The Extendables (2014) Movie Script

The question I get asked,
more than any other by far is,
what's it like to
work with So-and-So.
The answers are often
interchangeable general compliments
that give little,
if any information
about the actual experience.
What is it really like to
work with Sylvester Stallone?
Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Steven Segal?
What is it like
to work with JCVD?
The title for this movie
could have been WILT WW.
What's it like to work with...
This movie isn't
going to tell you.
It's going to show you my
impression of what it's like
to be on the set with So-and-So.
We've combined traits of
these action stars and
a few others into one
fictional character.
The great Vardell Duseldorfer.
His friends simply call him VD.
Much of what you're about to
see, I actually witnessed.
And as they say on TV, the
names have been changed
so the guilty won't sue you.
And so, to my aforementioned
muses, thank you.
Now, let's find out what it's
like to work with So-and-So.
Welcome to Excess Hollywood!
Excess Hollywood
Lots of dirt, no cleanup!
I'm your host, Tara Grey.
On the comeback trail,
the great Vardell Duseldorfer.
His adoring fans who often
contract his
uberlong name to VD,
some things defy explanation.
But one thing is for sure,
his fans do love him.
I love VD.
I've been
a fan of VD for 17 years.
Keep it
comin', stay off the hook,
stay hot with the people,
this how we do it!
To have VD is to love VD.
I've been a VD fan for 52 years.
You can say what
you want about Vardell,
but he got where he is
because of one reason.
He's the great VD.
My momma
told me that VD was a disease.
Duseldorfer, number, number one!
The embarrassed
ubernatorial has wandered
once again in front of a camera.
Uzbekistan apparently
wishes to play host to VD,
and welcomes him with open arms,
if not a nice, warm petri dish.
What might the Uzbekis expect?
Well, let's hear from some stars
who've had some
experience with VD.
Mr. Kove?
I don't kiss and tell.
Especially when it involves
something as personal as VD.
I know, how
about a Herculean quote
from Mr. Kevin Sorbo himself.
Working and Duseldorfer.
It's kind of an oxymoron.
Or a moron disguised as an ox.
No, don't, don't use that one.
I got a better one.
Working with Duseldorfer.
It was sort of like
juggling water.
You never really get
the balls in the air
and you have to
clean up afterwards.
Oh, nice shot, Kevin.
Who would have thought that
the former bodybuilder's
Time in office would be
punctuated a maid escapade.
I was just trying to show her
how to work off the large fold
of fat the tummy bellyflap.
And it just slipped in!
Yeah it was accident!
And poof, it made a baby!
Fuck you, Tara.
We can support
his support of moms,
and public breastfeeding.
More public breastfeeding!
But what about his
bill to get goldfish,
yes, uh-huh, goldfish
in every home?
Not the goldfish!
Goldfish propagation
reduces the greenhouse gases
and helps the children relax!
You made goldfish dirty.
The movie that
made him go into politics
in the first place was
that Fascist Time Machine
wreck that detonated more
than his fragile career.
That was the director's fault!
So can dysfunction
be dysfunctional?
Has the expendable actor,
yes, expendable actor
passed his expiration date?
It's not looking
good for our hero.
Possible movie trailer voice.
Thank you.
Will our hero make it out alive?
Oooo, you think it's
easy to make a movie?
You sit there in
your thong and your
air conditioner
and you judge me!
I'd like to see you
crawl through mud.
Sweat, work 20 hours a day.
I tell you, Hard Time
on Mars will make more
money than you can count to!
I show you!
I show you!!!
I show you.
I did not retire,
I got extension.
Old, young, old, young.
Not retired.
Will direct.
I will direct.
Excess Hollywood
Can our favorite
rehabinator rekindle
his past and extend his career?
Will he "be back?"
Will Hard Time on Mars
be the spark VD needs?
Or just hard time?
Should we wish the
Uzbekistanis luck?
Or send them penicillin?
Only time will tell.
VD 10 yards and closing.
Quiet on the set!
Our director
Vardell Dusel-dorfer
has come to join us.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Nicely done, thank you.
Thank you very much.
What're you doin' sir?
We need more rock.
We need more rock.
VD, you know, we have
set decorators that do that.
I like set decorating.
Yes, sir, so
what about the fight?
Uh, what about it?
Can we lock it?
Lock means that we're
not gonna change it.
Can we lock it?
We're not going to change it?
I don't know, are we?
I don't know.
I don't either.
Why did you let him direct?
He wouldn't
do the film otherwise.
This is nice.
This is fun!
Get him to talk about his dick.
It scares him I think,
it makes him insecure.
Maybe he'll cover by heaving
and getting back to work.
Dick, yes.
Oh, wow my dick hurts.
You want me to rub it for you?
Maybe later,
uh, maybe after the fight scene?
I'm uh, thinkin' about it.
So, VD, what about
the fight, can we lock it?
I don't know.
Maybe you should
teach me part of it.
The first part?
Let's get that fight going on.
Yeah, where's my saber ha ha!
Sir Jeffrey, would you
mind if I take over?
Yeah, actually
I would enjoy that.
Great, we'll call
you when you're up.
I'll be working on my lines.
I need you to use and trust
the length of your sword.
Use and trust the
length of my sword.
It's kind of like the force.
Yeah, the force.
Think about keeping your
hand in your pocket.
Okay, in my pocket.
Okay, I can do that.
I can handle that.
I think we need the girl.
Yeah, the girl.
No, she's knocked out.
Yeah, but she can wake up.
No, she's not
supposed to wake up yet, VD.
No, she wake up, but
she want to come to my aid.
And knocks herself out!
- No.
- It would be very funny!
VD, we're running out of time.
Get me Louie.
Page Louie.
I would like the girl, please.
I want the girl.
Get me Maria.
VD, your chef, Louie.
Louie, what were those
strips of things we had?
Last week.
What day?
That was the chicken.
No, it was not the chicken.
Maybe it wasn't Tuesday?
I don't know, it
was the strips of things
with maybe the light pesto.
No, the pesto was
on the chicken on Tuesday.
Yes, calamari!
But that was Thursday.
With a lemon herb
and a sesame oil.
Oh, it was Thursday.
Yes, Thursday.
Well I will have two strips
of calamari al dente.
Yes, sir.
VD, Maria.
Oh, Maria.
How are you?
Good, how are you?
I'm very good now
that you are here.
We have decided to add
you into the fight.
Do I get to punch you?
Uh... no.
Kick you?
But you do get to
slap me in the face
with your fair and ample bosom.
Oh... okay.
VD, you okay?
What happened?
Sometimes I see things.
What did you see?
It was large and warm,
and it felt really good.
So, you're okay.
You know we have to do
the fight sometime today!
Why don't you show
us the second part
of the fight Mr. Choreographer?
You will never get me.
The crystals are mine.
You'll never get me!
The crystals are mine!
Hmm hmm!
You'll never get me ha ha!
Oh, God.
A word, if I may.
Oh, Sir Jeffrey, of course.
Let me know what
I can do for you.
You will never
get me, the crystals are mine.
Does the previous sentence have
a ring of familiarity to it?
Sort of.
Shall we
call it by its real name?
Do you want me saying cliches?
What exactly
was it about this script
that made you want
to make this movie?
Why don't you re-title the
film and call it, The Cliche?
Then it can be a comedy
and I can laugh about it.
What do you want to say?
I want the
words to not be plagarized.
I want them to have something
to say that vaguely resembles
my character, who is fucking
religious by the way.
"The crystals are mine,"
what the fuck is that?
What did you pay
for this script?
One hundred.
Hmmmm, a 100,000 dollar cliche.
You may want to stand clear.
In his pants
right now, there is more
original color and content
than in your script.
Whew, stay!
Did you see the size
of that guy's bulge?
European men put it pointed
up to make it look bigger.
American men put it
down to make it look bigger.
No, they don't,
it looks bigger up!
No, American men point it down
to make it look bigger.
No, it looks bigger up.
- Up.
- Down!
Stop talking about dick.
Are you the
only one who's allowed
to talk about it, Mr. Director?
Well maybe I am!
VD, I have the calamari!
It looks fantastic!
It is not as good as last week!
Oh no, uh, VD, sir, uh, umm...
Uh, uh, Louie?
10 minutes, we are taking break.
Why don't we just make
a movie about break?
At least
it wouldn't be a cliche.
You should have budgeted
for some star wranglers.
They have those?
Oh, yes.
Complete with ropes
and cattle prods.
Do you have their number?
There, yeah.
I could not do
this without you guys.
I love you.
You guys always be there for me!
I promise, I will
always be there for you.
What's your name?
Okay, we start today with
a prayer and some meditation.
A little prayer.
5 minutes.
Turn off the cell
phones and the walkies!
What is this
meditation costing me?
Five, ten thousand?
Okay, we go to work.
Yes, maybe now we
can make some movie!
Lay down, lay down, lay down.
Oh, is that beautiful?
Is that so nice?
Okay, so, you need to wake up,
you're asleep, you're asleep.
You wake up.
Okay, now, you got to
g..., we need something
for her to hit me with.
How 'bout, a...
Rubber chicken.
Rubber chicken?
That would be funny!
Or better, you know, there's
a lot of rubber chickens.
What about...
I think this is it.
Turkey neck!
Whup, turkey neck!
Yeah what do you think?
Do you have a turkey neck?
I've got this lizard thing.
It is a lizard.
Does your lizard speak?
Not in my experience.
On Mars, a rubber lizard.
This is a big beef thing.
Maybe you could try that.
Does it hurt?
Well, you try.
Go ahead.
You like?
Yeah, that's good!
That doesn't hurt at all.
Yeah, hey come here!
Is this good?
What else do you have?
A wooden leg?
A peg leg?
Yeah, it actually
belonged to my uncle.
I don't know if it will...
It doesn't work.
No, that's not gonna work.
Step back here for a second.
Some crabs?
That is a space crab!
Those are hard to get rid of.
What, umm...
A little aluminum missile.
An itty bitty
little aluminum missile.
A little bitty
tiny aluminum missile.
What do you think?
It's funny.
Hit me on the head with it.
Hey, uhh...
Man, Mark, you have
a very big package.
What is that, kielbasa?
Are we fighting,
or talking dick?
I guess I do talk
about dick a lot.
Can we kiss and make up?
I would like that.
Did she say lick,
she would lick that?
I would lick that, too.
I lick it.
Alright everybody,
that's five minutes.
Make it six!
Okay, make it six.
Something's happening!
Cradle the balls,
work the shaft.
Cradle the
balls, work the shaft.
Mmmm cradle, more cradle.
- I
- just had an inspiration
for a new crew T-shirt.
It's been about
five minutes, baby.
Are you okay?
What do stupid
doctors know, anyway?
Do you think they could wait
maybe five more minutes?
I don't want them to
think I went too quickly.
And maybe you could mess
your hair up a little?
Don't worry, we'll
have fun on the set.
I promise.
Two pools, 20 dollars each.
One, we get a shot
of anything today,
Two we don't get a shot all day.
That is whack.
I'm in.
No shot.
Sir Jeffrey would like
to speak with his director,
do you have a minute for him?
Oh, Sir Jeffrey, of course.
This way, sir.
Of course for Sir
Jeffrey, I always have time.
VD, structurally, they're
doing a rather strange thing.
They're having a sub-villain
killed after the main villain.
A sub-villain.
I'm a bad guy on a submarine.
No, no we don't
have a submarine in the movie.
We have rocket ships.
My character
is a main villain, so
anyone who would work
for a main villain
would be a sub-villain.
A smaller bad guy?
So, why would you
kill a little bad guy
after you've just killed
the biggest bad guy?
Because, he's a bad
guy and he has to die.
Yes, but um,
killing of the big villain,
that's the climax of the movie.
Climax, like, orgasm.
Exactly, right!
Yes, so after the orgasm,
do you have foreplay?
I just, take a nap.
Because the movie's over.
Right, I never
watch the credits.
So, why would
you kill a little bad guy
after you've just
killed the big bad guy?
Because he is a bad guy.
Yes, but you see, umm, killing
of the little bad guys is
the foreplay that leads up
to killing of the big bad
guy, which is the climax.
I don't understand.
Okay, umm...
Action-adventure movies are
really like romance movies.
The romantic hero identifies
the beautiful girl,
chases after her, romances
her, finally gets to have her.
Action-adventure hero,
identifies the bad guy,
chases after him after
some close encounters,
finally the bad guy's
caught and killed, climax!
So you see it's, it's
almost like a love story.
But, I don't love the villain.
Well no, of
course, but, but you know,
you still wanna fuck him.
I do?
In the butt?
Well then they...
Or they...
No, it was a metaphor!
A metaphor.
You don't know metaphor?
Hmm, comes before meta-five.
It doesn't come at all.
It doesn't?
So Jeffrey, could
you explain please,
but with the smaller words.
Look, as the
script is now, it's as though
you get to fuck the beautiful
girl that you'be been
chasing after the whole
movie, then you climb off her,
go into the next room,
and fuck her ugly sister!
Does that make any sense?
Because, if you can
fuck the sister, you should.
But, she's ugly.
It's not the face you fuck.
Do you know the
expression pearls before swine?
Do you know what it means?
Don't feed pigs pearls
because they could
choke on them and die.
Call it.
VD, the crew wants to
present you with a cake.
They do?
For our director.
Oh, hey cake for everybody!
Ha ha!
Cake cake cake cake I like cake.
I don't know what to say,
I'm, I'm really very moved.
I know that having
a crew like you guys
makes my job all the
much easier, you guys
are fantastic, and I
hope that we can always
work together
forever, forever, yes.
Please, VD, blow
out your candles.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Help me, I'm blind!
I'm blind!
No, no, it's okay, it's okay.
I'm cake-blind!
VD, it's whipped cream and
it's actually pretty good.
Well get it off of me!
Right now, you fire
them right now!
VD, it was practical joke!
Nobody was hurt.
Get off of my set!
All of you!
You're all fired!
You're fired right now
brother, right now!
It's pie in face,
it's part of show business.
Fire them!
We have to finish the movie!
Alright, that's enough.
Not yet, not yet.
Stay here!
Hey, you stupid FX motherfucker.
Who's pissing their panties now?
Hasta la vista, maybe.
You want a retake?
Eat my lead.
Vaya con dios, baby.
Hey, it's pretty funny, a man
all covered in whipped
cream firing a shotgun.
Yeah, funny, let's laugh!
Funny pie in the face man,
come on let's all laugh!
Yah, yah, is funny.
All we need is
some maybe nice tits,
then we really have a show.
That is pretty good you
stupid FX motherfucker
that doesn't even know the
sound of his own blanks, huh?
Yippee kay-yay motherfucker!
Doesn't even know the
sound of his own blanks.
Yoke's on you, ha!
Rub yourself, rub
your boobies on me.
I feel something.
It's working!
Well that was
fun while it lasted.
Let's go!
Okay, it's working, oh yes!
Sophocles heard
it long ago on the Aegean,
and it brought into his
mind the turbid ebb and flow
of human misery.
Oh, oh...
Down the vast edges and
naked shingles of the world.
Oh, oh S-Sue, I was in the warm.
I saw the warm.
Thank you, my little fish.
Alright, time to get back
to work, bring me.
Touch-ups, after rehearsal.
Okay, at this
point in the fight,
get rid of the swords.
We're going to grapple
mano a mano, yeah?
By now, Darkwing has managed
to get me in a sleeper hold.
But the last minute, I
will overpower him and
him on the ground.
VD, nobody can get
out of a sleeper hold.
Ah, bull shit.
I do it all the time.
You said you wanted
the fight to be realistic?
Nobody can get out
of a sleeper hold.
I do it all the time, Mark!
It's gonna knock you out.
Ha ha ha ha.
Put one on me, come on, give
it your best shot, stuntman.
Listen, let's
continue the fight, huh?
Are you afraid of the great VD?
You think I don't
know what I'm doing?
You think I got this way
from being photographed?
My chi will overpower your chi
and that is what
you are afraid of.
Bring it on, stuntman.
Put your best move on me now.
VD, it's gonna knock you out.
Bullshit, do it.
Get the medic.
Tell him he's gonna
need to revive VD.
Ha ha ha ha.
What's happening here?
One minute, I am proving a point
to the bullshit stuntman.
Ha, okay.
Don't do anything
until I say go.
Are you ready?
Oh, crap he pissed himself.
His pulse is good.
Alright, alright.
Get wardrobe in here
to change his pants.
Hey, look.
VD wakes up, and he finds
out that we know that
he pissed his pants, we're gonna
kiss off the whole day, huh.
I thought that's
what we're doing already.
Come on, come on,
pants, fly it on in here!
He stuffs his pants?
That is whack.
Has somebody
got a magnifying glass?
A tattoo.
He got his Johnny tattooed.
Oh man, what
that would feel like.
No, no that's a rumor, man.
I don't believe that.
It's definitely not a rumor.
This is what he wanted.
It took about
2000 pricks on his porksword.
On the uh, tip of his uh...
His manhood?
His manhood.
I hope he told you that.
I hope you did not...
I saw it.
He had a, he had a tattoo of
like uh, eagle's wings or uh,
a talon going over the tip.
How did uh, how
did you happen to see it?
What was the circumstance?
No, he just
decided to show it to me.
So you kept your trousers up.
I kept mine up.
He just, he gave
you a quick visual,
and that was that.
Red talons on the left
and blue talons on the right.
It's like, an eagle.
Very patriotic.
Maybe he's wanting to fly.
No, I think if he wanted
to fly it would be wings.
Get the pants on him, okay!
Lay down next to VD.
We got a movie to
make here, now.
When the medic hits VD with
the smelling salts, okay,
I want you to roll
over, like he's just
flipped you over his back
and onto the floor, okay?
Hey look, with any luck,
he'll believe this, too.
Alright, the rest of you.
When VD wakes up, all I
want to hear is cheering.
hey you were great,
hey you're the best
guy in the world,
Hey bullshit, blah
blah blah blah blah.
You ready?
, action.
I tell you, you
bullshit stuntman,
now you have met the great VD.
Who is the one with
the, embarrass now, man?
Is it you?
Oh ho ho ho ho.
Yeah, VD, me.
Something smells like shit.
Ah, what, did somebody
step on a barking spider?
General, please stop
wafting in my direction, uh.
When did I remember to
forget to tie my shoes?
I have a great
idea for the fight.
Um, the great VD is
going to fly in the movie
like House of Frying Dragons.
House of Frying Dragons,
we're going to fly me.
VD, why would
your character fly?
Cuz he is a spaceman.
Yes, but House of Frying
Dragons was a fantasy.
Yeah, life is a fantasy.
Like Peter Pan.
Never grow up!
Never grow up, no way
not sir, no not me!
I just thought of something.
The first time I had jellybeans.
Get me some jellybeans and
take out all the yellow ones!
Jellybeans are
on their way, captain.
Aye, aye!
Alright, back to work.
In here.
The design had
to come from somewhere,
even if it was just
his subconsious.
It's like a, that
makes it even better,
a direct snapshot
into his inner psyche.
I think he has color issues,
what's the whole thing
with getting all the yellow
jellybeans taken out?
Maybe he does not like lemon.
No, I think he has color issues.
I think that's least of issues.
Well, that may be.
What happened to you?
You used to be my best friend.
Johnny doesn't come
out and play anymore.
Uh, that's better.
Hi, girls.
Oh look, she has a
bottom like a little boy's.
Space Cowboy by Matt Long
I love you.
10, no 15 minutes.
Then they will respect me!
Somebody needs to cum.
Let me.
Are you recording this?
The rockets are falling!
That's a wrap!
I had to work with VD.
I am idiot!
We have to be out
of here by midnight.
We still have three
days' work left.
Emily, get him out
of his trailer.
Do whatever it takes.
Just pretend that
you're at the beach!
I want speak, to Mr. VD.
The great VD.
I made it work.
I've got VD's lines
in this script.
And it works.
Uh, we have to
cut 10 more pages.
10 pages?
Yes, yes.
Is that enough?
Oh wait that's only seven?
Does that work for you?
Oh, Ray.
No no no, Ray, that's
not what I mean.
What if the bad guy
falls to his death?
Trips and falls.
By, by himself?
It, it's logical, people
trip and fall all the time.
No final fight scene,
no dialog, no, no, no swords?
No, no.
Just uh, trips, and falls.
Like life.
Well why don't we just
have them kiss and make up?
They could walk
out holding hands.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
rape and kill your sister,
it was an accident.
Oh, that's okay because I
live my life out of love now
and I want you to know
that I love you too.
I forgive you!
The bad guy and our
hero could become the
poster children for
anger management.
If we can make it
work, you can, too!
Okay, I get point.
Burton, thanks
for the job, really.
But I'm done.
I wish you luck.
I'm almost feeling sorry
for cards dealting to Burton.
He put everything
to this picture.
Yeah, what an idiot.
Well, VD's pictures
still make money.
Not in America.
Did you know that his name,
VD, in America is actually
a sexually transmitted disease?
Yeah, yeah I think it's
how you say it in Europe,
the whole W, V, Wagner, Vagner...
Wagner, Vagner.
You know Emily, last time
you were very angry with me.
I sent you flowers,
chocolates, candy, wine.
And I even wrote you a poem
and you did not respond to me
and it's my dying wish that
I have the key to your heart.
I do not have the key,
I cannot find the key.
And I just, I, I love you,
Emily and I, I want your love.
You want see my...
Then you go set!
No picture.
Oh Emily, you know I
have to have a picture.
Oh, I'm kind of
sleepy now, I have to,
I think I have to take a nap.
She'll be back.
What happened?
I am virgin.
He doesn't want your virginity.
He wants take picture.
Cover your face.
1,000 Euro!
Thousand Euro?
3,000 Euro me,
3,000 more my family.
Ah, Emily.
You are so beautiful.
No flower or the things that
pop up out of the ground
in the spring can
equal your beauty.
I, I love you.
I do.
Thank you Emily, at last
my mirror is complete.
You will never forget this.
You come!
Almost, almost.
Am I such a bad boy?
My mommy, she breastfed
me, I love breasts.
There is nothing
in the world that
a good breast suck can't cure.
Am I such a bad boy?
Okay, umm, checklist.
Let's take it from where
Maria doinks me on the head
with the little
aluminum missile.
You know, maybe
instead of hitting you,
I could help you.
What are you going to do
if a woman doesn't have a gun?
You going to, blow
kisses at him?
Maybe you beat him up with
your batting of the eyelashes?
Is that what it is?
You know, I get great
idea for your character
and you want to change it?
Is that it?
You want to be the director?
Is that it?
Sure, yeah this
will be fun, yeah!
We bring in all the helpless
girls and the great VD
can come and rescue them.
What are you doing?
You, get off my set, stupido!
Get out of here!
You are stupido!
If only implants were brains,
then you could be Einstein.
And then, you could direct.
Get off my set!
I fire you!
It's still hard
to believe they're
not getting bad boy clause.
with his reputation.
I hear he gets to choose
his own call time.
Who you have to fuck,
choosing own call time?
Oh, no no no no, I mean in life?
Being dealting these cards?
That'd be the
dealer, the dealer.
The dealer, the
dealer, the fucking dealer.
The fucking dealer.
VD I'm sorry, we cannot fly you,
we just don't have the time.
Mr Producer, you
will make the time.
No no no no, we must
shoot the fight scene as is.
Mm-hmm, as fight choreographer,
you shoot the fight
the way I say it
is in my contract.
You are the director and
the fight choreographer, but
you aren't the set designer.
As the fight choreographer,
the next part of the fight
is in the air, is what I say,
you cheap Euro producer, huh!
You can't spend
5 Euro on a stunt?
Huh, I'll tell you
what, you take this,
you go hock it for 10 Euro,
and you build us a fucking set!
Huh, what is this piece of shit?
What is it, cardboard?
No, it's paper.
You give me
5,000,000 Euro, yeah?
You tell me this is
10,000,000 Euro movie.
Where's the other 5,000,00, huh?
What did this cost?
Oh, one Euro?
I show you what I
think of your set, huh?
Oh, oh oh, precious
set, I love you.
Uh, ow, ow ow!
Shit shit shit!
My toe, get away from me!
Get away from me.
Finished... set... I
am not finished!
Take that you stupid set!
I showing you, you fucking set!
Ha ha ha ha.
I think I am stuck.
Where's my grippers?
That is whack.
Uh, I'm over here you
know, hey, like uh, hey!
Hey, I'm over here.
In here, hello?
I'm in the rock!
Video, come on,
Help me.
Excuse me?
What's happening out there?
Da, except I
don't speak Russian!
I know you want to help.
Keep the producer away from me.
Keep him away from my butt.
Harry, are you awake?
I had to call and let you
know that he's stoned,
he's drunk, he's high,
he's wielding a knife,
I could get killed right
now, he's so psycho.
He's just rammed his head
into a fiberglass rock.
That's better!
Can I say it?
- No, is... no.
- I'm going to.
Okay, go ahead.
Shouldn't you be
out there giving him a hand?
So you're
sending me back to the hotel
until you have ironclad
assurances that I do not
have to do battle
with um, a person
who is on drugs and alcohol.
Harry, wake up Harry.
Come on.
You have no idea!
There's a psychopath on the
loose wielding lethal weapons.
You're supposed to be my agent,
standing in front of
me and protecting me.
Here you are, off in America,
in a nice warm bed, and here
I'm on a set with a psycho!
You voiceless,
lawless, neutered coward.
Take that, you stupid rock!
Take that you stupid shit.
Hey, VD!
I've spoken to special effects,
we're going to fly you.
I like the idea, it
will uh, give extra...
Now you like the idea?
Visual interest to...
You will be very happy that
you have flown the great VD.
Sir Jeffrey!
Hey, let's run lines.
Leave us alone,
we are rehearsing!
What he's doing?
Okay, uh, you
have the first line.
The crystals are mine.
The crystals are for the people.
The people
are ignorant peasants.
They'll just piss away their
money on tithes and beer.
I represent the people's beer.
Are you
really going to say that?
I wrote that,
I think it's funny.
There's beer on Mars?
There is now.
Why are you
doing that with your voice?
I heard that when
a director does that
it makes his voice
low and gravelly.
Yes, but
naturally your voice has
so much more color in it.
My voice has color?
In real
life, you're so animated.
But when you act, you stick
your voice down in one note.
I do?
Why would you do that?
Because it sounds cool.
Yes, for a minute.
But you know, when you go
to a concert, don't you want
to hear all the instruments,
not just the tuba?
A tube of what?
Come on you know
it's like, big brass horn?
Got a big bell on it?
Oh, the tuba!
Bom bom bom bom bom bom.
I lick the tuba!
I said lick, so
I have to, sorry.
Ha hahaha!
Do chicks dig that?
They go crazy.
Boy, you've had
some breaks, haven't you?
A little luck has
hit me on the head.
Among other things.
Is it true that you went down on
all those chicks in front of
everyone at your birthday?
Of course.
Aren't you afraid
of contracting something?
I never get sick.
Life, is the disease,
and I am the cure!
Is your microphone on?
Disconnect the cable,
I once knew a sound guy
who played me a tape
once of crews, you know,
going at it in his trailer.
You know what he says
when he's cumming?
No mommy, no!
That's fucked up!
You must now swear to
me that you will never
tell a single soul what
I'm about to tell you,
or I will hunt you
down and kill you.
You have my
solemn word as a gentleman.
I will now tell you
something about the great VD.
No one fucks the great VD.
You give me one pile of shit
I will give you
100 piles of shit.
Burton, he told me that we
were making a 10,000,000 Euro
movie, he gives me
5,000,000 Euro, right?
What does he spend on
this set, like 10 Euro?
This set will look like
shit, I will look like shit.
I don't want them to
release this movie.
Burton is out there
right now eating his shit
and I am salting it.
As long as I do what
I am doing, I am free
to leave here at
midnight tonight.
Pretty brilliant, huh?
But no one will ever
want to work with you again.
Oh, bullshit, I got a
three-picture deal waiting,
I could do a television series.
Oh, my aching vagina!
What's the matter?
Can I tell you
a secret that if you tell
anyone else I get to kill you?
You have my word as a gentleman.
Your film is the
only job I've been offered
in the last two years.
This job saved my house.
That is bullshit,
fire your agent!
You are the best actor!
VD, there
are a million good actors,
but very few stars.
You are a star.
I am just an actor.
Ha ha no, you are a star.
A minor twinkler, perhaps.
Only a few stars rise.
And you have got yours
a long way up there.
Yeah my star did
go up a little ways.
Yours could, too!
You know how
when you meet some people,
you just want to
rush up and hug them?
There's something
about them you just
want to hold close to you?
And then there are other
people who give you the creeps.
You have this
boyish quality about you.
It's adorable.
I am one of those people
who give others the creeps.
Who's playing
the villain in the movie, hmm?
Was that an accident?
And it's okay.
Do I look sad?
It's been a great
living, most of the time.
Do you want to get out of here?
Do you want to get out
of this stinking set?
I want to go home.
I want to hold my children.
Then the great VD
will fire you, too.
Let's do it on the set
with more people around.
Maria wanted an audience.
She wanted you to fire her?
Yes she has to leave tomorrow
and wanted to go shopping.
She's going to buy me a present!
VD, that was great acting!
Well, thank you Sir Jeffrey.
Think of some really
horrible things to say
about me, it will
be all the more fun.
- I
- think I could muster
a few things for the occasion.
I finally get to do some acting.
Yes, yes a performance
is in order!
It's going to be fun, yes?
VD, what a brilliant surprise.
It's been fun working with you.
Well not everyone
has said that about me.
Thank you.
You see, I want to hug you.
I told you he
hits for other team.
See you on the set, Sir Jeffrey.
You know what your problem is?
No one says no to you anymore.
When was the last time
anyone said no to you?
When was the last time
you said no to yourself?
What are you talking about?
What is a
man if his chief good and
market of his time
be to sleep and feed.
A beast no more.
The best part of you
is not being fed.
Why not?
Because you've
locked it away from yourself
and from everyone else with
bars of coke and drugs.
It's not bars, it's lines.
It's drugs.
It's killing your discipline.
And you being a star, it's
killing the discipline
of everyone around you.
You have too much power.
And everyone is afraid
of losing favor with you,
or you're going to use
your power against them.
Everyone is afraid
to say no to you, but
all they have to
do is just say no.
You want to say no to me?
Yes, everyone
should say no to you.
Because you are an addict,
and you belong in rehab.
You say no to me?
Yes, I say no to you.
You want to say no to me?
You say no?
No or yes?
I say no to
you, and everyone else
should say no to you as well!
You want to say
no to the great VD.
Ha ha, well, man of flowery
words, then you are stupid.
Because no one says no to
the great VD, especially
when VD is the director!
So I fire you!
Get off my set!
You think having to leave your
little playground here,
your sandbox, is punishment?
Hey, don't let the door hit your
flowery dick on the way out.
You're not a hero, VD.
You're a movie star.
An icon.
That is not as
substantial or deep as the
film your image is recorded on.
A vapid photon, glittering
for an ignorant audience.
I pity, really pity your fans.
I wish they knew what an
appalling effort it takes
to get your facade ready
to be photographed.
A photograph of a
facade that moves.
That is how I
shall remember you.
You cannot hear my no,
but you will hear the no
that life delivers you.
VD, you are the disease.
And you, and you
alone are the cure.
I am the disease
and I am the cure.
That was my line, he changed it.
He was joking.
Joke's on you.
VD, where are you going?
I'll be back.
We have to finish the movie.
People are supposed
to say no to me,
you wanna say no to me?
Okay, umm, no, no!
You cannot leave set.
Fuck you.
You want to say no?
To me?
To the great VD?
You should say no to me.
What, did I get some on my face?
What, what, what are you doing?
My dick says no to me.
Stop this!
Stop it!
Who is it?
Hi baby.
What are you doing here?
Well I wanted to get you
something to remember me by.
Oh thank you, Maria.
I didn't think maybe
you were gonna actually
go shopping for me.
What is it?
Well open it.
You didn't get this at a store.
No, I didn't.
Props had an extra one.
You like?
I love you.
Awww, honey you know
it's not love, it's location.
I know.
But it's still sad
to see you go anyway.
Aww, it was fun.
Have fun.
I'll miss your tuckus.
I'll miss yours too.
VD, I need you to
focus, are you ready?
I was born ready.
Today is a good day to fly.
Alright, here we go.
On three, two, one.
Oh, look I am Superman!
Ho ho!
And once again, I have saved
New York for the 47th time.
Ahh, wooo!
And I go woooooo...
Oh that's a nice rocket.
Now do I look like a fish?
Am I the fish?
And now, I'm Super, not
yet I'm not Superman.
Oh, we got hung
behind the rocket.
You think they
can keep hoisting him
right out of building?
Oh I think they have something
even better than
even that planned.
That was a little bit
too fast there, Mark.
I'm a-spinning like that
little thing with the horses,
the round one.
I, I think the balance is off.
I'm a-stuck-ed here.
Uh, let's take me down.
Hey, yeah we're on it VD.
Bring it down!
It's uncomfortable.
I don't, I don't feel so good.
Oh, I feel all sweaty.
I told Louie I
did not want the fish.
VD are you all right?
Okay I think I'm, I feel
better actually I'm Okay.
But get me down.
Oh God.
I don't feel so good.
Oh God, my arm
hurts, GET ME DOWN!
My arm!
Can we get him down?
VD, VD, here.
VD, talk to me.
Talk to me.
Get in here, come
on come on come on!
That was a puke smell.
I think I know what it is.
The uh, the tattoo, the talons.
I think it's a
straight shot into his
subconscious, he knows.
He knows that he
is controlled by his dick.
And his dick is controlled
by some winged thing
in the sky that he has
no control over, some
winged, whimsical beast
that has pulled him
and yanked him and the talons
are deep into his flesh,
and he can't control
it, and it's like he's
telling his dick that he knows.
It's a concession of sorts.
He's conceding to his dick.
He was blown out
of his mind and uh,
probably picked
the wrong picture.
No, he knows.
It's a recognition
of your own faults.
You know it actually
takes a lot of, he may
have more insight than we think.
You know, God damn,
the tattoo, I like it.
Son of a bitch knows!
He knows!
Can I get a
gurney in here, please?
Let's go, move it in.
Here we go, here we go.
Get him off, get him off.
Let's go, let's go let's go!
How 'bout some help, Ivan!
We got it.
Do you believe in karma?
Well, yeah, but it's
not often you get to see
the big wheel go all the
way around in one lifetime.
I know you're
liking his tattoo, but uh,
he shits on everybody.
His wife, his children, he
probably shits on his own dog.
Hey, don't wrap up!
This is not a wrap!
We will shoot the
scene with doubles.
Not today!
No no no!
Get his body off of here!
We are going to shoot
the scene with...
Oh, now she says no.
What happen-ed?
I was, I was Peter Pan,
and I was doing the flying,
and I saw Neverland, and
Tinkerbell was calling,
and there was the
fippy-fippy thing.
God my mouth tastes like
shit, could I have some water?
Louie's supplying it.
VD please, just lay back down.
Oh thank you.
We gotta get
you to the hospital.
We gotta get
you to the hospital.
We have a movie to make!
VD, you just had a heart attack!
You had a heart attack.
Oh that is bullshit.
Alright, to the trailer!
VD, we must get this shot!
Does he listen to anybody?
It's working!
1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky
Starring in the next movie
that I make, Salma Hayek.
Salma, call me!
Yes, Mr.
Duseldorfer directed much
of what you will
see tonight, plus
he will direct the sequel,
Hardest Time on Mars.
Starting next month.
He is a natural.
Behind and in front, oh.
Vardell, Vardell!
VD, tell us about rehab.
VD, are you single?
You stay up all night
thinking of that questions,
huh, you you you you, you
go to many colleges, huh
to uh, think up questions
like that to ask in front
of a man with a
wife and a family?
I tell you this, we make movies.
You make great ones, Vardell!
You, you you you make
opinions, which is like
that, that that joke, that
everyone has one of huh?
You use that to make
a questions, too?
I tell you this, Mr.
Reporter, your words
they will be read for a
few day, Hard Time on Mars
will be watched forever!
I thought one of
you geniuses would uh,
ask me about rehab, so I
prepared a little answer.
I tell you this.
Re, re, re-rehab, it's a
little embarrassing but
like pie in the face, it's
a part of show business!
Ha ha!
All part of show business!
Sir Jeffrey, stick
with me, we just became
the photo op of the week.
You think I left rehab
three times to get high?
Every time it made
the front page!
Tell your lazy ass agent
to send me a thank you.
Are you ready to do this?
Oh yes, all right.
Three, two, one.
Oh there you are.
That's how we did
Hard Time on Mars.
Hard Time on Mars!
Hard Time on Mars by
Gooding and Brian Thompson
VD, it's pie in face,
it's part of show business.
It's pie in face, it's
part of show business.
I, I don't know
what to say I'm...
I'm really very moved.
The Greek salad
olives and tomatoes.
Boss says you
should come wit' us.
Hey Poncho, suck on this.
Hey you come to my restaurant,
I get the best domates,
tzatziki, salad, you
come with me, come on.