The Fifth Floor (1978) Movie Script

When your love won't let you be
And your world is hidden
smiles and jealousy
Don't you know you always
have a right to be free
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
When the hurts start closing in
And you're more confused
than you've ever been
Hey girl the world won't
come to an end not today
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Kelly hurry up and get out there.
Hal's been bitching.
I'm late I know.
I think Rod and I just broke up.
Oh no babe.
I love him Jen.
We've all been there.
I do everything I can to make us work
and he just wrecks it
all with his jealousy.
I don't know sometimes I
just feel like giving up.
Don't talk like that Kelly.
Ronnie'll come around you'll see.
You're a pal Jen.
Go on go fix your face.
See you later.
There's no need in hanging round
When love is keeping you down
Say goodbye and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
And here's Kelly.
Hey come here a minute.
Hey you'd better stop pumping iron
kid you'll flatten your all American girl.
Jen I asked her not to
I'm not a charity case.
It's just a gag.
If it works what the hell.
They'll just throw it away on booze.
Hal look I'm really sorry I'm late.
I couldn't help it.
I was worried about you sweetheart.
Yeah looks like it.
If I came in my birthday suit
would you turn around Hal!
Whose birthday!
Shut up Kelly you're making me lose count.
Easy on the sauce I don't
want the help smashed.
Don't worry about it.
Hey Franny DuMonde.
Welcome to the boozers club.
You don't drink.
I am tonight.
You okay!
Yeah I'm okay Jenny.
Is there a doctor or a nurse here!
She's loaded Jenny.
What are you talking about she's
never been drunk in her life.
Somebody call an ambulance.
Kelly Kelly.
Doctor Shaw the lab says
it's strychnine poisoning.
She's a beautiful girl.
How could she do a thing
like that to herself!
Better book a bed in
the intensive care unit.
You're watching her closely Ron.
She been here four days already.
I wanna know how much longer.
It'll be fine I' discharging
her from the ICU today.
Hey baby.
You hear that!
Get to go home today.
It's not exactly fantastic.
Let me get to that.
First I've got this police
report to contend with.
What do they want!
Just papers shuffled.
They're still investigating
they're calling it
a probable suicide attempt.
Has she ever tried to
commit suicide before!
When was that!
A long time ago she was only 15.
Ron what are you telling him!
Somebody tried to poison me.
I'm sorry baby it's okay.
No somebody tried to poison me.
They tried to kill me I
didn't try to commit suicide.
Kelly come on now take it easy.
Just relax easy.
Oh god doc.
It's the strychnine.
A lot of internal or external stress
can cause hallucinations or compulsions.
How long is she gonna be like this!
A day a week a month what!
Each case is different.
Anyway I started to say in OD cases
the law requires
observation in a psychiatric
ward for 72 hours or more if necessary.
Oh oh oh.
They're on me.
Get them off Ron get them off of me.
Nurse nurse could you
bring me that Valium!
Kelly just relax.
Easy easy.
Get them off of me.
Easy come on easy come on.
No I don't want that.
I don't want it no I don't want it.
- I don't want it.
- Just relax.
Kelly please come on.
Easy easy.
- Easy there you go easy.
- No.
I don't want it.
Just a little bit easy.
Somebody tried to kill me.
It was...
Somebody oughta notify her family.
No forget about that.
That was a bad scene you know
broken home and everything.
I'm her family.
I'm all she's...
Hey come on.
It's gonna be fine just a matter of time.
It wasn't me.
Might as well do it fifth floor.
We're expecting you.
Oh I'm sorry but you can't come in.
It's all right I'm her fiance.
She'll be all right we'll let you know.
Good bye.
She's not
in the house of the dead.
She's not dead.
Where am I!
Fifth floor psycho city.
Paranoid schizies manic depressives
sociopaths psychopaths catatonics.
No refunds or returns on rain damage
merchandise watch your step please.
Once the door closes here it never opens.
Ladies you know better than this.
I will not have you bothering this patient.
You all know you're not supposed
to be in here all right.
Everybody out now come on.
He's the one that needs a psychiatrist.
That's funny.
He's funny.
Aside from that disturbance
how have you slept!
Who are those women what am I doing here!
Now calm down everything's all right.
First things first how do you feel!
My whole body my body aches.
Let's have a look here under the tongue.
That wasn't so bad now was it!
Would you mind sitting up please!
Yes temperature normal that's my girl.
Now I want you to inhale
and take a deep breath.
Now here it is now here it is.
Benny Benny Benny at it again.
Now won't you take the stethoscope
jacket back where you pinched them from
and go to your room!
And Benny they haven't wore
these in the last 10 years.
Who are you!
I'm Carl your friendly
psychiatric technician.
I'd like to use the telephone.
Afraid I couldn't let
you do that right now.
But I am afraid that you're gonna have
to get dressed cause I have to take you
to see your psychiatrist.
I'm in the wrong place I
don't need a psychiatrist.
I know.
I agree with you but you'd
better tell that to him.
Come on.
Doctor before we start somebody goofed
and I'd like to get it straightened out.
I don't belong here.
Let's talk about it.
I'm Doctor Coleman.
Sit down make yourself comfortable.
Now Kelly please go on
with what you were saying.
I'm not a mental case I
didn't try to kill myself.
You think someone poisoned you!
Yes I do.
Well Kelly the police lab checked out
those drinks you had at the club.
They weren't able to
find the slightest trace
of a toxic substance.
Well of course not.
Whoever did it much have
switched the drinks or something.
They wouldn't leave it around
for the police to find.
Do you think people are out to harm you!
Are you trying to say I'm
paranoid now is that what!
That's a good direct question I like it.
And I'd like to learn more about you.
I'm doing just great doctor.
Fantastic in school I love my job.
What about your boyfriend!
We had a fight.
Sometimes relationships
just don't work out.
Tell me about yours.
You don't give up do you!
Look I am doing just fine.
Not according to the police report Kelly.
A friend of yours someone
who works with you
said that you'd considered
killing yourself.
I was just letting off steam.
So those weren't your real feelings.
No not to kill myself.
We all say crazy things
when we're upset don't we!
Look doctor if I tried
to do it I'd admit it.
When you're done writing that
I'd really like to get out of here.
Kelly I'm gonna be straight with you.
It's my duty to assess your mental state.
You've been in the intensive care unit
for the past several days
under heavy sedation.
I couldn't assess you properly there.
You can choose to be a
voluntary patient here.
And if I don't!
I'll have to write a 5150 which means
I can hold you against
your will up to 72 hours.
During that time I'll assess you.
Once the 72 hours are up
it's a different ballgame.
You can't keep me prisoner here.
I'm afraid I have to until I can be
reasonably sure that you
won't try to kill yourself.
- Get your hands off me.
- I don't want you to hurt-
- Let me go.
- Melanie.
- Let me go.
- Melanie I don't want
you to hurt yourself Melanie.
I'm not doing any more time
in this stinking scourge bitch.
Let me go.
- Melanie.
- All right put it on her.
We don't want you to
hurt yourself Melanie.
Calm down Melanie.
We don't want you to hurt yourself.
I'll do anything you want.
Anything you want please let me go.
- Please.
- It's all right Melanie.
A new patient has joined our group Kelly.
Kelly would you like to introduce yourself!
Okay but I'm getting out
the day after tomorrow.
So why don't you leave now!
Yeah take a hike.
Psychos only.
Gibberish spoken here.
Perhaps you feel you're
among inferior company.
Never mind him.
Every other word around here is a fight.
Crazy houses kinda make people crazy.
Kelly why don't you tell us
who you are and what you do!
I'm Kelly McIntyre and I go to college
and I work in a disco club.
Down Magda.
So sorry.
Who would like to begin!
Nurse Hanneford lock me up.
What was that Cathy!
Lock me up.
I killed Terry and I'm carrying his baby.
Look who's a murderess.
Sweetheart you couldn't hurt a fly.
A car accident is a car
accident is a car accident.
What happened Cathy!
Well a bunch of us got loaded
at the beach one night I mean really stoned
and I tried to put down a couple of times
but Terry wouldn't let me.
Why not!
He only said he wanted
me to be as high as he was.
Anyway Terry got really
stoned and passed out
in the backseat of the car.
I got into the car and I got behind
the wheel and the next thing I knew
I was going through the guardrail
and I woke up in the ambulance
and Terry never woke up.
So it's Kelly is it!
Big K!
I was certain I recognized
you from somewhere
disco baby or should I say disco whore!
- Oh come on.
- Nurse can't you do
something about him!
- Whoo whoo!
- Make him stop that.
That man is here only because his father
is a physician now get rid of him.
He killed a man he should be locked up
in the Scoville Hospital-
Oh my god here we go.
All right Derrick.
First time you come out of orbit
you fall for a common ignorant
everyday slut.
Cursed bastard.
Hold it hold it hold
it temper temper temper.
This retarded prick started it.
Just take a walk and cool off huh!
Good boy.
What's the matter
what are you doing here!
Somebody grabbed me.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Nobody's gonna get you it's okay.
It's all right you're safe now.
Okay huh!
Come on come on.
That a girl.
It's all right.
I think it's the strychnine working
on you because it heightens your senses.
No he touched me.
You know something!
When I was in Vietnam...
What'd you get!
Six six.
Come on let's see a little fight.
Hey you've got a baby coming.
They won't let me keep it.
Yeah the judge says I'm an unfit mother.
You need a good lawyer.
How am I gonna get a lawyer with no money
and how am I gonna get a job in here!
Besides the baby is almost here.
When I get out of here I'll get you
a lawyer I promise.
Time for your medication girls.
Would you mind moving
the board over please!
By all means Nurse Hanneford.
I'd like to use the telephone if I may.
Sorry Doctor Coleman
has restricted your calls.
It's for your own good.
It's just a mild tranquilizer.
Kelly could I talk to you
for just a moment please!
Kelly I know that you're just trying
to help but Cathy has to give up her baby
it's a court order.
Well court orders can be changed.
I mean she's not on drugs anymore.
I think she'd be a good mother.
That is not for you to decide.
I don't want you interfering understood!
Let's get out of here.
I can't stand that woman.
She doesn't want me to keep my baby.
Who does she think she is!
Kelly can you really help me!
I mean you weren't just saying a bunch
of things to make me feel good were you!
No way.
Listen we'll figure
something out don't worry.
God if only I could
keep it if only I could.
I should be getting ready.
Hi brought you a roommate.
Melanie Crawford I want you to meet
Kelly McIntyre and Cathy Burke.
Will you help them get situated!
We were talking about
Cathy's baby Melanie.
Well when it comes out you should
strangle it with its vocal cord
or smother it.
Kill it before it gets old enough
to turn on you and spit and kick you
where nobody oughta be kicked.
Kelly I'd better go.
Bye bye.
Hi Kelly.
Came to take you for your shower.
Thanks Carl but I'm a big girl now.
I can bathe all by myself.
Oh I know that I know that but orders.
The hospital's liable
if you have a seizure.
A staff member strong enough to control you
must be present at all times.
Look you can go ahead and get
into your robe and I'll wait out here okay!
You're one of the prettiest girls
that I've ever seen here on the fifth floor
I mean that.
Hey you need anything like pads
cosmetics extra food little something
for your sweet tooth all
you gotta do is ask me.
Well I'm leaving tomorrow thank you.
Means nothing at all.
I've come for a week and
stayed for a lifetime.
Doctors and nurses they come and go
but I don't know I guess
I just like my work.
Oh hey this way.
Right this way Kelly.
You know nothing makes me
feel more better during the day
than a nice hot shower.
Hey we do this all the time.
But you better hurry up cause we can't
stand around here all day.
Oh watch out for the hot water
don't let it scald you.
Want someone to soap your back!
No one has to charge.
Want your back washed!
See we soap 'em shave 'em shower 'em.
All part of the job
don't mean nothing much.
I don't want you to do that.
Kelly when they shut the door
behind you on the fifth floor
you're in a whole new world I mean a whole
new world anything goes
up here anything at all.
You gotta cut loose and let yourself go.
Take it easy.
Nobody blames a psycho I
mean you got needs too.
Leave me alone I'm gonna yell.
They can't hear you
and even if they could
psychos yell all the time.
Don't mean a thing.
Besides I never knew anybody
didn't like their back washed.
Hey I was just joking.
Can't you take a joke!
Help me somebody help me.
Kelly what's the matter!
What is it Kelly!
- It's all right.
- Just relax just calm down.
What happened!
Poor kid she had a full
blown paranoid episode.
Liar liar.
How dare you degrade me
treat me like an animal.
You almost raped me.
No come on.
Get him away from me.
Get him away from me.
Get away from me get him away from me.
Get him away no.
I don't belong here get
me out of here please.
- Calm down.
- I can't control this.
- It's all right.
- Get away from me.
Get me out of here.
She de-compensated rather suddenly.
I never noticed any symptoms.
I want out of here.
Maybe that's because you're behind
that glass cage a little too much.
I mean she was already agitated
when I took her to the shower.
- Was she!
- Mm-hmm.
This will have to come up in staff.
By all means I want it to.
Just clear the air.
Oh Jackie
how are you and Nurse Whelan doing!
You two still getting along well
together these days all right!
What are you trying to say Carl!
Jackie we got our jobs to protect you know!
I mean it's us against them.
I'll see you in staff.
Bright and early.
I'd like a clear picture
of last night's occurrence.
I accompanied the
patient to the shower room
she became somewhat anxious expressed
displeasure at my presence.
I tried to calm her.
Once in the shower I stayed two
to three yards from her at all times.
She began projecting and acting out
a sexual fantasy yelling at me to stop
fondling her private parts
in very graphic language.
Why didn't you call in
a female staff member!
I was afraid she was gonna
go into convulsions again.
How did you let her run out of control
all over the fifth floor!
I had no choice she became violent.
I would've had to use
very very excessive force.
How is Kelly this morning!
Still maintaining her paranoid delusions.
I'm not certain at this time
whether we're confronting
a strychnine reaction
or an underlying psychosis.
Obviously we can't discharge her today.
All right we'll hold her another
two weeks till we can sort it all out.
Well that's it back to Hocsland.
Oh Carl.
Yes sir.
You know Kelly is a very
attractive young woman.
Are you doing any acting out!
Acting out!
No sir.
I don't get involved with the patients
I've been around too long for that.
I'm glad to hear that Carl
because if I find out different
you won't just be fired
you'll face felony charges.
Yes sir.
Look Kelly I'm sorry about
what happened yesterday.
I was out of line and I admit it.
It'll never happen again.
Anyway if you need anything or
well you want me for anything
all you gotta do is call.
Oh when she wakes up make
sure she takes her pill okay!
You try and get some sleep.
Don't start with Carl.
Carl started with me.
I'm in here for two more weeks.
Everything you do or say is charted.
It goes down in your record.
Forget it ever happened.
You may never get out of here.
The first time I was
here Carl came after me.
He did!
When I said I wouldn't he
made it unbearable for me.
He finally got everything he wanted.
Whatever it takes get out of this place.
The little lithium pills they
give you they're really nice.
It's happiness in a bottle.
I was beginning to think
that was the only kind-
- Oh you're back.
I'm proud to announce it Melanie-
- I missed you.
Look what I brought for you flowers.
Those are your favorites right!
Kelly you know I can't help but think
that this whole thing you wouldn't even
be here if it wasn't for our fight.
You don't think I tried to commit suicide.
I don't know what to think.
Well I didn't.
Listen somebody tried to kill me.
Have you gone to the
police what have they said!
I talk to them every day and-
- And!
They wanna know who would
wanna poison you and why.
Well I don't know who it would be.
- Kelly don't get excited all right!
Hello hello hello.
Well now look at that won't
you just look at that.
Pretty flowers like that
deserve to be in some water.
Damn those smell good.
That guy.
That guy almost raped me.
I know I know.
Did you hear me!
He almost raped me in the shower.
Did you hear me!
Yes I know baby.
You gotta get me out of here Ron.
Good afternoon Mr. Denton.
Kelly dear I think it's
time your guest left.
We're right in the
middle of a conversation.
Kelly it's okay and
it's for your own good.
It's okay I'm leaving.
Good I'll see you out.
Melanie we just dropped in to see
how you were getting
in and have to run now.
Oh I wish you wouldn't.
Tell me about the children.
They're great just great.
Doreen here is a good little pitch hitter.
Doreen's a good little bitch.
Come off it Melanie.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't do without Doree
but I can do without you and
your sickness all the time.
I know I know I'm sorry I'm sorry.
Listen please don't go.
Come back and see me soon.
I love you.
Goodbye Doreen.
What are you doing!
Why didn't you let me die!
I can't stand it anymore.
I just can't take any more.
He brought her to my house in my bed
in front of us and the kids
and he told me to get out of his life.
Hard to accept it.
I tried to accept it.
Without him I don't exist I'm nothing.
No you're not Melanie.
I'm less than nothing.
No you're not.
Okay Melanie let's go.
Where are you taking her!
A little therapy.
Come with me.
Come on that's a good
girl that's a good girl.
Okay up we go.
That a girl.
Watch your head.
What'd you do to her!
Oh she'll be okay.
Just needs a little sleep.
In case you change your mind.
I'm not going to change my mind Carl.
Just in case you do.
One two three clap one two three clap
one two three.
Follow me that's right.
Now you do it straight.
I'm programmed for earthly gyrations
have other contributions to make.
Okay the party is over.
Everybody back to their rooms.
You never let us have any fun.
Why are you doing this!
You can let them have
a little fun can't you!
Orders I'm just following orders.
You won't quit until you
get what you want will you!
Why don't you and I just
go and get it over with!
Around midnight!
The eastern tea room!
Nobody'll find us there.
All right.
I'll go unlock it.
You'd better show up.
I will.
I know you will.
All right loonies you have one more hour.
Oh boy.
Slow tonight huh!
Think I'll go get some rest.
Go ahead I'll cover for you.
I was hoping you'd say that darling.
Don't turn the light on Carl.
Then the nurses can see us.
Come on over here.
Where are you!
On the table.
Jesus Christ you're kinkier than I am.
I love it.
Come on hurry
up what are you doing!
I'm gonna take my pants off.
You're gonna love it baby.
Give it to me baby.
Give it to me.
Happy birthday!
Keep quiet Bart we're never
gonna fight with you or Pittsburgh.
Happy birthday!
What a birthday trophy.
Hello baby come on.
Over here baby.
Come on baby.
Come on we'll give you
something come on baby.
Well very funny Kelly very funny.
That was a good joke I like that.
Yeah I sure did.
You know I've got a funny feeling
that I might be playing
a little joke on you.
Let's go eat.
All right everybody let's go eat.
I wanna watch the bears.
Hurry up we're all hungry come on.
All right just keep talking.
- Okay.
- You'll be hearing from me.
Don't forget to get in touch
with somebody at the outside for me okay!
Melanie give me your hand.
There goes Kelly.
Better get her.
Carl I'm not feeling too well.
Hey lady I almost killed you.
It's an emergency.
Okay jump in.
Stop that car you son of a bitch.
Ron Ron!
What's the matter!
Hey when did you get out!
Why didn't you call me let me know!
I couldn't.
Where are you going!
To Jenny's.
I escaped.
I gotta get out of here before...
I gotta get out of here before Carl
and his white coats show up.
Honey let's talk about it.
My god you sound like a shrink.
I'm not crazy.
Of course you're not.
The hospital said-
- To hell with the hospital I'm not
gonna go back there.
Listen Kelly don't jump
me I'm trying to help.
Just hear me out okay!
Maybe just maybe this poison
is mixing things up in your mind.
No everything I told you is true.
I'm not imagining it.
Listen Kelly.
What do you say you and me...
Baby come on.
We both go down and talk to your doctor.
Are you kidding he'll
never let me out of there.
What am I standing here talking to you for!
Because I love you.
I know you do.
But they're wrong.
I'm not suicidal.
I'm not paranoid I know I'm not.
You gotta trust me Ron.
I gotta tell you Kelly I still think
you need professional help.
You're in it with them aren't you!
Oh my god.
- Kelly.
- Let me go.
Let me out of here.
Kelly listen.
God damn it you're in it with them.
- Listen to me.
- Let me go.
Relax will you!
Let me out of here.
Let's go.
Be a good girl.
You're back.
I was getting lonesome Kelly.
Well I'm back Melanie.
I didn't make it.
You're gonna bounce back Kelly.
You're gonna bounce back.
You're a fighter and you've
got lots going for you.
I've got nothing.
I happen to have mentioned
that Ronnie was in to see me.
He's concerned about you.
Kelly we aren't getting anywhere.
I feel I oughta tell
you what I told Ronnie.
Your escape set you back.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to keep you
here the full 90 days.
Oh no you won't.
All right prove me wrong.
I'm more than willing
to release you tomorrow
but I'm not the enemy.
The staff isn't the enemy.
Your illness is.
Kelly what are you afraid of!
Why won't you at least
take a look at yourself!
I do look at myself but you don't.
You wouldn't know the truth if it
jumped up and bit you on the ass.
I did make it through medical school.
You look at what I do not what I am.
I don't blame you for being angry.
Happens to patients all the time.
But you must be aware that your mind
is tuned to an incredibly high pitch
right now from the strychnine.
The lust the cruel streak that you sense
in people like Carl right on.
But it's occurring out there
on an unconscious level.
Don't you see Carl isn't
acting these things out.
It's your imagination that's
filling in the blanks.
Bullshit doctor.
What have we here!
A tasty morsel so delicate.
So frail.
So anemic.
I hate thy blood.
Ah something more to my liking.
Looks to me like hefty plasma.
Bluh bluh bluh bluh.
No no.
Gee maybe I should've done
my Brando for him huh Kel!
What do you think!
Marco we'll make him an
offer he can't refuse.
Will you shut up!
Hi Carl.
Where are they taking her!
Kelly did you talk to any people outside!
No Cath I didn't get a chance.
I was counting on you.
I know I'm gonna get to a phone somehow.
Kelly they're watching you.
I brought you breakfast.
Think it's edible!
Kelly why are you always so good to me!
Melanie you've got your
whole life ahead of you.
Don't let them get you down.
Kelly I love you.
You're my friend.
You're my only friend.
Good morning girls.
Well how are you this morning!
What's your name!
Don't you have a last name!
Wouldn't it be better if
you left her alone for now!
Just relax Kelly.
Where do you live Melanie!
Oh you know.
Yes we know it's in the records
but I want you to tell me.
The numbers the numbers...
The numbers won't come.
That's not unusual after shock therapy.
It'll clear up later.
Can you tell me your children's names!
Why are you asking me these questions!
It's part of your treatment.
Do you know why you're here Melanie!
The great explosion in San Francisco.
All right I'll see you later.
Melanie don't cry.
It's all right it's all right.
Melanie look at me look at me.
You're all right you're all right.
You okay!
- Yeah.
- Come on let's
go for a walk.
- You want to!
- Yeah.
Come on let's get out of here.
When your love won't let you be
And your world is hidden
smiles and jealousy
Don't you know you always
have the right to be free
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Girl you can make it on your own
Til another love come along
Until then you can
make it without them
There's no need in hanging round
When love is keeping you down
Say goodbye and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
When your love won't let you be
And your world is hidden
smiles and jealousy
Don't you know you always
have the right to be free
Spread your beautiful
wings and fly away
Oh fly
When the hurts starts closing in
And you're more confused
than you've even been
Hey girl the world
won't come to an end
I'll go check Kelly.
It's time for her medication.
That'll ease her.
Allow me.
Thank you.
Time for some medication.
What's the matter can't you sleep!
Your doctor suggested some hydrotherapy.
I don't feel like it.
Come on it's gonna relax
you make you go to sleep.
Come on Kelly you need to get some rest.
It'll be good for you.
Doesn't that look inviting!
Come on aren't you glad
I talked you into it!
Let's see here.
Hello hello hello.
Hello hello hello.
I just put Kelly in hydrotherapy.
Poor Kelly she can't sleep.
She's convulsive she
should be supervised.
No don't want you taking charge.
No I'll take care of it.
Think nothing of it.
Get out of here Carl.
Get out of here.
Doctor's orders.
Hey Kelly what do you
say we patch things up!
If I got out of line I'm sorry I really am.
If you're looking for something
If you're looking for a way out of here
let's bail.
Live and let live Carl
let's just leave it at that.
Yes sir.
You got it baby.
Hey whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
I'll tell you when you can get out.
Just take it easy relax.
Hey hey.
I want you to just relax
because if you don't
relax you're just gonna make
things hard on yourself.
Just relax.
Come on Kelly.
Easy that's it.
Let me out.
Come on baby Quaaludes.
Take them take them that's it.
Just relax that's it relax.
Come here come here that's it.
Help me.
I'm gonna help you baby.
That's it yeah.
You just relax.
Carl's gonna help you.
You're gonna get some
sleep and everything's
gonna be just fine.
That's it just lay down there and relax.
Please no.
One two three four one two three four
one two three four one
two three four and off.
Very good wasn't that good!
That's good.
Now let's go play some games.
I don't like your games Carl.
Eat yours Carl.
What's up doc!
Gotta get out of here Benny.
Now what are you gonna do!
Listen if they catch you this time
you may never get out of here.
I'm leaving are you coming with me!
Okay okey dokey.
Listen I've got my papers
I'm a certified loony.
Worst they can do is
send me back here okay.
We're gonna make it too.
All right but how!
Get the ball get the ball.
Get the ball over the net.
No I can't.
Come on Cathy you can make it.
Damn loony driving that.
Let's get the cops and
get them now move it.
Okay we'll make a right up here
and it'll take us right to the disco.
Okay next turn is a right.
Hope there's a car there.
I'll be right back.
I'm here at the club waiting for you.
Uh-huh okay.
Kelly how wonderful to see you.
I don't believe it when did you get sprung!
It's a long story.
Did they tell you I tried to see you
but they wouldn't let me in!
Look I came for my money is that okay!
Hey take it I guess you heard the news.
They found out who
poisoned you it was Hal.
It wasn't meant for you
he was after Francine.
He put it in her drink.
I don't believe that.
You better believe it
they're both in the slammer.
Francine caught Hal
skimming from the owners
she was blackmailing him so
he tried to get rid of her.
Look Jenny I wanna hear all about it
but I have some friends waiting in the car.
I'll talk to you later okay!
Get out Benny and stop
at the first hospital.
I'll be all right.
I love you.
See you around.
It's all right Kelly it's all right.
It's all right Kelly it's all right now.
Just take it easy.
I'm not going back.
It's okay Kelly it's okay.
Stay away from me.
Just hold her down.
It's all right officer it's okay.
She's one of the inmates that escaped.
It's okay Kelly don't you worry.
Don't worry about it.
Just take me to jail please arrest me.
Kelly it's okay.
Don't let him take me back please.
- It's okay Kelly.
- Please I'm not crazy.
Look Kelly I don't wanna have to put you
in this but I'm gonna
have to take you back.
Ain't nobody gonna hurt you now
nobody's gonna hurt you okay!
Come on now come on.
No no!
No no no.
Don't make it hard on yourself Kelly.
Get your hands off of me god damn you!
Just zip it up.
Let go of me no no no.
- I'm not going back.
- Yes you are.
I'm not crazy.
No no!
Take it easy.
No no no no!
Ronnie this is Jenny.
You know I've just been thinking
about sleeping around here tonight.
You had to do it didn't you!
You had to do it didn't you!
What are you talking about Derrick!
Kelly is she back!
You just had to fry her brains.
What about Kelly what
happened with Kelly!
What do you mean what happened to Kelly!
What happened to Kelly where is she!
Kelly's sleeping just calm down.
Now listen Derrick.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna go over here and I'm gonna
get your medicine and then I want you
to go over there and sit
your ass in that chair
cause I don't wanna have to hurt you okay!
Get Derrick.
All right Derrick take
it easy take it easy.
Oh god oh god.
Oh Jesus Christ.
Be still Carl you want to lie down Carl!