The Fatality (2009) Movie Script

Are you unhappy with your life?
Anyone wanna to tell me?
You're 30
but still can't find yourself.
You're 30
but still can't see your future.
You're 30
but still don't know what life is for.
But still don't know what life is for.
This is not my first time seeing myself
as someone else in my own dream.
My face reminds me of a new life.
Everything can be better
if it's not like this any longer.
Last night, I dreamt that
I was dead again.
The shop is closed.
You'd better go back.
You'll get rid of the bad luck for me,
won't you.
I won't take your money. Go!
- What about my fate?
- I won't take it.
Get out of my way! Go!
Hey! Hey!
You bastard!
Hey! You wanna die?
Come on!
There's no place for me in this world.
Don't care it. Cheers!
Hey! Smash the crap out of him.
Where you going dad?
Can you untie me please?
Hello, Miss! Help me! Hey! Hello,
Hey! Don't! No!
Don't do it! Don't! No!
How do you feel?
You feel better?
Who are you?
Where are we?
What's wrong with you?
Don't worry.
He needs time to adjust himself.
Hey! Wait!
Doctor, help me please.
Just a second.
Catch him!
I want to consult you about
the man who's just recovered.
He's not my patient.
But you're the only one who can speak
Mandarin in this hospital.
He's your patient now.
Don't worry.
Doctor Stanley will
take good care of him.
Thank you.
Can you speak English?
My name is Her Sue Yong
Her Sue Yong.
Don't you remember anything, Asanee?
Are you kidding?
My name is Stanley.
Have you ever been to Thailand?
I'll introduce you to a new friend.
Your name is Asanee.
You're Thai.
You've been in a coma
for nearly 2 months.
Your wife saw you fall on
the table unconscious.
What was strange is that...
there was no wound on your body.
In the past 2 month,
we haven't found the reason
for your coma.
But finally, you recovered
and are OK.
How can it be?
How can it be?
Where do we go?
What's your name?
What the hell is wrong with you?
I don't believe that you've
forgotten everything.
I don't understand what you say.
The how did you recover?
Put it down.
Aren't' you my husband?
No, I'm not.
I told you the truth.
I don't know how I got here
and how I became your husband.
You won't kill me, right?
I'll never kill you,
I hope you won't kill me, too.
Hi, morning.
Asanee never cooks.
I don't understand what you say.
Please be on queue and
prepare your own document.
OK! Give it to me.
Alright! Finished. The next one.
Quickly please.
It's very crowded today.
Give me your document.
Give me your document.
My sweetie! How are you?
Do you miss me?
You come to work, right?
He doesn't understand Thai language.
I've heard it. People said so
but I can't believe it's true.
It's bad he doesn't remember Thai.
Look! I'll show you.
Hi, Asanee.
Uh... uh...
I'm Lek.
Welcome to the new world.
This is your office and
this is your desk.
What does my work involve?
He asks what he has to do.
What can I tell him?
Just tell him. He has to stamp this.
Take the document and
stamp on it. That's all.
Very easy.
We call it
No! Not pumping.
No pumping. Stamping!
My time is over, isn't it?
I'm sorry.
I don't think it'll be like this.
Death certificate.
Is anyone here?
Who's that?
Why do you do this?
If I owe you, I'll pay it back.
You went down to stamp
the document, didn't you?
What's up?
He did what Asanee used to do.
It's gonna be as it was before.
There have been some strange
thing happening to me recently.
Nakul, take it easy.
It might not be that worse.
Nakul, do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Sue Yong.
Those who asked you
to press the sign for them.
Are all dead people.
You saw what I saw?
I'm not sure.
Asanee made me get used
to these things.
Why do they come to see me?
Because you have the scar like Asanee.
So you've got to do his duty.
They are people...
who died in this town.
You have to stamp for them.
So they can be reborn.
In other words,
you release the spirits!
a death certificate in here.
I stamped it.
I'll show you.
There's a tunnel here.
There's also a stamp machine.
It looks like the scar on my arm.
After finishing it,
I'll lose my strength.
They told me I am the angel of death.
I'm the angel of death.
What's up men?
What is it?
Look! Why do you pull up my carpet?
Call if you want it cleaned.
I beg you please.
We're all working.
Keep quiet please.
I'll go back.
By now,
I think you know who you are...
My name is Her Sue Yong.
I suggest that you accept him
because he used to be in Thailand.
He's not Asanee.
He won't kill you.
I'll be there right soon.
Are you sure to use this method?
Don't be scared.
I'm gonna help you.
Help me?
Help what?
Send you to your own body.
To where you came from.
But I want to stay here.
Believe me.
This place doesn't suit you.
Are you afraid of me?
You're afraid that I'll become Asanee.
You don't understand.
Trust me.
I'll never hurt you.
Why do you use this way with me?
Don't you want me anymore?
When Asanee was unconscious
at the hospital,
I went to visit him everyday.
I took care of him.
It reminds me of the first day we met.
It would be good if he recovers
to be the same old Asanee.
He would have not killed anyone again.
Asanee killed someone?
Forget it.
Just forget it.
I'll make your life as it used to be.
I understand. I'll stay with you.
You don't know why you became
my husband, right?
No, I don't know.
I just remember that I wanna
kill myself in Taiwan.
And I became your husband.
I don't know if it's possible
but it's true.
I believe you.
Is it beautiful?
Do you remember these pictures
we took together?
This is my wife.
Umh... great!
- Beautiful.
- Beautiful.
What the hell?
In fact, I didn't want to go
but the boss told me to bring
my wife to the family day.
I've got no mood because of her.
Look at her.
Remember? Do you?
- Where's Nakul?
- Nakul?
I know. My face is already wet.
Don't intrude on their family affairs.
I know it... Don't shout at me!
Well, working time is nearly over.
I'll go clear my things.
Take a look at them. Go on.
Me, too. See you later.
Do you think I should trust him?
You speak as if you want him
to be real Asanee.
6 months ago,
Asanee's brother...
Attapol, his wife,
his son and his daughter
had died in 3 months.
The police were unable
to find out the reason 'cause
there was no wound.
And they were not poisoned too.
So you and Nakul got all
of his treasures.
So don't blame me of not warning you.
No matter how you're unsatisfied,
you can't do anything to him now.
Nakul is more dangerous
than you think.
Thank you.
Mr... Mr... Mr...
Can you help me die?
Please help me.
It's too tortured to live like this.
I beg you please.
Please help me.
Her Sue Yong.
Is it your voice?
Do you know me?
Asanee, who do you talk to?
He's deaf and dumb.
He won't understand you.
What is in that room?
Some thrown-away old things.
Don't pay attention at them.
I wanna die. Help me, please.
I don't understand. What do you say?
I know you can help me die.
Help me, please.
I can't help you.
He's always like this.
What's wrong with him?
He's got cancer.
I don't wanna live any longer.
He's got no money and doesn't
want to bother his family.
His wife always stops him
otherwise he'd have died already.
Thank you.
You're so diligent.
You'll get used to it soon.
- You're great.
- Thank you.
If I can't do it, please help me.
You're so sweet. Alright, Asanee
I'll teach you privately... like
a... personal training, OK?
Never mind.
Hey! Don't worry. Personal training.
Who's gonna go to see a movie
with me this evening?
I'll pay for the tickets.
What movie?
Two guys pumps one old lady.
Damn you!
Attapol Nualsuth
I found this in the drawer.
It's the death certificate
of Asanee's brother
but hasn't been stamped.
It's a fake one.
Why do you tear it?
Do you know it's a serious illegal
to bogus such document?
The stamp in that basement.
Just stamp it on the fake death
certificate and it can kill people.
This is for your own sake.
I just want to know the truth.
What can it help?
Stanley... it seems that
you know something
but you don't tell me.
I don't know anything.
What do you mean
you don't know anything?
Who am I? How can I be here?
If I were you,
I'll withdraw that 10 million Baht
and I'll live a simple life.
I don't even know myself.
How can I live peacefully.
Do you want to know
how Asanee's soul left his body?
Sue Yang and I have come
to an understanding.
You don't have to get rid
of him any longer.
Whenever he's killed four people,
the soul will leave his body.
Go home, please.
Mr. Asanee,
there's someone waiting
for you over there.
Please. Go home, please.
I don't know how to handle with him.
Go home, please.
The helper is there.
No. Please don't.
What's wrong with you?
I hear it.
I hear it.
Hear what?
The voice.
The voice.
I'm sorry to bother you in the past.
Can I help you?
You! You killed my husband.
You killed him,
didn't you?
I know.
You can make me died peacefully.
Go home.
Help me, please.
Sue Yong,
what are you doing?
Why did you do that?
Why did you tell other people
about Asanee's secret?
You're gonna make him
an angel of death.
Isn't it good?
I can help you.
I'm the angel of death.
Or people who better die than alive.
Mr help me, please.
How do you know that death
is better than being alive?
Because I used to die before.
Come on, do you wanna die?
You begin not to trust that man
in Asanee's body, do you?
A lot of people die without reason
caused by angels of death.
They love to kill.
It must be exchanged with
the soul and being a human.
We're spending our lives with death.
Both you and I
can be their victims.
Whenever he has killed four people,
the soul will immediately
leave his body.
I'm back.
How can you come back?
Her Sue Yong!
You're here too?
Give me my body.
Give it back to me.
Thank you
Can you hear me?
Nakul! Don't go back home.
Asanee's at home right now.
He'll kill you.
Nakul, don't go home.
Nakul, don't go home.
Can anyone help me?
Asanee must be killed.
He must be killed.
Because you've killed people
who shouldn't be killed.
You made a bleach.
It'll be like this unless you kill him
Who are you exactly?
Don't worry about who I am.
So how do I kill him?
The same way as
you killed other people.
do you miss me?
We see each other everyday.
How can I miss you?
You're not Sue Yong. You're Asanee.
I typed it myself.
Will you tell me now
who you really are?
Why can you see me?
In fact, I have the same
fate as you have.
But I accept it.
What's wrong with it?
It's out of order.
Asanee is an angel of death too.
It's not easy to kill Asanee.
Alright, follow me.
Stanley, come and try it.
where will you go?
I'm coming back.
You can't escape!
Do you want any help?
No! Don't! I'm coming back.
I'm coming back.
It's me, Sue Yong.
Sue Yong!
What about Asanee?
He's dead.
Are you sure?
It's me, Sue Yong.
You don't want to kill me right?
No... I won't never kill you.
I hope you don't want kill me
So, you'll forgive me, won't you?
I think you should ask Asanee
whether he'll forgive you or not.
I couldn't make it without you.
It's good for both of us, isn't it?
The story of Sue Yong
and Asanee taught
me that the more we reveal ourselves,
the more dangerous we'll fall into.