The Face Reader (2013) Movie Script

You came to kill me.
Kill you?
We were just preparing
your medicine.
Get out.
I'm sure I heard his voice.
We doubled the security
as you ordered.
Nobody will harm you.
You're the most powerful man
in this country.
I don't have power anymore.
There's nothing left.
My wife and daughter are dead.
I've nothing left.
Still the king gave
you the medicine
that chair, and the cane.
That's why I have to
defend myself.
The medicine's no use if
I'm going to be beheaded.
How could say such a thing?
He told me that's how I'll die.
He said it's on my face.
Who said something like that?
The face reader.
Isn't that superstition?
That's because you
never met him.
He knew everything.
He figured out everything
just by looking at a face.
He was the greatest
face reader in Joseon.
SONG Kang-ho
LEE Jung-jae
Where could this house be?
I heard it's near here.
BAEK Yoon-sik
JO Chung-suk
I can't walk anymore.
LEE Jong-suk
KIM Hye-soo
What's that?
We're here.
Gosh, she's heavy.
Nice atmosphere.
Good view.
Who are you?
Is this the house of
the famous face reader?
Oh didn't I tell you?
They're here to buy
my brushes.
You're looking for weasel fur?
Something like that.
I'm going to the market.
Enjoy your day.
Don't rush!
My nephew hates
face reading.
This way, please.
Let's get inside.
This is the weasel tail.
Very expensive.
Not interested?
Gosh, he's practically naked.
Nae-kyeong, get up.
Get up.
- Uhm, yummy...
- Alright, wake up.
He talks in his sleep.
He may look pitiful
but he's a professional.
You have clients!
They're waiting.
I drank too much.
They want to know if it's
a good business to
import silk from China.
Go away.
I don't talk to liars.
your eyes say you're not
good with money.
Your eyebrows and round eyes
are not for a businessman.
More for a eunuch
or a secretary.
Madame is good in business
but too good to be selling
just silk.
Peachy face and red lips say
you could be a shaman.
But highly unlikely.
Why did you lie?
I don't know what you want
but leave if you're going to lie.
You take me for a fool?
Lying to me like that?
Where are you from?
Are you laughing?
Don't lie to my
How dare you lie
to his face so blatantly.
I'm glad I came.
Do you know Yeonhong
the courtesan house?
You think I'm stupid?
High officials go there
for face readings and stuff.
She's the madame.
You're a face reader?
You don't look like one.
I'm an amateur.
My experiences
have taught me
a little bit about
reading people.
Hey, watch your hand!
Why don't you work for me?
You'll get to use your
talents to the fullest.
I'm the business partner.
He only does the reading.
We will pay for your service.
Take the offer
when it's there.
Life's too short to waste it away.
Do you want to live
like this forever?
Yeah, right.
My back!
Is he any good?
Not just good.
He can rock the world.
Rat whiskers?
Give me more.
You know those are rare.
Wait here.
My family haven't had
anything to eat.
Get him out!
Since you can't pay the tax
I'll take her instead.
Please don't!
- I have a husband, please!
- Alright, stay calm!
That bastard!
Are you nuts?
He's an inspector.
- Let me go!
- Please don't.
So, you just sit by
and watch?
If you do, we'll all die.
It'll irritate him more.
Smells good!
You have to turn it over.
Go away!
You've no idea
how to cook meat.
Did you eat yet?
We're eating chicken today.
We have chicken!
It's chicken day!
What's with him?
Have plenty.
How did you buy a chicken?
Those people you saw earlier
they bought our brushes.
The brushes are still there.
Did you read their faces?
Read their faces?
They were quite persistent.
- Am I not allowed?
- You promised.
How can a scholar do
such a crude thing?
Should I study and take up
a public office then?
Why not?
You're asking me why?
A traitor's family can't
serve in the government.
I saw books in your room.
Don't even think about it.
Like your grandpa
you'll be harmed
if you work for the government.
No, I'll work for
the government.
Even if that means I'd be
killed like my grandfather.
How dare you?
You even drink?
I'm not a kid anymore.
I'm over 17 now.
finish eating!
What's the matter?
He drinks with me sometimes.
You were too harsh.
I want him to give up.
Give up?
Back when you were
following around peddlers
I tried to drink myself to death.
When I hung myself
on the girder
I saw him looking
at me and crying.
He was about five.
All skin and bones.
'Daddy, save me...'
I started to support
him by begging.
I think he limps because
he didn't eat properly.
He's got the intelligence
and writing skills like me
but not being able to use them
filled him with resentment.
My poor sister
married to a doomed family.
Do you know how rich
we were in the past?
All the ladies wanted to
see me from a distance and...
What's in the past
doesn't count.
I'm going to Yeonhong.
We can't live like this forever.
I learned face reading
because I had nothing to do.
It's no use here.
Maybe I can make
big bucks in Hanyang.
I'll support my family
with my talent.
We'll eat meat and rice.
Buy new clothes.
We'll live proudly.
What do we say
to Jin-hyeong?
We'll leave him a note saying
we went to sell the brushes.
You can come back here
now and then.
Tomorrow you wake
me up early, okay?
We shouldn't have
drunk so much.
I'm going to study
at a quiet temple.
When becoming
a government official
I'll take you two.
Take care of yourselves.
Please forgive me.
That, that little...
I'll take him.
Just let him go.
We'll be leaving soon, too.
He writes well like his grandpa
unlike his dad.
His leg...
Take care.
My son.
Come on.
I think they're staring at us.
It's because I look good
with grooming.
All dressed up.
I think they're
looking at me.
Look at them.
Fish out of water!
I know how to deal with
country bumpkins.
Prepare a big feast.
Yes, ma'am.
Hanyang is the best!
Pass me that meat.
We were just tasting.
Just a tiny bit.
- Girls.
- Yes, ma'am.
What are you doing?
- Where are you...?
- Hey, hey!
What's going on?
He's the best
face reader in town.
Treat him like one.
Sit here, sir.
Pour me a glass.
Can you read my face?
He's the face reader.
I read hearts.
Yes, here.
How about me?
Men don't like me.
There you go.
What's this?
You have pretty round face
but it's too plain.
Put this on and men will
find you more attractive.
Is that so?
You look much better.
I have a question.
There are two big powers
in this country: Lee and Kim.
They fight everyday
killing people here and there.
It's quite terrifying.
Who do you think will
win in the end?
I heard the rumors early on.
Lee is Prince Su-yang and
Kim is Kim Jong-seo.
But I can't tell because
I haven't seen their faces.
People say Lee looks like a wolf
and Kim resembles a tiger.
A wolf and a tiger.
Let me think.
How would I know?
Stronger one will win.
It's time for the contract.
I wouldn't know
even if I read...
Don't bore us with this stuff.
Yeah, don't make
the ladies wait!
It's time to read hearts.
Good gracious.
What a mess.
Hey, get up.
Rise and shine!
Who are you?
It's me.
You don't remember?
- Get ready for the clients!
- Clients?
Don't you remember
the contract?
Do you know how much
you drank?
'I agree to see clients
from sun rise to sun down...'
Had fun with the girls last night?
What's this?
Hey, this isn't fair.
You think you can
rip us off?
You are so wrong!
Hey, let go!
You little rat!
Let me go!
I'm sorry, sir.
Line up!
How long do we
have to do this?
This is good.
Making easy bucks!
It's so easy!
My wits are better
than face reading.
Come quickly.
You still have
twenty more to carry.
Can't believe this.
We shouldn't have
drunk that day.
I told you we
should stop!
'Reading hearts?', if I recall.
Oh my gosh!
That's does it!
- I've had it!
- Hey!
I told you to give up
your temper.
You can't live like
the old days.
Then you'll just sit here
and let them do this?
We can't undo the contract
even if you go beat them up.
You'll get flogged.
I told you your temper
will ruin you.
Nothing's solved
by foul temper.
Where are you going?
I've been observing for a few days
this room is quite suspicious.
It might be a room for
special clients.
To succeed, you need to
meet big shots.
You see?
Come in.
You two can wait here.
- Was I right?
- Yes.
Look at that flabby ass.
I told you to keep your
muscles tight at all times.
That's better!
I'm worried I look fat
because of my big breasts.
Take it down!
Do you want me to pop
them like a pig's bladder?
No thanks!
Let me see.
She's blocking again.
Looks like you'll bear a son.
Sir Jang nyeong from the
Inspection Board is here.
- Isn't he Kim Jong-seo's man?
- Yes.
There's been a murder case.
He wants you to find
the murderer.
How would I know that
just by looking at faces?
That's crazy.
Sir Jang nyeong!
It's an honor to serve you
at my humble place.
I'm sorry for visiting
you like this.
No problem.
Inspection Board official's
involved in this case.
It's quite urgent.
I heard you're very good.
That's right.
I've heard the gist of it
I know it's inconvenient
but I'm refraining from...
Sir Jang nyeong!
Who's this?
I'm Kim Nae-kyeong
her business partner.
Why were you in there?
Precious view in there.
'Private' readings, huh?
I want referrals.
Madame here told me
to assist you in your investigation, sir.
Is that so?
You knew I'd come!
These three were at the site.
But they won't admit
even after tortures.
I'm sure it's one of them.
The murder was
committed this morning.
You probably still
have the body.
I'd like to see it.
If you look at the
face of the victim
broad forehead and
high ear bones
meaning she's destined to
live a long life.
It's clearly a murder case.
Are you the husband?
Why did you kill your wife?
My reading tells me you weren't
compatible with each other.
It must have been difficult.
Faces of weasel and chicken.
They can't hit it off together.
- Hey
- Yes, sir.
- Take him into custody.
- Yes, sir.
Meeting a right match is
more important than good face.
If it weren't for you, we could've
condemned an innocent man.
It's my pleasure to
help the innocent.
This is way more than
what we made before!
We gotta get out of here.
How do we trick
that vile woman?
Kim Nae-gyeong, are you the
best face reader in town?
Who are you?
Is this him?
The man who found the
murderer by reading faces?
Yes, he's unbelievable.
What should we do?
He could be a problem.
Kill him.
You have to go.
- Take care of him.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
They dropped
something here.
What are you doing?
I was in a dust storm
in my dream.
And now I have real
sand in my mouth.
That's from the muddy well.
I had sandy mouth, too.
So the murderer I caught
was one of Su-yang's men?
That's why they
tried to kill us.
If not for Kim Jong-seo's men
we'd be dead by now.
That's what I heard.
He could be a problem.
Kill him.
Let's leave.
Money's not worth our lives.
- Where are you going?
- Gosh!
Sir Jang Nyeong.
I am a simple face reader
doing simple work
I think it best to stay out
of politics.
I'm sorry about that.
No need.
We'll be off then.
Before you go
there's someone
who wants to see you.
Why don't you come
say hello?
- Perhaps another time.
- Yes, later.
- There's no later.
- No, thank you.
He's a busy man.
We're fine!
That's weird.
Never seen anyone refuse
to see Lord Kim Jong-seo.
Did you say Lord Kim Jong-seo?
He was curious about you.
But since you're too busy...
Wait, wait!
It's part of our job
to get into trouble.
It's what happens when
we tell the truth.
It happens quite often.
- All the time.
- Every time.
Let's go.
Where is he?
Is he the one who caught the
murderer by reading faces?
His name is
Kim Nae-kyeong.
He's exactly as they say.
What a remarkable face!
A face of a tiger.
Why are you staring at me?
Do I have a good face?
You've got a distinguished face
as people say.
Do they say
I look like a tiger?
You're brave and strong
like a tiger.
You're a tiger.
A tiger himself.
He asked you to hire people
at the Inspection Board?
So you're an official now?
It's not really a job since
I'm just there to give advice.
But it's pretty important work.
You're an official!
Don't laugh!
People will talk.
Act calm.
One has to be modest.
Civil service, here.
Military service, there.
Human face is the embodiment
of nature and its order.
Head shall be round
like the sky.
Eyes shall shine like the sun
and the moon.
Mouth is the sea
philtrum is the river.
It should be
long and impressive.
Nose, cheekbones, and chin
shall be high like mountains.
Hair must be fine and abundant
like trees and grass.
If you take these into account
you won't make
huge mistakes.
This candidate is handsome
and is from a good family.
I'd like to hire him.
How many times do
I have to tell you?
Scribes need to record
all the time.
It's not good to change
scribes often.
But this one likes to drink.
He might develop
dementia later.
Also, he's unstable and
likes to change jobs often.
Are you the
candidate's cousin?
Does he like to drink?
Yes, he drinks like a fish
and then some.
You should hire him
as a wine taster.
Who's that?
Why do you ask?
- He looks...
- What?
Rotten, completely.
52 bags of whole grain.
43 bags of refined grain.
34 rolls of silk
and 40 ounces of silver.
He gathered all these illegally?
How did you know?
He looked so naive.
His eyes are charming
but his mouth is sly.
That's a bad sign.
He'd have ripped off everything
if I had not caught him.
Isn't she the one
who had men troubles?
After you put watermelon seed on her
she's been the talk of the town.
What? She still keeps
the seed on the face?
No, Yeon-hong made her
a mole with pig blood.
Changing one's fate, huh?
Please change mine, too.
This isn't gonna work.
He'll come soon.
Wait here.
What's this?
It's precious ginseng.
- Ginseng?
- Yes.
Come to the front.
Please line up straight.
What's this?
Dried persimmons.
You need to wait.
Put them here.
Why are you on the line?
You're funny.
They're all here to see you.
They want you to read faces and
pick out corrupted officials.
Look what they brought.
Black peppers and ice!
That's cold!
Mr. Kim!
Don't look surprised.
Ice and peppers are silly.
Why are you on the line?
I'm here to see
the greatest face reader
called Mr. Kim.
Follow me.
Where are we going?
I have prepared a nice
place for you near here.
You should come.
I also prepared a palanquin.
A palanquin?
We're partners, aren't we?
Don't you feel like we're
walking on the cloud?
I feel like the world is mine.
Do you want a ride?
Maybe next time?
Is it my fault that there are
so many corrupted officials?
There were always
corrupted officials
under any king
Your Majesty.
But why so many now?
I hired an amazing face reader
as an inspector, Your Majesty.
He's at the Inspection Board.
He's excellent at finding people
who's got anything to hide.
I am Your Majesty's
most humble and
obedient servant.
You can
see through people?
I don't intend to.
It's just...
my humble talent.
That's very intriguing.
despite being able to
read people's past
you probably can't read
the future, right?
Isn't that for the gods?
if you take a good look
at the past
you can predict the future
quite accurately.
Of course, you can't
know everything
- but the general direction...
- Nonsense!
You should use your
skill to encourage people
not to make them worry.
If that's the case
you better shut your mouth.
I'll keep a close eye on you.
If I see anything suspicious
you will be removed.
Did I do anything wrong?
Why is he angry at me?
He's the one who
wanted to see me.
Where did he
get this mutt?
He's out now.
He'll be late.
Come back tomorrow.
Who do you think
you're talking to?
What's going on?
Don't mind here.
If you come late
at night like this
you gotta bring
something, you know.
Bring something tomorrow
other than those swords.
Your Majesty! Your Majesty!
Come on, are you kidding me?
You're the king?
- Hey, hey
- The king!
The king.
I came here unofficially
because I don't want
this in the record.
Some people want to
take over the throne.
Figure out who they are
so I can prepare
for a possible coup.
My king!
I've never seen the faces
of important men.
I'm not fit for...
Find those who are
willing to step on others
and those who are willing to
kill for what they want.
As my condition gets worse
it's hard to tell what's going to
happen in the future.
I want to depend on you.
You can disguise as my attendant
and look at those people.
It's best to look at them at
places they're familiar with.
Do you have any good idea?
The man who killed his
brothers to become a king.
Lee Bang-won.
A traitor's face.
You think he'll reward us
when you succeed?
The king appointed you personally!
I think he'll give you an
important position.
Yes, yes.
Wasn't sure what to make of it
but my time has come
this is it.
Is that so?
- Lord Nae-kyeong!
- Hey, stop it.
His Majesty bestowed this
painting upon me?
The first one I read was
Premier Hwang Bo-in.
He's a typical nobleman.
He's lazy and is happy
with the status quo.
How about my brother
Prince An-pyeong.
An honest man.
Excellent eyes for beauty.
He doesn't consider
his noble birth special.
He's too delicate
to become a killer.
When he saw bugs he drew
them instead of killing.
Shin Suk-ju is
a very smart man.
He has reached
his position easily.
That's why he's
more interested in
women than power.
You will read Prince Su-yang next.
He's the most ambitious one
among my brothers.
Please look into his soul.
He gave me a painting?
Is he Prince Su-yang?
He's afraid of you.
He doesn't have the guts
to steal the throne.
He is easily pleased
with small things.
Your Majesty has nothing
to worry about.
You sure?
I'm sure.
Do you have children?
I have a son.
It doesn't matter when I die.
But I worry about
the Crown Prince.
How would that young thing
survive in this menacing world?
I cannot fathom.
They've passed the state exam.
I see.
Do you know him?
He looked familiar.
It's nothing.
He changed his name.
Let me ask
you a question.
You got the highest score.
What was the hardest task?
It was not giving in to destiny.
Destiny? Give in?
I won't allow this.
I told you
I'll become an official.
I couldn't use my name
so I borrowed other's.
But, why are you here?
Because Lord Kim Jong-seo...
That's not the point, is it?
You already sensed
he took the top place?
I'm sorry, father.
Alright, go.
Since you took the job
do your best.
I knew it!
I knew he'd pass.
He could become a minister!
Right now he has
a small position
but if he keeps lying
it'll be hard to become
even a small town official.
Are you Kim Nae-kyeong?
The king left
a special order for you.
Kim Nae-kyeong
accept the king's letter.
Your majesty!
By the time you read this
I will be in the afterlife.
It is painful to think that
my son will be alone.
It'll be hard for him to
hold on to his throne alone.
I want you and Kim Jong-seo
to help him.
You know what it is like
to have a son.
Please treat my son
like your own.
His Majesty knew all along.
But nobody had the
face of a traitor.
How about Su-yang?
The king had ordered me
to inspect him closely.
And since he's your enemy
I paid more attention.
But he was of
no importance.
I may know nothing, but he's
got a look of a traitor.
Follow me.
Check it out yourself.
Prince Su-yang is coming!
Find those who are
willing to step on others
and those who are willing to
kill for what they want.
He's a vicious wolf.
He will rip your throat out.
He has
a traitor's face.
Hunting during a wake?
People won't take kindly.
It was just an archery practice
with friends.
Don't fret over it.
Who's that with you?
He's my aide.
Aren't you
the famous face reader?
My instinct's right!
Lord, you believe
in face reading
like the late king?
What can you say about my face?
My grandma used to say
I have handsome ears.
Is that true?
They're perfect.
I'm having a party soon.
You should come.
I was a fool.
I read the wrong man.
This man won't be afraid
of blood for the throne.
But how did they know
I was coming?
Kim Nae-kyeong!
Hey, face reader.
How have you been?
He could be a problem.
Kill him.
Why don't you
read my face too?
Face reader Kim.
You work hard these days.
Have you been following me?
You have an interesting talent.
I've warned
Su-yang about you.
That's how I got
you and your king fooled.
I have an offer.
Let us change
the world together.
Nothing difficult.
All you have to do is
tell this to the king.
Late king had told you to
find a potential traitor and
that person you found
was Kim Jong-seo.
Tell him Kim is plotting for a
coup and he should be stopped.
What say you?
Get rid of Kim and put
Su-yang on the throne?
Never in my life will I
help you commit treason.
Do you think I'll
kill you that easily?
I'll gouge your eyes out
so you can't read
faces anymore.
Not only that.
I'll cut off both legs
of your brother-in-law.
You devil!
And I'll find your
one and only son.
I'll find him
and butcher him.
Don't you dare!
Mr. Kim Nae-kyeong
I know you want to
restore your family's honor.
If Su-yang becomes king
Your family will prosper
for generations to come.
Chance of a lifetime.
Think about it.
They vetted you.
They'll find us
wherever we go.
Let's do as they say.
I heard Su-yang is
very generous
and loyal to his men.
How can you ask so easily
to commit treason?
Think about it!
Think about your son
He's hiding his name to
keep a small position.
That kid could
become a minister!
Isn't success what you wanted?
This is the only way!
Just think of Jin-hyeong.
Who's that?
Why are you here?
Vice Premier Kim
ordered us to come.
He wants you to report
the number and names of
every illegal soldier you have.
Tell him to focus on
educating the young king.
What is the point of this?
These are all the
soldiers you have?
Three's more than enough
to hunt a cub.
How dare you.
That's very rude.
It's a perfect shot.
You hit the tiger!
I thought I saw something.
It was a tiger you
caught earlier.
Please let me catch it
next time?
Of course!
Let's give this tiger to
Lord Kim as a present.
Should I skin it first?
Or cut the head first?
That's a hard question.
MY lord!
Please be calm!
You don't have to hide.
I knew you'd be here.
Between a tiger
and a wolf.
Haven't made up
your mind yet?
Why are you here?
Every famous fortunetellers
and face readers are here.
Of course I'm invited.
People are so fast.
They're attracted to power
as moths are to light.
Who would stay
with the young king?
This looks exactly
like the palace.
shall we talk about
my fortune?
You will be the new leader of
the eastern peninsula!
Oh my king!
Please lead us
from ignorance!
Your face's five points
resemble the king's mountain.
Is that true?
- Pardon me?
- Are you telling the truth?
Of course.
Your expression says otherwise.
Tell me the truth.
- Your Highness...
- Tell me!
Without a coup
you won't be able to
become a king.
Please don't commit treason.
It'll be a tragedy
for this country.
This country is founded
by the Lees.
Why is a Kim trying to
ruin everything?
The old tiger you work for
could kill the young king.
I know you work for Kim.
Oh, it's you!
I'm glad to see you.
Things were getting boring.
Would you read my face?
Am I going to be the king?
Tell me.
Do I have a king's face?
Perhaps I have odd features.
Even the best face reader
can't read my face.
Make up your mind quickly.
Because it'll be too late
when I'm already the king.
You could've said
what he wanted.
You could've been killed.
Are you doing well?
I know what it's like.
It's difficult when
you first start.
I'm happy when
I help people in need.
If you hadn't born
in our family
you could've kept your name
and done much better.
You don't feel bitter?
I do feel bitter.
That's why I investigated
grandfather's case.
He had committed many crimes.
Because of him
many people died
and the country
was harmed.
But rather than
feeling bitter for myself
I decided to focus
on my work.
Perhaps I'll be able to
wash away some of his sins.
Thank you.
Your face look
a bit different.
My eyes are weaker.
I think it's because I read
under dim light.
Eyes are the window
to the soul.
You have to watch out
your face changing in a bad way.
I want to become a
proud father to you.
I believe Su-yang is ready.
If you face
a foe like him head-on
you will undoubtedly lose.
We have to start soon.
I'll do it tomorrow
after king's banquet.
Su-yang's only weakness
is having less experience
than you.
But he has a secret schemer
who's very helpful to him.
I have prepared a kid
who looks like him.
The body of the real king
will be cut into 300 parts
and dispersed in the mountains.
Preemptive strike is
the only answer.
That's the only way.
This is my father's writing.
My father had told you
to find a traitor
by face reading?
Isn't this
Prince Su-yang?
Please look at that portrait
of King Taejong.
Doesn't Su-yang
look like him?
What are you implying?
Are you telling me just like
my great-grandfather
my uncle will take the throne?
Your Majesty.
Take a look at
Su-yang's face.
He has his grandfathers
strong desire for power.
Face reading
is a trivial matter.
My father really
believed in this?
Your Majesty.
Lord Kim, are you
that afraid of Su-yang?
It's not a matter of
being afraid.
The whole country's at stake.
We're not just telling you
based on face reading.
People can't stop talking about
Su-yang's atrocious acts.
You have to stop
him immediately.
My pawn is
threatening your king.
Nine o'clock!
You're leaving early to
China tomorrow.
Should we stop?
It'll be like a tour
don't you worry.
Excuse me while
I use the restroom.
Stick it in
under the ear lobe.
Don't soil your hands, Prince
Today Vice Premier Kim
and Nae-kyeong came.
They told me that you're
trying to dethrone me.
Who can predict the future?
They only know how
to read faces.
They don't know
what's underneath.
Nobody knows
what's underneath.
Don't listen to them.
I don't want to.
I remember the friendly
uncle who took care of me.
I want to remember
you like that.
If it is my destiny
to commit treason
I will change it
with my free will.
What is it?
There was an order to
switch at nine o'clock.
- From whom?
- Vice Premier Kim.
Since when is he
in charge of security?
I asked him to do it.
I thought the guards would be
tired without a shift change.
Please excuse me.
I'll be off to bed.
A traitor's face.
Before Su-yang leaves for China
his soldiers were on standby
near palace.
He was with the king
until late.
And I found this poison needle
while searching the floor.
This prison kills the victim
by inducing a 10-day fever.
He may be trying to divert
the suspicion while he's in China.
He's getting bold.
It must be that schemer's idea.
We have to catch him
while Su-yang's away.
But how? You said
you only know his voice.
Give me some of your men.
I'll comb through the city
if needed.
There are 3 suspicious figures
under Su-yang.
Ahn Kyeong-son is
Su-yang's personal guard.
Lee Mong-ga, a love child
of a court scholar
staying day and night
at courtesan houses.
Finally, a former royal guard
whose details aren't clear.
He quit a long time ago.
Never visited again.
But why look for
the neck cripple?
Has he done something?
Neck cripple?
He always does like this.
What's his name?
His name is Han Myeong-hwoe.
Han Myeong-hwoe.
The prince's not here.
Get out!
The schemer's name is
Han Myeong-hwoe.
He's been helping
Su-yang for two years.
Except for Su-yang, not
many have seen his face.
I may be able to find him
by his voice alone.
So much garbage here!
Who's Han Myeong-hwoe?
There's no such person!
Find him if you can!
Say something.
Like what?
Like a cry?
Did someone die?
Maybe a chicken cry?
The king is angry for causing
a scene at Su-yang's home.
When I heard he was reading
a book on face reading
I thought there was hope.
But now he has sent all
the doctors to Su-yang
because he got sick
on the road.
Blood is thicker than water, indeed.
What did you just say?
Su-yang contracted
a disease in China
but it's nothing serious.
King is reading a book
on face reading?
It's the record of Han Dynasty
when treasons prevailed.
This is it!
Fire! Fire!
You must've been tired.
We heard your snoring from here.
Are you kidding me?
I hear you can make
beautiful moles.
You want me to go with you
and put a mole on
Su-yang's face?
You seriously think
I'd help you?
- Yes.
- Why?
You remember this?
It's our partnership contract.
So what?
If I get caught while
messing up Su-yang's face
I could say my partner
ordered me to do it.
What would happen then?
Is it hot in here?
Give it to me, you ass!
Please I beg you!
What are they doing?
Do you know
Vice Premier Kim?
I respect him very much.
People with yellow tags are
hired because it means
Kim Jong-seo
recommended them.
You have to tell him to stop this
nonsense with yellow tags.
If we do that, it'll only
make Su-yang happy.
It's unavoidable
to stop Su-yang!
The prince will be attended by
outside doctors.
The royal physician may leave now.
Are you guys new?
The security's tight.
You look perfect.
You fit the part.
If this is my path to afterlife
I'll haunt you forever.
Once he inhales this
he'll feel no pain and
remember nothing.
But it'll only last
for a short time.
If we don't finish until
this incense is burned
we'll all be killed.
Are you blind?
This part!
Hey, hey!
- We're finished!
- All done!
I almost died.
I had to pee so badly.
I can't stop peeing.
I was raised in the courtesan house
since the age of 5.
Tiniest mistake could
lead to beatings
so I learned how to
read people to survive.
That's how I became the owner
of the biggest courtesan house.
You're better at face reading.
But I think I'm better
at reading people.
Do you think this will
stop the revolt?
It has to.
If it works out
don't forget me.
If it doesn't
forget me.
Who is it?
Who wrote about the
Vice Premier's yellow tag?
Tell me more about it.
Earlier, I saw an official
tagging himself.
Back when he was an inspector
he extorted money from the locals
and stole people's wives.
Yellow tag could be useful
if it's used right
but it also has
many problems.
I'm glad someone came forward
to tell me about this.
I believe something must be done.
About Vice Premier Kim.
He recommends people
with yellow tags
and talks behind your back.
That's because
you're too nice to him.
My father trusted him.
That's why I...
Are you okay?
It's nothing.
The sun was too strong.
Qin Xi of Zhao State
took over the throne
by starting a coup
after 3 moles appeared
on his forehead.
He has his grandfather's
strong desire for power.
People can't stop talking about
Su-yang's atrocious acts.
Sine when is he
in charge of security?
Who ordered you to
guard me?
Tell me now.
Prince Su-yang
ordered me.
I was blind.
I'm surrounded by
Su-yang's men.
I can't let his men
watch over me.
Exile him.
We can't make a mistake.
Tomorrow when Su-yang's
men escort the Chinese envoy
we will strike him.
He's giving a reception to
the envoy right now.
Make sure this does not leak.
Nae-kyeong, Nae-kyeong.
Will he give you
an important position?
Did he promise?
You didn't even ask?
Of course you didn't.
I'll ask when things die down.
I'm sure Lord Kim could
give Jin-hyeong a good position.
You have to ask
before you offer to help.
You never know what
might happen.
It's ready.
Is this good for eyes?
I need mums from
that mountain.
They work the best.
But I hurt my back and
can't climb the mountain.
So I used the next best thing.
It'll work pretty well.
When will your back improve?
After a couple of days.
What is this?
These are old matters.
You don't have to
worry about it.
Say it now!
Who told the king about
the yellow tags?
Mr. Kim from the Inspection
Board left this for you.
I'm proud that
you were promoted.
Take this.
It's good for your eyes.
It'd have been nice to see him
since we were there.
I didn't want him to
feel uncomfortable.
I hope the medicine
works well.
Where are you going?
Going to get some mums.
I want the best for him.
Let's go together.
No need.
How dare you talk about the
Vice Premier like that?
Kid, you know nothing.
You'll shut your mouth
when you can't see anything.
Is Mr. Kim here?
Mr. Kim?
He's out...
What's wrong?
A young man in Saganwon
hurt his eyes badly.
He wants to see Mr. Kim.
A young man in Saganwon...
You mean Jin-hyeong?
Jin-hyeong hurt his eyes?
Right eye's gone.
The left one's bad too.
Will he lose his sight?
What happened?
Yes, it's me.
What happened?
Where's father?
I want to see him.
Where are you, father!
Stay back!
Please fix his eyes!
What happened?
I heard Kim Jong-seo ordered this.
He got pissed that kid told
the king about the yellow tags.
No way he'd harm
a kid like that!
I heard them talking.
They said they were Kim's men.
And Kim will put his grandson
in his position.
Get up early tomorrow before
your father and leave for Hanyang.
Go find the peddler I know.
He'll lend you a new name.
Study hard and get a job
as you wish.
You can even become
a minister.
You know that, right?
Who's there?
I came to see
Prince Su-yang.
Kim Nae-kyeong's
brother-in-law is here.
Why are you here?
Don't send your men
away tomorrow.
Don't escort the
Chinese envoy.
Kim Jong-seo will kill you
while your men are away.
Why are you telling me this?
I heard you made a
promise to my brother.
Keep that promise.
Please restore our
family's name
and offer a position
to my brother-in-law
and my nephew.
That's all I ask.
Prince Su-yang.
Your highness, I beg you.
I promise.
I promise.
We'd have fallen for their tricks.
How did you know he'd come
if that kid was hurt?
Who could've predicted that?
I thought Kim Nae-kyeong
would come.
What did you just say?
I said all we have to do
is wait.
He will fix Jin-hyeong's eyes
and give him a good post.
Wake up!
Kim Jong-seo...
He doesn't care about
people like us.
He put his grandson
in Jin-hyeong's place!
We'll all die!
If Kim dies, we're all dead too!
I have to stop them.
Or everyone will perish!
Lord Kim!
Vice Premier.
We have much to discuss
let's go inside.
Vice Premier.
You have to run.
What do you mean?
MY lord!
Where have you been?
Why are you here
at this hour?
I lost my hat string
on my way.
I was wondering if
I could borrow one.
I think you could survive
without a hat string for a night.
I need to go somewhere.
I don't think they will like
my hat without a string.
Bring a hat string.
You look like you'd live
a long life till seventy.
How old are you?
Seventy this year.
I have a wish this year.
What is it?
To become a king.
What is this?
Su-yang, you bastard!
Who do you think you are?
MY lord!
The tiger hunt is over.
Su-yang killed
Kim Jong-seo!
Su-yang killed
Kim Jong-seo!
killed Kim Jong-seo!
Gather your men
and arrest Su-yang.
If we're late
we can't stop the revolt.
Who says that?
Who are you?
Who else?
It's the famous face reader.
Kim Nae-kyeong.
How have you been?
Han Myeong-hwoe.
You all committed treason...
All thanks to you.
You bastards!
You'll be doomed.
Burn in hell!
I'll show you what hell is.
Premier Hwang Bo-in is here.
Who are you?
Have you enjoyed life?
Did you want me exiled?
If you have succeeded
I'd be dead by now.
That's power.
Either I die.
Or my enemy dies.
Three premiers have been killed
for manipulating the king.
From now on
I will control the premiers
ministry of administration
and ministry of justice.
I'll also take control of the
army to protect the king.
If you support me
line up here.
If you don't
you'll be executed.
We will not be able to
undo this atrocious act.
But I beg you.
Please be a good king
and rule your subjects kindly.
I have to report
to the king
that I took care of
all his enemy.
You can go back now.
Su-yang killed
Kim Jong-seo!
The world has changed!
He's killing everyone
who's against him.
All the officials are
being arrested.
These are Su-yang's enemies.
Everyone will be executed.
Walk straight!
It's your father!
I'm here!
Your highness!
Your highness!
Prince Su-yang!
Prince Su-yang...
please let him live!
That's my son.
Please let him live.
Where is your son?
That one over there
is my son.
He's just a kid.
Please save him
your highness.
- Are you okay?
- Father?
Don't worry.
Is he your son?
Yes, he is.
He was not on my side.
He's an idiot.
He's just a kid.
Then can I take your eyes
for forgiving your son?
Yes, you can.
Please take my eyes!
Father, no!
You heard him.
Gouge out his arrogant eyes!
No! Father, no!!
Leave it that.
Why would I need your eyes?
Instead, I want you to
read my face.
So, am I fit to be a king?
Still can't tell?
Your highness
will become a king.
You will become a great king
who will make
this country stronger.
You will go down in history
as the greatest king
your highness!
That makes me feel good.
Let's finish here.
Go now.
Are you okay, father?
It's okay, Jin-hyeong.
It's all over.
Let's go home now.
Back to where
we came from.
Hey, face reader!
Actually it's weird.
I'm already the king.
Why did you say I'll become one?
Aren't you a crook?
You should've said that
before I became the king.
Anybody can say
what you just said.
But since I asked
I should pay.
No, no!
Father, save me...
I should've killed you
but since you helped me
I'm letting you live.
Did he know his son would
die at a young age?
I sure didn't.
How have you been?
I remember him
being very talkative.
Because of guilt
he cut his throat.
He survived
but lost his voice.
I didn't want to tell him.
But I didn't have a choice.
Step back!
It's nice.
The sea breeze is fine.
But isn't this
a place for retirement?
It's too peaceful.
I don't think you fit here.
Have you recorded all the
faces of those revolters?
Write them down.
It'll be useful to
remember all the details
of those who enjoy wars.
You think all of you
had special faces that day?
I saw faces of swindlers
faces of butchers
faces of scholars.
They were just normal faces.
What then?
I'm saying, Su-yang
meant to be the king.
I only saw faces.
I didn't see the changing era.
I only saw the waves.
I should have seen the wind.
Wind is what makes the waves.
You're saying nothing could
have stopped our coup?
I'm saying you were on the
big wave at that moment.
We were drifting away.
One day we'll go up again.
Eventually the big wave will
break down.
Are you cursing me?
This is the first time
I see your face clearly.
It's a weird face.
It looks shallow
and yet noble.
But, you have a bad ending.
Will be beheaded.
Time flies.
Everything seems
like yesterday.
I'm so old now.
After that
I did my best to
not make any enemies.
Maybe that's why.
Su-yang died 20 years ago.
And I've served four kings.
You were right.
Face reading is
a superstition.
I didn't get beheaded.
He was wrong
after all.
14 years after
he became the king
Su-yang was sick with
disease and guilt.
He converted to Buddhism and
atoned for his crime.
After freeing hundreds of
people he exiled or enslaved
he suddenly died
a few days later.
17 years after his death
Han Myeong-hwoe was accused of
being related to the death of
the birthmother of King Yeonsan.
His body was dug up and
he was beheaded posthumously.
What are you looking at?
The world.
How is the world?
The Face Reader
Directed by HAN Jae-rim