The Fields (2011) Movie Script

Based on a true.
- Where were you?
- I said I was going to be late.
I know and I can sue you
for your madness...
If you are my wife, I you
Sure, it will be, what a shame ...!
Why do not you go with your girls Charlie?
Think I have scared you.
Nonsense, I will not stay to allow
having a drunken whore mother.
See inside your mommy Steven.
- I can still go to school grandfather?
- Today no child.
Go ahead, go for a walk after
in the car.
I'm not arresting Barry. But if it is that
you aim with another weapon to my daughter.
I'll have you locked up with the likes
you would be your cousins.
And you will at the corner of your
ass until it bleeds.
Are we clear?
- Has lost a lot of school.
- Steven looks to put this to the car for mommy.
- A kiss, I love you.
- I love you too.
What you said about a dozen
Sometimes Mom would take.
He needs to be with his mother, if
It is here you can go to school.
I told you that not more than 2 weeks
I have to work things out with Barry.
- Your father says...
- My father?
- No, Mom, he already has to Gladys.
- You need to be a mother.
Well at least not bother
with a badge on his back.
What if I say I will leave my
son with relatives not mine?
- Did I miss them?
- I miss Dad.
Strange and your grandmother, Will he come
- Mama, Why are you friends with Sue?
- She says she did that fight.
- Do not you like Sue?
- She looks like a loss.
Remember your friend Phony Maker in
the school.
I have to be good with him or bother me,
and make other people bother me.
- Well it will be something like when you grow up.
- I hate that.
Many different multiple murders... including
the horrifying attack to the officer.
Manson and Manson girls known...
I saw this guy on TV, the guy who
are talking about.
- He is terrible mom.
- There are many types frightening.
- What does Currant?
- Means that one day you'll have a job.
Killed many... many...
Grandpa, Grandpa!
Oh my God you're great.
What are you doing?
So you want to help Daddy
with leg ornament?
Ok Daddy.
Very good.
He always had that temperament.
I still say there will be problems.
That more than likely.
I am trying to solve the
Will you go with Sue again?
He has spent half the time.
At home you can work with your family
instead of walking with the cast.
Were already set there, now you come back.
They are family, all are just a bunch
of drunks.
All they do these people is drinking,
understand that you can not complain
for no money.
They get money to go out drinking.
This is Sue. She gets much
work that the Easter Bunny.
His... your nerves are off
half the time.
He blames his teacher for drag
to school.
Blame the son of a bitch of war.
Not many mini shopping.
Now he blames him for being
sweet and good, is a fucking disaster.
No, he'd give me that line.
Gladys I tried, I tried
However, I tried to give him things that he
was lost, birthday parties.
Working on his confidence.
He is just so fucking
crazy for everything.
He says you you went with Andy
gas station Jul.
That's what I'm trying search.
It was supposed to be so.
Steven, Steven come to say goodbye
Steven bring your ass here and say goodbye
your mom.
- No, no...
- No, I said, has been too rude.
See you dear.
Call me anytime ok. If you want to
to come and visit, only flames.
- Talk to dad ok.
- Ok, I promise.
- Hey you'll be good with mom and dad?
- I will, go to the dairy farm.
Nonsense, go to the hotel.
See you.
Thanks Gladys.
- You're going to play when I tell you.
- Stay off the field.
You know what I mean, Jesus Christ! If
you walk past you never find it.
If you are, you're dead
and black and stinking terrible.
This is the small farm, behave
and see.
And Godzilla wins.
What I said?
They have to find you.
If we find you dead.
My father went to work a lot...
Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma, Grandma!
- I have it, I have...
- Steven What...
Never ever go to the field only
again, no one listens.
- You'll be fine.
- You will have the opportunity...
Oh a little to the little girl
Stop feeding the dog in the
We kill, they will fat, even
that son of a bitch does not pick it up.
Both will have cardiac arrest if you feed
on the table, with ice cream, candy.
Jesus Christ!
- Look, take Bub milk farm.
- Do not stop at the hotel.
Maintain the hotel's garden, making
time for this, for the other.
Just finish what you start,
in this well, and stay in your new place.
I need to get things in
store also. Did you hear me?
Jesus Christ, you've done enough and I
will keep telling you to stop going to
those fields of corn, leave those fields.
Did you hear me?
Have a park out there, no one has
been there for who knows how many years.
Jesus Christ, there is much loose
out there.
You can get stuck in a refrigerator
garbage, suffocate...
And we will find you dead and black.
End up as child of this. He
got it... Do you remember? They found him.
You know why men are shot
when women do fart.
For heaven's sake.
That you, but...
Old women do not maintain this
closed enough pressure then.
- Does not build...
- Is it a joke, or is that funny?
So what do you want in the
dairy farm?
Well we can get some milk
to start.
Damn fool.
- So what did you see back there?
- Corn.
- What else?
- Ravens.
So you were frightened by corn
and crows? - There was a lady.
- How do you see?
- She looked dead.
No dead girls in the field
Bub grandfather's corn.
Just letting you bring your imagination.
Daddy, Do you think Charles Manson
he got out of prison?
Where did that?
Mom and I talked about that. - That is
the type of things unspoken.
- Did he ever get out?
- No.
Could he come off as escape?
Listen, are you scared yourself with
things your mother, keep those things
in your mind. Why not think
on the cart round at the store?
How about that?
I hope you remember what Grandma wanted
because I forgot the list.
Yes, it was like...
Now, now... Get out of here.
What do you think you're doing? Come on.
LOSS Have you seen?
Bub come here.
Daddy wants you if a bird?
If your ab want a bird cage,
she will have a bird cage.
- Why do you need a bird cage?
- Well I can not say that young
but soon learn that never
try to reason with a woman.
- Hines How are you doing?
- Bob's going just fine.
- I like that truck.
- Well every time I come you say that.
- But you can not have.
- Daddy I can go see the cows?
I can you please go daddy?
Well why not. - Well I have to
go get some milk, which is fast.
- It is time for a hotel.
- Ok.
Hello small.
- Are you a good boy Steven?
- Yes.
Oh me too, me too.
- Have you ever seen Godzilla?
- I love Godzilla, who would not?
Did you see... I saw King Kong vs.
Godzilla. They say King won.
I think not. Godzilla is much
madder than King Kong.
The pigs go crazy enough sometimes.
They do not like when they know.
Do not fly well at all when
The pigs are noisy
and much worse...
I have to leave Eugene.
Hey What about Eugene? - Here
simply feeding the cows.
They say aggressive.
Yeah right, well you to take care
of Eugene, who did not get fired.
Cows do not fire me right?
Then Bob tells me that I would give
some things.
Well they took some from the fields
back back a few nights ago.
I can not go back there, are very
Let me tell Mr particularly troublesome.
- Even you like Godzilla?
- I want to go now daddy.
It's time to take the hotel Bub.
Take care of yourself Eugene.
- Hey boy, what is your name?
- Enter the truck Bub.
It only said hello to the little guy, man.
- They live in California?
- Do not know.
- Do you live in a van?
- They live anywhere.
'Even in the cornfields?
Eugene said...
Stay out of the cornfields.
It's the last time I tell you.
Let us know if you stop.
The chain does not change either.
Bub Is it true?
- How long you stay with daddy boy?
- A little bit.
Here, Why not play the vase
pinball machine?
Thank you daddy.
Things are not good between
Mom and her partner.
So we'll have time for
if something happened.
What do you mean that if something
Probably the divorce. She fled.
I said from day one that
married but Mary did.
Do not go to Vietnam, she did
but only by leaving the house.
It's good to be with you
and Gladys.
It's bad enough having
monsters under the bed.
Wherever you look. Now think about that
Charles Manson is looking for him.
- Those damn Hippies.
- The entire country is going to hell.
If fools around here, looking
work for food.
- Location afraid of what they can do.
- Yes, I just see that they will not
live in the cornfield.
I think it snapped in the old park.
I have told them to get a true
actually work and live somewhere.
Not with his nonsense with which
they travel, and they get real food.
Wandering around, smoking up allocate.
Haneys dangerous, dangerous.
How do you know that he is not
looking for the child?
Each fox smells his own hole.
Look there, we have a whole field
this year.
Really love your garden Daddy?
Yes, yes.
Hines, Where the hell have you been?
- You'd better come...
- You know Bub.
Could bury your grandmother in this
garden and no one will ever know.
- You cheated...
- No...
Yes I cheated well.
I said no burgers bandages
stupid fucking shit!
Do not even have anything to wear.
2 drinks never hurt me,
I can prove it never hurt me.
- I do not try it myself.
- What?
That little boy and his grandmother, buried
today, will try them them Mr.
We continue with a view
Charles Manson trial.
Manson and the infamous Manson Family
remain in prison until they leave...
Grandma, What he did?
I know that hurt people but...
Why does it always stops at the TV?
Oh Jesus, what he did to that poor
It's crazy... these guys.
To kill the actress in California and.
- Other 2.
- Why do that?
Because he's crazy about it.
The cut on all sides, it
was 9 months pregnant as well.
Yes, he was going to cut that baby
it. Horrible.
And the girls are crazy and bad.
They are real crazy.
You should be more afraid of living
than the dead.
Well sweetness...
Here they had another good fight.
- Granny.
- Yes sweetness.
- Charles Manson did not come here right?
- No.
Want to hear a song
anger sleep?
- Can you turn the doll first?
- To Mr. Clown, do not hurt your friend.
Yes, I will fulfill your desire.
Can you put in front Godzilla?
Would you like to sing you a song
to go to sleep?
Sleep now.
- Good night sweet.
- Good night.
See you.
Oh shut the big mouth.
It can take these little ones
supposed to be here. - Yes of course.
- No.
- We listen.
You can not get out of here.
The boy is here somewhere.
I was watching in bed.
Does he play like this all day?
Oh, so you never know.
Stays busy all the time.
Yes God... last week was
running the damn cornfield.
Gladys O God, if there comes
never find it.
Do not you think that has entered the
corn again, right Gladys?
The son of a bitch Medan arrest
heart early.
There is, there is.
Steven come here.
Go to Teddy and your new friend Charlie.
Come here son, we want to see.
Let Steven. Steven go.
- We will not harm you.
- Do you like chicken Steven?
I brought a bit is in the house.
- The first time he sees you, you know.
- I was watching play back there.
What were you doing?
Do you know gunk few?
- Ultra man.
- Say what?
- Ultra man.
- Ultra man! It sounds fabulous.
Good looks do not want to scare you.
My name is Charlie.
Oh come on now. It is well now.
- That's silly.
- Okay, okay.
- Steven We look at them.
- Very good bye.
- See you soon Steve.
- Do not park here anymore.
- Oh do not stop well.
- Because Hines...
- Take your cigarette...
- Because usually Hines park here, is his favorite place.
- Do not wanna talk about it more.
- And do not drink too bad because you park...
I will stop drinking when you peer
your mouth... - Very good.
Grandmother, why Charles has
dark skin? - What?
- Why you have dark skin?
- It is a black.
- Moses, that's a bad word.
- No.
Let me tell you something.
They were very good with my
Mom and I, when I was growing up.
How many brothers and sisters have
Well see, I have Teddy clear.
Gracie. Babar never met.
- He's dead.
- He jumped the big bridge right?
Yes, it is. Would you like spaghetti
for dinner tonight?
- Of course.
- Well.
How come is that they
never came to visit?
She does not drive.
Does she like blacks as Teddy?
- G color, do not say black.
- Yes.
We sweetness, we wanted
time to go to bed.
Jesus Christ almighty,
miles I care to my night.
If you need me jump.
Jesus Christ the Almighty.
Daddy, Grandma!
All silent, I need this, if
is that there was someone no one.
There is nothing outside.
I have not seen anyone.
What you heard?
Well he says he saw, he says he heard
someone breathing through the window.
I told you not watch movies let
of terror all the time. He is scared.
Nonsense, he says that someone
outside his window.
Well let's take 3 minutes. Ok. Pa pi was
Bub out, there was nobody outside.
Did you hear me?
No one outside.
Good night dear.
Bush kill PARK.
- What brought today?
- Well ..
Good girls...
Hey guys go to catch things...
- Yes!
- Yes!
Boys caught a mouse.
That's crazy...
Where did you find?
Dad... Dad.
Where's Mom?
What happened?
You came back there?
Your grandmother told you you came back
- What happens if you do it?
- Nobody will find me.
If you want to know what's back there?
Come, you have a dairy farm
right back there.
And you just beyond the packer.
Want to take you there so you can see
there is nothing to be scared?
- I will not go there.
- Why not?
- There are horrible people there.
- Yes, you told me that Au wears a
girl in there.
I tell you, What if you and I walked
there to show that there is nothing there?
I do not want.
- Gladys.
- What?
Let me ask you something. When
is the last time you visited Gray?
I do not know, has been a long time.
I just wondered.
Because I'm tired of you complain
of her on the phone and would like to go
there and visit.
- I do not want to go there Aunt Gracie.
- The child does not have to go there.
It has enough fear here.
This child will give me nightmares.
Yeah, remember when Mary took
the small arm?
And those poor shot sparrows.
Then the baby potatoes cooked with.
Potatoes... - And then you know that
was still poor with George Washington.
For the one-dollar bills.
Maybe if us take Grace
to... somewhere to eat potatoes and milk.
You know you want to touch it.
- Does anyone at home?
- Gracie!
- Hello.
- Oh Gracie salt.
- Oh that's good to see Gracie.
- Oh how cute.
We sweetness.
This is Aunt Gracie. We love.
Why not get someone come here?
And all this...
- Oh...
- Well dear.
Oh I mentioned as...
She does nothing.
She just does... ago
what it does.
There is nothing we can do
Gracie, nothing.
Just talk to her...
Well he has been with us
for 2 weeks...
2 weeks, we will have another week
and then returned with his mom and dad.
He goes into the cornfield, we have
warned but...
That, that... Do not do that.
Do you know who was out?
With Charlie, came and talked.
We had a wonderful time.
She is drinking, it does.
Charlie hates that, really hates it.
How sweet is that going?
Yes, tired...
Put your fucking teeth back...
Where are the children Gracie?
Oh, she says if you want
a cracker with peanut butter.
Oh that looks delicious.
I can go to the bathroom?
Oh the lucky one.
Steven... Let the next guy.
I have it, pretty much I have.
I gave him.
- Order in the court.
- Oh Steve.
Jesus, come!
Your dad came with you?
Oh you've grown a lot.
Your daddy used to kill the chickens
when I lived here.
Look at your hair, are larger
the last time.
- We have your man sheriff.
- Really?
- Bring him here.
- Do you like chicken Steven?
Oh look they will.
Slowly in his presence.
And with strength.
Their names as well.
Oh do not be scared, there is nothing
to be scared.
- Hey guys, hi.
- Grandfather.
So I think it's time to...
It's time we leave here.
- Do not you think?
- Farewell sweet.
Oh we will eat well tonight.
Dad once lived with Aunt Grace?
- Who told you that?
- Mary did.
Dad said he used to live on the farm
when she was my age.
Well Mary talks too Bub.
Daddy, Daddy.
Hey there's my boy.
What friend?
- Not much, guess what.
- What?
- Well daddy took me to a hotel.
- Yes.
And places to farm rare and
of milk, I've been eating potatoes.
- You did not need anything right?
- No.
- Does your dad forced you?
- No.
Would you like to see you dress?
Have you ever lived with Aunt
Grace? For mary says yes.
- Want to see what I brought?
- Of course.
This is a fabulous father perdition
- Can we go to shoot now?
- Yes we can.
- Well Dad, I can try please?
- Yes, take, take care.
- Ok.
- Hold it like I showed you.
- Is this right?
- Yes
I want you to point between these
small entries there.
Be patient. Keep still prepared
to shoot.
And when you're ready, pull the trigger.
Jesus Christ! It likewise hurt
with that weapon.
Is not that child vista shot
the eye at that time?
- What is that?
- This is when a bee hits something.
And inflated his back and pops her eye.
Oh God this child Bangor.
He shot himself in the eye
because he was playing with bottles.
He tore the eye like a grape.
Mom, do not start the eye as a
- Only shoot when you are near.
- Oh yes, when will that be?
So, do not want you shooting
that thing unless I
or dad to be here.
Bub Do you understand?
- Did you talk to mom?
- I'm working on that friend.
It's just that I have been busy
at work.
The child needs to be in school.
It will be fine all day lost.
Why my child asks if
I lived with Grace?
Who said that?
He does not need to know about it.
I have not talked about that.
Why do not you worry about that
your child is sitting in my house
when it should be in yours?
What the hell is the matter with you?
Been to these fields of corn
Why look at me as if you had
seen a ghost?
Lasso finish your business.
You go girl. Pa pi is cold
Come on!
Betsy go here, go!
Gentleness be late for work.
The boy and I look today, ok.
Just ran somewhere.
Maybe that Brno has them.
Bub ends, I'll take
for a spin.
Sweetness, what about work?
- Eugene, I need to talk to Bob.
- We closed today.
Eugene does not want to buy anything.
I need to talk to him.
My dogs have been lost and lonely
I wanted to ask if any has
seen running through the farm
Do you've seen here?
Have you seen them? - Just
do what dogs do.
Are frightened, do not know, just
If they remain, are good.
And if they are, are bad.
Everything is confusing because I have only
Bob saw that.
If there is any
field simply is.
It's just terrible what he did.
Come Triplex, Triplex!
Take, take!
Triplex Takes!
Wait here, and return.
Be right back, I will check back.
Jesus Christ the Almighty, a
I scrubbed my nightmare mouse.
He bit me and made me jump.
Jesus Christ the Almighty.
Gladys closed when you leave.
- Daddy!
- Sweetness!
- There it is. Sweetness!
- Daddy, Daddy!
- Daddy!
- Sweetness!
Sweetness ?
Sweetness! Sweetness!
Oh, here they are.
It was the damn time.
It took...
Ms. Look came as fast we came.
Look what that son of a bitch
did. Broke the window, come...
- Slowly, tell me what happened.
- Here, here, look at that.
Wait, you come with me.
We'll make you something.
Your wife lenten many of those.
I wonder if he is afraid,
good because he saw his father pointing
a gun in the face of his mother.
Well those movies...
O my son did not break my windows.
- O my dogs killed.
- If we answer every call that
received by idiots pulling
rocks or lurking in the cornfields.
Never get to see our families.
Well I have been here for 7 years
and have never had problems.
Then I would say now entered
in the game right?
Did you see?
Like most people in the
city?? and begin a search for
someone that nobody saw.
This is the last.
That should help. Burn it.
What if this guy tries to enter
at home?
Find something nice.
Good start to happen more often
when you leave work.
Then if time ads
this let me know.
Receive a direct shot.
I'll tell Bonnie about it.
She should know.
And Steven will be away.
It can not be worse than it has been
at home.
At least I was man enough
and took responsibility for my child.
And do not try to throw with his sister
Then I checked the doors and
windows. Ok.
I told dad that if they saw or
heard a truck on the road I was.
Do you want to go back to your mother?
Go back home with me now?
Do not talk to your mom, I know
do not see this all the time but...
I love your mother and I love you you.
I'll try harder.
- And so, yes.
- Here you go.
Thank you sweetness. Thank you.
- Here are Misses.
- Thank you.
Bonnie cherish you like?
Oh look who it is.
I'll bring the police if you stop
another second tough guy here.
Look at Sue... - Oh I know, why not
trying to get their hands on?
Idiot. Just get out of here Barry
're a fucking joke.
You're a joke and you dad
a husband fucking joke.
Barry Move, get out of here!
Fucking fagot!
That's great friend, go away because it is
the best decision you've made fucking idiot.
What the fuck are you doing here? Think you
can come in here and everything will be fine?
You put a fucking gun in my face
in front of our son.
Do you realize that?
What hell were you thinking?
Did you think even for a moment
what you were doing to him?
- I came not to do this, did not come to fight.
- Then why are you here?
- I came to tell our son.
- What about our child?
I go to my parents, Steven
is in trouble.
- He needs this.
- Why are you here Barry?
Because a damn is that the threat
for that, because the windows are whores
broken and the dogs are dead.
If your fucking ass to take out the bar
occasionally would know these things.
Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!
What is the problem?
Keep this door closed until
return ok, close.
Jesus Christ, sweetness!
Hello, hello!
Open the door please.
- Come in, come.
- Jesus Christ Hines!
Turn on the light.
Hines light comes on!
- What...
- I need you to shut up dammit!
Shut up! Keep the lights off,
Did you hear me?
Nothing lights.
Steve need to listen to me.
Can you do that? Ok, now
listen to me.
He can not see inside as long as
the lights are off. Do you understand?
That is why I turned off the lights.
Just try to scare Bub.
But I'm going to scare him.
Son of a bitch.
Can not enter here, I listened.
We know you've been
most frightening situations
Remember when we were in
the mountains last summer?
When that came out of the bushes.
This black bear came out of the bushes.
Oh God, do you remember that?
Came from within.
And that bear not caught you right?
So, do not let you touch her.
And now not allow it. Oh God.
This will stop, I promise.
Oh please, Oh God! Oh God.
We can not see them and they
can not see us.
Are you okay? Hines you okay?
Hines you okay?
- Hines you okay?
- What happened, what happened?
- Where is the child?
- Do not know.
Hines, Steven has come in!
Do you see that?
What the hell was that?
Barry Oh my God!
Steven where are you!
- Where'd they go?
- Where Steven tell me where?
Dad pull over there, look!
- Go on!
- It is up going to the dairy farm.
In the local news.
Eugene Hans, was found dead.
On the farm the son of Darryl.
An apparent suicide the police are
investigating possible connections
Hines with the death of Lent Adkins.
Whose body was found dead in
the corn field this property.
Both have been on a group
of bystanders who legendarily
dropped a murder in the bushes.
Authorities are asking for any
information on this group lately
been handled a green Volkswagen
with California plates.
To contact the sheriff Single Tingle
Take sweetness you like.
I think not.
Okay, enough is enough.
You do not want to be fattening, right?
I do not want that.
It has to be the son of a bitch.
Jesus Christ! How many times
said that farm?
BETWEEN FARMER AND GIRL LOS That may explain some things.
Steven, Mom and Dad are on the way!
Let's get your things and crap!
- Hey Gladys, hi.
- You look very pretty today.
- Hey Dad.
- Hey Barry.
Is back. - Are not supposed
be shooting this gun just Barry.
Steven comes in here with that weapon. Your
parents are here, move your ass, walk!
Dad Steven is here.
We brought some food.
Steven we friend, walking.
JOE "MR. BIG" Umbilici.