The Face Behind the Mask (1941) Movie Script

Excuse me please, could I trouble you for a match?
Sure. Here you are.
Thank you very much. I do not smoke.
What time is it, please?
Quarter past ten.
Thank you very much. So it is.
Say, what is this?
I am practicing my english.
Oh, I see. Your first trip to the States?
Yes... Look.
She is beautiful.
Yes, I know how you feel. I get the same thrill
every time I come home.
She is very beautiful, too.
- Your wife?
- No.
Soon. When she comes to America.
Well, good luck.
Don't lose your passport.
New York is a very beautiful city, huh?
Do you wanna buy it?
Oh, no thank you. But...
Can you tell me where there is a good hot-and-cold-water hotel?
The Carlton Plaza.
It's six blocks up, one block over,
and two blocks to your left.
Thank you very much.
They're waiting for you.
Six blocks up... one block over...
two blocks to the left... Carlton Plaza.
Six blocks up... one block over...
two blocks to the left.
They are waiting for me!
Mr. Policeman... I'm gangstered!
- What?
- I'm stolen.
My 59 dollars... I give all my
pengos for dollars on the boat.
The boat bankman can prove it.
You take it up with the Lieutenant here.
He handles all the big cases.
No, not him! I need a policeman!
I'm a policeman.
Look, all the money I had, it is gone.
I'm lost.
I have no more.
- Take it easy.
- But you can see, it is all gone.
When was the last time you saw it?
I don't know...
Oh, yes. On the boat.
A man was talking about gangsters
and I was frightened.
I went to the washroom and...
I am found. I put it here.
Thank you, Mr. Policeman. Thank you.
You have found my money.
American police is wonderful.
Yeah, we're pretty smart, all right.
Yes. Thank you, Mr... Mr...
- O'Hara. Jim O'Hara.
- Thank you, Mr. Jim O'Hara.
One block to the left and
two blocks to the right...
One block to the left, two...
My hotel is lost!
- Now what are you talking about?
- My Carlton Plaza hotel.
- The Carlton Plaza!
- Yes, with hot and cold water.
I better straighten you out again.
How about a cold drink?
I will make more money so I can bring
my Mara over from Hungary.
And we will be married
and then we are going to have one boy, one girl,
One boy, one girl, one boy.
Five. All americans.
And the boys will be watchmakers like me.
All I have to do is find quick a job.
The first thing to do is to
find you a place to live.
Terry Finnegan's place, it's just the thing.
It's clean, comfortable and cheap.
Look. You just walk down that street
for five blocks.
Blocks, again?
You cannot come with me?
No. I'm due back at Headquarters.
But you'll find it easy enough.
Just walk five blocks.
Straight, no turns.
Five blocks.
It's the Excelsior Palace.
You can't miss it.
But if I am lost again,
I come to you, Mr. O'Hara,
to police headquarters and you
can find me again.
You're a very good friend.
I will never forget.
It was the Policeman O'Hara who sent me.
You know, the policeman without uniform.
Sure, I know the old hog-trotter.
I want a room please for my home.
Oh. For your home.
Well mister, we got 27 empty rooms.
Take your pick.
If it wasn't for the cafe, I'd.. have to close down.
How much, please, for my room?
Six bucks a week.
Bucks? Oh, I know you mean six dollars.
That's right. Now... here. Sign right there.
We only got two rules, and they go for everybody.
No ironing. Because it blows out the fuses.
No cooking in the rooms, because
it's very bad for the cafe business.
Thank you very much.
- What's your line?
- Please?
- Are you looking for employment?
- No, I want a job.
What's the matter?
That chicken-livered dishwasher!
Every time his wife has a baby, he walks out.
And she always has 'em when there's a wash on!
I can't leave the stove, and the dishes are piled up from here to...!
- The dishes are dirty?
- That's putting it mildly, mister.
- But I wash, I can wash dishes!
That's right, this guy wants a job.
Can you wash 'em without smashing 'em?
In America I can do anything.
Okay, let's go.
Oh, it is wonderful here, Mara.
You know, Mara, we will be rich.
I have a job already, and very soon
we'll be together.
Not this time, Finnegan.
Mr. Finnegan partially identified him.
Ah, the poor little guy.
He was so... hopeful.
What are his chances?
Third-degree burns, 50/50 chance.
Well look, if anything happens,
will you please let me know? And...
Here, slip him that for extras.
Unfortunately I gotta go to
Chicago on a case and I don't know
when I'll be back.
But you can always reach me
in care of police headquarters.
It's Lieutenant James O'Hara.
Give him that. And don't let him
leave here without notifying me.
You see, I feel responsible for the little guy.
I sent him to that hotel.
Yes, Lieutenant O'Hara.
Doctor, really the bandages are coming off now?
That's right. Is everything ready, nurse?
- Yes, Doctor.
- Lower the windowshade, please.
Tell me, Doctor, and soon I can go and
look for work?
What kind of work do you do?
Oh, everything. Watchmaking, wood-carving...
I have very clever hands, Doctor.
I worked in an airplane factory, too.
I can do anything mechanical.
I am a mechanical genius!
It's a good thing the fire didn't get
your hands, isn't it?
Now just relax. I have to cut this,
and it may hurt a little.
Get out!
Why did she scream?
What's the matter?
Why is that mirror covered?
My face.. where is my face?
What did you do to my face?
Maria... oh, Maria.
That poor boy.
I saw that sign in your window, sir.
I'm an expert watchmaker.
- Good.
I would like very much to work here, sir.
What experience have you had?
Oh, I had experience in Hungary.
I was apprentice for three years...
And for two years, I was master watchmaker in Varazdin.
I'm sorry, the job is filled.
I forgot to take the card out of the window.
But I would work for very little, sir.
The job is filled.
I can do anything you need, sir.
In my country I learned everything
about aviation.
For one year I worked in a factory
and then I went on a field.
I even flew solo.
That was when I was in the army, for two years.
I can do anything with these hands.
I'm sorry.
I know, but my face makes no difference
how I can work with my hands.
I'm sorry, mister, but there's nothing doing here.
I know... I know.
Got a match, please?
Wait, you...
Scared you, didn't I?
You thought I was a cop, huh?
Well, let's see what Santy Claus left us.
Don't get nervous, buddy.
Relax, I ain't gonna hurt you.
Well, that cheapskate.
Only 12 bucks.
What do you expect from these stockbrokers?
He'll come back for it.
Well, what do you want me to do? Keep
it safe and sound for him? Not me.
Here... Go on, take it.
My name is Dinky. What's yours?
- Janos.
- Janos?
Okay, Janos. You know this is a
pretty good break for both of us.
I've been watching you.
I knew what you was thinking before this happened.
I was back there flipping a coin
to see if I'd stop you or if I wouldn't.
Stop me? Why?
Just some sporting interest, I guess.
I was just saying to myself... Heads he jumps, and
tails he doesn't. Heads I save him, and tails I doesn't.
But... Why do you wanna do a thing like that for?
Hungry? Or because of a dame?
Which is it?
Your face!
Well, gee, that ain't nothin'.
I don't want to live.
What do you get out of being dead?
Landing in a grave ain't my idea of life.
I cannot work.
Nobody will talk to me.
Nobody will look at me.
I'm looking at you.
And I'm talking to you.
Listen, you're pretty lucky to find a guy like me.
What's the matter?
What a minute. What you need is some hot grub.
You're going with me.
Yeah, Janos-I've been on my own
since I was 15.
I learned my lesson early.
You've gotta go for the free rides in this world.
You gotta grab everything you can for yourself
before somebody else grabs it first.
Only don't get too greedy.
I grabbed one thing too many, once-
and I got free room and board in a reform school.
What? You stole?
Well, that's what they called it.
But Dinky, it is wrong to steal.
You can't do wrong and find happiness in life.
What do you get out of going straight?
I tried to go straight 6 or 7 times.
But something always went wrong.
Something always happened.
You know, Janos...
I got a mother out in the middle west.
She's been waiting for me to come home...
And I've been expecting to go, too.
I don't know, I guess maybe
that's not for me.
I had a pretty good chance last year.
I saved up some dough, and...
I was going to buy her the chicken ranch
she's always wanted.
But then I got sick and I went
to the hospital for 4 months.
When I got out, my job was gone.
Honesty don't pay.
I cannot get any job but... I wouldn't steal.
But you already did steal, Janos.
What if you hadn't? Supposing you had
taken the poke to the police.
Then where would you be?
You'd be hungry. This way, we're eating.
We got a room, haven't we?
Boy, it's been so long since I've seen
a real bed I won't know how to sleep in it!
And when the money is gone...
the bed is gone...
Then what will you do?
Didn't you turn up tonight?
Did I know I was going to be here
a couple of hours ago?
Something always happens.
Besides, I got plans.
Just waiting for a buddy of mine
who's doing a stretch up the river.
But he'll be out in a couple of months,
and he'll have plenty of jobs.
Jobs? You think one for me?
You bet! Now look, you go to sleep.
I'm dying to get the most out of the bed.
We'll take everything up offical-like tomorrow.
Goodnight, Dinky.
- Goodnight, Johnny.
This ain't no hospital. If your pal's
so sick, call a doctor.
I know, but we have no money.
That's none of my business, buddy.
You owe me for 3 nights.
He's been keeping everyone awake
with his coughing and wheezing.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay or get out.
- Oh, Johnny, I've been giving you a lot of trouble.
- Keep quiet, Dinky.
You know, I've been kind of changing my mind.
Kind of back-and-forth-like.
And I think sometimes it's better to be dead.
Do not talk, Dinky,
you know you must be quiet.
If only I would have the money for a doctor...
Tonight I was supposed to go out on a job,
a job at the Broadway market.
- A job where?
- At the Broadway.
Near 4th and Kay.
- Why didn't you tell me?
Oh, because you don't like to grab.
Johnny, do something for me.
- Yes?
I want you to go to Al's Place.
Look for Benson and Watts.
Tell them... tell them I can't make it.
Tell them I tried, but I'm too sick.
Benson and Watts, sure.
Yeah, at Al's Place. Anybody'll tell you
who they are.
I still don't know how you did it,
and without experience.
All you have to worry about is
to eat like this 3 times a day
and take your medicine like the doctor said.
I'd have given anything to see Benson and Watts' faces
when they found that safe empty.
Oh boy, if you don't think
I'm gonna give them a ribbing.
We will get you well first.
That is all that matters, Dinky.
- Hello, Dinky.
- Hello, Benson.
- Sitting pretty here, ain't you?
- Oh, I'm doing all right.
- Who's that?
- Oh, he's all right.
- What's the matter with his face?
- Lay off that.
You double-crossed us on that market job.
I haven't been out of bed.
We know the taxi guy that brought you here.
We know the junkyard you come from.
and we know you didn't have any dough before that.
- It wasn't me.
- It was me.
Where's the dough?
- Okay, here, here's your share.
- How'd you do it?
It wasn't difficult.
Why, a guy can pull a job
as slick as this can go places.
Even Jeff couldn't do better.
Jeff is that buddy of mine I told you
about that's up in Sing-Sing.
He'll be getting out soon.
What do we need Jeff, when we got a guy like him?
Never mind that.
Why? I got a lotta jobs lined up.
The way he works he don't leave a mark.
We could be riding pretty.
We could be living in a hotel...
get a car... get everything!
Okay, come on get out of here
and leave us alone.
He doesn't like to talk about it... Go on.
All right. Think it over and I'll see you later.
- All right.
You know, we can go a long way
if we stick together.
I don't understand.
You got to understand. Now listen, JOhnny-
you got to understand, we're fighting life.
And Benson is right.
We can all be riding pretty.
No more flophouses, no more junkyards.
We don't have to wait until
Jeff finishes his stretch.
You've shown them what you can do
in that market job.
And we know plenty of other spots.
Good spots.
You've got the chance to get the thing
you want
more than anything else in the world.
You don't know what I want.
Yes I do.
You want a face.
A new face.
A face that people can look at
without being scared to death.
One you can look at yourself without shuddering.
One that will let you stop
thinking how to dodge people.
Look, Johnny, I'm not trying to hurt you.
I want to help you.
That's what you want and
you've got a chance to get it.
You can buy one.
- You can buy a face?
It's being done every day.
All you've got to have is money.
I think they call them plastic doctors
or something like that.
You can buy anything with money.
Money can get me a new face?
Why, sure, Johnny, you don't have to look
like that for the rest of your life.
I even knew a fella who the cops
were after had his whole map changed.
Could they fix my face so that
people can look at me?
All you need is money.
I don't want to express a definite opinion.
That must come from Dr. Cheever himself.
Doctor, it is possible?
Dr. Cheever has performed what you
might almost term miracles.
However I'm only his assistant.
The final word will still have
to come from Dr. Cheever.
But the doctor is on a vacation now,
what am I going to do?
I could fix you up with a
temporary mask until his return.
Would that be expensive?
If you had a photograph or something
to go by, I could make you a good mask
for about 400 dollars.
400... And how much will the doctor charge?
The fee for the operation actually
depends on exactly how much has to be done.
Then there are the hospital charges.
But Doctor, altogether how much?
I can only tell you that a doctor's
minimum fee is 1000 dollars.
1000 dollars!
But of course time makes his fee higher.
In your case it might cost
several times that amount.
Will you want the temporary mask made?
Yes, Doctor.
I will be back with the money.
I can't understand it.
The alarm didn't ring and yet
the wires weren't disconnected or cut.
What am I running here,
a police force or a kindergarten?
Or are you all supposed to be on a picnic?
I'm telling you this mob must be caught.
Now they may be smarter than you are once in a while,
but not week after week. That is impossible.
What's the matter with you, O'Hara?
You never laid down like this before.
Are you dead?
Ghost robberies, phantom robberies,
mysterious robberies.
Call them what you like!
But we're the laughing stock of the press.
Ridiculed by every citizen in town.
That telephone gets overheated with "ha-ha"s.
And I don't blame them!
- So you used to look like that, huh, Johnny?
- Yes, and I will again.
That was made from my passport picture.
Boy, them doctors are terrific.
I told you they could fix you up.
Hand me the mask, Dinky.
Soon I won't have to wear a mask at all.
Soon my face will be fixed as good as new.
Dr. Cheever returns Saturday,
and I have the first appointment.
Did you go to the Bank, Dinky?
Oh, yes.
It's Benson.
Yes, tell him to spot Harry with Watts and to keep
watching me during the opera.
When I'm after them they'll know what to do.
And you know where to wait for us.
Hello, Benson.
The boss says to watch for him.
He'll give you the nod.
He'll be in Box 27-A.
I tell you gentlemen, Opera
is really a very fine institution.
You should cultivate it more, Dinky.
I certainly would, if they made us
a gift like this every night.
There must be 4... I'll bet there's
5000 dollars here.
- That was a full house.
- Every seat taken.
But they give a lot of passes away to them places.
Finish counting it, I don't think it's over 3500.
Well, there's 2790... 2795...
Put down that money, Dinky.
The rest of you stay where you are.
Hello, Jeff. When did you get out?
Johnny, this is Jeff.
Who's that guy?
This is Johnny, he's our new boss.
What's the matter with his face?
His face was burned. That's a mask he's got on.
Never mind my face!
Heard of you, Mr. Jeff.
I guess you did. You'll hear more of me now.
This wasn't a bad job tonight.
But you're not taking over, even
if you have been using my boys.
Because I'm back on the job.
We've been doing all right with him.
Nothing's going to stop it.
We're going to live just as swell.
Only we'll change one thing.
We don't need him.
All right, boys. Come on.
Listen, Mr. Jeff, aren't you a little hasty?
You see, we don't need you, you need us.
These were your boys.
They're mine now.
We all still can work together.
We all can be friends if you
want to play friendly. It's up to you.
I'll cut you in, starting with this deal.
And Jeff, I think that's being very generous.
What do you say?
All right.
Even if I don't like it,
maybe I can take it this way.
You're very wise, Mr. Jeff.
None of us can do without friends.
Get some drinks, Dinky.
We are going to celebrate Mr. Jeff's return.
If only you had come to me immediately after the accident.
Then it is difficult.
I'll be frank with you. It's almost impossible.
- No!
There's hardly anything for the graft to adhere to.
You see, the muscles have been destroyed.
And that means the blood supply is cut off.
The nerves are dead.
Then you... could not fix my face?
Not even in a year?
Your degree of burning is so bad, so complete...
That I don't care to raise any false hopes for you.
I could perform a skin grafting operation,
covering perhaps an inch at a time.
But I could only do that once every 6 months.
Your case would take approximately 30 such operations.
That would mean 15 years at least.
15 years...
Why don't you look where you're going?
I'm so sorry, please excuse me.
Forgive me, please.
I wasn't looking.
Let me help you.
Thanks ever so much.
I shouldn't be allowed to go about like this, but...
I can't afford a guide dog.
Not on my salary.
What-you work?
Yes, I string these beads for a department store.
I like it.
You see, I've only to work with my hands
and I can think about everything
in the world while I'm doing it.
And since when...
I mean, how long have you been...?
Ever since I was a little girl.
Do you think we found most of them?
I think so.
Here is one more.
Thanks ever so much.
Let me help you.
If you don't mind, it's not far,
just a couple of blocks.
I'll carry this.
Please don't look around too much.
I'm afraid it's a mess.
It's always like this on Saturdays.
That's when I go to the store
and pick up new beads.
I never seem to have time
to clean up before I go.
Just set them down here.
Do you live here alone?
Yes. I'm afraid I'm very dull
company for most people.
And anyway, it's wonderful to be independent,
not having people feel sorry for you.
And I like this room.
It's so cheerful.
Don't you think so?
Yes, very.
But the chief advantage is
my neighbors' taste in music.
Do you like music?
Yes I do, very much.
I can hear the radio, it belongs
to the people next door.
They like the same things that I like.
Won't you sit down, please?
Thank you.
I'm talking too much. I'm boring you.
I've a strong intuition about people.
I seem to feel what they're thinking.
You want to go.
Am I right?
Oh, no. But right now somebody is waiting for me.
That's different.
Then I wasn't quite right this time.
If you don't mind, Miss Williams,
I'd like to come back.
Would you really? I'll be glad.
And thanks again for helping me.
- Hello, Jeff.
- Hello, Johnny.
I've got something here, something big.
I thought maybe the two of us
could figure it together.
Listen to this:
"Charpenters Ltd. have just
paid a fortune in customs duty
on a shipment of diamonds from Africa.
This is the largest consigment of gems
ever received in this country during the last 6 months. "
It's a cinch.
Do you want me to get the boys together?
Yes. You get the boys together...
I'll be busy til about 5 this afternoon.
Ah, now wait a minute. You're not taking
the plane up again, are you?
No, I'm not going to be doing any flying today.
This is the place I was telling you
about when we were up in the plane.
The part with the oak trees?
It's so beautiful...
The leaves are just beginning to fall.
There's nothing here but quietness...
and peace.
And us.
Wouldn't it be odd if we were absolutely
what I saw from the seat?
Just the two of us in the whole world.
Sometimes I wish I could see
the world the way you do.
Maybe then I would imagine myself
as someone grand and noble...
But you are, Janos.
You're unselfish and thoughtful.
That's noble. And you're kind.
You've no idea how happy your radio's made me.
It's such a beautiful present.
It's like having company all the time.
Yes, but your company keeps talking and talking
and talking... and never listens to you.
I don't mind that.
Sometimes I go for days without
saying a word to anyone.
I know. I've been lonely too, before you came.
I had no one to talk to
the way I can talk to you.
Your radio's brought me lots of friends.
Even the gentleman with the nice voice
who talks about the best soap,
or the best dog food.
They sound so friendly,
just as if they were in my room
talking to me personally.
Always you see things the way you want to.
Janos, there's something on your mind.
Your voice is so careful.
It doesn't sound in tune
with the words you say.
What is it you want to tell me?
Helen, I...
I saw the eye doctor again this morning and...
I know. He said the same things
the other doctors have said.
Yes, but... We'll go to someone else.
No, Janos, it doesn't matter.
You're so young, your face is so beautiful.
If you could see, you would
have the whole world.
But I have the whole world.
My blindness has given me the freedom
of a kingdom you can never imagine.
I see as I wish to see.
To me, the appearance of everything
is measured by the sound it makes.
The streetcars like an enormous
rolling bell, clanging down the street.
And a man with a loud voice is always a giant.
And the same thing happens with textures.
A little shabby alley cat can be
a beautiful white ball of fur.
And with scents,
One flower can transform
my room into this park.
And you, Janos, from the way you speak,
from the way I hear you walk,
from the gentleness of your touch
I know what kind of a man you are.
What's the matter? Have I talked too much?
No. I know what it is.
I forget sometimes that people...
only feel sorry for me.
That's why you're nice.
I thought that you really
enjoyed being with me.
Sorry for you?
It's nothing to do with you, it's me.
Me, my face.
If you could see my face,
you would feel sorry for me.
People who look at me, they see a mask.
But the face behind the mask,
it's mutilated, hideous.
A horrible nightmare.
But from which I can never awake.
I don't believe it. You're lying to me.
I wish I were.
Tell me about it, Janos.
Tell me how it happened.
I want you to, so there can be
no more fear between us.
I think we ought to be getting back.
Please, Janos.
Please don't let's darken
our friendship with a shadow.
You must tell me everything.
I'll listen as I listen to the radio.
When you talk you are a friend.
When you're silent, you're...
I'll tell you while we are
walking home... everything.
On the first day I came to this country...
There was not one who would
have anything to do with me.
I could not find work.
It was impossible to go on.
I was an outcast.
So I did things I should not have done.
I had only one goal, to get money
and to get it fast
to get my face fixed.
And then I found I could not buy a face.
That was the day I met you.
You spoke to me.
You did not turn away from me.
Because you couldn't see my face.
Even if I could see it,
it wouldn't make any difference.
The moments I spend with you...
I'm Janos Szabo again.
I forget what I've become.
But you haven't changed.
To me your face is kind and gentle
because that's the way you are.
Nothing you have said or done has changed you.
Try to get some music. I'll make some tea.
"Police still have no clue
as to the identity of the men.
It was the most daring hold-up
in recent crime history.
The robbers, disguised as
employees of the gas company,
escaped with thousands of dollars in cash-"
I can't understand people like that.
With eyes that can see, but who are so blind
and ugly inside. I pity them.
If they're caught they'll be shut in prison.
If not, they'll still be in a prison,
a prison of fear.
They're so blind...
Yes, they are blind.
What's been keeping you, boss?
You said 5:00. You're late.
Come on, boy genius. Make with the brains.
we've got this Charpenters job all cased.
It really looks juicy.
It's a cinch.
The watchman makes his rounds every half-hour.
Yes, and the burglar alarm?
Intermittent. It's attached here.
This is the air conditioning system.
When do you think we ought to pull it?
I don't know.
- Huh?
Not going through with this job.
What's the matter, boss?
You feeling sick?
You're so blind.
I'm quitting, that's all.
I'm getting out.
But why? Are you out of your mind?
Jeff, I always thought you'd
feel better without me.
From now on, the boys are yours.
Just like it used to be.
If you think we can't pull this job without you...
What do you want us to do?
Raise your ante?
Look, I've got my reasons for getting out,
and they don't concern you boys.
Forget all about me.
I'll try to forget you.
None of you ever got a bad deal from me.
So you simply got to believe me
when I say I... I can't keep it up.
Are you holding out on us, Johnny?
Or are you just plain yellow?
Come on, break it up.
Where to, Johnny?
Back where I came from,
a long time ago.
You keep in the clear, Dinky.
But if anything happens and you need me,
you can reach me at this address.
Keep it to yourself.
Orangeville? I never heard of it.
A place somewhere in the country...
A hideout?
Maybe, and if Helen likes it,
it'll be a honeymoon.
Oh Johnny, that's swell!
Yes, and I'm going to work too.
We've gone a long road together, Dinky.
You and I, a crooked road.
But this is where I take the turn-off.
I'm gonna miss you, Johnny.
When are you leaving?
Early in the morning.
Good luck, Johnny.
I'm gonna look you up sometime.
So long, Johnny.
Goodbye, Dinky.
I can hardly wait until tomorrow.
I've always wanted a house with green shutters.
Even though I can't see them,
they must be friendly and inviting.
I'm glad you can't see the second-hand car I bought.
But it has got a radio.
I'll be ready long before you get here.
Goodnight, Helen.
Goodnight, Janos.
The dirty skunk, that dirty double-crossing rat...
What did you find?
No wonder he let us take his place over.
He's been dealing with the cops.
Here, look at this.
"Detective O'Hara on trail of killers
on attempted diamond robbery. "
Why, that's the same name.
Lieutenant James O'Hara.
Look at this card.
I found it in the desk.
That yellow fink. I'll get him for this
if it's the last thing I do.
Forget him, it'll only get us into trouble...
and we don't know where he is.
Yeah. We gotta get out of here.
We're going to get out of here
all right, and out of the country.
I'll fix it so we're on our way within 24 hours.
But first I'm going to settle with Janos.
And the way to find Janos
is to find Dinky.
Try Al's joint, try Tony's. Get Harry
and try every joint in town,
but find Dinky.
Jeff would like to have a little talk with you.
Talk with me? About what?
Never mind, come on.
You better talk while you can. Where is he?
I don't know...
Quit stalling. Where is he?
You'll have to find out for yourself.
Maybe he wants to play rough.
Yeah, take his shoes off.
No, please.
Don't do that.
No, please, no...
I'll tell, I'll tell...
Helen, here we are.
Come on, come on, Hobo.
Careful, darling.
There are three steps.
I can feel it's home.
I can almost see those green shutters.
You'll have to go over everything
to see what I've got.
The house is still a little empty...
It doesn't matter, Janos.
Anyway the icebox is filled and I am starving.
Hey, he's starving too.
So am I.
We'll have our first breakfast with a guest.
Helen, you know you still have time
to change your mind.
I'll not change, Janos.
It's good to hear you laugh.
It's all so... so perfect.
Yes, it is perfect.
Now I'll be able to work again
like I used to.
You know, Helen, I can make beautiful clocks
with hand-carved faces and-
And I can do my bead-work.
No, no. I'll make a good enough living
for both of us,
and you'll have to take care of our house.
Our house.
Hello, Johnny.
I just thought I'd drop by and say hello.
Who's the... the little lady?
How did you find this place, Jeff?
A little birdy... squealed.
Dinky... What did you do to him?
Janos, is there something the matter?
Who is this gentleman?
Helen, this is Jeff Jeffries.
We're old friends, buddies.
We used to be partners.
Weren't we, Johnny?
Would you care for a cup of coffee, Mr. Jeffries?
No thanks. I'm in a hurry.
I've got friends waiting outside.
We're taking a trip, a little vacation,
thanks to Janos.
What do you mean?
You know how it is, Johnny.
The town's full of people
who don't like the way we do business.
- That's an old story.
- Will you excuse me, please?
Come along, Hobo.
Spill it. You didn't torture Dinky into
telling you about this place unless it was important.
Of course it's important.
I wanted to tell you goodbye.
I'm awful sorry we couldn't hang
around your apartment
until your friend O'Hara got there.
O'Hara. He's a pal of yours, isn't he?
You are just a mug, Jeff. You haven't
got a brain in your head.
If you've come up here to get me, don't try it.
You might never go on that little vacation.
Why you little squirt, you're just as
false as that face and you know it.
Better get going, Jeff.
I'll get going all right. I don't want
to mess up my hands with...
I won't even waste a bullet on you.
But you better say your prayers anyhow.
Got away fast to plant the thing.
Kind of figured you and Johnny
wouldn't talk long.
What are you gonna do with chicken pants here?
I think we've carried him
long enough on this ride.
Just as you say, Jeff.
Don't be too rough.
Watch out!
Everything is clear sailing from now on.
- You mean flying, don't you?
- That's right.
What's the matter?
Phone... Janos...
Tell him... phone...
Let me help you, mister.
Never mind me.
Please, please...
Call this number.
Ask for Mrs. Perkins.
Important... Life or death.
Charlie, you better go up and get Mr. Szabo.
Hurry now. Tell him he's wanted on the phone.
Tell him Dinky is calling and it's very important.
All right, Ma.
You're wanted on the phone.
Ma says it was a Mr. Dinky and very important.
Climb in. I'll take you over.
I'll be right back.
- Hurry, Janos.
I'll unpack the car.
We can't work without music, can we?
You like music, Hobo? Come on.
Johnny. It's connected to your
radio. In your car.
What, in my car?
In my car? In my radio?... No...
Come on, be a good dog.
Move over.
That's it, isn't that nice?
Let's hear what we can find.
I didn't mean to do anything wrong...
Please... I just wanted some...
And then they said they were flying to Mxico.
Johnny, I never wanted to tell them
where you were.
I tried, honest I did...
- Where are they flying from, from what place?
They made arrangements with Mike,
you know him.
They're taking off at four in the morning.
Four in the morning...
Dinky, I want you to promise me something.
Sure, Johnny, what?
Go back and buy that farm for your mother.
You are going to live there too
and get strong again. Will you do that?
Sure, Johnny.
But I haven't got any money.
Just go back, you'll have the money.
I promise you that.
That's Cary, he's ready. Mike kept his
part of the bargain.
All right, let's go.
Somebody's going to get a good car.
They're welcome to it.
Here's the dough. Get going.
All I know is what I told Mr. O'Hara.
This little guy slugs me and
then leaves this envelope.
And you're not going to print
any of this story.
- Why not?
- Because it's part of the deal.
What does the letter say?
Asks me to send the reward to
some old lady in Minnesota.
Then he makes a date to meet me
in the middle of the Arizona desert
at half past two in the afternoon next Friday.
There's a map to show how to get there.
Next Friday? That's a gag
to throw you off the trail.
I'm not so sure.
There's a ring of truth to this.
Did you check the address in Minnesota?
It's legitimate, all right. A poverty-stricken
old lady who can really use the dough.
What do you say? You going?
I've got to. I can't afford to
pass up a lead like this.
What's the matter? Why are we going down?
Don't know.
Boy, it's hot!
You could fry eggs in the sand.
Say, isn't that...?
- Put that away.
Janos, what are you doing here?
You shouldn't be surprised.
I didn't want you to leave without me.
I'll get him.
Don't be a fool. Can you fly a plane?
Nobody can fly any plane without fuel.
But we can't stay here.
Yes, we can stay here.
We are going to stay here because...
we can't get away.
We are over 100 miles from any place and...
there are no trains, no highways, and no planes.
But we'll die!
Yes, we'll die.
Strange, isn't it?
How a little switch can cause death to someone
who is always trying to give happiness.
Keep thinking, thinking, your little brains
are turning round and round in circles
looking for a way out.
But you will not have the courage
to take the way out yourselves.
Foolishly and vainly you will hope.
Hope that somehow you will be saved.
And slowly you will surely die.
For my sins, I've earned my punishment.
I shall die too.
He's gone crazy.
Go ahead. It won't hurt as much as being alive.
Surrounded by my treacherous friends.
And I won't have to wait as long as you.
Listen, Jeff...
He's going to wait until we're exhausted
or asleep and then he's going to take off.
We've gotta watch him.
One of us has got to be awake all the time.
We'll take turns.
Never mind that. We'll tie him to the plane.
- Jeff... get me some water.
- You've had your ration.
Please, Jeff, just a little.
There's Benson.
Did you see any trace of anything?
No, nothing. Just hills. And when
I got on top of one there was others, all alike.
Give me some water. Water, please.
We can't go on like this.
Just staying here, waiting for it...
There must be some way out.
If we start off in three different directions...
It's a little late for that idea now.
But maybe not too late.
There's a house somewhere in every direction.
And if only one of us reaches help.
And we'll leave him here, just the way he wanted it.
All right. Let's go.
There's my plane!
Can you make a landing?
I can just over those dunes.
Okay, set her down.
We'll have to crcle around.
- Right.
Jeff Jeffries. That's three of the gang.
They just kept going in a big crcle.
Now what?
Now I walk over and take a look at that plane.
That's the last of them.
All dead.
"I hope you'll find this, Mr. O'Hara.
I am Janos. Do you remember the fire
at the Excelsior Palace?
You were kind to me.
And I never forgot.
Those you find here were unkind.
And I did not forget them either.
Janos Szabo.
Here is the 5 dollars I owe you. "