The Eyes Diary (2014) Movie Script

The truck didn't stop after it hit him?
It hit him and dragged the body along.
If it'd stopped, he might've lived.
There was a loud crash.
The truck pulled the body behind it for a long way.
He might've made it
if he hadn't been dragged along like that.
I feel sorry for the boy.
His body was ripped in half.
He was the only son, what a pity.
He's from the neighborhood.
His mother keeps fainting.
Clean out all his stuff,
or he'll come back to look for it.
Go and stay with your parents.
Don't hang around here.
Your parents will make offerings
and take care of you.
Clear them up.
You'll be okay in the back?
Sure, no problem.
It never happened...
at the moment when I wanted it to happen.
If you're so possessive of your things,
why didn't you come back for them?
I didn't throw away any of your stuff.
Come back to me.
Wake up!
You left your books on the bed again.
I told you not to do that.
Is it my job to tidy up after you, huh?
Put them back on the shelf!
It's fine you read your books in bed,
but put them back when you're done.
Nott, this isn't funny!
This is the doll you gave me on our anniversary.
I'll buy you a new one.
Don't get upset.
Is the new one the same?
Of course, it's the same doll.
Everything you've given me means something to me.
Don't you know that?
I'm sorry. It's just a doll.
Stop sulking, please.
I'd do anything.
Pla the loveliest.
The cutest.
The most brilliant girl.
Mimi's here!
Nott's here, too!
Are you still mad at Nott?
Are you still mad at Nott?
Ready, Mimi?
I love you.
I love you.
Is it the same now?
Don't be like this! It's in one piece again!
Move, I'm going to the toilet.
Why? You're so angry you have to shit it out?
Move, I have to go.
We're good now, right?
Let me go!
Let me go!
No way!
Bear hug!
Let me go!
Let me go!
You're not mad anymore!
Tell me we're good.
Let me go!
It's ripped again!
It's ripped again!
Who'll clean it up?!
"Forever love."
"Love you, Nott."
I still hear our old sound,
the songs we used to listen to.
No matter how long I've slept.
When I wake up,
our story keeps playing before me
like a never-ending movie.
How long will it be like this?
Do you think Nott's up?
- Come on!
- You go get him.
No, Off! you go.
Sir, Ma'am...
A small contribution.
Keep it.
We don't need it.
Nott, you should listen to Pla's mother.
By now her spirit must've wandered so far away.
Or maybe she's getting fat like Off,
we've sent her only good food with the offerings.
Well, in case someone gets laid tonight...
Pla could be reborn as Kate and Van's baby!
Nott, you're depressed again.
You should find something
to do to help you forget what happened.
I'm doing something now.
If you're not here drinking, I'll be out working.
That body-collecting work is all good and noble.
But it'll be better if you do something
that doesn't involve dead people.
And the way you keep the dead's belongings
in your house, that's spooky.
Are you scared?
Of course! That's why I moved out.
Have you seen ghosts?
I've never seen one, and I'm not scared.
Modta, you don't believe ghosts exist?
Not really. When someone dies,
it's like when you shut down a computer.
Push the button, and poof! It's gone.
Then why do I feel Pla's presence
around me every day?
Are you imagining it?
Or perhaps what you sense...
is a wandering spirit who died
a violent death somewhere.
After all, you collect
personal stuff of dead people.
The other night while I was sleeping,
I heard a whispering in my ear.
It was a hoarse voice of an old woman.
It's not Pla's voice. Believe me,
Pla's no longer here.
Where did you hear it?
Right here where we're sitting!
See, it's working.
Soon we'll be able to see those spirits.
And maybe we'll see Pla too.
Wait a minute.
So you believe that keeping dead people's things
will make you see ghosts?
Like opening up a portal to the realm of the dead?
Where did you get that from?
The Internet.
Don't laugh,
that's how we can sense them, right?
Yes, and we've already sensed something.
It's you who don't.
Thank you so much.
Nott, do you really believe that it'll work?
You guys said you sensed something.
But I haven't.
Do you want to try something?
To communicate with the spirits of dead people...
First of all, you have to believe.
Then you have to fear.
Belief is the key that unlocks our mind.
Fear is an invitation for the spirit
to make a connection with us.
Close your eyes and concentrate.
Think of what haunts you,
let fear flood your heart.
Open your mind and listen to the voice
that tries to speak to you.
When you hear that voice clearly,
open your eyes
and see it.
What the hell's wrong with you people?
John, you prick!
What're you up to?
After making merit,
I heard you're committing the sin of drinking.
Who's this girl?
Modta, Kate's friend.
You two haven't met.
This is John,
my friend at the body-collecting unit.
So Nott, did you see or hear anything?
I was scared, but I didn't see anything.
Only this asshole.
Maybe I wasn't scared enough.
It's not that.
So what was it that you made me do?
I just wanted to tell you
that no matter how strong your fear or your belief is...
You'll never see anything.
You know why?
Because ghosts don't exist.
I know you miss me.
I'm here.
I know you can feel me.
Thank you
for trying everything so you can see me.
I'll wait for that day.
Don't stop believing that I'm still here.
look at Modta.
promise me.
When you hear that I've forgiven you,
you must be strong like you used to be.
I don't want to...
Hey! Wait!
You'll see it when I adjust the contrast.
Wait a second.
There's nothing.
What're you doing?
Off saw a woman sitting with Nott last night.
He thought it was me, so he took a picture.
I can't see anything, it's dark.
Why did you snuggle up with Nott?
I said it wasn't me!
- Where's Kate?
- She's going to get her phone at Nott's house.
She's going alone?
Is Nott home?
"I did it
not because I wanted anything.
I was just tired, I didn't want go on living.
Don't put the blame on anyone.
I did it all myself.
Goodbye... Noi.
So you had enough of this world?
- Are you asking me?
- No, I'm asking Noi.
What's his answer?
He speaks gibberish.
Look, his tongue is choked in his mouth.
Where do we go after we die?
Do you want the real answer,
or one that'll make you feel good?
Or one that you just want to hear?
The real one, of course.
Help me spread the sheet.
Come on.
We leave this life with something in tow.
Sometimes it's another person, or an object,
or maybe it's just something that happened.
If we can get rid of this burden,
we'll go in peace.
If we can't, we'll keep coming back to it.
But this guy, he wanted to leave in peace.
I don't think he left anything to come back to.
Van, Modta, look.
Did you Photoshop it?
No, I did not!
S Kate at Nott's house now?
Are you in? I left something here.
Nott, have you seen my phone?
You took it upstairs?
Bring it to me, will you?
I'm going up then.
Kate, don't go up there
You're still asleep?
Why did you bring my phone here?
It's tight, be careful.
Go easy.
It's good having you around. At least there's
someone who believes in ghosts more than I do
Clean out all his stuff,
or he'll come back for it.
All right.
Kate saw something in the house.
His lower was missing.
What did you take from him?
Go get Kate's phone.
We're too scared to go inside.
Shall we show him this?
Put it away. He'll become even more
kooky if you let him see it.
He'll cling on to his foolish hope.
Can't you see I've tried to persuade him
to stop buying into this nonsense?
How would you explain this picture?
Just delete it.
Here he is.
Kate's phone.
let me get this straight.
I think you should throw away all those stuff.
The more you live with it,
the more you become obsessed and antisocial.
What're you talking about?
I don't have any problem with you guys.
We're worried about you.
I know you want to see Pla again.
But keeping those objects in your house?
Look how scared we are.
Look at Kate. She freaked out.
Honestly, none of us wanted to come back here.
And none of us thinks we can talk sense into you.
If it's nonsense, then what was it that Kate saw?
Are you saying that your girlfriend lied to you?
You don't understand.
Suppose Kate died,
you would do the same.
That'll never happen.
I'll never be the cause
of my girlfriend's death the way you are.
Kate, let's go.
Modta, come.
You go ahead, I want to talk to Nott.
Let's go.
See you then.
It would hurt me badly too.
What do you know...
How could I know if you don't tell me?
I guess they've already told you everything.
But I want to hear it from you.
Maybe I'll know that a nightmare
didn't only happen to me.
Want to talk somewhere else?
Don't you get tired playing with your phone?
Come on! Talk to me, it's our night out!
You talk to me all the time, don't you get bored?
Why? Should 1?
Yes, because I also get bored talking to you.
Can I have your number?
What're you doing?
Let's go.
Let me go.
Don't touch me!
She's a friend in my class.
This isn't the first time.
If she's your friend,
why didn't you already have her number?
I lost it.
Cut the bulllshit.
Why did you go talk to her?
I'm with you and you didn't talk to me!
I did talk to you! But did you talk back to me?
But you shouldn't storm away from the table!
I know it's not just her
that you've been chatting up.
In your text, your LINE and Facebook.
Don't think I'm a fool.
Did you look at my phone?
Yes, because I don't trust you!
Am I so boring
that you have to chat with other girls?
Your drama is a Killjoy.
Aren't you embarrassed?
If I'm such a killjoy, then break up with me!
I didn't expect all of this when I moved out here.
Don't be unreasonable.
You were playing with your phone all evening.
I talked to you but you didn't even look at me.
I was talking to my mother!
I miss home!
Was I unreasonable
when I fought with my father and ran away
because I wanted to move in with you?
I wanted to be with a good man.
Someone who's not a lazy,
good-for-nothing Casanova like you!
I'm sick of this!
Get on. We'll talk at home.
We can talk here.
It's the same anywhere.
I'm going home with or without you.
If you leave, don't come back to see me again.
Okay, is that really what you want?
Get off me! Don't be crazy, we're all ghosts here!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Are you Noi?
Don't open it!
Give this to Fah.
Bank asked me to give it to you.
He said you must be strong.
When you die, your memories die with you.
After a time, you'll have nothing
left except your burden.
An unfinished business
that attach you to this world.
You don't remember anything,
because your burden...
is Nott.
I used to live here with my parents and sister.
Three years ago,
I came home late from an extra class.
You couldn't imagine what I saw.
My mom slumped on the table
after my dad shot her point-blank from behind.
My sister, Mink, was shot
as she was running out of the house.
My dad walked back upstairs
and shot himself in my sister's room.
I don't know.
No one knows.
He never talked to anyone about his problems.
I lived here a while longer...
Hoping that I would see dad,
mom and my sister again.
I just wanted to ask them
what happened that night.
But after a year...
Nothing happened.
I decided to move out and live by myself.
There are too many memories here.
Nott, I know your feeling.
We don't suffer because we remember
the bad things.
We suffer
because we remember all the happiness
that we once had...
and that we'll never have again.
Have you come to accept it?
Sometimes I think...
They're watching me from somewhere.
But I never felt them.
I used to believe that
I could feel their presence.
But that belief gradually faded.
Like I told you before.
They were just human beings
who shut down their engines. And disappeared.
I'm the only one who remains here.
I have to go on living.
Sometimes I want to convince myself again
that ghosts exist.
Where's the room that your dad killed himself?
Your father's still there.
Look carefully.
Are you certain that you've forgotten everything?
You father is still there.
Every day, you miss him.
Every day, you ask him...
Whose fault was it?
Why did it have to be you who survived? Only you?
You still want to know,
why don't you ask him again?
Why did he shoot your sister?
Your mother?
Why didn't he take you with him that day?
Why did he leave you alone back here?
Ask him!
Why shot your mother!?
Your sister!?
Why did you do it?!
You haven't stopped believing.
You left this house
because you wanted to run away...
from the people you knew were still here.
The people you thought
you might never see them again.
You're right.
We share a similar experience.
The difference is, I never ran away from Pla.
I'm doing everything
to see her again.
So I can tell her the last thing
that I never had a chance to tell her.
If we have a chance to do it...
won't you try it?
I wonder how it will go
if we can't cut the burden off.
You will be dead meat like those ghosts.
Your spirit...
and your memories will be gradually disappeared.
How much time do I have?
Nothing to worry about.
Bank dug his nails into my leg.
He ripped off a chunk of the skin.
The wound is festering.
We have to hurry now,
we have to decide what to do.
Do me a favor.
What is it?
You can be our spiritual medium,
so I can talk to Nott.
He won't believe me, he only wants to see you.
And... have you been able
to see ghosts since you were born?
No. Why did you ask?
Then you can tell Nott what he has to do.
When his eyes are opened,
he'll see me.
Problem solved.
No, it's too dangerous.
Dangerous how?
You guys are still up.
Yes, we have to finish a report tonight.
A lot to be done.
Look at that lovely doll!
Come here. Give it to me.
A gift?
From a senior.
Wow, you have an admirer!
You're a hottie!
Can I borrow it for a childbirth scene in my film?
The size is perfect.
I'll stuff it inside my actress
and let her dangle from a piece of cloth.
She'll scream and I'll say 'push!'
And the doll will slip out
from her belly like this.
What nonsense!
I will got an award for my directing.
Stop it.
Hi Modta.
Will it work?
The doll doesn't look scary at all.
If it doesn't, we'll try something else.
Off, wake up!
What's up?
Please help me type this report
Nothing, I'm so sleepy I'm going to wash my face.
I'm sleepy too, let's go get coffee
from the convenience store.
Modta, come with me.
No, she'll stay here to help me.
Go by yourself, no one's going to rob you.
I'm not afraid of robbers, I'm afraid of ghosts.
What ghosts? You're scarier than any ghosts.
My treat, get whatever you want.
Get me an instant noodle. What do you want?
You said so! I'll clean out the shelves.
Lovely doll! Are you lonely? Come with mama.
I'm going.
You're so cute!
What's wrong?
Modta brought you, so what should I call you?
Modyim! That's lovely.
'Lovely, mama.
Let's go for a walk, my dear.
We are going to go, my dear.
Your dress is very pretty.
Your hair too, I'll braid it for you.
Crying? My baby, Mama's here!
Don't cry, pumpkin.
Maybe it's the baby sound from next door...
Does this thing come with a pre-recorded sound?
Help me!
Help me!
Kate! Modta!
Shit! I'm so scared! It's a demon doll!
Calm down!
What happened?
The doll... It turned into an old crone!
What're you talking about?
I swear! It's a ghost!
It's next door.
It's nothing.
Give it back!
- What have you done?!
- It's a demon doll!
Modta, it's not your sister!
We have to go!
If I'd opened my eyes to see all of them,
I'd have lost my marbles.
That's why you always pretended not to see me.
Yes. Until Nott started being indiscriminate
when he took dead people's stuff.
I'm the one who has to clean up after him.
Why didn't you stop him from doing it?
Because it may be the only way that works.
Or maybe... your burden has nothing to do with Nott.
What do you mean?
Think carefully,
what was on your mind the moment before you died?
You're in a hurry to go back to that bitch, right?
Hey, calm down!
Great, go faster!
So we will die and I won't have to see you again!
Stop being so sarcastic!
I'm not being sarcastic. You'll never see me again!
Nott will never see me again,
because that was what I said, right?
Does your wound hurt?
All the time.
If you can't cut your ties with this world,
you'll always be hurt.
You'll always drown in the pool of suffering
that people call hell.
Do you want that?
Now, you have time to make a choice.
What if Nott has to go on living with his guilt?
It's the same.
Do you want to see him
in this living hell forever?
That's your karma.
I can't interfere with it, I really can't.
Cut the ties, and Nott will feel better.
Cut the ties.
It's not that easy to do.
Is there really no other way, John?
I beg you, please help me.
Just this one time.
Do whatever you can.
Last Clip At Vejpanya
We're now at Vejpanya.
An abandoned hospital haunted by vicious spirits.
Come out, where are you?!
Some kind of mantra here.
This is the room.
It's all over the wall.
Can you read it?
I don't think it's this room.
Hurry up!
Come on!
Now we're in the room where it happened.
What Bomb said was correct.
I'll wait outside.
Are you going out?
I'll be right here.
This room has a horrifying history.
At this spot where we're now standing.
Bodies of homeless men were found.
A group of teenagers broke in
and set fire on them.
You see, all three of them.
The bodies were transported to a hospital.
But what's shocking was,
the bodies disappeared from the morgue.
No one knew if the dead men
had returned to this place.
But there's a curse.
What curse?
If you come here in group,
not everyone will get out alive.
What's that?
Don't do that!
What're you afraid of?
Where's everybody?
Ta, Doh, are you messing with me?
This doesn't look good. John's disappeared too.
What's that shit?
Who's that?
Is that you, John?
What the hell's going on?
Where's John?
Is that him?
No, let's get out of here.
Is that you, John?
I'm scared!
Calm down!
Let's go!
Where's Doh?
Get out of there, Doh.
"Everyone in the clip was dead.
I want to go there.
If you want to see ghosts,
try Modta's devil doll first.
Don't call my sister like that!
Why not?
I don't know.
I feel that Mink is still around.
I can sense her, she's sitting right here.
Can you see her?
you guys can feel them but I can't.
If we're using the same method and
it doesn't work for me,
I need a stronger catalyst.
But they say that place is cursed.
If you go in group,
not everyone will come out alive.
So now you believe?
I mean...
You can see him!
Nott, you can see a ghost now!
Ghost your ass!
That video is total hogwash. I'm still alive!
So what's the story? What did you see there?
What really happened in that clip?
Are you planning to go there?
You can't. There are invisible forces in there.
It's very dangerous.
But I can see them. I can sense them.
Maybe I can help Nott.
What is it that you think you can feel?
I feel my sister's presence.
She's been with me since last night.
I really can feel her.
Mink's here.
Maybe it's not your sister.
How can you be so sure
if you don't actually see it?
Mink's here.
Nott, let's talk.
In the Vejpanya clip, I really saw something.
It's not a way to open
the sixth sense, it's a curse.
Everyone else in the video,
they saw it too and they died.
Believe me, don't go there.
But you made it out alive.
It's not that simple.
Before you go there, let me tell you something.
It may sound incredible.
But I ask you to listen to me just this once.
Pay attention.
Listen to what I'm saying.
Right now...
Pla is standing next to me.
Do you have something to tell him?
I love you.
I watch you every day.
I see everything you've done for me.
She said she loves you.
She sees what you've done for her.
I just want to tell you...
I forgive you everything.
I want you to know...
That I still love you.
I want you to let things go.
So we'll no longer be a burden to each other.
She said she's forgiven you.
She wants you to let things go.
So you two will no longer be
a burden to each other.
Don't worry about me, I'm doing fine.
You have to be strong.
She said she's doing fine,
she wants you to be strong.
What're you babbling?
If I go to Vejpanya,
you're sure
I'll see something, right?
If I don't see her with my own eyes,
I won't believe you.
I've come so close.
Let me do it.
Even if you can see ghosts,
you won't be able to see Pla.
Do you remember the last thing she said to you?
She said she didn't want to see you again.
That's her last wish, it can't be changed.
Who told you that? Who told you, John!?
Pla told me. You calm down!
I told you when I was drunk, right?
No. You never told me about it.
I'm sorry.
There's something I have to tell her in person.
I promise...
When I can speak to her,
everything will be fine again.
Nott, wait for me.
If you want to follow him, go on.
There's nothing else I can do.
We don't have much time left.
Please do something.
I don't want to see Nott being like this!
If I do it and it fails,
you two will be stuck in a living hell.
That's fine with me.
Tell me...
If you see Pla, what're you going to say to her?
What is it that you want to tell her?
I want to say I'm sorry.
I want her to forgive me.
You talked to her every day in your house,
maybe she already heard you
But I don't know
if she'll forgive me.
Or maybe there's something more...
Forget it.
Do you sense anything now?
this place is sleeping.
This is where the men were burnt alive.
Did you hear that?
Are you afraid?
Don't tell me you aren't.
Didn't know you're scared too.
Don't answer, stay still.
- It's one of my friends.
- John...
Last time we were here,
he was cursed to see ghosts too.
John, Where are you?
But he couldn't handle it,
- sOo he gouged his eyes out.
- John...
But he still saw them in his mind.
John, Where are you?
- he jumped off a building.
- John...
is what will happen to Nott.
John, Where are you?
Where is it?
Stay still.
You let it...
Ghosts come together in places
where there are no humans.
Now walk slowly, stay quiet.
Why don't you go first?
Where are you?
Modta, where are you?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Where are you?
I'm not sure which floor I am.
Someone is following me.
Don't run,
slow down your steps.
Then what?
Does it slow down too?
Stop walking.
Turn around.
Maybe it's not a ghost.
Hi Nott.
Van, come help me at Vejpanya.
Help me...
Nott, he really goes to Vejpanya!
Get off me!
Pla, help him. Don't let them pull him away.
Nott! Nott!
Nott! Nott!
Get away from me! Nott! Nott!
Get away from me! Nott, help me!
Get away from me!
Don't be afraid.
Pretend you don't see them.
And they won't touch you.
Help me!
The car.
This way!
Follow me.
Follow me.
Nott, here!
John , they are coming.
Are you going in there? Don't do it!
Look there.
Turn on the high beam!
What's that light?
What's he doing?
High beam!
High beam!
Van, turn on the high beam! Now!
High beam!
Don't run out of now.
You're up. Have some food and take your pills.
Why are you here?
Where are the others?
They're at the campus.
Eat something.
When you get better you can go see them.
How's John?
John's fine.
I remember seeing him fall from the building.
How's he doing?
John's dead.
Last week?
He was cremated yesterday,
but you didn't make it.
Why you didn't tell me?
I did.
I told you every day.
But you're too weak to go anywhere.
Eat some food,
take the pills, and you'll feel better.
Why're you hiding? Get in here!
Why're you hiding?
- Come in here!
- Nott...
They're all dead.
They died in the car that John crashed onto.
Only two of us made it out alive.
You're lying!
Only two of us...
It's not true!
And Pla...
Where's she?
Pla's gone.
Nott, pull yourself together!
You have to remember that Pla's gone!
No! Pla's still here!
Nott, don't!
Let me go!
Get out!
Get out of my house!
Get the hell out!
Get out!
Is that you?
Yes, I'm here.
I have something to tell you...
I'm not being sarcastic.
You'll never see me again!
There were times when our stupid
thoughts made us do stupid things.
Every time,
we could say sorry and forgive each other.
But that night, in that fraction of a second...
It was the stupidest moment in my entire life.
I was fed up with your temper and
I thought I didn't want to be with you any more.
I was intend to hurt you.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
It's all right.
I already forgot everything.
It's as if those things never happened.
Don't cry, my love,
I'm here.
You don't have to worry about anything any more.
Don't cry.
I'll be here.
I'll be here with you forever.
Promise me,
you'll never leave me again.
I promise.