The Exterminator (1980) Movie Script

Okay, okay.
All right, hey...
Open up... oh.
Okay, come on,
come on.
When'd you attack lompard?
When you attack lompard?
- July... July 31st.
- Good.
That's what our spy said.
They're over there...
Come on!
Hey, you, give him
a hand there.
Oh, Christ!
Let's get outta here, huh?
Let's move... come on!
All right, let's get
the fuck outta here.
This way!
Hey... hustle, hustle!
Let's go... let's go!
Come on!
Take 'em up...
Let's get out of here.
Song: I have been a witness
to the spilling
of the blood
seen a lifeless body
lying in the mud
I walked away alive
with a wounded heart
but I had to heal it
I had to heal it
till I couldn't
feel it anymore
I have heard the cry
of my brothers
goin' down
could not turn away
I could hear
no other sound
I have watched the pain
through my wounded eyes
but I had to heal it
I had to heal it
till I couldn't
feel it anymore
and the anger
of the night
I remember it so well
beneath the midnight sun
lord I walked
the edge of hell
kept all those memories
in a wounded mind
but I had to heal it
I had to heal it
till I couldn't
feel it anymore
they say there's
a reason
I'm told there
is a rhyme
but tell me
who will answer
who will pay this time
I was left
with a wounded soul
but I had to heal it
I had to heal it
till I couldn't
feel it anymore
I had to heal it
I had to heal it
till I couldn't
feel it anymore.
Michael Jefferson.
And for your time,
forty hours.
Amount, 207.
State tax, $17.00.
Witholding tax, $32.25.
Here you go, Michael.
This week, there's
a little raise.
You're a good worker.
I wish it could be more.
Thank you, Mr. Hoffman.
Hey, Mike,
what's goin' on?
Hey, how you doin',
John, buddy?
How about
some coffee, man?
Who's buyin'?
Well, uh, I will,
if, uh, you push this
down to stall 34.
You're on.
I knew I could
convince you.
Okay, I'll meet
you over there.
You got it.
Come on!
Didn't tell me it
was this heavy.
Hey, what the fuck are
you guys doin' in here, huh?
You got a problem, buddy?
Uh, no-no problem.
No, you ain't got
no problem, right?
That's right.
Just be cool, motherfucker.
Yo, Bobby...
Yo, yo, come here, man.
Hold this one.
Come on.
Now, I advise you two
to take that beer
out the trunk of your car.
And I advise you, smiley,
to put that knife away.
You advise?
That's a pretty big word
for a nigger.
- Yeah.
- Oh, fuck!
You okay, buddy?
Yeah, sure.
Well, let's get rid
of these turkeys
and clean up
this mess, huh?
- Hey.
- Hmm?
You okay?
Yeah, sure.
Hey, how do you feel about
goin' to shoot some pool?
Well, I wanna see my kids
before they go off to school.
I'll catch you
in 20 minutes.
Yeah, see ya later.
Daddy, daddy!
Hi, honey... come here.
How you doin', big man?
- Fine.
- You bein' a good boy?
Gimme five...
All right.
You be a good boy, okay?
- 'Kay.
- All right, Emily.
All right...
Have a good day.
I'm gonna go have a beer
with, uh, John.
You want anything
from the store?
- Mm-mm.
- You sure?
- No... positive.
- Come here.
Take care, okay?
Okay, bye.
Come on, come on.
Let's get ready
for school.
Oh, damn!
Now, be careful, okay?
Oh, wow...
There you go!
That's a good boy...
Come on!
Oh, my.
John, what are
you doin' here?
Hi, John... hi, John!
How you doing?
We gotta go home.
Let's go for a walk.
Bobby, it's
time to go.
You be a good boy.
Be careful.
Maria, come here...
Sit down.
I gotta talk to you.
Early this morning,
Michael was mugged.
His neck has been broken.
And it seems that he's
gonna be paralyzed.
Possibly for the rest
of his life.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What, is this some kind
of joke or something?
What are you doin',
what are you doin'?
I'm lookin' for
some friends of yours.
One of them's
a little guy.
Wears a beret,
has a beard.
The other one's
a big, stocky guy.
Ugly, looks like
an animal...
You know who I'm
talking about?
I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.
- No?
- No, uh-uh.
Huh... huh?
Early this morning, a friend
of mine got mugged.
I think they did it.
A black man,
this morning?
You know anything
about that?
No, I don't know
anything about it.
Wait, no,
wait... no, no!
Tell me where
they are right now.
Uh, we got a...
We got a clubhouse over
on barton and throop,
on the... on the second
floor, okay?
That's it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
If you're lyin',
I'll be back.
No, I'm not
lying to you.
I'm not lyin' to you!
Come on... come on.
Come on, baby.
Fuckin' animal.
I said, move...
Do it... get out!
I'll blow your
fuckin' head off.
Get your girlfriends
outta here.
Get outta here!
You're makin'
a mistake, man.
You're makin' a mistake,
Get the fuck outta here.
Come on, move!
You hear me... get out!
You, what are you
doin' over there?
Move... get over there.
Get out!
Now, what did you want
to say, fuck-head, huh?
I'm sorry about
this morning, all right?
I mean,
we didn't hurt you!
Shit, man.
That guy was
just a nigger.
That nigger was
my best friend,
you motherfucker.
Where's O'Malley?
- Pukin'.
- Pukin'?
Yeah, it was pretty bad.
One of them was still
alive when we got here,
even though the rats had
eaten off half his face.
Another psycho killer,
just what we
needed around here.
Couldn't happen
to a nicer bunch.
What do you mean?
Somebody offed some
of the ghetto ghouls?
Is that what
this bullshit's about?
You check it out.
I'll see ya down at
the station house.
See ya later.
Hey, Dalton,
you want a TV?
Hey, Stevie, I don't
wanna keep you awake
or anything, you know.
Thank you very much!
Hey, Stevie,
it ain't so bad!
Yeah, let's go.
Swing it in there, Steve!
These comics are terrible.
Whatever happened
to "moon mullins,".
"Maggie and Jake,"
and "buck Rodgers?"
Do you remember
"buck Rodgers?"
Nah, you don't remember
"buck Rodgers."
I just spoke
to Washington,
and they're...
Excuse us, hon'.
We got a little
business to talk over.
Why don't you finish
your breakfast
out by the pool?
I'll join you in
a moment, babe.
Sit down.
What the hell's
the matter with you?
You know better than
to talk in front of her.
The price
of beef is going up
too fast in New York.
They feel a congressional
investigation is imminent.
So, what do they
want from me?
A four cent drop
for the next six months.
Six months, huh?
Do you know how much
that'll cost me?
Hey, you seem like
a smart, young man.
You tell me,
what am I payin' those guys
down there for,
anyway, huh?
Can't they do
something about it?
They are doing
something about it.
They're giving you
a warning that could
save us a lot
of aggravation.
You can't afford
to be too greedy.
It's not like
the old days.
All right,
all right, all right.
Work it out!
But don't you give me
no crap about the old days.
At least,
in the old days,
you could understand
the comics.
Today, all they got is
cosmic ducks and star shit.
Now, you get outta here.
Don't you come back until you
have something I wanna hear.
Okay, Mr. pontivini.
Whatever you say.
- Hi, tom.
- Hey, Ralph.
Very good, thank you,
very good.
Listen, Ralph, uh...
I'm lookin' for the girls
that were with those,
uh, ghetto ghouls on
the night they were killed.
You heard anything,
or do you know anything?
I only know
one of them... candy.
She works the trucks
at the market.
Tonight, she's wearin',
uh, green hot pants
and a black,
sparkly blouse.
That's it.
That's fantastic...
Thank you.
Hey, uh, Dalton.
I got a few
parking tickets.
I'll take care of 'em.
Thank you.
Hey, how you been?
- Hey, you.
- Hey, how you doin'?
How are ya?
Hi... I miss ya.
What you thinkin'?
Uh... you wanna get
lucky tonight?
Yeah, how much?
The usual.
What do ya say?
- Get in.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay, stay there.
Don't move, okay...
I'm comin' around.
Stay right there.
- I'm right here.
- Okay.
The regular is $10.
French is $15.
And anything special
will cost you $25, okay?
Yeah, baby.
that'll be $35, okay?
Uh, they're for you, baby.
I'm a cop,
and you're under arrest.
Oh, shit, what kinda
shit is this, man?
You know this is
entrapment, man.
Aw, my man is
the man, holy shit.
What the fu...
Who the fuck are you now?
Uh, what-what's um...
Where am I now?
What, uh... who...
What's this room?
I don't understand.
I never seen
this place before.
Nobody ever did anything.
Uh, is this... is...
Where's everybody else?
What do you want?
I want the person
who killed the ghouls.
I don't know nothin'
about that.
I can't tell you... I don't
know nothin' about that.
I can't... I can't tell
you what I don't...
Those are my things.
Um, do... are you...
Are you new?
Is this... um...
Who... where...
Uh, gee, if i...
How 'bout it?
What's up?
Do-do you know
many, um...
Please, don't go.
It's up to you.
I'll talk.
I'll tell ya.
What did he look like?
I think it's time
for us to go.
Listen, would you
wait for me outside?
I'll be there
in a minute.
I found the guys that
did this to you...
And I've taken
care of it.
It was strange.
It was like we
were back in 'nam.
It didn't matter if
it was right or wrong.
I just did it.
And don't worry about
Maria and the kids,
'cause I figured
out a way to get
some money for them.
Don't worry.
I'll be careful.
Listen, do you want me
to turn this television
on here... just blink
your eyes if you do.
I'll get the nurse
to come in
and look
after you, okay?
Just hold on.
Get him!
Come on... get him!
Come on, Charlie...
Get him!
Thatta boy... get him!
Hey, hey, that's it...
Come on.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Come on...
How about that, Tony?
Not bad, huh?
Come on, Scotty.
You're beautiful,
you know that?
What a beautiful dog...
Here you go, huh?
Hey, somebody tries
to break in there,
they're gonna end up with
a bloody stump, huh?
Come on, baby...
I'm gonna take you
to the greatest
steakhouse in town.
Hey, how'd you like
that dog, huh?
Good evening.
Oh, hello, there, Greg...
How are ya?
Will you be having
the usual this evening?
Oh, yeah,
that'd be fine.
Hey, Charlie, before
I start a new meal,
I better get rid of the one
I had last night, huh?
Excuse me, hon.
You take good care
of her, you hear?
Don't worry, boss,
I will.
Hey, you!
I know you're
out there, somewhere!
What are you doin'?
What the hell are
you doin', huh?
What the... oh,
Jesus Christ, no, no.
Hey, look...
Hey, listen, pal.
Wait a minute,
wait a minute!
I wanna talk to you.
I wanna talk
to you... look.
What are you doing, huh?
Listen, who hired you...
Who hired you?
What are you doin'?
Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
You're not gonna get away
with it, you hear me?
Holy shit... what are you,
crazy, or something?
Hey-hey, you don't wanna
fucking talk to me?
What are you doin'?
Hey, leave that
alone, huh?
Oh, Jesus Christ,
hold it... take it easy.
Don't do it,
don't do it.
Hold it... no, no, no.
Holy shit.
Holy... hey, wait a minute.
Look, what do you want?
Look, I'll make
any kinda deal with you.
What the hell
do you want?
Hey, listen, who put you
up to this, huh?
That-that caputo guy, huh?
Carmine caputo?
You're not gonna
get away with it.
Do me a favor, huh?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You see the thing is,
my friend needs the money
you've taken out of
his pocket all these years.
Hey, hey punk,
that's easy.
Twenty, thirty
thousand dollars...
I'll give you
anything you want.
Just get me the hell
down, ya hear?
Hey, hold it, hold it.
Hold it, please.
Now where's your house?
It's over in englewood,
new Jersey... 26 ocean road.
How do I get in?
That's easy.
I'll give ya key, huh?
This one here
is the front door.
The alarm system...
Be my guest.
Where's the safe?
It's the first room,
right behind the kitchen.
You can't miss it.
It's to the right.
What's the combination?
No, wait a minute, okay.
Okay, pal, hold it,
hold it.
Look, it's 14
to the right,
then you go twice
around to the left
'til you come to 22...
And then back to zero.
What about the bodyguards
and your lady friend?
Those two bums,
that fuckin' whore...
They took off.
Is there anything
else I should know?
Hell, no...
You kiddin' me?
Hey, look, I swear.
If you're lyin',
I'll be back.
Hold on!
You gotta be kiddin',
buddy, I got your message.
This fuckin' guy's
crazy, man.
Wait until I get that
fuckin' Johnny and Tony...
I'm gonna cut
them both off.
Somebody get me
out of here!
Get me out!
Hey, wait-wait a minute...
No, no, what are you doin'?
Are you crazy...
Don't do that!
Stop it!
Jesus Christ, don't!
Please, please,
don't do that.
Don't, don't!
Dalton... I didn't know
you were a friend
of the family.
Hey, I didn't
put him there.
I'm tryin' to find
the guy who did.
Mm, sorry, I don't
know why I said that.
That's okay.
I probably can't get anything
out of him anyway, huh?
I don't think so.
Uh, I-I'm sorry
I'm so sarcastic.
Well, that's okay.
I guess we've both
had a long day.
Hey, you hungry?
What kind of food
do you like?
Like, you want a picnic?
Ha... are you serious?
Sure, why not?
Why not, indeed.
This is really
romantic... cheers.
Is that pouilly fume?
- Pouilly fume?
- Um-hmm.
I don't think I have...
I've had pouilly fuisse.
What do I do
with the bones?
- Back there.
- Really?
Yeah, the squirrels
love 'em.
Do you know that
I lived in New York
for most of my life,
and I've never been
to central park at night.
How you doin', mama?
- You goin' out?
- I ain't goin' out.
If you wanna let
someone come in,
we can do some
business, man.
What do I have to do?
It's a hundred bucks, baby.
You don't ask
questions... come on.
There's this
client of mine.
He likes to
do young boys.
That's our specialty
around here.
This one also wants to
be done by a chick
at the same time.
That's where
you come in.
Not me, man.
I don't get involved
with chicken hawks.
I think you're
pretty sick... I'm goin'.
Hey, this guy's a good
customer of mine.
I told him I'd get him
a chick, cunt.
You ain't goin' nowhere.
What's goin' on, here?
I've been waitin'
twenty minutes.
- Let me go!
- Shut up, bitch!
She ain't bad.
Yeah, she's the chick,
all right,
but she don't wanna do it.
Well, shit,
I'll go somewhere else.
Now, now, wait a minute.
If we discipline her
a little,
she'll be glad
to do it.
You'd like to watch that,
wouldn't you?
- Yeah.
- No!
Eh, can I, uh...
yeah, but it's gonna
cost you extra.
Yeah, all right.
Go get your toy.
No, ah!
No... no!
No, no.
No, no.
Oh, please!
Do you have
to get up early?
I'm supposed to have
the day off, but, uh,
you never can tell.
What's your day like?
So far, so good.
Yes, Al, we're ready
on the floor.
Twenty seconds to air.
Mic up, over there.
Sit down, here we go,
in ten...
Five, four, three, two...
good morning,
I'm rodger grimsby.
Here now, the news.
Early today,
the grisly remains
of a reputed meat
mobster, gino pontivini,
were found on
the floor of a warehouse
in the South Bronx,
beneath a huge
meat grinding machine.
Now police initially
presumed this
to be the work
of a rival mob.
However, a letter
dropped off, apparently,
late last night
at eyewitness news,
indicates another
I quote from the letter.
"The people of New York
have been terrorized"
"by criminals
for too long."
"Politicians have
stood idly by"
"as thugs and killers
have taken over"
"our streets,
our parks, our lives."
"As of today, this will
no longer be true."
"Gino pontivini will
not be the last."
The letter is signed,
"the exterminator."
In other news the nuclear
regulatory commission
came under fire
once again...
elections are just
two months away.
We really don't need
this bullshit.
Can you take care of it?
Well, what do you
want me to do?
I think the country
would be better off
if this lunatic were
brought to justice.
I see.
brought to trial.
That's not necessarily
what I had in mind.
I didn't think so.
The trial might raise
some embarrassing issues.
The president's campaign
promises, for example.
An administration that
hasn't brought about
law and order for
the last four years
shouldn't be given
a second chance.
I asked you if you
could take care of it.
I'll take care of it.
But it would be
a lot easier
if the New York police
cooperate with us.
I'll give their
commissioner a call.
Cocaine, joints in bags,
nickel bags, man, speed...
check it out,
check it out.
Check it out.
Hey, check it out...
No headphones.
Yeah, fuck you, man.
Goin' out?
Twenty dollars for me,
five for the room.
Fifteen for me,
five for the run.
How old are you?
You'll catch a cold
in that costume.
Where's the room?
You probably
know the rules.
Five dollars
a half hour,
five dollars each
additional half,
ten dollars deposit,
I'll give you back five
if you're out on time.
Clean sheets
five bucks extra,
five bucks deposit
on the sheets.
You want the sheets?
You want the sheets?
Oh, yeah, yeah,
we gotta have the sheets.
Uh, what does that
all add up to?
Twenty-five bucks.
These are clean ones, huh?
Have a good time.
God, what happened
to you?
Who did this to you?
Is that what you want?
Dirty stories, is that
how you get off?
But what kind of person would
do a thing like that?
Some guy took me to
a chicken place.
Chicken place?
What's that?
That's where they serve
young boys to perverts.
I wouldn't do
what they wanted.
So they tied me
to the bed...
And took
a soldering iron...
I'm sorry.
Listen, let's get
outta here, eh?
You don't belong here.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Nobody's gonna
hurt you again.
- Yep.
- Hey, my man.
Got some chicken for sale...
You hungry?
Hey, I got two young boys.
One's six and one nine.
Their mother's a junkie.
I hear she od'd
about a week ago.
No relatives, so you
can't trace 'em.
I got a great
bargain for ya.
Five hundred apiece...
What do ya say, huh?
Hey, man, sounds good.
They look all right,
I'll take 'em.
Hey, you got pictures?
You really are
a sick motherfucker,
you know that?
Hey man, what's
wrong with you?
Just takin' care
of business.
You know,
it's kinda funny.
That's kinda what
I'm doin' here, too.
Fuckin' takin'
care of business.
Hey, hey, man.
Hey, now, whatcha doin'?
Come on, man,
don't fuck around.
Oh, man.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, don't do that.
Come on, man,
whatcha doin'?
What are ya doin'?
N-n-no, please,
please, no, no, no.
Leave me alone.
No, no.
Take it easy.
Everything's all right.
Get your clothes,
and let's get outta here.
All right...
That's where we stand.
I don't know what we're
gonna get here... good.
Hiya, Dalton.
It's uh, pretty, uh,
gruesome in there, isn't it?
Wait, hold it,
Victor, hold it.
Listen, can we
just come in
and take a quick
look around.
Now you know the rules.
Nobody in there until
'til the ma gets here.
Listen, Dalton, what do
ya have on this?
I just got here, Judy.
I don't know...
Give me a break.
Come on, Dalton...
You're here.
It's gotta mean
one thing, the exterminator.
The first one was
johnathon minor, age 37,
male Caucasian.
Forty-two arrests for
promoting prostitution,
assault, rape,
white slavery,
corrupting the morals
of minors.
Lately he specialized
in young boys.
He was convicted twice
and served a total
of 18 months.
Jesus, it looks like
he got hit by napalm.
Most of that's from
the burning mattress.
The fireman says
it's like that
every time someone
falls asleep smoking.
Step this way... I'll show
you our next attraction.
Who was he?
He was a state senator
from new Jersey.
Hey, Dalton?
Yes, Steve?
I have the autopsy on
the third ghetto ghoul
and the print out
that you ordered.
I also have a telephone
message from the CIA.
- The c.I.A?
- Yeah.
An agent shore called.
He wants a briefing on the
"the exterminator" case.
He says he cleared it
with the commissioner.
Here, he left his number.
- Thanks, Steve.
- All right.
Hi, it's Megan.
Oh, hi, how are ya?
How's it going?
Oh, it's goin' fine.
Our lab boys picked up
a bloody footprint
in the, uh,
meat packing plant.
They, uh, matched it with
a size 10 hunting boot,
manufactured by
a firm in Maine.
He only sells mail order.
Well, you think
he's from Maine?
Well, our computer
checked their records
with all sale of that size
with army records,
and we finally have us
some suspects.
Why do you think
he was in the army?
Well, uh, one of
the ghoul's girlfriends
picked out
the m-16 machine gun
as a weapon the ex...
Uh, the exterminator
used when he broke up
their party.
About the only way
you can get one
is stealing it
from the army.
You think you're
gonna catch him?
Oh, we'll-we'll
catch him, all right.
But it's gonna
take some doing.
The computer gave us
2,000 suspects.
Now it's gonna take
a lot of knocking
on a lot of doors.
What are you
doing right now?
Uh, well, I'm a just
going over some lab reports
and just lookin' for clues.
Do you want
to take a break?
Well, there's a good jazz
concert at battery park.
All right, I, uh...
I can be there in
about thirty minutes.
Okay, see you there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Stan guest.
- Oh!
- Oh, no!
It's nice to see you...
Holy shit!
I haven't seen you since
we got arrested
at the army induction
center in [Indistinct].
What are you doing now?
I'm a doctor.
I sell convertible bonds
for Baldwin and byrne.
Sounds brilliant.
Hey, um, who's
your friend?
This is Dalton...
He's a cop.
A cop... that's a good one.
You always did have
a sense of humor.
Hey, want a joint?
You know that I have
not seen jalon...
For twelve years?
Those were
some times, huh?
Yeah, they, uh...
They were some times.
But they were
a little different
for you than
they were for me.
What do you mean?
Well, uh, I was there,
and you were here.
Were you really?
Where do you think I was...
Sarah Lawrence?
What I meant was,
I haven't been out
with anyone who was
in Vietnam before.
Well, most people from
scarsdale wouldn't have.
I didn't say
that to be mean.
I know.
Um, I'm sorry.
What was it like?
Um... it was bad.
Not as bad
as New York City,
but it was bad.
Hey, mama.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, grandma,
let's hand it over.
My check was late,
so I couldn't buy any food.
I need my money, please.
Lady, you are breaking
my heart, here.
Gimme that.
This is for you,
and, uh,
this is for you,
and this is for you,
and this is
also for you,
and this is for me.
And this is for you.
Shut up, you old bitch!
What the fuck
is going on here?
Tryin' to be some kinda
hero or somethin' here?
Huh, huh?
No, man.
Come on, man...
Let's go.
Come on... let's go!
You okay?
Can I get you anything?
Oh, stop!
Pick your head up again,
and I'll blow
your fuckin' head off.
Stay right there.
All right,
all right, all right!
Good to see
our fuckin' guy back.
You scared
the shit out of him!
- I can't take these guys.
- And what'd we get?
I can drive this fucking
car better than you can.
What do we get,
what we get,
what we get,
what we get, man?
What, what, what?
Twenties and thirties.
Oh, hey, I got it.
I got eleven.
Hey, man, how
much money we get?
We didn't get anything!
Sam, you in there?
You better give me
my fucking share.
- Bullshit.
- There's tomorrow.
Yeah, there's
always tomorrow.
There's always tomorrow.
You pissed, you pissed,
and this goes.
It goes.
Come on, guys,
I can't drive
with you guys like this!
Sammy, watch
where you're going.
I'm watching.
I'm all right, man.
Red light, red light.
Jesus fuck!
God damn it.
You're fucking
pushing on me, man.
Who's that?
Hey, it's John Wayne!
It's not the same guy.
Hey, it's Mr. America.
I thought I told you
to get out of here.
Holy shit!
You must be thinking
of somebody else, friend.
Come on...
Get out of here.
Let's finish
the motherfucker.
Magnum .44.
I bet it was from the same
gun the exterminator used.
Who the fuck are you?
Agent Shaw,
from the c.I.A.
So far you haven't
been very cooperative.
And just why is the c.I.A.
Interested in this case?
We're interested because
in these sensitive times,
two months before
the exterminator has
been stirring up a lot
of resentment against
incumbent politicians
and the entire
judicial system.
This could easily
be the work
of the opposition party,
or maybe even
a foreign government.
Dr., uh,
Megan Stewart, please.
What do you think?
I think you have
to take a shit.
It's coming
out of your mouth
instead of your asshole.
Hello... Dr. Stewart.
- Hi, there.
- Hey, listen.
What time do you
get off work tonight?
I'm on call all night.
Damn it.
There is another solution.
The nurses call it,
"midnight admission."
Midnight admission.
It's, uh... it's
an empty, private room.
Shame to let it
go to waste.
See you soon.
[Pa announcement]
Coronary emergency.
Dr. jenester, to emergency.
Dr. jenester, to emergency.
The bed's a little
small, but, uh...
Tilts electrically.
I finally got Maria
to accept the money...
so she and the kids
should be okay.
I heard about
the doctor's report...
and that you wanted
to see me right away.
I guess we never did
bullshit each other
very much, did we?
So, listen, if you want me
to cut you off this,
uh, system here, I will.
Just blink your eyes twice
if that's what you want.
Paging Dr. jenester,
Dr. jenester.
What's the alarm?
Respirator failure.
Hey, your fly is open.
Somebody cut the wire
to the respirator.
Was that Jefferson?
Oh, sweet Jesus.
W-where are you going?
That guy that just
came down the hall?
I think that was
the exterminator.
Take care.
Dalton, what the fuck?
Come on, come on.
- Computer center...
- Yeah, Nick?
This is Dalton.
Now, listen.
Were any of the exterminator
boot suspects...
Were they in, uh...
Were any of them in ju...
The 144th ranger battalion.
That's an interesting idea.
I'll find out.
Okay, I'll wait here.
Listen, call me as soon
as you find out
anything, all right?
You got it.
Okay, Dave.
Hello, Maria.
Listen, I'm sorry
it's so late.
That's all right.
Can I get you some coffee?
Uh, no, no.
Would you sit down?
I just want to
talk to you.
Maria, I just left
the hospital.
Maria, Michael is dead.
- No.
- Yes, he is.
- No.
- Please.
No, there's still hope.
No, there is no hope.
There was no hope.
Please, he knew that, Maria.
He knew that.
Maria, I am his
best friend.
Maria, I love him like
he was my brother.
It's what he wanted,
believe me.
- No!
- Maria.
- Mommy, mommy.
- No!
I'm sorry.
I think we
got him, Dalton.
One of the hunting boot
suspects, John eastland,
was in the 144th
ranger division
with Michael Jefferson.
Okay, you two, up there.
You two, in the back.
Let's go.
We're in position.
Okay, we're going in.
Have them move that
junk from out front.
We'll wait for
him to get back.
Meet me in
the Brooklyn Navy yard.
You'll see
some cranes there.
Go to crane number five.
Crane five.
If you're not alone,
I'm gonna have to kill you.
That'll be 3:00 am,
tomorrow morning...
Okay, eastland.
Did you get a trace?
No, it was too short.
Thanks for the tap.
That's what it's
like to be a victim.
That's what it
was all about.
I had to do it,
Dalton, huh?
You guys were gonna
set me up, huh?
Come on, Dalton...
Let's get out of here.
I'll help you... come on.
No, no, you
get out of here.
Don't play hero with me.
Let's just go.
Damn it!
You get out of here!
I'll cover you.
Go on, go on, go on.
Nice shooting.
Washington will
be pleased.
Song: Set me up
straight in a chair
comb my hair
'cause tonight I'll
see an old friend
and I wonder if she
has been
thinking of me
now and then
like a candle
that burns
for the sailors
who turn
she's a fortress
that's safe
from the storm
she's brave
and she's free
and she's waiting
to keep me warm
and save all
your small talk
for some other lady
just give her your
love and your pride
and lay down
beside her
and give her what's left
of your hide
set me up straight
in my chair
comb my hair
'cause tonight I'll
see an old friend
and I wonder if she
has been thinking of me
now and then
just give her love
and your pride
and lay down
beside her
and give her what's left
of your hide
set me up straight
in my chair
comb my hair
'cause tonight I'll see
an old friend
and I wonder if she
has been thinking of me
now and then