The Father (2020) Movie Script

Dad? It's me.
There you are.
-What are you doing here?
-What do you think?
So, what happened?
-Oh, tell me.
-I just did. Nothing happened.
-Nothing happened?
I've just had her on the phone.
So? What does that prove?
You can't go on behaving like this.
It's my flat, isn't it?
This is incredible.
You burst in on me as if--
I've no idea who she is, this woman.
I never asked her for anything.
-She's here to help you.
-To help me do what?
I don't need her. I don't need anyone.
She told me
you'd called her a little bitch.
I don't know what else.
Maybe. I don't remember.
-She was in tears.
-Because I called her a little bitch?
No. She told me
that you'd threatened her physically.
She has no idea
what she's talking about.
This woman is raving mad. Believe me.
Best if she does leave. Believe me.
Especially as...
As what?
I didn't wanna tell you this,
but since you must know,
I suspect she was...
-She was what?
-She was stealing from me.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling you, she stole my watch.
-Your watch?
-Yes. Yes.
-Isn't it more likely you just lost it?
-No. I already had my suspicions.
So I set a trap for her.
I left my watch somewhere in the open
to see if she'd pinch it or...
Where? Where did you leave it?
I don't know and I don't remember.
All I know is it's nowhere to be found.
I can't find it.
There's your proof.
That girl stole my watch. I know she did.
What's the matter?
I don't know what to do.
We have to talk, Dad.
That's what we're doing, isn't it?
No, I mean, seriously.
That's the third one you've...
I'm telling you,
I don't need her or anyone else.
I can manage very well on my own.
Wasn't easy to find her. This isn't easy.
She looked really good.
Lots of great qualities.
And now she doesn't want
to work here anymore.
You are not listening
to what I'm telling you.
That girl stole my watch.
I'm not going to live with a thief,
do you understand?
Have you looked under the bath?
-Under the bath by the pipes
-where you hide your valuables.
-How do you know that?
-Tell me the truth.
-I just know.
-Have you been looking in my hiding place?
Then how do you know
that's where I keep my valuables?
I found it by accident.
Where are you going?
I haven't touched anything!
You found it, then?
-Your watch.
Oh, yes.
So you realize
Angela had nothing to do with it?
Only because I hid it,
luckily, just in time.
Otherwise I'd be sitting here,
talking to you
with no means of knowing what time it was.
It's five o'clock, if you're interested.
Myself, I am interested.
Pardon me for breathing.
-Have you had your pills?
Why do you look at me
as if something's wrong?
Everything is fine, Anne.
World is turning.
You've always been that way. A worrier.
Whereas your sister...
Where is she, by the way?
Have you heard from her?
I'm asking you a question.
I'm going to have to move, Dad.
I'm going to have to leave London.
We talked about this. Do you remember?
Is that why you're so keen
on this nurse living with me?
Obviously, it is.
The rats are leaving the ship.
I won't be here.
I won't be able to come here every day.
You need to understand that.
So you're leaving.
When? I mean, why?
I've met someone.
-You mean, a man?
You don't have to sound so surprised.
No, no, it's just that, I mean...
You have to admit that since...
There hasn't been a lot of...
-What does he do anyway?
-He lives in Paris.
So I'm going to go live there.
You in Paris?
You're not gonna do that, are you?
Wake up. They don't even speak English.
So, if I understand correctly,
you're leaving me.
Is that it?
You're abandoning me.
What's going to become of me?
Obviously, this is very important to me,
otherwise I wouldn't be going.
I... I really love him.
And I can come back and see you often.
At the weekends.
But I can't leave you here
on your own. It's not possible.
That's why, if...
If you refuse to have a carer,
I'm going to have to...
To what?
To what?
You have to understand, Dad.
You're going to have to what?
Is there anybody there?
Everything all right?
Who are you?
-Who are you?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing in my flat?
Anthony, it's me, Paul.
What are you doing here?
I live here.
-You live here?
You live here in my flat?
Oh, that's the best yet.
What is this nonsense?
I'm gonna phone Anne.
Your daughter.
Yes, thank you. I know who Anne is.
Do you know Anne?
Are you a friend of hers?
I'm speaking to you!
Do you know Anne?
I'm her husband.
-Her husband?
Since when?
Coming up for ten years.
Ah, yes, yes.
Of course, yes, yes.
Ten years already? But I thought...
Aren't you...
-Anne and me?
-Yes, you aren't?
Are you sure?
Yes, Anthony.
But this thing about France,
wasn't she supposed
to be going to Paris to...?
-Wasn't she...?
-Hello, darling. Yes, it's me.
No, it's just your father
isn't feeling very well.
I think he'd like to see you.
Fine. Don't be too long.
She's just doing some shopping.
She'll be...
-up in a minute.
-Oh, good.
She told me...
The other day she told me
she was going to go live in Paris.
-She told me.
-What was she going to do in Paris?
She met a Frenchman.
I don't think so, Anthony.
Yes, she did. She told me
the other day. I'm not an idiot.
She told me she was moving
to go and live with him. And...
I even remember telling her
it was a stupid idea
because they don't even speak English.
-You don't know about this?
-Have I put my foot in it?
-Don't worry.
She hasn't mentioned it to me,
but I'm sure she's intending to.
-So you do know about the Frenchman?
Never mind. Chin up!
They all end up leaving sooner or later.
I speak from experience.
Do you want something to drink
while we're waiting?
Glass of water? Fruit juice?
No, it's just, I was...
I was gonna say something.
Yeah. It's because of that girl,
that nurse.
-I've forgotten the name.
That girl your wife insists
on handing me over to.
You know about this.
As if I'm unable to manage on my own.
She told me, your wife told me
that I needed the help of this...
Even though I can manage
perfectly well on my own.
Even if she does have
to go abroad to Paris, your wife.
See, I don't understand
why she persists in...
Look at me. Just take a look at me.
-That's right, Paul.
Take a good look at me.
I can still manage on my own.
Don't you think?
I mean, I'm not completely...
You agree? Of course you agree.
But... her.
I don't know
where this stupid obsession comes from.
She's always been that way,
ever since she was little.
Thing is, she's not very bright.
You know, she's not very...
Not very intelligent.
She gets that from her mother.
I think she tries to do the best
she can for you, Anthony.
The best she can,
the best she can, yeah.
I never asked her for anything.
I don't know
what she's cooking up against me,
but she's cooking something up.
She's cooking something up,
that I do know.
I suspect she wants
to put me in a home for...
Yes, I've seen the signs.
But let me be absolutely clear.
I am not leaving my flat.
I am not leaving my flat!
-This isn't your flat, Anthony.
If you remember, you moved here--
You moved to our place
while you were waiting--
For what?
For a new carer.
Because you quarreled
with the last one. With Angela.
Oh, did I?
That's why you're staying
in our place while you wait.
-So, James...
Right, Paul.
So you're telling me this is your place?
Now I've heard everything.
-It's me.
-Ah, there she is.
What's happening?
Nothing much.
Your father seemed a bit confused.
Is something wrong?
What is this nonsense?
What are you talking about?
Where's Anne?
Anne. Where is she?
I'm here.
I just went down
to do some shopping. I'm back now.
Oh, I see.
What did you buy?
Chicken. Does that sound good?
Are you hungry?
Yes, why not?
Here, let me have it. I'll fix everything.
Paul said you weren't feeling very well.
I'm fine, thank you.
You look...
No, it's just...
Just what?
Tell me.
I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen.
I was alone in the flat,
and suddenly I heard...
a noise.
Then I came in here
and there was your husband.
-Your husband.
-What husband?
Well, yours, my dear. Not mine.
Your husband.
I'm not married, Dad.
I'm sorry?
I got divorced more than five years ago.
You remember.
-Well, then, who's he?
-Well, who?
Are you doing this on purpose?
Him who just left with the chicken.
-The chicken?
-You handed over a chicken a minute ago.
What are you on about?
Did you not hand over a chicken
to someone?
-The chicken!
-What chicken?
What are you talking about, Dad?
Well, he was here just now.
I think you're mistaken.
There's no one here.
-He's vanished.
The man with the chicken?
Your husband!
Why are you smiling?
Nothing. I'm sorry. Sorry.
All this nonsense is driving me crazy.
What's the matter, Dad?
There's something funny going on.
Believe me,
there is something funny going on.
Come, sit down. Come on.
Now, don't worry.
Everything will sort itself out.
I don't know.
Yes, it will.
Don't worry.
Have you taken your medication?
What's that got to do with anything?
Let's give you your medication.
The evening dose.
Then you'll feel better.
It's been going on for some time.
Strange things going on around us.
Haven't you noticed?
There was this man claiming
this was not my flat.
A really unsympathetic-looking man.
A bit like your husband, only worse.
It's the best yet, don't you think?
In my flat. He told me.
This is my flat.
Isn't it?
Isn't it?
Tell me, Anne, this really is my flat.
Isn't it?
Thank you.
I know.
I know.
No. You can't imagine
how difficult it is sometimes.
The other day,
he didn't even recognize me.
I know.
Thank you.
As long as he likes her,
that's the main thing, isn't it?
And to know that he'll be happy.
No, that's a good idea. Yeah, absolutely.
Hope so.
She seemed nice on the phone.
Well, I'll let you know how it goes.
Right, right.
Okay. Speak soon. Lots of love. Bye.
-Hello. I'm not too early, am I?
No, no, not at all. Come in.
-Come in.
So come in.
-Thanks for coming around.
-That's okay.
My father's just in his room.
Would you like something to drink?
-No, thanks.
-Okay. Please make yourself comfortable.
Yeah, so I was telling you,
-my father is upset by the whole idea--
-That's okay.
Yeah, so it can cause him to...
I think he's quite annoyed with me.
I'm just telling you this because
he is capable of reacting unexpectedly.
Has he lived on his own up till now?
Yes. He was in a flat not far from here.
Which worked.
And I was able to pop in on him
practically every day.
But we've had to come
to another arrangement.
-It wasn't viable anymore.
-I understand.
He's had several carers,
one after another.
He finds it difficult to get on with them.
He has his ways.
That's why I moved him in here with me.
But I'm finding it quite difficult
to manage on my own.
It's a bit much 'cause I have to work,
and that's why I need someone to help me.
-Did I hear the bell?
-Dad. Yes.
-I'd like you to meet Laura.
-How do you do, sir?
I explained to you
that Laura was going to come by today
so that you two could meet.
-I say, you're gorgeous.
-Thank you.
But I...
Haven't we met before?
No, I don't think so.
Are you sure? I have a distinct impression
that I've seen you before.
So Laura has come round to meet us
so she can get an idea of how you live
and to what extent
she might be able to help you.
I know, dear. I know that.
You've already told me a hundred times.
My daughter has...
a tendency to repeat herself.
But you know what it's like,
it's an age thing.
Would you like a drink?
You're very kind, but no, thanks.
An aperitif? Are you sure?
A little aperitif.
Time for an aperitif, no, no?
Just a moment, I'll be back.
He's going to find his watch.
-I must say, he's charming.
-Yeah. Not always.
Just as I thought, time for an aperitif!
I have two watches.
I've always had two.
One on my wrist and the other in my head.
It's always been that way.
-Now, what would you like, young lady?
I'm allowed to offer our guest a drink,
am I not? What will it be?
-What are you going to have?
-A small whiskey.
I'll have the same.
Splendid. Two small whiskies coming up.
Anne, please.
It's okay, Anne,
I'm not going to offer you a drink.
She never touches alcohol. Not a drop.
-It's true.
-Never. Not a drop, yeah.
That's why she seems so...
-So what?
Her mother was the same.
The soberest woman I've ever met.
Oh, dear.
Whereas her little sister was
quite a different story.
You have two daughters?
Even though I hardly ever hear
from the other one.
All the same, she was always my favorite.
She was a painter. Look, there you are.
The Pirouette. Beautiful, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
A dazzling girl.
I don't understand
why she never gets in touch. Never.
Your whiskey.
-Thank you.
I'd give everything I own for a glass
of whiskey. Don't you agree?
Well, I don't own all that much, so...
Really? What do you do for a living?
I look after other people.
Other people?
Yeah, my job is to help people
who need help.
Sounds like those girls you're always
trying to dump off on me.
Must be a difficult job though, isn't it?
Spending all day with one of those...
I couldn't stand it. Am I right?
What about you?
What did you do for a living?
Oh, I was a dancer.
-Were you?
-You were an engineer.
-What do you know about it?
Yes, tap dancing was my specialty.
-You seem surprised.
-A little bit.
Don't you believe me,
or you find that difficult to imagine?
Of course. It's just...
I've always loved tap dancing.
You, really?
I'm still great at it. I'll show you.
Jolly good. Why are you laughing?
Sorry. Sorry.
I know who she reminds me of.
It's Lucy. Lucy, when she was younger.
-Yeah, my other daughter.
That's right.
There is a resemblance, don't you think?
-Yeah, maybe.
Her unbearable habit of laughing inanely.
I had you there, didn't I?
The situation is very simple.
I have lived in this flat...
for some time now.
I'm extremely attached to it.
I bought it more than 30 years ago.
Can you imagine? You weren't even born.
Yes, it's a big flat.
Very nice. It's very big.
And I've been very happy here.
my daughter is very interested in it.
What are you talking about?
You see, my daughter is of the opinion
that I cannot manage on my own.
So she's moved in with me,
ostensibly to help me,
with this man she met not long ago
just after her divorce.
Who has a very bad influence on her,
I have to tell you.
What are you talking about, Dad?
So now she would like to convince me
that I really cannot manage on my own.
And the next stage will be
to send me away. I don't know where.
It'll be a much more efficient way
of getting hold of my flat.
But it's not going to happen that way.
Sorry, dear. I may as well tell you now.
I'm not leaving this flat any time soon.
I'm going to outlive you.
Both of you.
I don't know about you...
but my daughter, yes.
In fact, I'm gonna make a point about it.
I'm going to inherit from her.
Not the other way around.
And the day of her funeral,
I shall give a little speech.
To remind everyone how heartless
and manipulative she was.
I'm so sorry about this.
Why? She understands perfectly.
You're the one who doesn't.
See, I've been trying
to convince her for months
that I can manage very well on my own.
But... she refuses to listen.
I don't need any help from anyone.
And I'm not going to leave my flat.
All I want is for everyone to fuck off.
Having said that...
it's been a great pleasure.
Au revoir. Toodle-oo.
I'm really very sorry about this.
You weren't kidding
when you said he had his ways.
I'm really sorry.
Don't be.
That sort of reaction's quite normal.
It'll be all right.
Do you think?
Did it go well?
I think so. She said
she was gonna start tomorrow.
Yeah. So we'll see
how the first day goes, and...
I was worried it wasn't gonna work,
but in the end, it was fine.
-He was charming.
-There you are, you see.
He really turned the charm on for her.
You should have seen him.
He told her he'd been a dancer.
A tap dancer.
I don't know how to describe it to you.
She's going to be able to...
I think they're really
gonna get on well together.
And then he said
that she reminded him of Lucy.
How old is she?
Why, you interested?
What's the matter with you?
If it went well,
that's good news, isn't it?
Yes. Yeah.
-What's the matter with you? Tell me.
-It's just...
Just now, when I came back
with the chicken, he didn't recognize me.
It just did something to me.
I understand.
Finding it really hard.
Come, give me a hug.
I saw it in his eyes.
He didn't know who I was.
Like I was a stranger to him.
-You'll have to get used to it.
-I can't manage to.
I think you can.
I think you're managing really well.
Come on.
Oh, Dad.
Hi. Dinner will be ready in five minutes.
Does that suit you?
Yes, dear. Suits me fine.
Suits me fine.
Are you hungry?
Yes, yes. But...
We have guests this evening?
No, why?
Oh, nothing.
Everything all right?
You had a good day?
Yeah, very good.
Laura came by.
Didn't she, Dad?
Laura came by just now to see us.
The young woman who came to see us.
Then we saw the doctor.
Has anyone seen my watch?
I seem to have lost it.
You've probably put it
in your cupboard. In your hiding place.
What cupboard?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I really don't know, Anne.
What cupboard? There's no cupboard.
There's no cupboard, is there?
Can we be more discreet?
Have you looked in your cupboard?
It's not there.
I must have lost it somewhere.
-Or it's been stolen.
-It hasn't.
What do you mean, it hasn't?
-It can't have flown away.
-You want me to go and have a look?
Very much so. It is a bother.
I am worried.
It's very worrying. I mean...
Losing all my things,
everyone's just helping themselves, and...
If this goes on much longer,
I'll be stark naked.
I won't be able to tell
what time it is. Please.
Thank you.
Might you have the time?
Almost eight.
That's late.
Shouldn't we be sitting down for dinner?
Yes, in five minutes,
when the chicken's ready.
We're having chicken this evening?
It's the one Anne bought.
It's pretty.
Your watch, it's...
It's very pretty. It's...
Yeah. Is it yours?
I mean, is it yours?
Might I see it?
So, apparently, it went very well today.
Oh, yes.
Very well. Very well.
Apparently, she looks like Lucy.
I don't know. I've never seen her.
No, it...
It went well. Anne seemed pleased.
You know, it's...
I don't really need--
It's mainly for Anne.
Might I have a look at it?
See your watch?
You're right, you know,
it's important to her this works out.
She's been worried about you.
And it really upsets her
when you keep falling out with--
-What is it about my watch?
I was just looking.
I want to check it's...
Check if it's... It's pretty. Very pretty.
Did you buy it?
Was it a present or did you buy it?
I bought it.
I don't suppose you kept the receipt?
What are you talking about?
-Your watch. It's...
-I was talking about Anne.
Yes, Anne.
I don't know why we never really
got on well together.
Whereas her little sister...
That was another story.
Do you know her? She's marvelous.
I haven't seen her for months.
I can't blame her, she's...
travelling around the world, I think.
She's a painter.
I'd be so happy
if she came to see me one day.
I'd take her in my arms
and we'd be glued to one another.
For hours on end, like we used to be.
A long time ago, when she was little.
When she still used to call me:
"Little Daddy."
"Little Daddy."
Now, that's...
That's what she used to call me.
Nice, isn't it? "Little Daddy."
Can I ask you a question?
But I want an honest answer.
Nothing fancy.
Can you do that for me?
Well, then...
How long do you intend to hang around here
getting on everybody's tits?
What is it?
What have you done to your hair?
-Nothing. Why?
-You're looking good.
-You lost your keys?
Hello. My father has
an appointment with Dr. Sarai.
Dad, come here.
Okay, thank you.
So it's you who signs there.
I can fill in these.
Date of birth?
Friday, 31st of December, 1937.
You're living with your daughter
at the moment, is that right?
Yes. Until she goes to live in Paris.
No, Dad, why do you keep
going on about Paris?
-I'm staying in London.
You keep changing your mind.
How do you expect people to keep up?
Never been any question
of me living in Paris.
-Yes, there was. You told me.
-No, I didn't.
I'm sorry. You told me the other day.
Have you forgotten? She's forgotten.
You're suffering from memory loss.
I'd have a word with the doctor.
-In any event, I'm not going to Paris.
-That's good.
Paris. They don't even
speak English there.
I know how worrying these things can be,
and things can change very quickly.
So if you need anything at all,
give me a call. Any time.
Thank you. Thank you for your help.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello. What's the matter?
All right. I'll be up in a minute.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What's happening?
Nothing much,
but I think he'd like to see you.
-Where is he?
-In his room.
-Let me have it.
-Thank you.
Here, let me.
What have you done?
What's the matter?
Okay. I'll get dinner ready.
-Thank you for everything.
-We have to find another arrangement.
-Such as?
-Putting him in an institution.
-A home?
Yes, a nursing home.
It'd be better for him.
Why are you saying this now?
Tomorrow we've got this girl starting.
You're right.
We'll see. Maybe it'll work out
very well with this girl.
You seem to think she's good.
But, believe me, the doctor is right.
The moment will come when--
However good she is, he's ill, Anne.
He's ill.
Dad, what are you doing
standing out there? Come on.
Come on. Come and sit down.
Come on, Dad.
-So it went well today?
-Yeah. Very well. Wouldn't you agree, Dad?
-You made her laugh a lot.
-I did?
-Yes, she said you were charming.
That you had your ways,
but that you were charming.
She's coming tomorrow morning
to start working here.
-Would you like some more?
-I would. It's good chicken.
Don't you think? Where did you buy it?
Downstairs. Why?
No reason. It's good chicken.
No, thanks.
So she's working full days,
is she? I mean...
Yeah, till six.
-And then?
-What do you mean?
-After six?
-I'll be here.
You satisfied?
With what?
You have a daughter
who looks after you properly.
Don't you? You're lucky.
-You're lucky too.
-Oh, you think so?
-What's the matter with her?
She's tired.
Needs a bit of sun.
You need to take care of her, old sport.
Why don't you go away somewhere?
Sometimes I wonder
if you're doing it deliberately.
We had...
planned on going to Italy.
But we had to cancel at the last moment.
-Do you know why?
Because of your row with Angela.
We weren't able to go
and leave you on your own.
We had to cancel our holiday
and bring you here.
Now you're gonna stay here.
For good, if I understand correctly.
He's forgotten.
-It's amazing.
-Stop it.
-Stop what?
-You're being a bit...
-A bit what?
No, I'm not.
I think I'm being very, very patient.
Very patient, believe me.
-Did you take the chicken away?
-Sorry, yes. Did you want some more?
-Is it in the kitchen?
-Yeah, I'll fetch you some more.
No, I'll get it.
-Why do you say things like that?
-What did I say?
I completely understand your feelings.
-No, you don't understand.
-I do. But what I don't understand is...
You do so much for him,
and I respect you for that.
I mean, you took the decision
to bring him here and...
You know, why not? But...
How can I put this?
I think you have to come up
with a different solution.
-He's totally lost it.
-Stop talking like that.
How do you want me to talk?
I'm telling the truth.
We have to come up
with a different arrangement.
-Such as?
-Put him in an institution.
-A home?
-Yes, a nursing home.
It'll be better for him.
Why are you saying this now?
Tomorrow we've got this girl starting.
Yes, you're right. We'll see.
Maybe it'll work out
very well with this girl.
You seem to think she's good.
But, believe me, the doctor's right, Anne.
The moment will come when--
However good she is, he's ill, Anne.
He's ill.
What are you doing standing out there?
Come and sit down.
Come on, Dad.
Dad, come in and sit down.
Please hold the line
while we try to connect you.
The number you are calling knows
you are waiting.
Please hold the line
while we try to connect you.
The number you are calling knows
you are waiting.
Dr. Sarai speaking.
Are you up already?
Did you sleep well?
Anne, where are these from?
Shall I get you some tea
before she arrives?
-Where's the painting?
-What painting?
You're mixing this up with your flat.
There's never been a painting there.
Come and have some breakfast.
Here's your tea.
-Don't let it get cold.
-Where's Anne?
-She went out.
-Really? Already?
She'll be back. At the end of the day.
I'll look for your medication.
-No, wait.
-I'll be back.
I'm just going to look
for your medication.
Oh, shit.
-What is the time?
-It's time for your medication.
It's best to take them now.
Then it's done. Don't you think?
This little blue one,
that's the one you like.
Your little blue pill.
Look, it's a pretty color, isn't it?
-Can I ask you a question?
Are you a nun?
Then why are you speaking to me
as if I'm retarded?
-But I'm not.
-"Your little blue pill."
"Your little blue pill."
-Sorry. I didn't mean...
It's really unpleasant.
You'll see when you get to my age,
which will happen sooner than you think.
I apologize.
It won't happen again.
Tell me...
have you noticed something?
What about?
-Well, you know, my flat.
-What about it?
Well, it's changed.
You think?
Those chairs, for instance.
There, there.
-Who put them there?
-I don't know. Your daughter, I imagine.
Obviously my daughter, obviously.
All the same, it is extraordinary
not even to ask my opinion.
I wanted to apologize if I was a little...
-the last time we met.
-No problem.
Your daughter warned me.
She told me you had your ways.
It is amazing how much you look like Lucy.
Anne told me what happened to her.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
-About her accident.
What accident?
What are you talking about?
Are you taking your medication?
Then we'll go get dressed.
-You see?
You're speaking to me
as if I were retarded.
-No, I'm not.
-You are!
I'm not.
"And we'll get dressed."
"And your little blue pill."
Thing is, I'm very intelligent.
You need to bear that in mind.
Do you understand?
Yes, I'll bear that in mind.
Good. Thank you.
Yeah, it's true. I'm very intelligent.
Sometimes I even surprise myself.
I have a memory like an elephant.
-You know that animal?
-Yes, yes.
You've forgotten your pills.
What are they doing there?
-Shall I get you another glass of water?
-No, don't bother.
I'll swallow them with...
You'll see, that cup of tea.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, positive. Look here.
You'll see. Are you watching?
-Watch carefully. Okay?
I put them in my gob.
-Watch carefully.
-Yes, I'm watching.
Nice cup of tea.
Hey, presto.
Job is done.
You know...
I worked in a circus a bit
when I was young.
-Did you?
-Would you like me to show you some magic?
-Why don't we get dressed first?
-No, not now.
Why? What's the point?
I'll only have to put
my pajamas back on again.
-Might as well save some time.
-I see what you mean.
But... if you stay in your pajamas,
we can't go out.
Where do you wanna go?
-Oh, God.
-It's a nice day.
-Everything all right?
-Fine. We're going to get dressed.
Everything all right, Anthony?
Something the matter?
No, no.
I just wanted to have
a word with you, in fact.
-With me?
-I'll go pack up our things.
-No, don't go.
-I'll be back.
-Don't leave me on my own.
I'll be in the next room.
I'll be right back.
Can I ask you a question?
But I want an honest answer.
Nothing fancy. Can you do that for me?
Well, then...
How much longer
do you intend to hang around
getting on everybody's tits?
-Who, me?
-Yes, you. I'd like to know your opinion.
I mean, do you intend
to go on ruining your daughter's life?
Or is it too much to hope
you might behave reasonably
in the foreseeable future?
-What are you talking about?
-About you, Anthony.
About you. Your attitude.
Stop that. I won't allow this.
-Won't allow it?
Suppose I do it again,
then what will you do?
You'll have to take me on, physically.
Are you saying that to tempt me?
See, me as well,
there's something I won't allow.
Getting on everybody's tits.
Past a certain age.
No, stop that. Stop that.
Yeah. I won't put up with that.
I find that totally inappropriate.
Stop it. Stop it.
Dad, what's happened?
What's the matter with him?
It's okay. Is it about your watch?
Is that the reason? I found it, look.
It's okay. Oh, don't cry.
Don't cry.
You'll be all right now. It'll be okay.
You'll be all right.
Let's eat our chicken, shall we?
You like chicken, don't you?
What time is it?
It's eight o'clock. Time to eat.
Eight o'clock in the evening?
I thought it was morning.
I've only just got up.
Look, I'm still in my pajamas.
No, it's the evening,
and I've cooked you a chicken.
Oh, Dad.
It's okay. Come on.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Little Daddy, it's okay.
Little Daddy.
Dad, are you asleep?
Dad, it's me.
Are you up already?
Shall I get you some tea
before she arrives?
-Good morning.
-Sit down. It's ready.
-Are you hungry?
You've got a visitor today.
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
How could I forget?
You never stop talking about it.
She shouldn't be long.
-This early?
-I dreamt about her last night.
Yes. Well, I think I did.
I could see her face.
You know, I--
She really reminded me of your sister.
Yes, you said that yesterday.
Well, if you're happy, I'm happy.
She seems really nice.
-Sweet and efficient.
I think she'll look after you well.
-I like her.
We should get you dressed
before she arrives.
-Laura, your new carer, the one you like.
-Oh, yes, yes, yes.
We'll get a jacket on you
before she arrives.
And trousers.
She said she really enjoyed
meeting you yesterday.
You did quite a little number on her.
-I did?
You convinced her
that you knew how to dance
and you were really good at tap dancing.
-Who, me?
And what did she say?
She said she hoped you'd give her
a demonstration one day.
That's funny.
I didn't know I knew
how to tap-dance. Did you?
-Hidden talents.
-Apparently, yes.
-Is that her?
-I expect so.
But I'm not ready. I'm not even dressed.
-Never mind. You can get dressed later.
-No, wait. I'm not even--
-I must get dressed.
-It doesn't matter.
It does matter!
-She's outside the door.
-Don't leave me alone. Look--
What will she think of me?
I've gotta be properly dressed.
Why do you have
to make everything difficult?
You can get dressed later.
Don't worry about it.
-I'll be mortified!
-No, you won't.
I will.
-Laura, hello.
-Hello. I'm not too early, am I?
No, no, not at all. Come in.
We're just in the kitchen.
-Here we are. About to get dressed.
-Anne, who's this?
-Hello, Anthony.
But, Anne, it's not her.
Would you like something to drink,
some coffee or...?
-No, thanks.
-Have you had breakfast?
-I'm fine.
I don't want her. Where's the one I like?
What are you talking about?
Say hello to Laura.
There's something
doesn't make sense about this.
-It doesn't make sense.
-Remember me? We met yesterday.
We were just starting
to get to know one another.
I said I'd come back,
just to see how you do things here
and see if I can help you.
Do you remember?
Dad? Can I talk to you?
How shall I put this?
Do you remember the first time
you came to stay with me? It was just--
It was a stopgap because you'd
fallen out with Angela and...
I was wondering if it might be better...
What do you think of this room?
It's nice, isn't it?
-You can see the park.
-Can you?
It's very nice.
It's a bit like being in a hotel,
don't you think?
All the residents say so.
I think you'd be better off here.
I think it'd be more reassuring
and nicer for you
if we came to a joint decision
about you living here.
What do you think?
Well, what about you?
What would you do? Where...?
Where would you sleep? Which room?
Well, if you remember,
I'm gonna go and live in Paris.
No, you're not.
I am. Remember?
I told you all about it. Remember?
But you said...
-Are you sure?
But you told me...
you were staying here with me.
No, I have to go. It is important.
I explained it all to you.
I'll come back and see you,
occasional weekends.
What about me?
You're going to stay here in London.
All on my own?
-What about your sister? Where is she?
-Oh, Dad.
If you only knew how much I miss her.
I do too. I miss her too, Dad.
We all miss her.
Sleep well?
What am I doing here?
It's time.
I didn't ask about the time.
I asked you what I was doing here.
Where's Anne?
I've brought you your medication.
Why don't you just fuck off
with your medication?
-Are you a nurse?
Oh, you are. Oh, I see. That's it.
You are a nurse.
That's what I was thinking.
You're the type. Typical nurse.
So, what are you doing here?
-What are you doing here?
I'm looking after you.
You don't say, really? Looking after me?
Well, first I've heard of it.
Since when?
Quite a few weeks now.
Oh, a few weeks now?
Happy to hear it.
Amazing. Nobody ever tells me
anything in this house.
-I thought we were getting a new one.
-A new what?
Nurse. A new nurse.
The one who looks a bit like Lucy,
my other daughter.
I met her the other day.
She came here, didn't she?
Will you take your medication?
She was supposed to start this morning.
Laura. Wasn't she?
I think you're mixing things up, Anthony.
The one who reminds me of Lucy.
Time to take our medication.
Not timed by the minute, is it?
Where is Anne?
Your daughter isn't here, Anthony.
-Where is she? Has she gone out?
-If you remember,
she lives in Paris.
No. Oh, no, no, no.
She thought about going...
but in the end, it didn't happen.
She's been there several months now.
My daughter, in Paris?
No, no, no. They don't even speak English.
Yesterday, this postcard she sent you,
we read it together.
Do you remember? Look.
I tell you this every day.
She lives in Paris
because she met a man called Paul
and that's who she's living with now.
She comes to see you sometimes.
Occasionally, she comes for the weekend.
She comes here,
and you go for a walk in the park.
And she tells you about her new life,
what she's up to.
The other day she brought you coffee
'cause you like coffee.
I detest coffee.
I only drink tea.
-Everything all right?
-Fine. We were just getting dressed.
Everything all right?
-There you go.
-Thank you. Have a nice day.
See you later.
Him, that one, who is he?
Him, who just left.
That's Bill.
-Are you sure?
Yes. Why?
Oh, no reason. I just--
I just, I-- How shall I put this?
What's he doing here?
Here in my flat? Do I know him?
He's Bill. You see him every day.
Do I?
-And you...
Sorry to ask this, but...
I mean, you, who--?
Who are you exactly?
I'm Catherine.
Catherine. That's right.
Yes, yes, yes.
-And he's Bill.
What about me?
exactly am I?
You're Anthony.
Anthony. It's a nice name.
"Anthony," don't you think?
It's a very nice name.
My mother gave it to me, I imagine.
-Do you know her?
My mother.
She had-- She--
She had such big eyes.
I can see her face now.
She was-- I hope she'll...
come and see me sometime.
Do you think? Mommy.
You were saying she might come
occasionally at the weekend.
Your daughter.
My mommy.
I want my mommy.
I want my mommy. I wanna get out of here.
Have-- Have someone come and fetch me.
No, no. I want my mommy.
I want her to come and fetch me.
I-- I want to go home.
What is it, Anthony?
What is it?
I feel as if I'm--
I feel as if I'm losing all my leaves.
-Your leaves?
What do you mean?
The branches and the wind and the rain.
I don't know what's happening anymore.
Do you know what's happening?
All this business about the flat.
I... I have nowhere
to put my head down anymore.
But I know my watch is on my wrist,
that I do know.
For the journey.
If not, I...
Don't know if I'll...
be ready to...
we'll get dressed, shall we?
We'll get dressed,
and then we'll go for a walk
in the park, shall we?
The trees and all the leaves.
Then we'll come back here,
and we'll have something to eat.
And then you can have
your siesta, all right?
And then if you're feeling on good form,
we can go
for another little walk in the park.
-Just the two of us.
Because it's such a lovely day.
It's sunny outside.
And we have to go while it's sunny.
-We have to take that chance.
'Cause it never lasts long
when the weather's this good, does it?
So... let's get dressed.
Is that all right?
-Come on now.
Come on, baby.
It's all right. Come on.
Easy now.
You're going to feel all right
in a minute, I promise you.
Everything will be all right.