The Eyes Of My Mother (2016) Movie Script

Mother: Saint Francis spent
many years living alone
in the woods.
Then one night, he saw an angel
burning in the sky.
And when he woke up,
he had stigmata.
But loneliness can do
strange things to the mind.
Eventually he died
of an eye condition
that also
would have caused psychosis.
Mother: Cow eyes are very
similar to human eyes.
The construction
is almost exactly the same.
The only difference
is they're bigger.
Mother: In Portugal,
we used to practice surgery
on cows.
Here, they practice on people.
This is how they kill it.
- Francisca.
- Francisca?
I was just getting to know
your daughter.
I'm Charlie.
Is your husband at home?
He'll be home
any second now.
But we're not interested
in whatever
you're trying to sell.
I'm not trying
to sell you anything.
May I come inside
for a second?
Just to use the restroom.
It'll only take a second.
You have a lovely home.
Have you lived here
a long time?
The bathroom
is through the living room
to the right.
Is your husband
usually late?
You said you expected
him here any second.
Bathroom is through
the living room,
to your right.
Would you show me?
I think you should
show me the way.
I'm trying to be polite.
Now, we can try this
one more time
before I start
to become unreasonable.
I am sorry, sir, but I really
need you to leave.
I don't quite know
what you're planning.
Hey there, Franny.
I'm gonna need you
to sit over there
on that chair
and be real quiet.
Can you do that for me?
Now, why don't you
be a good host
and show me where
that bathroom is?
Well, all right now.
Onwards and upwards.
Man: Reporting from the state
Fire Marshal's office today,
request for all
municipal authorities
to ban the sale
of an imported ragdoll,
which has been found
to be highly flammable.
State Fire Marshal
George Chanovec says
every Fire Department
in the state
has been contacted about it.
The doll stands 15 inches high...
The bodies are stuffed with straw,
and the name A.E. Sutton
stamped on the foot.
Fire Marshal
says the dolls,
which sold for less
than a dollar
and for usually--
Father: Where's your mother?
I couldn't leave her.
Man: Why'd you mark the calendar
towards this date?
Woman: Look, I want this to happen.
I don't want to see it happen.
Man: It'll be over
in a few minutes.
Woman: I've got things to do.
Man: Can't see
the hanging from here.
Just hear it.
Woman: Hear it?
Man: Yeah, hanging sounds
almost as bad as it looks.
Man: Trap door bangs open.
Do you want something to eat?
Man: Probably a few fellows
watching will give a--
- Francisca: Daddy?
- Man: Hoop or a holler.
Man: Trouble?
Boy: I got there
too late, they told me.
I need help
with your mother.
Woman: Something wrong?
Charlie: Franny?
Man: No, it's, uh, I've
never seen a lonesomer town.
Charlie: Franny?
Woman: Well, it's just that...
Charlie: Franny!
Man: Not everyone. That calendar
there says someone's
been counting the days.
Charlie: Franny!
You will have to take care of this.
Man: ...For a minute if we could.
Charlie: Franny!
Man: ...That can save
our Pa and Adam.
Me and Little Joe
found Deuce Martin dead.
- Charlie: Franny!
- Woman: Dead?
Charlie: Franny! Fran, Fran!
Franny! Franny! Franny! Franny!
What are you doing?
Francisca: You needed stitches.
Francisca: Why are you laughing?
Why us?
You let me in.
Francisca: You've done this before.
Francisca: Why do you do it?
It feels amazing.
You're gonna kill me, right?
Why would I kill you?
You're my only friend.
I'm gonna take care of you.
What are you doing?
Man: Been eating
this kind of food
all the way from Ohio?
Woman: We have, sir.
Man 2: Well, you keep
shoveling it out to him,
you're not gonna have any left.
Man 3: Where are you headed?
Man 2: We hope to be
in Slatersville by week's end.
Heard word of a large
fertile valley there.
And God willing, we hope to
buy land and settle in peace.
He won't make any more noise.
Man 2: Yes, and we work
for many years
put all of our money together.
I love you, daddy.
Man 2: It is our dream to start
a fresh new life.
Francisca: Hello.
Woman: Is something wrong?
Man: Oh, it's, uh,
just that I've never seen
a lonesomer town.
Woman: Well, it's just that
everyone's afraid to watch
the Cartwrights die.
Man: Not everyone.
That calendar there says
someone's been counting
the days.
Miss Sally, ma'am, we'd like
to talk to you
for a minute if we could.
You see, you're the only one
left in town now
that can save
our Pa and Adam.
Me and Little Joe
found Deuce Martin dead.
Woman: I told you
what I saw at the trial.
- Man: Sally, you lied.
- Man 2: Little Joe,
no need for that.
Man: You were hurting the lady.
Man 2: I didn't mean
to hurt you, Sally, I'm sorry.
I just wanted you
to tell the truth, that's all.
We're not doing any good here.
Let's go see Barney Ogden.
Man: Ma'am.
So, you live close by?
A few towns over.
Kimiko: Your house is so neat.
Francisca: Thank you.
Can I get you anything?
I'm okay.
Have you lived here a long time?
My whole life.
Was this your parents' house?
Do you live here alone now?
I'm sorry,
I'm asking so many questions.
I ask a lot of questions
when I'm nervous.
Why are you nervous?
I don't do this very often.
Do what?
Go home with people.
Neither do I.
Okay, so we both
have an excuse to be awkward.
Is this your mother?
She's beautiful.
She was.
What was she like?
She was a wonderful mother.
What else?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Come on. Anything.
What did she do?
She was a surgeon in Portugal.
What kind?
When I was little,
we used to do
the dissections together.
I remember I was fascinated
by how the inside
of the body looked.
She always hoped I would
be a surgeon one day.
I dissected a cat once
in school.
That sort of stuff
always grossed me out.
What happened to her?
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have asked.
Someone killed her.
What about your dad?
I killed him.
No, really.
You're not serious, are you?
What's wrong?
I'm sorry.
That wasn't funny.
So sorry.
No, I'm-- it's okay.
I, um,
I should probably think
about heading home soon.
Please don't go.
- I can just call my mom.
- No. No.
I'll drive you home.
No, it's okay.
I'll drive you home.
Please don't go.
- Please don't go.
- No, no,
- it's um...It's okay.
- No.
I am-- listen, I'm just
kind of tired.
I'm just gonna go.
- Please.
- I'm-- I'm just gonna--
- Don't go.
- I'm gonna go, okay?
Please, stop.
I'm just a little tired, okay?
- It's okay, little guy.
He's just, he's a little fussy.
It's okay.
Would you mind putting that
back in his mouth?
Thank you.
Oh, baby.
Don't cry.
So, you're just up
this way, right?
Uh, yes.
Have a wonderful afternoon, okay?
You think I could just
hold Antonio?
I'm sorry.
We-- we really have
to get going.
Please, can I hold him
just for a little bit?
- Okay?
- Okay, okay, just do it quick.
A quick one. Yes, of course.
Of course we can.
Hey, baby.
Come on, little guy.
Yeah, we made
a new friend today.
Look at that.
She's just gonna hold you.
Ooh, boo, boo,
boo, boo, boo.
It's okay. It's okay.
Okay, so you just wanna
hold his head up.
Hi, baby.
- Good job.
- Hello, baby.
He likes his little...
His little...
What are you...
What are you doing?
No! Stop!
Please, don't hurt him, please!
Don't hurt my baby!
Please don't hurt him!
Please, don't hurt him, please!
Hey, baby.
- Don't scream.
- Please don't do this.
- Please give him back to me.
- Baby.
- Please get away from him.
- Oh.
Man: Mr. Loren,
I advise you to call
this party off now.
The ghosts are already moving
and that's a bad sign.
Mr. Loren: Let me apologize for my wife,
she'll join us later.
- What will you have?
- Woman: Scotch Ann.
- Mr. Loren: Doctor?
- Doctor: I'll have the same.
Mr. Loren: Now, before the party begins,
let's go over the details.
The caretakers will leave
at midnight
locking us in here
until they come back
in the morning.
- Once the door is locked,
- there's no way out.
The windows have bars
that a jail would be proud of.
- Francisca: Antonio?
- Now, the only door
- to the outside--
there's no electricity,
no phone.
No one within miles.
So, no way to call for help.
It's only a dream.
It's only a dream.
It's only a dream.
It's only a dream.
Francisca: What?
Did you go in the barn?
Francisca: I told you to never
go in the barn.
Baby! Baby, wake up.
- Baby.
- What's wrong?
You know how much
I love you, right?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong,
nothing's wrong.
Whatever you learn,
don't let it change
- How you feel about me, okay?
- Who's here?
- Policeman 1: Open up.
Open up, it's the police.
Policeman 1: Police!
Come on, come on, baby.
Come on. You're fast.
Come on. Come on.
Policeman 1: Clear! Get them clear.
Backup, upstairs.
- Policeman 1: Upstairs.
- Policeman 2: Second floor.
Let's go.
- Policeman 1: Up in the air!
- Policeman 2: Drop the weapon!
Policeman 3: Hands up!
Antonio: Mommy!