The Fighting Preacher (2019) Movie Script

Get up!
One... two... three
four... five... six...
What made you fall in love
with an old man like me?
I have no idea.
We should turn in.
All right.
Early Stake Conference?
President Smith's coming...
- Right... that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey, champ!
Willard Bean.
Brother Willard Bean...
Brother Willard Bean,
will you please come to the stand?
What happened?
What was that about
with President Smith?
He needs to see us right now.
He mentioned something about a mission.
A mission!
You've already been
on three missions,
and we're just married!
You're right.
You be sure and mention
all of that to the Prophet.
It's so nice
to see you again, Willard,
and Sister Bean,
it's wonderful to meet you.
I was so pleased
to hear of your marriage.
Now... here is what I wanted
to speak with you about.
Eight years ago the Church
purchased the Joseph Smith farm.
We are just now
able to take possession of it.
We need someone to live there
and take care of the farm
and re-establish the Church
in that area.
And when you stepped
through that door today,
it was like a voice said to me,
"There's your man!"
So I am extending a call
to you and Rebecca
to serve as missionaries and
caretakers for the Joseph Smith farm.
In New York?
I discussed it with the Twelve
and we agreed
that it would be far too
expensive to move the farm here.
When would you like us to leave?
So, you'll accept the call?
- Of course, President.
- Wonderful.
And for how long will we serve?
I think five years should do it.
Now... this has been
a hostile area for us.
So your job will be to show
them that we are good folks
and... we can fit into
their lovely community...
as well as helping us to secure
other precious Church history sites.
Thank you
for the trust, President.
But it's been 85 years since the
Church left there.
All must be forgotten by now
and surely can't be too bad.
We heard you was coming.
They heard we was coming!
Brother and Sister Bean,
may God go with you.
Excuse me, kind sir!
Can you direct me to the Joseph
Smith farmhouse on Stafford road?
Well... he seems nice.
You know, sweetheart,
I may have to show these people
a thing or two
to get 'em to accept us.
Now let's not start with that.
I'm just sayin'
people will respect a man
who's willing to fight
what he believes in.
Willard... were any of Joseph and Emma's
children born in the Smith farmhouse?
I don't know, sweetheart.
Why you ask?
Oh, I just think
it would be fun to know.
I can find out.
Do you think they have
a good doctor here?
I haven't been feeling too well.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know what it is?
It's all this travel.
It happens to me, too.
Trust me, this has
never happened to you.
I think I'll have this
for another seven months or so.
Rebecca! Are you...?
Our life. Yeah.
Yeehaw! I love our life!
Look at this.
Well, there it is.
Where angels talked
and prophets walked.
- All right, dear, here you are.
- Thank you.
- I'll go get the front door for you.
- Okay.
- You good?
- Uh-huh.
I'll be right back to help you.
Sweetheart, you know
what I forgot to do?
I forgot to tell you this
morning how beautiful you are.
Look at it.
We can do this.
- I hope so.
- We'll be just fine.
We will be.
- I'll give it everything I have.
- All right.
Just be patient with me...
while I'll try
and make friends here.
You will, dear, you're wonderful.
All right, you ready?
You can do this.
I'll go take care of the rig.
Everything all right?
It's wonderful, thank you.
You know, with that seed money
we were given,
we should be able to get this farm
back on it's feet and running.
Well, circle the calendar...
we just got here and we already
have our first visitors.
Gentlemen! Welcome! Come in.
All right.
It'll be fine.
Well, happy to make your
acquaintance, good neighbor.
My name is Willard Bean.
We know who you are.
We'll say our piece, Mr. Bean,
and be gone.
As citizens of this community,
we had a meeting this evening.
It is the feeling of all who live
here that you are to leave Palmyra.
We drove you out of here years
ago and you're not coming back.
So, you best be on your way.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
So, we come out here hoping to...
fit in with you good people
and be an asset
to the community.
We hold no ill feelings for what
your people did to us 80 years ago,
though it was wrong
and always will be.
So... you listen to me.
We are here to stay...
even if we have to
fight our way.
Now I could take you
one at a time or three at once,
whatever makes you happier.
Well, come on!
- We'll be back!
- I'll be here.
Willard... do you think you
may have been too bold maybe?
What? No.
Honey... didn't you
feel the love just...
Flowing out of me?
Not really.
Sweetheart, you all right?
Yes, I just, um...
do you need something, dear?
I'm heading to town...
probably be the better part
of the day into the night.
So, it's best
you not wait up for me.
Into the night?
You needn't worry.
We're being protected.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Good day, gentlemen!
I am in need of a part
for the singletree for my buggy
and I was wondering
if you had any available?
Any at all...
It seems like
such a simple question.
Uh, we have those parts...
but they're not for sale,
uh, at this particular time.
Oh, all right.
Can you give me some idea as
when the particular time will be
that they are available?
Well... I suspect...
it all hinges on...
who's wanting to buy 'em.
As I mentioned,
I'm the one needing them,
so I reckon
I'll be the one buying 'em.
then they're not for sale.
Then I'll just purchase them
in Macedon today.
Maybe they're not so particular
about who they take their money from.
And thanks for everything!
Hey, Mormon!
Seen any angels lately?
I understand you Mormons
believe in baptism by immersion.
Yeah, we do!
And we also believe
in the laying on of hands!
- Boogidy, boogidy!
- Go, go, go!
Pleasure to meet ya, neighbor!
Thanks for the baptism.
Good evening, ma'am.
We are ministers and these
ladies are school teachers.
We have just been
to a ministerial convention.
We passed by Mormon Hill...
and we thought we would drop in
and see this place
and hear a bit about Joe Smith.
Please come in.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
My husband is in town,
but I would be
happy to share with you
the story
of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
This is the home where the
Prophet Joseph brought the plates
after receiving them
from the angel Moroni.
He was a liar and a cheat,
wasn't he?
They came as if
they wanted to learn...
But in reality they came
to taunt and hurt.
I felt darkness
invade our home...
it was thick...
and it had power.
I began to pray for help.
At that moment, I felt the presence
of someone standing beside me...
everyone in the room
fell silent.
I bear testimony...
that Joseph Smith
was a Prophet of God
and I feel his presence
in this home... even now.
Anyone who prayfully seeks
will know also.
He taught as the Savior did...
preaching love and forgiveness.
Apologies for our actions,
I felt the Prophet Joseph's
and that's what seemed
to turn them around.
Dear... we are being protected.
That's her.
Pardon me, ma'am.
I was told someone
in this house is a nurse.
Would that be yourself?
Lovely. I will be having
a child in a few months
and I'm in need of a nurse
to assist me...
Go back to Utah
where you belong!
I know it would be
somewhat of a bother.
I would take as little of
your time as possible, but...
I know who you are, Mrs. Bean.
Nobody here is going to
help you.
I did not train in child
delivery to help a Mormon!
- No!
- I can't tell you how happy it would make me
to know
that you would come and...
I think we're all alone.
Sweetheart, we won't be.
We won't be.
Shh! It'll be all right.
For our
many blessings we thank thee
and acknowledge thy hand
in our lives.
We pray that the way
may be opened for us
to receive the help that we need
with the baby that we are
about to bring into this world.
These blessings we ask for
in Jesus' name, Amen.
Thank you.
You know, it occurs to me...
there is one possibility for a
mid-wife we haven't even considered.
Really? Who'd that be?
a man can't be there
when the baby is born!
He can if there is no one else.
You can't do this for me?
You've delivered horses
and calves before.
Sweetheart, you're not a cow.
Thank you for noticing, dear.
- I'm in love with you...
- Moo!
Howdy, neighbor!
We're the Beans. We just...
Wait a minute. Is that...
Is this what
they've been doing to you?
Good morning, we are
Willard and Rebecca Bean...
Well, that was uncalled for.
That was uncalled for.
Big tough guy!
Hey, Mormon!
I been meaning to tell you,
what a gaul...
Church you belong to.
There's nothing worse
on this earth
than an idiot Mormon...
and you can just take your...
And your visions
and your glories
and you can just
collect yourselves up
into a bright red sack and
head straight back to...
And while you're there why don't
you make friends with the devil.
Because you and him, you're gonna
be around each other for a long...
Brother Bean, please know that
the First Presidency and the
Twelve pray for you daily.
Your mission is in the
forefront of our minds.
We are desirous of you approaching
those who own the Hill Cumorah
and asking their selling price.
Hey, good lookin'!
You one of them Mormons?
Through and through.
Have you come to drive me away?
Well, yes, I have.
Get in.
- Where are you taking me?
- You'll see.
Is it all right for us
to be here?
I just thought it was time
that we visit the site
that President Smith
wants us to purchase.
But the current owner may not be
so pleased about us being here.
Oh, what do they care?
They got better things to do
than worry about two strangers...
Hey, you!
What do you think you're doing?
See? They don't mind.
They already sent
their welcoming committee!
- Are you those Mormons moved into the old Smith place?
- We are.
We just wanted to walk to the top
of the hill if that's all right.
It ain't all right.
It ain't even
close to all right.
And there ain't no Mormon gonna
set foot on this hill again...
Now you need to climb back in that ratty
buggy of yours and get on outta here
before I do
some real damage to ya!
All right, we'll be on our way.
I wanna thank you for your warm
welcome to your friendly village.
We had heard it was going to be
really difficult for us here, but...
well, you've renewed our hope
and faith in humanity, so...
We're Willard and Rebecca Bean.
Happy to be your new neighbors.
All right, well, Rebecca,
we should go,
we shouldn't dilly dally
all day here
in the good company
of this gentleman.
Oh, neighbor... I don't think
I caught your name.
Do you think "Never" is his first
name, or last name?
It's hard to say.
Idiot Mormons.
How do you do it?
How can you remain
so positive...
when everyone despises us?
When you serve a mission
in the South in the 1890's,
you have plenty of practice.
Were they mean to you?
Oh, not so much mean to me as they were to
the Elders we replaced when we got there.
What did they do to them?
Killed them.
Killed them dead?
What did they do to you?
Get out of here, you
Mormons. Get out of here.
Show us a sign! Show us a sign
Mormon boys! We want to see a sign.
Lemme put it this way...
You boys say
you got the true religion.
Well, you better show us a sign,
or we're gonna show you a sign
of some real nice
southern hospitality.
All right, all right. I will be more
than happy to oblige you with a sign.
First... my companion,
he hasn't been out here
very long, right.
He's not used to
this sort of thing.
So, would it be okay if we
sent him down the road a bit...
and then I'll be happy
to show you boys a sign.
- Okay.
- What'd ya say?
All right, all right.
Elder Tanner, you...
go ahead and make your way down the road.
I'll, I'll be right after you.
I'll be right behind ya.
All right.
So... it's very evident to me...
that you are very well versed in Bible
and in the scriptures because you know...
that the Lord has shown...
many signs.
The sign I'm gonna show you
it's a heavenly sign...
and it's a sign that's been
passed down from time gone by.
am gonna strike you blind.
Whoa, whoa.
Ow. I can't see! I can't see!
That's 'cuz you're blind!
Run Elder! Run for your life!
- I can't see!
- Get those Mormons!
Go, go. Go.
Do you think
we can outrun 'em, Elder?
I only have to outrun you!
Ooh. Wait, I'm kidding.
I'm your senior companion.
You have to wait!
- You didn't.
- I did.
- You didn't.
- I did.
I told my mission president,
J. Golden Kimball, I said,
"I will turn the other cheek,
if they can hit the first one."
That's what I said.
That's what we got to do, sweetheart.
We just got to keep swinging.
Just, just keep swinging.
True story.
I'll get it!
Mrs. Bean,
I understand that you have
been trying to find someone
to help with the delivery
of your baby.
That's right.
I am not a trained nurse
but I have done some attending
and I would be happy to assist.
You know who we are, correct?
I know you're good people.
My brother was curious
about the Mormons
and so he went to Utah
to see for himself.
He enjoyed it so much
he moved there.
And so here I am,
happy as a lark
to help in any way.
Thank you so much.
The baby is due any day now
and we have a room upstairs
for you to stay in.
I'll just go back home and pack
my things and be back this afternoon.
Don't worry, Mrs. Bean,
everything is going to be
just fine.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
She's going to help me,
She's gonna help me.
So does this mean I don't get to be
in with you when you have the baby?
No, Willard.
She's going to help me.
Thank you.
That is wonderful news...
Mr. Bean,
you are the father of a
beautiful, healthy baby girl.
- I am?
- Yes, Sir.
And I think it's about time you
two decided on a name for her.
Oh, we know her name.
Her name is Palmyra.
Look at her! She's beautiful!
She is beautiful!
I'm ready, daddy!
Yes you are. You look beautiful!
Oh, there you go.
I will see you cuties back here
in an hour.
All right, dear.
Come on Palmyra,
let's go buy some girl things.
All right, ladies. Have fun.
I'll see you later.
Hello puppy!
Hello little puppy!
Don't you dare touch my dog.
Don't you ever touch my dog again.
I'd advise you to keep control
of your child, madam.
No Mormon is ever allowed
to touch any dog in Palmyra.
Sweetie, I'm sorry.
She's not very happy, is she?
We have a lot more animals
than she does.
We'll let her pet our animals
if she ever comes to our place.
Maybe that will make her happy.
Come on.
So, Mr. Sexton...
what would you consider
a fair price for the hill now?
I'd love to sell you the hill...
but it has to be on my terms.
Of course,
and what would that be?
Same as before,
one hundred thousand dollars.
A hundred thousand.
That is still too much
for my church to handle.
We can do thirty-five.
I understand.
You know I don't own
the entire hill.
James Welch has that smaller
farm on the west side.
Have you met with him?
Yes, we have.
We call him "Never."
Haven't heard him
called that before.
Well... that's the way
he introduced himself to me...
from the back end of a shotgun.
Between he and me, Mr. Bean,
it looks like you've got
your work cut out for you.
Yeah, I suppose I do.
But what happened
to make you so late?
Did you get lost?
I met with Mr. Sexton
and then I had to go
all the way to Macedon
to get the part I needed.
You mean they ran out of parts
in Palmyra again?
No, they ran out of manners
Is there something going on
at the Hill tonight?
Haven't you seen that before?
Yeah, they're digging up
the hill.
They're looking for gold.
They dig even though
they don't believe?
They believe in gold.
It looks pretty.
Yeah, it does, doesn't it?
Excuse me.
I'm Rebecca Bean
- and this...
- Yes, we've, um,
been expecting you.
And your name is?
Don't worry.
You'll make friends soon.
This will be fine.
Class! Take your seats, please.
Thank you.
We have a new student
in our class this year.
Her name is Palmyra.
And my name is Chicago!
Take your seat please, dear.
Now, class,
there is much to cover
this year.
You first graders are going to
have to work very hard to keep up.
It won't be easy
but it will be well worth the effort.
Every day I will expect you to come
back with your homework prepared,
all your T's crossed,
all your I's dotted.
And always, of course, it's very
important you stay in your assigned seats
and that you follow
our class rules.
Now, who can tell me,
what is the newest state in
The United States of America?
Who knows?
Who knows?
Uh, Opalohma.
- Ummm...
- No, that's not it.
- Columbia?
- Arizona?
Very good, Columbia.
Arizona became the 48th state
of the United States
of America on Valentines day...
Looks like you could use
a little help.
Thank you.
My husband's away
working hard himself and...
having enough wood
for the kitchen can sometimes
get left behind.
Oh, I've never been afraid
of hard work.
I also know a little something
about being hated...
even before...
people get a chance to know ya.
I have a piece
of fresh baked pie
right there in the kitchen.
I'll be right back
with a proper thank you.
You're good people.
You're so kind
to give your help.
I don't mind the work
I have to do, but...
firewood is harder for me
than most of my other chores.
Now you just hold for a bit
while you...
We will begin this morning by
reviewing our multiplication tables.
One times seven is...
Two times seven is...
Three times seven is...
Four times seven is...
Five times seven is...
Six times seven is...
Seven times seven is...
Eight times seven is...
Sister Bean?
I'm Elder Crawford Gates
and this is Elder David Adams.
And Elder Bob Bitner
and Elder Gordon Hinckley.
We've just finished our missions
and are on our way home.
Would it be possible
to spend the evening here
before we catch our train
tomorrow in Rochester?
Certainly, Elders.
You're welcome to stay.
Why don't you leave
your suitcases
and I can have our daughter
take you out to the Sacred Grove
while I make your rooms ready.
We have Elders to take care of!
Hello, Elders.
This is the Sacred Grove.
Lots of these trees
were here then...
but they're older now.
We don't know
right where he prayed,
but somewhere close by.
So Heavenly Father and Jesus
were here, too...
and talked to him...
and told him what he should do.
I think it was a good thing
that Joseph Smith prayed here...
don't you?
it was a very good thing.
Thank you for the tour, Palmyra.
You did such a wonderful job...
I would like to give you...
Is this a nickel?
Yeah! A whole nickel.
Thank you... but...
can I have a dime instead?
A nickel isn't enough?
I don't know how to pay
my tithing with a nickel,
but I can with a dime.
Try this.
Sister Bean,
did you know you're famous?
The word is out
in all the missions,
"Don't go home
until you've had a meal
from Sister Bean
at the Smith Farm."
This is the best food I've had
since leaving home.
There must be so many
who come here.
How do you do it?
I have something to share with
you regarding your question.
There was a hot summer day
and we had had
a lot of visitors.
We'd just had Alvin
and I had to carry him
most the day
just to get my work done.
The Apostle, Elder Talmage,
was here
and we'd had a wonderful evening
but I was so exhausted,
I was in tears
and I still had much to be done.
Everyone was in bed and asleep
but me.
Finally I got ready for bed.
I was crying about my hardships
when this dream or...
vision came to me.
There was a knock at the door
and a very handsome young man
was standing there.
I just knew he was another
missionary that had come to see us.
He and Elder Talmage seemed
so happy to see each other...
and talked about wonderful
things while they were eating.
The spirit was so peaceful...
and they seemed so happy
to be together.
After the meal,
I put Alvin to bed
and went and talked alone
with the young man.
He told me how sweet and
well behaved my children were
and I was so happy about that.
He walked into the hall...
and as I went
to wish him goodbye...
it was the Savior
that stood before me...
in all his glory.
I couldn't tell you the love
and the sweetness
that he had in his face.
He said, "Sister Bean",
if you go about your work
every day
as you have done this day,
you will be equal to it.
Remember these missionaries
represent me on this earth,
and all that you give unto them,
"you give unto me."
Elders, you ask me
how I can do it,
day after day,
and year after year.
How can I not do it?
I know who you are.
And all that I do for you...
I do for Him.
Hey, Palmyra, you wanna play?
Everything all right, dear?
In town, I heard
Mr. Sexton died.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
With him gone, I don't know if we'll
ever be able to obtain all of Cumorah.
His heirs, they hate the Church.
Pledged they'd never sell
at any price.
Maybe it's time to stand aside
let the Lord take it from here.
Is that you?
Honey, what happened?
Nobody likes me.
Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry.
Why can't somebody
just be nice to me?
Oh, my little angel.
I'm so sorry
we've done this to you.
I don't have any friends either.
I just have Daddy and I have Alvin...
and I have you.
But I don't have
anybody to play with.
Oh, sweetie.
These are good people.
We just have to give them time to
know that we're good people, too.
We just need to keep being nice.
I'm sick of being nice.
There was another little child
that used to live in this house
who didn't have
any friends either.
Do you know who I mean?
- Joseph Smith?
- That's right.
And he just kept
trying and trying.
Yeah, and then they killed him.
That's right...
but not you.
One, two...
Willard. Did you hear me?
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, we've been here six years
and they still hate us.
I'm trying to do everything
that's right and...
maybe I'm doing something wrong.
I don't know.
Maybe it's time to do
what you do best.
Irritate you?
Put out a challenge.
Challenge the entire town
to join the Church?
To get in the ring with you.
Maybe we'll make some friends.
This is going to be perfect.
This is exactly what we're going to need.
- Are you going to have an issue with...
- Not at all, thank you.
I'd like 50 copies of that.
How are you? Come and see the
Mormon get beat up. Here you go.
Hope you come!
Come watch my dad
beat up people.
Have a good day.
Good job, honey...
One thing I was thinking about
with your boxing exhibition...
You know you're
slightly older now.
Before you get back
in the ring again,
you may want to do
a little exercising?
Just a thought.
Time just...
has a way of slowing us down.
Whatever you think's best.
Drink it.
- Drink it?
- Yes.
Don't be scared.
- Mmm... Oh...
- Yay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Very good. That's it.
- That's it!
- Willard!
You know, we were just playin'.
I told you to git!
- Get on out of here, you idiot Mormon!
- Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no!
Please be careful, dear.
I'll be careful
not to hurt 'em too badly.
I certainly hope this works
and we make some friends.
All right.
Well, the show must go on.
All right. All right, all right!
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for your attendance.
I am Willard Bean.
You know me
as "the idiot Mormon."
But I am also known
as "The Fighting Preacher."
Yeah, we'll see.
The rules of the event tonight
are those of
the Amateur Boxing Association.
Three rounds,
winner by knockout,
otherwise a draw.
All right... let's get this started.
Who's our first challenger?
How are you, good sir?
What's your name?
Buster. Buster, did you come
with anybody tonight?
All right.
Boys, you stay seated
till I give you this sign.
All right? Got it?
Perfect. Ready to get started?
All right.
Let's go, let's go.
Go Daddy!
Buster, get him! Hit him!
Oh! Oh!
Get up!
Get up!
All right, next challenger.
- Big Hank.
- Come on, come on.
Big Hank, Big Hank.
Get up, let's go.
I remember you.
Just here for some
good old fashioned fun.
Uh... Hopefully,
there'll be no offense.
None taken.
You know, for me,
boxing's a very Christian sport.
I give much more than I receive.
All right, who's next?
You look good, hun.
What a show off!
Boogidy, boogidy!
All right, who's next?
Let's go.
Oh, looks like we're out of challengers.
Anyone else?
- Anyone?
- Mormon show off.
Thank you for your attendance!
I hope you enjoyed
the Fighting Preacher show.
Just because you're a good fighter,
doesn't make you a good man.
You're no preacher.
Well, golly, that was a success.
I don't know what else to do.
Maybe we should just
throw in the towel,
go home.
maybe you should just be nice.
Be nice?
That's what Mommy always says.
Maybe sometimes,
the best way to fight
is with love.
Are you all right, lad?
Not looking good, Mr. Bean.
I'm going to have to
call the fight.
No. No, no. I got it.
I got it. I just...
I got to change tactics.
I'll do it.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Go get him!
You and Palmyra
are exactly right.
My approach to what we're doing
back here is...
It needs an adjustment.
We're gonna change tactics,
we're gonna do the Savior's way,
we will...
Thanks for listening.
Good talk.
Sweetheart, I have an idea.
This should be ready.
Oh, boy. It's beautiful.
Let's put this on the table.
All right.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Oh, and don't get shot.
Yes, dear.
Can't you get it through
your thick skull?
No Mormons on this hill.
Now, unless you made a recent change
in your religion, that means you.
Silly me. I forgot.
Thanks for the reminder.
I said "never."
Do you like pie?
What kind of pie?
Maybe. Now git!
It's still warm. It's all yours.
From the missus.
Good to see you, neighbor.
Know that he recognizes
your struggles,
and loves you,
and is there for you...
Mrs. Rhodes?
- Mrs. Rhodes?
- Who is it?
- It's Rebecca Bean.
- Who?
Rebecca Bean...
from over on Stafford Road.
Come in. I'm upstairs.
Mrs. Rhodes,
I'm told you're not doing well.
Not so good.
I brought you some potato soup.
Oh... you darling.
Uh... how do I know you?
You know,
I live at the Smith farm
over on Stafford Road.
I love to make soup.
My mother used to say,
"Soup heals the body
and the soul."
Mmm... that's lovely.
- Have a good day.
- Well, thanks.
- Here, squash.
- Thank you.
- Have some beans?
- Thank you.
Have a good day.
I have some beans for you.
Have a great day.
- Nice to meet you.
- So nice.
That was a nasty wind.
Any other damage around here
I can help you with?
What are you doing?
Mending fences.
Come in.
Mrs. Webster?
I'm volunteering
with the Red Cross.
I'd like to help you
and your new baby.
Come in.
I've come to offer
a gift of clothing
and to help you
in any way that I can.
I hope this will make
your baby feel better.
You've been here before.
Do you remember me, Mrs. Bean?
Yes, Mrs. Webster.
I'm happy to see you again.
I'm happy to see you, too.
Mr. Bean? I am Charles Collins,
this is my wife, Maude.
We'd like to speak with you.
May we come in?
Nice to meet you.
I've seen you around.
Through the laying on of hands,
the Lord wants you to know
that he loves you.
And although it seems
at times hard to see,
he's never going away.
I bless you with health
and with strength
that your body may respond to those
treatments that have been given you,
that you may find happiness
in the meantime,
that all might be well,
that you might feel the
presence of your Heavenly Father
helping you through this.
You make the best soups,
Mrs. Bean.
Mrs. Rhodes,
did you ever have any trouble
with your children at school?
Oh, just the same as
everybody else, I guess.
Some of the children
giving your girl some problems?
For sure she can't be mean
back to them.
We're all going through
the same things.
It seems to me,
nothing's as good as
treating others
the way you'd
like to be treated.
The golden rule.
Though... be so careful.
Well, what are you two up to?
Mommy's helping me be nice.
Be nice? Sweetheart, are they
still being mean to you at school?
Honey, I will show you...
a left hook
that will teach them
a thing or two. Come with me.
Come on. Come on. What?
Oh, right.
Okay, well, you two carry on.
So I'm supposed to like you
because you give me pies?
No, you're just supposed
to eat the pie.
We will begin now
by practicing our handwriting.
Get out your paper and pencils.
Your handwriting, children,
is of utmost importance.
That is why we practice it
every single day.
People will judge you
by your handwriting
before they even meet you.
So it is absolutely essential that all
of your "T's" be crossed correctly,
all your "I's" dotted,
all your letters
formed with precision
in articulate,
absolutely correct form.
Otherwise, people may gain
an incorrect impression of you
before they even have
the opportunity to meet you.
Here in this class, we form
the foundations of character,
of your future life.
I appreciate
your help with that shed.
One more gust
and I think it'd be gone.
Nothin' to it, Ben.
You need to know, Willard,
we're good folks around here.
I know that.
I see it every day.
But all the bother
we've given you,
it's just the way
we've been brought up.
It's us trying to do
what we think is right.
I understand. It's...
We're all trying to learn,
At least we ought to be.
I hope you don't mind
me asking, Willard,
but we all wonder,
are you a polygamist?
No, sir, I'm not.
My Daddy was.
He had three wives and...
I'm one of 30 of his children.
Thirty kids? Imagine that.
Pretty tough getting a turn
at the outhouse, huh?
I suppose so.
Yeah, polygamy ended years ago.
But I will tell you this,
my friend.
Rebecca's my second wife.
You don't say.
My first wife was Gussie.
She was a lovely lady.
I just, uh...
I didn't give her her just due.
I was always working,
or... boxing,
or... gone.
And some man
started flattering her,
and... showing her attention,
and just... being there for her.
So she left me.
I divorced her.
And, uh,
she and the mister
got married soon thereafter.
Not long after that,
he started beating her.
Six months into their marriage,
he took her life.
I should have done better.
But Rebecca...
she is wonderful.
She is my sweetheart.
I'm just... trying to do better.
Last year,
President Harding won
the election over James Cox
by a landslide.
And now some people are saying
their vote didn't matter
and that it never matters.
Let's talk about that.
Does one vote...
make a difference?
Who has an idea?
- I do.
- Go ahead.
I think every person's
vote matters.
why is that?
Because even if
everybody else thinks different
and you're just one person,
you're still a person.
And other people should listen
to what you say too,
because you still have feelings.
Can you play?
Momma, can I play?
With who?
My best friend!
Our first baptisms
in 90 something years.
- Thank you, Brother Bean.
- Oh no, thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Oh, hey, have I told you two about Church callings?
- I'm so happy for you.
No? I must have forgot.
I'll be in the barn.
Oh, no.
Now what am I supposed to say?
- Hello!
- Not so loud.
- Just regular.
- Mr. Bean.
This is Mr. Konger. I am the lawyer
handling the estate of Pliny Sexton.
- Yes, Mr. Konger.
- Not every time. Just...
I'd like to meet with
you about the Mormon Hill property.
Would it be possible for you to come
down to Mr. Sexton's old office?
Certainly, let me just finish
what I was doing.
I, uh,
think you'll want to come now Mr. Bean,
while you still have the chance.
All right, I'm on my way.
Oh, boy.
The last heir who was antagonistic
toward the Mormons has passed away
and the remaining heirs are
currently in the position of
just wanting to get rid of it.
Now, I know you've made
an agreement with Mr. Welch
on the other portion
of the hill, which frankly,
I don't know how
you pulled that one off.
Well, I can assure you,
it had more to do with love and kindness
than it did with money.
I still don't get
that, but in any case,
are you still interested?
At what price, sir?
The price you've always held to.
In that case, Mr. Konger,
we are very interested.
Very good. I'll get the paper
work to you as soon as...
Daddy, I think
I heard the mailman.
The mailman came, Daddy.
Do you need anything?
No, thank you, Palmyra.
What's wrong, sweetheart?
"Dear Brother and Sister Bean,"
For 25 years, you and Sister
Bean have labored faithfully
as missionaries
in Palmyra, New York.
With appreciation for
your loyalty and faithfulness,
we now extend to you
an honorable release
from your assignment.
With love
and immeasurable gratitude,
"President Heber J. Grant."
Where'd it all go?
It was a week ago
that we arrived here.
Now they want us to go home?
We've come to love these people
like family.
what's happened to our life?
The time passed away,
and also our lives passed away,
like as it were unto us a dream.
When they
settled on the Smith Farm,
some of our citizens,
me included,
started a tirade with the
object of getting rid of them.
But when they proved to be good
citizens, we learned to tolerate them,
then admire them
and respect them,
and now we love them.
Willard was at first denied
membership into our organization,
then later on becoming
our President.
It is with reluctance
that we now bid farewell
to the kindest family
that ever lived in Wayne County.
Willard has a way about him
that seems to turn enemies
into friends.
His fearless demeanor,
it just seems to rub off,
and we all wish
that we had what he has.
Willard and Rebecca also found
time to raise their family.
Both Palmyra and Alvin
graduating from our High School
as Valedictorians.
The Mormon Church may think
it knows what it's doing
by sending them back,
but we don't think so.
They couldn't have found
another man
who could have done the things
that you have done here.
And if we went to the civic
club today to take a vote as to
whom is the most popular man
in Palmyra,
it most certainly would be
Willard Bean.
They have won a warm spot
in our hearts
and will ever forever live
in the memory
of this generation.
Love you.
Thanks. Goodbye.
Willard and Rebecca,
we absolutely hate
to see you go.
Don't leave!
May God bless you
and go with you...
in all that you do.
Eight, nine,
ten. Out!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the 1905 middle-weight
champion of the world,
Willard Bean!