close your eyes.
Sophie, hey, there you are.
We've been worried about you.
Hey, let's go.
It's cold. I'm bored.
I'm super done with this.
Can we...
Are you okay?
Don't be scared.
I only
want to wear your skin.
Oh, hell no.
In the name and by the power
of the Lord Jesus Christ,
may you be driven away
from the Church of God
and from the souls of
men who are created
in the likeness of God
and redeemed in the blood
of the precious lamb.
I hate her!
I hate this child!
You will!
Most cunning serpent.
No longer will you
deceive the human race,
persecute the church,
or torment those whom God
has brought into His redemption.
You will no longer
sift them as wheat.
In the name of the
most high God,
whom you in your insolence
still claim to be equal with,
you will free this girl!
I will not.
You will free her and
return to the depths of hell.
I will not!
-Father! What's wrong?
My... my case. My pills.
[pills scatter]
You are a Godsend, sister.
If I were to leave,
let this one go.
What then?
You'd win the battle,
but not the war.
Never the war, my
little frail Patrizio.
I'll be back.
My brothers and sisters
will also be back.
You'd have to
negate my permission.
And do you know what that
would entail, don't you?
Calm down.
Dude, are you the caretaker?
I thought I heard
someone in here.
What are you doing in here?
We're closed, son.
I know.
Yeah, I'm sorry, man.
A couple of my friends
and I busted in here
to do some dumb
spirit board shit,
and now one of my friends is,
I don't know,
some kind of zombie
or something.
A zombie?
Yeah, I know it sounds crazy,
but it's the real deal, man.
Oh, no.
Yeah, yeah, so can
we call cops or do...
No, they just get in the way.
She's not a zombie.
She just accepted
her true lord and savior.
I think it moved.
It's in the same
spot it's always been.
Let me recenter myself and
then we'll try again.
And you want to do
this professionally, right?
Psychics make
big bucks, babe.
Nope, I think we're done.
Grandma Mary never
even liked me anyway.
She was always grumpy.
She could at least come by
and tell you
to go to hell or something.
Don't worry, I'll make
a believer out of you yet.
If a ghost could tell me how
to pay off my student loans,
then I would certainly believe.
Do you think Nathan and
Sophie made it back, okay?
Do you think
they're hooking up?
I hate you.
I see heartbreak in your future.
I'll be going in, then.
You'd better let
Sister Caroline rest.
She wasn't feeling well.
Let me go in with you, then.
I'd like to physically
examine her if I could.
I think Huxley injured herself.
All the more reason
why I should.
And you know,
Whit and Sister Caroline,
they said something weird
when I first arrived.
They said that Huxley
asked for me by name.
She wanted me here.
Yeah, but how could Huxley
or the demon know you?
That's what I'd like
to find out.
If you let me go with you, we'd
satisfy both our curiosities.
Under one condition.
God, Heavenly Father,
protect this woman.
A humble servant that works
hard to protect and keep safe
Your lost children.
She is going to encounter
the Serpent today.
Watch over her and carry
her so she may not fall.
Now we're ready.
How are you feeling?
Doctor, don't address it
directly unless I give the okay.
"It" is a child.
And I'd like to ask her a
few things towards the end.
If I could.
Can you even begin to fathom
the neurobiological consequences
of this kind of
traumatic experience?
Where's Sister Caroline?
She's resting.
You're breaking the rules.
She's supposed to be with me.
Back away, doctor.
Does she have to be tied up?
I wish there was another way.
But it's for the safety
of all concerned.
She nearly tore the eye out
of the nurse a few weeks ago.
Okay, just a minute, please.
[machine whirring]
How is she?
Not great, obviously.
Her heart rate, it's higher
than I'd like it to be
and her blood pressure
is very low.
Is there anything we can do?
I can jab her with epinephrine.
I just...
It may jolt her system too much.
Then perhaps I should take over.
I won't speak without the nun.
I'll make you speak, demon.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Oh, come on!
Did they lock us in?
Probably. Nathan's
a jock asshole.
Lauren, help!
You think they got caught?
We can't just leave them, right?
No, dummy, come on.
Hmm. Welcome back.
Tea for you.
Tell me I didn't faint.
Okay. I won't.
Are you sure
you're feeling okay?
No harm in calling it
a night, you know.
It knew about my dad's aneurysm.
I think it tried to give me one.
Any luck with the name?
Stubborn little bugger.
It knew about Corey, too.
You're kidding.
Something different
about this thing.
It's almost like
it knows us.
I was getting that
impression, too.
Found some donuts.
Might be a little stale,
but sugar is sugar, right?
Where's Father Cortez
and Dr. Beckett?
With your daughter.
Without Sister Caroline?
She's beat.
Look at her.
No, no, no, no, no.
What's wrong?
What is it?
They've gone in without you.
How dare you!
You were asleep!
What is the big deal?
For the mortal soul
of this afflicted child.
Lord, hear our prayers.
My how you've grown.
For the safety of
her mind and body.
Lord, hear our prayers.
I've missed you
awfully, Olivia.
For the sanctity
of her innocence.
Lord, hear our prayers.
You don't remember me, do you?
You were so little then.
Maybe it was all
just a crazy dream.
Maybe you were crazy.
Stop it.
Don't listen to it.
It's trying to mess
with your head.
Be careful, Father.
Haven't you heard?
She's crazy.
Why am I here?
You tell me.
I need you to tell me.
I don't understand.
Bugs you, doesn't it?
Not knowing.
Makes who feel
like you're going crazy.
Don't listen to it.
Maybe you're already there.
You're already crazy.
Tell me why you wanted
me to come here.
Stop playing games.
More fun to guess, isn't it?
Crazy girl.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
Shut up.
You hate that name.
Don't you?
Dr. Beckett,
don't listen to it.
It's taunting you on
purpose to distract us.
Hold her back, Father.
She's unhinged.
Why am I here?
In God's name, answer her.
I missed you, sweet thing.
I want you back.
How do you know me?
You're compelled
by Saint Michael the Archangel
to answer her.
What do you want with me?
In Christ's name, I compel
you to reveal yourself.
Father, there's not much
left of this girl anyway.
I think it's time.
Who are you?
No, no, no, no.
Doctor, doctor, doctor!
What's wrong?
That's our lullaby, sweet thing.
Do you remember?
I'm not worried.
You're outnumbered.
Doctor, what is it?
You were real.
That means that I wasn't...
No, you weren't
really crazy.
It's you.
What did you say?
What name did you just say?
What are you doing?
You're not supposed
to be in here.
She won't allow it.
You broke your promise to me.
Sister, you were sleeping.
We didn't want
to disturb you. Okay?
Besides, I've been alone
with Huxley before.
Things are different now.
Get out!
Right now!
I think it came from the left.
I swear it came to the right.
[shouting voices]
I am not happy!
Whit, we meant no harm!
She was in need of
medical assistance.
I don't want to hear it!
Amanda, help!
Okay, the balcony circles
back around.
I'll meet you on
the other end, okay?
Okay, hurry!
You guys, this isn't funny!
[man groans]
Oh my God!
Nathan, what happened?
I'm dying.
Oh my god!
Okay, I don't know what...
What can I do?
You know what would make me
feel a lot better?
If you joined me.
We said one at a time.
We agreed to
the rules beforehand.
Huxley never wanted to be alone.
What's going on?
Everyone, calm down.
We're all on the same side.
She got the name.
Olivia, sweetheart,
do you want to sit down?
I don't want to sit.
Talk to me.
Talk to me, please.
Did you get a name?
No way.
Father Cortez, what was the
name of the priest who died,
the one you were assisting?
John Murphy.
Oh, Jesus.
Did you know him?
He was my exorcist.
Where the hell is everybody?
If you jump out
of the dark again,
I'm going to punch your ass.
Lauren, over here.
Amanda, did you find them?
Sophie, what are you doing?
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, what's up?
They lied to me.
I'm hurting.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I'm in so much pain.
And it would only be fair...
if I should share it.
I had it drilled into my head
for years by different doctors
that it was all
a psychotic delusion.
Temporary insanity.
Kids used to call
me "crazy girl."
And now I just don't know
what's worse
if I was potentially psychotic
or if I was possessed.
You're going to have
to catch us up here, kiddo.
We're drawing blanks.
It whistled.
That's how I gave itself away.
It happened when I was eight.
I was in my backyard
playing with dolls
or something and
I heard someone whistling.
It was pretty,
so it caught my attention.
I turned around and
there was just this little boy.
He was standing there,
just beyond the fence line.
He was naked.
But he was white,
like snow white.
And he had these
black veins all over.
They stood out
against his pale skin.
He was whistling that song.
And the next thing I remember,
I was waking up in my bed with
Father John praying over me.
I had Huxley's demon in me.
Why didn't you tell us
this from the beginning?
I've been just trying to
make sense of it for years.
And my mom, she was Catholic,
but my father was far from it.
And I saw so many different
psychiatric doctors.
I told myself that it
was just a psychotic break
a disassociated fugue.
So I fled to science
because I didn't want
to be "crazy girl" anymore.
It was just all
a blur, frankly.
But I will never
forget that song.
The one he whistled.
And I'll never forget
the last thing he said to me
before I blacked out.
His name?
He said...
"Hello, Olivia.
"My name is Lamech.
I'm so cold.
And I need your skin."
No, it can't be.
You know it.
Don't you?
You've encountered
Lamech before.
Plagued by him
is more like it.
My oppression was
led by Lamech.
That's what he meant.
The bastard.
He said he won that one.
Lamech claimed the life of
the one and only person
I was unable to save.
Mi abuelita...
She was possessed.
It happened a long time ago
when I was a kid
that she, she tried to
kill me in my sleep.
Superhero priest saves
the day, right?
You understand
what this is, right?
It wants us here all
at the same time.
This isn't an exorcism.
It's a trap.
It gathered us all
here for a reason.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Demons are limited
as to what deeds
they're allowed to perform.
What's it's plan,
to gather us all here
and knock us off one by one?
Holy shit.
Wanna join us?
You know, I always
had a thing for you.
Someone help me!
Who's doing that?
Whit, what are you doing?
I blame her mother.
She did this.
She ruined our baby.
Whit, I know this
whole situation
is incredibly stressful,
but let's not add to it with...
When Huxley was born,
she started hanging out with
a whole new group of weirdoes.
They did something
to my Huxley.
I think they sold her soul.
And we can get it back.
She's not lost.
We can save her now
that we know its name.
Only I can help her now.
See, her mother was weak.
Too sad for this world
and it chewed her up.
So she took the easy way out.
I'm all my Huxley has left.
If I helped
feed Lamech his enemies,
he said he'd let my baby go.
No, Whit, put the gun down.
No. I won't be doing that.
Whit, please, it doesn't have
to end like this, okay?
For the love of God,
for the love of your daughter,
put the weapon down.
Had to bring God
into it, didn't you?
No, stop, please.
No one else needs to get hurt.
Please, Whit.
The problem is, there's
nothing else to be done.
My little peach is beyond
your kind of help.
She's gone, gone, gone.
Far away.
And there ain't no coming back.
It's Lamech, isn't it?
Very sharp, Patrizio.
What have you done to Whit?
I'm everywhere, Father.
You cannot escape.
Whit is only a pawn.
You're trying to shake me.
And you won't.
You can't.
You've revealed yourself now.
That matters very little now.
You're outnumbered.
The girl is dying.
And we're at
the end of your days.
This can't be.
A second possession?
It's not outside
the realms of possibility.
You will die, Father.
That's why you're here.
The power of
Lamech compels you.
What are you, bulletproof?
In Jesus' name.
That's what I call
a good book.
Well, what are we waiting for?
We've got a girl to save,
and now that we know
this thing's name,
let's send it back
to where it belongs,
and get the fuck out of here.
There is no escape.
There is no hope.
There is no chance of survival.
There is no happy ending.
I am everywhere!
She's leaving.
Patrick, please.
I commend you, Melody Bates,
to Almighty God,
and entrust you
to your Creator.
May you return to Him who formed
you from the dust of this earth,
and may Holy Mary, the angels,
and all the saints
come to meet you
as you go forth from this life.
May He forgive
you all your sins,
and may He set a place for you,
amongst those He has chosen.
Goodbye, old friend.
Put in a good word
for me, will you?
You'll need it.
I just wish
I could have done more.
You've done enough.
More than enough.
Rest in peace.
What about our stuff?
Well, we can leave it.
We'll be right back.
Once we're outside,
we can call for help.
The signals should be back
just outside the doors.
No, we can't leave
Huxley for too long.
She's not doing well.
We're not leaving her, but
this has gone out of control.
We need to get out
of this damn building,
call for help, and come
back with reinforcements.
-More priests.
-More everything.
I am so turned around.
Are you sure that this is the
right way to the main entrance?
Very certain.
If Sister Caroline's
possessed as Whit was,
then what are we dealing with?
It's revenge, so who knows?
Multiple entities,
viral possession
can cause a demon to splinter
and occupy multiple hosts.
I've never heard of
something like that.
An entire tribe in New Guinea
had to be exorcised once,
the diabolic infection took
hold and spread like wildfire.
-Who is that?
Is that...
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Who are they?
Looks like Lamech called
in some favors.
They're just kids.
Yeah, they aren't kids anymore.
They're possessed.
They're not dead.
They're parts of Lamech.
Don't hurt them.
But they're coming towards us.
What do we do?
I'll shoot one in the leg.
That way.
Damn it!
Are you kidding me?
That's three.
All locked.
Maybe there's roof access?
I think someone should
stay with Huxley, Father.
She's just a child.
I'm afraid someone
could happen to her.
I just don't think that's
the right play, Father.
She's the heart of this, Father.
We cut off the head
of the snake,
we cut the infection,
so to speak.
We have the name.
We can finish it.
And we will.
We're not done here.
I just don't want anyone
getting hurt unnecessarily.
Okay, well, you take Olivia.
Go get help.
And I'll continue with Huxley.
This is what Father Murphy
would have wanted.
All right.
If you insist...
I will...
Find her!
Such pretty, pretty hair.
Such pretty, pretty skin.
I want it.
No, I want it.
What a naughty girl
Where are you going, pet?
Oh, she's not
very friendly for a pig.
But she looks oh so yummy.
What was that supposed to do?
Wrong one!
Stay back! Stay back!
It looks like she's
trying to run away.
Oh, she is a silly
little piggy, isn't she?
We should show her what
her organs look like.
Oh, they're pretty.
Like squishy jewels.
That's not very nice, piggy.
Not meant to be.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry I have offended thee.
And I detest my sins.
-Because I...
-Father Patrick?
You said you would save me.
You said you would
take the bad thing away.
I hate liars.
Corey, I'm so sorry.
I wanted to take your place.
It should have been me.
I'm mad at you.
I'm so mad at you!
Corey sent me.
You've been following me
this whole time, haven't you?
Father forgive them.
But they know not what they do.
Oh, my God.
Don't abandon me.
No one is listening now, Father.
We win.
Feels good, doesn't it?
Giving pain is a great...
Father Patrick, Jesus, no!
I'm... I'm okay.
Is he hurt?
Did you kill him?
Is he okay?
He's alive.
I'm much more worried
about you right now.
Oh, good. Good.
There we are.
Is he okay?
He'll live.
We've got to get
him out of here.
All out of pieces,
my friend.
Just about tapped.
Shall we try the roof?
Oh, he's not climbing on
any roofs anytime soon.
Do you realize where we are?
We're near Huxley's room.
Yes, ma'am.
Now here's my plan.
Leave me and Patrick
with Huxley.
You go.
You'll move faster without us.
Get help.
Okay, I can do that.
It's settled then.
We haven't lost this fight yet.
Huxley's counting on us
and I won't let her down.
They can throw hell itself
at us and we'll keep coming.
If anything, the sincerity
in your voice...
is my victory.
No! Why?
No one gets out alive.
Don't you see?
You all were brought
here to die.
Save Hux.
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
-Take him to Huxley's room.
-Come back here!
Father Patrick, come on.
Please, get up!
You stay out of that room!
You stay out of that room!
-We're losing her!
What's happening?
She's going into cardiac arrest.
Oh, my God.
She's gone.
Oh, no.
Not again.
I haven't given up on her.
Don't you start.
Father, I need your help.
Smear the paddles.
-How much?
-A lot.
That's good. Good.
All right.
-Going again.
-She's very weak.
-Can she take this?
Going again.
I thought...
I thought I'd lost
another one...
To... it!
No, Father.
Father, Father, what's wrong?
My heart.
Maybe... maybe you could use
that thing on me.
No, no, no.
That is a last resort.
Just breathe.
I need a...
I need my pills.
Where are they?
The chapel.
Left everything there, remember?
I'll go.
No, no, no,
it's too dangerous there.
the things out there,
they want to kill us.
Listen to me.
You are in no position to move.
and now I believe you're the
only person who can save her.
I'll get the pills.
I need my whole case.
I can give you a shot
of epinephrine.
No, no, no, no.
I'm fine again.
Bring my whole case.
I got this.
Just hang in there.
Go with God, Olivia.
Oh, please, God.
Please, please,
don't abandon me.
Give me your skin.
I need it.
I'm so sorry.
You stink.
I smell a believer.
[clucks tongue]
Oh, where are you
going to run, huh?
Where are you going to hide?
No place.
What happened to you,
Sister Caroline?
Anyone spending too
much time with Huxley.
doesn't walk away clean.
I am one with Lamech.
He works through me.
And he works in mysterious ways.
Have you been possessed
this whole time?
The end is coming.
Hell's angels
have been let loose.
War. Famine.
Just around the corner.
It's best you just die now
and get it over with.
Lucky you.
Hey, baby doll.
Pigs don't give up easy,
do they?
They just don't get it.
This is bigger than you.
This is bigger
than the whole world.
Humans are inconsequential.
They mean nothing.
[neck cracks]
The easy way or the hard way.
You will die.
You pick.
You sick bitch.
Because I could.
Because it doesn't matter.
Then what matters?
If not life, then what?
This is war, Olivia.
Raging for millennia.
Between my boss and yours.
Winning matters.
He's dying, you know.
They both are.
Maybe you should
get back to him.
Give him his medicine.
But how are you
gonna get past me?
I'll sacrifice a pawn.
What does that mean?
You want the pills?
Take them.
You bitch.
Listen, I'd really like to
reason with you right now,
but you're not in
your right mind.
Right mind?
I'm not even me anymore.
I'm we, and we like it.
I can help you.
Just, please, you have
to listen to me.
What I'd like to do is stick
my fingers in under your skin
and slurp it all away.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Our Father who art in Heaven
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come...
Give us this day... shit!
How does it go?
[Lamech laughing]
Stop! Stop! Leave me alone!
I got it.
I got it.
How are you feeling?
Like my heart is in a vice.
No, no, no.
This is what I want.
What do you mean?
You're not gonna take the pills?
This is my Hail Mary play.
What does that mean?
No, no, no, no, you'll die.
That's the idea, kiddo.
Corey reminded me.
You'll fail again.
Didn't have a doctor
with me last time.
What exactly is
the rites of transference?
I'll accept Lamech.
He'll possess me.
Why would you do that?
That's crazy.
Demons can come and go.
They can be exorcised
over and over,
but if they die
within a consecrated host,
like a priest,
then their time on
earth is ended forever.
We revoke their
passport for good.
Corey's body gave
out before he...
Lamech is trying to kill her.
Do what you can to
keep her alive.
Lamech, you have been
named and exposed
before the name of
Almighty God the Father.
By the force of heaven, I
command you to leave this child
and take of my body and
blood as your new vessel.
Stay with me, Huxley.
Begone, Lamech, enemy
of man's salvation.
Give place to Christ
in whom you have found
none of your works.
Give place to the one holy,
Catholic and Apostolic church
acquired by Christ at
the price of his blood.
Stoop beneath the
all-powerful hand of God.
Tremble and flee when we
invoke the holy and terrible
name of Jesus.
This name which
causes Hell to tremble,
this name to which the
virtues, powers and dominations
of Heaven are humbly submissive,
this name which
the Cherubim and Seraphim
praise unceasingly repeating.
This name commands you to
leave this innocent vessel
and hide within my own.
Father Patrick,
we're losing her.
Charge the paddles.
Do what you can
to keep her alive. Please!
Leave her.
She is not yours.
Take shelter in me.
Let her go, Lamech.
I am your cage.
I will not let her go.
I will win this one, too.
I give you my breath
and my skin.
You coward.
Help me! Help me!
Please, please, God!
She's going, Father!
Leave this failing body
and take mine.
I command you
by God's holy might,
by the will of God.
Let her go!
Oh, my God!
She's responsive.
Her heart,
her heart beats steady.
I'm trapped.
I'm trapped!
Get me out! Get me out!
Oh, my chest.
I'm burning.
Give me the pills!
I'm burning.
I can't die.
I can't die.
Don't let me die!
I mustn't die.
Give me, bitch!
You haven't won.
You think you won?
How will you explain this?
They'll call you crazy again.
Sweet thing.
Only this time
I'll know I'm not.
What's happening?
Where's my dad?
Where are you guys?
It's a really beautiful day.
Oh, baby.
Oh, my baby.
I'm so sorry.
Is it over?
Is she okay?
Did we win?
As a matter of fact,
I believe we did.