The Fighting Chefs (2013) Movie Script

Yum, yum!
Say yeah.
Yum, yum, yum!
Ladies and gentlemen.
- Welcome elegant restaurant.
Ma'am, come and eat here.
Dine in here, ma'am.
It's delicious here.
It's delicious here.
We've got yummy food.
Come over.
Come over here,
we've got winning food.
Come in.
There's none.
Gofcha, fish!
Welcome to our restaurant!
Delicious and cheap.
Okay. Good.
How are you?
We're okay, Chef.
Your herbal soup is really good,
that's why we keep on coming back for it.
Thank you.
You know, Chef,
this is a big help for us.
We feel well.
That's good to hear.
That's true, Chef.
Okay, if you need anything.
Just call me.
How's the food, guys?
- Delicious.
- Wow, I can really see an empty plate.
How are you?
Are you okay?
Wow very good.
- Just enjoy there.
- Okay, Chef.
- Chef, hello.
- Hey, Janis.
- How are things?
- Just okay.
- Do we have a problem with our food?
- There's no problem, Chef.
- Is it yummy?
- There are lots of people and our sale is good.
Wow so keep up the good work.
I'll take care of it, Chef.
- Don't worry, okay.
- Okay.
Ma'am Ditas,
how's it going?
Okay, Chef, we're good.
Very good.
Enjoy your meal.
We hope to see you here again.
Okay, eat well.
Just eat.
Enjoy. Thank you.
That was great.
Here, ma'am.
That's good.
Hope it's always like that.
So our business would be better.
Here's our new menu.
We're gonna change.
They're pretty, dude.
Thank you.
Would that be embarrassing, dude?
You're welcome.
Okay, let's go there later.
- Kids, these are for you.
- Thank you
- The kids are here.
- Okay, lake care.
Master Chef, the kids are here.
- Here's more.
- Thank you.
Share it among you.
Be good.
Here's more.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Okay, yum, yum, yum!
Yum, yum, yum!
Okay, okay.
What now, Master?
It feels good to help those kids.
It's different
when your tummy is full.
But I hope
we could give them bigger help, right?
We'll get there.
- Right?
- You can.
Back to work.
Okay, Master.
See you.
There they are.
- Let's go.
- Hi!
- Guys, you can do it.
- Hi!
Let's go.
I have something for you.
Here, a packed food.
That's QiQQW-
I cooked that.
You're so lucky.
You're so sweet.
Of course.
I'm really sweet.
I mean sweet.
Sweet like candy.
Oh okay.
Nicole, we might run late.
Let's go.
Yeah, right.
Okay, take care, all of you.
Especially you.
That's enough.
Let's go.
Take it easy, she's gone.
Looks like there's a hope for you.
Yeah, right.
Looks like there are customers.
Next time, alright?
There you go.
This one's for you.
- Thank you, Master.
- Lot of money.
You, too.
Thank you sir.
Those are equally divided.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Here's yours, Mariella.
The restaurant earned well today.
That's why you've got bonus.
Keep up the good work.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Master.
Thank you, master.
- How much is yours?
- Thank you.
This is literature.
Have you read all of these?
- I'll re-write it.
- Okay.
- Something like a summary.
Excuse me, Chef Jen.
Master Chef
wants me to give this to you-.
Chef. Chef. Chef.
Somebody came first.
Looks like he stepped
on the first base already.
You eat that.
You think there's none for you.
I also got something for you.
Thank you.
Enjoy your food.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I like (his kid.
Thank you.
- You!
- Ouch!
- I'll study now.
- Go study and finish that.
What are you doing here?
That's why you come home late.
- I'm studying.
-What do you mean studying?
Are these the men?
That's what you call studying?
You're working on these men.
Be like me.
Men go to my house.
Let's go,
we're about to close.
- Get inside.
- Let's keep this.
What about the food?
I'll take care of it.
- Okay, let's do your assignment there.
- Go ahead.
Come on.
It's late now
and you're acting up.
This isn't delicious.
John, come here.
Sorry, sir.
That's how
an out of this world creature eats.
You just arrived?
I've been here for quite a while.
You are so annoying.
I can't concentrate on my exercise.
You don't need to exercise.
Look at you.
So sexy.
You know, we're loo young.
Yet your saying non-sense things.
I've had a few laps.
Let's go.
Okay, coming.
Keep UP-
You're nothing.
That's Master Chef.
That's Chef Gary.
Come on.
Let's go before them.
- Go!
- Come on.
There they go.
Go, Master Chef, go!
Come on. Hurry up.
He)', you two!
Please stop.
I'm tired.
There they go.
Go, Master Chef, go!
You can do it, go!
Go, Master Chef, go!
You can do it!
- There they go!
- Go, Master!
You can do it!
Go, Master Chef!
Go, Master Chef!
You can do it!
Go, Master Chef!
Ye hey!
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
You're lucky
I stayed up late last night.
Hold it.
- We all stayed up late last night.
- What did you say?
That's enough.
And you,
your day will come.
I just gave way.
What did he say?
He said, you're just lucky.
I'm lucky?
Look at him.
He looks so beat up.
It's your fault.
You always fall for his talks.
Co'z he's a show off.
That's enough.
Let's just get something to drink.
- Come on, I'm thirsty.
- Yeah, me, too.
Let's go.
they look good together, right?
We also look good together.
There you go again.
- That's happy.-.
-Don Manolo's here.
Oh no, the Don.
We're dead! The Don.
- It's the Don.
- Don't worry.
Master Chef can handle that.
- Oh no!
- Come on, let's go out
It's Don Manolo.
Chef Jenny,
Don Manolo's coming.
- What?
Chef, the Don is here.
What is he doing here?
I also don't know.
Are we complete?
- Okay, Chef.
- That's complete.
That's our customers' favorite.
- I don't want to run out of it.
-We will cook this later.
- We'll take care of this.
- I don't want them to wait, okay?
Okay, Chef.
- Chef? Don Manolo is here.
- Okay, Chef.
Don Manolo?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- You guys, lake care of the things here.
- Master Chef, we'll handle this.
Good morning.
Hey, fix that.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Ah, you're so cute.
Come on, hurry.
- Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning, Mariella.
What's up?
- Good morning, Don Manolo.
- Good morning, Chef.
Sit down.
No need.
I'm happy to see you all here.
Looks like you've maintained
this place well.
Yes, sir.
Sit down.
Chef. Chef.
For you.
Chef, we dropped by...
we wanted to tell you something.
Attorney, please explain.
Well, I'm sorry to say this.
But as we have discussed
with Don Manolo.
You'll be staying here
for just 3 more months.
Three months.
maybe we could still extend it.
What do you mean extend?
What you need to extend is your mustache
so it would reach your nose.
It should have been one month.
You can see the vicinity.
Tall buildings.
And those beside it
are being crushed down.
And this place
should be included.
I'm sure,
it ruins the progress of the industry.
That's why
there's no improvement.
Co'z there no parking space.
Even those who live
in the building complain.
They are talking to me.
They said,
"Why do you allow them, you're a lawyer?'
"You allow them even if you don't have contracts
with those staying here...
at those have business here".
Why do we allow them?
And I'll tell you why.
of Don Manolo's kindness-.
That's why
you are all still here.
That's it!
Don Manolo,
maybe we could talk this over.
This is it.
it's now clear to all of you.
Thanks for the soup.
It's delicious.
Okay, sir.
Have a good day.
Well, bye.
You can't get
everything you want.
Try to talk,
maybe it's possible...
Can it still be extended, Master?
Have you heard that?
You're depending
on verbal agreement.
Now we're all
going to have a headache about it.
This is your fault!
- Hold it.
- Don't interfere.
- Your voice rises!
- Don't interfere.
That's enough!
Why only three months?
You fell for the words
of that old man.
- Hey, why are you butting in?
- Hold it.
- Maybe you have an agreement.
- That's enough!
What are you?
-Instead of thinking of a solution, we're so rowdy.
- That's enough. Enough!
You're right.
We won't solve the problem,
if we're all hot headed.
Tell me.
What should we do?
We only have three months left here.
We should be helping each other.
And it's not right to judge us.
- That's enough!
- Judge?
Shut up!
That's enough!
This is the time
that we should be united.
We shouldn't be fighting.
We're gonna open up.
We'll have our customers, right?
Go back to your restaurants.
- Don't give up, guys.
- This can't be shaken off our minds.
- Let's talk when your heads are cool enough.
- This is nightmare.
- Your're still lucky.
- Right.
- You are so...
- Enough.
- You're acting as if you're brilliant.
- Enough! That's enough.
Get back there.
You're all brilliant.
What, Master?
- That's enough.
- You want us to beat him up?
- Chef, just leave them be, Master.
- Don't mind them.
Yes, we can find a way.
It'll come.
- Yes.
-It's not your fault, Master.
I'll go ahead.
Thank you.
It's okay, Master.
Three months?
why did you tell them 3 months?
You know
that I promised one month.
I want everything to be legal.
Now if you can find another way,
to make them leave in just a month.
Do it propeY-
What's hard with you, brother...
you always think you're brilliant.
Because I know how to think, Gerry.
Look at yourself...
you come and go.
You've been depending
on me 'til now.
I want everything to be done right.
Ouch, my feet hurt.
Why does your socks look like that?
That smells stinky.
What's that?
- I just bought this-
-What's happening with you?
Master Chef,
the reason why he works slowly.
Look at his socks.
There are lots of holes.
- Poor guy.
- Poor socks.
- You should replace it.
- Wait, I'm gonna give you something.
It's so stinky.
- What is that?
- I just bought this.
- Why do you still use that?
- Use this. Exped socks.
It doesn't have small threads on frayed end
and it makes your feet smell good.
- This is great.
- I also use that.
It doesn't have small threads
on frayed end.
- Charcoal?
- Use that.
Hey, Master,
there are also holes on my socks.
You also want one?
I have one more here.
- I'll get socks, too.
- Okay.
- This is better.
- Nice.
-It's really different.
- Here's for you.
- Master, thank you.
- Hurry, there are lots of work to do inside.
- Okay, Master. Thank you.
- Thank you, Master
Feels good on my feet.
I don't like what's happening here, Chef.
You know,
these are all Master Chef's fault.
I know.
But we can't do anything.
We've invested so much here.
Let's see what's going to happen.
Because you think your brilliant...
now everything's gone worse.
You know, Chef Gary,
Because of my strategy...
that's why
we're still here in this place.
You're loo fearless.
You know your just lucky.
Chef Jen's there.
That's why
I didn't beat you up.
I don't want to be called
a trouble maker.
You don't look like one.
Your really want to try me.
You know, I fight fair...
Maybe you'll say...
I can't fight you just by myself.
I can see that.
Hold him.
You've been acting like that.
You're really pissing me off.
You're really tough.
You again.
Come here!
You're really lucky.
Aren't you tired yet?
You've been acting up like that.
What's happening here?
We're helping each other
for our place.
He's ganging us up.
What did you say?
We're helping each other
to make this a better place.
Okay, are you okay?
No, its okay.
Are you all okay?
- Okay.
- We're okay.
They're okay.
Let's go to the other side.
Let's go there.
Take care, thank you.
I thought
you'll just get something in the car.
Yes, I will.
They just asked me something.
We had a good conversation.
Come here I'll tell you.
It's like (his...
This is for our restaurant.
Welcome back!
You look good.
How's the trip?
So why did you call me
all of a sudden?
It's been a while.
We're haven't seen each other.
I just miss you.
Dad, I know it.
You asked me to go home
because of your business.
Is there a problem?
Ah, nothing.
None, Richard.
There's no problem
with our business.
I just thought.
This is the time that you have to learn
how to manage my business.
Is that so?
Why, dad?
How about Uncle Gerry?
You don't trust him?
Come here.
Let's talk about it.
You know what?
I had a long ight...
I'm gonna rest.
- Bruce!
- Wail.
There are lots
of customers inside.
I think a lot of orders
are waiting for me.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Thank you.
What is it?
Tell me, how long is it
to make that herbal soup?
We apologize, ma'am.
Our herbal soup
is our best seller that's why...
-we get a lot of orders...
- Oh no, that's not my problem.
That's your problem.
If you had told me earlier,
I wouldn't order-.
- Ma'am...
- Now, lm starving!
I'm sorry.
Why...can you wait a bit more?
- Just 10 minutes.
-10 minutes.
- Ten minutes.
- Okay, ma'am...
Then 20!
Now it's 30 minutes!
- What are we going to do?
- Okay, free dessert for the kids.
What free?
We don't need your free dessert.
I want what I ordered.
Are you going to give it or not.
Or we're gonna leave.
Master Chef!
Master Chef!
We have a problem.
What's the problem?
Our customer in table number 5...
She's a bit grumpy.
She's mad at us.
Why is that?
Her order hasn't come yet.
Tell her to wait a bit.
Master Chef,
please go there.
And talk to her,
she's looking for you.
Okay, I'll be there.
What are you staring at?
Ma'am, excuse me.
We apologize
if your order's taking so long.
Are you the chef here?
Yes, I am.
Your herbal soup
is almost done.
So how long would it be?
5 minutes.
-5 minutes?
- Yes, ma'am.
-5 minutes, okay.
- That's for sure.
Dad's waiting.
Mom, come on.
That's the...
Your bill, Sir.
Thank you.
How much is it?
Just 2,200, sir.
Sweetheart, we ate a lot.
And it's just 2,200
This is affordable.
Hold on.
Oh no,
I might have forgotten my wallet.
What wallet?
Sir, don't worry.
good thing we're unorganized.
I have loose bills here.
See, unorganized.
Even if I don't bring my wallet.
I still have loose bills.
How much again?
How much again?
-2,200 sir.
Okay, one, two, three thousand.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir, ha.
OR, huh.
Okay. Okay.
- Gel this.
- This is quite a lot.
It's just like a lump...
put some there.
Sweetheart, what's that?
Where are we going later?
It's up to you, sweetheart.
Sir, your OR.
Thank you.
That's fast.
You're faster, huh.
OR thanks.
Boss, my change?
Sir, that's for our tip.
What tip?
That's too big for a tip.
- What are you complaining about?
- Why...?
What's the problem?
It's bi...big.
You've got big companions here, sir.
It'll be better if we go home.
Okay, thank you.
- Okay.
- We're going.
- Let's go.
- Come again.
Really, come again.
Your day will come soon.
What else can we order here?
Oh, no, sir.
You've already ordered everything.
Aren't you full yet?
What do you think
of the food you're sewing us?
That it can make us full?
He's not easy to get full.
Look at him.
As for me,
I'm just starting to have my appetite.
- Chef, it's Gemma.
- Hold it.
What's the problem?
Go there.
Chef, they have ordered
everything already.
Don't worry.
We'll prepare
something special.
It'll fit you well-.
I'm sure
you'll be filled up like a full tank.
Attend on their needs.
We're on for a fight here.
Come on,
lend me some money, please
I'm so broke.
What is that?
I've got an extra job.
This is new,
we can earn from this.
Be sure you won't fail there.
Watch and learn.
Clear and good copy.
You don't like?
Do you want a DVD?
These are clear.
You look like an action star.
I have Ronnie Ricketts films here.
8 in 1, full pack action.
Hey, you nuts.
- Very clear.
- Do you know that's illegal?
- Discount.
- You even have a DVD of our chairman.
Your dead.
Sir, look, he's even wearing it.
- Read this.
- This is a different kind.
It's illegal to copy
OMB, anti-piracy.
You didn't know?
In 9239,
that is strictly not allowed.
And you are a chef.
You're selling
inside your restaurant.
My family needs to eat.
I've got lots of kids.
I'm earning a bit low.
Forgive me, Sir.
You're making excuses.
- Take him!
- Dinks!
Excuse me, brothers.
Hey, you are chairman's enforcers.
Are you full already?
They're taking me to Chairman
because of the DVDs.
Theyre taking you to Chairman?
That's great,
you'll be able to meet him personally.
Look at his backpack-..this is his.
Look, it's full of DVDs.
Take him, too.
Come with us.
Come on.
Come with us.
You can explain with Chairman.
- You can come with us.
- Your joking.
Sorry, Sir.
I love you.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you should come with us.
I love you, sir.
- I'm sorry. I love you, sir.
- Come on. Come with us.
we have a problem.
Problem. With what?
About the land.
That's not a problem.
Your brother,
convince him.
I can't change
my brother's decision.
That's why
you have to do your job better.
If he finds out...
he'll terminate you.
My god,
that's really a problem.
- What are you?
- He can't replace me.
- You should do something about it.
- I know.
This is a big deal.
All those down payment
will be taken back from us.
- Will lose big time.
- This is a big problem.
Make a plan.
Boss, somebody's looking for you.
Who's it?
He didn't tell me his name.
My 90d!
- How are you?
- My nephew.
Looking good.
Meet my attorney.
- Attorney.
- Attorney Cortez.
- My nephew.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Your nephew?
- He's the man you're telling me.
-Yes. Yes.
I love you.
Control, control.
Come on.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
Sit down.
Please, thank you.
For you it's free of charge.
If you want to go here, feel free.
- Thank you, uncle.
- Now that you're here.
We have a job to do.
Just like the good old days.
You know, Don Manolo.
I don't like
how your blood test goes.
And remember,
you already had a mild stroke.
I feel fine.
I feel well.
Well, you're just saying that.
You know,
you're not getting any younger.
Take time, slow down.
Enjoy your family.
Doc, I don't have a family.
Well, let me see.
I'll have some test done...
let's check so we could monitor.
But I'm telling you,
if this happens again,
I don' know what's gonna happen.
Take it slow, okay.
I have to see some patients.
I'll see you later.
- Okay, doc.
- Take it slow.
Thank you.
Did they give already?
Yes, just a while ago.
Thank you. Come again.
Table 9 out.
This is a sure big tip.
Tip again.
What tip?
Just like before.
What do you mean before?
Do you remember the lip
you gave us before?
- Right.
- I didn't forget that.
- You're the best.
- Okay.
- Hold a second.
- Okay.
Now you'll meet my lip.
Tip huh.
Wallet, may I borrow.
How much tip
did I give you before?
You can still remember.
You're brilliant, kiddo.
800 huh.
This one...fine.
One thousand.
There's an excess of 200.
This is your tip for us.
You know now.
This is 'fip.
That's your tip.
Excuse me.
Come on, darling.
This fish is nice.
I thought you're also a fish.
Is this fresh?
- Yes, that's fresh.
-Buy it now.
Oh, yes.
Just like a diamond...
Are you sure it's me?
Yes, you.
What now'?
How many kilos?
I'll gel back to you.
This is fresher.
Come on.
I'll gel back to you,
this is fresher.
Please... me.
- What happened to you?
-It's Alex.
What happened to you?
- I was beaten up.
- Help me him.
Bring me to Master.
What happened?
Rudy said,
a pretty girl called him.
Then 3 men beat him up.
I sent him
to the hospital already.
He's hard headed.
I reminded him once.
He didn't listen.
Oh no.
The problem with him is...
when his head down there gets hard,
-he'll get into whatever!
- Hold it.
Stop teasing the man.
He's unfortunate, right.
That serves him right.
He's a bit okay now.
The doctor said,
he needs a little rest.
Then he can come back.
Let's just be thankful,
that's the only thing that happened to him.
But Chef,
Rudy's a big help to your restaurant.
Yes, I know.
He's a good guy.
That's why next time,
you should be careful.
That's Master.
He's always ready
like a boy scout.
I like your style huh.
Thanks, uncle.
You're really my lucky man.
I like what you did.
- Oh, now, what is your next move?
- Yup.
we have to take this one step at a time.
Oh good thinking,
this is the man.
- He's not impulsive.
- Jomar.
- Come here.
- Boss?
Bring Richard
to the place that I like.
- I'll take care of that, boss.
- Take care of him, alright?
Don't you worry,
you must enjoy.
- The world is yours, okay.
- Uncle, no need.
I've got one already.
Attorney, uncle...
I got to go-
You've got a good taste.
Just like you, uncle.
You're just wasting your time.
You will not enjoy.
Our apologies
We apologize.
What happened?
Why did we lose electricity?
Customers run away from us.
I've asked Ivan to check.
He's inspecting
what happened to the power supply.
Somebody played on it.
It's always like that.
Just because where located
at the end of this block...
You're just ganging us up like that.
We're not ganging you up.
What do you mean you're not?
You do gang us up.
Didn't we pay our electricity bill?
Then why is it like this?
Make sure that you really paid
the electricity bill.
What did you say?
We paid already.
Then why is it like this?
I don't know.
That's what I'm telling you.
Master Chef!
What happened?
Somebody cut our electricity.
Who would possibly do that?
- It seems that it's done intentionally.
- Hey, be watch your words.
Who else will do it?
Why, who just went there?
Weren't you?
That's enough.
Were you fighting again?
I'll have it fixed it first thing tomorrow.
Go now.
Make sure
that you'll fix it tomorrow.
- Do it, Master Chef. If not...
- Okay, we'll lake care of it.
- Yes, he said it right.
- You're really hard headed.
Your things might get stolen.
Go back there now.
You, go there.
What happened?
How about you,
where are you going?
Bye, okay.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
- I'm sure.
You want me
to accompany you inside?
There might be a rat there.
You want me to accompany you?
There might be a rat there.
No need.
- No need.
- We're okay.
Thank you.
No problem.
Okay, I'll go ahead.
Okay, I'll go ahead.
Why are you imitating Master Chef?
Of course,
Master Chef is my idol.
Go now.
You're really cute.
Okay, sister.
I'll head back now.
Bye. Bye.
I'm glad you came, Richard.
How's your morn?
She's great.
She's very happy
with the new husband.
My step dad?
We get along really well.
Until when
are you having your vacation?
Are you gonna stay here longer?
It depends.
Mom said
that you're in really bad shape.
But you look fine to me.
For me, Richard...
I just want for us
to see each other again.
Be together... bond.
What are you talking about?
Do you understand
what you're saying?
Have you seen
what happened to you and morn?
You never had any time for us.
Now you wanna bond?
Don't talk to me that way,
You don't know anything on what your mom
and I have been through.
You have no idea what I've been through
when I was your age.
Now you're talking.
You're all business and money.
You don't have
excitement in your life.
It's too late, dad.
Ma'am, table 5's out.
Thank you.
For table 8.
Herbal soup.
Herbal soup?
Herbal soup.
Wait a second, sir.
Somebody's making a last minute order
of herbal soup.
Juice, sir'?
Cold water'? Hot water?
Give me cold water.
Cold water, just wait.
Hold it.
We ran out.
- Okay.
- Wait.
Do you know him?
Looks like a new customer.
Okay, just tell him to wait a bit.
- Tastes good.
- Yes, it's very healthy, loo.
Very delicious also.
There at the kitchen,
just tell them.
Sir, it's on the way.
We apologize.
What the...
It's not yet here.
Let's just transfer, dude.
Pay it.
I was the one who ordered.
Yet I'm still the one
who's going to pay.
Of course, yes.
You guys are lucky.
-'L'lght, dude.
- Waiter!
Who told you
that I like to eat cockroach?
Your food
doesn't have cockroach, sir.
That's clean.
My stomach aches.
Chef, he's telling me
that there's a cockroach-.
our soup never had a cockroach.
That's an old style.
That's been done before.
Look at your face.
I know you. That's old.
What do you mean
it's done before?
I just did this now.
Oh no, I mean,
there's a cockroach.
Call Chef.
Call Chef, hurry.
Go on, call him.
Hold it.
There's no cockroach.
It's here.
What happened?
He said
that there's a cockroach in his food.
Why does it have a cockroach?
That's the first time
it happened here.
Our restaurant is very clean.
If you're very clean,
then why do you have cockroach here?
Are you kidding me?
why is it there's cockroach here?
There, can you see it?
why is it there's a cockroach there?
You've seen it?
Okay, let's put it like this...
so we could end this, okay.
That'll be for free.
Bill is on us,
no problem.
- There.
- Really?
No more,
you don't have to pay anymore.
It's free already.
Thank you, gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- Chef, my tummy's aching, chef.
Did you also eat a cockroach?
No, a lizard.
Where's the lizard?
I've swallowed it.
That's good.
It can cure asthma.
Here, drink this
so you can digest the lizard.
You're still alive?
You heard it.
It's for free.
Those buildings.
Why are you showing me all this?
I just want you to see all of the business
I've worked hard for.
And I'm hoping that you will continue
these businesses when it's your turn to...
There you go again, dad.
We all have our own lives now.
There's nothing you can do
to change that.
What, dude?
Are you going somewhere
with the boss?
No, not yet.
He hasn't said anything yet.
I'll take a cab from here.
Okay, let's go there.
Hello, best food in town.
Reservation anytime.
Yummy, yummydoo!
There's a bomb there.
What bomb?
That's illegal.
Bomb. Boom.
What do you mean bomb boom?
The one that explodes, idiot.
There's a bomb?
There's a bomb?
There's a bomb?
There's a bomb?
There's a bomb!
There's a bomb!
There's a bomb!
There's a bomb, hurry!
What's up?
I like you, my man.
Somebody called.
That's why everybody ran out.
Chef Gary.
What's (his?
Why is it it's only you
who didn't get the call?
Call about?
What else, about the bomb.
Bomb? What bomb?
We all got a call about the bomb.
You guys were the only ones left
who didn't get the call.
What bomb?
We don't know
anything about the bomb.
Are you accusing us?
We don't know anything about it.
Right, we don't know anything.
- Of course, he'll say nothing.
- You're just making excuses.
What do you mean excuses?
You're taking things personally.
Especially you, Master Chef.
You're taking things personally.
You're just insecure on me.
You know...
While you're being given what you want,
you're taking advantage of it.
Now, no one will help.
Come on! Game.
Stop! All of you.
Are you two fighting again?
You're acting like kids.
What are you fighting about?
Nobody got hurt.
No got hurt but we lost our sales.
Our customers left.
What are you?
You haven't thought that somebody's
doing this so we would fight with each other.
Yeah, right.
How's our saws'?
Low, uncle.
It's saddens me.
We've got really low sales
right now, uncle.
Don't worry.
Business is really like that.
Sometimes good,
sometimes bad.
You're studies?
Doing well.
Maybe someone's
courting you already.
Oh no, there's none.
Don't believe her.
She's got a lot of visitors.
No, that's not true.
You've got a lot.
Hold it. Study first, okay.
Of course, uncle.
Oh no, sorry,
we're already closed.
Closed already?
Yes, that's what I said.
We're closed.
Please, just one order.
I came all the way here.
Just go back tomorrow.
Even if I want to,
the kitchen is closed already.
Go ahead,
let him in, John
Good evening.
I remember you.
Ivan, get the order.
Okay, Master Chef.
Please stay here.
Thank you.
Our sales for January.
- January?
-It's higher than the present?
February is low?
That's okay.
Sir, here's your order.
Sir, that's okay already.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
How much?
No need to pay.
Thank you.
You're a good person.
No problem.
Thank you.
I'll go ahead.
Take care.
I thought he love me.
Look. Look.
I can't handle this.
That's enough.
Water, hurry!
Oh, poor you.
Don't believe him.
He just made that up.
He really looks like born with those marks,
but then, that's enough.
That's enough.
The poop...
I mean the person is hurt.
Master, seems like
everything's happening consecutively.
First, the pretty girl.
Then the hunk.
Food with cockroach.
Bomb that explodes.
What will happen next?
That's enough.
We don't have customer.
Come and eat.
Affordable, sir.
Look here.
Sir, here.
- It's irritating.
-it's too hot-.
What is that?
We don't have customers.
This is all of it?
- Yes, sir.
- Nothing.
Don't mind it.
There are a lot
of customers out there.
We've got low sales, Chef.
What's that?
We're affected, Chef.
How is it?
Just okay, Master Chef.
I don't know with them.
Here is yours.
I already added onto it.
- Thank you.
- Sorry, Chef.
Thank you.
Thanks, too.
This is for you, kids.
Thank you.
This is for you.
Thank you.
Here, share this among you.
Thank you.
Master Chef,
we heard you're leaving.
Who will feed us?
Don't worry.
We'll find a way.
Think positive.
Maybe a miracle might happen
and they won't ask us to leave anymore.
Just always pray for us
to Papa Jesus.
Yum, yum, yum.
Yum, yum, yum.
- They're really kind.
- Okay, kids.
Take care.
Good job, Richard, huh.
- Thanks, uncle.
- You're really like me.
Good job, good job.
Good job!
I can see what's gonna happen,
that it won't be law of the land.
But the law of Gerry and Richard.
- This is so happy, Richard.
- Attorney stop it.
Slop it.
Okay let's enjoy.
Let's enjoy.
We're severely affected.
Everything went up.
Supplies, rental, electricity.
I even got to the point
of retrenching employees.
I don't get additional customers.
We also reduced our people.
We're just the same.
I'm still spending for school needs.
We're having a hard time.
We're all sending someone to school.
I don't know
how long will I stand this.
We can do this.
We're all in this together.
You two, you're together.
I'm out of the scene.
Co'z you're brilliant,
Master Chef.
Maybe a miracle will happen.
And we'll prosper again.
We've been given three months.
What miracle are you saying?
We're all in this together.
We can do this.
You, you can do it.
Give me this.
You can do it, Master.
Don't worry.
I'm just right behind you.
We're with you.
Thank you, Sir.
So how was your day?
I feel sorry for my sister.
They're affected
of what happening here.
Yes, they're all fighting
with each other.
Instead of helping each other.
That's why
somehow we should help them.
This is hard.
Wait. Hold it.
Shut up!
Don't ever come back here.
Or else I'll kill you.
What are you waiting for?
What do you want?
I'll take this one first?
Hold on, wait a second.
No problem.
There's no problem with us.
We're leaving.
We're leaving.
- There goes...
- No problem.
- Go now!
- Come on.
They can be easily scared away.
Let's go.
Our equipment...
-it's you, Master.
- How are you, Chef Boy?
- We're okay.
- Are you okay?
We're okay.
You know,
Master is a good person.
That one's closed already.
Tomorrow or the following day,
we're next.
Because you're brilliant.
You know, Chef...
you should've been the real
Master Chef here.
What did you say?
Master Chef?
That one?
Rollon, master butt maybe.
You chinese!
Watch your words.
That's enough.
- That's enough. Slop fighting
- What are you?
That's enough.
is not a solution to our problem.
That's enough!
It'll be better if you'll go back
to your restaurant, Chef Gary, please.
Chef, I'll do this for you.
Only for you.
Let's go.
Come on.
I might hurt him badly.
I might hurt him badly.
For you.
For you!
Come on.
- We can chop him finely.
- Okay, Chef Boy, I'm fine here.
Let's go and cook.
\'m sorry.
It's really embarrassing to you.
Did you also retrench your people?
It's just fine.
All your results,
Don Manolo, normal.
Really good.
All of it.
What have you done?
how's your inventory?
Okay, uncle.
We've sold a lot.
Have you told Jenny?
Yes, uncle.
All our revenues here,
and our future revenues,
we'll share it with them.
I feel sad.
I never thought
that we'd come up to this point.
You know,
it's really like this.
It really happens.
What's important
is that we all dream to start anew.
We're still together, right?
And we'll never give up.
That's why it's important.
that you study hard.
Yes, uncle.
- My friend, I miss your fish.
- Pick here.
Those are fresh.
Are those really fresh?
Yes, those are fresh.
Maybe it's not.
- Sure it's okay, huh.
- These are okay.
- You used to buy them.
- You're earning a lot.
- This is good.
- Look it's fresh.
Not you.
You're lucky.
Go there.
Maybe you're his type.
I'll take care of him.
- Give the same old stuff.
- Okay.
You like me?
You can't fool me.
Oh, really.
Come here!
See him?
Beat him up.
Run, hurry!
They're coming.
What now?
1, 2, 3, 4.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
I can do it.
I can do it!
How many?
What are you waiting for?
Beat them up.
And you're really
commanding us.
And there are sidekicks.
- Chef, there they go...
- Come on, beat them up.
They're about to attacking.
Richard, it's not working.
Our men are being beaten up.
Got you.
My egg!
You're escaping.
- Who told you to do this?
- That's enough.
I was just asked to do so.
We didn't catch.
We could've had a lead.
They're just lucky.
We'll have our chance, right?
We'll beat them up.
Enjoy your meal.
What kind of food is this?
It's worthless and tastes bad.
Let me go.
What are you saying
that it tastes bad.
You've eaten all of it, right?
What stupidity is this?
Are you insulting me?
I'm not insulting you.
I'm just telling the truth.
And what is the truth?
That you ate all of the food.
Dude, she's a snob.
That means it tastes good.
What now?
Why don't you call my sister.
You are rude.
- Let me go.
-Don't leave.
Let her go.
You are all rude.
Look at her, dude.
Looks like radish!
I like her.
Looks okay.
That's too much.
Women should be respected.
They shouldn't be treated rudely.
- Hey, woman, you're lucky.
- Hey, don't you interfere here.
- I'm not in the mood.
- You, what are you looking at?
Smells good.
You want more?
Get off the way.
Are you okay, Chef Gary?
We're you hurt badly?
What is that?
Which part hurts?
Face us.
Karate huh.
Can your karate match this?
You're big.
Kick him more.
These guys are no match.
You're no match.
Dude, he's the master chef.
He's tough.
We'll see.
So you're the master chef.
You're just a bullet away.
Chef is great?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Master Chef is great.
Thanks, Chef.
That's okay.
That's what I want,
that we be united.
Yeah! Yum, yum, yum!
Yum, yum, yum!
what's taking you so long.
Why is it these people
seem to give you a hard time?
Especially the Master Chef.
What seems to be the problem?
- Sorry, Chard.
- I'm sorry, uncle.
Maybe next time.
I understand, okay.
This time,
I'll do it myself.
I like that.
That's what I like in him.
Here's what you're gonna do.
Take down the master chef first.
Take care.
You're welcome.
You're fast.
I'll do it.
By the way,
thank you very much.
You know, if not for you,
things might have gotten worse.
It's okay.
It's just okay.
We're always ready.
Especially for you.
Wow, you're sweet.
I hope all men are like you.
I'm sorry.
You can hardly find...
someone like us.
It would be better
that you guys rest...
it's beginning to be breezy here.
You're good at drawing.
Right, how do you do that?
Just like this.
I've studied to draw.
That's why if you have the chance to study,
study well.
Bruce, take care of that.
I'll just pick up Jenny.
Okay, Master Chef.
- I'll take care of this.
- Okay.
Yes, chef.
It's brownout again-.
This is intentional.
Master, they're too many.
Are you okay?
- Master, they're too many.
- Bruce, handle them.
Let's go.
This way.
Hurry UP-
What's gonna happen?
I don't know.
I've got bad vibrations here.
Looks like
we're on for a fight.
They're loo many.
I thought you're positive.
Master Chef!
He knows you.
I don't know him.
What's hard with you
is that we need to cripple you...
so you would leave.
Hey ninja!
Let's see
who's gonna be crippled.
Rambo, huh!
Get ready.
- You lake charge of that.
- Okay.
Fall back!
To the rescue!
I'm here.
Me, loo.
Fall back!
Ah ninja huh.
Ping, ping, ping-
Ping, ping, ping-
Ping, ping, ping-
Ping, ping, ping-
We're here, Master Chef!
We're family!
Captain America!
That hurts.
This is your end,
Master Chef.
Damn you,
what do you need from me?
Who are you?
I'm your worst nightmare.
It hurts, right?
Here, this one hurls more.
- What did you say? What?
-Sorry, sir.
Tonight is your lucky night.
You're the one who's lucky.
Where are you going?
Let's go.
Run! Quick!
Master chef!
It seems like
trouble's never ending, sir.
One after the other-.
Don't you suspect someone?
Who has something to do
with all of these troubles?
None, sir.
We have three months left
to stay here.
Do we need
to be in some trouble like this?
Do you recognize one of those
who attacked you last night?
They're faces were covered.
If ever I'll see him again,
I can recognize him.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
- Chef, what's that?
- Good morning, Don Manolo.
What happened to you?
This is nothing.
You came here.
What do you need?
I just want to inform you...
that we're leaving that place.
Why did you decide
to leave sooner?
There are a lot of bad things
happening to us.
Hold it,
with the tone of your voice...
are you accusing me?
Did I do something?
It's not that, Don Manolo.
It's impossible
that you don't know.
I don't play games, Chef.
I don't play games.
Tell it to me straight-.
What's the problem?
We're leaving.
Then leave.
Thanks for everything.
I already know.
Don't worry.
I'll send you herbal soup.
It's good for you health.
Hey, Richard, my son.
- What is he doing here?
- Wait. What's that?
Take it off.
What is that chef doing here,
He just told me
that they're leaving their place.
That's good news.
Our partners will be happy.
Don Manolo was the one
who's all behind the troubles here?
It's hard to believe
but that's the way I see it.
He's right.
He's got a son?
But I thought he's in America.
Don Manolo.
I knew
we couldn't trust that old man.
Master Chef, seems like
we don't stand a chance in this place.
Not really.
If we'll leave this,
we'll just find a new place.
Then we'll start all over again.
Think positive.
We can do this.
We can.
We're all together.
- Of course.
- Okay, together.
We don't have a problem
with my brother anymore.
In just a matter of time
he'll be dead.
Just a matter of time.
Matter of time.
How about your nephew?
Your favorite nephew.
Your brother's
leaving him all the wealth.
Is that a problem?
When my brother's gone.
he'll be the next one.
Everything happens
as planned.
Check mate.
Attorney, double check.
Let's celebrate.
Let's celebrate.
Let's celebrate.
Let's celebrate.
Bro, why did you ask as to come?
This is the chance
that you've been waiting for.
You mean to say
they're leaving?
Attorney, the contract?
It's here.
Bring that contract
to the other building.
Tell our Korean partners...
that the place
will soon be vacated.
I love it.
I want to sign
in front of the chefs.
The reason why I asked you to come is that
I want you to witness when I sign the contract.
Don Manolo,
what you're doing is already painful for us.
Do you have to rub it in?
You're showing us.
We're just wasting
our time here.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
No, hold n.
Listen first.
Once I sign this,
that means...
I'm closing up the deal with my business partners
who are building up a condominium in this area.
- I thought it's something else.
- Yeah, we know.
What are we wating for?
Don Manolo,
why did you do that?
What happened?
How could you do that to me?
You two,
you started the trouble here.
Richard told me everything.
my favorite nephew.
I thought we're close.
What do you mean
favorite nephew?
That was before.
Not anymore.
That's enough, Gerry.
Leave now.
There's still time.
We can still fix this.
With everything you've done, Gerry?
Even if you're my brother,
I can send you to jail.
Now, leave.
I thought you love me.
You'll regret this.
All of you.
Especially you, Master Chef.
You started this.
Can you do something about it?
All of you.
I'll gel back to you.
That day wouldn't come.
We'll see.
Leave now, Attorney.
- Gel out of here.
- Bye.
Your fired.
- Sue... I'll sue you.
- Bye. Bye.
Manila zoo.
I'll sue you.
maybe you'd be needing this more.
I don't need that.
- Go now.
- I'll sue you.
I'd vote for that.
You're okay.
So, Chef,
you can stay in this place as long as I live.
Whatever dad says
shall be done.
I'll hug this one.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for the herbal soup.
It made me feel well.
Thanks, Master Chef.
Hold it.
Can you come with us
to the head quarters?
Did I do something wrong?
What did I done?
You are named
as the brain of all this mess.
What brain?
What mess?
- Attorney, what are they saying?
-Wait a minute. What's wrong?
Hey, cool it.
Hold a second.
Are you his lawyer?
Co'z if you are,
then you should also come to the head quarters.
Let's talk there.
Your wish is my command.
Hey, Gerry, this is nothing.
Take them.
Yes, sir.
Don't touch me.
It's him again?
let me introduce to you my girlfriend.
Modesty aside...
This is Ara.
They're all happy.
Like us.
I've known you better.
And you know
what gets stronger...
I know
what you're gonna say.
Master Chef?
He's always telling me
great things about you.
He admires you so much.
Okay, bye-
Isn't she an actress?
I thought you noticed.
That's Ara Mina?
Ara Mina.
Gary's lucky.
That's impressive.
Gary's lucky?
Gary's lucky.
You're also lucky.
Oh, yes.
You know
that what I feel for you is real.
You're so cheesy.
Okay, yes.
Didn't I tell you yes?
You want me to translate it?
O yes sure.
Which one
can you understand?
"00" or yes?
Let's go.
You know,
they left us. Hurry!
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Let's go over there.
Go now.
For you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Here's more for you.
Share it.
You know,
Mom and dad will be happy.
What we want,
all of you are happy.
- Take care.
- Bye. Bye.
Feels good, Master, right?
It feels good to help?
It makes you feel light.
- You said it.
-Master, thanks for everything.
I'm the new Master Chef now.
Yum, yum, yum
Ping, ping, ping-