The Final Member (2012) Movie Script

- Excellent.
- Here you go, theyre great.
Well, this is a bladdernose seal.
And here's the smallest of the
whales, the common porpoise,
with both testicles.
And this is a penis
from a harbour seal.
A beautiful specimen
with the testicles.
These are absolutely fantastic.
Absolutely fabulous.
This started as a joke
with a bull's penis in 1974.
I was 33 years old
and it was in the town
of Akranes in the south
where I was the headmaster
of a secondary school.
One of my teachers gave it to me
at a party just as a joke.
That was the first.
This museum presents phalluses
or penises from the animal kingdom.
With all the artistic pieces around
as well.
Here it is, the bull's penis
that my teacher gave me.
The one that gave me the idea
to start collecting.
So this was what started everything.
This is the biggest specimen
I've got so far.
It's from a sperm whale,
but this is just one third
of the length of the organ.
This is the part that leaks out
when the animal dies.
This is a penis bone
from a cave bear,
a species that got extinct
10, 15 thousand years ago.
So this is, this is very rare
and very precious to me.
I've been collecting
for almost 40 years now.
I'm almost 70.
And I've got foxes, minks,
house mouse, field mouse,
rats, brown rats, black rats,
pigs, horses, rams, bulls, reindeer,
polar bear, seals, walruses,
harbour seal, grey seal,
sperm whale,
humpback, minke whale,
killer whale, dolphins.
I've got them all.
I've got specimens from
all mammalian species except one.
A proper human.
Without the proper human,
the collection is not complete.
My dad has been collecting penises
as long as I remember.
I think for me it was
quite, you know, normal.
Just part of, you know,
the family life
to bring home
a new specimen for the museum.
Or for the collection,
it wasn't a museum then.
It was a private collection at home.
Just for display,
for guests and so on.
It was shocking for people
to come into his home.
Hed filled up his whole house with
all types of penises in formaldehyde.
He wasnt afraid
of what other people thought.
More and more penises
kept coming into the house.
Then it got out of control, so we told him
he had to open a museum.
And I opened it
with an opening ceremony, in style.
On the 23rd of August, '97.
That's my birthday as well.
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
We have anniversaries on
the same day, me and the museum.
It was great.
There was more space at home.
So I was happy.
We started when I was 17
and she was 18.
We've been together 52 years now.
I would never have been able to do
the museum without her support.
Quite a few people thought,
of course,
that I was a pervert
or something like that
to start with...
start collecting penises.
Most people, some people may have
thought it absolutely nonsensical.
Or, or idiotic.
But when people realised
there's nothing pornographic there,
they just...
Well, they may start thinking,
why is he doing it?
What... what is his concept
of presenting this to us?
The museum developed
almost naturally
but echoes many of
the approaches to the world
that you see within his teaching.
Especially the question of something
that mustn't be talked about.
And there's...
Anything that Siggi comes across
that mustn't be talked about,
for him it must be talked about
straight away, let's discuss this.
Did you know that?
Ah, you knew that. Great.
This is very, very important for me
to inform people or educate people.
I think this serves or helps
decreasing taboos
about this human body.
About this, especially about this
organ I'm presenting here.
This is the smallest item
in the museum.
A penis bone from a hamster.
It's less than two millimetres.
As a professional teacher
for 37 years, I like telling people.
I like informing people.
The testicles weighed 972 kilos.
Look at this one.
This is an American possum.
And it has two. Did you know?
We look at the historical record
and we see all kinds of variations
in how much we can
talk openly about penises.
It's odd that we in the 21st century
tend to fall on
a very conservative point of view.
Why is it for us in the 21st century
that the penis is so taboo?
Salt... and pepper.
I've been carving
for 30 years or something.
I started carving things
like this gavel.
Just in the same line as other
things in the museum, you see.
So this is the official gavel
of the director of the institute,
the Icelandic Institute
of Phallology.
It's a good gavel.
This took me weeks.
So... this is pretty heavy
but it's a complete mini-bar
or travel bar with two small bottles
and a measure.
If you have guests, you can
bring their schnapps on this trowel.
It's just like something
you want to create.
You don't know
what the end result will be.
This is my Christmas cutlery,
you know?
A fork, knife and a spoon.
The museum's getting
greater attention now
than it's ever
done before
and I think
more or less...
the word is spreading worldwide.
And it's been a lot of interest
shown by media
from all over the world
who's been flocking up to Husavik.
From a sperm whale?
Yes, it beached in Hrutarfjordur.
We dont want this on our shoes.
- Are you wearing dress shoes?
- Yes, nice ones.
Hello, I'm Carol Off.
Good evening, I'm Jeff Douglas.
And this is 'As It Happens'.
The world's only penis museum
has not yet managed to secure
even one of a specimen
of which there are billions.
Mr Hjartarson, why is it
so difficult, do you think
to get a human penis
for your museum?
I've been collecting
for 33 years now
and I'm still waiting
for a human one.
These bodies are all over, you know?
And some of them
are just cut up for... to pieces.
Why haven't I been able
to get a human specimen from there?
Without specific legal permission
given by an individual
you cannot acquire
any part of his body.
Everybody knowing everybody
in Iceland,
this is a sensitive matter,
you know?
Because we are so few
and a specimen would hardly get
to me without the nametag on it.
Nobody would notice if somebody
was buried with one kidney.
Well, he just gave it away,
or we gave it away.
But if he was buried without
a penis, this would be a...
Well, even he or his family
could be a laughing stock, you know?
So this is a part of the taboo
or the fringe
of talking about these things.
The museum wont be completed
until he gets this human penis.
Its like when you have
a series of something
and youre missing one piece
in the series.
Until then, the museum isnt quite real.
People want to build monuments
or leave something behind.
I think this is also a part of it.
It's his, you know,
chance to do something
and leave
something remarkable behind.
My health has deteriorated
this year.
This is worrying me a little.
Because you start thinking that you
haven't got so many years left.
Siggi told me
that he can not die in peace
unless he has completed two things.
One was to translate a book
by the Spanish monk, Las Casas.
Hes done that.
The other is to get...
a human penis.
Thats why I will do whatever I can
to help my cousin
complete the museum.
The human might be the end
of a collection of 34 years.
If I don't get it in the next few
years, I don't know what happens.
Good evening, everyone.
It takes guts to donate your private parts
to a public museum.
But thats what Pall Arason,
the famous adventurer, has done.
I have no use for my penis
once Im dead.
- Didnt you have to think this over?
- No.
I never contemplate.
I think quickly.
And I always follow through.
The first time we met Pall
he started bragging and boasting
about his way with women
and his outstanding
sexual performance.
Pall was getting up there in age
and I asked him
if he had any use for his penis
once he was dead.
He replied "No. "
Pall Arason is an authority.
He's a famous guy in Iceland.
So that would be an extremely
valuable acquisition to get him.
And here is the bottle.
Mr Arason's future resting place.
If he fits there.
So Mr Arason, his letter of donation
was the first in 1996.
Then in 2001
came Tom Mitchell, the American.
Hi, I'm Tom Mitchell,
I'm an American.
And I have decided
to donate my penis
to the only penis museum
in the world,
the Iceland Phallological Museum.
I felt ever since I was a kid
that when the time came
I didn't want my penis
to go to waste when I die
and when I came across
the Iceland Phallological Museum
it seemed like the ideal solution
to a lifelong dream.
I initially did
a letter of donation to Siggi.
He had claimed that there was
an old Icelandic gentleman
who had made a commitment
to donate his penis
upon his death.
I asked if he
would be interested
in a donation
from outside of Iceland.
He responded enthusiastically
at the time.
He calls his penis Elmo
and he is extremely well endowed.
This is the American, Tom Mitchell.
And with him comes a mould, or cast.
That's a very, very good specimen
of almost seven inches,
and a great girth.
My first wife
came up with the name Elmo
and I'm not really sure
where that came from
but that was a long time before any
Muppets characters were out there.
I don't know really
anything about this guy,
except he has
this great specimen, Elmo.
I started realising that to ask
somebody who was a close friend
to make sure that my sex organs
are cut off my cold, dead corpse
is really just kind of a gross thing
to ask anybody to do,
especially anybody you care about.
And if you want anything done right,
you probably
need to see to it yourself.
So more recently I decided
that actually it would be
a good idea to do it before I die.
I can see where
most any rational guy would say
boy, that's an extreme thing to do.
I mean, nobody would really want
to do that during their life.
I've always had a dream
of not only Elmo being placed
on display in a public place
but as a result,
possibly some fame and fortune.
Not for myself, but for Elmo.
I've always thought
it would be really cool
for my penis to be the world's first
true penis celebrity.
If a gentleman wants to donate
there are two things
that must be done.
Firstly, there must be
a legally done document
testified by three witnesses.
The second thing is
he must prove it in some way
that he meets the standards of
minimum legal length of five inches.
That's based on this folk tale
about a lady who went to the sheriff
and asked for a divorce because
her husband only had three inches.
Let's get a look
at the story itself here.
I'll just read it for you.
It goes something like this.
It's called "A Legal Length. "
There was an old lady
who came to her local sheriff
demanding a divorce
from her husband.
The sheriff inquired
as to the reason for this.
"It's the damnedest thing
I've ever seen" said the old lady.
The sheriff asked
whether the object in question
was such a freak of nature
that it was unusable or what.
"Don't even try mentioning
that thing" said the old woman.
"It's no more
than three thumbs worth. "
And the old woman said
that she would be satisfied with
nothing less than a legal length.
The sheriff said that he wasn't
aware of any article in the law
stating anything
about a legal length.
"Isn't three thumbs worth enough?"
"Absolutely not" said the old woman.
"One in the hair, one in the skin,
"and a third, and a fourth,
and a fifth one in.
"Now that's what I call action.
"That's legal length for you,
my good man. "
What I think is interesting
about this story is...
like certain other folk tales
that we have
in the Icelandic tradition
from this time,
recorded by priests and other
learned people and sent on by them,
is that there's clearly a lot more
understanding of the woman,
of the woman's part
in sexual activities,
that she deserves to get something
out of it as well as the man.
We get the same sort of story
comes up with, in...
in terms of tales with...
about elves.
On this tale, old folk tale, is
based my insistence or requirement
of having a mould of five inches.
There was an English TV station.
They tried to take a mould of
Mr Arason with Plaster of Paris.
But this guy didn't know
how to do it properly.
Try to stretch it.
Yes, pull it up.
Well, I mean take the penis
and make it longer.
Its very easy to get it off.
Dont worry.
In a few minutes it will be hard as a rock
and then Ill be back.
Well, this should be ready now.
Dont break it.
Im more worried about
pulling your penis off.
You can help
if you feel a place where its stuck.
Just the pubic hair!
Wait a second...
But its loose here.
He was furious.
The mould was ruined.
I'm afraid I can't verify him
being of a legal length
at that time or now.
Hi Siggi, this is Tom.
Finally we are talking together.
What's happening
with the fellow from Iceland?
Has he said anything recently?
He's still alive, 93 years old.
Don't worry about him.
It's very important to me
that Elmo be the first
human specimen in your museum.
It's extremely important,
the reason is...
I have dreams and wishes that...
He wants to get the fame.
That's his main point.
Being the first is the only answer
to get this attention.
So I understand him in the way...
in that way.
But there is one difference here.
He is talking about
having his specimen,
his organ removed before he dies.
Now that's a big story
just by itself, you know?
To have it removed before he dies.
And then he could come later on
and see himself on the wall.
Of course I would prefer it to be
from the Icelander, Mr Arason.
But we don't know how many years
Mr Arason is going to live.
Look how it opens.
Look here. It's beautiful.
You see I will clean this up
and put it on the wall there.
And you see here...
One thing,
Tom is in a best position.
He is... he has the advantage
because he has promised
to deliver it before he dies.
It's very important to me that
I'm not getting the first specimen
from an anonymous nobody
Of course,
I would prefer it to be from...
well, let's say, like Mr Arason,
who's a renowned personality
in Iceland that everybody knows.
Its a damn big penis
youre going to get from me, Siggi.
Yes, youre a famous man.
But now theres a new donor.
Hes 60 and he is a threat because...
Hes going to cut it off before he dies.
Shit... Right.
So he could beat you to it.
Mr Arason is a very, very funny,
or very special character.
He's a boaster and a braggart,
you know?
And he
wants to be in the limelight.
There is no other Pall Arason
in Iceland.
Except me.
He was one of the first
who went over the highlands by car.
Ive been the first in so many ways.
I was the first
to take tourists to the highlands.
I made these paths possible.
It was a big adventure
and he got famous.
At first I got no support.
Icelanders didnt have the courage
to go up into the mountains.
That was only for outlaws,
they thought.
Mr Arason is a remarkable guy
in many ways.
Some people say
that he's the greatest womaniser
in the history of the country.
My forefathers on my mothers side
were priests and womanisers.
And the priests liked women a lot.
Womanising is a big part
of the legend of Pall.
I think he had many women
and I know
that many women came here.
He was a truck driver
up in the mountains
and maybe alone with ten women.
Who knows?
All sorts... black, yellow, white.
But never an Eskimo.
I had a book and I wrote in it
every time I got laid.
And that book
has about 300 names now.
Not counting prostitutes and such
in Paris, Amsterdam and Rome.
I got crabs from the one in Rome.
Yes, Kata, yes,
she was so lovely.
Beautiful breasts she had.
And her arse, too.
Yes, yes.
And Disa from Midfjordur.
And this one
from the Canary Islands.
Yes, she was fun.
When visitors walk into
the penis museum in Iceland
and they first set eyes on Elmo
and see this relatively large erect
penis with an American design,
stars and stripes,
red, white, and blue,
I'd like them to know
that the largest and best one
of the entire collection
came from the States,
which is patriotic.
But I also want people to, I guess,
take a moment and contemplate
how they feel about themselves.
I want to do something
that makes a statement
and makes people feel good
and actually breaks through
the ceilings and barriers
and let mankind in general
move forward.
So this tattoo you're doing
will be around theoretically
for thousands of years.
Maybe the one and only tattoo you do
in your whole career
that will be here
hundreds of years from now.
You want to take a look?
Ooh, that's nice.
Welcome relatives, and cheers!
- I thought I was your brother.
- Yes, I know.
This is made of penis skin
from a sperm whale.
There are just four specimens
of this kind in the world.
One, two, three, and Mr Arason.
When Pall Arason promised to
donate his penis,
he claimed to have slept with
the most women in Iceland.
I dont remember if there were...
Two, three...
There were 400,
thats what I understood.
Thats okay.
Now there are 402. Thats fine.
But when he donates his specimen
it will become very valuable
and unique.
Dr Petursson
has pledged to remove it.
Of course.
Dr Petur once said to me
"Ari, if you find the old man dead,
"call me first, and then 911."
Hi Siggi, how are you?
Hi Tom, how are you?
Congratulations. You have a red,
white and blue stars and stripes...
Oh yeah?
.. on your American penis's head.
Fantastic. That's nice to hear.
Siggi, I'm pretty sure you have
a pretty good idea
on how you want to display him.
Well, it must be rather special,
It must be extremely well done.
But I will take care
of Elmo's display.
Don't do anything.
Right. Okay.
I'm wanting to
get a display case made
for the penis museum
in Iceland.
I've come up with some sketches.
I'm looking for your thoughts
and feedback.
I had thought
to actually mount it on.
This is the display box
I designed for Elmo.
For me it's very important
that Elmo be plastinated
fully erect, looking natural
with both testicles hanging
in the bottom of the scrotum
with pubic scalp that I want
harvested at the same time.
This would be the top, front face.
It bevels down and goes...
He was putting forth all kinds of
conditions about the preservation,
about the presentation of it
in the museum, etcetera, etcetera.
And all kinds of naming...
even what kind of wood
he was going to make the box of.
These are three-eighths inch.
These two will be
three-eighths inch.
This'll be quarter inch
and very strong
because it's one continuous piece.
It could be glued down to the base
or left separate.
If it has legs on it
it could be set on a pedestal
or a shelf.
Or it could be alternately
attached to a wall.
Suggestions are okay
but I'm doing it my way.
That's absolutely clear.
We have a shelf and a mirror.
Visitors to the museum
could get views from either side,
from the front
and then through the mirror
a view from below.
Okay, yeah.
We're going to probably want to
lean it down at... about like that.
We're looking at, hopefully,
this lasting indefinitely.
I've been doing this for 40 years
and I've got things I built
in the Getty that are still there.
Do you have a warranty
on anything that you make?
You know, should it come apart?
I have one for aquariums,
I guess I could...
He asked me if he could have it back
off season, you know?
I could have it here during summer.
And he asked me
if that wouldn't be all right
if he got it back
during winter here.
Either he presents it, donates it
formally and legally, and it's mine.
And it's mine to decide
what happens,
how it's going to be presented
and so on.
So this is completely
out of his hands after he delivers.
Initially when I was considering
having them harvested and preserved,
I was thinking more in terms of
traditional things like taxidermy
and some of the taxidermists
had been experimenting
with freeze drying.
I think they did that with some
people's pets, dogs and cats,
and that was relatively successful.
And then I discovered
the science of plastination
which is a modern high tech way
of preserving anatomical specimens.
Mr Tom contacted us
asking us to preserve
his male genitals
in complete shape.
That means penis,
scrotum and testicles.
The goal of this treatment
is to keep a natural shape,
erected position.
It is very, very important
to be careful
with possible shrinkage.
We want to be sure
to avoid any shrinkage.
For this reason we are developing
new techniques and new polymers.
This is an international project.
We are in Italy,
the donor is in the United States,
and the museum is in Iceland.
We will have to move to the USA
with a mobile laboratory.
And treatment should be done
immediately after the surgery,
removing of the male genitals.
Then delivery
to the penis museum in Iceland.
Hello, Dr Shahar?
How are you?
Fine, fine.
Your lab is kind of clear now.
You could you could take Elmo in
and do plastination work?
A penis and testicles can be done in
two to three months then, correct?
Yes, yes.
This is a funny guy, you know?
I have never met a person like him
or been in contact
with any person like him.
So I'm not quite sure
what he really means.
Or what he's...
where he is going, really.
So I am just, as I said before,
I am just the receiver.
I just wait.
This morning I handed into the
printers my latest book,
my 22nd work
entitled "The Fox and the Nation".
It's a history of 1100 years
of relations between fox and man.
You know, the Icelandic fox
is a special animal.
It's the only animal
that has a longer history in Iceland
than we have.
But it's hunted
without discrimination.
The entire country
thinks this animal is a pest.
They talk about
the extermination of a species.
But what about
the rights of the animal?
This is something to fight for.
So we founded a society, the Society
of the Friends of the Foxes.
Well, it might have started
as a joke,
as the phallological museum started.
But we use that
just to confront society
and try to make them
change their attitude.
This is essentially wrong.
So we must change our ideas of how
to treat, for example, the fox.
Or to take a collection of penises.
Why to hide it?
I have never asked anybody
to kill an animal for me
and I've never
killed an animal myself.
I don't shoot, I don't fish,
I don't hunt.
So first I put some water
and then one tenth of the solution
is formaldehyde.
No animal here has ever been killed
for me or because of me.
Same applies to Elmo.
That's absolutely clear.
I've talked with people who have
suggested different ideas,
things that can be offered to public
visitors to the museum and whatnot.
There are things I'd like to pursue.
One is a comic book.
This is
a simplified line drawing
of a cartoon comic book
type of character.
"The Amazing Adventures of Elmo. "
He's been detached, he's off to
conquer evil, to see the world.
I need to find somebody
who's an artist,
a comic book illustrator
type of person.
Somebody who's pretty creative
with storylines
and maybe
has a good sense of humour.
I'm excited about the idea.
I think it would be a lot of fun.
And I need to talk to Siggi
about it.
I think Siggi would have
a lot of ideas as well.
So he doesn't have
any feet or shoes.
So he kind of magically
levitates around wherever he goes.
He was driving me crazy, you know?
I was having
two or three emails a day.
Whole pages of discussion
about his organ.
I don't know
how much money I should spend
on a penis I'm having cut off...
I want Elmo to look his best.
What do you think?
He's awfully thick. His scrotum
and testicles hang a long way...
Let's have fun making him famous...
He was always sending me photos of
Elmo in all kinds of situations.
With a Santa Claus hat.
Abraham Lincoln.
As a Viking.
He feels that I am rejecting
his endless discussion about Elmo.
And his response was
"Dear Tom, I am busy at the moment
"putting the final touches on a book
I have been translating.
"A 16th century historical work. "
What can I do? Encourage him?
I'm not letting him get too close.
So I'm keeping him at a distance
where I feel sure about my position,
you know?
So he must do it on his own and I'm
just waiting until I receive it.
When I first contacted Siggi
he was cordial.
In fact, he was enthusiastic and I
did the letter of donation to him
and he wanted some photos
and I sent him some photos
and he wanted to know
if I could get a plastic model made
and I said as a matter of fact
I already had one
and sent that to him
and he was all excited.
But here more recently
he's not communicating well.
I'm beginning to think
that he's wanting to give preference
to the Icelander or someone else
and that he's just... his enthusiasm
has fallen off to zero.
I think it's important that we treat
one another with respect.
We each own our own bodies.
And I think as long as
we don't harm one another
we ought to be able to do
what we please.
And as far as
the exhibitionist needs that I have,
I think I can satisfy
in a socially acceptable way
by donating to the museum.
I hope nobody
thinks negatively about me.
I'm sincere, and I like to think
that I'm a pretty decent guy.
I try to treat other people the same
way that I like to be treated.
And that's with respect.
Mr Arason
has stated it repeatedly to me
that his specimen
has been shrinking rather rapidly.
According to the minimum legal
standard of five inches...
I very much doubt
that he would reach up to that.
Many people expect
that the specimen that comes
from Pall Arason will be huge.
But Im afraid that many
will be disappointed.
Pall Arason is the same
as other old folks.
It shrinks a lot with age.
It has been very important for him
to be preserved
in a dignified position.
As big and as gorgeous
as it could be done.
Maybe this is the reason for him
just trying to retract
from this document,
from this promise, you know?
Some doctors have told me
that if it's taken off the body
before the body cools down
and it is bled properly,
all the blood is taken out,
then some doctor told me
that it would be possible
to pump it up with a liquid.
If he is warm when it is taken,
still warm,
you can cut it off,
bleed it properly
and then inject it and raise it.
Im against that
because if you pump Arasons penis up
larger than it is, then it becomes fake.
Then it's not real.
Yeah, its a fake.
Its probably just a small raisin
from a 95-year-old man now,
like it came from a field mouse.
Siggi has many ideas and fantasies.
He thinks that
he can do something about it
but I think that it will never be.
It's hanging over me. I'm getting
old and my health is not so good.
I'm still waiting
for a proper human.
People sometimes ask me
why I am doing this?
I've been doing this for...
not for money, definitely.
But for the...
Well, it's part of...
It's pride as well.
I'm proud of presenting
or telling people about this.
But it's deeper than that.
I try to provoke people,
to make them look differently
at things, you know?
You want to, well, explore things
that other people don't.
Of course, every museum wants
things that are beautiful, the best.
And it will be a huge disappointment
if Pall doesnt reach the required size,
the so-called legal length.
So Siggi must have a plan B.
For a number of reasons
I decided that I wanted
to remove my genitals completely.
And with a new relocation
for a urethral opening.
And I'd be a happy camper.
Here's the thing,
when I become a doctor
I sign something
called a Hippocratic oath.
First do no harm.
First do no harm.
We normally don't remove
healthy body parts.
In my work I do transformations
of the genitalia,
so I'll change a man into a woman
or a woman into a man.
Now, why would we want to take off
a healthy penis in your case?
Why would I do that as a physician?
Um, years ago I fractured my penis.
It was definitely broken, snapped.
There's no bones in it,
so what happened?
Well, I went to a urologist
and he did surgery.
Sorry, how did it happen
in the first place?
How did you fracture your penis?
Really excited, really erect.
She's on top,
came almost all the way out,
or maybe did all the way out,
and then she sits back down
and sharp bend.
Was there bleeding or bruising?
Oh, yeah. Internal bleeding, yeah.
Puffed right up and started
turning blue immediately.
A lot of scar tissue was generated
which caused some shrinkage.
It somehow disturbed the urethra.
Since then I keep growing strictures
in the urethra
where if I don't dilate the urethra
with a dilator...
All right, yeah. So you...
If I don't do that routinely
like every week or two, I can't pee.
Okay, and then you're just going to
feel me be very personal here, okay?
So... Wow, you've had...
Now, what is the...
you can feel a distinct lump.
Yeah, but you've, what's...
You have a stars and stripes.
It's what?
You have a stars and stripes
on your penis.
Yeah, that was another story.
I think if I was
to have a preconceived notion
I would have said
there's no way I'd agree to that.
With his story of the strictures,
I think we actually have grounds,
medical grounds
to suggest that he would be
improved by the surgery.
So we need...
we need your medical records.
We need the urologist evaluation.
We need a psychiatrist
or a psychologist
to say that you've worked through
some of this
and any of these other
psychological sorts of things
aren't going to be
a hindrance to us going forward.
Pleasure to meet you.
Doctor, thank you very much.
Dr Marci Bowers and I
have collaborated
over the years
regarding several cases.
I received a call from her
regarding a Tom Mitchell
who is considering strongly
into an androgynous state.
There's something there
in his dedication to it
that is a very strong urge in itself
to be asexual.
What got me to thinking about
doing it sooner rather than later...
It's actually a confluence
of a bunch of different reasons
that all kind of came together
at about the same time in my life.
Everybody goes through romance
and break-ups and that sort of thing.
I guess I'm especially sensitive.
When I go through a break-up
it's difficult,
especially difficult for me.
And after several of those
and three marriages
I finally realised that I'm
incredibly attracted to women
and yet it's so easy for them to...
or because of that, it's so easy
for them to take advantage of me.
Or at least I feel
that they take advantage of me.
So that realisation
that I'm so vulnerable to women...
And at this point I need to do
what I can to make myself immune
to the distractions and the
emotional loss and drain of energy.
I really think that I need to do
something completely different
than what I have done.
Am I crazy for doing it?
No, I think I'm probably most
in control of my thoughts
that I've ever been.
Um, it's something that most guys
would never consider.
And most guys probably wince
at the thought of it themselves.
And I guess that most guys
probably would figure
that I must be crazy
for considering it.
But the reality is
I'm just wanting some freedom
and to make a success
out of my remaining years in life.
And I think that's a very rational,
very common sense thing for me to do.
Pall has told me
that it's getting too small.
It's possible
that in the final moment
he will say no,
don't touch it
because it's...
I don't want people to see it.
Maybe he doesn't want to
say it out loud.
This is just what he is thinking.
It has shrunk. All of it.
I feel that I'm kept on a thread,
just hanging in a thread,
waiting for something to happen,
that I don't know
if it's going to happen.
Can you put yourself in my position?
Running a museum,
expecting a specimen,
and always feeling
that this is coming soon,
this is coming soon, coming soon,
but nothing happens.
Something has happened
that I'm not aware of.
Must have, for him to suddenly
show a complete lack of interest
and a lack of respect.
To me it's frustrating,
it's discouraging,
it's a little unsettling.
And frankly
it kind of pisses me off.
If he thinks I'm the problem,
I can't understand this.
Because what does he expect from me?
If he's not interested enough
to respond,
I'm not interested enough to go any
further with him, that's all.
I'm not the problem.
He is the problem.
He's the donor,
he must decide what to do.
I think I need to check out other
possible venues to display Elmo.
And I know that there are other
possibilities in the world.
So I think I need
to check those out.
But it needs to be
a credible location.
I just found out from my doctor
that I have a blood clot in my leg.
The main vein in my thigh,
from the leg and all the way up to
the belly got blocked, you know.
And if this clot goes suddenly,
it goes directly up to the lungs.
Then it would be fatal, you see?
So I've been on medicine,
injections, quite a lot
for the first two, three weeks
and then I'm eating
an awful lot of pills
for thinning the blood, you know?
I'm not afraid of dying,
absolutely not.
This is the most natural thing
in the world.
To be born and to die, all creatures
in the world are facing that.
This is a document made by me
where I donate my penis and scrotum
to the Icelandic Phallological
It happens in life that you
leave the work you have been doing.
We know this from history
that artists, writers, or whatever,
they die without finishing a work.
This is something
that nobody can keep control of.
Good morning.
Hello to you.
Hello, cousin.
Hello, dear Reynir.
Nice to see you.
Looking damn sharp.
There you have the donation document.
And now,
here Im going to present to you
Pall Arasons earthly remains
as instructed in this donation letter.
I have written a short poem
for this special occasion.
"A famous penis here we have
Preserved for all the ages.
"Though Pall has shed this mortal coil
Hes safe in historys pages.
"On the seas of his victorious life,
full sails would push him through.
"As long as boldness is admired,
Palls story will continue. "
Here you go.
That was good writing by you.
This was great. Great writing.
Hey, this is elegant.
Damn, is it really
this grand and heavy?
Yes, this is quite heavy.
Well, well... the big moment.
This is not so small.
From a 95-year-old.
Yeah, five inches. Legal length.
You can imagine how I feel.
And you see how I can open
next spring with this specimen.
It's a great day in my life.
One of the greatest
if not the greatest
in the history of my collecting.
This is the top,
this is the final, final goal.
Welcome to the museum, Mr Arason.
Hello, Siggi.
This is Tom Mitchell
calling from California.
Oh, hi, how are you?
I'm fine. How are you?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
We haven't talked for...
You know, things are happening here.
Things are happening there?
What's going on?
With Mr Arason, the old guy.
You did what now?
He will be the first Icelander,
but there is still room
for the first foreigner.
So you got Mr Arason's donation?
Okay. So have you actually
gotten his penis yet, or...
Yeah, I got it.
You got it?
It will be formally announced
on Friday.
Okay, is it just his penis
or testicles too?
No, testicles and scrotum
and everything, yeah.
What was that again?
I didn't understand that.
No, testicles and scrotum
and everything.
I'm disappointed.
But I'm not devastated.
I might have been more disappointed
two or three years ago.
But no, it's...
my goals have moderated.
I'm... I've shape shifted.
And it's not that big a deal.
And there are still ways
that Elmo can be
the most famous penis in the world.
I want to welcome you all
to this celebration.
This is a great moment in my life
and in the museums history.
And a great moment
in the history of all Icelandic museums.
I'm enthralled, absolutely.
This is a day I've been waiting for
all my collecting years, 37 years.
So this is... this is great.
My son will be taking over.
I'm very happy about it.
He has quite a lot of good
ideas about the future.
When the time comes, you have to
stop. I think this is the moment.
None of the museums trustees
comes close to Pall Arasons
contribution to the museum.
Now I will remove
the cloth from this prize exhibit.
I feel absolutely great.
The first proper human has arrived.
Now, lets all drink to Pall!