The Fallen (2004) Movie Script

In the October,
the German army and they remaining
Italian allies
are struggled the last defense of
North Italy
The Gothic Line
On the other side...
In the mountains
the rebel Italian partism are
anticipating the arrival of ally
Code between the two
The local find themselves
surrounded by war and torn
by their own divided loyalty
Peter Langkeit, Martin Remer
Gerhardt Staudacher
Juergen Bruekner
Fallen in the line of duty on the
rd of October
So much for the fresh Italian
I hope our lives don't depend on
You're just too tired to believe
in anything
Or too old to fool myself
Come now. You've seen worse days
than these
A few. But each of our lines falls
to the enemy. It's a disaster.
It will all be easier once the
Italians arrive.
We'll set them on the partisans'
tails, while we concentrate on the
I believe that when I see it
Good morning, ladies.
Look isn't that cute? The three
graces are having a bath.
I'm going to smash your face!
You're an asshole
What is this bordello?
This is a war, not a summer resort
Three more minutes
At ease
Three more minute so the Germans
can steal our land with our help
That's one way of looking it
It's the truth, isn't it?
I'm here to see Mr. Rossini
Give me your rifle
Your rifle
Are you going to give it back?
Maybe later
What's in the valise?
If you guys are nice I will let
you try some
We don't drink on duty
I'm here on important business
He told me to be here ten thirty
He is not going to be happyif you
send me away
Tell me the Russians are coming
orlava from the volcano is about
to bury the village
There's an American, he's here
about some wine.
Sal, how are you my friend?
Come sit with me. Did you
bringthat game you promised?
Of course Mr. Rossini
This is Lemon we're received
heavy fire!
Requested support! Over!
We need an ammunition and god damn
Get sight on the desk on ACP / Yes
Hi Brent / What bring you to see
the party code?
Oh yeah, good luck!
Sergeant Malone reporting it's
order, Sir!
Charge it!
I respectjob from you Malone
I want you to run this new radio
And with respect, Sir!
Delivering the ammunition is a job
for the
Warren boys, the supply!
How you good with your weapon?
We don't get so much action
And the case I just a man field!
Name Package!
You give them package Charlie,
keep them out of trouble
Yes, Sir!
I won't Sir
Malone if I get report you drink
on duty!
Steward son of bitch!
Good morning Jimmy
My kids sister
Hey you gone with that? / I ain't
touch it!
And you can't trust anybody this
Honestly I don't like that!
Alright gentleman, listen up!
Leaves cancel! / Oh man!
We got special deliver / What's
Ammunition and radio!
This is I nothing do about
Come on / Be packing time for lunch
Jesus, you can't do that this
Taylor was right, I can suspect
the male man!
Where the hell you get that?
From my mom
Hold on.
Long live Italy! See that?
Aa You Americans may be winning the
But we Italians can stillteach you
a few lessons.
May one day, all wars befought on
a chess board
Mr. Rossini, how manycases of wine
do you want?
Ah yes, the wine.
Ten cases...
One thousand lire a case
With all due respect, what you're
drinking is the finest ChateauLa
A very rare vintage, the last
bottles in Europe.
Two thousand lire. Final offer.
One thousand lire. Ultimate offer.
I expect delivery by sundown today.
Meet us at the usual place.
Bring a friend if you want...
But no guns or sharp objects.
Is that clear?
Very clear
Go. Be back by sunset.
This time has come to fulfillour
initial mission.
Today you will be transportedto
the front.
Your mission is to observe the
enemy'sactivity and report it to
Our Italy needs you more than ever.
To restore her to the heightswhere
she belongs.
So much better.
That the Doboy? / Yes
We pick them up carefully with this
We doesn't belong any army
That's fucking mental enthusiasm!
Hell out of here!
Hey, package!
Take them serge / Let's go!
Come on, move it!
Lowie Go get the male!
Come on, move it Loui!
We're gonna be late metting them
He's right!
We could turn around and back!
You think Malone will disobey
What for buck?
You're not Malone!
Murphy pull over I got to take the
Fucking Italians!
How was you take a piss / I don't
love it Loui, I just do it!
Use that tell them we're
I told you before, youcan't move
it like that!
You don't understand a damned
thing. One square at a time.
You don't understand a fucking
thing! I don't want to play with
you anymore.
Okay boys, let's get road!
Come on / Shut up!
Package, watch them here!
You take the point!
You keep an eye the folks in there
Red parrot this is uncle George go
ahead over!
Requested the replacing vehicle
No fucking way!
What's up / Go get the barrel
Come on we can't walk on this case,
Guess what this is your stupid
truck Gomez!
You fix the truck!
Just hold it!
We left them down / We're gonna
make it!
You and me doing so far delivering
news and magazine
Stay fucking long gun!
Those infantry boys get killed
everyday in a week!
We're gonna take the short cut, do
it here
McNelly you push!
He's not coming.
That's what happens whenltalians
go live in America.
That thousand dollar
This real my sit
That head south road, so when you
drove along
You can open up!
That become nice
I buy my mom the real nice coat
Geniune fur made from rabbit
We got the rabbit all over the
Jimmy knock it off!
I buy my sister something too
I think take that and let her
decide what she want, maybe nice
some kind like toy, something like
Jimmy, would you shut the hell up?
I buy you guys something, you know
I would!
Alright you boys stay here!
Pack and I will check it out!
Where have you been? Paris, Berlin.
I can't move from here without
ordersand you can go whereever you
Out of uniform anyone can shoot
You're going to stay with that
Italianfamily with all the
beautiful daughters?
I'm sorry we frghtened you earlier.
My sister is very nervousWe have
to be careful.
Have you seen anyGermans around
Francesca! Come on, don't be shy.
Her parents were our neighbors.
They were killed by the Germans.
Poor girl
Where are you from in America?
My son lives in Brooklyn. Giovanni
Do you know him?
No, I don't know him, sorry.
Too bad.
There was also a cousin... a long
time ago...
Before the first war...
Giacamo Pennello!
Do you know him?
No, I'm sorry. It's a big place,
I'm not moving!
Who the hell are you?
Tommy Cedros
One good guys
You're English?
I'm Scottish
Scottish, If you don't mind
it's a bit cold outside.
Can I come in?
What's that?
I don't know who has more
scaredjust now me or you.
Well so off... capture by them
And put on the book
Let me draw some company underwear
What happen to your region?
Bunker defend
I can't quite to say
We're another lucky or not
But one thing I'm do
That's I have quite life time
Another want go for the second time
You know what I mean?
So you never meet me
Alright, Jimmy, good night / Good
night Loui
Would you like some wine?
Wait a minute, I wanted to ask him
Do you have a girlfriend in
He doesn't understand you.
He may not understand me, but I'm
taking this one, so gofind
yourself another one.
So tonight... You're wasting your
Don't interrupt me!
Tonight, where are you sleeping?
Oh come on!
It's always the same story with
What the hell?
Hurry up!
Wait for me.
Francesca, why don't you talk to
Excuse me, Francesca.
We had extra mouths to feed
Who, Germans? No, Americans.
How many? Enough to keep us busy in
the kitchen.
Lieutenant Bruni Gianini,
ndRegiment, Alpine Mountain
Lieutenant Breukner, infantry.
We have hot soup for your men,
even some wine.
Company at ease.
Every day our patrols aremet with
sniper fire.
Tha partisans leave no gap.
We had no trouble getting here.
They let you in. We are all
fleastrapped in the same sack.
Paolo, you wrote three pages
already. You'll run out of things
to say. Write to my wife.
Enough with the inspiration. Shut
up and go to sleep.
I would have to love someone first.
How can I have inspirationif I
don't love anybody?
Sometimes I have so much love, I
think I could love this rifle.
I don't like crazy people with
You're going crazy.
Listen, Paolo. Enoughwith the
With women you must alwaysbe a
little indifferent.
What if tomorrow he getsa bullet
in his head?
Fuck you and the bullet. Are
youcrazy? You're bringing me bad
The bullet in my head, that's all I
need to hear.
Keep it down. I'm tryingto get
some sleep.
I won't die in this war. Maybe the
next one.
God won't let me diebefore I love
All right. The inspiration is gone.
Permission to use the latrine,
At ease.
Listen, Salvatore you have to
helpme keep the men on their toes.
I don't want the Germans to
haveany reason to look down on us.
They are so full of themselves.
What do you think?
What do you think when you look at
They always have something better.
They are taller, more blond.
I believe it's in their blood.
Perhaps Hitler is right when he
saysthe German race is superior.
I don't care
For me its all the same.
My father said that I was retarded.
Lina married me becauseshe's half
I can barely write my name.
You're a good soldier.
I'm a good soldier becausel am not
afraid to die.
I'm good at nothing Lieutenant.
But you are intelligent. Youhave
blond hair and blue eyes.
People call you...
I forgot the word
Aristocratic, yes.
You have nothing to envy from them.
Do you really think so?
Certainly, for me, you are among
You are one of them.
When you finish, go get something
to eat.
Since you're a big one, you'll get
little more.
You should go this, give me your
I'm hungry. I want to eat.
What did he say? Come on, I'm
Wolf, come here.
AaAsk him what he wants.
What is it that you want?
I want to eatr
I said, I'm hungry. Understand?
What did he say? He's hungry.
How do you like that, he's hungry.
I can't live on this small ration.
Don't bore me.
You ugly pig. This food comesfrom
my grandfather's land.
Give me back my ladle.
All Itralian soldiers back on the
Lieutenant All men are in
Be sure you remember
Kick that / I just delivery boys /
Good luck!
Who with her? Quick last night
I guess I see you that way
All done in second
Funny you look Kana piss off this
No happy smile
Oh baby guns around your plum
No go!
I tell you something the lady for
He said have woman once / Who
lucky said?
No shit!
Hey chicken folk!
She take it that for you?
What do you want about Nale?
Man I telling your mama / Telling
you what?
You been abuse little old lady
First grab the mine with bothhands
and place it in the hole.
What do you call tje mine in
Burry it deep enough so the
windand rain doesn't uncover it.
Once you place the dick inside,
make sure the dick is armed.
You have one hour to finish the
You what?
Yes, Lieutenant. Send two men to
check the line.
It looks like the Partisanshave
cut it again.
I'll have two men at it
Any news regarding the food?
The men are hungry and exhausted.
Yes, I'll take care of it.
The nights are still cold, and
we're short of blankets.
It will be taken care of.
There I was, standingin front of
her, totally naked,
holding the spray bottle in
onehand and my card in the other.
Did she ask you to spray her?
She opened her legs andgestured
for me to spray her.
You see! She knew the regulations.
You had to kill the germs.
I swear to God, thomas, when I
looked into her eyes...
She was so pure.
She is a whore! Don't you know
what that is?
It's getting worse.
Just pray they send some more
medicine soon.
What if they don't?
It could drop off.
You can't be serious.
It'll rot away like an old sausage.
You must learn to live without it.
I'd rather take bullet in the head.
I had an uncle who losthis in the
first war.
A grenade ripped it right off.
The balls were unscathed, though.
What good is that?
You should have sprayed her.
Like children stabbing their
mother's heart.
Can't they see that Italy weeps
for you?
Soon there will be no place to run.
Is them again.
It's nothing. It happensevery day
around here.
Private Neuman and Kemp have no
What's time?
Should I send someoneout for the
It was our last cable. It; s getting
Ionely out there.
Five degrees east
Ascend hill side to path twelve
degrees North.
Which boulder?
Directly in front of you.
I don't see any boulder.
There should be one.
Black circular lines boulder!
Light greylines... Ditch!
Grab your rifle, take position at
two o'clock
If you see the enemy send me a
I grew up polishing my father's
Until I could see my reflection in
I can't go back without the medal.
It would be a disgrace.
The only thing I can bring home is
my disfigured face.
You're the only man who blew up
his own face instead of the enemy
Shut up Johann.
It would happened to anyone.
No, it could not. That's the
difference between boys and men.
Time to get some exercise.
Come my little bird.
Wait for me!
My leg!
Absolutely not!
Lieutenant let me finish...
We agreed to join you on the
strict condition that we would not
be involved in any anti-partisan
You are our only hope in bringing
the partisan problem under control.
After all, you speak the same
You make it sound as if we sit
down and conduct meetings with
Your men could gather information
on their whereabouts from the
The villagers are on their side.
They won't give us the time of day
/ I suppose you expect my men to
beat it out of them.
I've lost enough men to them not
to care what it would take.
I won't allow it Lieutenant.
My men should be at the front. /
The front is coming to meet us!
The front is around us.
How am I to counter an enemy
attack if I have to split my
forces between two wars?
I don't envy your position,
Would you then agree to your
soldiers policing the area around
the camp?
Even if they avoid any real
Yes, Lieutenant, I'll see that.
Everybody get back to work. That's
an order.
It was all my fault, Lieutenant.
Soon it's over.
What's that smell?
Smells like food.
Chicken cacciatore.
Everybody shut up. Don't move.
Drop your weapons.
You would like that, so you could
take them.
I'd worry more about your heads
than the rifles.
Listen, brothers. We are all
Italians. It's not right for us to
kill each other.
A fucking poet! Let's do him first.
We're nine and you are two.
We have seen a lot worse odds.
It's not the first time.
Right, umberto?
Not the last time.
How many men have you killed?
Virgin boy, how many of your
Italian brothers have you killed?
/ Not one.
How long it will take you to kill
one of us? / As long as it will
take me to kill all of you.
What if we put down our fifles and
walk away peacefully.
No, it's been a long day. We can't
go home empty handed.
We have to kill 15 of the enemy
everyday and you are our first for
Enough nonsense. Drop your weapon
Drop your rifles!
I'm with you.
Finally, the voice of reason. Step
this way.
They'll cook you for dinner. /
Shut up!
Marcello, we're not so far from
home. / Listen to your friend.
Put down your rifle.
Go their way and I will put you
out myself
Get the medals.
The boots.
Salvatore, how many men did you
A lot.
How many?
More than you can ever imagine.
You talk so tough, but what about
the partisans we met?
They are Italians like you and I.
They are communist who don't
believe in God.
They want the little I own back
What if they win the war?
They won't if there are enough of
me out there.
Yeah just like you. You talk but
nothing happens.
If you don't shut up, I'll kill
Fantastic. The lieutenant likes
chess. We have a lot in common.
I've grown quite fond of this game.
It has endless possibilities.
Those are your pans, aren't they?
Oh yes. Those two are likemy own
The only loyal ones, I might add.
Good men from head to toe.
Would you hand them over to me?
Wecan use as much help as we can
Lieutenant, they're all I've got
At my age, with a weak heart,
I'vegrown dependent on them.
If the Italian army depended on it,
you could do wiithout them.
If the Lieutenant finds themso
vital to the war effort...
I'll gladly put them under his
Soldiers, take these men to
theCompany and find them uniforms.
As the German lieutenant said,
ourarmies have suffered great
We can't even feed our own men.
Now they have seen youwith all
your riches...
they will never forgiveus if we
let you go.
So the best lieutenant canoffer me
is to be his prisoner?
I'm afraid that won't be enough.
We'll need some theaterto appease
Sometimes to keep the respect of
themen, one must offer them...
a sacrifice?
The lieutenant has a strange sense
of humor.
I wsih I were joking, Mr. Rossini.
I wish the whole war was a joke,
but this is all too serious.
So you'd throw one ofyour own to
the lions?
Play the German game? Earn
yourselfone of those black crosses?
Go ahead, sell your soul to the
It may buy you a few extra days
butdon't forget, God is watching
It's been fascinating making your
acquaintance, Mr. Rossini.
Sometimes the game islost before
the first move.
I'm going to kill them all!
If we are taken prisoner, I heard
thatthe Americans will treat us
The war is lost anyway, sooner or
later we will be someone' prisoner.
I would be rather be a prisonerof
the Americans.
Winning what? We get rid of one
ofthem and a million will follow.
We're only three.
Don't shoot!
We're Italians!
Just two of you
Yes. Salvatore, the gunner is dead.
Put down the gun
It's a beautiful morning / Do you
know what time Christ died?
You could ask him yourself in a
fwe minutes.
That; s if you don't go to hell.
If I do, we'll seeing each other.
So, what will it be?
A piece of bread and a glass of
red wine.
Chateau La Tour wouldbe okay, Mr.
Untie him
I've never been a hero
lieutenantso if you don't mind...
As you like.
What a mess.
Who threw the dirt?
Boys, come and help us!
Boys, look what I got!
What; s going on here?
The deer is ours. Pietro shot it.
He shot it with my machine gun.
The moment an Italian has a German
machine gun, he hits something
Shut up!
He's right, the Italians couldn't
hit the side of a barn.
The next man who opens his mouth
will be court martialed.
Excuse me, lieutenant. We're sick
of the Germans.
If we slice it thin, there may be
We did hunt it down.
Yes, but with a German machine gun.
The deer is an Italian.
Must I remind you, Lieutenant,
your country is under occupation.
We get to choose the chef andyour
soldier can make the fire.
So gentleman, Tony and I have a
deerroast. Get in line before it
get's cold.
We know we're going home
You boys think about that before
the big one are you?
Take back the real barrel
Don't pay any attention
Alright listen up pals!
We can say that
Now we got support on first army
You heard that we gotjob, alright
/ Let's go!
Get away!
Get your ass out of here now!!!
Major, what's going on?
The Americans have broken theline
five kilometers from here.
We will be caught in a trapif we
don't move soon.
Thanks, Major.
The Americans are coming.
I have orders from Battalion
Report. You have the order to
secure thebreakout of the th
Panzer Grenadiers.
Your company is ordered todefend
this position to the last man.
Anything else? No, Sir.
Thank you.
Get the entire camp into formation
Men, the past weeks have not been
But you are all fine soldiers.
Everyone of you.
I consider myself privileged
tohave been your commander.
I need two volunteers to remain
withme to help slow the enemy
The rest need to be readyto depart
in one hour.
You will meet the th
infantrybattalion in Pianoro.
I hope that we will meet again
Your country is beautiful, even in