The Fantasy of Deer Warrior (1961) Movie Script

The wolves are coming.
The wolves are coming.
The wolves are coming.
Uncle Deer.
Uncle Deer.
Uncle Deer.
Uncle Deer.
I'm here, Birdy.
Uncle Deer.
What's wrong, Birdy?
Uncle Deer.
The wolves are coming.
Run away quickly.
Run away.
Go to find Deer Warrior, Birdy.
Tell him to go home quickly.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Stop fighting, Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Stop, Deer Warrior.
Go to seek help from Uncle Goat.
Uncle Goat.
Uncle Goat.
Uncle Goat.
Don't bother me.
I want you to tell me.
What do you think of my dance?
It is nice.
I want you to tell me
who is more beautiful, me or Miss Deer?
Of course you.
Miss Deer is beautiful too.
Who is more beautiful?
Tell me.
You think you are more beautiful.
She thinks she is more beautiful.
So What's your opinion then?
You are equally beautiful.
I am angry now.
You naughty old man.
I know it.
Everyone says
Miss Deer is more beautiful.
Something bad will happen.
What bad things?
She treats Sika Deer well today,
and treats Deer Warrior well tomorrow
Sika Deer and Deer Warrior
will feel jealous.
They will end up fighting each other.
Help, Uncle.
What happens?
Deer Warrior is fighting Sika Deer
- I've already told you.
- None of your business.
Release him, Evil Wolf.
You are the next.
Deer Warrior.
No, Deer Warrior.
Stop fighting.
How come Uncle Goat does not come?
Deer Warrior.
Right there.
Deer Warrior.
Why do you fight?
Why don't you answer me?
What's up?
Hey, Uncle Goat.
I don't know how to call you.
Uncle Stupid?
Or Uncle Forgetful?
Haven't I told you
Deer Warrior and Sika Deer
feel jealous towards each other
because of the love of Miss Deer.
I don't need you to tell me.
Miss Deer.
Which one of them you love the most?
Tell me.
Quick. Tell me.
If you ask me to make the decision,
I'll love the braver one.
So now I suggest
let them duel.
Let Uncle Goat be the judge.
Let's see who will Win the duel.
The Winner can Win Miss Deer's love.
Erotic Fox.
Don't add oil to the fire.
Everyone agrees that
the Winner on the battlefield
is the Winner in a love affair.
Beat him, Sika Deer.
Beat him.
Don't fight, Deer Warrior.
Don't, Deer Warrior.
Please stop.
Deer Warrior.
Stop, Deer Warrior.
I order you to stop now.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Just go.
Just go.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Deer Warrior.
Something happened to your family.
Your father asks you to go home.
Deer Warrior.
Do you need to leave now?
I need to go home immediately.
Go home quickly.
I'll take care of Miss Deer.
Thanks, Uncle Goat.
Deer Warrior.
Miss Deer.
Let's go home together.
What happened to his family?
Don't worry too much.
He'll be back soon.
Monkey. Eagle.
- Protect Miss Deer on her way home.
- Ok.
Fuck. She is not worth it.
Sika Deer.
Let me introduce
a more beautiful girl to you.
Uncle Goat does not want to help you.
They are all Deer Warrior's friends.
You'll pay for it, Deer Warrior.
That's it.
You're here finally.
They've gone.
Evil Wolf.
Do remember
to take revenge for Dad.
I must take revenge.
There is nothing to eat in this hill.
We need to search other places.
Let's divide into groups.
Fine. Let's go.
Contact the others when you find it.
Let's go.
Starting from this side.
Deer Warrior.
How come he does not come back?
Your spirit in Heaven must bless me.
I must kill the wolves and take revenge.
Miss Deer.
Please forgive me.
Before I take the revenge,
I can't meet you.
I remember the first time
we fell in love
was the time we walked
in the garden in spring
There was love
in the eyes of both of us
The smell of the wind was nice
I remember the time
our love grew stronger
was the time we walked
near the river in summer
Our love was as sweet
as sugar and honey
The water sang out the poem of love
I remember the time
our love grew bitter
was the time we walked
in the hill in autumn
We shared our sadness together
Tears dropped in the moonlight
I remember the time
our love ended in tragedy
was the time we walked
on the pier in Winter
We thought of breaking up
Even the waves were crying loudly
Now Deer Warrior is not there.
It is the golden chance.
Go quickly.
The troublemaker Uncle Goat
comes again.
Go. Let's leave.
Miss Deer.
Uncle Goat.
The night falls.
Why are you still here?
I'm worried about you,
so I come to find you.
I promise Deer Warrior I'll take care of you.
I don't know when Deer Warrior will return.
Why doesn't he send me
any messages via Birdy?
He has some business to do.
I can ask Sheep to live with you
if you feel lonely.
No need, Uncle Goat.
Please go home and rest.
Then I'll visit you tomorrow
Ok. I leave now.
Sika Deer.
Don't feel sad and painful.
How about having a walk with me?
Go away.
I hate your dirty smell.
This is the natural smell of fox.
Oh I see.
You are still thinking of Miss Deer.
If you really love Miss Deer that much,
I have an idea.
What idea?
I won't tell you.
Please. Please tell me.
I have a dirty smell.
Stay away from me.
I'm sorry, Erotic Fox.
Tell me What your idea is.
Now you are begging in front of me.
Tell me. Quick.
Thank you.
Go now.
I'll come later.
Miss Deer.
Although I lost to Deer Warrior,
I'm still in love with you.
You mean.
I'm jealous of Deer Warrior.
He Wins your love.
He is the happiest man on earth.
I believe there are
prettier female deers waiting for you.
No. I won't change my mind.
I told myself...
I'll never love other female deers
except you, Miss Deer.
Then I feel really sorry for you.
Has Deer Warrior come?
If he comes,
please tell him my blessings for you.
I wish you a perfect marriage.
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Erotic Fox is seeking me.
I'm here.
I don't want to see Erotic Fox.
Miss Deer.
Sika Deer.
You come to here.
I miss you.
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
I want to tell you a secret!
I want to tell you a secret!
Don't let Miss Dear know it!
I won't tell her!
Deer Warrior is dead!
Who told you that?
I didn't know you were in the cave.
Damn me! Damn me!
How did he die?
Tell me please!
Everyone knows it.
But they don't want to tell you.
Now you've died already,
What's the use I live in this world?
Miss Deer.
What are you doing?
Deer Warrior is dead.
I don't want to live also.
You want to commit suicide?
Only humans commit suicide.
We're animals.
Don't act like humans.
Let me go!
Let me die!
Miss Deer.
"My dear Miss Deer
"My father and my brothers were killed.
"I must take revenge.
"I can only meet you
"after I take revenge."
So you two work together
in order to fool me.
Get out of my way!
Miss Deer.
What's the matter?
Uncle Goat.
Uncle Goat.
They lie to me
and say that Deer Warrior is dead.
Your fault!
Uncle Goat comes.
What should I do?
You again, Sika Deer!
Uncle Goat.
Not me.
Erotic Fox, you lie on purpose!
I heard it from somebody else.
Who said it?
Tell me!
If you don't tell me now,
you can't live here anymore.
Tell me now.
Tell me!
You refuse to tell, don't you?
Don't act this way!
Sika Deer.
Sika Deer.
Sika Deer.
Sika Deer.
Erotic Fox, I'm here.
You hide in there.
I nearly couldn't find you.
Why did you find me?
Your fault!
I try to help you
but it causes Uncle Goat to bully me!
It's fine if he bullies me.
But he despises you.
If I were you,
I'd definitely kidnap Miss Deer!
Kidnap her?
Right! Kidnap her!
I've gone to
Uncle Goat's home.
But I can't find a chance to kidnap her.
You can try to trap Uncle Goat here first.
This is a good place to kidnap her.
Nobody will discover it.
Miss Deer only fears violence,
so we must use a little violence.
No. No.
Miss Deer won't come here.
Give the task to me.
What you need to do is wait here.
All right. I rely on you.
Miss Deer.
Miss Deer.
Don't be angry.
I come to apologize.
It was not my own idea.
Then who asked you to lie?
Sika Deer.
He told me sadly that
you loved him at the beginning,
and Deer Warrior
destroyed your relationship.
I trusted him foolishly,
and this is Why I lied.
I only make one mistake in my life.
I'm really regretful!
Damn me!
Don't, Erotic Fox.
Get over it.
Then do you forgive me?
I forgive you.
Then we can be friends from now on.
It's boring staying here.
We should go outside
and have a walk, right?
Let's go!
Go! Go!
Uncle, do you want peach or pear?
I want to eat peach.
Give you a p-un-ch!
Uncle Goat, quick!
I get you!
Your turn now!
Things turn bad.
Everyone goes with me.
I'll pick it for you.
Please don't go!
I don't want flowers!
Erotic Fox!
Sika Deer!
Miss Deer.
Miss Deer.
Come with me.
Miss Deer.
Sika Deer.
Are you trying to do harm?
Uncle Goat.
What's going on?
Why do you come here?
Erotic Fox brought me here.
Erotic Fox again!
Where is Erotic Fox now?
Here! I find her!
Damn you!
Don't escape!
What's your excuse?
I know nothing.
You brought Miss Deer here.
I brought her here to play.
I didn't know that
Sika Deer is hiding here.
Monkey! Tell me!
She told Sika Deer to wait here.
Then she brought Miss Deer here.
Don't lie, Monkey!
I heard all you said from the tree.
So What can you say now?
I trapped her.
So What!
Get out!
You're banned from living in this forest!
Get out!
Don't, Uncle Goat!
Get out!
Deer Warrior.
Have you found Evil Wolf?
Why don't you go to see Miss Deer?
I can only see her
after I kill Evil Wolf.
Don't kill me, Mr. Wolf!
Don't you know I'm hungry?
Mr. Wolf.
If you don't kill me,
I'll tell you a place
with many delicious food.
Are you lying?
I don't dare, Mr. Wolf.
There are rabbits and goats.
And birds too.
I'll show you the way.
If you're lying,
let me warn you,
I'm gonna tear you up terribly!
I don't dare to lie.
Show me the way.
Hey! Hey! Turtle!
Hey Turtle!
Nobody else on the earth
is as slow as you
Walk bit by bit,
and then it's nightfall
If the wolves come,
how can you escape?
Hey! Hey! Rabbit!
Don't tease me
Being patient is important
I walk bit by bit
to the other side of hills
Let's have a competition
See Who reaches there first
You're so funny, Turtle
Oh Turtle!
You dare to compete With me
I jump much faster than you
The peak is flat
I jump on it easily
And you're far behind me
I'm have a sleep
Oh poor poor Rabbit
Now you'll understand
Around the peak it's difficult to walk,
but I'm hard-working
I'll be the winner in the end,
but you don't realize it
I advise you to be humble
Don't tease Turtle anymore
Thanks to Miss Deer's help.
From now on...
No need to thank.
Starting from tonight,
we need someone as a security guard.
Who wants to go?
Who wants to go?
Your turn.
I'm scared, Uncle!
You're my grandson.
In order to protect the others,
you must go.
You stay at the entrance of the forest.
If you see Evil Wolf,
blow this and we'll come.
You said
there would be a lot of food here.
Why did I only find a rabbit?
Mr. Wolf,
It's still early now.
You go to sleep first.
I'll prepare the food for you.
Let me tell you.
The meat of sheep is really yummy.
What's up, Uncle Goat?
I ask you to find Deer Warrior.
Tell him Evil Wolf is coming.
Only he can fight Evil Wolf.
Go immediately.
I'll go.
We set up a trap under the tree.
If we hear the alarm,
that means Evil Wolf comes.
If we work together,
we can kill Evil Wolf.
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Where is he?
He does not come.
Why do you lie?
I'm afraid it's too late
to raise the alarm when he comes.
How naughty!
You're tricked by me.
I don't allow you to lie anymore!
Let's go.
I'm hungry!
I'm hungry!
Fine. Fine.
I'll bring you sheep to eat.
Evil Wolf...
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
He's lying again.
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Evil Wolf comes!
Mr. Wolf, let's go!
Let's go!
Evil Wolf!
He asks you to go there.
Rabbit is eaten by Evil Wolf.
I can find him now.
- Sheep!
- Uncle Goat!
- Look!
How poor! How poor!
Sheep is eaten by Evil Wolf.
- Sheep!
- Uncle Goat!
Don't be sad!
Uncle Goat!
Look there.
What's wrong, Sika Deer?
Sika Deer!
Uncle Goat.
I saw Evil Wolf trying to eat Sheep.
I tried to rescue him.
But Evil Wolf nearly beat me to death.
Uncle Goat.
Please forgive me.
I forgive you.
Sheep is bad.
He likes to lie.
Uncle Goat.
Now I can understand
Erotic Fox is bad.
She brought Evil Wolf here.
Does she?
Her purpose to bring Evil Wolf here
is to eat you, Uncle Goat.
Eat me?
Where is Erotic Fox now?
I must kill her.
She befriended Evil Wolf.
She brings him to eat at night.
She hides in the forest during daytime,
and plays with Evil Wolf.
Play with Evil Wolf?
How painful!
Shame on you!
Erotic Fox! She befriended Evil Wolf.
Evil Wolf is very cruel.
She'll regret one day!
She even asks Evil Wolf to eat me!
I'm not afraid!
She's jealous of Miss Deer.
I'm worried!
We need someone to protect her!
I'll protect Miss Deer!
- You...
- Don't worry, Uncle Goat!
I won't be impolite to her
I did wrong two times
because Erotic Fox
asked me to do it.
It's good that you regret.
But your impression
is bad in Miss Deer's mind.
When you go to her cave,
don't let her know.
I know.
Uncle Goat, I'll leave now.
Monkey! Cat!
We go back and make a plan
to kill Evil Wolf
and take revenge for Sheep!
Have you informed the others
to leave here?
Yes. They have left.
Then let's find a safe place quickly
and hide.
It's dark now.
You lead us, Cat.
Tell me!
Where is Uncle Goat?
Find him out at once!
He used to live here.
You dare to fool me?
I don't dare!
Where is Uncle Goat?
I think he'll be here
tomorrow night.
If I can't find Uncle Goat tonight,
I'm gonna eat you!
Mr. Wolf, forgive me!
Forgive me!
Damn you!
This is your end, Evil Wolf!
Follow him!
Don't worry about me.
Go follow Sika Deer
and chase Evil Wolf.
Go! Quickly!
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Do you still love Miss Deer?
What do you want, Deer Warrior?
Miss Deer.
Don't be afraid.
I beg you.
I beg you to help me.
So you're an injured wolf.
Yeah. A poor wolf.
How did you get hurt?
Erotic Fox tricked me.
Erotic Fox?
And a deer beat me.
Is he Sika Deer?
He's Sika Deer.
Miss Deer.
They're chasing me.
I beg you.
I beg you to allow me
to hide here.
You hide here.
I'll heal you when they're gone.
Miss Deer, I beg you.
Bring me up the hill, please.
I'll bring you up the hill.
If it's Erotic Fox and Sika Deer,
I'll refuse.
I'll ask Uncle Goat
to take revenge for you.
Fine. Thanks.
Why do you remove it?
I can't bear it.
It's too hot.
Bring me up the hill immediately,
could you?
You're injured severely.
I'll heal you first.
And then we can go up the hill
so that Sika Deer can't find us.
Thanks! Thanks!
Don't fight!
The enemy is coming!
We must work together
to kill Evil Wolf.
We must cooperate.
Too bad!
I asked him to protect Miss Deer.
Do you know that?
Sika Deer!
I misunderstood your motivation.
Please forgive me!
Deer Warrior.
Miss Deer wants to meet you.
Go to see her.
Miss Deer isn't here.
Miss Deer!
Miss Deer!
Miss Deer!
Here is blood.
She must be fooled to go on the hill.
I must rescue Miss Deer!
We search separately.
You search that side.
Sika Deer, you search this side.
Miss Deer.
If you want to help me,
you must help me wholeheartedly.
I'm hungry.
There is nothing here.
Where can I find food for you?
In front of me.
It's you.
It's you, Miss Deer!
You want to eat me?
Your flesh must be yummy.
I'm hungry.
I must eat you.
Please let me eat you, all right?
You shameful wolf!
Please eat me later.
I help you,
but you want to eat me now.
This is absolutely wrong.
Let's find an old man
to be the judge.
There is an old tree.
Ask it!
Ask it!
Uncle Tree.
Please be our judge.
I saved him,
but he wants to eat me.
Is this right?
Say it!
Will you answer?
An old tree like me,
even I live for 1,000 years,
people just use me as a tool
to cool off.
Even when my leaves fall
and my branches become dry,
they still out me down as a fuel.
Where is the justice?
So you mean
I should be eaten by Evil Wolf.
Let him eat you!
How could it be wrong?
Miss Deer!
What else can you say?
No! The tree is just a plant!
It's different from us!
We can't take it seriously!
We must find an animal,
an old animal to be the judge!
I agree.
Let's ask the old ox, shall we?
Ask him!
Uncle Ox.
Uncle Ox.
Old Ox!
Are you calling me?
Uncle Ox.
Can you speak loudly?
Uncle Ox.
I want to ask you.
I saved him
but he wants to eat me.
Then allow him to eat you!
But I saved his life!
So you saved his life.
I saved his life.
He should repay my kindness.
Repay kindness?
I help people plow their field.
I work really hard.
But when I get old,
they kill and eat me!
Who'd repay kindness?
That's right!
So now,
What do you want to say?
No excuse now!
Two isn't reliable.
Three is the standard.
Let's ask on more!
What if you lose again?
Then I'll let you eat me.
It's because I'm afraid of Evil Wolf,
so I tell lies.
Damn it!
Let's ask Fairy Swan, shall we?
No matter who you ask,
I'm the Winner.
Fairy Swan,
I want to ask you.
What, Miss Deer?
In this world,
should it be repaying one's kindness
or returning kindness with enmity?
Of course repaying one's kindness!
But now this wolf wants to
return kindness with enmity!
You can't do it!
You know nothing!
Miss Deer saved me,
but she tried to suffocate me
with a basket.
Then Why do you want to eat her?
If she wants to save me,
she must save me all the way.
I'm hungry now.
Her flesh is tasty.
Listen to me, Fairy Swan!
In this world,
could such an immoral thing happen?
I don't believe
Miss Deer can hide you
in a small basket.
Why not?
She planned to harm me!
How could you hide in a small basket?
I don't believe it!
You don't believe?
I'll show you howl hide in it.
You don't believe?
I'll show you.
You'll know immediately.
You don't believe?
Like this.
In this way.
How dare you help Miss Deer?
I'm gonna tear you into pieces!
Where can you run?
Where can you run?
Damn it!
We can't beat him, Fairy Swan!
You can fly!
Go to find Uncle Goat
and ask Deer Warrior to help us!
Don't run!
Sika Deer!
Go on the hill and help Miss Deer!
Sika Deer!
Go on the hill and help Miss Deer!
I'm here!
Don't step forward!
If you come,
I'll kill her!
Isn't that Evil Wolf?
Evil Wolf, we're coming!
You go downhill and I go uphill.
- Fine.
- Go!
Don't worry about me.
Go help Deer Warrior
to fight Evil Wolf
and save Miss Deer.
Be careful, Miss Deer!
Damn it!
Miss Deer's falling down the hill.
Go save her quickly!
Uncle Goat.
Please help me to tell Miss Deer
I regret What I did.
I apologize to her.
Finally bless her and Deer Warrior.
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Sika Deer!
Go and tie them up!
I'll save Miss Deer.
Miss Deer!
Sika Deer,
in front of your grave,
I'm gonna take revenge for you
and kill Evil Wolf.
Evil Wolf.
You harmed many of our friends.
Now it's your time to die!
Deer Warrior.
Miss Deer.