The Eyes (2017) Movie Script

If it's not too much
trouble may I leave now?
These things are getting
kind of itchy.
Wake up.
Hey you.
What the hell is this?
What the fuck is this?!
You tell me!
Look, I'm gonna
fucking die, I'm gonna die,
I know I'm gonna fucking die.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Do you know any of these people?
What, what, no.
No, who the fuck are they?
I asked you.
Hey, what the fuck
is going on here?
I don't have a clue.
Who did this?
I don't know.
But I bet it's a game.
A game?
Fucking six people tied up
knocked the fuck out!
That's not a fucking game!
Stun gunned I think.
Drugged I think.
Are some of these people dead?
I hope not.
All I know is
I got out of my car
and I woke up here.
Radical, well I was
smoking a joint
and I closed my eyes and
now I'm fucking here.
This can't be good.
Yeah really?
I'm Jaclyn.
What's your name?
I'm sure it's not
coffee bean head.
No it's not
it's Jeffrey actually.
And I hate these damn things.
Then why
do you wear them?
Well, because I have a girl
and she thinks they're sexy.
Does she suck
on your ears when you do it?
Yeah she does actually.
You're right.
Hey wake up!
Stop it!
Welcome to the tie up.
Somebody help!
Shut the fuck up!
They got me.
Who got you?
They got me.
They got me.
Who got you?
What's the meaning of this?
Shit are you okay?!
Jesus who got you?
The one fucking person
who knows something
and she fucking flips.
Give her some time.
Let me free!
I'll kill you you bastards!
Let me free right now!
Let me free right now!
Let me free!
I kill all of you!
I kill you bastards!
Let us free!
What the fuck.
He's not awake I think.
Hey, wake up.
Come on.
Take it easy.
Wake up, that's it that's right.
That's right.
You're alright.
Is that so?
What do you call this?
What's his fucking problem?
He woke up
and found himself tied up
with five other people.
I'm Robby.
What's going on here?
I'm Jeffrey and that
chick across the table,
that's Jaclyn.
I'm Arnold.
Arnold Proctor.
Can any of you explain this?
I think I'm in shock.
Very peculiar, surreal.
Awe, surreal?
Alright this is
fucking real man.
Can you get it?
And if any of you don't
know why the fuck we're here
then maybe the screaming
bitch next to me does.
I took a sleeping pill.
Yes, right, right.
So then maybe is some kind
of dream or something.
A dream,
try fucking nightmare.
Like the dream I had before,
I was on the ocean.
I was fishing I think.
Like that, a fucking nightmare.
Are we gonna die?
Personally, I really really
feel like I'm gonna die.
Gentlemen, Jeffrey here
is not very optimistic.
Shut the fuck up!
No, no yeah, I guess I'm not.
Look sorry dudes.
I just don't know
why the fuck I'm here.
That's all.
I'll let you be in my dream
if you let me be in yours.
The great Bob Marley.
Or was that Dylan?
This is not a dream.
I don't know maybe we are.
You know, in each others dreams.
Alright Dylan
write something else?
Not that he's dead but...
What is with this guy?
One second
he's acting like Rambo
and the next minute he's
philosophizing about Dylan.
Okay fuck Dylan!
Young man, Bob Dylan
is a great American
songwriter and poet.
I don't give a shit!
You should.
Okay, did you see
your dad quit his job
and then listen to
I Ain't Gonna Work
On Maggie's Farm No More
for days
while his family starved?
You know,
unfortunately like a
lot of people your age
you have
a very limited vocabulary.
Well I learned it
from my fucking parents,
people your fucking age.
Fuck you.
What are you?
Some kind of college
professor or some shit?
You dudes are definitely
screwed up man.
Here you are talking
about some dumb shit
when we ought to be
talking about what
the fuck we're all doing here!
I got a bad feeling about this.
Whoever is behind this
will be back.
Until then, we might as
well get to know each other.
Maybe we have
some mutual connection.
It might help explain
why we're here.
Yeah, not bad for a professor.
That's what my students say.
Okay well, maybe the
screaming bitch can help
because she knows something.
The man to Jeffrey's left,
does anyone know him?
The guy is a stranger to
me just like the rest of you.
Yeah same here, and the
dude looks like he's dead.
Wake up!
Wake up dude!
please don't scream again.
Okay, you already blew up
my fucking ears.
Did you tie me up?
Yeah sure,
then I tied myself up.
It must be them.
Them who?
Fucking A!
What's going on?
Who tied me up?!
What is this?
What's going on?!
We don't know.
Untie me!
Will you
fucking untie us dude.
Who are you guys?!
Who are you guys?
I'm Jaclyn.
The professor to my right
is Arnold.
To my left is Robby.
And the woman to Robby's
side we don't know yet.
And the kid next to you with the
coffee bean ears is Jeffrey.
Yeah well the first thing
I'm gonna do
when I get out of here is stick
these fucking earrings
right up your asshole.
I thought you were gonna die?
Fuck off.
Who said anything about dying?
Crazy boy over there.
So what's your name?
Harry, and what's this
dying shit?
Jeffrey just has a bad
feeling about all this.
Okay, well
who the fuck wouldn't?!
Here we are tied up, strangers...
We are strangers, right?
Well I don't know any of you.
None of us know a damn thing
except the bitch next to me
and she's scared shitless.
I don't know but,
now that I think about it,
she looks like
somebody I've seen.
Maybe on TV or something.
Yeah, she's pretty sweet.
Okay but she's scared.
Yeah she's terrified.
I have to admit, I'm
a little fearful myself.
You're fearful.
And you're the one
accusing me of having
a limited vocabulary?
You just don't understand
the true power of
language professor.
Enlighten me.
that's not saying nothing man.
What the fuck
does that even mean?!
If you said something like
I'm scared
out of my fucking mind,
then that's fucking
saying something!
Well like communicating?
Yes communicating, thank you.
Whatever you say.
Fuck you man,
what does that say?
It means for you
to go to hell.
What about kiss my ass?
Not quite but okay.
Not strong enough?
Well I just call it
potty mouth.
Yeah, and who asked you?
I don't need to be asked!
I'm tied up
like the rest of you!
I'm tired of hearing you
make a stupid
case out of cussing!
Like it's a good thing!
Just makes you trash!
I'm trash?
Fuck you man!
If you have to cuss, if ever,
you should do it
sparingly and only
at times that warrant it.
Like shut the fuck up ass wipe!
Eloquently put.
Look here now.
As much as I'm enjoying
this philosophical debate,
how about we get back to
what this is all about?
Yeah, like why the fuck
we're here.
Well we know we don't
know each other.
So let's search for
what we have in common.
You mean,
if we all have enemies
or something?
Yeah, you don't think
your fucking friends
kidnapped you and tied you
to a fucking chair do you?
Okay, okay great.
What the fuck
does that mean
It means times running out.
It's inevitable that
when that goes to zero
something most certainly
will happen.
We're fucked!
Well let's
focus and figure this out.
I told you, I told all of you,
we're gonna fucking die.
Stop it Jeffrey!
Now let's think.
Somebody wanted
to do this to each of us.
Now why?
Who and why.
Well, I've had a few
bad business deals
that I came out on top of.
Have you ever
sold cattle or horses?
Cattle, what are you
a redneck hick?
And you're a fucking dipstick.
And by the way, sorry
for using your special
fuck word dude.
I can beat the shit
out of you old man.
Not on a bet.
Alright, calm down boy,
ease up man.
Hey look,
I'm not all that bad okay.
Just because
I choose to express myself
in an eloquent fashion.
dude, that was
communicated very nicely.
Thank you professor.
To tell you the truth,
we're all fucked.
If you don't like that,
we're fucked!
Okay this is it.
This is bad,
this is really fucking bad!
Gentlemen, excuse me
for saying this,
but we need
to get back on point.
Now who and why
would do this to us?
Let me ask you a question.
No one's come in here yet right?
Well maybe they won't.
So why don't we get out
of these damn ropes?
Okay, and how do you
suppose we do that
Alright let's do it.
Just stand up.
Simple redneck know how dude.
You better untie me.
Welcome to the group.
I'm Jaclyn.
I'm Victoria.
Has Johnny come in?
No one's come in.
Who is Johnny?
You don't know?
He's with he mob.
I have nothing to do
with the fucking mob!
Just untie me.
Good morning.
What the fuck is this man?!
everything will be
explained to you in time.
First enjoy some treats.
Look at this now.
Care took kidnapper with class.
Apparently it comes
with first feeding.
Who are you
and why are we here?
the coffee is waiting
but the answer is coming.
All of you feel free to use the
bathroom over in the corner.
And you may
remain untied as long
as you do not try to
escape from this room.
The last shot will serve
as your one warning.
Anyone trying to escape will
be executed immediately.
Do we understand each other?
Until I get back to you
continue to get know each other.
I promise you,
it's very important.
Boy these people
are not playing around.
Yeah, fucking A.
Yes, fucking executed.
Hold on a minute though.
Him call them Jeffrey
and Jaclyn by their name.
They know us.
Come on kid.
We'll work this out.
Come Victoria, let's get
some of that coffee?
Not me.
I'm headed for the bathroom.
That's good.
I wonder why they're
treating us so well.
On one hand
they talk about executing us,
on the other
they treat us like guests.
Coffee and donuts.
You know, I don't think
the guy with the gun
really thought of us as guests.
What about the word escape?
Do not try to escape.
That implies
that we're prisoners.
We are
their fucking prisoners.
Yeah but the word that
I'm more curious about
is executed right?
Why not just killed?
Like if you try to escape
you will be killed.
You may have a point.
People are killed all the time.
Plane crash,
car crash, but executed?
That means that...
That you were judged.
Found guilty.
And punished.
Maybe it's something we did.
You know, like who did you kill?
Maybe this is a game
to test our wits.
You know,
for someone who woke up
screaming her fucking head off,
you sure are calm.
Being tied up freaked me out.
What about that stuff you said
about us getting
to know each other?
Yeah man,
that was a bit strange.
See but what I wanna know is,
what is so important
that we have
to get to know one another?
We have to go
with what we got.
Let's take these to the table.
Maybe we can
get to know each other
over these donuts.
Don't you think?
Say honey, can you bring
me some of that coffee?
You want it on your head
or in a cup?
You've done
lots of things for men,
haven't you?
What's a cup of coffee?
Meet Victoria Mitchell.
Former Miss America contestant
and Miss Puerto Rico
and for some years now,
porn star.
I mean super star.
Alright, you're
being rude now.
Alright, show the woman
some respect.
If you want coffee, get up
and get it your damn self.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I think we'll start getting
to know each other with me.
Why we could even get
to the naked truth.
Isn't that right?
So, what's your name cowboy?
Harry, it's Harry.
That's a name for a nice man.
What was your mother thinking?
You know you don't have
to talk because of him.
No it's okay.
I got a lot to say.
Would anyone
like to guess what's got
Harry so pissed off?
This is getting good.
I would say Harry
has an addiction.
This is getting
really fucking good.
Thanks for your concern,
but I got Jesus now,
so thank you whore.
Alright, now it seems
like I'm gonna
have to come over
and tend to you.
Allow me to make a proper
introduction again.
I'm Robby.
This here is Jaclyn
and to her right
we have our
Harvard professor Arnold.
And the boy to the left of you
with them coffee bean
earrings, his name Jeffrey.
Enough with the boy.
It's just an expression
where I'm from.
Alright, no disrespect.
Of course you know Harry right?
Yes, but I think
Harry knows me
better than I know him.
That's fucking funny.
Thanks, I try.
I've never seen that before.
His girlfriend
gave them to him.
I usually take them off
when I get home,
but I fell asleep
and then I woke up here.
I have no idea how I got here.
When I woke
I was terrified.
Yeah we know.
Sounds like most of
us were drugged somehow.
I'm sure I was.
what happened with you?
I was attacked.
After I got out of my car then
maybe drugged
to keep me out I suppose.
Victoria who is Johnny?
Do you think he could
be behind all this?
Definitely not.
Instead of donuts and
coffee there would be
chains and baseball bats.
You must be in trouble
with this guy Johnny.
I am.
For what?
That's enough
about me for now.
Jaclyn, what do you
do for a living?
I'm a lawyer
with many hats I would say.
A lawyer.
I could use a new lawyer.
Yeah, you could pay with sex.
Hey, fuck you!
Come on!
Throwing fits isn't gonna
help us figure this out!
Yeah and being rude
won't help either.
Sit down please.
Jaclyn is right.
We need to figure out
how each of us
is important in relation
to this situation.
Now let's start with Harry.
What do we know so far?
Besides his little problem?
Shut up punk.
Harry what do you
do for a living?
I'm a cowboy.
You mean on a ranch?
Had a huge place
up in the Dakota's.
My wife left me some time ago.
I came back to see her.
Now that I've been saved.
How did that work out?
It didn't.
Do you have any enemies
you know of
that would put you here?
I had a few bar fights
over in Costa.
Still, I see
no connection between
me and you all.
Where were you
when you were abducted?
Motel 6, I was at a Motel 6.
What, did your wife
cancel the skinemax Harry?
What about you?
I was at my house,
getting out of my car.
A friend I thought
tapped on my window.
I got out, I woke up here.
Some friend.
Anyone after you Jaclyn?
You sure?
'Cause you don't sound
all that convinced.
I've had a few squabbles
but no one
I know of
could have pulled this off.
And then there's this
mysterious connection
between all of us.
Quite an assignment he gave us.
I mean, where do you start?
Yeah and how the fuck
does it end up?
Yeah, but we should
just do what him said.
I think we're
on the right track.
How did we get here?
What possible enemies
do we have?
Yo Arnold, what about you?
Where were you last?
At home.
Like I said I took a sleeping
pill, slept like a baby.
I was shocked to wake up here.
This is incredible.
These people,
they excel at what they do.
No doubt,
but are they criminals
or are they the government?
All do respect, Robby,
I think that's highly unlikely.
Yes Chuck, highly unlikely.
Can we stay serious
for a minute?
Fuck you Harry.
So Arnold,
who are your enemies?
None of your students I hope.
I hope not.
I'm with Jaclyn on this.
I can't think of a single person
who'd want me to be here.
I did flunk
a few students but then
I helped them make it up,
they graduated.
We're being recorded.
Yeah no shit.
They probably know every little
fucking thing about us anyway.
Okay, who here is married?
There it is!
Something we have in common.
No, no, no, no,
I thought Harry was married.
Who haven't
we talked about yet?
Me, the cute one.
Is that true Victoria.
I'd take you home.
Okay, let's keep it in
the realm of reality here.
Robby tell us about yourself.
Well I'm a commercial fisherman.
Not married or nothing
like that but,
got my boat after a
disservice from the country.
Trying to forget things
no one should see.
But I'm much happy now so I just
try to focus on the good.
Run any drugs man?
Boy you need help man.
Well maybe I should've
been a dope head like you.
Well that
would've been better
than a pile of whiskey
bottles out behind your shack.
What's going on here?
Yeah, did I hit a nerve?
Who are you people?!
Why did you bring me here?!
You're fucking
crazy dude.
So not only
is Harry a degenerate
but he's also a paranoid drunk.
I've been saved!
By who, the devil?
I'm gonna kill you.
-Stop it!
-Get outta my way!
Stop it!
Harry, Harry, Harry.
His heart stopped.
No, no, no, come on Harry,
come on.
Come on!
what he always wanted.
No more jokes okay!
Get down here
and pump on his chest!
Come on!
Harry, Harry.
Go away man!
Victoria, Victoria, they
don't recommend that anymore,
it's just the quick
thrusts like Robby's doing.
it couldn't hurt.
What happened?
Robby and Victoria
just saved your life dude.
Yo she fucking kissed you!
Okay, that's close.
It's better.
Harry we need you
to keep your cool.
I gotta get up.
No, no, no, no, no,
just a minute there, cowboy.
My god.
You knocked me out.
No dude, you
had a fucking heart attack!
Dude she gave you
mouth to mouth!
Now, now you've
really been saved?
Excuse me!
We need medical assistance
here please!
Aspirin, really?
This better be sufficient.
Can you sit up?
Can you sit up?
Come on big guy.
Come on.
I always wanted
to be a doctor.
When I would tell that
to my co-stars
someone would always joke
that I already
had a good bedside manner.
I always laugh at my own jokes.
I'm sorry
I called you a whore.
Jesus Harry.
You think you're the
first that's said that?
Hey, how are you feeling
I'm okay.
Come on help me up now.
Alright wait,
wait, before that
I need to apologize to you for
calling you a drunk.
I was wrong.
I am a drunk.
I just don't like hearing
it from someone else.
Help me up.
Alright come.
Anybody need a cup?
Give me a large.
Okay, so, do we think
we know enough about
each other yet?
Well we know
what each of us does.
Right, and we've
concluded that
none of us has any past
knowledge of the others.
Nothing that would
have any bearing on
why we're here that is.
Also none of us
are currently married.
What about Jeffrey?
Well we know
he loves the F bomb.
Fuck you dude.
Okay honestly fuck you.
Jeffrey, what do you
do for a living?
What, do you think I'm a fucking
dope dealer or some shit?
I didn't mean anything
by it, Jeffrey.
Do you have a job boy?
Sorry Jeffrey.
Yeah, then get the chip
off your blood clot
and help us
figure this thing out.
Now where do you work?
I work at
a fucking slaughter house.
Someone has to fucking do it
so you can have your
hamburgers and steaks.
For what,
your little country club?
Harry grows them
and I kill them.
Sounds like you
don't like your job.
Yeah I don't,
it's a fucking job.
You guys wouldn't
believe me but I've
actually been employee of
the month like six times.
Ever since I started
hooking up with Gloria.
Is that your girlfriend?
I work with her.
Yeah she's fucking dope.
I do two things in my life.
All night I look at dead things
and then all day
I'm with the most
fucking alive creature
that I've ever been with.
I hope you're
not offended but like,
when we have sex
it's like fucking rowdy.
It's like
the most amazing thing.
Marry her.
It's a good fucking idea.
Do you love her?
I mean I guess.
How do you know?
What I imagine is that you
simply have to be with
them and enjoy everything.
Going grocery shopping,
taking a trip to the beach,
holding your kids.
And most importantly,
you aren't thinking
about anyone else.
I'm in love.
I'm gonna fucking marry her.
That's it!
Good for you!
Do you still know
how to make movies?
Not since I was raped and cut.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
No I was just asking
because I was
gonna say you can be a counselor
or something if you wanted.
Could be.
I have seen it all.
I guess I'm ready to talk.
Really talk.
Harry got me
thinking about this.
I used to love men
looking at me.
Lusting at my breast.
Lusting after me.
I starred in over 100 films.
Then I was raped.
I would have done it
with the guy.
But he beat me,
tied me up,
and cut me.
But I was mental
for a long time.
And I hated men.
I turned to women.
I ended up with this dyke
and she beat me.
Can you believe it?
Look, you don't have
to tell us all that.
Maybe not.
But I think it's time
I told someone.
it seems like
we're here to talk.
I wish I was a little girl
again with my single mom.
She pushed her fianc
out a 10 story window
when she caught him touching me.
He crashed on the top of
an ambulance driving by.
And guess what?
They couldn't save him.
The funny thing is
that after that,
after he did what he did to me,
no one could save me.
For me two things made
me a porn star Harry.
Being born a goddess
and having the devil
make sure that
I was miserable and desperate.
And he sweetened up the
deal with money and fame.
I didn't mean to harm anybody.
My mom never said a curse word
even with all the shit I did.
She set a good example.
But she never understood
how messed up I was.
She died.
Fucking cancer.
What an oxymoron breasts are.
They give you lust and love.
As well as tragedy and death.
Please, please
don't shoot me please!
Are you just gonna shoot
us with no explanation?!
Only one of you.
stand up.
No dear Lord,
forgive me for my sins.
Take him.
Harry, Harry, Harry!
My god.
Hey what the fuck is this?!
Come here!
Get your fucking hands off!
I'm fucking leaving you asshole!
You're gonna leave me?!
What the
fuck is this you sick...
Those are just movies!
What the fuck
is wrong with you!
Stop it!
Where are you going?!
Fuck you!
That's enough.
Five of you are left.
None of you have told the
truth about yourselves.
Who are you people?!
Yeah who the fuck are you?!
I can tell
you that we watch people.
We watch a lot of people
with devices
beyond the imagination.
We have eyes everywhere
and see people commit
crimes of all kinds.
Crimes that they get away with
just like the rest of you did.
Awe come on man, go to hell!
You don't have nothing on us!
Denial won't work with us.
We make our judgment based
on indisputable proof.
Then take us
to a real trial then
We do that our own way.
The evidence we have
can't be used
in the conventional system
with so called
technicalities rob
society of true justice.
And when the shameless
plea bargain lawyers
prevent real justice
from being executed.
So you're some kind
of vigilante group
that's gonna save the world
from would be criminals!
Genuine criminals
Jaclyn just like Harry.
But we are not vigilantes.
We're government funded.
Think about it Jeffrey.
A government funded program
to kill people!
That sounds just like
some jails bond type thing
or some Bourne Identity!
It's a fucking movie!
No man, it's based off
reality, I've seen it!
No okay,
this is not fucking real okay?!
This is bullshit!
None of us
should fucking be here!
I'm an attorney and I
demand that you let us go!
You are violating our rights!
Enough of this!
I'd like to call my lawyer.
So he can get
paid to sell your lies.
No man it's called
a proper defense!
A real trial!
You will get a fair trial.
Government program or not.
What you are doing
is unconstitutional.
You need to release us
Nice try Jaclyn.
Would you like
to hear our terms?
What congressman would
vote for such a program!?
I know a few.
Why would they do that?
This can't be fucking true!
you know what those in
prison cost the government
every year?
Do you know what it
costs to execute someone?
No and I don't give a shit!
Excuse me.
Is what you're saying,
that killing us,
assuming we're guilty
of these heinous crimes
will lower the debt?
That's ludicrous!
after the program
grows into other states.
So if I was in any other
state I wouldn't be here?!
Fuck, just my fucking luck!
Jeffrey honey.
I don't think they're gonna
kill all of us.
You're not gonna
kill all of us are you?
Four more of
you will be dead by midnight.
Well fuck that!
Maybe you
should of thought about
paying the price before you
did what you did Jeffrey.
Hey fuck you man!
What did you do?
They got me screwed up
with the wrong person!
There's a
very deep spot in the ocean
just 20 miles out.
Four of you will be executed
and your bodies will sink
down two miles
to join the other criminals
waiting to greet you.
Yeah man.
I second that Jeffrey.
Why four?
There are five of us
at this table!
What happens
to that one person?!
Do any of
you know where you are?
We're in hell.
And Harry's in hell too,
that's for damn sure.
Not knowing where you are
is protection for the
one of you that survives.
This is why we're masked.
That way
we protect the survivor,
the program, and the employees.
Yeah shit,
I got the wrong fucking job.
What's to prevent the
survivor from turning you in?
We guarantee
he'll have a trip out
to the ocean
and join the others.
You are our 10th group
in eight years.
Nine individuals that were chosen
previously have gone home.
Not one of them has said a word.
We have a small device
deep into the tissue
of your body
that can be activated
by us at any time.
Does that answer
your question Arnold?
Excuse me
Mr. Government executioner,
but how will you choose this
survivor as you call it?
You will Jaclyn.
All of you will.
That's why you needed to
get to know each other.
So then maybe we should
all just draw straws then.
We will be watching
for the reason
why you decide to let that
person be set free from his sin.
That is until judgment day.
You have what's left
of your two hours.
You're fucking kidding right?!
What if we refuse
to choose someone?
Then you will all die.
That makes no sense.
Why are you letting one of us go
when according to you
we all deserve to die?
I don't make the rules.
You're not convinced.
That sounds
very unprofessional of you.
It doesn't
matter what I think Jaclyn.
I'm obeying orders.
You will choose someone or
they will all be executed.
You want us to pardon someone!
And your
decision must be unanimous.
I suggest you enjoy this meal.
Remember, the times right now.
Come sit down.
Thank you Robby.
Enjoy the meal.
That's what he fucking said.
He said enjoy the fucking meal.
How's your arm Jeffrey?
It fucking hurts.
Yo, I really wanted to
fucking marry Gloria.
Now I'm pissed because
I know that won't be me.
why count yourself out?
I told you, I felt it
when I woke up here okay.
I had that dream remember?
I didn't tell you guys
the whole thing.
What are we gonna do?
Y'all sitting there
and starve to death.
Mashed potatoes.
You know, I don't understand.
I don't understand,
y'all seem like
decent enough people to me.
Why anyone would wanna
hurt us I don't know.
It's maniacal.
It's bullshit professor.
Well said.
I don't know
how they expect us to eat.
Harry was killed
right in front of us.
Well, if this is my last meal,
I'm gonna eat!
I'm gonna eat too,
where's that fucking steak?
Come everybody,
come eat something man.
Stop it!
Stop it goddammit!
We're gonna die okay?
Jokes and fucking fear
is all we have left okay?
And I just decided right
after I'm done eating
I'm gonna fucking escape.
You hear that?!
I'm gonna fucking eat,
and then I'm gonna escape.
Anyone wanna escape with me?
Jeffrey come on, relax okay.
I'll vote for you.
You know, you're fucking dope.
Alright, down boy.
That was sweet.
You know what?
I'm going to eat everything.
Jeffrey just cheered me up.
I have a question.
They say we're criminals.
Hey Robby what'd you do?
What do you mean?
I mean I have forgotten
to expose a couple things
to Uncle Sam but,
it's a cash business,
it's not a big deal.
Yeah, you see what they
do with your tax dollars?
They fuck America.
Everyone knows what I did.
What about you Arnold.
I can't think
of anything that bad.
Are we being honest
with each other?
I don't believe they
have such incriminating
evidence from gadgets.
No man they do.
Ever since 9/11
they come out with
all kind of electronic
mumbo jumbo things man.
They have drones, GPS.
They're in every house
in America.
Big brother's watching
man, there are no secrets.
Okay Robby,
what did they see you do?
Did you drop someone
in the ocean?
I don't know Jaclyn,
what did they see you do?
What, you kill off
one of your clients
for not paying his bill?
I'm too smart to kill
someone that owed me money.
Who did you really kill?
You leave her alone.
Now the professor
comes to life.
Let's get back to it.
Don't forget these
people haven't presented
any proof at all that any of us
are guilty of anything.
I still can't believe
they left my purse.
Exactly Jaclyn.
On what basis
are we to decide which
one of us goes free?
Perhaps we should
take a preliminary vote
and go from there.
Why the fuck
are we letting these
fucks tell us what to do?
If we're gonna die,
then we might as well
just fucking die together.
Okay, fuck 'em.
Wait, is that what
everyone wants to do?
Die together?
I'm willing to choose someone.
Why not?
Okay fuck it.
What are the rules.
No, they're
more like guidelines.
We wanna share
more about our lives.
There goes votes for me.
Why, I'd vote for you.
You've probably brought
more joy to this world
than all of us combined.
Yeah, Harry would
agree to that.
I really wish Harry
could second that.
Yeah well, I'll do it for him.
Obviously Harry
was a murderer.
No question.
His poor wife.
That was so cruel.
I think he deserved it.
To die I mean.
Yes, but most murderers
aren't executed.
What they are doing here to us
is wrong
on so many levels.
Harry could have been
legally out of his mind.
He was out of his mind.
But you know,
now that I think about it,
the rat deserved to die.
he lusted after you?
Hell no!
He should have been
roasted for what
he did to his wife!
Now that's cruel.
You sound like these people.
Some people ought to die.
That's my opinion okay.
Sorry, I just have
to think like a lawyer.
People, we're
running out of time.
On what basis
are going to do this?
I have a confession to make.
I have a problem with my anger.
I can't control it sometimes.
I don't know where it comes from
and I don't know why.
It makes me insane.
I needed something
to calm my nerves
so I started to play cards.
See I have
an addiction to like Harry.
Except mine's gambling.
Lost my boat last year.
Along with my woman.
Have you ever
been tested for PTSD?
My sanity
is being tested here!
Have any of you people
ever read the constitution?!
All is fair in love and war.
That's what they say.
I say we all get out
of this by being smart.
What do you say Victoria?
Smart is good.
You know your broccoli
looks better than mine.
Can I try it?
Of course.
You have just a little
broccoli right there.
Take them...
You know, I really wish
we had met
under different circumstances.
So do I.
Excuse me, does anybody
mind bringing me
some of that steak and
a knife to cut it with?
Allow me.
There you are.
Thank you very much Arnold.
Aren't we all hungry
for a little more steak?
Yeah I'm starved.
I'm hungry, yeah.
Yeah man,
I'm gonna get some more.
Robby which branch
did you serve?
The Corps.
That must've been tough.
Do you need a napkin?
Thank you.
It's diabolical.
I feel like I'm
in a Stephen King movie.
What do you mean?
We wake incarcerated,
tied to our chairs,
masked men tell us
that we're all
condemned to death
and that we'll be
eliminated by tonight.
Masked men with guns pointed
to the back of our heads.
It's horror.
Then they give us
coffee and donuts.
We're here
because of some secret funded
government program
designed to cut deficit.
This is an all new
kind of horror.
No Robby, it's only new to us.
In other countries they
kill anybody they want
any time they want.
I do have a point here.
Now they become
even more contemptible
by asking us to
choose someone to go free.
One person to live.
And I'm assuming that
none of us wants to die.
And by voting
for that one person
we're condemning ourselves.
That's why
they didn't untie us.
What are you saying?
They could have
easily untied us right?
When the gunned men came in
it was as if they had planned
it that way, you know?
That we would untie each other.
I don't get it either.
They wanted us to bond.
You understand this?
Look, remember he said
that it was very important
that we get to know each other.
They want us to feel
empathy for each other.
We were in the same danger
and we had to help each other.
That's the spirit I think of how
they want us to look at this.
Not us condemning ourselves.
But us helping someone else out.
Yeah, fucking respect.
You're saying that they're
giving a group
of condemned criminals
a chance to do something
good for someone else?
Okay, well we set
someone free and...
And acts as a counter
element to implicit justice.
It's justice softened by mercy.
I'm not buying it.
These people
are ruthless killers.
No, no, no, no.
No, setting one person free?
Man that sound
just like what some
bastard bureaucrat would
do soften their conscious.
Yes, they need that,
but these people
are murderers themselves
on an illegal,
unconstitutional program that no
congressman or senator
would ever approve of.
Well they wouldn't have to.
It'd be buried
inside some huge bill
that no one took the time
to read.
They can do that?
They could, they did.
They did,
it was all in the news.
They passed some
new funding bill right?
But attached to it was some
new gun thing a gun law
that no one saw coming.
And no one knows
where it comes from.
They hid it from us,
and now it's a law,
that's what this is.
So this could be real?
This could be
some new fucking law,
some new government
fucking program?
And what you're saying
is that we're fucked?
That's what you just said.
You basically
just said we're fucked.
Yeah man.
There has to be more to it.
I'm a lawyer, I'm telling you,
there's always more things
to it than you think.
You're saying he lied?
He just didn't say it all.
You know
if you're right Victoria,
if there is some
glimmer of humanity
or mercy
in this hideous program,
that there is more to it
than we know.
I don't know.
what if we unanimously
choose each other?
Five votes, five times,
and on each vote
we are unanimous.
Okay now I don't get it.
That won't work.
I'm just using this
as an example Arnold.
Remember, he didn't give
us any rules to go by.
There are no guidelines.
We tell them
we are unanimous five times
and he has to let us all go.
He don't have to do nothing.
If this really
is a government program
then we do have rights.
One is the right
to convene as a jury
for a specific goal.
And we also have the right
to speak freely
to one another and to them
as we've already seen.
That means to some extent
we can make a defense!
They're listening.
Come on, let's fight back.
I still say
that we take a vote
and really choose someone.
Based on what Arnold?
How about how we really
feel about each other?
That's the problem.
I can't pick one of you
over the other.
That's sweet.
Don't choose me.
Because I for real,
I'm a murderer.
And like Victoria said,
some people should die.
My crime was simple.
I came home,
and I found my woman in
bed with my best friend.
Come over here.
Come on, listen, come
on let's talk this out.
This was a mistake.
I saw
nothing but black.
We'd never do anything
to hurt you.
We'd never do...
What you doing?
What you doing man?
Come on man, what you doing?!
I grabbed my pistol.
Come on, come on, come on.
Say something.
Come on baby.
And I shot them both.
Right there on the spot.
Even though they had both
got down on their knees and
begged me not to.
I still had my boat.
So I took their bodies
out to the sea
and I cut them up.
And I tossed them
out to the sharks.
Was there an investigation?
I told the police that
they had left town together.
That his wife and
my mother-in-law off my back.
Got away with the whole thing.
But these people must have
something 'cause they know.
They know.
I'm ready to make amends
for what I have done.
I'll take the first one out.
Send someone in,
we've made our choice!
Where is she?
Where is she?!
My bullet is faster
than your knife.
Jaclyn right?
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Charlie, I run this program.
And you are messing things up.
Look at this.
My god.
Stay with us.
Robby come on,
stay with us, stay with us.
Come on, you can do it.
Wherever you are.
No, stay with us.
They can't do this to you.
Now I'm finally free.
They can't do this to you.
Your stupid little note
just got Robby killed.
This woman over here
has managed to
get another one of you killed.
Don't be stupid.
Time's running out.
Make a decision.
Like I said,
we're all gonna die.
Arnold are you okay?
My heart won't stop pounding.
We understand honey.
I'm a professor.
I've never shot a gun I've
never even had a fight.
I'm sorry I didn't help you.
We wouldn't have made
it halfway down the hall.
I think better on my feet.
I'm sorry about Robby.
But I put my life out there
with him.
You're so brave.
I'm sorry I didn't help.
I just couldn't fucking move.
It happened so fast I,
I don't know how
I got under the table.
Let's move on.
We have to accept
that only one of us
will walk out of here.
And after what you
just tried to do Jaclyn
I think that should be you.
Let's figure this out.
I'd like to start
with saying that...
No, don't say another word.
They say we're all murderers
and we all deserve to die.
How should we judge each other?
Based on how many
people we killed?
Or heads we've cut off
or bodies we've buried?
What an appalling idea.
Okay, I just say we go
with our gut feelings okay.
The vibes we all got
from each other.
I still say we shouldn't
play this game.
We have four voting sessions
and each one one of us survives.
In each one one of us wins.
When they come in here
we tell them
we all voted, we voted
for all of us to survive.
That's brilliant.
Yes, we've got
something to fight back.
But also merciful.
I like it.
Do we all agree?
Now to make this
as official as possible,
who do we wanna chair?
That's easy.
We'd be stupid not to let the
one lawyer among us
make our case.
Yeah, she's got my vote.
Well let's start.
I just saw my whole life
rush behind me.
There's always hope Jeffrey.
A hope?
Yeah okay,
I was born under a rock
that never got moved.
Okay let's vote.
Let's begin with Victoria.
All those in favor
of Victoria being
the one raise your hands.
It is decided.
Now, all those in favor
of Jeffrey being the one,
raise your hands.
Think, don't screw up
the plan.
It is decided.
Now, all those
in favor of Arnold
being the one, raise your hands.
It is decided.
Now all those
in favor of me Jaclyn
being the one to survive,
raise your hands.
It is decided.
Now, all those
in favor of getting
out of here alive.
I can't take
much more of this!
Hit it boys!
What do ya think
you're doing now
Making a fucking
defense for ourselves!
Jeffrey, let me
do the talking.
We are exercising
our legal rights!
Yeah, what about the
rights of those people
that you had killed?
I did not kill anyone.
You're a liar!
I was acquitted,
found innocent!
Bringing me here
is a violation of my
5th amendment rights!
You have no rights sweetheart.
I fucking knew it!
Sit down!
You killed him!
One more chance
or you'll all die!
Especially you.
This can't be done.
Well I wanna live.
How about you Victoria,
you wanna live?
I was one step away from
going off a bridge last week.
Look, like I said before,
we should take
a preliminary vote.
Okay, so fucking do it.
Right, Jaclyn.
You do it.
Okay, let's
start with Victoria.
Don't give me the hope.
I vote for her.
Look okay sure, I
wanna fucking live okay.
But I know what I did.
You hear that?!
I know what I fucking did!
Alright, so it's one vote
for Victoria.
Now Jeffrey are you still out?
Yeah I gotta face it.
That's really admirable
of you Jeffrey.
I'm proud of you.
Okay, moving on.
Who votes for Jaclyn?
So, one vote for Victoria
and one vote for Jaclyn.
Who votes for me?
One vote for me, so, look.
You guys, it took me eight years
to get my Doctorate.
We both help people out.
I've gotten 100 people
off that I've represented.
Including yourself?
I was tried
and found innocent.
Let's be real.
Is there any hope of us
agreeing on the same person?
Just wanted to talk to him.
Bring me a copy of that goddamn
law that brought us here.
I will not.
This is unbelievable.
Have you no conscience?
More than you have sweetheart.
And now you're gonna
pay for your gross
disrespect for human rights.
There has to be something
you can do to help us.
Each of us has
a lot to live for!
But why save someone anyway?
If we all supposed to
repentant killers why?
Yeah I second that question.
The designers of this law
favor the Biblical law
of an eye for an eye.
The hope was that you as a group
could see the justice
in your own execution.
And as one final act of goodness
show some mercy
to someone who would
never repeat his crime.
You get it?
But it looks like
this group doesn't
grasp the concept of mercy.
But there is a plan B.
So please go back to your
table and think deeply
about what you did that none
of you have confessed to.
Then maybe
we can have a conversation.
Victoria was right,
this is about mercy.
And death.
It is said that confession
is good for the soul.
Let's say we have playback boys.
Okay boys.
I encourage all of you
to be as thorough
and as honest as you can be.
Because that is the criteria
in which
you will all be judged by.
Who would like to go first?
Okay Jeffrey.
Okay remember,
we have undisputable
proof of all your crimes.
I guess Harry didn't see
the drone above him?
I guess Harry thought
he got away with it.
Our committee
had no problem deciding
what to do with Harry.
He was killed as an example.
Another example is Robby.
Robby wasn't just
a degenerate gambler.
He was into running drugs for a
fairly large syndicate
who was suspicious
that he was skimming money.
Feds bugged his house.
The DNA backed up his story.
Looks like Robby was honest.
And that would have
put him in the running.
But he's dead now.
Okay Jeffrey, what's your story?
Just remember to give me
as much detail
as possible because
your life could depend on it.
I killed my mom and dad.
Why the fuck not?
There was a bank
transfer to your account.
Yeah my dad won 50 grand in Keno
and wouldn't give me
20 fucking dollars.
I took the fucking money.
How'd you kill them?
And then you
disposed of the bodies?
You couldn't have found them.
Nobody could have
fucking found them.
I guess there
is no other family members
left to worry about then?
Yeah, I was still cashing
their social security checks.
Had it fucking made.
Up until Gloria.
Is that why
you killed Gloria?
No okay, that wasn't
my fucking fault!
Jeffrey, is
that why you killed Gloria?
No, fuck you!
That wasn't my fault!
Fuck you!
Jeffrey don't
do it, don't do it no!
Lock this damn door!
You people
are a difficult group.
Okay, who wants to go next?
Let me just say,
that Jeffrey wouldn't
have been chosen by our program.
He left out quite a bit
of detail about his story.
Including the death of
his younger brother.
His younger brother?
Do you people really know
these so called details
or are you just bluffing?
I took you for being a lot
smarter than that Jaclyn.
The nickname of our
program is The Eyes Of God.
You can't even imagine how
far technology has taken us.
Know what I mean?
Victoria, come on.
Tell us the truth.
I wanna hear it.
We all wanna hear it.
First of all I have
to be honest and say,
I don't regret killing Val.
He also cut me
across my stomach,
my buttock, and took my nipples.
He tortured me for the rights
to my movie residuals
because Johnny
had producer backed by the mob
that I was getting
too much money.
You turned him in
Of course Johnny gave
him an airtight alibi.
So you took your revenge?
Damn right!
Motherfucker deserved it.
I followed him
and then one night
I ran over his ass.
I tied him
to the back of my car,
dragged him,
and took him into the woods.
I burned his body up good.
No one knew a thing.
The FBI knew.
We tied it in
with the police report
you made against Val.
He got what he deserved.
I got nothing else to say.
Do what you want with me.
You sure about that?
What about
his one month old son?
He had a son?
What about it?
The surveillance tape revealed
there was a baby boy
under the car.
I guess you never saw him.
They didn't care
about the mobster.
The baby boy
was buried as a John Doe.
Something more
you wanna tell me?
There's a baby
on the side of the road.
He's not breathing.
I don't know, somewhere.
There's a run down gas station.
Please come quickly,
he's not breathing.
Voice recognition
of the 911 call
reveals it was you Victoria.
I heard something come
up from under the car.
I couldn't imagine.
I couldn't imagine what it was.
Why didn't you tell us?
How could anybody
admit to such a thing?
My life's over.
I believe so.
Peter Stanford was one
of my freshman students.
He came to me shortly
after class had started
and threatened
to expose me if I didn't
pay him a great deal of money.
So I killed him.
Do you think the Dean's
gonna like it
when I go tell him about you?!
I bet he's not gonna like that!
You son of a bitch!
I will kill you!
I will fucking kill
you right now!
I strangled him
in the parking lot.
I took his wallet and his watch.
The next day
they concluded
that he'd been the victim
of a mugging gone wrong.
What did he have on you?
Why should I
have to tell you that?
I've already
confessed killing him.
The motive
is important for the
completeness of your confession.
We need it for our records.
I had sex with Peter
when he was 10.
How many boys
did you have sex with?
My turn
Be my guest.
You do realize this is
double jeopardy for me?
I was tried and completely
exonerated of this crime.
What crime are you
talking about Jaclyn?
You already know.
Let me remind you,
we don't care
about your rights here.
You're here to pay a
price for what you did.
And your only chance is
to confess to the crimes.
Take it or leave it.
What the hell.
Three years ago I was
contacted by a lottery winner
to oversee his winnings.
He had two sons.
His wife had passed but
no other living relatives.
After we became friends,
he asked me
to be in line as a beneficiary
after his kids.
He wanted me
to oversee the giving
of his money
to certain charities,
if it came to that.
People should never sign
things they don't read.
What happened then?
I had a real estate deal
go bad.
And I was being sued.
I lost everything and I
was about to lose my house.
I had already moved John's
money to the Cayman islands
in an account he and I
could both sign off on.
And what?!
I've already
been tried for this.
I told you Jaclyn,
I don't care.
This is life or death here.
Ask your friends.
Harry, Robby, Jeffrey.
They had a lake house
in Delaware
they went to on weekends.
I showed up one evening.
At dinner
I poisoned their drinks.
With what?
It's practically untraceable
in an autopsy
especially if you're
not looking for poison.
After they died
I put their bodies
in his car and I drove
it to a secluded ridge
I knew of in New Jersey.
And then what?
In the movie
North By Northwest
they put a drunken Cary Grant
into the drivers seat of a car
and headed him toward a cliff.
So you did the same thing?
Essentially the same.
Alcohol and all.
Except for the car did
smash into that ditch.
It looked totally
like an accident.
Well why were you tried?
After the car
went into the ditch
I was left on foot.
There was a diner
a few miles up the road
I called a taxi
to meet me there.
But the cops showed up
before I could get away.
Took our names.
Asked us if we
had seen anything.
Naturally I left without
getting into trouble.
It was a month later when
the District Attorney
of New Jersey
called me into question.
I was tied to the money and seen
suspiciously near
the scene of the crime
so I was put on trial.
That's everything.
And I was completely honest.
Sorry guys,
but I think I got this.
I think she does.
That was great Jaclyn.
I gotta say,
that's the best confession
I've ever seen.
You're free to go sweetie.
Best of luck to you both.
Hello Jaclyn.
Hey man, back from hell.
Yeah we brought
a couple of friends
who are dying to meet you.
Stevenson you're under arrest
for the murder of John
Smith and his two sons.
Brad and Matthew Smith.
You can't do this!
What is this, some sort of joke?
Your trial was in New
Jersey right Ms. Stevenson?
Yes, and I was found innocent.
But you murdered the
Smith family in Delaware
as you just confessed
to, just as we suspected.
Now you get to go to
trial again on our dime.
Recognize this?
No doubt you thought it
was empty Ms. Stevenson.
Aconite leaves traces
and we got a partial print.
I was coerced
into a confession.
These people tricked me!
Yeah, we do have witnesses
as to what you said.
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Charlie Mentz.
This is a group of very
fine actors that I hired.
See before you took over
my best friends money,
he had already given me plenty.
I couldn't accept the fact that
you were declared innocent.
So I decided to launch
my own investigation.
Arrest this man for
kidnapping and assault!
Got any proof?
You just came
to a confession party.
Isn't that right Jaclyn?
That's right.
The footage clearly shows
your car
pulling in the complex.
We got you baby.
Unfortunately, you seem
to have parked in a
blind spot for the cameras.
Making it impossible to
see who exited the car.
You really need
to get that fixed aye?
You son of a bitch!
I am.
And I say you did die tonight.
Delaware has the death penalty.
Time has run out Jaclyn.
You really got me.
Now go fuck yourselves!
Jaclyn the language on you.
Freaking did it!
We did it!
Fuck yeah!
High five.
Look at this, hey!
Bring it in sweetheart.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on bring it over.
Come on, come on bring it in.
Come on, let's celebrate.
Please, let me just say.
Guys from the bottom
of my heart,
I love every one of ya.
Let's do it.
Come on, come on let's do it.
Let's celebrate!
Come on!
Bada bing bada boom.
# We are waiting #
# For something to happen #
# We are counting #
# On the stars to change #
# The silent victims #
# Of our own complacent youth #
# You, you, you #
# Take away #
# All the evidence #
# I live under #
# A clear conscience #
# The back of my head
there's a boy that's dying #
# In the back of my head
there's a boy that's dying #
# You, you, you #
# The voice in the attic #
# Are still
shaking their chains #
# The voice in my head #
# He still whispers things #
# And every fucking
skeleton in my closet's #
# Trying to get out #
# Get out, get out #
# Take away all the evidence #
# I live under
a clear conscience #
# The back of my head
there's a boy that's dying #
# In the back of my head
there's a boy that's dying #
# You, you, you #
# It's harder
to accept the things #
# When you know it means you #
# You have to change #
# It's so much easier #
# Just to complain #
# You place the blame #
# On anything #
# I'm pointing the finger #
# But it's pointing back at me #
# I'm pointing the finger #
# But it's pointing back at me #
# I've been here before #
# But I'm coming
right back again #
# I've been here before #
# But I'm coming
right back again #
# Take away all the evidence #
# I live
under a clear conscience #
# The back of my head
there's a boy that's dying #
# In the back of my head
there's a boy that's dying #
# In the back of my head
there's a boy that's dying ##