The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn't Kill (2021) Movie Script

Get your hands off me!
Let go of me! Let me go!
-Get off me!
-I'll fucking kill you! Bitch!
Killed? Who was it?
Get down, Koro. What?
He was shot?
By who?
What do you mean you don't know?
Find it out!
Koro, come here.
Hey! Come on, man!
Don't you get it?
Someone's after us.
This is no joke! What will we do?
Hightail it? Where the hell to?
Call me if anything
I'll call you back.
Seriously, the next place is great!
Come on! Let's go!
They're totally after us!
Nozoe and Yamamoto too? Holy shit!
What about you?
Okay. I'll lie low for a while too.
Oh, my god! What happened? Oh, dear!
Hello? Police?
There's been an accident.
Yes, an accident.
Children are the treasures of the country.
We must remove the stones that could
trip them up and cause them to stumble.
That is our duty as adults.
The big protect the small.
This is something
that's ingrained deeply in our DNA.
When you hear DNA,
it's so much more believable, right?
When she was five, she fell
from the playground equipment in a park.
She became paralyzed from the waist down.
She fell three meters high.
There was insufficient railing.
I do this work to prevent
this kind of tragedy from happening again.
I want to work with all of you
to build a society where our children
can live in safety and security.
-Thank you for coming.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for coming.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for coming.
Mr. Utsubo.
Your talk was fantastic again this time.
I found it so worthwhile.
I'll be inspecting parks this weekend
with the mayor.
-I'll report again after that.
What did you think? Was it interesting?
Did you like it?
Oh, you!
She said she enjoyed it.
She played games on her mother's phone.
-Kids sure are honest.
-I'm so sorry.
-You know sign language too, I see.
I want to hear everyone's ideas.
You surely squawk a lot, chicken.
What are you squawking about?
Help me!
Cars. Trips. Beauty treatments.
Hair removal.
What's worse, orgies and even rape.
You squandered your parents' money.
You had a nice life.
Cluck, cluck. Cluck, cluck.
Cluck, cluck. Cluck, cluck.
Cluck, cluck. Cluck, cluck.
Why do you keep calling him a chicken?
His overprotective parents raised him
so carefully, like a baby chick,
so now, he's become a chicken.
I see.
Normally, since the world is dangerous,
we learn how not to get hurt.
But the more deeply engrossed you are
in disgusting behavior,
the more vainer become.
Is that really something
a bad guy should say?
The ones who speak the truth
are always adversaries and evil.
Oh, really?
So, how much
did you scam his parents out of?
Twenty million. I know they'll pay for it.
I'll make it look like
he used the money to go on a trip
of self-discovery in Southeast Asia.
Don't worry. It'll be over in a second.
Good medicine, as you know,
becomes a poison if you're given too much.
Overprotectiveness is good.
It makes for great business.
This is our new employee, Isaki.
I'm Isaki.
I look forward to working with you.
This is
Weren't you the guy operating
the backhoe earlier?
He may not look it,
but he's older than you, Isaki.
Seriously? Did you get plastic surgery?
And this is Hinako.
What a pity. You're such a beauty!
How do you shower? Or use the toilet?
-Or have sex?
Enough of that.
Teamwork is important.
Solidarity among us four is key.
The Beatles. Queen. Sex Pistols.
All these creators of great songs
were four-person teams.
They're all so old. From your era, right?
Okay, let's drink to the four of us.
That Isaki guy, can you trust him?
The question is if I can use him.
If he gets in the way,
we'll get rid of him.
He's an ex-employee of Maguro Company.
What do you mean by that?
Do you know the hit man, Fable?
He's just an urban legend.
What if he was real?
Fable is apparently involved
with Maguro Company.
That's another reason I hired Isaki.
That means "myth."
He's called that
because he always kills his targets.
But there's someone
who has survived from him.
-You saw him?
-Of course not.
He's Fable, you know.
Anyway, do you know anything about him?
He'll kill anyone in six seconds.
A manual ejecting pistol
that's like a toy.
Bullets that aren't lethal.
I only know what everyone else does.
Truly a myth.
Actually, he's unexpectedly nearby.
Kind of like Murphy's Law.
Be my girlfriend!
No way!
You're from Tochigi, aren't you, Ai?
Yes. So?
If you become my girlfriend,
then I'll have made girlfriends
from all 47 prefectures in Japan!
-You're so passionate, Jackal.
-I'm begging you!
Be my girlfriend!
I love you!
As the boss, I must tell you the truth.
You know
your hairstyle looks beautiful!
You think so? I'm so happy to hear that!
Of course, your long hair was nice too.
But this short hair,
it's so, like, wow! Brilliant!
Wait! It's so bright! It's like the sun!
Boss! You're being far too flattering.
Oh! You changed your style, Misaki?
-You look great.
-Thank you.
Well, well.
Good morning.
Look at Misaki, would you? Look at her!
Come on, tell her honestly what you think.
Very red.
-What did you say?
My clothes?
My sweater?
-That's right.
Yes, I'll admit it's red. But what else?
Your skirt is white.
-Can't you see it?
What are you even looking at?
That's not it. Her hair!
Her hair?
It's black.
That's my natural color.
Are you even listening to me?
The same color
as the Brazilian coral snake.
-A snake?
-A very beautiful and venomous snake.
-A venomous snake?
-Sato, why don't you go make a delivery?
What are you looking at? Quit spacing out!
Go and deliver this, Sato. Now! Get going!
It's incredibly urgent! Get going!
Oh, right!
Misaki, we got an order for some flyers.
It's a non-profit organization
that helps children. See?
I ordered the flyers
for next month's lecture.
The Internet is filled with dangers.
We need to protect the children from them.
-Hello. Excuse me.
-Hello. Oh, I'm sorry.
-Yes? What is it?
Fire that Isaki guy.
He's creepy.
It's not that easy to do.
I need people to do this work.
if you absolutely can't stand him,
I'll think about it.
We must respect the opinions
of youngsters with a future.
A future?
I don't have any.
Some people who can't walk
live perfectly fulfilling lives.
Excuse me.
Oh, go ahead.
-Thank you.
-Oh, my! How cute!
-How old?
-Eight months.
Only eight months?
She must still keep you busy.
It's 70 centimeters.
It should be 110. You see, kids,
they'll look over it.
-I see.
-And if they lean farther, they'll fall!
-That's dangerous.
-And this pond, just look at the color.
Even if someone saw it,
they may not be able to save them.
It might be better
just to get rid of the whole thing.
What do you want?
Nothing. I was thinking you would fall.
If you were watching,
normally you'd catch me before I fell.
I didn't want to interfere
while you were trying so hard.
That's ridiculous.
-Okay, then I'll help you.
-No thanks.
Does this amuse you?
You'll be able to walk.
It'll take time
but you'll be able to walk.
What bullshit.
That's so phony.
How satisfying!
You always drop by
when I'm cooking dinner.
Something's bothering me.
What is it?
I want to know about the murders in Tokyo
in December four years ago.
Why do you want to know that?
Look it up yourself.
I got work, and your memory is insane.
Insane? Can't you be more complimentary?
For goodness' sake.
Four years ago? I'll tell you what I know,
but it won't be everything.
December 4, Nerima City.
-A robber hit a pub--
December 19, Shinjuku City.
-A man walking his dog--
December 20, Minato City.
-A parking structure--
-That's it.
Kenji Kawahira, 28, unemployed,
had his throat slit by someone
while sitting in his car.
The car then went out of control
and drove off the fourth floor
of the parking structure. Kawahira died.
What else?
After Kawahira's death,
he was charged with prostitution.
There was a girl at the scene too.
Hinako Saba, 16.
She was discovered near the scene
by a parking lot employee.
She was unconscious.
Her connection to the incident
is still under investigation.
I see.
Don't tell me it was you who did it.
At that time, I killed five people.
Five people?
Hold on. You're not getting
any funny ideas, right?
Why are we living here
pretending to be siblings?
To live ordinary lives.
-Who ordered us to?
Which means no fighting
or causing trouble!
And of course,
don't even think about killing.
Yes. I know.
-Is the curry ready yet?
-You want some?
I thought I look pretty good in this.
But he called me a venomous snake.
There we go. Misaki
There we go. Yes!
Come on. Misaki
We got our next chicken.
I've had my eye on him for a long time.
No slacking. Be serious.
You like the plan? Pretty good, isn't it?
Poor guy.
-Good morning.
Hey, Sato.
Could you do some Christmas drawings?
Remember how you made drawings
for that animal event before?
The promoter insists on having you
do it again.
You want an amateur to draw again?
Remember how excited you got
about Christmas as a kid?
That's right. There were presents
waiting for you in the morning.
And you'd have a stocking full of
There weren't presents!
Who'd ever get presents?
Of course not!
In fact, getting presents would be insane!
But you know Santa Claus, right?
No, I don't know him.
I've never met the guy.
-That's okay. I haven't either.
-I've never met him either.
But if they want my drawings,
then I'd like to do it.
Oh, good. And if it works out,
I'll give you a 100-yen-an-hour raise.
Jeez, it bothers me even more
from that distance.
If you're rooting for me,
it's creeping me out.
I'm not doing this
because of what you said.
I know. It's just that
you should go in order.
In order?
It's no good trying the highest one first.
You should start from the lowest.
Who put you in charge?
Is something wrong?
Don't be so curt.
We're all on the same team, you know?
There's this weird
stalker guy in the park.
A stalker?
He talked to me when I was doing PT.
As your senior here,
I'll get rid of that guy.
It's also part of my job to keep you safe.
Is that right?
Thank you.
I didn't ask for help, though.
Hey, that's going a little too far.
Just in case something happens.
You better not cause trouble.
You know, Hinako is always
giving me the cold shoulder.
Does paralysis
also twist your personality?
Don't be like that.
She's had it rough.
When she was in high school,
her parents were killed by a burglar.
-Eating wagyu really does it for me.
-It's really delicious!
-This is great!
-Thank you.
Getting revenge is all she lives for.
But her condition makes it hard.
Oh, I see.
That must be why
she's doing physical therapy.
Yes. I sure hope a miracle happens.
A miracle? That's the definition of never.
Hey, let's go.
Good evening.
You're a resident here, aren't you?
Yes. What about it?
We're investigators who specialize
in detecting bugs and hidden cameras.
We're with SGP Security.
Some bugs and hidden cameras
were found in this building.
-We'd like to check your place.
-Hidden cameras?
Yes. The inspection
will only take a moment.
And of course, it's free.
If you're worried, feel free to ask
another resident to accompany you.
No, it's all right. I don't think
there's anything like that in my place.
That's what most people say.
But those are the people's houses
where we usually find them.
Cameras nowadays are really tiny!
You'd be surprised!
You looking for someone, pal?
The wheelchair girl?
Not sure if you're honest or stupid.
Maybe both.
I'm her brother.
Stay away from my sister, you pervert.
Am I
a pervert?
Are these two different?
They do seem to be
just a little different.
Anyway, I decided on two different styles.
Yes. I see you worked hard.
I was up all night drawing them.
All night?
-You worked hard.
Don't laugh! Sato is very serious.
Don't stress over it so much.
What's great about your drawings
is their childlike innocence.
Just have fun drawing.
Have fun?
By the way, Sato
The NPO's Why am I laughing? Oh, dear!
The NPO's flyers are ready.
I want you to deliver them. Okay?
It's very heavy. Now get going.
Go deliver them.
He was up all night drawing?
What the heck? How could it possibly
take him all night to draw these?
How was he drawing them?
This is one hell of a video.
Let me see.
What about the ones we put in yesterday?
Those are beautiful too.
Nice videos! They're perfect!
Holy shit! That's so nasty!
Just look at what you can see!
Oh, right.
I'll get those business cards made.
I'll get a new suit too.
Hey now! You buy your suits yourself.
Oh, come on now.
I'm getting ready
for next month's lecture.
There's a ton of stuff to go through.
That's all right. I'll answer it.
I'm from Octopus.
I have come to deliver your flyers.
Oh, thanks.
You know him?
I see.
I'm not so sure.
Is that right? At the park?
Go ahead. Have a seat.
The guy who kicked you work for me.
He protects her like a younger sister.
I'm sorry about that.
I see.
Sato, right?
And you delivered our flyers.
Must be fate.
Thank you.
I like the design.
I'm glad we had you do them.
Sato, you're concerned
about Hinako's paralysis?
I saw her unsteady attempts
and wanted to help.
People think you're a pervert
when you don't mind your own business.
Helping someone who's striving desperately
makes them a pervert?
You get it!
Nowadays, honest and good intentions
are always interpreted as being phony.
Then useless people accuse
real achievers of being hypocrites!
And they hide when they do it!
But we don't care!
Real achievers plunge ahead
no matter what others say!
That's hot!
You're awesome.
I think we'll get along well.
We're doing
a special Jackal promotion now!
-Come check it out!
-That's right!
Please, give it a try! Come check it out!
Welcome. We're having
a special Jackal promotion.
Would you like to try it?
That young man just now, he's a nice guy.
He's a few cards short of a full deck,
but he's unique.
I heard you're doing physical therapy.
It's important to have hope.
always be ready for disappointment.
have my period today.
You think I care?
I like blood.
Oden today, is it?
You time it perfectly, don't you?
What's that?
A Jackal balloon.
-I met a guy I was once supposed to kill.
Remember when I killed five people
four years ago?
I was ordered to kill six.
But one was canceled at the last minute.
-How come?
-I don't know.
-Boss' decision.
-So you met the sixth guy?
He calls himself Utsubo now.
He runs a non-profit organization
that protects children.
Naturally, I only talked to him normally
and left.
But do you think I should kill him?
-No! It was canceled, right?
-It smells.
Smells? Like evil?
-Like oden.
-Oh, that? You're so confounding!
-Hinako Saba was there too.
-Wasn't she in the parking lot incident?
-And her big brother.
He's probably a pro.
And then, there's Utsubo.
What an odd team.
Listen. Don't you dare make trouble.
If you kill anyone while on break,
then I'll kill you.
I am Utsubo. I run a detective agency.
I would like to speak to you
about your son, Etsuji.
What did Etsuji do?
Well, I'd like to see you
as soon as possible about it.
I'll get to the point, Etsuji.
Do you know a woman named Misaki Shimizu?
She's my co-worker.
Did you know that she once worked
as a pinup girl?
Is that right?
Mr. Yamamoto here, the president
of the agency who represented her,
wants her to make a comeback.
We've been working on it for a year.
That's right. We did a thorough check
just to be sure.
If there were any scandals,
it would end her chances.
And we did find something.
Hidden cameras in Misaki's place.
Sound familiar?
-Hey! Hold on--
-What? What are you implying?
According to Misaki,
the key to her place disappeared
from her workplace this July.
Dammit! I didn't do it! You fucking jerks!
Are you accusing my son?
I've never been so offended!
Do you have any proof?
Show it to me right now!
-Show me!
-This is insane!
I didn't want to have to show you this.
These are videos from the hidden cameras
found in Misaki's place.
These are motion sensor cameras,
so they turn on when being installed.
-No I didn't do this!
There were even cameras in the bath,
toilet, and changing area.
There were a total of four.
No I didn't do this!
These aren't the ones I installed!
Someone else--
Stop with the pathetic denials.
Nobody will believe them.
If you took videos like these,
then we'll have to drag you to court.
Now, now, Mr. Yamamoto.
I know how you feel,
but I'm sure we could come
to some kind of settlement.
The court takes time and energy.
What's more, we also need to
think about Etsuji's future.
This is all your fault.
You framed me, dammit.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you Misaki.
I'll kill you Misaki.
Mr. Utsubo, Kainuma has flipped his lid.
You don't want him to go nuts
and kill Misaki, do you?
Well, it could happen.
It would be more natural for him
to disappear then. More dramatic.
You're brutal, man.
However, before the police arrest Kainuma,
we need to get rid of him.
I don't want to lose that 60 million yen.
Oh, boss! Please cut it out!
-Kainuma, good morning.
Just listen to what the boss--
I can't help it! My stomach is so upset!
Keep quiet now! Quiet down!
Oh, you! That reeks!
Go to the bathroom, would you?
Maybe I've been drinking too much.
I've been going to the bathroom,
but all that comes out are farts.
And now that you mention it
Aw, man. I have to go to the bathroom.
Working here stinks!
Only farts come out
Sato, did you
What happened?
He was holding this,
and he was about to do something to me.
When I turned around,
he suddenly fell over.
Yes. That's what happened.
Why would Kainuma want to hurt you, Sato?
I don't know.
I'll go after him.
Well, well.
When I kidnapped Kainuma,
that Sato guy saw me.
-Sato did?
I'll get rid of him
before the police get involved.
Why Sato, of all people?
Whatever. Do it like you said.
What's up?
-I've got to take care of something.
Someone help!
-Take him to the hills and watch him.
Hey! Help!
-Just a moment.
I can hardly wait.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
-I want some takoyaki now!
Wait till we get home.
I want you to bring Kainuma back.
I won't ask why you took him.
Just return him alive,
and all will be fine.
You know who I am.
How can you ask for that?
I'm sure you have your reasons.
I also have mine.
Who the hell are you?
I'll give you until tomorrow.
If you won't return him
shit you could never imagine
will hit the fan.
You've got 24 hours.
Where's Kainuma?
Sorry. I couldn't find him.
I see.
Boss, what will we do?
Call the police. That's what's best.
You're actually
someone who can kill people, right?
I've been around for a while,
so I can sense this kind of thing.
I bet you used to be
a hell of a martial arts fighter.
Then one day,
while defending someone you love,
a small argument turned into a real fight,
and you ended up
seriously injuring your opponent.
You're a gentle soul,
so you hid your skills
and stopped fighting.
And since then,
rather than hurting anyone else,
you avoid fights and even pretend to cry
when they happen.
That's basically your story, isn't it?
That's exactly right, boss.
I knew it.
I knew that was it.
Don't you worry.
I won't tell a soul!
Thank you.
-Shut the fuck up, you goddamn chicken!
-Cut that out!
You want to die?
Come on! Answer the question!
It doesn't seem like he knows
where Sato lives.
Ow! That fucking hurts!
Don't you know where he lives?
I only know where his sister lives.
Misaki stayed there several times.
Really? What's the address?
Taiheiji, Asase-cho, 3
What? No way, you lying son of a bitch!
What's wrong?
There's something fishy about this.
Yes. If I'm not mistaken,
that's the address of
the Maguro Company dorm.
Maguro Company?
I knew it.
You time it right when I'm cooking.
Won't you just admit it?
Anyway, sit down.
-Who are you?
-I'll ask the questions.
Try anything funny and I'll shoot you.
You have a brother, right?
A guy named Fable.
Who was it? Fab?
That shit is pointless.
First, as his sister,
you're way too damn calm.
Secondly, I know that
this is the Maguro Company dorm.
Also, you got the same smell
as your brother.
-Then you got the wrong person.
-What do you mean?
You certainly underestimate me,
coming alone like this.
For example,
you put your gun on the table.
Are you sure you want it there?
Both your hands are down too.
Are you sure you want that?
I like this kind of thing.
If you think you can take the gun,
then try it.
Do you know why I'm saying this?
I'm giving you a chance.
I told you. You got the wrong person.
I see you know how to handle a gun.
But you've never killed anyone.
Is that right?
Well, I certainly hope
you're right about that.
Hit men have a certain smell.
What the hell are you here for, anyway?
To test the legend about your brother.
The one who is said to be
able to kill anyone in just six seconds.
why don't I prove it to you?
Your food's about to burn.
It's okay. I can do it in five seconds.
Eight seconds?
The mapo tofu's almost burnt.
What? Uh-oh.
Uh-oh. Oh, no! He's gone!
Shit! He escaped!
What the
What happened?
What the
We have a guest.
Why did you come here?
Trying to get the jump on me?
Yes, I guess you could say that.
But I got the shit beat out of me.
If your sister's that good,
then you must be even better.
-Probably 100 times better.
-Oh, fuck off.
I knew it.
-You're Fable.
-Don't say it.
If you talk too much
then you'll have to be disposed of.
I only want one thing.
Release Kainuma alive.
What? Kainuma? Oh, yes.
Kainuma, right?
Well, you see
There was a small problem. Yes.
And, you see
He kind of like, dead.
Mr. Suzuki! What should I do?
Mr. Utsubo is going to kill me--
Too bad.
I didn't want anyone in my life
to die now.
People always did before.
Suzuki, you can go.
Why are you letting me go?
Because you don't think I'm a threat?
Want some mapo tofu?
He seemed angry.
Of course, he was.
We totally crushed his pride.
But are you sure
it's okay to let him go?
It'll be fine. He's a pro too.
I can smell it.
There you go with smells again.
You ticked me off.
I see you're back.
How did you get that injury?
Isaki He killed Kainuma.
It was an accident. So
since he was scared and might run,
I got rid of him.
That's not all, right?
Murphy's Law.
Murphy's Law?
You mean he's closer than expected?
-Wait. Do you mean--
-That's right. He's Fable.
Sato is Fable.
Sato is?
Give me all the details.
Where does this put us?
Is this trouble?
Or do we celebrate?
We celebrate, of course.
Then tell me,
what makes you so ready to face him?
I was too careless,
and his sister did me in.
I was ready to meet my maker.
But Sato even asked me to eat with them!
Facelifts make me look young,
but I'm still 40 inside.
For my pride that disappeared like smoke
and to go out in a blaze of glory
I'm willing to risk my life.
My reasons are simpler than yours
but more dramatic.
Four years ago,
I was running a prostitution ring.
Four years ago,
Hinako Saba was in that car.
The last guy killed by Fable
was my brother.
I never knew that.
He was killed, along with four of my pals.
He was my brother by blood.
You mean
she became paralyzed
because of what happened?
His throat
was slit by Fable
and he went over inside the car.
I will kill that bastard, Fable,
with my own hands!
I've searched this whole time to find him!
-I came to this town to kill that bastard!
I will end that bastard's life.
I will risk my own life
in order to avenge my brother!
All right!
Let's kill Fable. Together.
But we can't do it half-assed.
We'll work on a plan tomorrow.
Let's rest tonight.
It's a little strong.
I see.
I mean, I feel bad
that she's in a wheelchair.
But she ran away from home
and became a hooker.
-Maybe it serves her right--
-I don't think so.
When I saw her Hinako Saba was crying.
It took me two seconds
to break the window and kill Kawahira.
Nobody can cry in two seconds.
A landmine?
Hey, how the heck
did you get your hands on this?
I have lots of connections.
I've collected this stuff over the years.
Yes, but there are limits.
How are we supposed to use these?
In our plan.
We're up against Fable.
Unless we've got the perfect plan,
weapons and men are
just as good as a pile of rubbish.
You scared me.
If you were watching,
catch me before I fall.
I didn't want to interfere
while you were trying so hard.
You said the same thing when we first met.
Can I touch them?
Your hands will get dirty.
Where I came from, this isn't dirty.
You've got to picture it.
You always have to picture in your mind
that your legs work.
Picture it?
From the flow of blood in your veins
to your nerves and muscles
even to the shifting of your weight.
How come you know that stuff?
what kind of life have you had until now?
Come on.
Tell me.
Oh, come on.
What kind of life have you had until now?
Come on.
Tell me.
I have a fairly good idea
about what you're planning.
I won't see Sato anymore.
So don't hurt Sato
or those around him anymore.
Why are you so particular about Sato?
gives me self-confidence.
Is that right?
The truth is
when Suzuki checked him out
we found something.
I'm not sure
if I should tell you this or not.
I really should.
Four years ago
a man was killed
before your very eyes, right?
He was part of a prostitution ring.
The one who killed him
was Sato.
You're kidding.
And that's not all.
Two days later, he entered your house
and he
he slit your mother and father's throats.
That was Sato too.
Show me your boobies.
What? Don't be stupid.
Why are you ashamed?
It's my boobs! Of course, I am!
Then why aren't you ashamed
to show your arms?
-Arms are different.
-What's different?
What's the difference
between boobies and arms?
They're the same!
Arms are okay, but boobies aren't?
How come?
It's discrimination!
What you're doing is discrimination!
You should apologize to your breasts!
I want to be a woman
who treats everything equally!
Jackal sure is passionate.
Don't you worry.
Don't be frightened. I'm here.
Give me a gun too.
To kill Sato?
It's too dangerous.
I'll give you the bullets later.
Get used to holding it.
Hold on a sec.
How do you want your pasta?
Easy on the salt.
The mapo tofu was too salty.
Not my fault!
Hello there, Sato.
It was nice seeing you the other day.
I'm honored that you remember me.
Koichi Kawahira.
You even know my real name.
I feel even more honored.
Okay. I'll change what I call you too.
I want to talk to you.
Can you come and see me?
What do you want to talk about?
Hinako, of course.
You feel guilty.
That's why you approached her, right?
Guess I hit the bullseye.
Didn't expect the legendary hit man
to have such feelings.
Let's talk about Hinako's future.
Come to my office in an hour.
All right.
-I'm going out for a bit.
-What? Where?
-Utsubo's office.
-It's a trap for sure.
Yes, but I'll still go.
It's my responsibility.
-That's what ordinary people do, right?
-Don't kill anyone.
I know.
Hold on a second. I'm going with you.
If I know it's a trap,
I can't let you go alone.
-Don't get in the way.
-I won't!
-What are you doing? That was mine!
Jackal's gone now!
Utsubo has probably shut down
the security cameras.
Don't let your guard down.
This is totally a trap.
Fable's on the eighth floor.
Is he having a seizure?
That's the way. Keep on going.
You okay? Hello?
Did it work?
-Akira! Are you all right?
-Yes. No problem.
Are you kidding me?
What do you mean no problem?
They planted a bomb!
-It was a hand grenade trap.
-You set it off on purpose?
It would have seriously injured
anyone who went in.
Fable fled to the sixth floor.
Switch to Plan B.
Copy. Awaiting instructions.
Squad A, go in for the attack.
-Squad A. Copy.
-He entered a house. Follow him.
Squad A, commencing operations.
Squad B, standing by in the east corridor.
Awaiting instructions.
Squad C, sixth floor, west side.
Standing by.
We're up against Fable.
Take it nice and slow.
Don't get careless.
Copy. Squad B, standing by
on the sixth floor, east side.
Awaiting instructions.
Fable fleeing on balcony side
of sixth floor. Squads B and C, move in.
Squad B, copy.
He went inside.
Squad A and B, go to the corridor.
Squad A, copy.
Squad B, copy. Commencing operations.
He's passing through 1063.
He'll enter the corridor.
Copy. What's the situation?
He's out. Squad A, stop him.
Squad A, copy.
Commencing operations according to plan.
You know, maybe we should go downstairs.
Damn. He got him.
He's descending the stairs
with the other residents.
Close in from above and below.
Squad A, copy. Squad B, let's go.
Squad B, copy.
Don't push!
It's so tight in here,
I can't help pushing.
That's dangerous.
Don't hesitate!
His gun doesn't have real bullets!
Fable's on the first floor.
-Copy, moving to ground level.
-Oh, hello.
Look at all that smoke!
You're pretty damn good, Fable.
Better than I imagined.
But I want to win too,
and I'll do whatever it takes.
There's a deaf girl who lives in 3108.
I've given her a present for you.
You better go see her
before there's big trouble.
-Yoko, get the sniper on the balcony side.
-Got it.
I repeat,
Fable's gun doesn't hold real bullets.
Don't get frightened!
There he is.
Third floor scaffolding, west side.
Stop him.
-Squad A and D, move in.
-He's on the fourth floor now.
It's too narrow!
-Don't push, man!
-I'm not! You're pulling!
Oh, dammit!
Go! Go! Trap him!
Stop him! Don't panic!
Squad B, get in there!
Everyone, surround him!
He's up on the fifth floor!
Come on. Let's go. Look forward.
Mr. Utsubo, it's just as you expected.
We'll finish him using Plan C.
There he is. Balcony side.
-Squad C, copy.
-Squad D, copy.
Squad B, take the lead.
Squad C, follow Squad D.
Squad C, surround him above and below!
He entered the tenth floor.
He'll head for 3108.
Emergency. The kid left the condo.
Damn, kids are the greatest!
They always do the unexpected.
-What will we do?
-Follow the plan, of course.
-Tenth floor scaffolding! Everyone go!
Akira! Big problem!
There's a girl
at the end of the scaffolding!
No! Stop!
Akira! Stop her!
Don't worry. It's under control.
You call that under control?
Oh, please. Just don't kill anyone.
Yoko, go after Suzuki.
-He's in a silver Mini Cooper.
-Roger. What about you?
I'll figure something out.
-It's Sato! Want me to answer?
-No! Let me have it!
Is that you, Sato?
How 'ya doin'? It's been a while.
I'm havin' a good-- That's hot!
Can you get me a ride?
A ride? What about the Hakosuka?
Yoko's driving that.
I don't really get it
-but I'll have Kuro bring you one.
-I'll go!
-I'll get there super fast!
-Where you at?
The stars are already out.
You look at the stars?
No matter what a guy like me does,
compared to the vastness of space,
it's infinitesimal.
It means nothing.
All of it.
It's going to bottom out.
That was just a stone I tossed.
Since you lack experience,
you assumed it was a hand grenade.
You've never killed anyone,
so you don't have
the mettle that I got.
Will Sato follow us?
Jeez, I don't know.
Who is that woman?
She's part of
the same assassin ring Sato's in.
Perfect timing, Hinako.
For practice, shoot that woman.
If you're averse to killing her,
then shoot her in the legs or arms.
Hey, don't do that.
She's one of Sato's comrades.
Hey! I'm telling you! Don't do it!
That hurts!
That hurts.
What's wrong, Hinako?
You shocked me.
You killed my parents.
You said my parents' throats were slit.
The police kept that secret,
but you knew it.
You knew their throats were slit!
That's because you did it!
Oh, damn.
That's where I screwed up.
That's right. I killed your parents.
I couldn't have you talking to the cops
about the prostitution ring.
So I killed your parents to frighten you.
What have I done?
Having sex with you was great fun.
Shut up! It made me want to puke!
You've got two shots left! Aim straight!
Is this really what you want, Sato?
It's Fable! Shit!
What is he plotting!
Come on! Shoot me! Hurry up!
This is the perfect chance! Come on!
I won't even move.
But don't shoot my body.
If you want to kill me, aim for my head.
Come on!
Come on!
I have an idea, Hinako! Let me tell you
about when I killed your parents.
Hey! Fable's coming!
You see, when they were
weeping and crying,
they said they didn't care if they died,
as long as I spared your life!
Talk about melodramatic!
It was like some cheap TV drama!
What a pity.
You ran away, but the family
that was waiting for you to return
ended up getting drenched
in their filthy, stinking blood!
No, Hinako! Stop!
There's a landmine there!
Listen to me, Hinako!
Don't move. If you lift your foot,
you'll get blown to bits.
That was a surprise.
the hell
could this happen, dammit?
You've fucked up my whole plan!
Why the hell are you walking?
Who said you could?
Your walking has ruined
the landmine meant for Sato!
Stop her! She'll fall if she shoots!
-Hinako! Don't shoot!
-I don't care anymore. Just shoot me.
-Come on! Hurry up and shoot me!
-Why Why did you
Those legs didn't do you any good, anyway!
-Hey! Hinako! Don't shoot!
-Nobody gives a fuck about you!
-Shut up!
-Go over there and hold her!
-You can't trick me! Sato's coming!
-Come on! Do it!
-Shut up!
This wasn't in the plan!
Let's call it off!
Your parents died because you ran away,
you dumb bitch!
-I'll kill you!
-Stop it, I said!
See how pretty the stars are?
Mommy and Daddy in the sky are waiting.
-Don't shoot, Hinako!
-They died covered in blood and shit.
-Fable's coming!
-Go join them!
fucking scumbag!
This time, I caught you before you fell.
Leave your foot there.
Grab onto the wheelchair.
Is your back okay? Any shrapnel?
No problem.
Let's save Hinako.
Why ask for my help?
You already know what to do.
A little farther forward. Slowly.
Lower it.
A little more.
One more centimeter.
There's no way this'll work.
-You'll both get blown to bits.
-Shut up! Enough of you.
It seems ridiculous, but these two hit men
are helping each other.
This won't work.
Forget about my leg.
Step away.
Remember what I said before?
You'll be able to walk someday.
In six months,
you'll be taking strolls on those legs.
Hinako won't last much longer.
Let's do this.
Suzuki, we only get one chance.
I'll count from three to one.
-I'm counting on you.
-Trust me.
I'm fast.
Here goes.
Nice to meet you. I'm Utsubo.
You'll be able to walk.
Without Sato's speed
you would've lost your foot.
Fable is poison.
But it seems he's good medicine to you.
It's all right.
He did it so we'd shoot him.
Now that he's not here
I realized just how good
Kainuma was at his job.
Good morning, Sato.
-Good morning.
I drew Christmas pictures.
-Show us.
Such warmth.
His ideas really warm you
right to the heart.
These are great.
It's so like you too.
Do you know a girl like her?
No, just a coincidence.
I see.
I like how she's gotten out
of her wheelchair.
Yes. It's great.
And just look at her smile.
Such a big smile.
What a waste.
What the
Hey! Get more liquor!
Where did you go?
Akira! Where are you?
Burn this letter after you've read it.
I think I understand the difference
between our places in society.
Four years ago, I was crying in that car.
It was what I deserved
for always running away from home
-and not trying to understand my parents.
-Let go!
-It is entirely my fault.
I was also raised
by overprotective parents.
It all started
when I rebelled and ran away.
It's what I get for knowing
nothing of the world.
Then, on that day, if you hadn't shown up,
I would've been sold to a whorehouse.
That's why
I have never held a grudge against you.
Now that I know the whole story,
I have nothing but appreciation for you.
I do have one favor to ask.
In six months, I will be walking.
I'm sure of it.
Wait! I'm
I'm going to picture it.
Not pray, but picture it.
From the flow of blood in my veins
to the nerves and muscles
and even the shifting of my weight.
The physical therapy that you taught me.
Just like you taught me
I'll picture it every day.
And in six months,
I'm sure it'll be around summer
I want you to imagine a little
about me walking.
Thank you.
Even if you'll only have
a few memories of me
I want them to be
of me standing on my own feet.
When what you imagine
and my reality overlap
I have a feeling
that we'll meet again.
Take care of yourself.
Hinako Saba.
Again? I know you time it
when I'm making dinner.
Just a coincidence.
It's monjayaki today?
It's okonomiyaki!
Subtitle translation by: Brian Athey