The Experience (2019) Movie Script

So Scarlet, her main issues
are trust, forgiveness,
and gratitude.
You don't say?
Is that all?
It's love.
All these issues are a direct
result of a lack of love.
She needs to experience love.
It'll transform her.
Scarlet, you can't run away.
There's no place for you to go.
You know, nature's unforgiving.
Out here it's either
eat or be eaten
and in your case
it's the latter.
There's mountain lions.
You will die out here.
I want to.
You want to die?
Scarlet, each time you run away,
you extend your stay.
So you're being
counter-productive here.
Get up, let's go.
You know this here is a
great place to find out
who you really are,
what you really want.
Now, come on, let's go.
It is gonna take a
while to catch up
with the rest of the group.
You know, it's really selfish
of you to make everyone wait.
What is it?
You look sad.
It's, never mind.
It's Scarlet.
What, is she doing drugs again?
No, she stopped going to school.
Her therapist suggested
a boarding school.
It's like a wilderness camp.
I looked into it and
it's, I don't know,
it looks tough.
I never heard of
anything like that.
It's for extreme cases.
Why don't you just
send her to military school.
That's what I would
do if she was my kid.
Ah that's a little
harsh, isn't it?
She's completely
out of control, Peter.
You're losing her.
I suggest we go there
and check it out.
You can decide for yourself.
- Go, go.
- Please, no,
Daddy, Daddy, don't
leave me, don't go!
Dad, Daddy, no,
Daddy, no, please!
Dad, Dad, Daddy, please!
Let's go.
We're so fucking late.
We're not gonna get
there till after dark,
starving and exhausted,
all because of this bitch.
Mason, pick up two
stones for cursing.
You'll be carrying
them for three days.
Shouldn't it be two
stones for two days?
Let's go.
I know the hikes
are long and hard
and the gear's heavy.
Yet, this could possibly be
the best time of your life.
Not every teenager gets
the opportunity to connect
with nature and work on
your problems like this
in a challenging but
very safe environment.
Your parents paid a hefty
price so you could come here
and find out who you really are.
So make the most of it.
God is watching over each
and every one of you.
Just don't forget to ask
for help when you need it.
Time to get up, let's go.
Leave me alone.
Scarlet, come
on, you got to go to school.
No, I don't.
Scarlet, please.
You will have to repeat a year.
Your mother would've
wanted you to go to college.
Don't you dare
talk about my mother.
Get out.
Get out.
I started to appreciate
the awful food
that we have here.
Okay, positive things only.
We are learning to
express gratitude.
I have been here
for four months.
I think I'm going home soon.
You think you're going home?
That's a separate conversation.
Please pass the stone.
I got a letter
from my mom today.
She says she's allowed to visit.
I'm so excited.
I don't know.
Another day here.
I'm sober, I'm clean.
I'm good, I guess.
Maybe she needs
another semester.
Her parents can afford it.
I am confident
she can handle it.
Money is the
least of my concern.
As I said, she needs
to experience love.
If she fails this time,
her parents will have to pay
for another semester.
Advise her of the cost
and notify her parents.
Hello, Mr. Evans, this is
Russell, Scarlet's counselor.
Hey, Russell.
I'm just calling with an update.
Unfortunately, I don't
see any improvement.
She's having a really hard
time sharing and communicating,
fitting in with the group.
And I don't think
your upcoming visit
will help the situation.
But I was really looking
forward to seeing her.
I miss her.
I understand, Mr. Evans, but we have
got to do what's right for Scarlet.
She's just not ready to see you.
Your visit should be a reward
and she has not earned it.
Future Scarlet will
thank you for this.
She's a tough girl.
We're gonna do all we can to
get her on the right track.
Yeah, thank you, Russell.
Thank you, Mr. Evans.
I would suggest a
wilderness program.
You can look it up online.
It's 10,000 a
month and it works.
Well, what's the
average stay there?
eight months is average.
It's money well spent.
It's not about the money.
She's all I have.
I understand.
That's why you should do it.
What if she doesn't
wanna go there?
Well, there's two ways to do it.
One is you ask for transport.
They come and get her.
You mean, against her will,
just drag her out of her house
kicking and screaming?
Peter, they're trained
in this sort of thing.
They've been doing it for years.
Scarlet is not the first and
definitely won't be the last.
I strongly suggest you
use their services.
What is the other way?
You trick her.
Trick her?
Yes, you tell her you're
gonna be visiting some schools.
She should think of it as an
excused absence from school.
It usually works.
I don't like either
one of those options.
Well, it is your choice, Peter,
but this is what I
strongly recommend.
- Go, go.
- Please, no, Daddy,
Dad, don't leave me, don't go.
Dad, Daddy, no, Dad,
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.
Michael, we have a problem.
Ton Oil.
Yes, our biggest
campaign contributors.
The lawsuit is
getting out of hand.
I thought their oil
storage facility is sealed.
The leak is under control.
The lawsuit is not.
Aren't they settling
for 80 million?
Yes, however, the ground waters
are likely still contaminated.
And in addition
to the 80 million,
they've just been hit with
a $45 million health study
for the good residents
of the contaminated area.
- I was not aware of that.
- They just sent this.
Needless to say, such a
health study could uncover
a whole new can of worms.
So we have to give
them a health study
but it has to be a $1
million health study.
That's a big drop
from 45 mil, sir.
You think?
Call Peter.
They just assigned
him to the case.
Oh, as you know, Peter used to
work for Air and Water Protection.
That's probably why they
assigned him this case.
And he owes me.
I certainly will
remind him of that, sir.
Though it's known that Peter can be a pain
in the ass when it comes to these issues.
He is an environmental fanatic.
Peter Evans.
Hey, how are you doing, Michael?
Yes, sure.
Michael, no.
My dog was sick when
I left to come here.
He was still a puppy.
He's okay now.
He's much bigger though.
Do you think he'd remember you?
I hope so.
I got him from a shelter.
Saved his ass.
When I was little,
my dad used to take me
to this place on a
lake just to fish.
I miss that.
Yeah, I used to
fish with my grandpa.
I miss my dad.
Scarlet, we're setting
up for a late hike
and another exhausting
day thanks to you.
So you're doing it again.
We really have to go.
Just send me home.
That's not how it works.
Of course you'd say nothing
because it's so important to you
that everybody thinks
that everything is fine.
Scarlet, do you know what
status quo is, sweetie?
It's a silent killer
like smoking only worse.
Come in, Scarlet.
This is so fucking stupid.
This is bullshit.
Pick up a stone
for swearing, Robert.
Now I have to pick up a stone
for expressing my
honest feelings
about this spoiled,
PMSing bitch?
Two more stones, Robert.
Okay, good morning, everyone.
Uppy, uppy, uppy, let's go.
Wakey, wakey.
It's up and at 'em, come on.
Check those shoes for
spiders and shake the snakes
outta your sleeping bags.
Uppy, uppy, wakey,
wakey, eggs and bacey.
Well, not really 'cause you
don't know how to make a fire
but we'll get to that.
If you'll notice, we
have a new family member.
Her name is Dylan.
Make her feel welcome.
She's just detoxing
a little bit.
She'll be fine in a few minutes.
Mmm, give it.
Hey, you okay?
You're falling asleep.
I'm fine.
Don't stop there.
No, I,
I can't do this, okay.
I better go.
This party sucks anyway.
No, don't leave.
Look, I can
give you a ride
home if you want.
Where do you live?
I live in a trailer.
Yeah, a trailer with my mom.
She loves me.
A lot.
We love each other.
Me and my mom.
You got to get up, okay?
Where is this trailer of yours?
Go to your place and cuddle.
I don't think so.
Come on, you got to get up, okay?
Come on.
No, get, ah, okay.
Come on.
Wait just...
What's your name?
This is so stupid.
Nobody gets it
on their first try.
Keep working at it.
You got it, Robert?
There you go.
You know it's not that bad.
Least it's not hiking.
Ah dio.
It's kinda like playing
the cello or something.
Dylan, you can't leave.
Don't worry about her.
Keep working at it.
It'll get better.
- Ow.
- Hey.
Are you okay to go on?
Yeah, I think so.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Do you want me to
help carry your gear?
Uh, okay.
Okay, well just hold on one second.
Uh, Russell, hey, hey, wait up.
- Yes, Dylan.
- Hey, she twisted her ankle.
Can I help her carry her gear.
She's like limping for real.
Everyone should
carry their own gear.
Are we supposed to develop
a sense of team spirit?
Help each other out, work
on our sense of community?
Okay, you can carry one item.
Thank you.
Are you sure?
Of course.
Do you wanna lean on my arm?
- Okay.
- Okay, okay.
All right.
I got ya.
Oh fuck.
My dad is fucking a gold digger
and my mom was screwing
my soccer coach.
So they finally
just got a divorce.
The gold digger's happy.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
How'd you get that here?
You want some?
Yeah, sure.
I miss these so much.
Hey, Dylan.
I'll be right back.
What's up?
Wanna see something?
Oh, yes.
It's really,
really melted with...
It's so good.
It's the best thing
I've had all day.
What do you
want me to do, kill him?
I love when you talk like that.
I'll do anything
for you, anything.
Hey, what are you doing?
What was that?
Nothing, it doesn't matter.
Didn't look like nothing.
It's nothing.
It was a little weird.
I'm weird.
I'm weird, too.
It's a camp of weirdos.
I guess I'm weirder.
You seem normal.
I don't know what
you're doing here.
Well, you don't
know me very well.
I guess I don't.
So are you gonna tell
me why you're here?
It's a long story.
I'll tell you one day.
Just tell me now.
You're not gonna like it.
I don't care, just tell me.
What you don't
know can't hurt you.
You're right, you're weird.
You are very, very, very weird.
Do you ever wonder what
your life would be like
if your family and
you were normal?
What's normal?
I, I don't know.
Sometimes I just wish
that my family was
simple and normal.
There are a lot of
people with normal families
and they're still pretty weird.
'Cause normal's overrated.
All right, everyone, feel free
to explore the trail.
Back here in 15 sharp.
That's interesting.
What's that?
It's my dog.
Since I've been here
they gave him away.
Who's they?
My dad and Hannah.
Hannah's allergic to dogs.
Who's Hannah?
Dad's whore.
Not kidding, huh?
Not at all.
She used to be my tutor.
And then one day I
came home from school
and they were on the couch.
Mmm, mmm.
So, Scarlet, I just can't
be your tutor anymore
now that your father
and I are dating.
It would just be a
conflict of interest.
Are you sure you
know what it means?
Don't get smart
with me, young lady.
I'm about five minutes away
from being your mother.
I was high all the time.
I just didn't ever
wanna feel again.
And then I just
thought, I want out.
I ODed once, too,
but not on purpose.
When did you do it?
'Bout a year ago.
And after that?
After that I was
on suicide watch,
had lots of therapy,
went back to school.
I stayed clean for awhile.
What about your parents?
I only have my dad.
My mom died.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It was a long time ago.
I was little.
What happened?
I don't really wanna
talk about it anymore.
Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mommy,
Mommy, Mommy, Mama, Mama, Mama!
Scarlet, wake up.
Are you okay?
You were dreaming
about your mother?
How do you know?
You were screaming
"Mommy, Mommy".
We should get ready
before Russell gets mad.
Where is Rachel?
She got picked up
early this morning.
She get transferred
to another group?
No, she's going home.
Scarlet, you have
to start writing.
You need to log
something every day,
even if it's just
a couple of words.
There's nothing.
Hi, Scarlet.
Listen, I know it's hard.
But remember, you can always
ask for help, for guidance.
All your power is within you.
You just have to let it flow.
Do you ever pray?
You should.
What for?
It helps.
Sometimes it's
not about the how.
Faith is like love.
It can work miracles.
But what is love?
What is faith?
People find it easier
to believe in something
other than themselves.
Once they've laid their
problems on imaginary shoulders,
they're free to tap
into their own strength.
You are very strong.
Have faith.
Why are you saying this?
Aren't you supposed to
tell me about God and shit?
Pick up a stone, Scarlet.
I talk to you in a language
that you understand.
There are many
paths to the summit.
You just have to keep going.
The summit is death and nothing.
Have you ever been on
the other side of death?
Then how can you be so sure?
Dearest Scarlet,
I miss you so much.
The house is much
lonelier without you.
I spoke to your counselors and
based on their recommendation
I had to cancel my
visit next week.
I am truly sorry.
Please know that
however much this feels
like a punishment to you,
this is an attempt
to help you succeed.
This is about doing
what's best for you.
The truth is the sooner
you take this to heart
and begin to try harder, the
sooner you will come home.
I hope to see you soon, Pumpkin.
Love, Dad.
Hey, hey.
Just go, okay.
What are you doing?
So what are you gonna
do when you get outta here?
I don't know.
I don't know if I ever get out.
Feels like prison, right?
I'm gonna get some
money when I get out.
A trust fund?
Yeah, kind of.
I have one, too, but
won't get it for awhile.
I get mine soon.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna get a
small boat, catamaran,
and just go sailing in the
British Virgin Islands.
Why there?
I saw it in a movie once.
But it's really cool.
I'm gonna hop around
from island to island
and you know there's
pot everywhere.
Are you gonna get dreadlocks?
I'll be the captain of course.
And I'll take tourists around.
People like to charter
boats with captains.
Yeah, I'll just
live on the boat.
For how long?
Till I die at least.
Hey, can you cook?
I can make pot brownies.
You can be the ship's cook.
What do you wanna do?
I don't know.
What's the point of
thinking about it?
What do you mean?
Sometimes I feel
like there's no point,
no purpose for all this,
us being here, our existence.
Our life feels so artificial
like we're trapped
on this planet
that we can never escape.
I mean, we can look at the
stars but we can never go out
and go there.
It's like this camp.
There's nowhere to go from here.
We're trapped in our minds,
trapped in our bodies.
We're trapped on this
planet, in this camp.
Our lives are like this one,
long, painful, pointless hike.
It's like climbing Mt. Everest.
People climb it to
make this awful journey
all frostbitten,
blistered, and exhausted.
Tears and mucous frozen
into one big icicle
on their faces.
There's nothing waiting
for them at the top
except for the sense
of accomplishment.
Our lives are the same.
We die and all we get
to say is that we lived.
The end of our journey is death.
It's finally over, you're
done except you're dead.
You afraid of death?
I'm afraid to live.
Living is suffering.
You wanna know what's
worse than suffering?
Watching someone
you love suffer.
I'm afraid of death.
Well, 'cause then
there'll be no more me.
Um, hey, do you wanna run away?
I tried.
I know how.
I can help you.
I wanna help you.
They're just gonna
bring us right back here.
We can hide.
No, we can't.
But we can.
- Here.
- Yeah, thanks.
Isn't it?
Double strawberry.
No, worse.
That's the worst.
Single file please.
You have been warned.
Oh man.
You want more
attention, Mr. Headband?
You never ask me about my day.
Do you wanna share?
It's nice to be
noticed sometime.
Go for it.
Oh man.
Thanks, Bobby.
Scarlet, how 'bout you?
Um, I had a good day.
That's all I'm gonna say.
I had an awesome day.
Mason, how are you doing, bud?
Glad they had a
good day I guess.
Maybe she'll fucking
walk faster now.
Grab a stone.
Another stone.
Smile, smile, and I
got all these stones.
Hello, Mr. Evans.
This is Russell,
Scarlet's counselor.
Good news.
Scarlet is doing much better.
She's ready to see you.
Peter Evans.
Ton Oil.
Their oil storage
facility's sealed.
The leak is under control
although the lawsuit is not.
Michael, no I can't.
Peter, think about it.
The ground waters are
likely still contaminated.
Air and Water
Protection is insisting
on a $45 million for
the good residents
of the contaminated area.
However, we have a problem,
Ton Oil is our biggest
campaign contributor.
What do you propose?
It has to be a $1
million health study.
But that's nothing.
I needs to be a
reasonable number.
We're not the ones who
decide on the numbers.
We just do what is necessary.
The 45 million they're
asking is the bare minimum
of the 10-year study.
Michael, no.
You listen to me.
Okay, let's talk.
I can't...
This is not a request.
People are dying.
Children, children
with leukemia.
Have you seen a child who's
gone through chemotherapy?
Bold, big, dark eyes,
looking right through you.
Their parents here
with breast cancer,
liver cancer, brain tumors.
They're all here and
they come to my office,
my office demanding a
legitimate health study
and they are waiting.
Michael, they are
waiting for justice.
Justice is a
fickle-minded bitch, Peter.
And you don't wanna get
on the wrong side of her.
Now, do this and she may
just leave you alone.
Okay, Michael, listen to me.
Mike, Mike!
Hey, Russell, I'm here.
Scarlet, Scarlet!
Scarlet, wait.
Scarlet, stop.
Mama, Mama, Mama.
Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama.
Let's do it, let's get to it.
It's gonna be a balmy 110 today.
Lots to look forward to.
We're a little
worried about Ton Oil.
Who's we?
And who are you?
Settle the Ton Oil case, Peter,
or you're finished.
Any good news
on the health study?
Nothing yet.
Not acceptable.
The timing could not be worse.
Right before the reelection?
Sir, give me a little more time.
I might have something.
Yes, sir.
Do you wanna go
look at the stars?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
We just, we have
to be really quiet.
And you're crazy.
Let's go there.
Wow, I have never seen
so many stars before.
It's incredible.
Yeah, it's really beautiful.
You know it's weird
but I'm actually starting
to like this camp.
You know I did not think that
it would turn out like this.
Me neither.
What's going on here?
What are you doing?
Get out, come on.
Scarlet, you're in
isolation tomorrow.
What's the first
thing you do after that?
Good question.
Eat ramen.
Eat ramen?
Show me your journal.
Still not writing.
Scarlet, you're not making
it easier on yourself.
You know you'll be here
as long as it takes
for you to start cooperating.
I have nothing to write.
I'm stuck here.
My life sucks.
You were blessed with
a great life, Scarlet.
People dream of
having your life.
You had beautiful
things back home.
You just didn't
appreciate any of them.
Things stop being beautiful
once you know that
they're a status symbol.
A status symbol?
When you drive on the
road you see flowers
and you think these are
really beautiful flowers.
But then you know that
people pay a lot of money
to have these flowers
in their front yard
to say fuck you
to the neighbors.
So you can't enjoy the flowers
just because they're there?
No, it's intent that counts.
Everything is a status symbol.
Everything is there to
say fuck you to somebody
who can't afford it.
Phones, clothes,
shoes, everything.
How does that make you feel?
It makes me wanna puke.
Makes no sense that
everything is there
because somebody
wanted to say fuck you
to somebody else.
That's not true.
People need things.
Yeah, maybe somebody needs a car
but nobody needs $100,000 car.
Indeed, Scarlet, intention
is all that matters.
Once you go to say heaven
or whatever you imagine
your next step of
existence to be
it's all about intentions.
You can't always control
the results of your actions
but you can control
your intentions.
What counts in heaven?
What surprises
me is that you show
such a profound understanding
of human nature,
be such an egalitarian, but
still be so mean to everyone.
At least I'm not fake.
No, you are not fake.
And you do have a lot to say.
Should've listened to my father.
Probably turning over
in his grave right now.
You are just like your father.
Obsessed with politics,
anything for a vote.
Oh stop.
At least I'm doing
something with my life.
What are you doing?
Oh what can I do?
Sell Girl Scout cookies?
Why not?
Why not be normal?
Beats too much competition
for normal in this little town.
Normal is all that anyone wants.
All the slots are taken.
Jane, Jessica, Mary,
Peggy, Suzy, they're everywhere.
Soccer practice, PTA,
car pool, church.
Guarding their positions
with vigilance.
Looks like we're all
sold outta normal.
No room for me.
You despise everyone.
All you do is hate.
Now you don't have
a single friend.
Oh because you have friends.
You just have a whole
town of friends, hmm?
Is begging people for a vote
is how you make friends?
That's enough.
You don't know what
friends are, Peter.
You just use people.
I said that's enough.
It's not that I blame them.
But every country
deserves its ruler.
That is so cliche.
Look at you.
Look at you, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
I'll tell you what I'm doing.
I'm dying.
I'm suffocating this
slow, agonizing death.
In this old house.
I wanna be an actress.
I wanna be on stage
where I belong.
And you move me to this
town for your career
and you killed mine.
You murdered it and with
that you murdered me.
So dramatic.
May I remind you,
you came after me.
Yeah, you did.
You knew who I was.
And you wanted it.
All I've ever wanted is to
be an actress on the stage
and then to hear
people clap for me.
And you imprison me
in this little town
full of gossip and bullies.
Your little jar of spiders with
everybody just judging you.
Just judging and
judging, judging.
You've had too much to drink.
You need to sleep it off.
I'm leaving.
No, you're not.
Two more years.
I can't.
Two more years.
You trapped me here.
I never wanted any of this.
- I didn't...
- Daddy.
Hey, sweetheart.
You okay, Mommy?
Mommy and Daddy were just,
we were just playing.
You, where's your nanny.
Should we go find her?
Okay, come on.
Gimme a big hug.
Oh that's my girl.
Oh, let's go find your nanny.
There's still food
if you wanna try.
Daddy, what are you looking for?
What are you looking, yeah.
I put something away and I
can't find it, sweetheart.
What was it, Daddy.
Uh, it was
a thing on my desk,
you know that horsey.
The horsey?
Yeah, Grandpa's horsey.
Have you seen it?
Okay, it's okay.
Daddy, I'll miss this house.
Yeah, yeah, me, too, sweetheart.
I'll miss Mommy in heaven, too.
Sweetheart, okay, okay.
Okay, are you ready?
All right, gimme
your hand, baby.
Hey, Scarlet, you up?
Dylan, you're
not supposed to be here.
Nobody saw me.
It's freezing.
No shit.
I can't stand being here alone.
I can't stand being here.
You wanna go home?
Do you wanna go home?
Of course I do.
I miss my mom.
Does your mom love you?
She loves me and I love her.
I don't know if my mom loved me.
What do you mean?
Of course she loved you.
It's not that simple.
My mom was different,
an actress.
She loved you.
She's your mother.
I love my dad but...
But what?
You have to promise never
to tell anyone, never.
Of course.
What is it?
Remember I told
you how my mom died
when I was four.
Well, maybe it wasn't.
What do you mean?
I think she was murdered
and I think my dad did it.
What would make you think that?
I found a paperweight,
a horse in my attic.
It was wrapped in
a bloody scarf.
It would always be
on my father's desk,
a family heirloom.
I used to always sit on his
desk, play with it quietly.
It was this quiet time that I
remember as the happiest time
in my life.
I still remember how it felt.
The air in his office
was warm, calming.
And it smelled like old
paper and old furniture.
Did you see it?
See what?
Did you see it?
No, but I think he used
the paperweight to kill her.
I found it in the
attic years later.
I never went back there, I
mean, after what happened.
My Aunt Rose took me there.
She's really close to my dad.
Did you tell your
Aunt Rose you found it?
No, I didn't tell anyone.
We left and I never went back.
Who lives in the house now?
It used to be my grandfather's.
My dad was born there,
I was born there.
I don't think we'll
ever sell it but...
Nobody wants to live
there after what happened.
I'm sorry.
That's awful.
It's okay, let's just
stop talking about it
and go to bed.
Hey, Scarlet.
Dylan got picked up.
What, why?
I don't know but
she's not coming back.
Get your stuff.
Russell sent me to tell
you that you're going home.
What happened to Dylan?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
You are next if
anything should happen to Peter.
What should happen to Peter?
We don't know yet.
However, if something
should happen to Peter
and should you be assigned
to take over the case,
we would like to get
an assurance from you
of your cooperation.
Sure, sure.
Of course.
It goes without saying that
the environmental future
of our state is paramount
as we worked out this
settlement with Ton Oil.
Now, of course, Ton Oil and
the Air and Water Protection
don't always see eye to
eye but I like to think
that is doing what it should do
to make sure that all parties
can come together as one.
Scarlet, we're sorry
we have to be the ones
to tell you this...
For the people of our state.
Now, as to the structure
of the settlement program,
all details will be
forthcoming over the next week.
Your father's
been arrested for murder.
Mama, Mama, Mama.
You have to promise
never to tell anyone.
I think he used the
paperweight to kill her.
Did you tell your
Aunt Rose you found it?
No, I didn't tell anyone.
So are you gonna tell
me why you're here or...
You're not gonna like it.
What you don't know
can't hurt you.
We're waiting for your
Aunt Rose to pick you up.
We have reached a settlement.
The $1 million health study
is a great victory
for our state.
Due to the hard work and
dedication of our elected leaders,
Ton Oil has agreed
to fund the study
to ensure compliance
with the California
Environmental Quality...
I wanna see Dylan.
She's gone.
No, you're lying to me.
I want to see Dylan.
Where is she?
Scarlet, she's gone.
The state and
the environmental future
of our city.
Scarlet, Scarlet.
Dylan, Dylan!
Dylan, Dylan!
No, Dylan!
Stop it, shh.
It's okay, Scarlet.
Scarlet, she's gone.
She's gone, Scarlet.
- Let me go.
- It's being handled.
- Dylan.
- Sure, will do.
Let go of me.
- Well, thank you, sir.
- Dylan!
Yes, tomorrow.
I don't want it.
Well, don't be stupid.
You need it.
I don't want that money.
Take it.
Let's go.
My driver will take
you to the bus station.
Put it in your backpack.
Well, you don't wanna
get robbed or anything.
Let go of me.
No, Dylan!
Dylan, Dylan.
My dad gave me your address.
His name is Peter Evans.
I'm looking for my dog, Joey.
He's this big white
Labradoodle with green eyes
and a clay nose.
Oh yeah, I remember your
dad and your sister Hannah.
She's allergic to dogs, right?
Um, not my sister.
You see, I find
new homes for them.
Joey, I remember, great dog.
But big, way too big and I
couldn't find a home for him
and I couldn't keep here
so I had to give him
to a shelter.
Which shelter?
He's no longer there.
Where is he?
He got pneumonia and...
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid of death.
Well, 'cause then
there'll be no more me.
And remember, you're
not on this journey alone.
Ask and it will be given.
Knock and the door
will be opened.
God is watching over each
and every one of you.
So make the most of it.
Just don't forget to ask
for help when you need it.
Hello, Scarlet.
How are you feeling?
How was your
Experience, Scarlet?
It was awful.
Your counselor will
see you tomorrow
and discuss The Experience
and go over your results.
You can go rest now.
No, this, this isn't right.
It was way too short.
Is Dylan still in there?
Yes, I believe so.
I have to go back.
I have to go back.
Dylan will be back soon enough.
You know what they say,
the time of The Experience
is only a fraction
of our real life but it gives
us a lifetime of lessons.
Please let me go back.
I am sorry, Scarlet, we cannot.
I, I didn't get a chance to
fully work through my issues.
This isn't gonna get
me to the next level.
I can even be thrown
back to Middle Ages
or prehistoric Siberia.
I already did that.
Please, I can't go back there.
Scarlet, as a
you are able to choose
some of your constraints.
You also get to
exercise your free will.
Although it's unfortunate
that you chose
to end your Experience
very quickly,
it is within your power, it
will be rated accordingly.
Would you like a copy of
today's Experience now?
You can go over it later today
and prepare for your meeting
with your counselor tomorrow.
No, I wanna go back.
I can't have this end.
I'm screwed up.
Scarlet, we call it a
character building program.
We've helped thousands of
people build character.
Yes, I'll be honest, the
results of your last Experience
were not very good.
But it reflects your current
state of development.
I failed.
Please let me go back.
Scarlet, your session is over.
Your expression of free
will under the constraints
has been registered and
is part of your profile.
Besides, there's no guarantee
you'd do anything differently
the next time.
You wouldn't even
be aware of the fact
that it's a do-over.
I can go back
and save my mother.
No, you cannot.
It's a part of your constraints.
The only one you can
save is yourself.
I'm not leaving.
I wanna go back.
Why, dear?
Because if I don't then
I won't be with Dylan.
I want us to graduate
at the same time.
Would you excuse
me for a moment?
Thanks for the souvenir.
Thought you might like it.
What do you think?
Send her back.
You think it's worth a try?
I think it's always worth a try.
Like I said, send her back.
Will do.
Scarlet, I had to
consult the headmaster.
Turns out your Experience has
not been fully integrated.
And, considering
how short it was,
you can go back.
It's a costly adjustment.
As you can understand, it
affects the other participants
who are still in The Experience.
Thank you.
Again, I must advise
you, you would not know
it's a do-over.
You would not even know
you're inside The Experience.
Your current state of
character is exactly the same.
Your scores for
appreciation, humility,
compassion, and
forgiveness are really low.
Most probably you would
do the exact same things
you did before.
I understand.
I hope I do it better this time.
So you authorize additional draw
on your tuition account
at time and a half?
Yes, thank you.
Just one cautionary note.
Your previous early
termination will result in you
losing quite a few points.
However, depending on
the choices you make,
you may still graduate this
Experience with good results.
Also you might get
additional points
for your commitment to education
and character building.
Thank you.
Happy Experience, Scarlet.
May your Experience
be a success.
Dear students,
your Experience program
is an important chapter
in your development
as a functioning
member of our society
and as a tool for your
future social placement.
Your scores will be added
with your previous scores
and your overall score
will be an aggregate
weighted against the total
number of Experiences.
Now let's begin.
Please listen
carefully as only time
for the entire duration
of your Experience
you will not be aware that
you are inside The Experience.
You will not have
knowledge or comprehension
of another existence
other than The Experience.
You will perceive your Experience
as singular and finite.
Your Experience will
result in death.
Your perception of death
while inside of The Experience
will be fear and sorrow
and it will be perceived by you
as the end of your existence.
Happy Experience, Scarlet.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
I need your help.
I wanna see Dylan.
Do you know where she is?
I can't do that, Scarlet.
Please, I need to see her.
Thank you.
So you're not sailing
in the Virgin Islands.
I just wanna know why.
Mom, this is Scarlet.
We used to live next to the
Ton Oil storage facility.
Mom got cancer, I got lucky.
Other than the nosebleeds.
My dad was trying
to help this case.
I didn't know
that when I did it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Scarlet and Dylan,
perfect mates.
They always find each
other in The Experience.
Soul mates?
Will you stop using cliches
from The Experience please?
Yes, let's call it what it is.
So Scarlet, she is doing
much better this time.
Yes, much better.
A solid B.
Not an A?
Scarlet's still got work to do.
She's yet to forgive her father.
She forgave Dylan
but not her father.
She understands the
concept of intent
and what intention
means in The Experience.
She knows her father meant well,
yet she does not forgive him.
Forgiveness counts for
at least 4,000 points.
She's still got time, of course.
I hope she finds a
way to make it right.
She made an interesting
choice of parents.
Yes, and what is very
interesting is that she chose
harder constraints than I
would have chosen for her.
She likes the challenge.
That's admirable.
But she's still got work to do.
I'm leaving and
I'm taking Scarlet.
There's no glory in
changing diapers.
Nobody claps.
You're no different
than me, Peter.
You say you wanna
make a difference.
You just wanna leave your mark.
With your name on it.
You want to
distinguish yourself.
You're right, I do.
Me and everybody else.
It is called competition.
It drives progress.
No, Peter.
Not from where I stand.
It is the same vanity
that you accuse me of.
You are destroying this family.
- In defense.
- You have destroyed
this family when you made
a choice that your career
was more important than mine.
Your career?
What, what good does it do?
Are you saving lives?
Well, maybe the one life
my career can save is my own.
You don't care about Scarlet.
All you really wanna
do is hurt me and her.
A mother cannot hurt her child.
Yes she can, Abigail.
And I am not gonna let
you take our daughter.
Watch me.
Hey, Abigail.
Oye, hey.
Oh my God.
I hid the horse
because of how it looked.
It looked like a murder weapon
even though it, it wasn't.
When the scandal broke
out they dug her up
and confirmed there
was no evidence,
nothing consistent
with the horse.
That's why they let me go.
When she fell,
she broke her neck
and she was dead.
Just, just like that.
And I stayed with her.
I started to call 9-1-1
but she was dead.
And it looked,
it looked bad.
I left.
I drove to the city.
I picked you and your nanny up
and when we arrived,
I pretended to find her dead.
How could you bring me there?
Make me see her like that?
Well, there was no other way.
I had to do it.
I was building my career,
running for governor.
She died and it just
ruined everything.
I was lucky to get a job.
I was under suspicion.
What about that
man, the man she kissed?
Did she love him?
No, she didn't love him.
There were others.
She was just bored and confused,
searching for something.
Early fame does that to people.
Nothing is ever enough.
No party is long enough,
no love is strong enough,
and certainly no amount
of wine and cigarettes
is ever enough to
make her wanna stop.
And she made me believe
she wanted a family.
But she didn't.
Was telling me what
I wanted to hear
hoping I would deduce it somehow
and just complete her.
You should've just let her go
instead of trapping
her in a marriage.
Trapping her with you.
I didn't trap her.
I loved her and I loved you.
And you needed a mother.
You know, sometimes
you screw up once
and you spend your whole
life to make up for it.
And all you hope is
that it will be enough.
You should have just let her go.
Scarlet, please.
I repeat, she needs to
work things out with her dad.
Forgive him and make
him feel forgiven.
Maybe she needs
another semester.
Yes, maybe.
But it's better that she
graduates together with Dylan.
They like to stay together.
I didn't think you'd care.
Things we do or
we do not experience
in our formative years
determine who we are
and how well we do things
for the rest of our lives.
Our lives as we know it.
Who's to say we're not in
some brat camp ourselves?
I have always wondered and yet,
to this day, I don't know
the purpose of our existence.
But it might just
be that the love
that we have for each other,
the desire to learn to love
and give unconditionally,
and the ultimate beauty
of love's expression
through our souls and our lives
is the very purpose of it.