The Facility (2012) Movie Script

At the
roundabout, take the second exit.
You have arrived
at your destination.
Where? Where's it?
You have arrived at your destination.
This is nowhere.
This is not my destination!
Are you lost?
Yes, I'm completely lost.
I'm looking for a clinic.
Is it Limebrook?
I'm going there, too.
Oh, um, do you want a lift?
Dr. Mansell
to reception, please.
Dr. Mansell to reception,
No privacy in these places, hey?
Do you often spy on women
getting changed?
Whenever I get the chance.
That's what attracts me to hospitals,
the weak and the vulnerable.
You know how to make
a good impression.
You like spying, too.
I take photos.
Of hospitals?
Of Whatever I like.
Some of the other volunteers
have already arrived.
And this is Where
you'll be staying.
I'll let you get settled in.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Um, I need to ask a question,
could I get the payment up front?
No, you'll be paid
on completion.
No, it's just that I...
You won't need anything while you're here.
Free food, free bed,
you may even get some
ProSyntrex promotional goodies.
How do you do your boot?
Looks nice.
This'll do.
Good morning.
We've booked a suite
with a sea view.
Welcome to Limebrook.
As you're all aware, this is a
Phase 1 trial over a 14-day period.
Now the trial is a double-blind,
so we're all a little bit in the dark
as to the nature of your treatment.
You'll each be administered 2 milligrams of
a substance we'll be referring to as Pr09
with subsequent daily top-ups
of 1 milligram.
Now, please,
don't leave the building,
eat only and all
of the food provided.
And please stay within
the communal areas.
Get a good eight hours sleep
every night.
No smoking. No drinking.
Or any other medication.
No sex. No strenuous
physical exercise.
This is like being in my
ex-girlfriend's parents' house.
It's all in the
directories provided,
and believe you me, you'll have
plenty of time to read them, okay?
You're saying no sex.
Does that include masturbation?
No, I'm serious.
Why are we all the way out here?
It's easier to maintain a controlled
environment away from the city.
We've found in the past that people like
to sneak out at all hours for a kebab.
Solitary confinement, then?
Do you have Wi-Fi?
We'd prefer it if all the dialogue
was kept within the clinic.
That's also why there's
a phone amnesty, so...
But I need it for work.
This is your work for the next two weeks.
You could use
the phone in the dining room
between 8:00 am.
And 8:00 pm.
Just dial 0-9
for an outside line.
Oh, and...
I'll need a sample
from each of you,
so wee now,
or forever hold your peace.
We'll start with Jerome.
The big dog.
And the rest of you we'll be
seeing you at hourly intervals.
And once you've filled
out your forms, you can go and relax,
and wait to be called.
Thank you.
Pr09, the drug to be issued.
This one? One signature, please.
Thank you.
Just bear with me.
That's all right, take your time.
Just relax your arm.
That is relaxed.
That's it, is it? Pr09?
Yeah, this is it.
So how old are you?
Don't mind me asking.
Bit young to be doing
this, aren't you?
Hmm, dunno.
Haven't got anything else to do.
Is this your first time doing this?
It's gonna be a long two weeks.
I know.
I'm looking forward to it,
it'll be like a holiday. A holiday?
You don't have to hide away in
there, you know.
We've got two weeks together
in this honeymoon suite.
Oh, no, no sorry,
I was just going to get changed.
How much do you know
about this place?
I've heard about it.
Good reviews.
Not Michelin star, though.
Get ready for 14 days
of intense boredom.
Speak for yourself.
Place seems pretty decked out.
You got pool table,
computer games,
All right?
And can I have the
patient number? Thank you, Madeline.
Okay, it's 2500274135.
Thank you very much.
Over to you, Madeline.
I'm just going to
listen to your heart.
Okay, just going to go
under your top. Okay.
Sorry if my hands are cold.
It's all right.
Right. Madeline,
I am giving you one phial of Pr09.
Katherine Strong, number 128,
And 204, signed.
That's all.
07. Nearly with you, Katie.
Can you sign mine, and I'll sign yours.
How do you kill time
in these places?
Pool tournament.
Come on.
Can't we settle in first?
Playing pool is settling in.
to the treatment room.
Arif to the treatment room.
That's me.
Dose number 128-1013.
Is it... It's only supposed to be 2
milligrams, isn't it? That's correct.
That'll be 2 milligrams.
Can I have the time, please,
It's 3:00.
Three o'clock.
Do you use like another
clean syringe, or...
Yeah, that's afresh
syringe, and a fresh needle,
and I'm just going to
clean your arm, as well.
And Bob's your uncle.
Very good,
that's all we need for now.
Okay, thanks.
All right.
You heading back to the games room?
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Need a hand?
No, it's okay.
See you later on.
So you're a farmer's
daughter, eh?
What makes you say that?
I can read the signs.
What's he on about?
That's pharma,
as in pharmaceuticals.
It's just a term used amongst volunteering
circle for female guinea pigs.
Oh. One who professionally
sacrifices her young,
supple, perfectly-formed body
for the advancement
of medical science.
Sure he needs a guinea pig.
When I get home I'm gonna buy two guinea
pigs, and call them Joni and Morty.
Might even do tests on them.
Uh, I read somewhere once, that people
in Peru actually eat guinea pigs.
You know, like, raw.
You ever tried guinea pig?
Tastes like chicken.
Carmen to the treatment
room. Carmen to the treatment room.
Smells like vodka.
Does it?
Ooh. Mmm.
Do you want to hold that down,
might be a little bit
of blood, but...
Get you a plaster.
- Is that it?
- Yeah, that's all we need, thanks.
Do I get to go now?
Yes, you do.
Thank you very much.
All right, see you shortly.
Thank you.
Testing, testing.
This is so cool.
I love retro technology.
They're not obsolete.
Lots of people use them.
So what does your editor
expect you to uncover?
It's for a series of articles
called "The Last Resort."
I was gonna run pieces on
call girls and drug dealers...
I'm honored.
I can't help you anyway.
Maybe At or Adam's your story.
I've got two shots.
Oh, yeah, we're playing
that rule that...
Yeah, playing the actual
rules of pool, mate. Keep up.
Yeah, I know, I thought...
Look, do you know
the eight-ball rule?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I...
If I win before
you've potted a ball,
you've got to run round
the whole hospital naked.
Fuck off.
I'm not kidding.
to the treatment room.
Who the fuck is Derek?
Derek Paul Mortimer.
Could do with getting
this up a bit more, you know.
Or you could just sit up for now.
Oh. There you are. Sorted.
Last time, it was pretty normal.
Should be right round about 120 over
80, or something like that.
Let's have a look, shall we. Might vary
depending on my diet, or stress sometimes.
Or depending on what kind of food
you give us in here, you know.
Well, you're just about dead on, there.
Bob on, eh.
Thanks then, Morty,
that's all we need.
Is that it? Okay.
Yeah, it is.
Thank you.
And we'll see you next time.
I'll get back to my busy social
life in the ward. Cheers.
Cheers, thank you very much.
See you later.
See you later.
Are you giving me a chance?
If you can win a game,
then Win it.
That's a nice tattoo.
Thank you.
Does it mean something?
Yeah, it does, to me.
Thank you. And there we are.
Over to you.
Is this the good bit?
Yes, this is it.
I'm going in a little bit higher, so if
you can roll that up as far as it'll go.
All right. I don't think we're
gonna get much further than that.
No, that's fine.
That nurse, Madeline,
I'm gonna tap that
before this two weeks is up.
What about you and Joni?
What are you talking about?
Are you going to fuck that, or sit
around cracking jokes for two weeks?
Well, I hadn't really
thought about it.
This environment isn't
exactly a turn-on.
Of course it's not.
It stinks of bleach, it's full of
strangers, it reminds you of diseases.
Exactly. But in a week,
you'll be used to it,
and you'll regret not having
laid the groundwork.
If you visited the North Pole,
it'd be too fucking cold to take a
piss, never mind do anything else.
Do Eskimos fuck?
That's good stuff.
You should write that down.
He who laughs last, mate.
You know why you're not supposed
to exercise during the trial?
Because your heart rate increases,
speeding up your blood flow,
and the drug's effects.
It's not exercise,
it's maintenance.
I understand that.
I don't understand
What you're saying.
I was under the impression
at no point has anyone explained
to me that that wasn't acceptable.
I understand that.
I fully appreciate that.
But you don't understand that...
Take a seat.
Come on in.
Long wait for you.
Okay, what we need
first is your full name, please.
Adam Shawcross.
Was everyone else's all right?
Yeah, fine.
The day's gone
quite quick, actually.
Saved the best till last,
though, huh?
Have the others been filling you with
panic about what we're doing here?
Yeah, it's just mostly
just kind of, you know...
Them getting it done and me just
wanting to get mine done, really.
But there you are.
It's all about the wait,
Well, now you see,
it's just a straightforward injection,
nothing to get excited about.
All right?
My apologies.
I find social dining without a
bottle of red rather lacking.
But them's the rules,
I'm afraid.
You should never
mix drink and drugs.
Not on a week night, anyway.
Well, I'll see you all bright and
early tomorrow, for Round 2. Bon ap!
See ya.
What's your diagnosis, then?
Don't play that game.
Best not spoil
the surprise, hey?
What's the worst stretch
you've ever done, Morty?
I did some lysergic
acid derivative.
One of me first.
Sounds fun.
Stuck in a hospital ward with 20
strangers hallucinating for a week.
Yeah, but that would never happen now.
These things are too regimented.
Yeah, right.
You disagree?
There was this trial that I missed out
on, across the channel.
My partner at the time,
she was a fellow lab rat,
she got in.
It was a mixed trial like this,
about 20 of them or something.
Anyway, they were testing this painkiller,
but the dose was knocking everyone out.
And, I mean, people falling
asleep half way up the stairs,
in the middle of a conversation,
that kind of stuff.
After the first week,
all the women complained
of a less obvious side effect,
vaginal soreness.
Doctor examined
all the female subjects,
and he concluded it was a side
effect of taking such a strong dose.
Next week,
there was no complaints.
The doctor had sacked the male
nurse after examining the women.
He had raped every
single female subject.
Never came out, of course.
Every one of them?
I was gonna propose
a first night toast,
but after... Good health.
To all of us.
Good health.
I'll be round
patrolling the grounds.
I just thought I'd introduce myself.
I'm Howard.
Hi, Howard.
Sleep well.
Night, lovelies.
You all right, mate?
Is he all right?
Close the fucking door.
Is he ill? Jed?
Close the fucking...
What's going on?
- Jed...
- How long has he been like this?
Okay, Jed...
What's with all the noise?
Oh, What is... What the hell...
Hey, Jed, listen to me.
Try and keep yourself calm. Stop!
Stop touching me!
Why is he screaming?
Burning, burning!
Fuck's sake.
Jesus Christ!
My fucking face!
Wait outside, please.
What's happening to him?
Oh, shit.
Dr. Mansell to the
wards immediately.
Oh, my God!
can you hear me?
Get the fuck away from me.
Just get away from me, please.
Everybody out.
Is he going
to be all right?
Wait outside, please,
the doctor is on his way.
He just needs some space.
Wait outside, please.
You need to get him on a bed.
What's happened?
I don't know,
he's with the doctor now.
Clear the corridor, please.
What the fuck is going on?
I don't know.
He's had some sort of a nightmare.
A nightmare?
He's in agony.
People act completely differently
towards different drugs.
I hope he's okay.
Well, I sedated Jed.
He'll be kept under
observation downstairs tonight.
Is he okay?
He was tearing his hear out.
he's in the best place, then.
Now, do any of you know if he was taking
any medication he hasn't told us about?
Has he had any recreational drugs,
or alcohol since he's been here?
He exercised a lot.
Well, he had a severe
reaction to the medication.
But we've got that
under control.
And that's why we stagger the injections.
So we can monitor their effects.
Katie, how do you feel?
Well, I feel okay...
I think.
I want to go home.
Right now, I want to go home.
Maybe in the morning, but until then,
right here is the best place you can be.
Everyone, get some rest, hmm?
Go back to bed,
try and get some sleep.
Sweet dreams.
Yeah, right.
Now, it's possible
you might feel some
muscle spasms, aches.
Now, these are common side effects,
nothing to get too distressed over, okay?
And if you do feel concerned,
just come down.
See me or Madeline, all right?
And don't stay awake
all night speculating,
it won't help anyone.
What now?
What happened?
Jesus Christ, Arif.
Fuck. What have you done?
No, no, no.
Get him up.
Come on, man, you're all right.
You need
to sit down.
Not on my bed.
for God's sake.
Okay, can you get another shirt?
You're all right, mate.
Okay, darling, okay.
Gently, gently.
It's not his blood,
is it? It's not his blood.
Arif, whose blood is it?
put my coat on.
Calm down.
We need a doctor up here.
Come on, darling,
lie back. You're okay.
It's okay.
Well, so much for
rapid response, hey.
I'm gonna have
a look downstairs.
I'm coming, too.
Be quick.
Holy fuck.
We need to get on the phone.
Jesus Christ,
what's happened here?
I need you to get my notes
from the laboratory.
Seems the Pr09 has dealt us
some unforeseeable problems.
How do you mean? What problems?
Phone's not working.
What's the code?
I've tried that.
It's dead.
We need
the phone, doctor.
We need to get out of here.
He's in the canteen.
Arif went mental.
We don't know that.
Where's everyone else?
In this room.
So is anyone coming?
We couldn't get an outside line.
What do you mean you
can't get an outside line?
This place is full of phones.
Can we take your car?
My keys are upstairs.
I'll come.
Yeah, I'll come, too.
I'll stay here.
Maybe someone will turn up.
Will you also get me my shoes?
And mine.
You ready?
Haven't got the keys.
They're in my coat.
Well, where's your coat?
On Arif.
Oh, shit!
Well, if everyone's got their bloody
shoes on, we don't need a car.
We're walking.
I reckon it's a couple
of miles back to the road.
Then What?
I just want to get out of here.
We're not going to budge
this with our bare hands.
look for a switch.
Behind reception.
There should be
one under the desk, here.
It's not working.
There's someone out there.
I just saw something move.
Are you sure? I think
it's just our reflection.
Well, we need a swipe card, or keys,
or something to get out of here.
Let's just look
for another exit.
Here you are, some switches.
Hold on.
Open the door!
Let me in!
Open the door! Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
Okay, break the glass.
Break the glass!
No, wait, wait!
Let's just smash it.
NO, don't.
Where's he gone?
Jed, Jed!
Down here!
Come on, then!
Move, move!
Can anyone hear this?
The Pr09 has dealt us
some unforeseeable problems.
This is going to
happen to all of us.
First Jed, then Arif, now it's Carmen,
then me, and then you, and then you.
Well, what about me?
I took the drug before Arif.
Well, I think
we should do one.
The doctor said his
notes are in the lab.
Come on, you.
You bitch!
Hey, Carmen, hey.
No. No.
No! Carmen, it's okay, it's okay.
No, no, no. Come on, it's okay.
It's not fucking okay!
My head hurts.
I know.
Let's go.
this must be the lab.
Carmen, I'm going to
lay you down on the floor.
Shut the door.
Slowly, carefully,
watch your head.
We need to
get out of here now.
Katie, how you feeling?
You didn't take the Pr09.
You heard.
You're the control.
I did the same as you.
No, you took a placebo.
This turns out all right
for you, Katie.
The only survivor just
happens to be a journalist.
That and the story
you come in for, eh?
We can all get out of this, if we...
If we work together.
What do you think, Carmen?
Feeling positive
about our immediate future?
Are you feeling something?
Why are we still talking?
We need to go and get some help.
From where?
From who?
By the time we get anywhere,
I could be in the same state as Carmen.
Or Arif.
I'm not going anywhere with her
and you should be pretty fucking
worried about going anywhere with me.
Well, what, then?
Look, the doctor wasn't
the only one that worked here.
Someone will have gone for help.
If we stay here, we're near a phone,
and we've got a pharmacy right here.
I suggest
you start securing the door.
Somebody get me a doctor.
Should induce sleep
for an hour or two.
Wait, you're not qualified to
start giving out sedatives.
I think we're beyond waiting
for a doctor, don't you?
Oh, my skin.
What the fuck
is going on?
Right, this might take a
few moments to kick in,
so get ready to hold her down.
Just be fucking ready.
Carmen, we're going to give
you something to calm you down, okay?
Easy. There you go.
Could have
fucking killed her.
She's breathing. Technically that
doesn't happen when you're dead.
Right. One each.
When the time comes, we sedate each other.
Katie, you do whoever's last.
Probably Adam.
And then you keep us sedated
until help arrives.
That's your plan, sleep?
For now.
So I have to fend off two
psychopaths on my own,
while all of you are sedated?
If I could switch places with
you, I happily would, really.
And then I could be the hero, and you could
be the one trying not to shite yourself,
because your body's
being poisoned
and your brain is being pulled
apart and fucked sideways!
Thank you.
If anybody wants to go, go.
I'm staying here.
We won't survive,
if we stay in this place.
Adam, listen to me.
Even if you do manage to leave the building
without bumping into our two friends,
once the drug kicks in, you could be a
serious threat to anyone that you meet.
We can't just run away,
we have to stay here and deal with this.
Um, I think that's a diuretic.
You think. Let's put it
in the "don't know" pile.
We can't put everything
in the "don't know" pile.
I mean,
we have to weigh up the risks,
and make some
educated guesses here.
I'm putting that
in the "no" pile.
We're pissing ourselves
as it is.
I'll put that in the "maybe" pile, shall I?
Last resort.
This might as well be in Latin.
All locked.
Paperwork is all
we've got, then.
I can't relax
with her in the room.
Maybe you should
have the morphine.
Blood test results.
From after the injection?
Speak for yourself.
It's just our personal data.
Doesn't tell us anything.
You gonna do that
for the rest of us?
Make sure
you're around for that.
Keep the noise down. Don't you
think it's important this is recorded?
Important for who?
Important for all of us.
I admire her commitment.
If I'd have taken a placebo,
I'd have fucked off an hour ago.
Look at this.
Over here.
Have you found
What's he doing?
What's that
he's got in his hand?
Is it glass?
They're upstairs.
Now would be a good time to leave.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
This is something else,
this is.
Fucking hell.
Maybe we should try
and speak to them.
Jed. Arif.
I know you're confused
and scared.
If you stay there, then...
Where have they gone?
I dunno.
Oh, no.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You see now.
That's what we're all gonna turn into.
Fucking Jed's face was
puffed up like a football,
so top of the shopping list
is an anti-inflammatory.
What the hell have you
lot been injected with?
Arif looked like he was suffering
from some sort of involuntary reflex.
What? Dyskinesia,
akathisia? What?
Dyskinesia, can't that be a side
effect of anti-depressants, right?
Okay, can you just imagine
that you are in the company
of two people that
have no fucking idea
what the fuck
you're talking about.
I'm sorry.
Muscle spasms,
restlessness, constant
movement of the jaw and tongue.
Kind of like you're
fucking high on ecstasy, yeah?
And anything else?
Yeah, the possible side effects can
be suicidal tendencies, violent urges.
You sound like a fucking shrink.
Do you want to know what the potential
side effects of brain drugs are?
Anything the human mind
can think of and act on,
that's your potential
side effects.
I've known people who've tested
psychs and just never come back.
Well, now we all do.
How the fuck
can this be happening?
It happens rarely.
Are you still desperately
clinging to your faith?
Okay. So now we've
diagnosed the problem,
what's the solution, huh?
What I've been saying all along.
Hardcore sedatives.
Anybody got any better ideas?
No. I thought not.
I can't breathe.
What the fuck is happening?
She can't stay in here.
Let's just move her
to another room.
Why don't we kill her?
Put her out of her misery?
Kill her.
You can't be serious.
She's not an animal.
Well, if we throw her out,
we're leaving her to die, anyway.
Or to become a killer.
Your killer.
And you can do that?
You can take responsibility
for that?
Yeah, I could.
Open the door.
Adam! Come on.
Get her up.
No, get off me!
We have to concentrate
on helping ourselves now.
I'll remember that
when you...
The notion of safety in numbers.
It's slowly being
turned inside out,
with Carmen forcibly
removed from the group,
and Morty beginning
to show signs of...
I'm aware of journalists
influencing their story...
Killing off one of the subjects?
Difficult situations
demand difficult solutions.
You have that written on a
postcard above your desk?
Look, I'm as much a part of
what's happening as anyone else.
But while we are thinking of survival,
you're thinking of 500 words.
That's why I came here.
You can leave whenever you want.
You should be out there
now looking for help.
Are you going to stick
around and watch us all die?
Is that your story?
Because I can't imagine how you can put
a positive spin on your role in this.
The sedation plan is off, then?
What was your suggestion again?
Oh, yeah, that's right,
you didn't have one.
I said we should
leave and get help.
I'm trusting you know
what you're talking about,
not just pissing around
with a chemistry set.
It must be wonderful to be
as ignorant as you, Adam.
Oh, well, at least I know What
I'm fucking talking about,
that I'm honest, huh?
Stop it!
Did you find anything else
in the pharmacy, Morty?
Some benzis for the nerves,
and some Thorazine,
which is an anti-psychotic.
Now, I'm gonna
take a shot of each,
you can monitor the effects
and judge for yourselves.
It's a shot in the dark.
Yeah, well, keep reading.
Maybe you'll find a ray of light.
Not the one I was looking for.
Help me out here.
Is this right?
Yeah. You're gonna be okay.
Don't be. I'm sorry
I talked you into staying.
Morty. Katie.
There's someone else
in the hospital.
So what?
We should go find out who it is.
Well, there's the door.
I went to get the keys.
And that was a massive
success, wasn't it?
Clearly you're the man
for the job.
I got your boots for you,
you fucking prick.
make sure you put that in your story.
Adam got the boots.
Will you shut up.
I could go.
Nobody has to
go anywhere.
Yes, they do.
I'll come with you.
You don't have to do this.
We'll be fine.
Go or don't 90.
Make your minds up.
Just shut the fucking door.
And then there were two.
Don't write them off.
It's not them I'm writing off.
I didn't take the Pr09
It's quiet out there.
Can anyone hear this?
Can anyone hear this?
Need help down here.
Can you hear this?
Come on, it's stuck.
Just leave it.
You stay here.
I'll go have a look.
Come on!
Come on!
Don't do this, Jed.
Jed, Jed, Jed...
There's someone in here.
Are you in there?
Who's in there?
Who's in there?
Let me in.
Let me in!
Open this door!
No! No! No...
Let me out. Let me out.
Jed. Jed, Jed! Jed! Jed.
Come in. Emergency.
Mayday, over.
Come in. Emergency. Mayday, over.
Come in. Emergency.
Mayday, over.
Who's there, Who's that?
- Adam Shawcross, Limebrook Clinic, over.
- Adam?
- It's Madeline.
- I'm outside. I'm trapped.
Madeline? What happened?
We need to get someone down here.
Everything got locked
down after Jed went crazy.
The phones, the Internet,
the doors...
They wouldn't want any of
this to get out, would they?
Is help on its way? Over.
I don't know.
Isn't Toby with you?
What? Trial Coordinator, Toby.
Isn't he with you?
His car's still here.
Have you been upstairs
to the offices? No.
I see movement up there.
A light came on.
Jed and Arif?
Unlikely, that area's restricted.
Everything's been locked down.
But there's a fire escape
around the back of the building.
Toby. We know you can hear us.
There's still time!
There's still time to help us. There's
still time to stop the effects of the drug.
Please, Toby!
He's upstairs.
Come on, we're going.
You people need to stop fighting this.
You can't get off the
roller coaster once it's started.
Best thing to do is just
to try and enjoy the trip.
Come on. Let's go.
You go on ahead.
We can't leave you
here with him.
I can take
care of myself.
Take care, Adam.
I'm glad you stayed, Katie.
There's some things
I need to get off me chest.
Story I told you at dinner.
The one about the rapes.
I made that story up.
It didn't really happen.
Nothing ever happens
at these clinical trials.
It's like the same two weeks
of your life on repeat.
Do you know What medical
trial volunteering is?
To people like you, normal
people, it's paid sick leave.
I've been on paid sick
leave all my life.
Damn! Fuck!
I used to see myself
as a soldier.
Fighting a war against a virus.
And I was in the trenches,
sacrificing myself for the greater good.
And now I realize,
there is no greater good.
And all this is
for some corporation.
Toby. Toby, open the door.
Open the door, mate.
Come on!
Look, I'm not one of them!
I'm a placebo!
Just open the door!
Okay, just...
Just tell us what's happening.
Look, we need your help,
mate. Please!
Come on!
Do something.
I can't intervene while the
trial is still in progress.
What are
you talking about?
Toby. Open the door!
Open the door,
you fucking murderer!
Open the door, Toby!
Toby, you fucking murderer!
Joni, listen to me, listen to me.
Look, it's me. It's Adam.
Okay, just calm down. Just breathe.
Just try to control it, okay?
What are you still doing here?
Just go get help.
Please. You can control this, okay?
Just try to breathe easy.
Joni. Joni!
Joni! Joni! Joni!
Oh, my God. Hello.
All right, Adam?
I think I've done
some really bad things.
Can you get the doctor now,