The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed (2023) Movie Script

I love
how you never care if I come,
and you don't do
anything for me.
You go to sleep
right after you finished.
It's so disrespectful
and misogynist.
Do you think people can change?
I don't know.
I like
how you don't care if I get off.
it's like I don't even exist.
Can you not?
Well... happy birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Well, happy Memorial Day.
You know
I don't celebrate Memorial Day.
Does anyone have any questions?
I was wondering
what is the five year plan
for the company?
Well, in some ways
I like the question,
but in some ways
I'm a little disappointed,
because I feel like
we've already covered it.
Tell me what you like.
I like when you
put your hands in my mouth.
I know that.
What else?
I like
when you tell me what to do.
What else?
I like things,
I just can't think of them
right at the moment.
Tell me what you like.
I don't know. Can you just
tell me what you want me to do?
I'm telling you
what to do right now,
and you're not doing it.
Any progress on determining
the fields for the database?
I'm still waiting to hear back.
It's funny.
When this project is finished,
you will have made
your own job obsolete.
This is part
of being submissive.
You don't move
until I say you can move.
I want you to feel owned.
Do you understand me?
Yes, what?
Yes, master.
How old were you
when I first started seeing you?
And how old are you now?
You always ask this.
And you ask me
what college
I went to
every time also.
Where did you go?
You missed the awards lunch.
You got an award
for being here for one year.
I've been here...
three and a half years.
Hi, Mom.
I am just walking to the East
Village to meet a friend.
It's only 20 blocks from work.
It's only a mile.
No, I'm not out of breath.
No, it's not hot out anymore.
How are you?
Well, I wish you wouldn't
let yourself get that hungry.
Take snacks with you.
I never leave
without snacks in my bag.
No, I don't eat too many snacks.
So, what's your salary?
Two hundred thousand?
Two hundred and fifty thousand.
That's a lot.
You think that's a lot?
After alimony,
my kids' private school,
taxes, the rent on this place?
You sure you don't want chicken?
Run to the wall.
Run back, suck my nipple.
Run to the wall!
Run back, suck my nipple,
And run to the wall.
Faster, faster,
Did you feel how
submissive you were being?
I like being submissive
to you specifically.
I need to show you this
wonderful pink lamp
that I found on the street.
I think it's good luck.
The light
comes through a gemstone,
and it casts a wonderful
warm glow on everything.
Oh, you mean a salt lamp?
Is that what this is?
- Then yes.
- Yeah, it's pretty common.
It's like...
a thing for lonely people.
Mom and Dad don't seem
to like being grandparents.
Maybe that's why
they never even pressure me
to have kids anymore.
I think it's more
that they just gave up on you.
I mean...
it does seem...
unlikely at this point.
You never even
have relationships.
...that's probably why.
Walk over to the dresser,
bend over
and spread your butt cheeks.
Now, that is vulnerable.
You know,
Charles and I nearly thought
we didn't have a connection
after our first date.
But it was because
we were wearing sunglasses,
and didn't see
each other's eyes.
How did you realize
that had been a problem?
Well, when we
took the sunglasses off,
it was better.
Who's cock
was in your mouth last?
You don't wanna
see other people?
I'm pretty busy.
That's a strong current.
It's a tide.
It's going in.
It's going out.
Here's all your homework
from middle school.
And what are you doing with it?
I want you to take it.
I don't want it.
I've been keeping it for you.
It's taking up space.
You want me to throw it out?
I don't know.
Can I get back to you?
It might have something useful.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
You say that so perfunctorily.
She says it
like she's holding her nose.
maybe I could say it better
if I knew you weren't
always looking to complain
about how I say it.
Thank God.
Now, I don't have to
listen to you talk anymore.
If you're not on Spotify...
you're behind the times.
You're behind.
You gotta keep up.
People can become obsolete.
And that's worth repeating.
People... can become obsolete.
I was wondering
if maybe sometime
you could have me not even
talk when I come over here.
I kind of did do that once,
but... it made you sad.
Yeah, but I thought
you really meant it.
I did really mean it.
I like hearing
about what's going on with you,
but sometimes it's a lot.
You really like to talk.
At the end of the day sometimes
it's just nice to relax.
You did a good job.
Now, say goodnight.
Say... goodnight.
I don't wanna say goodnight.
I was about to go to sleep,
but then I got up and I
did all of this for you.
Now I'm wide awake and
you don't even wanna talk.
I'm not an internet window.
You can't just open and close
the browser when you want.
Well, that's good you're
able to say all this.
Saying how you feel
in the moment
is the mark of
a good submissive.
You know,
if you keep your head down,
you could stay here
for a really long time.
I'll miss working with you.
I'll miss working with you too.
Although... never
made yourself obsolete
like you promised
when I hired you.
Well, the candles were nice.
There was only one candle.
Thank you...
for forgiving me
for mansplaining about LA.
I lead an amazing life.
Every morning I wake up
and I'm grateful
I get to compose music,
you know?
I just, I...
I really love what I do.
That's nice.
It is. Yeah.
It's amazing.
More please, master.
More please, master.
You're supposed to say,
"More please master."
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought we've only been
going up to ten each time.
Sometimes I compose
scores for films.
Oh, cool.
What kind of films?
So far mostly children's films.
It is cool.
Are there any film scores
you particularly like?
Well, there is one
that's by far my favorite.
Maybe the most beautiful
song I've ever heard,
but it's embarrassing.
What is it?
It's from the movie
In the Act of Wishing for Love.
In the act... of...
...of... wishing... for love.
Let's not listen to it now.
So, I'm getting back together
with my ex- girlfriend.
And she's unfortunately not open
to me having other submissives.
I really enjoyed
our time together, Ann.
No problem.
for letting me crash here.
Just don't read my diary.
Oh, I... I didn't know
it was your diary.
Just so you know,
I have my shirt up
and I'm putting on rash cream.
You can do whatever you want.
I feel weird being here.
Like my whole family, my kids,
Everyone's over there
and I've exiled myself.
And you have nothing on your
walls and it's really strange.
Well, maybe you just
needed a sleepover
with your little sister.
So, in addition to some
of your responsibilities
changing in this restructuring,
your job title
will also change.
What will it change to?
I do like my current job title.
I don't know yet.
It will be whatever
HR hands down to me.
perhaps you could pass along
that it's important for me
to keep that.
It will be whatever
HR hands down to me.
We don't have any choice
in this.
Well I have the choice
to accept it or not accept it.
I like to use real, real things
from someone's life
to humiliate them.
There was this...
this woman and she was...
she was very proud
that she was partner
at this law firm.
So... I had her
bring me her law degree and...
I came on it.
That makes sense.
And you said you have costumes.
Yeah, whole closet full.
I have fuckdoll, fuck...
fuckbunny, fucktoy,
fuckclown, and fuckpig.
What do you think your
friends at the Women's March
would say if they could see you
right now?
Oh, um...
I don't know.
you are gonna be communicating
in a series of...
One oink for no.
Two oinks...
for yes.
You said you wrote my name here.
I thought you just wrote Ann.
Fuckpig is your name.
Your revised official
job title will be
Clinical Media
eLearning Specialist.
This is what HR came back with.
They granted your request
to put "Media"
in front of "eLearning."
However, they did not
approve the word, "And."
I don't know
if I would've left him
if it weren't for Elaine.
Although obviously his
satisfaction was there already.
I just don't know
if I could live alone
after having a family, you know?
You know if I do
get back together with Craig,
I can still come over and
put your eczema cream on.
I... didn't know
you needed that.
Dinner time?
I will survive
I will survive
Dancing, dancing
We're dancing
in the streets
Dancing, dancing
This too will pass.
We absolutely
cannot use this system
until the changes in red
are implemented.
This is very troubling.
You are gonna have
to learn how to make me come.
You need more training.
You are more than your work.
You're more
than your job titles.
You're more than your thoughts.
You're more than your bodies.
I recognize
that this merger
is difficult for you,
because you effectively
have begun working
for a new company.
The issue is not the transition.
The issue is that
you are micromanaging me,
as I mentioned in my email.
I might be back late tonight.
Mm, what are you doing?
Seeing a friend.
Someone you're dating?
It's more casual than that.
I could never be
in something like that
that doesn't have a future.
I just want to see
how much more comfortable
your bed is than my bed.
You did a presentation?
I didn't know about this.
It's Ann, everyone.
We already talked to her.
2007 was a year of big change.
Are you gonna need
aftercare after every time?
I don't know.
Well, let me just rinse
this off first.
expanded out
of the college campuses.
I am sorry.
I want to be supportive.
It's just you're showing up
right when I'm about
to start work,
and it's all just a lot
right now.
The iPhone was invented.
Yeah, I'll... I'll go.
It's fine.
In theory, I like it.
But in practice,
I might need aftercare.
You take care of us,
we'll take care of you.
You want to emphasize
the claustrophobic feeling?
I can't hear those bells.
I want everyone on the BQE
to know
how much of a whore you are.
what have you been
fantasizing about lately?
I don't know.
I've been tired lately.
I guess the fuckpig.
Your place looks good.
It's the same.
It is the same.
You see, we are fated
to be together after all.
You changed your username.
I didn't know it was you.
You can put those away
and get real ones.
Put the plastic utensils
away and get real ones.
I thought you were gonna
spend the night this time.
I can't sleep and I'm bored.
Well, do you
want to watch something?
My computer's over there.
I think
I'd just sleep better at home.
So, why are you going
to Israel for vacation?
You like seeing all those
Jews together in one place?
it appeals
to my Zionist impulses, I guess.
You're a Zionist?
Well, I don't agree with
everything Israel does, but...
You said you wanted
to know more about me.
Do you need me to leave?
Not for a few more minutes.
Let me know.
Thank you.
A whole vacation
and you just want to give me
a few hours to spend with you?
Well, you were the one who said
I should use this vacation
to do work.
I thought you would
just do work in the mornings.
Just because
I have
a wrong opinion about a plant,
doesn't mean
you have to yell at me, right?
That's a male oak
and that is a female oak.
You know what these are?
It's a flower of the beech plum.
A beech plum
is a round purple fruit.
Yeah. Yeah.
I do know some things.
I was hoping
for some acknowledgement
before you shut me down.
What do you mean?
Who do you think taught you
all these things about plants?
I don't know.
I did.
When the union's
Through the workers' blood
Shall run
There can be no power greater
Anywhere beneath the sun
But what force on Earth
Is weaker
Than the feeble
Strength of one
But the union
Makes us strong
- Solidarity forever
- Forever
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- The union makes us strong
- The union makes us strong
It is we
Who plowed the prairies
Built the cities
Where they trade
Dug the mines
And built the workshops
Endless miles
Of railroad laid
Now we stand outcast
and hungry
Midst the wonders
we have made the wonders
- But the union
- But the union
- Makes us strong
- Makes us strong
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- Solidarity forever
- Forever
- The union makes us strong
- The union makes us strong
In our hands
Is placed a power
Than their hoarded gold
Than the might of atoms
Magnified a thousand fold
We can--
You said I'm not
spending time with you.
I'm spending time with you
right now.
How much time?
I'll watch you pick your teeth
as long as you want.
I do ten times
between each tooth.
Do you want to take a banana
on the train tomorrow?
- Sure.
- So, put it in your bag.
I don't wanna pack it
in my bag overnight.
It will get too ripe.
I might forget
you're taking it and eat it.
Well, that's okay too.
How about a peach?
- Sure.
- So put that in your bag.
I don't wanna pack it yet.
It's the same problem
as with the banana.
I thought you said
you wanted to have a threesome.
No, I just said
I wanted to meet her.
You said
everyone would have a fun time.
You said that
and I agreed.
And this is a fun time.
so what are your interests?
I like dense foods
that sit heavily in the stomach.
Anything else?
Say, I don't like when people
get too upset about 9/11.
I don't think that's--
Hey, let her be herself.
Usually I like to wait
and see
what someone else orders,
so I won't make the wrong choice
and be jealous.
That... seems like a hard
way to go through life.
You're the only one
that messaged me.
Where do you like hanging out?
It has such a good cast.
Yeah, Geena Davis.
Tom Hanks.
There's no crying in baseball.
There's no crying in baseball.
Yeah, and that wonderful song.
Well, what song?
Um... You know.
Batter up
Hear that call
The time has come to play
this is my stop.
It was great hanging out
with you tonight.
Yes, definitely.
Thank you for introducing me
to the work of Wilson Everton.
If I opened up
this pickled herring,
would you be interested
in sharing it with me?
You don't seem enthusiastic.
You should totally go ahead
and have the herring.
Yeah, but if you don't eat it
then it will be weird
that I have herring breath.
I could try it.
Is it a fishy fish?
I like lox.
Do you want a La Croix?
That's perfect. I have two left.
One perk of where I live
is that my subway station house
is the only remaining
subway station house
with a street level entrance,
in all of New York City.
It used to be quite common,
but not anymore.
Oh, cool.
Sorry, I get excited
about subway history.
I shouldn't... bore you with it.
No, no.
I like a man who's proud
of his subway stop.
What else
has your subway station got?
You're really friendly.
You're really friendly too.
But I feel like I'm friendly
in response
to your friendliness.
Are other people not friendly?
I don't know.
I'm probably friendly
cause I like you.
I want to make you come.
Am I in the right ballpark?
Not even close?
I just haven't come before
from people touching me,
and I probably won't
with someone new.
I really like
lying in bed with you.
I like lying in bed
with you too.
But maybe next time
we can make a real plan?
Isn't this a real plan?
I mean...
a plan where we
go outside of the house,
so I know we're
more than sex friends.
It would be nice to make a plan
outside of the house.
No, the other part.
Well... I've mainly seen people
casually in the past,
and I'm looking for dating now.
I don't see you as a sex friend,
but we can definitely
have plans outside of the house.
Jesus Christ Superstar,
sounds like you're a really big
Andrew Lloyd Webber fan.
Is that bad?
Oh, those are the irritating
show tunes I was mentioning.
I guess it's a specific taste.
Les Mis of course.
No, no.
Les Mis is the worst.
Les Mis is the best one.
I know all of the songs.
"Empty Chairs At Empty Tables,"
"In My Life/A Heartful Of Love,"
"Bring Him Home,"
"Valjean's Soliloquy."
James and Lily
gone and dead
Harry left with no family
I blamed myself
How could I not
How could I feel guilt-free
I smell it in the air, I do
That cowardly rat
Was so untrue
To save his life
He murdered his friends
Disloyal untrue
The list never ends
This is all I ask of you
To believe my story
For it is true
Now let me get that rat
That scurries on the floor
So, I can commit the murder
That I was imprisoned
Keep going.
I said keep going.
You didn't come?
- No.
- Oh.
I thought you did.
Bless you.
I really thought you came.
A lot came out.
Well we're speaking
to several other candidates,
but we will be in touch.
Thanks for coming in.
Oh, okay.
Well yeah,
it was nice to meet you guys.
Thanks. Yeah.
I guess
you didn't think he was good.
No, I thought he was great.
I just didn't want
to get his hopes up
in case we needed
to say no later.
I don't think
you have to worry about that.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I finally get to see
where you live.
I like it.
I was beginning to think
you weren't into this
because you kept
not inviting me over.
No, I'm definitely into this.
you also don't text me much.
You know, sometimes I wonder...
I always try
and respond to your texts
during my train commutes.
I could try and text more.
No, no, no, one of the things
I like about you
is how independent you are.
I just...
wanted to share how I feel.
I feel better now
that I've done it.
I'm glad you shared it too.
Do you like that I have to
stay here as long as you want?
And I'm all on display for you?
Hold on.
I haven't drawn in a while. I...
I can't get
the shape of your arm.
You can't move.
This is not about
making a perfect drawing.
You didn't tell me that.
It's supposed to be foreplay,
like in the Titanic.
It'd still be nice to get
the proportions roughly correct.
I really like the faces
you make.
You make intense faces.
I'm probably just mirroring you.
I'm sure
I make some intense faces.
I mean, not that I've...
I mean, my faces
reflect what I feel too.
You know... could
see your old masters
if you needed to.
You want me to see masters?
Not really.
Then why are you
telling me to see them?
I'm not telling you to see them.
It's just--
You've had one type
of relationship your whole life.
I would think you would miss it.
I think people can like
more than one type
of relationship.
you could be Master Chris.
I could be Master Chris.
I may be part-time Master Chris.
I just don't want you
to get bored of our relationship
down the road.
- Did you hear my update?
- Yeah.
I know that you're leaving.
I wanted to be the one
to tell you,
but... there was just always
other people around.
It's 7:30 and it's already
getting dark out.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
And tomorrow the sun
is going to set at 7:29.
Do you ever worry about
being alone when you're old?
I don't know.
Someone has to die first.
I mean more like...
being alone
in your fifties and sixties.
I guess
I haven't thought about that.
I feel like I would like
to find someone to be with.
I worry about being alone.
in terms of the investigation
of the lost external drive,
I'm surprised
we haven't heard more
from the quality assurance
I'm really sorry.
I'll do
whatever needs to be done.
Well, let's not remind them.
We already reported it.
I'm on your side.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
The bark is rough
because as the trees grow,
the bark expands too.
But... it can't keep up with
the pace of the tree,
so it breaks.
La la la la-la-la
La la la
La la la la-la-la
La la la
Thank you, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Good job, good job.
My friend's show
is coming up September 15th.
If you're interested in joining.
Well, that sounds good.
I'll put it in my calendar.
I don't know if that's
planning ahead too much.
I want to plan ahead.
What are you doing?
I thought I'd wait here until
you're ready for a blowjob.
Okay. Well...
Well, I'm ready now.
It would be exciting
if you made me wait for a while.
Oh, I see.
I can do that.
You wait there.
I want your mouth available
to me to use
the second I feel like it.
That kind of thing?
Yeah, exactly.
The song you're writing
that always makes me anxious.
What is it about again?
The feeling
that the time in which
you could have done something
has passed.
It reminds me
of how, when I was a kid,
I always used to hate thinking
about all the things
I'd have to do later in life
that seemed... impossible.
Get general anesthesia,
drive a car,
have sex...
- a party.
- Oh.
But that would more be
the feeling
that you might have
to do something.
So, is it overcooked?
I'm sorry.
And there's so much of it.
You went to Oberlin, right?
I went to Wesleyan.