The Fabric of Christmas (2023) Movie Script

Think he makes house calls?
- That's all he does, sweetie.
- Hmm.
- But your house has to be on fire first.
- Right.
I'm so sorry.
- I was working.
- Then you got distracted?
- Oh, sometimes I just... .
- Lose time? We know.
I come bearing gifts.
We have the book for you.
- Ooh.
- And for you, this is the
fabric we were talking about.
- Ooh.
- Sorry, who is, uh...
Right, so this gorgeous
fireman just showed up and...
what... what is it?
- Oh, my God, it's here already.
- Not the art fellowship?
I thought you said they weren't announcing
the finals until next week.
- I guess they're early.
- It's not gonna open itself!
- We're dying here.
- Um...
I am officially one of the four finalists
of the Cassatt Art Fellowship!
I told you your portfolio
would blow them away.
So, what happens now
that you're a finalist?
Um, I have to submit an art
piece to the judging panel,
and then,
I guess they choose a winner!
- Oh, my God.
- You deserve this.
Thank you.
do you still need me
to help you with that tear?
I think it's beyond saving.
Never say never.
Okay, let's see.
Oh, okay.
Oh, Piper, we can definitely fix this.
Some iron on interfacing.
Excuse me, can one of you tell me where
I can find a, uh... Amy Walker?
- That's me.
- Oh.
Oh, gosh.
Sorry about that.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Sorry, do you, uh...
can I help you with something?
Uh yeah, my name is Liam
uh, from the fire department.
I just completed your annual
fire code inspection.
Oh, uh, yeah. Do you need me
to sign something?
Are you aware that all of your fire extinguishers
are past their expiration date?
They have expiration dates?
They also shouldn't be covered in...
Christmas decorations.
Your sprinkler system appears to be shot.
You have several fire exits
blocked by piles of junk.
- Junk?
- You... junk.
Oh, no, that's not junk.
That's our Easter decorations,
Halloween, 4th of July.
Emergency exits need to be
kept clear... for emergencies.
Not the best idea to block them.
Well, we didn't have anywhere
else to put them, so um...
do you want us to keep them
hanging all year round?
- That would also be a fire hazard.
- Yeah, that was a joke.
But uh... we get it!
You don't like boxes.
So, we will move them!
Problem solved.
You have 30 days to rectify
all of these issues,
otherwise the building will be
deemed unsafe for public use.
You can't do that.
Well, it's not me, it's the County.
The community needs this center.
I mean, hundreds of people meet here.
Dozens of groups.
Us, we meet here.
I'm sorry, but the law is the law.
Okay, look, Christmas community
dinner here happens every year.
The children's pageant.
I mean, in the spirit of the season,
can't we just fix all the problems you
mentioned and not make it all official?
You have 30 days.
Where can I send this paperwork to?
my uh, email's on my card.
- I'll fire it off this afternoon.
- Can't wait.
What are we gonna do?
I'll make some calls.
We'll figure this out.
Don't worry.
Hey, how'd the inspection go?
Uh, that center's a nightmare.
- I had to issue a 30-day notice.
- Ouch!
It's a bad time of year for that.
Yeah, probably throwing darts
at my face right now.
Can't blame 'em.
Ooh, you missed a spot!
The job's all yours if you want it.
Oh, I wouldn't dream of laying
a finger on your truck, Frank.
Do you have a second?
Do you want a coffee?
I don't know, it might be hard holding
a cup with this on my hand.
Oh, congrats, Lulu!
Thank you!
I'm so happy!
Jack knows it has to be
a Christmas wedding, right?
Of course.
It's the Sullivan family tradition. Duh!
So, we have a whole year
to plan everything out.
Well played!
Yeah... about that.
Um... you know how Jack was up
for the big promotion?
- Yeah.
- He got it.
Except the company wants him
to do the job in Rome.
Rome... I-Italy?
That Rome?
And they need him there in five weeks.
So, we were thinking of having the
wedding this Christmas, instead.
- Oh.
- I know, I know,
it's-it's so fast, but it's the
only way that I can go with him
and not break our family tradition
of having a Christmas wedding.
Obviously, we won't do
the whole Christmas quilt thing.
It'll be small.
Hey, you don't have to convince me, Lulu.
If that's what you want,
that's what we'll do.
Thank you.
I know it's-it's a big rush
and a lot of new beginnings all at once
but maybe this is your chance
to get a fresh start, too.
This has been sitting
on your bookshelf for 10 years.
There's no reason for you
not to go on this trip.
Nothing and nobody
holding you back, right?
It's a thought.
Okay, well,
I have to go, but promise me
you'll at least open the map?
- Don't make me make you!
- All right!
Love you!
Yeah, love you.
I thought we should celebrate
your good news properly,
instead of worrying about
what the hot fireman said.
- You shouldn't have.
- You are already drooling.
This is so good!
I know!
I'm amazing.
This fellowship could change
everything for you, Ames.
I mean, a monthly stipend
for a whole year.
And then, your own
nationally promoted solo show?
I know!
I could finally stop hustling
to keep the lights on.
Could cut back on commissions,
really concentrate on my art.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
I'm just a finalist so,
I don't wanna get carried away.
Well, is there anything
I can do to help?
No, my submission is supposed
to represent who I am
as an artist, so I think
this is a solo mission.
That's fair.
Ooh, I hope this is
the County getting back to me
about those stupid code violations.
- Oh...
- What's wrong?
They've already allocated
this year's budget.
So, uh... what does that mean?
We're... we're just on our own?
No, we'll work something out.
So, I spoke with the sprinkler
company earlier, and um...
they want $15,000
to replace the system at the center.
You're kidding.
We're gonna lose the center, aren't we?
And just before Christmas.
No. Okay?
No way.
I promise you, we'll figure something out.
Hey, man, everything okay with Lauren?
She and Jack are getting married.
Jack's company is sending him
to Italy in five weeks,
so they wanna get it done
before Christmas.
That's great.
Wait... you're not happy?
But wait, I know, I know
it's a bit of a rush,
- but you like Jack, right?
- Yeah, no, Jack's a great guy.
It's just...
part of my family's tradition
of having a Christmas wedding
is that the mother makes a Christmas
quilt and gives it as a wedding gift
- to the new couple.
- Lauren wouldn't be expecting that.
I mean, with your folks
being gone and everything.
She just said she knows it's not
gonna happen before the wedding,
so it's obviously on her mind.
I don't want her to miss out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you...
you're not thinking about
making this yourself, are you?
Why not?
Because you're about to be
knee-deep in wedding plans.
Not to mention, you don't know
the difference
between a sewing machine and a submarine.
- I'll figure it out.
- Okay.
Buy her a quilt.
A really nice one.
She'll understand.
It wouldn't be the same.
I just think you're setting yourself up
for an impossible mission here.
That's it.
All right?
You better not eat that cake for dinner.
Oh, dinner and breakfast.
Why do you I feel like you're not joking?
- 'Cause I'm not.
- Oh.
Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me but--
- Yeah, I remember.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, your business card
has your address on it
and it uh, says that you teach quilting?
I'm sorta looking for a beginner's class.
That's my cue to bow out.
Good luck!
I have a beginner's course
that starts next month.
Sign-up's on the website.
Uh, I actually need to make
a Christmas-themed quilt
in time for my sister's wedding,
in five weeks.
Well, then it sounds like that class
is not gonna work for you.
Sorry about that.
Um, do you offer private lessons?
I'm... I'm happy to pay for it.
- Not normally, no.
- I'm kinda desperate here.
You know, I would love to help,
but um... I've got a big
deadline of my own coming up
and um... then there'sthe
community center to get up to...
this code of yours before Christmas.
And I've got all my other classes,
and then, the community center
- to get up to your code.
- My code?
Whoever's code.
If only there was someone
who knows about this stuff
that was willing to pitch in and uh,
help solve the problem
he created in the first place.
What if I helped out
with the community center?
What a great idea.
What would that look like, exactly?
Well, I could take a look
at the list of violations,
see if we could figure out
some workarounds.
Most of your issues are just maintenance.
- A handyman could do it.
- Hmm.
If only we knew some handy men.
Uh, I will fix what I can in my downtime.
In exchange for a crash
course in quilting.
So tempting.
If only we had the funds
to pay for materials,
and all of those new
extinguishers we need.
Sorry, quilters don't often
get this kind of power,
and that center makes a difference
in a lot of people's lives.
Okay, okay, my final offer,
I will help with the repairs,
I will try and find some deals
on the equipment you need,
and I will figure out a way to
raise funds. We do a lot of it.
- Fireman calendar.
- Hmm, a craft auction, you say?
Well, that could also work.
Great deal.
You're a terrible negotiator, by the way.
Yeah, well.
Um, so when can we get started?
I have some time free tomorrow,
if that works for you.
That soon?
Well, like I said, my sister's
wedding's in five weeks
- and I've never sewn anything
before in my life.
- Right.
- Ever.
- Yes, um, you're right,
we should get started as soon as possible.
- Um... should we say 2:00 tomorrow?
- Great.
Um, sometimes I don't hear
the door when I'm working
so just let yourself in when you get here.
- Will do.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So, Liam's gonna do what he can
but we still need
$20,000 to cover repairs.
We need to start thinking about what
we can sell at this craft auction.
- I can't believe you talked him
into helping us.
- Well.
She looks harmless, but underneath that
Santa hat is the mind of an evil genius.
Um, so I was thinking
I would donate one of my quilts.
- Hmm.
- Something like that work for you guys?
Yeah, I'm almost done working
on my hourglass block quilt.
Oh, perfect!
- Mm-hmm.
- What about you?
What if I donated materials and lessons
for someone who wants
to learn how to quilt?
- Like a starter's pack?
- Yeah!
Um... but I think one of your quilts
would probably go for more.
No one wants one of those
raggedy old things.
Piper, your quilts are beautiful.
My quilts are for me.
There's no need to inflict them
on anyone else.
You're crazy, okay?
Your quilts are amazing,
and people will love whatever you donate.
And I am gonna have
a t-shirt printed that says,
"I told you so" on it.
End of story.
See what I mean?
Evil genius.
No, you're on your own.
I want one too.
Pack of three.
Yep, come on in!
Oh... careful there.
I'm two feet off the ground.
Yeah, on a ladder that hasn't
been properly opened.
Misuse of ladders is a major cause
of accidents around the home.
- You must be fun at parties.
- Yeah.
When they're up to code, I am.
No, it's okay.
Thank you. I got it.
And uh, for the record,
I do know how to use a ladder properly,
I just didn't check it this time.
Uh... I'll take your word for it.
Degree of difficulty 9.7.
And look!
I'm still in one piece!
Oh, is this yours?
Oh, that's uh, my mom's.
She got it from her mother
on her wedding day,
who got one from her mother.
You get the picture.
And you're continuing
the tradition for your sister.
Pretty much, yeah.
Can I...
Oh, of course.
Wow, I love old quilts.
They have so much personality.
You could just feel the memories
they've soaked up.
This one hasn't just been stored
in a cupboard, has it?
No, Mom put it out
on the couch every year,
on the first day of snow.
Well, it's such
a beautiful Christmas design,
and it's so soft.
The colors have mellowed so beautifully.
You can just feel it's been loved. Hmm.
Do you wanna make a quilt like this?
Oh, it doesn't have to be
an exact replica of this,
but it does have to be a Christmas quilt.
That's part of the family tradition.
Okay, well, Christmas is
a pretty broad category.
- It means...
- Mm-hmm.
... different things to different people.
Um, would be great if we could personalize
the quilt for your sister somehow.
So, is she... a traditional
Christmas person
or more into Rudolph and elves?
Uh, honestly, I think she likes all of it.
Okay, what are her decorations
like at home?
Uh... you know, it...
it's not really something
I've noticed.
- She has a lot of them, though.
- Okay.
Sorry, this isn't really
exactly my area of expertise.
Yeah, no.
Um... what if we come at this
from a different direction.
Um, if I asked you to think
of Christmas and Lauren,
what's the first thing
that comes to your mind?
Um... our neighbor's farm.
We used to walk over there on Christmas
morning to feed the animals.
Lauren looked forward to it every year.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Um, these books both have
holiday themed sections.
Take a look.
See if any designs jump out at you,
and then, you're gonna go
to the farm for inspiration.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cool.
You have no idea what
I'm talking about, do you?
Yeah, yeah, no, it's um... nope.
Um... you know what?
I have a few hours free
before my next class.
Let's go.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
So, tell me more about uh, Christmas.
Uh, my mom would usually have
a stash of apples and carrots
for the... for us to feed to the ponies.
Uh, there was usually
a thermos of hot chocolate.
And of course,
the inevitable snowball fight.
That's a great tradition.
God, there's so much color
and inspiration here.
I mean, look at the way
the trees contrast with the sky.
It's like, the more you look at each detail,
the more beautiful it becomes.
And the way the white contrasts
with the dark green.
I mean, you could replicate that
in stitching.
I wonder if we could...
- Amy?
- Hmm.
We should get more shots
of the tree line before we go.
Uh... where'd you go just there?
You disappeared for a few seconds.
Oh, sometimes
I get lost in my own head.
Oh, don't apologize.
It's uh... it's cool to see
how the other half lives.
Other half?
Yeah, the creative people.
- Well, everyone's creative.
- Nope.
Can't sing, can't dance,
can't play a musical instrument, can't draw,
can't paint, can't write.
- No.
- Did I miss anything?
Everyone is creative!
You make it sound like a threat.
Well, maybe it is.
How long have you been in Bakerville?
Uh, six years.
A local artist, Miriam,
had a workshop, and I um...
came for the weekend,
and was so inspired I decided to
pick up my life and move here.
Must've been some workshop.
Yeah, it was more that Miriam showed me
I could make a living as an artist.
My parents are farmers and very practical,
so they don't really get
the fiber artist thing.
Oh, that must be hard.
Yeah, well, you gotta live
your own life, right?
- Yeah.
- What about you?
Do your parents love that you run into
burning buildings for a living?
- Well, we usually try to put 'em out first.
- Right.
And uh, I lost my parents in a car
crash about 10 years ago, so.
Oh, um... I'm so sorry.
Yeah, it was...
it was a long time ago now.
That's why you're making your
sister's wedding quilt, right?
'Cause your mom isn't around to do it?
I, uh...
I don't want Lauren to miss out.
I thought you were just a...
uptight guy with a clipboard.
I don't know how many times I need to say it,
but I-I was just doing my job.
I'll let you know when we get there.
- Yes.
- Okay.
It's that time of year
When Santa comes to bring that cheer
He ain't comin' by boat or plane
He's loaded down with candy canes
I only hope he keeps one open seat
Oh yeah
Come on, Santa
The only thing I need
Come on, Santa
Is my baby on Christmas Eve
- Hey.
- I heard the sirens.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah.
Just some old guy tinkering with
a gas can and a workshop went up.
No one was injured.
Just a big singed.
Okay, good!
Just wanted to check.
I know, I'm fine.
All right.
I'll stop fussing.
I love you.
- Yeah?
- Life is short.
Take the trip!
Take the trip!
Oh, hi. Come on in.
Yeah, I'm just finishing up.
"American Idol" audition?
Oh, uh, no.
So close.
- It's a how-to video for my website.
- Hmm.
For the community center.
I was thinking we could sell it
as a chance to buy
homemade Christmas presents.
- Christmas craft fair. I love that.
- Mm-hmm.
I already set up an online catalog so you
can see what's available in advance.
All you need to do is
populate it with auction lots.
Okay, a four-page action plan
and a website?
Where have you been all my life?
Well, wait until you've read
it before you get too excited.
Oh, my God.
Um... is this for one of your quilts?
Oh, yeah!
I do traditional quilts for commissions,
but um, my own work is more
organically inspired.
This one's for an art fellowship.
Is it gonna be round?
At the moment.
I'm not exactly sure
what I wanna do yet but um,
a lot of my recent work has been circular.
Oh, wait, th-these are all yours?
Oh, wow!
- Um, do you mind?
- No. Yeah.
Wow, I... I didn't know
you could do this with fabric.
It's incredible. The details.
What are you gonna do
when you win the fellowship?
It's a national prize and I have no
idea who else has been shortlisted,
so I am not counting my chickens.
It's an honor just to get this far.
Oh, people always say that.
Where's your killer instinct?
Killer instinct's not really
a thing in fiber arts.
- No?
- No.
Um, did you get a chance to look
at those books I gave you?
Oh yeah.
Um... I got to thinking
about Lauren and Christmas
when I got home,
and I remembered she used to love putting
the star at the top of the tree.
That was like, her big thing, you know?
And then, I saw... this.
Now, if you think this is
too much for a rookie, I get it.
I just saw it, and it said Lauren.
- I-I don't know why.
- No, this is a great pattern.
And I thought that we could use the colors
from some of the pictures we took
the other day as inspiration.
Yes, definitely.
This is a lovely homage
to Lauren's Christmas star love.
Look at you, being creative.
Oh, total fluke.
I swear.
Okay, let me see.
Well, nothing too scary here.
We're gonna need a few yards
of backing fabric.
This is gonna be fun.
It's time to go fabric shopping.
- Welcome to heaven.
- Huh.
Don't you wanna just take
it all home with you?
Uh, I'd settle for enough
to make one quilt.
Oh, I might have to take a couple
of yards of this for myself.
Um, come on, the Christmas
section's right here.
- Oh, yeah.
- For you.
- Okay.
Sure, yeah.
Oh, and we need white.
So much fun!
You're going a little crazy.
Is the rest of this
all for your fellowship quilt?
It's for my fabric stash
for future projects.
- Oh.
- What?
Oh, it's just like when I buy
a new power drill,
even though the old one's perfectly fine.
No, it isn't.
Okay, it is a little.
But some of these fabrics
are limited edition,
and if I don't grab them now,
it would be a tragedy.
You're laughing at me.
Yeah, I-I've just never met anyone
so passionate about fabric before.
Passion makes the world go 'round.
Couldn't agree more.
- How are you?
- Miriam!
Of course, I find you here.
Well, where else?
I uh... emptied the place out.
There's nothing left.
- Oh, for the stash, of course.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, oh this is the fiber artist I was
telling you about, Miriam Hayes.
Uh, I'm teaching Liam how to quilt.
- Oh.
- It's a... uphill battle.
Don't say that.
You're doing really well.
Well, you can't go wrong with Amy.
I'm not supposed to say anything
until they make a formal
announcement but of all people,
you are the few people
who will really understand.
I have been shortlisted
for the Cassatt Art Fellowship.
Oh, Miriam.
That's... wow!
That's wonderful!
I um... I'm not supposed
to say anything either,
but um, I've been shortlisted, too. Ha!
- Oh! I see!
- Yeah.
Well, I guess congratulations
are in order all around then.
Yeah, I... had no idea
I'd be up against you.
- Oh.
- Might as well not bother
finishing my submission.
Oh, don't be silly.
Well, I... must keep moving,
but uh... that's really wonderful news, Amy.
Uh... just a heads up,
that's where that killer
instinct we were talking about
- would've really come in handy.
- Sorry?
"I shouldn't even bother
finishing my submission?"
Uh, Miriam is my mentor.
She's the reason I moved to Bakerville.
She's the reason I even thought it
was possible to make life in art.
But that doesn't mean you need to concede
the fight before it's even started.
That's not what I was do--
why am I defending myself to you?
Didn't take you long.
Does this mean what I think it means?
What do you think it means?
You're the worst, you know that?
Are you going, or not?
Yeah, I'm going.
I'm so glad!
Oh, this is gonna be so amazing!
Why are you so excited about this?
Because you gave up so much for me.
This is the one thing you can still have.
I don't see it that way.
Of course, you don't.
- That's because you're you and...
- And?
And I'll be away,
and there'll be no one to call you after
a fire to make sure you're all right.
So, if you're on holiday for a few months,
I won't have my heart in my mouth.
So, when are you going?
What are you gonna do about work?
- Is the camper up to it?
- Um... I don't know yet.
I need to talk to work.
And... the camper's perfect.
Dad and I did a good job.
Of course, you did.
Two perfectionists, one camper van.
It's a miracle this thing isn't
capable of interstellar travel.
You got time for a coffee?
I actually came by to borrow your pruning
saw, but I can do a coffee.
Uh, yeah, you can use it.
- Cool! Thanks.
- What do you need it for?
The tree in my yard dropped a branch.
Oh, I can swing by
and take care of that tomorrow.
It's okay.
I can handle it.
No, I don't mind. Keeps me off the
mean streets during my downtime.
Oh, hey!
Um... okay,
I know we have a lot to get
through today, but first up...
- Ta-dah!
- Oh, wow!
I um, dug it out of storage.
I know you said you have
a machine you can borrow,
but this is a great starter model.
- Idiot proof?
- Hopefully.
I mean, nothing's guaranteed.
Oh, thanks for sugar coating it.
Well, you're not the sugar-coating type.
- I'm not?
- No, you're like the
give it to me straight kind of a guy.
What about you?
Um, I don't mind a little
sugar every now and then.
Um, anyway, I'll just turn this
on and give you a demonstration.
Um, so the trick is really
to use the guides
on the needle plate here.
Precision is the key to a great quilt.
Right up your clipboard-loving
alley, Mr. Sullivan.
Use one little clipboard.
So, what you wanna do is you
wanna line up the fabric edge
with the quarter-inch guide,
which is the only seam allowance
you're gonna need in quilting,
and then, nice and gently,
fingers outta the way,
and just wanna press nice and gently.
This is not the Grand Prix.
Easy, right?
Your turn.
Yes. Yep.
Yes. Good!
I'm just gonna move your...
Yeah, I'm gonna get some water.
Uh, what's all this thread doing?
Oh yeah, you just wanna pull that back
- so it doesn't get into the...
- Oh.
- ... the new seam.
- Okay.
Did you...
did you blow out my candle?
You can't have a naked flame around
a pile of textiles and fabric.
No, it's-it's in a jar.
Do you have any idea how many
housefires start with a candle?
Do you just see danger everywhere?
Well, it is my job.
Is-is this bothering you?
No, it's fine.
Right. So, it just wouldn't matter if I...
just, I'll just put it right here.
- That's fine?
- Okay, see?
- Not bothered.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, is there anything else you wanna check
- before we get back to it?
- You know what?
I'd like to check the batteries
in your smoke alarm.
You-you're serious?
Hmm. When was the last time
you actually checked them?
- Um...
- Okay, yep. I'm checkin' 'em.
Oh, um...
I should probably get this.
You, um... do your thing.
Uh, Miriam, hi.
I'm holding a little seasonal
soiree tonight.
A bit impromptu.
I'd love you to come.
Uh... y-yeah, sounds great.
I thought we could raise a glass together,
- since we're both finalists.
- Sure.
Bring a friend, if you like.
Looks good.
- Thank you for checking.
- Thanks for letting me check.
I had an idea for your quilt.
Some people like to incorporate
clothing from loved ones.
So, I was wondering
if maybe you had something of your
parents you wanted to use?
If you think
Lauren would like that.
- Yeah, yeah, Lauren would love that.
- Okay.
I think I have some...
some old boxes in my spare room.
I-I have no idea
what's in them, but I can look.
Well, if there are clothes,
I would look for cottons, or linens.
Denim would also be good.
I mean, we can even make velvet
and corduroy work.
about the other day at the fabric store,
I... I should've minded my own business.
- That whole killer instinct thing.
- Oh, that's okay.
I mean, you're not wrong.
I could probably stand to be a little
more confident about my work.
But um...
I don't know,
Miriam's so talented, you know,
and she's taught me so much...
- I'm doing it again, aren't I?
- Little bit.
Oh. Well, I um...
just agreed to go have drinks
at her place tonight,
so uh, I guess I'll have a
chance to uh, work on that.
You don't wanna go?
I mean, I'm happy for her,
but I don't know,
she has a lot of very fancy friends and
she'd be the only person I know there.
Plus, she was a little,
I don't know,
standoffish about the fact
that we were both shortlisted.
But, I don't know, maybe that
was just in my imagination.
Um, would you...
like me to go with you?
I mean, if you think it would help.
You're bending over backwards for me.
Um, yeah.
Thank you.
That would be amazing.
Thank you.
You already said that.
Well, this quilt's not gonna sew itself.
- And how are we coming
with the online catalog?
- Getting there.
We thought it would make sense to combine taking
all the photos with the working bee.
Oh yeah, great idea.
Um, do you guys need
any help with your quilts?
All good!
At least, as good as it gets.
Just don't blame me when we have to pay
someone to buy mine off our... hands.
I hate it when you talk like that.
- You're an amazing quilter.
- Oh!
Oh, oh, nothing.
Um, Piper here is just
objectifying your new student.
Please don't pretend
you haven't noticed that.
As well as being adorably committed
to making his sister happy,
your fireman is also ridiculously hot.
He's not my fireman.
He is my student.
Hey, ladies.
Hey, I'm just heading out.
What time did you want me
to pick you up tonight?
Are you two going out?
Oh, no, it's a work thing.
Liam's just helping me out.
Um... 7:00?
Great color combination, by the way.
Oh, thanks.
She's blushing!
Okay, um, for the record, I
said that exact thing last week.
But it was the way he said it.
With his lips.
Hey, yourself.
You look, uh...
Oh, here.
So wonderful you could come.
You uh, remember my friend,
Liam, from the other day?
Nice to see you.
Welcome. Make yourself at home.
Grab a drink!
Sorry, there was a bit
of a bottleneck at the bar.
- Oh, good place for one.
- Oh. True.
I love me a good buffet.
Oh well, I guess everything's
better bite sized.
Oh, I sense you are wise in the
way of the buffets, Amy Walker.
Oh, I know my way around a table.
First rule of a buffet: avoid the dips.
Oh, hospital-grade biohazard.
Uh, second rule,
don't get suckered
into anything with a skewer.
And get stuck hanging on
to a greasy stick all night?
- Oh, rookie mistake.
- Hmm.
Let's eat all the shrimp
before anyone else gets here.
See what she does
with shapes and textures?
It's modern and traditional
at the same time.
God, she's so good!
It's nice!
Okay, look, um,
I don't want to alarm you,
but there is a candle
on the table over there.
There's also three in the
hallway, one in the bathroom,
and a lantern on the front porch.
I have a map of all of them
in my back pocket.
- For a second...
- Yes, you did.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Amy?
Oh, hi.
I want to introduce you to Nicole Fleming.
The Nicole Fleming?
Mm. I've been telling her all about you.
Uh, I'll track us down a new drink.
Okay, thank you.
- Nicole.
- Mm-hmm.
This is Amy.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Miriam has been telling me that you
are one of her best students.
Oh, I bet Miriam's a great teacher.
- Oh.
- She was.
Uh, is.
I um, I haven't been a student
of hers for some time now.
Oh, I guess it has been a couple of years.
Amy has also been shortlisted
for the Cassatt Fellowship.
Which, I guess, I should take
as a compliment to my teaching.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Do you work with traditional
quilting techniques like Miriam?
Oh, Amy's work is very niche.
I mean, some people don't even
really call it quilting.
How fascinating.
Yeah, Amy's work is always
very interesting.
I mean, real conversation starters.
Do you have something for your headache?
Um, sorry about having
to leave the party early.
Oh, not a problem.
We can postpone looking through
boxes tomorrow, if you like?
Um, no, I'll be fine by tomorrow.
Um, I might be a little late.
Um, Piper's using my car
so I'm gonna take the bus.
I'll swing by and pick you up.
It's okay.
The bus is fine.
I'll be here at 9:00.
Okay, thank you.
I'll be ready.
Um... see you then.
Yeah, good night.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Let me just get my stuff and I'm ready.
- How's the headache?
- Uh, yeah, all better.
Thanks for uh, coming to pick me up.
Really appreciate it.
Yeah, of course.
More snow gear.
You could outfit the Winter Olympic team.
I don't know why I hung on
to all of this stuff.
Um, candy cane?
Hmm, too early for me, thanks.
Oh, it's never too early for a candy cane.
Okay, I'm obsessed with them.
I have to ration myself to three a day.
- Hmm, sounds painful.
- And yet, somehow I endure.
You going uh, to Kansas for Christmas?
Uh, no, not this year.
My um, parents sold their farm
and are going on a cruise.
Oh, they must be pretty excited that
you're a finalist for the fellowship.
Uh, yeah, they were happy for me.
I don't think they're ever
gonna be 100% comfortable
that I don't have a normal job, though.
They've seen your work, though, right?
It's okay.
I... I don't need them
to be my cheerleaders.
They're good people.
We're just... different.
Oh, hold the front page, we have a winner.
Hmm, it's my mom's favorite dress.
- It's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, Dad's lucky bowling shirt.
Wow, this is a lovely cotton.
Both of these would be great
in your quilt.
Yeah, I... I can see that.
What is this?
Mom made that scarf for Dad when
she was learning how to knit.
- Wow, it's just...
- Oh.
Let's see.
- Oh yeah, definitely you.
- Hmm.
I... I can't believe he actually
wore this out in public.
That's so sweet.
God, he must have loved your mom, a lot.
Yeah, he did.
Um, do you mind talking about them?
I... just tell me
to shut up if it's too much.
No, it...
it was 10 years ago.
I mean, I still miss them but
it's... just a fact of life now.
Must've been tough having all that responsibility
land on you so suddenly.
Yeah, it was a learning curve.
Lauren still gives me a hard time
about how I grilled her prom date.
But this guy shows up in this
ridiculous souped-up Camaro
and there was no way I'm letting
my sister get into that thing
until he swore he was gonna
stick to the speed limit.
That's why you're always on danger patrol.
You're so used to worrying about Lauren,
you just wanna make the world safe.
I never really thought about it like that.
It's gonna be very strange for
you when she's gone, isn't it?
She's my best friend, as well
as being my sister, so uh...
You're a good human,
Liam Sullivan.
- These are both great.
- Yeah.
Um, maybe just um...
just give 'em a quick wash and iron
and then we can start cutting.
Ooh, I have to admit I'm...
I'm kinda dreading that part.
No, no, no, no,
you're gonna love it, okay?
Cutting is all about precision.
Right up your alley.
I'll throw these in the washer.
Okay, yeah.
It's just me!
Oh, hi!
Sorry, I didn't realize.
- I was just looking for my brother.
- Oh um, yeah, he just um...
- Lulu, hey!
- Hi!
- I can come back.
- No, it's-it's okay.
This is just Amy.
We're, um...
I'm helping her with the craft auction
at the community center.
Hi, Just Amy.
Okay, I didn't mean just.
She's awesome.
Hi, Awesome Amy.
Could we just...
- Hi, Lauren.
- Thank you.
I came by because
you didn't answer my text.
- Oh.
- Have you done it yet?
Tendered and accepted yesterday.
: Yes!
I'm so happy.
There's no turning back now.
What, uh...
Oh, sorry uh, brother-sister stuff.
Um, Liam has just resigned
so that he can go
on a tour of South America!
It'll be like "The Motorcycle Diaries"
except in an old camper van
he and our dad restored.
W... wow, that...
sounds incredible.
Oh, I uh... I have
to get back to work in 10.
Do you mind helping me get
the decorations from my car?
- I'm not in any rush.
- Won't be long.
Come on.
So, Amy seems nice.
You talked to her for two seconds.
So, she's not nice?
No, she's great.
Everybody loves her.
Okay, you're very clever.
- Congratulations.
- Are you guys dating?
We're just friends, Lu.
I-I'm helping her out with the
community center, that's it.
She didn't know
you were going away, did she?
I hadn't gotten around
to mentioning it yet.
You look like your dad.
- Huh, yeah. Even I can see that now.
- Hmm.
- I should get you back.
- Yeah.
You um...
you never mentioned your trip.
It all just came together pretty quickly.
It was actually supposed
to happen 10 years ago.
Uh, my dad and I restored the camper van
and Mom was researching campgrounds.
I was about to head out
when... the accident happened.
So uh, when do you leave?
After the wedding.
So, you'll spend Christmas
on the road somewhere?
Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime.
Bad day?
This prize could literally change my life.
I mean, it could change my art.
But I'm so blocked
I just...
don't even know what to do anymore.
Is it something about the design?
I don't know.
You need to get outta your own head.
Wouldn't that be nice.
I got an idea.
Come on.
It'll be fun!
Trust me. Come on!
How cool is this guy?
Ugh, great idea, by the way.
Oh, should we make him like,
a little snow puppy?
What's the problem with your submission?
It's too contrived.
I'm overthinking
and second-guessing myself.
Very sneaky.
- Also good. Ah!
- Why are you trying too hard?
Uh... at Miriam's,
she said that my work was niche
and a conversation starter.
What does that mean?
It means she doesn't respect what I do
and doesn't think there's a market for it.
I admire her so much.
Hearing that...
yeah, I don't know, I think I
was trying to prove her wrong
by making my submission
more like her work.
Amy, your art is insane.
You're... you're like a fabric whisperer.
I'm gonna steal that.
She's just...
sees you as competition
and she can't bear to lose
to her former student,
so she's trying to psych you out.
Yeah, either that,
or she just doesn't like my art.
Look, don't let her get
inside your head, Walker.
A very smart woman I know once said
you have to live your own life.
Don't let somebody else choose
who you're supposed to be.
You're right.
Well, technically you are,
but I'll take it.
Yeah, my-my work is about
how I see the world.
It's not niche, it's...
it's about life, you know,
and how we all need each other.
There you go.
I love making traditional quilts.
I... I love that my quilts are
a part of people's lives.
But the work that I do for myself is...
why I love fiber art so much.
It's... the ideas I want to explore,
the things I wanna learn,
the things I wanna share with people.
Good, you should do all of that.
My work is about connection.
Earth to sky, tree to soil.
Water to rock.
It's about the bonds we all share.
And I think that's what people respond to.
I think that's what the judges responded
to when they made me a finalist.
Even I could see that.
Go get 'em, tiger.
There ya go, bud.
Oh, oh, got to get to you now
I need you somehow
Oh, oh, you're my blue heaven
I need you right now
To make it okay
Ah, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ah, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Oh, you're my blue heaven
Ah, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ah, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Oh, you're my blue heaven
- Can you grab me the extender?
- Yeah. Okay.
This is a good look for you.
Blink twice if you need an
extrication team, Jack.
Oh, no, I'm good.
I happen to like this hostage situation.
Why do we have records
from the 2005 bingo tournament?
Uh, '05, a glorious year for bingo.
Oh, sorry, I got caught up.
Dig in! There's plenty
of fun for everyone.
Um, one sec.
There's just something
I gotta do first.
- Uh, hey.
- Oh, hey.
- Everything okay?
- Uh, yeah.
I just um... I just wanted to thank you
for what you said yesterday.
I had a huge breakthrough.
I've been working on my quilt all night.
- I didn't really say much.
- Yeah, you did.
You're a great listener and good friend.
Thank you for being there for me.
I should, uh...
I have...
some papers to sort.
Yeah, yeah I uh, I have a...
a valve to um...
Hey, Liam, this print is tiny, man.
I can't even make out a single word.
Yeah, it's uh...
it's upside down, Frank.
Oh yeah!
Look at that.
Look at you go!
I'm proud of you!
Uh, no, it's not what you think.
You're telling me
that you two didn't just enjoy
the most unplatonic hug
in the history of hugs?
He's going away, Deenie.
He's going on this big trip
around South America
after his sister's wedding.
He was supposed to do it when he was
younger and now's his big chance.
Are you okay?
It's not like anything
really happened between us.
- Oh, I'll grab those.
- Thanks, I got it.
Look, come on, you're half my size.
- So? I can do it.
- I wasn't saying you couldn't.
You don't need to actually say anything.
You're always swooping down
and doing everything for me
as if you don't think I'm
capable of doing it myself.
I was just trying to help.
You don't need to do
everything for me, Liam!
What happens when you're not around?
I can't be dependent on you or anyone.
- I know that.
- Do you?
I'm a strong, independent person.
I just... I just wish
you could see me that way, too.
Oh, hey.
I saw you and Lauren just now.
Pretty intense.
Yeah, apparently I'm suffocating
her because I wanted to help.
You're a great brother,
You know, look at her.
She's... incredible.
You've done an amazing job raising her.
Well, what did she say?
I don't know, um, let her do it.
I mean, there must have been 30
pounds of garbage in that bag.
Maybe she wanted the exercise.
Or maybe it's time to let go?
You've been her everything for so long.
Maybe she's just trying to tell you
that you don't have to make
everything right all the time,
for everyone.
Sometimes it's okay
if the glass is
a little close to the edge.
Amy, I was hoping to find you here.
- Do you have a moment?
- To be honest...
Oh, you're upset with me.
As you should be.
What I said at the party...
it's been keeping me awake at night.
What you heard the other night was the
scared jealousy of an insecure artist.
Miriam, you have nothing
to be insecure or jealous about.
Your art is incredible, inspiring.
Please, forgive me for being so...
nasty and ungenerous.
Of course.
Thank you.
And I want you to know, I'm telling everyone
I know to come to your auction.
I know how much this center means to you.
Thank you.
What did she want?
To apologize and um...
tell me she thinks my art is wonderful.
Who cares what she thinks?
It's okay, really.
She kinda did me a favor.
Made me examine what I do.
With a...
With a little help from you.
I don't know about that
color combination, man.
Amy approved it.
That's good enough for me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, look, you need to be consistent
with the pedal pressure.
My mom was a seamstress.
Where's my favorite fire crew?
What's up?
Um, Jack and I just got some news.
Don't freak.
They need him in Rome
a week earlier than planned.
You need to move the wedding up.
Yeah. I know we're already
cutting it close as it is,
but I was thinking if we just, or-or I mean,
I could even just maybe--
Don't-don't stress.
We'll uh, we'll work it out.
- Really?
- Yeah!
Yeah, I'll just rope these clowns
into helping set everything up.
It'll be fine.
Thank you.
About what I said at the
working bee, I-I didn't mean--
I-I know what you meant.
You are your own person.
It's not that I don't
love it when you help me.
You're an amazing brother,
I just...
I don't need your help all the time.
Memo received.
I promise.
Thank you.
Okay, um... I'm gonna go.
- You have a good one, Lauren.
- You too.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Buddy, you are not gonna
finish that quilt in time now.
What are you gonna do?
Helpful. That's very helpful.
Thank you.
- Yikes.
- I got it, I got it.
This is so incredible, Amy.
If you don't win,
I'm eating this sweater.
Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves,
and also, that sweater looks
a little hard to digest.
Okay, don't deflect.
This is a moment.
Piper is right.
This quilt is a game changer.
Well, I hope you are both right
because this is happening.
Amy, Amy.
- Lauren and Jack
moved the wedding up a week.
- No!
Yes, so if you have any tricks up your
sleeve, now is the time to tell me.
I'll help you. We'll get the
quilt finished, I promise.
Okay, but I'm not distracting
you from your fellowship quilt.
- Oh, no.
- Okay, that's not happening.
It's already done. I was getting
ready to send it off.
- You finished it?
- Yeah.
- How'd it turn out?
- It's the best thing I've ever done.
So, don't worry about any of that.
I am yours until Lauren's
quilt is finished.
I can help too,
if you need the extra hands.
Me too.
Happy to help pitch in.
Between all of us,
we'll get finished. I promise.
Yeah, come on in.
Hi, Deenie, you could
just set up right here.
We've got food to feed the sewing army.
Oh, amazing.
Oh, maybe just not near the fabrics.
Thank you!
And I made us a candle
to help us concentrate.
It has orange blossom, rosemary,
and just the tiniest bit of...
- But I was going to--
- Over my dead body.
Start with this one.
I can't thank you ladies enough
for helping me out like this.
It's for a good cause.
Plus, you're helping us save the center.
After condemning it.
Still holding that against me, huh?
I'm so sorry, but I have to go.
I promised my nieces I'd take
them shopping for presents.
Oh yeah! God, you guys, we're almost done.
You guys have been so helpful.
Yeah, I've gotta bail too.
Sorry. I've got a date.
- Sorry, a date?
- Where are you going?
- Who is he?
- Yeah, is this the first date?
- How'd we not know about this?
Okay, because I knew
it would be like this.
Okay, full report tomorrow, please!
- Ha! You wish!
- I do!
You're... no!
Thank you guys.
So much.
: Bye.
I can't believe we got it done in time.
Did you really think we wouldn't?
I would never let that happen.
You know, when you win that fellowship,
things are really gonna take off for you.
You ready for that?
Oh, I should uh, record you saying that
and listen to it as a daily affirmation.
Oh, you'd get sick of the sounds
of my voice pretty quickly.
You should come to the wedding.
You should be there
when I give Lauren the quilt.
You sure?
Will you come?
I'd love to.
- 'K.
- Hmm.
I'm gonna find a bow for this.
Bow. Yep!
Come on in.
I thought these might go with your dress.
Oh, my God, they're beautiful!
Okay, I only have a few minutes.
You look so gorgeous, Amy.
That dress is divine.
Yes, it is, but we actually
don't have time for that.
When are you going to tell Liam
how you feel?
I don't have feelings for Liam.
Oh, Amy!
Sweetie... you are
a really, really bad actor.
And you're gonna really, really regret it
if you let him go without saying anything.
Okay. Yes.
I have feelings for Liam.
But that is exactly why I am
never gonna say anything.
Are you crazy?
Why not?
Because the man is doing
something for himself
after 10 years of living for his sister.
I'm not stepping on that dream!
And I know what you're gonna say,
he's an adult, he can make his own decisions.
You know, is it really fair
for me to decide for him?
I should just tell him how I feel
and let him decide for himself.
But what if he does have feelings, okay,
and then, he goes anyway?
I don't wanna ruin his trip.
Or am I really just telling myself that
because I'm scared of rejection?
Are you done?
Okay, fine.
I'll do it.
If the right moment happens,
I'll just put it all out there.
I'm so glad that we had this little chat.
Our work here is done.
- Bye.
- Have fun!
Just tell him how I feel.
Ooh, I'll take some of that.
Hey, do you know where the extra
chairs are, in case we need them?
Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.
Okay, I think it's gonna be okay.
You look um...
your suit is uh...
I like your pocket square.
You look great, too.
Uh, I still have a few small
things I have to handle
but I'll get you a drink
and I'll hook you up with
my friend Frank, from my crew.
Right, yes, I met him the other day.
Yeah, no, he promises
to be on his best behavior,
so I apologize in advance.
thank you for teaching me
what real happiness feels like.
I can't wait to see where
this adventure takes us next.
With you, everything makes sense.
And when I'm with you,
nothing else matters.
They look so happy.
I love it when people
write their own vows.
You okay there, big guy?
Frank's about to stop the music
so I can give Lauren the quilt.
Liam, you put so much love
into that quilt.
Lauren's gonna know that
the moment she sees it.
This is supposed to be something
that Mom would've done.
I... I don't wanna upset her by bringing
up sad memories, you know?
I... I don't know, maybe I should
just do it privately?
Congratulations to the happy couple.
And now--
- Here, wait.
- ... the brother of the bride
will say a few words.
You got this.
Uh, hi everyone.
Um, I promise to make this short.
If I could just get everyone's
attention for a minute or two?
Now, most of you don't know
that we have a longstanding
family tradition,
that as well as getting married
around Christmas,
the mother always blesses
the marriage with a quilt.
Our parents couldn't be here today,
but I wanted to keep this tradition
going for Lauren and Jack.
I know it's not the same
as having Mom and Dad here,
but hopefully this can become
part of the fabric
of your family's Christmases
for years to come.
I don't know what to say.
It's so beautiful!
Some of Mom and Dad's clothes
are in it, and um,
I thought you'd like
the Christmas star theme.
you've made everything so perfect.
But how... how did you even make this?
Oh, Awesome Amy.
You have done so much for me.
Given up so much for me.
Don't brush it off, it's true.
You've been my rock
and I'm continuously humbled
by the generosity of your love.
You'll never know how happy I am
knowing you're going off
on an adventure of your own.
You deserve happiness
more than anyone I know.
Thank you.
Of course.
You're heading out?
Um, thanks for inviting me.
Lauren's face, when she saw
the quilt, was everything.
Yeah, worth every second, right?
Thanks for making that possible.
By uh, charitable extortion?
My pleasure.
So, uh, when do you leave?
Uh, Monday.
You better send me a postcard
from somewhere exotic.
As long as you promise to let me
know when you win the fellowship.
Did they say when you'd hear?
Uh, before Christmas, so soon, I guess.
I should go.
Oh uh, I'll walk you out.
No, I... that's okay.
I really hope it is
the adventure of a lifetime.
: Bye.
I just wanted to check in.
Make sure you were okay.
I know you think I'm a very big coward
for not telling him how I felt.
- No.
- But I couldn't do it, Deenie.
I couldn't.
I like him too much to hold him back.
I had to let him go.
No, I get it.
I get it.
I know, sweetheart, it's okay.
Broken hearts aren't the end of the world.
Right? It's like, people
survive them all the time.
Yeah, they do.
And I have the fellowship,
and the craft auction.
And me.
- You have me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
Life goes on.
You're so sneaky, leaving before me.
I figured it would be easier this way.
- I'm gonna miss you so much.
- Me too.
But you have a whole new country
to explore.
Not to mention a new language to learn.
I'll look after her.
I promise.
I can look after myself.
Okay, but Jack can help.
I love you.
Hmm. Oh?
Uh, Amy Walker speaking.
Oh, um, hi!
Yes, of course
I know who you are.
Oh... wow!
- This is so exciting!
- I'm in a dream.
Oh, well, wake up, sweetie,
'cause this is real!
Okay, okay,
to the winner of
the Cassatt Art Fellowship.
Amy, no one deserves this more than you.
Okay, I don't know if
that's true, but I will take it!
He told me to text him about
the fellowship, so I did.
Go on, then!
Pick it up.
Go, go.
Liam, hi!
I knew you were gonna win.
Ha, yeah.
You did predict it.
It's true.
I know more about art
than everyone else thinks.
Well, you were the only one who
didn't think you knew anything.
how's uh, life on the road?
Is it everything you thought it would be?
Yeah, it's great.
I'm following your posts.
It looks really beautiful.
It is.
It is.
Uh, well, I should uh, probably get going.
Deenie and Piper are here to celebrate.
Yeah, yeah, say hi for me.
And um, congratulations, Amy.
Thanks, Liam.
Stay safe.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Okay, let's do this.
Any change?
Stuck at $12,000.
Well, we still have the live auction.
That could get people excited.
I'll do my best but $8,000
is a lot of excitement.
I just checked and we're still only at 12.
I know, we know.
Can we get an extension on the 30 days
if we don't raise enough money?
- Um...
- Excuse me, ladies.
Frank. Sorry, uh, can we get an
extension on the 30-day warning?
Ooh, um, I'm sorry, Amy.
The County's really cracking down
on code violations this year.
Is there a problem?
Uh, yeah, we don't think
we're gonna hit our target.
We have to do something. We can't
let them close this place down!
It means too much to too many people.
I wish I could help. But once it's with
the County, it's out of our hands.
Hold down the fort.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Uh, but I'm about to start the auction.
It's okay!
You've got this!
I have 300.
Do I have 310?
Do I have 320?
320, got it.
- Pinch me. Is this real?
- Amazing.
Do not let this beautiful
heirloom quilt go to waste.
Give it to your loved one for Christmas
and watch their faces just light up.
Ah, 350, there it is!
Do I hear 360?
Anything else?
Okay, 360 going once,
360 going twice, and sold
to the lady in red for 360!
What did I miss?
- People were fighting over my quilt. 360!
- See? I told you!
- Are we over 20 yet?
- Sixteen.
- Where did you go?
- Oh, I just had to go home
and get something.
Yours is up next, we still might make it.
Now, our next and final piece is by our very
talented, local artist named Amy Walker.
She is the recent recipient of the
prestigious Cassatt Art Fellowship,
and it is such an honor.
Congratulations, Amy.
Now this is an amazing--
: Wow.
No, Amy, you can't.
Not your fellowship quilt.
Yes, I can.
I want to.
You said it was the best thing
you've ever made.
There'll be other bests.
Okay. Well, it looks like someone
here is going home tonight
with a real collector's item, so
get ready to dig deep, folks.
An opportunity like this comes
along once in a lifetime.
I can't believe you.
I don't need to tell you
that this is a special piece
for a very special cause.
So, let's start with an opening bid.
Do I hear 400?
Do I hear 500?
Do I hear 600?
Do not let this piece get away, folks.
Don't be shy.
Do I have 600?
Straight to 900.
- Do I hear 1,000?
- Four thousand dollars.
Do we have a challenger?
Okay, then here we go,
4,000 going once, twice,
and sold to the fireman who knows
how to make an entrance.
What happened to your trip?
Are you okay,
crazy, bidding that much on my quilt?
- Which question
do you want me to answer first?
- I don't know.
After our call, I was sitting by the fire
and it hit me,
touring around South America,
that's a 20-year-old's dream.
I'm not that person anymore.
I don't wanna let
this moment pass and lose you.
I love you, Amy.
I'm sorry I didn't say it before I left.
I love you too.
So much.
I'm so glad you came back
but I'm not scared of us
missing this moment.
I am way too crazy
about you, Liam Sullivan.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Got me wishin' we were home right now
Look at what we have together
Look at what we've made together
Look at what we've got together
Got me wishin' we were home right now
Look at what we have together
Look at what we've made together
Look at what we've got together
Ooh, ooh, ooh