The Feast (2021) Movie Script

[film projector whirring]
[projector whirring]
[vehicle approaching]
[birds chirping]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[engine turning over]
[engine starts]
[machinery chugging]
[steady tone]
The Feast
I want to make a good impression
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping, screeching]
[gun cocking]
[birds chirping]
[man speaking Welsh]
She was worried you weren't coming.
[metal clanking]
[speaking Welsh]
You're late.
We're a long way from town,
but I did send directions.
Did you follow them?
Doesn't matter, you're here now.
Come on.
[metal clanking]
- [metal clanking]
- Fuck!
[Glenda] You're expected to prepare
the food, serve, clear the plates.
My husband doesn't realize
how much work he creates
by inviting guests over for dinner.
I've been planning this for days
and when Lynwen said
she wasn't free to help...
Lynwen holds you in high esteem.
You're not going to let her down,
are you?
- Good.
- [man] Fuck!
Guto, did you stack the logs in the shed?
I want to make a good impression!
We'd better start.
There's a lot to do.
[boot thudding]
I was hoping you'd be here
when the courier came.
The local supermarket is fine
for everyday items,
but you won't find bok choy
on its shelves.
Go and set the table.
You'll find the tablecloth by the door.
[bike whirring]
[birds chirping]
[breathing heavily]
[Glenda] These have been ironed,
the knives and forks are in the drawer.
What's that?
If you've marked it, I'll...
Bastard dry cleaner!
[blender whirring]
[Glenda] This will have to do.
It was my mother's.
Gweirydd, I haven't even unpacked
the ingredients yet. Go!
Who is she?
Cadi. She's working for us tonight.
No Lynwen?
[Glenda] Lynwen's father became ill
earlier in the week.
I won't need dinner.
Your father will expect you
to join us at the table.
[Gweirydd] My diet has been designed
especially for me.
I've been following it for two weeks.
Eat what you want.
But if you expect your father to keep
financing this triathlon business...
you'd better come to the table
when his guests arrive.
Cadi, the table.
[birds chirping]
[cord unreeling]
[glasses clink]
[tone playing]
[electric guitar playing]
[water splashing]
[man sighs]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
I didn't say anything about flowers.
And the glasses don't match.
No, leave them.
They'll have to do.
[Glenda] I didn't keep many things
after my mother.
Her favorite dress, hairbrush...
But when we decided to demolish
the farm, it was a different story.
That old table cloth, blankets...
I kept everything in storage for two years
while this house was being built.
the things I kept...
they don't suit the place now.
They feel primitive.
[knife tapping]
Do you want a taste?
[Glenda] Guto used to love this stuff
when he was little.
Mango, pineapple...
I spent the first five years of his life
cutting fruit into small pieces.
I guess you know who my husband is.
Your Member of Parliament.
Naturally, we spend
most of the year in London,
but we return regularly.
Towel, quickly!
Thank you.
What's wrong?
Haven't you seen a gun before?
Your assistant for the night, yes?
God only knows why she needs help
preparing supper for seven people.
I'd like to see you prepare
a three-course meal.
[man] I take it you have the honor
of skinning them?
Where are you going?
What's wrong?
He shot them.
Two rabbits.
More than one?
He'll be boasting about this for weeks.
That's why my father enjoys coming here.
To kill innocent creatures.
You're safe to go back inside.
The only people my father really wants
to shoot are his political opponents
and his parents.
My father had a very unhappy childhood.
You've got something on your shirt.
Lynwen serves rabbit at the pub regularly.
I assumed you'd be familiar
with the job.
Don't tell me you're a vegetarian.
Are you ill?
Luckily I've done this before.
I didn't have a choice
when I was a girl on the farm.
There's a white blouse
in my wardrobe you can borrow.
[plastic crinkling]
[beads clattering]
You'd better watch out
That county councilor phoned again.
He thinks you're avoiding him.
He's right.
Those papers arrived for you.
More reading...
but that's the nature of the job.
It's not a job, Glenda.
It's a privilege.
I'm sorry if I scared you earlier.
Can we be friends, Cadi?
I want to be your friend.
[Cadi humming]
[high-pitched ringing]
You'd better watch out...
Walking down the street
Seeing your curly head of hair...
You wake with a smile
From a beautiful sleep...
King of the crows
With your lively eyes...
Oh, my sweet
You'd better watch out
Where did you hear that?
I haven't heard that song
since... well...
my mother.
[Cadi singing]
You'd better watch out...
Oh, lovely girl
You'd better watch out
You'd better watch out
Mischievous child
You'd better watch out
You have a nice voice.
You talked about starting a choir, Glenda.
Maybe Cadi could be your first recruit.
We'll need something
to light the candles, Gwyn.
I'd better get myself ready.
I need to borrow your lighter.
If you take my lighter, Gwyn,
how will I light my spliffs?
I know you've given up that nonsense.
Because you've been checking up on me?
[Gwyn] Your mother and I don't want
to treat you like this, Guto.
No, you're doing it for my benefit.
What else were we supposed to do?
Your girlfriend called to tell us
you were lying on the kitchen floor
with a needle in your arm.
You can return to London
when you've shown us you've grown up.
Sorry I've disappointed you.
I don't want to have
this conversation now, Guto.
Two sons - both have brought
shame on the family.
Maybe you should shoulder
some of the blame, Dad.
[paper ripping]
[needle dropping]
[record popping]
[woman singing in Welsh]
- Where's Gweirydd?
- Why?
Have you seen Gweirydd?
No. Why?
No reason.
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [groaning]
[Guto] My mother said you work
at the Red Lion.
Did you know my grandparents?
They lived here...
when the place was still a farm.
You don't say much, do you?
Don't apologize.
Everyone else I know talks non-stop
even when they don't have
anything of value to say.
Have you thought of moving away
from this place?
Well... clubs, bands, parties...
I couldn't live anywhere
other than a big city.
London is my home.
But you're here now.
Not for long.
What do you do when you go out
with friends?
Drink cans, vodka?
My parents are so full-on...
so intense.
If I don't take something before long,
I might kill them.
Do you think you can help me out?
[breathing heavily]
Does Glenda know you're slacking?
After all, the devil makes work
for idle hands.
- [glass breaking]
- For fuck's sake!
I'm sorry, Gwyn.
Don't worry.
A wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon.
I bought it for tonight.
We have plenty of wine in the house.
Cadi, clear this mess, will you?
Come in.
Forgive me, I heard the car,
but I was still getting ready.
Vintage, 2009.
I wasn't holding the bottle tight enough.
Oh, what a waste!
The shoes got the worst of it.
Via Condotti, Rome.
Give them to me to dry.
Italian leather, Glenda.
I might as well try.
Give me your socks, too.
Guto, get a pair of socks
for Euros, clean ones.
I don't want to impose.
Don't be silly, you're a guest.
Cadi, take the canaps over.
Everything looks so delicious.
Where to start?
I hope you like fish.
Golden grey mullet, Euros.
I lobbied for steak, of course.
[Glenda] Don't pretend that you're fussy
about what you eat.
Although, for once, Gwyn has made
his contribution to the feast tonight.
[imitates gun firing]
You managed to shoot one?
I'd been out for a couple of hours...
when I saw one leap towards the bank.
I sat there quietly.
And just before I fired the gun...
another one showed its face.
And then a third.
A fourth.
- A family of the little bastards!
- Bang, bang!
[Glenda] White socks?
What's wrong with you?
[Guto] I would have brought
a variety of colors if you'd only asked.
- Guto.
- It doesn't matter.
Nobody will know apart from us.
Excuse me.
Go and find your brother.
[door opens, closes]
It's time for you to come
to laugh at Euros' jokes.
If we laugh hard enough,
maybe he'll open his wallet again.
At least we'll inherit
the fortune one day.
Mom and Dad aren't going to die.
They'll stalk
the face of the earth for ages...
like vampires.
Fuck it - if both of us say we're leaving,
they won't be able to stop us.
How, Guto?
We could walk into town...
get a ride from someone.
Maybe Cadi could take us?
I saw you in the forest.
Did she let you touch her?
- What are you talking about?
- Did you use your fingers?
- You're fucking sick.
- Tongue - in and out?
Forget it.
You deserve to be here.
There's a feast awaiting us
[Euros] The red triangles represent
the sites that are yet to be explored.
Yellow - the sites
that haven't shown potential.
And green sites where minerals
and valuable metals
have been discovered already.
And the black square
is this house, right?
[Euros] You've been very supportive
of our enterprise.
This house is testimony to that.
What about the blue triangle?
A site where the exploratory work
has been postponed.
One of our workers
became ill there this morning.
But the work will continue?
The drill went deeper than usual
and we've discovered...
There's no record of caves in the area.
It contradicts
all the geological information we have.
We're organizing a team of climbers
to go there to find out more.
And this site is... what?
[Euros] 30 meters from the border between
our land and Iori and Mair's farm?
23 meters to be precise, yes.
The company appreciates
your commitment to our work.
And I appreciate the company.
A little something to tide you over.
[vehicle approaching]
On cue.
[car door closes]
Mair! Welcome!
Thank you for the invitation.
Sorry it's taken so long
to arrange a date.
Mair, it's been too long.
I don't think you know Euros.
Euros, Mair; Mair, Euros.
- It's a pleasure.
- Hello.
Where's Iori?
Not ill, I hope?
A car has gone into the lake.
I don't know if it lost control,
crashed, or...
The police are there now.
[Mair] Iori offered to fetch the tractor
to pull the vehicle out, so here I am.
[Glenda] Come in.
There's a feast awaiting us.
Cadi, come and take Mair's coat.
Mair, this is Cadi.
She works for Lynwen at the Red Lion.
You probably know each other.
You used to go to the chapel.
Oh, is there a non-believer in our midst?
I was sorry for your loss.
Go and prepare the first course.
I'll be over soon.
[Gwyn] I'm sure you must be thirsty, Mair.
Red or white?
Water, please.
I feel awful.
I didn't know Cadi had suffered
such a loss.
[Mair] Her father, he was working with
the company building the wind turbines.
He was carrying parts on his lorry
when the brakes failed.
Good evening.
Gweirydd, how are you?
Very well, thank you.
You remember Mair?
- Mrs. Bowen.
- Mair, please.
I've seen you racing
along the roads on your bike.
I don't know how you climb
the hill to Cwmoernant.
It's so steep!
Sweat, perseverance.
[Glenda] Gweirydd is competing
in a triathlon, Mair.
That's why you've given up
being a doctor.
I heard you're no longer working
at the hospital.
It must be a huge commitment
to prepare for a race like that.
He'll resume his career
once he's completed the challenge.
[Glenda] Mair, come and see the house.
I'm so pleased with it.
I take every opportunity
to show people around.
[Glenda] The architect was keen to source
the best materials.
He tried to buy locally,
but it wasn't always possible.
This is where I come to relax,
Stunning, isn't it?
Life in the city is so frantic.
It's so nice to escape to a room
like this to... breathe.
It's like a cell.
It's a retreat,
a retreat from the world.
Everything all right, Cadi?
The sage.
By the back door.
Be a love and get it, will you?
[Glenda] We're having rabbit
with a tropical fruit salsa to start.
Gwyn is bound to tell you
he shot the rabbits himself!
are you all right?
Yes, fine.
[bird squawking]
She mustn't be awakened
[Gwyn] Don't wait for us.
Lovely, thank you.
[Glenda] You'll find Gweirydd's food
in the red box in the fridge.
[Guto] What's on the menu tonight?
Something tasty?
[Glenda] Pomegranate is a miracle food.
If you don't like it...
No, it's important to try new things.
The rabbit is superb, Glenda.
I shot it!
[Glenda] And I cooked it!
Thank you, Euros.
Does Iori still shoot?
He hasn't been out recently, no.
Tell him not to leave it too long.
You need a good eye,
but practice makes perfect.
[Glenda] Running the farm must be
a full-time job for Iori.
[Gwyn] I'm sure it is, but everyone
should find time to relax.
It's important.
I learned that the hard way.
If I hadn't had that scare with my heart,
I'd still be working incessantly.
- Did you have a heart attack, Gwyn?
- Yes, I was very worried.
It was a peptic ulcer.
He had treatment
and the pain decreased.
Although my father would want
everybody to think his life was in danger,
nobody's died from a tendency
to over produce stomach acid.
- You might be the first, Dad.
- Indeed!
What the fuck is that?
You're not going to let him
eat that at the table?
Calm down.
- [Guto] It's fucking disgusting!
- [Gwyn] That's enough.
Gweirydd is on a special diet.
Raw meat,
meat that's still breathing.
- It's totally safe, healthy.
- It's fucking gross!
- Go to your room!
- Forgive us, please?
- Why am I the one that has to leave?
- Now!
A dog wouldn't even eat that.
He's not all there!
Go to your room.
Gwyn! You don't want to have
a real heart attack!
Euros, Mair, I'm so sorry.
[Gweirydd] The meat is fresh.
It's treated before I eat it.
Gweirydd, please, that's enough.
I'm so sorry, Mair.
[Mair] Sorry, it drives Iori up the wall
when I...
Take your time.
[Mair] I've had enough.
It's lovely, but...
You want to allow room
for the main course.
Don't forget dessert.
You're spoiling us.
I don't remember
when I last had such a feast.
Glenda thinks I visit to discuss
business with Gwyn,
but in truth I come for the hospitality.
What exactly do you do, Euros?
I help small businesses find ways
to make money with their assets.
It works like this, Mair.
You and Iori have assets in the farm.
The buildings,
the livestock, equipment...
Euros' work is to think of new ways
for you to make money
other than producing milk.
I inspire businesses to diversify.
We've known Euros for years.
He's helped us to realize
our full potential.
Come on, Glenda, you've known Mair
since you were a girl.
There's no need to be modest.
Euros has made us a lot of money
over the years.
Well, my mother and father owned
300 acres of land.
We sold a percentage to our neighbors...
And then we met Euros.
You're responsible for the mining work?
The consortium has been working
with Gwyn and Glenda for a long time.
I'll be sorry to see this chapter
come to an end.
But you and Iori needn't miss out.
Would you be interested
in discussing the opportunities?
It's not fair to ambush you like this.
[Glenda] Perhaps we should wait
until Iori arrives.
We need the land.
It's our livelihood.
[Euros] I'm not suggesting for a moment
you stop farming.
We would ask for a license
to explore your land.
And if we were to find
valuable minerals,
mine them in a responsible,
sustainable way.
Iori has mentioned that money is tight.
It might be a way to ease the strain.
The farm gives us an income.
Yes, but for how long?
We're managing.
You are, yes.
But are you willing to settle for that?
You've worked hard, Mair.
You should be able to retire
without worrying about paying the bills.
[coughing, gasping]
Gweirydd, are you all right?
Gwyn, do something.
For God's sake, help the boy.
Thank you.
I don't know what would have happened
if you hadn't intervened.
Let me do that.
Take a plate to Guto.
He'll be pouting
and won't admit he's hungry.
You'll get a bonus for everything
you've done for us tonight.
- [screams]
- [clattering]
Everything all right, Glenda?
Yes, Mair, thank you.
[Guto breathing heavily]
Help me.
[Guto screaming]
[Guto screaming]
I'm sorry the plates are so untidy.
I should have let you
serve the food, Cadi.
Perhaps I've had one glass too many.
No more than usual, darling.
We both have a terrible thirst, Mair.
That's one of the things
I found attractive about her.
Cadi, come here.
Come here.
Don't be shy!
Cadi was far from being shy earlier.
She was singing!
What, you don't believe me?
Sing for us now, go on.
Sing for us. Sing for us.
- Dad.
- Sing!
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [groaning]
What's wrong?
[indistinct whispering]
[door closes]
And here it is - the district.
This is our house.
The stream.
The forest.
Fields to the west...
And this line is the border
between what was my parents' farm
and yours.
When strangers come to the house,
they see the painting
and see all sorts of grand themes.
All I see is the holiday
in Mauritius I could have had
with the ten grand we paid for it.
As Gwyn said earlier,
Euros has been very generous.
Do you know how much of our land
he would need?
The company would drill
in one or two areas initially.
And if they found
anything of value, well, who knows?
They are interested in this area.
The Rise.
They've found something
on our side of the border
and they suspect the vein runs
through your farm all the way to the west.
We don't farm the Rise.
[Glenda] Then that's a good reason
to consider Euros' offer carefully.
Leave the Rise alone.
That's what everyone has done.
You're not superstitious?
You know the story.
A legend!
That's where she's resting, Glenda.
That's what the adults said
to keep us kids from wandering!
She shouldn't be awakened.
Nonsense, and shame on you
for believing it.
Thanks for the invitation,
but I think I should go.
- What about dessert?
- It's late and I need to see Iori.
- I've made a pavlova!
- No, thank you.
Do you have any idea how much work
goes into making a pavlova, woman?
[Mair] Your mother would be ashamed
if she saw the person you've become.
[Euros] Mair, when will it be
convenient for me to call
to discuss the possibilities?
I don't want to waste your time.
[Gwyn] Iori would appreciate hearing
what Euros has to say.
No, thank you.
[Euros] Cooperating could be
mutually beneficial.
Take a business card.
[Mair] We have no interest
in what you have to offer.
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [groaning]
[groaning continues]
Fuck, what's happened?
[Guto grunting]
No, not him!
We'll have to call an ambulance.
[Cadi] No, it's too late.
He'll die if you don't help him.
[Gweirydd] What do you expect me to do,
look at him!
[indistinct whispering]
Do it.
- No...
- Do it!
The girls. The girls he raped...
- Shut your fucking mouth!
- Patients in hospital, asleep.
Now, Gweirydd, now!
[Guto] Fucking bullshit!
She's psycho!
[heavy breathing]
[grunting continues]
Sleep in peace, dear child
Sleep quietly on your mother's breast
How is he?
Outside, please.
[Cadi humming]
[vehicle approaching]
Mair, I'm so pleased you came back.
Gwyn is ill,
I can't find Gweirydd or Guto.
They pulled the car from the lake.
It's Cadi's car.
They said if she returned,
she'd need a body to live in.
[Cadi humming]
[groaning continues]
[lid clatters]
Have you seen Cadi?
This food is delicious.
[Glenda gasps]
[Cadi singing]
Sleep child upon my breast...
- It's safe and warm...
- [groaning]
Mother's arms are tight around you...
A mother's love is in my heart...
Nothing shall disturb your slumber...
Nobody will do you harm...
It's time to come home!
It's late!
[singing continues]
- [groaning]
- [singing continues]
I told you never to go to the Rise!
How many times have I warned you?
After you've taken everything,
what will be left?
[loud grunt]
What's wrong, Glenda?
What is this?
[Euros groaning]
[muffled groaning]
After you've taken everything,
what will be left?
- [gunshot]
- [fire crackling]
- [screaming]
- [glass breaking]
[screaming continues]
- []
- [high-pitched ringing]
[birds chirping]
[woman singing in Welsh]