The Experiment (2010) Movie Script

- You suck, Gertrude.
- You suck.
Yeah, I suck so bad I just skunked you.
Which means, you gotta eat your pills.
- You're supposed to be nice to me.
- I am nice to you.
- It's not my fault you got no game.
- You suck, Travis.
I know.
Hey there, Travis.
- I'll check on you later.
- All right.
you've been talking about seeing the world
the whole time you've been here.
Think of it as an opportunity to
finally fulfill that.
- Well, then you're firing me.
- Not firing, laying off.
And I'm not laying you off,
the state is laying you off.
All these budget cuts.
They're clear-cutting the part-time positions.
This has nothing to do with you.
My advice, Travis, go see the world.
Get that out of your system
like you've always wanted.
Maybe you come back,
they may be hiring again.
- Home! Bring them home!
- Home! Bring them home!
- Bring them home!
- Bring them home!
- Bring them home! Bring them home!
- Bring them home! Bring them home!
- Bring them home! Bring them home!
- Bring them home! Bring them home!
- I can't believe they fired me yesterday.
- Come on, man. It was a nursing home.
- It's a retirement home.
- Yeah, that's what I said. A nursing home.
It's better for the world than insurance.
- Hey, I'm carrying a sign, aren't I?
- Great.
Listen, not to get new-agey or nothing,
but I think this is something that
was supposed to happen to you, you know?
Force you out of your comfort zone,
make you mix it up a little bit.
- I don't need to mix it up, I need to get paid.
- Get innovative then, man.
Don't tell me you don't know how to do that.
Back in college when you were
doing all that test subject shit.
Selling your sperm.
I never sold my sperm.
'Cause nobody in their right mind
would pay for a piece of those genes.
You know what?
Whoever said peace rallies is
where the action is, doesn't know shit.
- This is a fucking dyke-fest.
- Not all of them.
No. Not happening.
What's happening?
- Hey. Hey!
- I got friends out there, you son of a bitch!
- Fucking liberal pussy!
- Enough.
- Get your fucking hands off me, man.
- Enough! Enough!
Guys like me go over there
and die for a living.
- Hey!
- Tee off, go ahead.
It's your issue, man. It's your issue, man.
Not mine.
Come on.
- Hypocrite!
- Let's go.
Fucking hypocrite! Go on!
Spread all your lies!
You got a captive audience,
you fucking hippie liberal!
Go on,
with all your propaganda and diatribes.
- You okay?
- Yeah, you?
I'm all right.
My dad sat me down
and had me watch Red Dawn
so that I would understand
just how bad things would get
if the Communists took over.
I sort of dug that flick.
Then it was narco-traffickers,
Bad guys just keep changing their faces
and we keep going to war.
- And then...
- We keep protesting.
- United we stand.
- Cheers.
This is a big moment, Travis.
You've just witnessed
the last anti-war diatribe
- the world's ever gonna hear from me.
- Wow.
You know what I've realized?
Real war's in here.
You just figured that out?
No, I've known it for a while.
- But I'm finally gonna do something about it.
- And what's that?
I'm going to India.
I figure I'll do some yoga,
some time in an ashram,
have sex with my guru.
We'll both agree afterwards that
it was a mistake, of course.
Of course.
Maybe you should go. We could meet up.
Well, a trip like that
would be a pretty penny,
- which I don't got.
- Could knock over a liquor store.
I think I could come up with something
slightly more legit.
Such as?
You don't wanna know.
I think I can handle it.
I mean, I think I'm intellectually
limber enough.
Can I see you again?
- Michael Barris.
- Travis, hey.
- Smart man.
- What?
- You wore a suit. That's a smart move.
- Yeah.
- I heard there's not many spots.
- Do I need to sign here or print my name?
- Just a signature will do.
- Thanks, boo. Love the jacket.
We are strangers in a strange land, brother.
First off, what we will be doing here,
for those of you that don't know,
will be a behavioral experiment,
in which we will be simulating
the conditions of life
inside a state penitentiary.
Now, our only requirement is that
none of you have ever served any time.
If you have, we'd like to
thank you for your interest,
but you do not fit our profile.
Now, we will be conducting
a short series of tests in a moment,
but before we do
I would just like to take a beat
and let you know that
although the actual experiment
will be conducted
in an utterly secure environment
and the participants will be safe at all times,
some of the subjects
will be deprived of their civil rights...
- It's a flying man.
...for the entire two weeks.
What's his name?
- Flying Man.
- Now, let's get to the tests, shall we?
- No history of incarceration?
- No.
- Violence?
- No.
- Never?
- No.
- What about religion?
- No.
No? Religion's not usually
a yes or no question, Mr. Hunt.
People tend to find all sorts of gray areas
in which to couch their answers.
Well, nothing gray here.
So, how do you base
your ethical decisions, then?
I was in Boy Scouts,
and drill team in high school,
various church groups.
- You were devout, then?
- Still am.
And what about
absolute right and wrong in the universe?
Well, I guess,
if I believe in God,
then I would have to, right?
Yeah, you know, I only got three rules,
eat twat, smoke pot, and smile a lot.
It's just a short slide-show
we'd like you to watch.
It's perfectly safe, I assure you.
The sheriff's deputies had escorted
Duceppe back to Baton Rouge.
I am convinced that
when these animals are herded together
their instincts warn them of...
... California hotel, where FBI agents...
- Are you okay to move on, Mr. Hunt?
- Yep. I'm good.
You wouldn't have hit him.
The guy at the rally.
You wouldn't have hit him.
These knuckles, they're pristine.
- You calling me a pussy?
- Yeah.
- It's a compliment.
- Cool.
I'll be gone by the time
you get out, you know.
I know.
Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi.
- Varanasi.
- How soon can you be there?
Twelfth? Thirteenth?
Dashashwamedh Ghat on the 13th, 6:00 p.m.
- Hey, you made it.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
- I was hoping I'd have someone to talk to.
I can't help but think that
this says something about us.
I think it says we need money.
- Sorry.
- Hey, how's it going?
- It's the beginning.
- Game on.
So let's move on to the topic of women.
What's that word mean to you?
Women? What?
Everything on God's green earth
and possibly beyond what's been
discovered in our universe yet?
I don't know.
Look, it's only a dog.
So, what're you worried about?
Worried? Who's worried?
I'm only worried about you.
Look, I'll stay here and protect the car,
and you go take a look.
Hey, chickenshit, we got a draft!
Didn't you hear me, chickenshit?
We got a draft. Close the window!
I fell asleep. How far did we drive?
This is a fucking spot.
Gentlemen, they're waiting inside.
You mind if I just grab my bag?
There's some stuff in there that I need.
You'll have everything you need inside.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
The next two weeks
will be a new experience for you.
Now as I said before,
some of you will have no civil rights.
Do not underestimate that.
If any of you wanna leave,
now is your last chance.
Again, your safety is
our number one priority.
If there is any violence, any at all,
the experiment
will be immediately terminated.
Now, when I call your name, please stand.
Dernier, Bosch,
Helweg, Sandberg,
Chase, and Barris.
So the rest of you,
please stand up and follow the yellow line.
- Later, pal.
- Good luck, gentlemen. And I thank you.
So what do you think, Girl Scouts?
Prisoners or guards?
I think we just got our answer.
Nothing is to come or go from the cell block.
Nothing from the outside world.
If you look in your lockers,
you will see a printout with the five rules
that the prisoners are to follow at all times.
Please read them aloud with me.
"Rule number one:
"Prisoners must eat three meals a day
and all food must be consumed.
"Two: There will be 30 minutes of rec daily.
"Three: Prisoners are allowed only
in prisoner-designated areas.
"Four: Prisoners must speak
only when spoken to.
"And five: Prisoners must not touch
the guards under any circumstances."
Those that break the rules
must be punished commensurately.
What does "commensurate" mean?
This experiment is not about individuals.
If any one person leaves, it's over.
If a prisoner does break the rules,
you will have 30 minutes to choose
proper disciplinary action.
If you fail to do so,
that red light will come on,
the experiment will be terminated,
and you will not get paid.
- What did you say?
- You either maintain strict order,
or you don't get paid.
I will see you in two weeks.
- Sorry, man.
- For what?
- All this.
- Don't sweat it.
All right, turn around. Gotta do the front.
What? Nobody else had to turn around.
What's the problem, Boy George,
you afraid we gonna see that
you got no dick?
- Fuck you.
- Hey, man. Quit being a fag, huh?
Maybe if we drop the soap...
All right, girls. Everyone on the line!
- Which one?
- I don't know.
That one. That line.
- How you doing?
- Gotta be honest,
you guys are the most suck-ass guards
I've ever seen.
Yeah, well, you can blow me
and the entire state of Kentucky.
All right, look, we gotta stop fucking around
or they might end this thing
before it even begins.
I didn't come all the way out here
not to get paid.
"From now on inmates will be addressed
only by their inmate numbers."
That's awesome.
The only other thing
that you girls need to know
is, "Prisoners will find cell assignments
attached to each cell."
- Are we supposed to do that?
- Yes, Tinker Bell.
- Now?
- Yes.
Now run along. Run along, find your homes.
- Okay.
- Going.
- Okay, guys...
- This ain't a love-in. Get moving.
Waiting for a bus? Come on!
Hey, Travis.
Wow, I feel dangerous
just wearing this outfit.
- You look dangerous.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you are massively
messing with me, right?
- No.
- No?
- Benjy Putterman.
- How you doing? Travis.
- Novelist, huh?
- Graphic novelist, actually.
- Comics.
- Graphic novels.
Oh, my God, I'm gonna get so much material
from this place.
- This is ripping!
- Yeah.
So, what drew you to this experiment?
My mother.
It was her idea?
She broke her hip,
I needed to pay the rent.
Do you live with your mother?
And how old are you?
So, what drew you
to this experiment, Mr. Chase?
Pussy. Pussy drew me to the experiment.
It's a male-only experiment, Mr. Chase.
It's the pussy I'm gonna get
with the 14 grand once I'm done.
How many sexual partners have you had?
I lost track when I was, like, 17.
Were they male or female?
So, what drew you to
this experiment, Mr. Nix?
I'm just trying to make an honest buck, man.
Come on, you big boy.
Throw it down.
- Flying Man?
- No.
You guys go ahead.
Oh, hell no. These knees are busted.
Hey, how about it, redwood? Throw it down?
- Wait.
- Oh, my God. Is he okay?
- I'm sorry.
- Fuck.
- Bosch, you all right?
- I'm all right.
- Let's get you out of here.
- I thought he was looking.
- Come on.
- I did.
- You all right, big man. You all right.
- It's all right. It was an accident.
It's all right.
What the fuck was that guy thinking, huh?
I'm okay. I'm okay. He didn't mean it.
- Sure you're all right?
- It's just a bloody nose.
Let's just go back to work. Please.
I don't know.
- I think we gotta do something.
- What are you talking about?
I'm talking about rule number five.
Prisoners are not supposed to touch us.
Well, technically, he didn't touch us.
The ball did.
Look at your face, man.
I mean, we all heard what they said.
We gotta keep the order.
Respond commensurately.
They saw it. They know it was an accident.
- I agree.
- Are you sure about that?
Look, I just don't want that light
to come on in 30 minutes
because we didn't do what
we were supposed to do.
- I got 14 grand on the line.
- Yeah, we all got 14 grand on the line.
Come on.
We're not talking about
crucifying the man here.
The word's commensurate.
Which means,
if what the man did was small potatoes,
we respond in kind.
Small potatoes for small potatoes.
Either that,
or we wait till that light goes on.
Push-ups, ten.
Do them now.
I just need a little civility, that's all.
It was an accident.
This is not a fucking negotiation.
Do the push-ups.
Just a little civility, brother. Just a little.
All right, everyone, ten push-ups.
You heard the man. Let's go.
Do it! Come on, do it!
Yeah, follow your little brother.
There we are.
Count them out.
- One, two, three...
- One, two, three...
...four, five, six...
...four, five, six..., eight, nine, ten., eight, nine, ten.
What did that tell you, huh?
Tater Tots for Tater Tots.
And you, you ought to be a cop, dude.
- Looked more like a drill sergeant to me.
- Yeah.
Like that guy out of Full Metal Jacket.
- "Give me 20, maggot!"
- Fuck you.
I'm almost embarrassed for them,
to be honest.
You know, stepping and fetching like that.
Has it been 30 minutes yet?
I guess we got our verdict.
I'm not mad, you know?
At them.
They keep making us do push-ups like this,
we'll be all swoll.
All of us are.
You know, get paid and get in shape.
- You got a girl, 17?
- No.
What about you?
- I'm at the start of something.
- Yeah?
Me too. Feels good, doesn't it?
- Good and bad.
- Mine's a barista.
Wouldn't think a guy like me
could pull a barista, would you?
What exactly do you write, anyway?
- Comics.
- Graphic novels.
Yeah, Flying Man's my next big launch.
- Flying Man?
- Yep.
The man who flies.
- What's he do besides fly?
- See that?
What you just said,
"What else he do besides fly?"
That's how jaded people have become.
We're talking about flying here.
Like a human being, actually flying.
And no cape, nothing.
Just flying, you know?
Like you or me in this cell
just kind of taking off
like nothing could limit us.
Like we could just go, go, go.
Tell me, honestly,
who is not gonna want to read that?
I shouldn't be talking about this anyway.
My agent would kill me if he knew I was.
- You got an agent, huh?
- Yeah, couple.
How you like that, 77?
Looks like we got a heavy hitter
in the box with us.
Yeah, we do.
9:00, ladies! Lights out!
- Really, come on.
- What?
- What is it?
- Move along, fuck-butt.
Yum, yum, come on, people. Move along!
Hey, hey, hey. You gotta clean your plate.
Come on, man. That's not gonna happen.
What are you?
Spokesman for the union now?
Look, nobody's trying to be difficult.
We'll eat everything else, just not that.
I mean, look at it.
It literally might be dog shit.
It's beans. Come on, eat them.
Come on, guys.
It's not like I'm being
unreasonable here, right?
I mean, we got rules, okay?
Rule number one:
You gotta clean your plate.
Rule number six says,
"You gotta eat dog shit."
It's not dog shit.
It's dog shit.
Well, that's too bad.
'Cause you gotta eat it anyway.
Okay, I'm gonna just...
Oh, my God. My dog shit!
You fucking shit. Out of there.
Look, okay, memo to Adolf,
uniform's not real. Okay, baby?
Hey, Moulin Rouge, you gotta eat it.
Nobody's leaving here
until their plates are clean.
You heard the man, huh?
The word is clean.
- Clean? Is that the word?
- Yeah.
Now it's clean.
He just earned you guys
some more push-ups.
Push-ups. You heard the man! Push-ups!
I'll give you push-ups. Push this up!
Complete wrong move, ass-licker.
Step back!
- You shouldn't have done that!
- Keep it up, girls. Get it out of your system.
That's right, you goose-stepping pussy!
I will see you girls tonight.
Feel the wrath of Flying Man!
Flying Man?
This is our house, bitches!
This is our house!
Only reason,
only fucking reason they did that
was 'cause they knew
they weren't gonna get their asses kicked.
You take away someone's fear
of getting punched in the fucking mouth,
all of a sudden,
they're the biggest cocksuckers
on the fucking planet.
That may be true, but the rules are the rules.
We don't use violence.
Well, we obviously gotta do something.
I mean, we are being tested
just as much as they are.
They made me look like a fucking pussy
is what they did.
I got an idea.
I pledged for a fraternity once.
And during Hell Week, the brothers,
they would break down our will.
They would try to humble us
for the initiation that was gonna come.
I mean, the rules,
they were pretty much the same as here.
I mean, they couldn't hurt us.
But they could do something much worse,
they could humiliate us.
That's what we have to do.
Is we have to humiliate them.
What? What are you doing?
- What the hell is the matter with you?
- That is for inciting them.
- What? What are you talking about?
- Shut up.
You need to shut up. All right?
There will be no more incidents
like there was today.
Is that understood?
I said, is that understood?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Yes, what? 'Cause I can't hear you.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Who's the bitches now, bitches?
Great job, guys. Great job.
- Dude, I...
- Great job.
- Nice speech.
- Good job, good job.
I'll catch up later.
Excuse me? Excuse me?
I'm having heat flashes.
I think my blood sugar is low.
Capote, just shut the fuck up, okay?
- What are you talking about, man?
- I'm having low blood sugar.
If I gotta say "Shut the fuck up"
one more time...
You all right?
Okay, everybody's had their fun.
I'm gonna suggest
that we act like gentlemen
for the rest of the way.
That we play by the rules
these last 11 days.
And everybody can go home happily
with their money.
How's that sound?
Where is 51?
Where's 51?
Let's go.
I need sugar.
Look, diabetic.
Says he's diabetic on his application.
So he needs insulin, that's what it is.
No, no, no. Look.
It says he regulates it through diet.
Yeah, man, it's in his own words.
He's the one that filled this out.
This is not a big deal. It's not.
I mean, my fucking grandma
has basically the same thing,
and she just gets moody in between meals.
Trust me, this is not a big deal.
Fifty-one, you need to get up.
Let's go, come on. Get up.
Hey, I wanna do this.
I do. I just need a Twix bar.
There's one in my bag if you can find it.
Twix bar. Is that what you wanna eat?
Get him up. Get him up. Come on. Come on!
- Are you kidding me?
- You're all right.
- Hey, why don't you let the man be?
- You know the rules, 77.
All prisoners must participate in rec.
And you do not address me
unless I have spoken to you first.
The man... Look at him.
The man can't do it.
You do understand that
this is a prison experiment, right?
And you do understand
the roles that we've been given?
- Obviously.
- You are a prisoner.
You don't give orders, we give orders.
Have I made myself completely clear
to you now?
Let the man lie down.
Do I need to escalate matters right now?
Is that what I should do?
What is that supposed to mean?
It means that you won't shut up.
And I am trying to figure out
how I'm supposed to deal with that.
- Why don't you try being rational?
- How is this for rational?
Do I look rational now? Do I?
- Let's put the sugar in him real quick, man.
- Put it away.
Do I look rational now?
You hit me and the experiment is over.
You know that and I know that.
Easy now, brother. Come on.
Okay. It's okay.
All right, everyone, back in their cell.
Let's go, guards!
Get them back in their cells!
- Let's go.
- Get in!
I don't need an escort.
This ain't right! I ain't playing that shit.
Go. Move!
What do you think they want from us?
Why would you run a prison experiment?
Throw some animals in a cage
and you get to find out which one
of us is gonna be the lions
and which ones are gonna get gut.
I like to think we're slightly higher
on the evolutionary chain than monkeys.
It don't matter how evolved you think we are.
You lock up any animal long enough
and the strong's gonna eat the weak.
That's just the way it is.
You learn that in prison, 17?
- You must think I'm somebody else, slick.
- No.
Just that tattoo you got there is an Aryan tat,
so I figured, you know,
you probably got that in the pen.
Expert in the penitentiary system,
are you, boy?
I just watch a lot of Discovery Channel.
You will not interfere
with my ability to make a paycheck.
You understand?
We're cool. No sweat.
So, what were you in for anyway?
- Did you really just ask me that?
- Yeah. I just asked you that.
- You better pump your brakes, boy.
- Oh, yeah?
- Why's that?
- Lf you don't start respecting the guards,
you're gonna have a serious problem.
- They're not guards.
- No, they're guards all right.
And them up there,
they're getting exactly what they want.
I suggest you stop protecting your friend.
What's right is right, man.
Last thing a man wants to be in the pen
is right.
Dudes, they...
They start digging in
and getting all righteous then.
That only leads to one place.
Go along to get along, man.
Whatever fire you got in your belly,
you're best to let it go.
Trust me.
Let it go.
All I know
is homie lost his shit back there.
- It was just a show.
- For you, maybe.
- Half those fuckers, they were ready to go.
- They weren't gonna do anything.
How well do you know them?
The assholes outnumber us, for one.
If they wanted to take the advantage,
they could.
Us out here in the middle
of fucking nowhere, we're on our own.
The experimenters,
they wouldn't let anything happen.
How well do you know them?
Seventy-seven, he's the ringleader.
Either way, if it keeps going like this,
someone's gonna throw down.
Look, guys, guys.
If anyone gets hurt, this experiment is over.
None of us will get paid.
Well, we gotta put the clamps on this thing
once and for all then.
What're you thinking?
You wanna know how to reach these guys?
You scare 'em.
Come on...
The prisoners, they listen to you.
For some reason they look to you
like you're the leader.
I got news for you.
In here,
you're the leader of shit.
This place, it belongs to us.
It belongs to us.
Hey, there are all kinds of things
that we could do to you
to make you hip to that fact.
So, do we have the proper respect
for authority now?
Fuck you, you sick fuck.
This stuff is going right through me.
- Saddle up, gentlemen!
- Fuck!
You want to send a message?
Then send a message. Saddle up.
Saddle up!
What the hell...
You okay?
That was colossally fucked up.
I mean, you are shit-ass nuts,
you know that?
And that's a good thing, Barris.
The light, it didn't come on.
They saw it, and it's not coming on.
We did what we did, we sent a message,
but it never leaves this place.
I got something to say.
If anything happens like that again,
anything at all,
I'm out of here.
You make a unilateral decision like that,
it could cost the rest of us 100 grand.
I don't care, sir.
Let it go.
Someone harms someone you love.
Rapes them, kills them.
The law fails to prosecute.
This person is free.
There is absolutely nothing you can do.
- Would you consider that justice?
- I don't think on those terms.
Justice is what keeps us safe
as a society. Ordered.
Well, justice is... Well, it starts wars.
An eye for an eye for an eye.
It takes a turning of the cheek
for this species to evolve.
So, you're the one who knows
what it's going to take
for the human species to evolve.
Just regurgitating what people
a lot smarter than me have been saying
for a long, long time.
Look what I found. Take it.
That ought to boost your blood sugar.
No, it won't.
Yeah, there's a lot of carbohydrates in there.
It's like the world's cheapest bread.
It's going to turn to sugar. Trust me.
Yeah, it won't turn to insulin, though.
I thought you didn't need insulin.
If they wouldn't let me bring it down here,
I figured I could tough it out.
Jesus Christ.
- Benjy...
- Fifty-one.
Listen, you can't play around with this.
I got to let them know immediately.
I mean, they need to know.
I got to get you out of here.
You don't understand. You could die.
Not if I get the insulin.
Why are you doing this?
Flying Man is a fraud.
Don't say that.
Yeah. It's stupid. It's a stupid, shitty, fat lie.
Just like me.
He's just a man that flies.
I need this. I need to stop being a fraud.
I need for once to have something
to show for myself.
Please, 77. Please.
- What the fuck you doing?
- Jesus!
- Don't beat your shit off next to me.
- I'm not beating my shit. Fuck off.
I'll give you a thousand of my own money.
He should just go.
Listen, man, there's insulin in his bag.
Can you get it?
You know that's not allowed.
I'll give you two. Two thousand.
Two thousand, man. He needs it.
I don't need the money.
Twenty-two. Get up.
Captain wants to see you.
Lucky for us, there's no cameras in here.
All right, so if we're going to do this,
you can't tell anybody.
The fuck are you talking about?
All I want is a blow job. That's it.
No, no, no, no.
Come on. Just get down on your knees.
Yeah. I'm going to go back to my cell...
First, you get down on your knees, all right?
All right?
I want to go back to my cell.
You will soon enough.
But first you're going to suck my dick.
Suck it yourself.
Get down on your knees.
Get down on your fucking knees.
What's going on in here?
What is that prisoner doing out of his cell?
He had something to tell me
about number 77.
He didn't want to say it in front of the others.
- Seventy-seven?
- Yeah.
- Is that true?
- Yeah, that's true.
No, I'm asking him. Is that true?
It's true. It's true.
Barris. Thank God I found you.
You got to come quick.
What were you doing back there?
I need you to empty your pockets
for me then.
Empty your pockets, Bosch.
Empty that pocket right there.
You know that nothing from the outside
world enters into this cell block.
- You know that, right?
- I mean, I was...
Quiet. Shut up.
They're trying to get you to undermine me.
I know you would never do that.
Who asked you to do that?
You tell me and all will be forgiven.
Who told you?
We need to talk later about this.
As you can see,
I'm a reasonable man.
I'm not the monster that you
somehow conjured up in your head.
I've been given a position,
didn't ask for it.
In some ways it would've been easier
if I was just a prisoner.
- Like you.
- I doubt that very much.
You broke the rules again, 77.
The guy could've died
if he didn't get his insulin...
"The guy could've died
if he didn't get his insulin."
"Guy could've died
if he didn't get his insulin."
Did you hear that?
A guy could've died
if he didn't get his insulin!
When you speak, can you hear yourself?
What do you think is on
the other side of those cameras?
We are being watched
24 hours a day by people
who know what they are doing.
Do you think that if there was even a chance,
just the littlest bit of a chance,
that somebody'd die,
that they would let it happen?
He's perfectly safe, your friend.
They will keep him perfectly safe.
When this is over,
you know what you ought to do?
You ought to take this money,
take a little time off
from whatever it is that you do.
Check into a nice, clean mental facility
where experts can properly diagnose
what exactly is wrong with you.
Maybe you could suggest to me
a mental facility,
because obviously you're running around
in a mental facility inside of your head.
You're letting this guy
fucking run the show?
You're still not following the rules.
- You need help.
- Still arguing about the rules.
I'm not trying to instigate anything.
You need to get help, okay?
You need some fucking help.
You know what I need?
I need you to clean that toilet.
- That's what I need.
- Enough. Enough of this shit, man.
Toilet! It's not cleaning itself.
Let's just stop this, all right, guys?
Let's stop.
You're in charge.
Does that make you happy?
Toilet! I need you to clean my toilet!
- Fuck you!
- Fuck me?
Fuck. You.
I don't normally like to use profanity,
but fuck you!
You are a prisoner, 77.
But your pride is getting in the way.
I think I need you to say it for me.
Say, "I am a prisoner."
Fuck you.
Say it.
Say it.
Go to hell.
Stop it, please.
Then say it for me.
I am...
A prisoner. A prisoner.
A prisoner. I am a prisoner.
Yes. Yes. Yes, 77.
That is exactly what you are.
Hey. Talk to you for a minute?
Come on.
Let's go.
- How come we can't talk back in the room?
- Some of the guys just wouldn't wait.
Whatever you guys are going to do,
please don't do it.
I think it's pretty clear by now there will be
a zero tolerance for breaking the rules.
Bosch will be joining the prison population.
He will be referred to now as Prisoner 76.
Is there a problem with that, Prisoner 77?
I am an equitable man. Equitable. Equitable.
Not once, not once can you accuse me
of breaking the rules.
The rules, they help us
because they guide us...
So that we can exist. So that we can exist.
Exist in this world.
Everybody's not happy with their lot in life.
They have a position, he has a position,
and all of you, all of you,
you have your positions.
And I, I have a position.
Without the rules, there's chaos.
Put that back on.
I said, put that back on, 77.
Did you hear me, 77?
Put it back on! You put that back on.
You get back in the line.
Don't take another step. What're you doing?
Just let him go by? Stop him!
Open the gate. You in there.
- We're done.
- Seventy-seven.
You hear me? We're done.
We're done.
Nobody speaks to them, do you hear me?
Nobody can speak to them.
You don't say one single word to them!
That's rule number one now.
Nobody speaks to them!
That's my friend!
You fucking lowlife! You piece of shit!
You couldn't just shut the fuck up,
could you?
You brought this on your fucking self!
Fuck you!
Divide the prisoners up.
Isolate them so they can't communicate.
The only strength in numbers
I want inside this place is ours.
How the fuck can you listen to that shit?
I can't even fucking think.
All I know is I'm out of here.
You do know that any decisions we make,
we make together?
Well, this thing's over.
We used violence
and the experiment's done.
Is it? It's been a lot longer than half an hour
and red light hasn't come on yet.
So fucking what?
If you think about this rationally,
it was the prisoners who did the violence.
We just responded commensurately.
Fuck commensurately.
And fuck that fucking red light!
How can you say that?
The red light,
that's the only thing that we have!
Don't you realize that?
It's the only way that we can know.
Where's my music?
You can feel what's happening, right?
You're fucking crazy. You know that?
Can you feel it?
What? Camera? Camera.
Why? Why would you have...
Why don't you stop this? Why?
I'll fucking kill you. Kill. I'll fucking kill you.
I'm going to take that tape off of you.
And you're going to give me what I want.
Fuck you.
You're a fucking faggot. You know that.
Aren't you afraid? Yeah. Yeah.
I know you.
You didn't think I would see?
You didn't think I was smart enough?
Please don't hit me again.
Hey, I was going to try to be nice.
Fucking kill you.
You know, if your mouth
doesn't want to play nice,
we'll just have to use the other end.
No. No, no, please. Wait, wait. Time out.
- Shut up!
- Time out, time out.
No. Please don't do this.
Go to sleep, motherfucker, go to sleep.
You think fags are funny?
Who's funny now?
- Hey, kid. You all right?
- No. Thank you. Thank you.
You still want to go along and get along?
Fuck no.
These boys must think I'm somebody else.
Everybody's out, man.
Hey, buddy. Hey, man.
No, no, no. Come on.
Barris, we got trouble.
Coming for you!
Jesus. What'll we do?
We get ready.
You're fucking losing it, man.
They outnumber us two to one.
Maybe, but they're still prisoners.
And they're still scared of us.
We're the authority here.
Does that look like they give a fuck?
Fuck your authority.
About fucking time.
What're you doing? What are you doing?
We got to stand and fight!
This is our world!
You cannot take it from us! No!
Why are you doing this?
We're still guards! Guards!
This is your fault!
You still think we're higher
on the evolutionary chain than monkeys?
'Cause we can still do something about it.
The facility is actively leased
by a corporate think-tank
reported to have ties to the government.
A spokesperson with the Monad Corporation
tells us the facility has been used
for psychological testing.
Yes, we'll testify. Whatever it takes.
A guy died in there.
A guy named Benjy Putterman.
... arrested the lead researcher,
a Dr. John Archalata,
and charged him with manslaughter.
We'll bring you more
as the situation develops.