The Fable (2019) Movie Script

We celebrate our alliance today...
and wish you all great success...
and great prosperity.
A man is someone I can depend on...
a man who can hold his liquor.
Are you kidding? This is my portrait.
A fifth shot of tequila.
This is a present for you.
For me?
Try it, try it.
Please look here.
You're a samurai, a samurai.
- Heart shot -
- To the head -
That's amazing.
You're so strong.
That's the tenth tequila.
Dude what was that snore?
- Target: Gun -
- Colt 1911 -
I'll kill you.
Wait, wait.
Hang on.
Let's go, let's go.
What is your job you said?
Let's have our 20th tequila.
Like a boss.
He's coming.
Head shots.
- Belly shot -
- Heart -
Don't kill me.
You have that puke face, are you alright?
And there come the zombie look.
This is a little trick of mine.
Please spare her...
she bears my baby.
Everything OK? I think
I heard the police.
Switch on the TV.
The TV.
Really, that show?
Next our student graduated
from Laughter School.
Jackal Tomioka.
The strawberry comes on the shortcake.
"How about me, then?"
"How about me, then?"
And now a rice curry
on top of my veggies.
What is so funny about him?
Jackal Tomioka is the best.
"How about me, then?"
The Fable.
How many hits have you done so far?
I don't know.
You don't like it?
It's too hot.
Please, blow on it.
So? What's my next hit?
We need to rest for a while.
Our organization is getting too hot.
You'll take a year,
a sabbatical, incognito.
From today you are Akio Sato.
And you are Yoko sato.
What? We're married now?
You're siblings.
We don't look alike.
You'll be in Osaka.
There's a gang who
contracted us, they owe us.
I told them about you,
you'll lay low there.
Here's a goodbye gift.
No, your pet.
A sign of your new, normal life.
Then you'll be an even better pro.
A pro blending into the
general population.
Interesting idea.
To live a normal life
is quite a challenge.
Don't raise trouble there.
You'll take a break,
you won't kill anyone.
If you do I'll kill you.
Right, as a pro.
What's this?
He died before we had
a chance to kill him.
Another gang was on his case.
That's the job of a real pro.
All vital organs were shot with one hit.
He even killed two with one bullet.
This guy is amazing.
There's a colleague I envy.
Who could that be.
Who else but "The Fable"?
The Fable, that's just an urban legend.
There's always a reality behind legends.
Look how your eyes are shining.
Hey, did you see the guy who did that?
I see...too bad.
OK, what do we do next?
Let's find The Fable.
Genius idea.
'Cause if we kill an urban legend...
we'll become urban legends.
Ain't that so cool?
"You'll be in Osaka tomorrow..."
"put all your weapons in the microwave."
"We'll come later to pick them."
"Do not take any weapons with you."
So I call you "big brother?"
You're my young sister.
Can you speak with the Osaka accent?
I have a switch for the Osaka dialect.
(Osaka accent) Let's go then...
Where are we? What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
Let me introduce myself.
My mom is from...
Enough of that.
- Osaka Tower -
- Maguro Company -
Good morning sir.
Mr. Director.
Excuse me, sir, is it OK like this?
I guess it's alright.
Please, sir could you check this?
Why does Ebihara want
to talk to the President?
I don't know, no told me anything.
He wants to play
a secret trick, it seems.
What is that?
Hiding a hitman?
Don't ask me.
We owe them, we hired
their service recently.
We'll accommodate him with
the strict necessity...
and no more.
What kind of person is he? The Fable?
We'll never know, his existence
is strictly confidential.
One thing though...
any information about him
cannot leave this room.
The worst possible timing...
to top it all Kojima is coming out soon.
Holy shit, you're right.
Kojima is back in the picture.
"You're out on parole today..."
"you served your 8-year term."
Kojima, aren't you happy
to be out earlier?
Thanks to you guys...
I can go back to my life.
I'd like to ask you something.
You are that Mr. Sato they sent us?
Will you meet many other Sato's today?
Big brother.
Sorry, his social skills are rudimentary.
If you had to kill the
President and myself...
how would you go about it?
...That kind of process.
I'm sorry, he's a good person deep down.
What Ebihara? You're carrying a gun?
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to meet
The Fable bare-handed today.
Now, come on.
We have a strict policy in the office.
But then what would you do...
with our ten guys
waiting outside.
And only three bullets left.
Tell us.
I'd use the President's gun.
You are sharp, Mr. Sato.
How did you guess?
If I explained you wouldn't get it.
Do not mind him, he's an
angel at heart, really.
It's a safe-house for the gang.
It's a house separated in two.
All furnished.
It's all at your disposal.
I'll take this side of the house.
You can't use this floor.
This garage is my private space.
Only I can touch this little jewel.
Don't get in.
Open up.
Don't start it.
At your disposal.
I need you to do something,
don't tell the President.
Get it.
This is our new place.
One year from today.
We'll live a normal life.
As a pro.
To our new life in Osaka.
One more.
I have a year to find
a handsome boyfriend.
Are you listening?
It's me, are you ready?
Another one.
If I have a nice boyfriend...
please don't kill him.
Big brother, you sure
can hold your liquor.
Are you listening? You and
me we'll have great memories.
Why makes you so happy?
We're not in a school yard.
Go home.
Come on, one more bar.
As a pro, I'll become a normal person.
I was having fun.
It seems your girlfriend dumped you.
Dispose of him for me.
Sure, just watch me.
Right-handed, kick-boxer.
He'll send a high-kick.
He's confident I won't move.
I'll go along his move.
I'll pretend to be badly hit...
and that it badly hurts.
Right-handed, can't fight.
He just has his right punch.
I'll pretend to be hurt.
I'll fracture his two middle fingers.
I'll take nosebleed with this one.
Now I'm bleeding.
I'll burst into tears.
I'll pretend to be a weakling.
I'll be pitiful.
I'll be common...
a very common pro.
You took a beating.
What are you looking at?
He's done, let's go.
How normal am I?
Would you need...
a hanky?
No, I'm fine.
She seems very busy.
All fine.
You saw how we crushed him?
That hurts.
Something doesn't feel right.
My blows didn't really land on him.
Sato received a beating,
he was crying like a little girl.
Osaka is so interesting.
I was too close, what an idiot.
How do you dare.
I see, you really don't know The Fable.
How about this?
He took it on the scene...
he was filming at random.
No way.
Tell me the password.
You let me go, I'll tell you.
What are you doing?
The password.
You let me go, I'll tell you.
Just let me go, I'll tell you.
2, 7...
3, 2
What is it?
I found a treasure.
Those bacteria are eating us alive.
The Jackal disinfectant.
Alright, let's try it on myself.
"How about me, then?"
The Jackal disinfectant.
I'm so bored.
What are you doing?
We should have a good chat you and me.
I thought we were supposed to to talk.
This ex-wrestler...
woman abuser, rapist, bully,...
everything except murder.
He has a huge debt with us.
I promised to clear his debt if he came.
Kill him.
My boss doesn't allow
me to kill anyone here.
Well, you do this one...
and the whole year
you're buying yourself...
a full right of residence.
What is that?
I'm pressing the switch.
According to his reputation, The Fable...
disposes of any opponent
in 6 seconds maximum.
Let me count.
Suit yourself.
I simply neutralized him.
Dispose of him as you please.
He's still alive.
You'll finish what you started.
You have to kill him.
You'd shoot me?
How many hundreds have you killed?
To you, one more makes no difference.
What's wrong with you?
Show me who you truly are.
A pervert who only finds
delights in killing.
This year I'll do all I can...
to live a normal life
without killing anyone.
Please let me live in this city.
Is that how little you care about life?
I know one thing about life...
I that meaningless world...
someone who gives so
little value to it...
who kills like a walk in the park...
has no right to be in this city.
It's never been a walk in the park.
You kill like it's a game.
What does life mean to you?
Answer me.
I've just been offered a parakeet.
It's the first pet I take care of.
I do it with all my heart.
That's the only answer I have for now.
Kokuro, stand up.
Sato will live with us for the next year.
Welcome to Taihei district.
The best steakhouse in town.
Eat while it's hot.
I have a question.
Without warning or reason...
testing me like you did there,
was excessive.
Why did you do that?
There is a man coming
out of jail next week.
He killed a girlfriend and
went inside for 8 years.
But he's not a bad person.
He's like my little brother.
Until he gets back on his feet...
I want to take care of him.
Just listen to me...
Why? I just told you...
that's the point precisely...
but today...
Mr. Kazama, it's me.
I missed you so much.
Kojima, I'll pay it all.
You should have said
that when I went inside.
8 years without a dime from you.
Don't press on it, don't press.
If you cause any trouble...
your right to stay is revoked.
I intend to live quietly...
and savor peacefulness.
I see all the young people
playing video games.
Maybe I'll do just that.
You'll turn into a nerd.
Do you know her?
She's someone special.
For the sake of her sick mother...
she works day and night to save money.
She's dreaming of opening her place.
She's great.
People like us should not
breathe the same air as her.
I forbid you to approach her.
No video games for you, find a job.
Normal people have jobs.
So, normal people have jobs?
You seem to have a good job.
You can join me.
I work escorts, it's
a juicy gig, I earn a lot.
I'll teach you all the tricks.
Do I look like i can
manage an escort business?
Don't think so little of yourself.
Don't be like that, I'll
be there to help you, right?
Who's that beauty.
I'm trying to get her to work with us.
She even was a porn actress once.
But she gave it all up.
Well, I see.
I could make money with such a nice lady.
Come on, come on, you can't do that.
The money you owe me,
I want it back today.
Today? Today?
20 grands, let's make it 20.
Alright, alright, 30.
I can have 30 grands ready quickly.
With interests, I'll
give on a credit card...
a 30 G interest, you
double it, 60 grands.
You believe that a 30 G loan
on 8 years yields only 30 more?
Wait, wait.
You can have my car,
I'll give you my car.
Ahh, that feels so good.
What an adrenalin rush.
Resume: Akira Sato,
Address: Taihei-shi, Osaka.
We sell vintage clothing, you like that.
Nope, no interest.
Why did you answer the add?
You're close to my home.
I like you, you're straightforward.
Fine, you'll grow a liking
for vintage clothing.
Won't happen.
So you're a specialist
in the delivery industry?
Are you sure?
Your hobby "watching Jackal Tomioka"...
Oh no, Jackal Tomioka.
This one probably didn't
take me seriously.
You're guy who was
crying the other night.
Yes, I was crying and
my nose was bleeding.
You have a job interview?
Next I have a florist.
Oh, that florist?
So you like flowers?
Not a chance.
It's close to my working
place, I'll show you.
So you came alone from Tokyo.
Actually, I'm with my sister.
So you didn't even know those bullies.
I dealt with it as a pro.
"Experience in delivery"
You could fit the position.
I can see the body.
You hide it better than that.
Lieutenants, a neighbor of
Kazama saw a guy with a scar.
That's Kojima?
So, he's out of jail.
Should I get him?
That's because of Ebihara...
he used to have him run girls.
He was their pimp.
He killed one of them...
they say Ebihara had him kill her.
He may take him back in the gang.
I see... by the way...
I heard our gang is
hiding a famous killer.
If that was true...
that would be troublesome.
Poor thing...
they beat him, he was crying.
What a pity.
Despite that experience, he
stays here looking for a job.
Hobby "Jackal Tomioka"
Here we go again.
Our company designs
business cards and fliers.
Someone has to deliver
them to the clients.
Dude, I'll do it.
Sorry, I'll be honored to do it, sir.
No bonus, $8/hour.
Sir, yes, sir.
You got the job.
This is to help you take a fresh start.
It's 50 grands.
Thank you sir.
So, what are your plans?
Come in.
I wanted to pick you
up when you came out.
It's fine, captain, I came out earlier.
You stink of mold.
It's been 8 years.
We really missed you.
Hi guys.
Hey Kojima.
Hey Lieutenant Sunagawa.
What a 'cheek' to come
here after what you did.
You'll have to start afresh.
I'll have to start
everything from scratch.
If I were you I'd be
worried about my position.
Hey, watch who you're talking to?
So tell me...
you already had time
to talk to my man, Kazawa.
I didn't.
But I'm sure looking forward to see him.
Enough now.
Back to your seats.
Back to work.
Go now.
You too, Sunagawa, forget about that.
Sato, a delivery.
Take my Porsche.
Is it gonna rain?
Captain, you should let
me do the menial tasks.
It's all good.
The President has become soft.
The gang is much milder.
Right about that.
The younger ones have monthly salaries.
What? Like regular office workers.
Times are changing.
It's the best way to keep them quiet.
So those 50 grands are
supposed to keep me quiet.
Do I hear a complaint?
Of course not.
Let me cheer and welcome
our $8/h-man Sato.
-Cheers, yes.
Come on, you just have to hang on.
In my young days I was paid $6/h.
I have savings, I just need experience.
Definitely, experience
is what young people need.
Oh, I dropped it.
Hey, they prepare
a delicious sashimi here.
One of my favorite.
You changed clothes.
After that, my next job
is in a regular bar.
I tell you, you work too hard.
My mom says that too.
But who's gonna pay for her treatment.
You're eating the pod too?
It's edible.
No one eats it though.
You eat the watermelon skin too.
You mean... I'm not
supposed to to eat it?
You like the skin then.
You must be stinking poor.
Don't talk like that.
Where were you raised as a kid?
In the forest, in the
mountains, I just had a knife.
I had to find my food in the woods.
Your parents neglected you?
If it's too painful, you
don't have to talk about it.
So you where eating lizard and bugs?
Come on, Boss, stop.
-How does it taste?
-Not good.
I'm sorry.
Fried tofu and salad.
I'm not hungry anymore.
Boss, come on.
I'm back.
So people don't eat the pod of bean.
Watermelon skin.
You survived for a whole month.
Always use what you have near at-hand...
with focus you overcome any obstacle.
You'll be a pro.
It's good, your senses are sharp.
It's so peaceful here.
What will happen to him?
He disobeyed my orders...
I'll dispose of him.
If you move I kill the kid.
Are you OK?
Good judgment,
you made the right move.
I forbid you to die.
Mr. Sato, I lost my keys, I can't get in.
Mr. Sato, you have a sister, right?
Hey, don't hurt Misaki's face.
She's staying the night,
we learn to communicate.
Not funny.
My sister is drunk.
Don't worry about it.
OK, let's have another go.
I'll win this time.
Paper, rock, scissors.
I win every time.
Look, isn't it a funny game.
Not funny.
Do you like this.
You look like a manga character.
So funny.
Where are you going?
Be right back.
Like this.
You look so sad like this.
Who are you?
Where's Captain Ebihara.
Who are you?
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Sato, a guest of Captain Ebihara.
What are you to the Captain?
I met a woman he forbade me to meet.
I came to apologize.
Captain, a visitor.
Captain, I'm opening.
What happened?
Wake up Captain, Captain.
Captain are you OK?
Come on, Captain.
-His heart.
-His heart?
I'll be back later.
The doctor said you had a heart attack.
I'm sorry.
Just as you were released.
You rest for a while.
But, who was that guy?
That guy?
You met him?
He came to apologize to you...
when the ambulance arrived he was gone.
I think he's a relative of the President.
I don't know him either.
His eyes were very unusual.
Is he a hitman?
Just forget about him.
And how about your job?
I know what I want to do.
So what is your plan?
I'll work with escort.
A pimp.
No way.
You can't be a pimp, the
President forbids it.
You'd be stepping on Sunagawa's turf.
People won't see I'm behind it, and...
and the guy who was handling
it for Sunagawa disappeared.
Wait until I'm out...
to start any move.
We'll find something that suits you.
I get it, I get it.
Give me your word.
I'm not doing escort.
OK, I promise I won't.
Something's off.
What's wrong about it? It's great.
Mr. Sato, tell me.
What is it?
A lion.
It does look like a happy lion.
It's full of humor.
It's a child's drawing.
It's not good for that kind of brand.
It's not only about design,
it must convey heart as well.
Isn't that patterns you
see on brand-name bags?
It's a giraffe.
It's like a piano pattern here.
It's a zebra.
He's like holding the
trident of the devil.
He's the zoo keeper feeding the animals.
Ah, I see now.
Boss, it's good.
Let's do this.
Let's do the fliers.
Sato, you're worth $1/h more with this.
Great you've just been promoted to $9/h.
What refreshing graphics.
Good morning.
Ms. Misaki Shimizu?
Who are you?
Or is it Miki Kawamura?
How should I call you?
My name is Shimizu.
Ms. Misaki Shimizu.
I have an excellent job offer for you.
You could repay your debt in 3 months.
And pay for the treatment of your mother.
I don't know who you are...
leave me alone.
You could work as an escort...
with such a splendid
figure and pretty face.
I will never.
You worked for magazines and porn too.
If people knew, you'd lose everything.
Is that a threat?
Of course not.
I'll never do that.
I will call the police now.
But I only came
to talk business with you.
You probably understand
what kind of 'citizen' I am.
Your family, your friends, your boss...
so many ways to turn your life into hell.
You want to take your chances?
Think about my proposal and call me back.
I'm sure you'll call me.
How is it?
There's no doubt Kojima
is recruiting women.
It seems that Sunagawa
is recruiting soldiers.
I'm so darn bored.
I so wish I met a shallow,
weak and handsome...
young man.
You want the check?
Pleased to meet you.
You and me we should have sex some time.
I'm very strong, you
better forget about it.
See you next time.
A second-rate town.
We can't find him.
Maybe he's no more than an urban legend.
They even say that anyone can hire him.
What do we care, we
can do hits ourselves.
"The Fable"...
as elusive as the legendary unicorn.
It's been a wile, right?
You're here on holiday?
We are here to find a unicorn.
But still we need money.
We're lucky we found each other.
I'm in a rush.
We need more striking force in our gang.
They say that our gang is
now hiding a famous hitman.
Sorry for being late,
I'm going right now.
You don't need to come, the
boss is in the hospital.
Someone attacked him last night.
Hello, Misaki-chan.
I'm so glad you called.
My boss is in the hospital...
you did that?
"This is a serious accusation..."
Hopefully, you'll never
see my rough side.
Cheers up.
It's only going to get worse.
Whatever, I'll never do that kind of job.
Forget it.
Sure, I get you.
It's OK...
I'll just have to wait
for you to fall in my lap.
She hang up.
What a strong temper, that woman.
Unknown call: "You look
so much like your mom."
"I'll do it, leave my mother alone."
Let's do it.
Let's use these.
This is great, let's use these.
What's wrong?
Alright, I'll insert these in the layout.
Yes, we're using these,
they're great, we want these.
Mr. Sato, your
illustrations are approved.
Now I'm officially a $9/h employee.
Say we could have dinner.
You've been so helpful, I'll treat you.
Why would you treat me?
This is a normal colleague
offer, and I sure need a drink.
Right? You accept?
For you sir.
Grated radish and soy sauce on the saury.
This is what people do, I heard.
Maybe normal people...
don't start with the head?
It's fine, if you like it that way.
How do you eat a lizard?
To survive...
Weren't you depressed at
night in the mountains?
Was it scary?
I don't believe in god or anything...
there's only Nature.
Nature is always full of magic.
I'd lie down and see a flower...
I'd raise my eyes and see the starry sky.
The voices of insects and animals...
the river flowing in the distance.
The wind and the rustling leaves.
You don't seem yourself tonight.
Sorry, sorry, I'd like
to hear more about the mountains.
My main food was insects.
Insects? What kind?
Whatever I'd find, they're good.
Ahh, it was so delicious.
As soon as I'm paid,
I'll invite you back.
Come on, you've only started
to earn a little more.
You helped me, I invite you,
a normal colleague offer.
Well, I'd like you to draw my portrait.
I like the way you draw.
The way you draw, I can't get offended.
What's the deadline?
Well, anytime you feel
like drawing, it's fine.
Give me 5 days.
Come in.
You're so sexy, I'm sure
all men will want you.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I'm serious...
I'll only do it one year.
We'll have a contract
to be on the safe side...
let's do it legally.
You and me we're going to make money.
What's that?
Who are you?
I need your help.
It's Kojima.
I didn't pick up the phone
but I have a bad feeling.
I want you to search his place.
No way, have your own guys do it.
The gang cannot know about it.
my beloved car...
it's yours if you help me.
You see how desperate I am.
A normal man cannot turn this down.
Who are you?
Sato, what did you find?
They took Kojima, he's
probably still alive.
Who would want to do this?
Good job guys...
that was quick.
Plus an added bonus.
If you admit that Ebihara
ordered you to kill Kazama...
then I'll let you go.
What are you saying?
Don't fall.
That's quite deep.
Maybe the next blow.
Captain Ebihara gave you the
order to kill Kazama, right?
You've gone that far,
there's no coming back.
I see you're pissed.
Covering for Ebihara won't profit you.
His hitman is coming.
Do you have such a man?
A hitman protecting Ebihara.
You've never seen a man like him.
Kill me, why don't you?
Anyway you'll all get killed.
Is it this man?
How would I know?
Could be.
You found your unicorn.
I'll finally meet the legend.
Enough bullshit, just
free me now, idiots.
Is he that strong?
Strong is not the correct
word, he's a genius hitman.
if we kill this one, we get killed.
Alright, we'd better try plan B.
This is where I launch my coup d'tat.
Let's call more soldiers.
Hey, you remember what our boss said.
"Always use what's nearby at-hand..."
"With focus you overcome any obstacle."
It's not what he said to us...
he ordered us to live as normal citizens.
If you kill anyone, the
boss will kill you.
Misaki was so kind to me.
It's normal to help her.
Ahhh, my nail, it's ruined.
You know how long it took me?
I can't do that, I give up.
I know everything.
Why did you get Akira involved.
We had an agreement with your gang.
You'd welcome Akira for a year...
and you didn't owe us anymore.
what do you want with Sato?
In Florence...
once Da Vinci was amazed by
the talent of a young girl.
But she suffered from a stutter.
Her parents relentlessly helped her...
but as she gained in speech, she
was losing her painting talent.
She probably had a 'savant' syndrome.
Sato also?
Is that what you mean?
During this year...
I wanted to give him a normal life...
and reduce a little his killing skill.
Offer him a chance to integrate society.
He can't be integrated.
I'll kill him...
this is my responsibility.
Once I kill Akira...
I'll come to kill you.
Are you OK?
That was a good move.
I'm sorry for my mistake.
I'm sorry I didn't kill him.
Did I disobey you?
I failed?
Do you have to kill me?
You didn't fail, I won't kill you.
I forbid you to die.
Have you ever saved
a hostage during a hit?
What? What's your plan?
You can't kill anyone.
These bullets are no more than toys.
They have no impact power.
I won't have time to reload.
I'm not sure...
if the bullets can follow
a straight trajectory.
Your plan is so lame.
Mr. Sato, the Captain
asked me to tell you...
this is Sunagawa's headquarters,
the waste disposal factory.
You're not stressed enough.
This is not good little miss...
just looking at you...
I can't control myself.
Can you enter?
I can climb the facade.
Come on, I'll take only a minute.
It's not like you're a virgin.
Leave me alone.
He's here.
Where's he heading?
He didn't come only for Kojima.
What is it?
The Fable, I'm coming.
Misaki is a normal girl
who doesn't know violence.
Make her feel at ease.
Make a joke, make her laugh.
"How about me, then?"
"How about me, then?"
This is the Jackal commercial.
Shit, gone already.
Check that.
A toy? Unbelievable.
Fable is a genius.
I'll be right back, just wait here.
I hate that, let me go, bastards.
Why are you doing that.
What is that?
You brats play stupid tricks.
Hey you, come and untie me.
Come on, I'm asking you.
Fable, at last we meet.
I looked for you everywhere.
When I kill you, I'll be an urban legend.
Now come here, show up.
Let's kill each other.
What a weirdo, this one.
He's here.
Anything unexpected happening there?
All expected.
Follow me if you want to live.
Hey, hey.
Is that Jackie Chan?
Follow him in the stairwell.
Go now.
Look for him.
He isn't anywhere.
He has disappeared.
Look over there.
Not here.
We lost him.
Don't let him escape.
Search, go.
Over there.
He can't be far.
Found him.
Come idiots.
Come and get me asshole.
You think I'm afraid?
Little brat, I'll kill you.
You touch me you're dead.
I'll kill you all.
Get them.
We're dead.
We got him.
Come here my little bird.
Come and face me, loser.
Sunagawa, I'll come get you.
Never had so much fun in my life.
Still having fun?
Ouch, ouch, it hurts.
You can't fly little bird.
See, you run, you run and
soon you have to stop.
How about you jump from there?
That's how you die, loser.
How about you die, loser.
Where should I shoot you?
Your foot, your arm?
Are you jumping? Really?
Screw you.
Hurry up I'm shooting now.
You jumped.
Come back here.
Do it then.
Do it now.
What an idiot.
Poor little bird, this
is so pitiful, so pitiful.
Poor little thing.
Such fun, I can't bear it.
You're falling soon, hurry, I can't wait.
Seriously I'm waiting.
OK, come back now.
You're bothering me, I'll kill you.
"I'm very strong, you
better forget about it."
What? What, you are that girl.
You'll have to stop eventually.
And I'll get you.
Where are we?
You're home.
Hey, Misaki-chan, you're
here just on time.
We we're drinking with my brother.
Come in, come in.
Hey, Misaki-chan.
Come on, take a day
off, we'll drink today.
How about a beer?
It's good, right?
Nothing like a beer after a hard day.
You drink it and think,
ahhh, this is happiness.
There, open it and drink.
Wait, there is something for you.
It's a bit early.
Chose the one you like.
Who is it?
You're kidding me.
You're kidding me, can't be.
You don't like?
You have water?
You promised you'd wait...
until I come out of the hospital.
I want to come back the way we were.
Your business this time, was a real mess.
Sorry, my methods are outdated.
I'll clean up my act
and live a normal life.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
You can count on me.
What do you think?
About what?
Forget it.
It was your call.
Without me he'd have
been killed long ago.
And so...
you didn't kill anyone there?
You OK?
It hurts.
That was close.
You're lucky he missed you.
He did it on purpose.
Next time, I'll be sure to kill him.
What is it?
With this I hope...
we can leave this whole affair behind us.
It's gonna be another tight month.
Good morning.
I'm closing this company.
"Enough with the toilet spying"
My belly aches.
My belly aches.
Like little pricks.
It hurts.
I can't breathe.
Really, I can't breathe.
"On pay-day I treat you to a restaurant."
So glad I met you in Osaka.
Mr. Kawai, you're great.
So peaceful.