The Farmer's Wife (1928) Movie Script

...and don't forget to spread those
your master's pants, Minta
He will be the next one in marrying
now that he/she makes it their daughter
.Y why not? in the marriage there is something
magic... he/she has their beautiful side, Chudles Ash
To drink beer doesn't weaken
the lover's arms
If I was the Government he/she would leave alone to
the drunkards and it would watch over the lovers
I have seen the master put their eyes
in an or two women lately
.Ver to an old one in love
it is worse than to do it with tosferina!
The sacred marriage is
a prepared road roller...
to squash the hope of a
man and the happiness of a woman
...and many of those that are here,
often, compa.a wants...
...and necesitn to a man
strong in who to lean on
Now don't forget, dear Sr. Sweetland,
to come to my peque.a meeting next Thursday...
....y would rot Sr. Ash to be in the
door and to announce to the companies?
...I have a livery that could put on
I need time to make me to the idea,
Minta, but soon I will be a loner
My dear deceased's last desire
Tibby, was that arrived the moment...
he/she took another... but her
he/she didn't mention any name
There are an or two women floating in my mind
as the aroma of a Sunday meal
.Coja paper and pencil, Minta, and
we will see the pros and contras!
.Usted knows it, see from behind
don't look more than thirty!
But, you will live
with her of front
Does he find .Qu Thirza Tapper?
I don't worry about padded women...
whenever they are he in the appropriate parts
.Una woman that seems
a pillow at the thirty,
frequently it will be a mattress
of feathers at the forty!
Aim Mercy Bassett
of Royal Oak, just in case
There is something indecent, seeing them
to all in a paper piece
Not it is necessary to wish me luck
Louisa Windeatt will come
as a lamb to the slaughter
.La widow in person!
.Qu makes him/her ascend to my
hill, Sweetland?
I come as the foxes, you are so tender...
.a to choose a thick hen!
Wait to hear me... and then
we will have reason to drink
I will marry again,
Then .la thick hen that wants...
is it for the nuptial breakfast?
It is first o'clock in knowing
their good luck, my lover...
...and I am a man to the one that
a ni.ito could take but
to the one that neither a regiment
it could force
"Yes" it is a word
very brief
"But there is another shorter one...
"Not I am their woman type,
I am too independent
It would only feel a silk glove
never my authority
.No thinks that it returns to
to go up their damned hill!
And in this matter, its
behavior has not been
the characteristic of a lady...
neither fairly pleasant
And don't change opinion...
he/she has decided their own destination
Not leave that that old junk,
the leather jacket of foxes,
Louisa Windeatt,
enter to this house again
...and of course
I will like to see it.
Not forget that the party
it begins at 4 o'clock on the dot.
Sincerely his.
Thirza Tapper
It is very kind on the other hand
to come to help us, Minta...
and also you, Sr. Ash
"The party doesn't have
still begun, Se.or."
.Entonces prefers him to serve
the plums before the ice creams?
Now the men look for
women something padded...
Understand it, Thirza Tapper,
.te is proposing marriage!
...I am a man to which a ni.ito would rot
to take, but to the one that neither a regiment...
Get up, lover
Samuel Sweetland
.Es the first man that there is
picked up the glove of my sexual challenge!
But I will never look for refuge in the arms
of a man... not even in his
.Cmo went that is that the ice creams
they would melt next to the fire!
.No participates in the
party, George!
Here the doctor is
and their wife
It is all so perfect one as in
a cafeteria of the railroad
Their excellence the parish priest,
and their mother... Honoroble Missus
.Deben to be the singers of the choir!
Please, those that have finished,
they want to leave to the garden
Fruit... fruit in the garden,
Mary Hearn, I go to
to marry again
Amusing .Es, a fortune-teller told me
that I would marry before an a.o!
.Apuesto to that I will be able to
to tell him/her who he is!
you, to their age!
Good, .no will want to marry
with a boy, truth?
.Porqu not? It is usually how they marry
the girls, with boys, is .no this way?
.Se dares to be considered
"a girl?"
.Entonces of what bitchy
way I should call?
Very inflated and not very prepared...
.Asi is as me I call it!
Their problem is that it delights him/her
to get dressed like a young boy
Is .Esto a nightmare?
Their hat is it
Green .Viejo! ... To go to one
woman in their fullness and beauty
!Not believe that it has been first o'clock,
because it has not been it!
.ngeles and demons!,
Does .qu make Sammy to the Boss of Mail?
.Pero, what it was
making, Sammy?
Not I will pursue more women.
Not I will finish the list
I believe that Mercy Bassett of the one
Royal Oak, will be as the other ones
I am embarrassed of Samuel Sweetland,
offering in sale for the whole region
It is sad for us, the men,
that he/she crawls, hat in hand...
.slo so that their griefs
be object of laughs!
.Ensilla my horse!
.Mi another coat!
Posed Royal Oak
We understand each other,
I believe that you are in love
We draw crisscross hearts.
True works teachers,
as round and white as
the chests of a woman!
After their scandalous behavior not
I want to speak with you... more than the "official thing"
No man should put it so
gray hysterical, insignificant rat!
Know that, I could have been
a wife... the wife of the one
worthier and more intelligent man,
Sr. Samuel Sweetland
Demonstrate it
Tabby Tapper
...and it would bet that if it doesn't get it,
he/she will return very gotten worked up, .recurdalo!
Everything finished, Minta
Finished .Estoy!
I always had to escape
with the tail among legs
All the power of the feminine sex is in
my against. They have taken off the self-esteem
Not say that, Sweetland. Not I want to listen
to a strong and sensitive man to speak this way
.De what those are made
women nowadays?
I have made many errors, Minta,
but it is still something good in me
That is enough to weaken
their faith in all us
.Cre that to be se.ora of the farm
it would tempt them, since the farmer not!
There is a woman that is pleasant,
Jane Cherry, the hawker's sister
There is a woman...
a woman...
Not believe that it will anger me, if he/she "not" says.
I am ense.ado to "not listen"
I offer humble as a worm.
I don't have left hope,
but I would like to say a single thing
in my favor... a ni.ito could take me
Sure .Est of what says?
It is an unexpected risk
Same Se.or acts as
the lightning and it doesn't warn
when he/she goes he/she is necessary to wake up the trial
in the heart of a man
I will be proud of undertaking it, Samuel,
to undertake it with trust and it thrills
If you regret this additional work,
then I can lose my salvation
And now so that the change is noticed,
you should become this instant
.Dnde that dressed daring person is
of party that my Tibby gave you?
.Ha caught a woman
after everything?
God helps you and me...
.pensar in another woman
in this house!
They say that the best thing after being single
he/she is a good wife. He has triumphed at the end
I will be of their part, Minta.
I will help her to manage it
Not forget to tell him/her that I have
a pay cruelly low
I have changed to seem,
I joust now he/she will say him/her
to Mary something important
Not forget to leave to
Tabby Tapper to hear it
I have heard speak of your sad history,
Samuel, and I have something for you...
I deign so much dish for one
party like for a funeral one
I have made my election,
.y will stay to drink for her!
And if somebody knows a woman
with a more gentile heart
a more spotless past and a
nobler character. I would like to see it