The Final Patient (2005) Movie Script

- What happened last night?
- we're not sure.
Scared the heck out of the new nurse.
This streckman kid
is sitting on his bed, upright,
repeating, "she's here, she's here."
Who's here?
Dr. David, telephone please. Dr. David.
Good morning, Cameron.
How are you?
Where are my parents?
I believe they're on their way.
What upset you last night?
She's here.
Who's here?
Mrs. Green.
You know who I mean.
Dr. Dan's wife.
Cameron, Mrs. Green died
along with Dr. Green.
We've been over this.
She's here.
She played with these.
Candy wrappers?
They were all over the house.
Where did you find this?
Here. Last night.
Cameron, we have security.
People just can't walk into this hospital.
She can.
Why don't you get a little rest?
We can talk about this later.
I read through the preliminary report.
Mrs. Green was ill for some time, right?
Used a Walker for the last
couple of years, as I recall.
Hmm. Are the forensics in?
No, but it's pretty cut and dried.
We'll get a copy from the sheriff's
department when they're finished.
No, thanks.
Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair.
I can't believe we're finished.
I hate this place.
Think we got everything.
You want to check the room?
If that bastard Strauss gives me a ...
I'll shit.
Forget it. I'll look.
Hey, chuckles! Hurry up, man!
I can't wait to see the big city you left
for this university life.
- Sure you don't mind the detour?
- It's on the way, right?
You drive.
Elizabeth, what's keeping you?
Your dinner's going to be cold.
Daniel. Now don't you start.
Now, Mrs. Green,
if the townfolk saw you with that beer,
there'd be plenty to talk about
at Sunday service.
Those people should spend
a little less time
looking at what's in a person's hand
and a little more time seeing
what's in their heart.
You are right about that, dear.
Let's enjoy the wonderful blessings
the lord has given us both.
Amen to that.
Heavenly father, we give thanks
for the food before us.
- Amen.
- Amen.
You're it!
Come along, boy.
- Aah!
- the tractor!
I don't know what to do
about mom, misty.
Last night was pretty rough.
On the both of us.
Dr. Dan! Dr. Dan!
Dr. Dan!
Tommy's hurt at the barn.
You got to help, Dr. Dan.
He's hurt real bad.
Oh, my god.
Boys, run and get the sheriff.
Hurry! Quick!
Hang in there, son.
Just lie still.
Hold on.
They're loading him up now.
Looks like it's under control.
You boys okay?
Where's Dr. Dan?
He went up to the house.
Well, let's just start over,
and you tell me what happened.
The tractor fell. On Tommy.
I mean, we were running around,
and the tractor fell off the blocks.
We got Dr. Dan, and he saved him.
Dr. Dan's pretty strong. For an old guy.
Yeah? How do you mean?
Well, he picked up the tractor.
And he can run.
Even with that messed-up leg.
- Faster than misty.
- The dog?
So you're saying
Dr. Dan pulled Tommy out?
By himself?
You're sure?
The wheel smashed,
and he was bleeding.
And then Dr. Dan came
and pulled him out.
- he picked up the tractor.
Okay. All right.
That's all for now.
You boys can go on home.
Go on.
What about Tommy?
Your mom can call down to the hospital
and find out how he's doing tomorrow.
Thanks a lot.
Hope Tommy's okay.
I'm going to piss my pants.
Where the heck are we?
Very nice.
Let's get something to eat, man.
I'm starving.
What, here? Chuckles, come on.
This is it, Cameron.
Is your kitchen open?
Every day.
Menu's on the table.
Oh, how about two beers?
You have yuengling?
You boys have I.D.?
Around the corner.
Thanks for coming, folks.
Stop in again.
This place is a hole.
And the bathroom-whew.
It smells like a hairy turd.
How do you know it's hairy?
Well, there's no urinal in there.
And some dick-for-brains
left a chocolate sundae
in a bowl about-...
A week ago, I'm guessing?
Now it's got hair on it.
P.s. Eat me.
Hey, beer's cold.
You want to just relax
and get some food?
Well, I'm just not used to these here
five-star restaurants.
But their entertainment
does seem promising.
Yeah. Burger. Medium.
How 'bout some fries?
Sure. You?
The same.
That's easy.
Hey, John.
Quitting early today, sheriff?
I got your rod and your tackle box
in the trunk.
Remind me to give 'em to you
before I leave.
How'd you make out?
Oh, man.
I couldn't buy a fish yesterday.
Something ain't right.
Want a beer?
No. Give me a soda.
Hey, sheriff.
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, how's that Bradford kid doing?
My wife said they brought him in
the hospital.
His leg was all tore up.
- You heard about that?
- Everybody did.
What a mess.
That boy got hurt this morning.
Could lose his leg, I'd imagine.
That bad?
Looks like the kid's leg was crushed
underneath the front wheel
of the tractor.
Could we get a couple more?
Coming up.
How'd that happen?
Well, a couple of kids were
horsing around at doc green's farm,
and somehow the tractor fell.
Looks like it was up on
blocks. Half-assed.
Well, Dr. Dan ain't got
much time for the farm anymore,
with his wife being so sick.
He'll never fix that machine.
They don't even come
into town anymore.
First he loses his son,
and now the wife is ill.
It hasn't been easy for him.
I think the whole town came
to that kid's funeral.
Remember how Dr. Dan
just stood there?
Wouldn't leave
until they filled that hole?
I never saw a man cry like that.
He blamed himself, I imagine.
I'm surprised that Dr. Dan
allowed those kids
to play around that machine.
Dr. Dan's a good
and decent man, John.
He loves kids.
Looks after them like they was his own.
And many a time he'd come over
to the house for me and my kids.
Heck, even once for the dog.
Another thing, those boys today,
they said that Dan was the one
who pulled the boy out.
Didn't you say the kid's leg was stuck?
Pinned, under the wheel.
How did Dan move it?
Funny thing about that.
They said he lifted it.
Not possible.
They said they saw him do it
with one hand.
Now, if! Remember right,
- - Dan has a Ford 601, right?
- Mm-hmm.
Must weigh 6,000 pounds.
My cousin Aaron...
- You know my cousin Aaron.
- Yeah.
My cousin Aaron tells
this story about Dr. Dan.
He says one day,
he moved a fallen tree all by himself.
Oak tree, mind you. 20 foot.
Aaron swears to that story to this day.
Aaron drinks, Jimmy.
Yes, sir, he does. But not that day.
How do you know that?
Because Aaron was on his way to church,
and Aaron does not drink
on Sunday. Ever.
There's something else.
The boys said that Dan
ran down to the barn.
I guess so.
He must have
been plenty scared himself.
No, no, no. I mean, he ran.
Fast. Real fast.
Faster than misty.
The dog?
Now, that just ain't right.
Dan's got a bum leg.
He uses a cane, always has.
How old is he, now? About 70, 72?
And that's plenty of time
for these crazy stories
to get started around here.
Talk about crazy, how about the preacher?
Doing his business with a goat?
Jimmy, have you started
to believe that chatter
you hear down at the grocery store?
Well, everybody knows
the man paid more attention
to that animal than his own woman.
Goat was better-looking, too.
Still is.
Oh, jeez.
Did you hear that guy
they're talking about?
The guy that porked a goat?
No. Daniel green, the physician.
- I know him.
- Big deal.
I played out at his farm
when I was little.
Even back then,
there were a few stories.
What did he do? Diddle a cow?
I'm serious.
Well, that's spooky.
It's like twilight zone spooky.
Oh, shit. I'm going to shit my pants.
You just did.
I'm going to sit at the bar.
Dinner and a show?
Where's the pain, Elizabeth?
They're talking.
Who's talking?
They're talking about you.
Now just be a good patient.
Let the old doc take a listen.
The boys were with you today.
They saw you help Tommy.
Take a deep breath.
They told, Daniel.
They told the sheriff!
The sheriff?
Now he's telling...
You boys are not
from around here, are you?
No. But I grew up down the road.
Used to play at the green farm
all the time.
You know, in an emergency,
people can exhibit great strength.
Wow. Are you fellas
doctors or something?
Just finished, actually. Medical school.
He's messing with you, son.
We just finished medical school.
That's classic!
You know, they say Dr. Dan
got a scholarship where he went.
Very smart man.
Did some research, too, they say.
Well, if he's so smart,
how did he end up on a farm out here?
Who's that?
Fell in love, son,
with Mary Elizabeth Clayton.
Born and raised around here.
Look, I don't know anything
about this kid that got hurt,
but I do know this.
Your doctor friend
didn't do anything special.
That boy's leg was a mess.
Sometimes you see a lot of blood,
but the injury itself...
You know, John,
I tried to lift that tractor today.
I couldn't.
How the heck did he get it up
on the blocks in the first place?
It's about time for us to go.
- Thanks a lot, man.
- - yeah, sure.
Fellas, sheriff.
Take care, now.
- Stop in again.
- All right.
That was weird.
You believe that barroom bullshit?
Some guy moves a riding mower,
and he's friggin' Superman?
- Tractor.
- You know what I mean.
Dr. Green is 74 years old.
And I know he's practically a cripple.
How'd he lift a tractor?
It's one more stow,
and it's weird.
I'm going downstairs for a little while.
I'm going to look over my notes.
Please, Daniel.
I don't want to try anything else.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, we're not going to tw anymore.
Daniel, be careful.
Strangers are coming.
What strangers?
They're coming!
Good night.
Watch out, Daniel!
Oh, that's nice.
So what's the game plan
for tomorrow?
I need to swing by the bank.
It won't take long.
Oh, there it was.
There what was?
- The farm.
- What?
- Dr. Green's farm.
- You're kidding. Where?
We just passed it.
No way. Turn around.
Come on, I missed it. Turn around.
What for?
- I want to see it.
- see what?
You're a pussy, you know that?
Look, the farm's set off
the side of the road.
You wouldn't be able
to see anything.
What a wimp!
Hey, what happened to all that interest
in your mysterious Dr. Dan?
Christ! Take it easy.
Hey, you want to see the farm, right?
Now we're going to see the farm.
You're a maniac, you know that?
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Are you sure we got the right place?
Didn't you see the sign?
Okay, man. Follow me.
No kidding.
I thought we'd just
drive up to the front porch
and honk the horn.
Hmm. Cow manure on a full stomach.
Yeah, cows on a farm.
How'd that happen?
- Here it is.
- Lower your voice, all right?
I don't feel like getting caught
by the old doc
- or getting bit in the ass by his dog.
- Okay, okay.
Probably end up with
buckshot in our ass.
Worse, if the sheriff comes
around with his big, green hat...
Look at this!
Man, there's no way that
the old doc lifted this.
I don't care how much adrenaline
was pumping through
his wrinkled balls.
Help me.
Come on, help me.
Oh, man. That thing weighs a ton.
Go away.
What the hell was that?
You didn't hear?
A voice.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling you,
I definitely heard something.
I didn't hear anything.
Let's get out of here.
Fine. Let's go.
What are you boys doing here?
Jesus h. Christ!
You scared the shit out of me.
Just wanted to see the farm.
Private property, son.
- We didn't mean any harm.
- - son of a bitch.
You know, you boys
may not believe this,
but I don't need any help with my job.
So why don't you two just
go on about your business?
Unless you want to take a walk
up to the house right now
and explain this to Dr. Green.
No, no, no. My mistake.
Sorry, sheriff.
Did you see them?
Sweetheart, get some sleep, please.
Did you see them?
Nobody saw anything.
They'll be trouble, Daniel,
when they find out...
There's nothing to find out.
I never meant this to be so difficult.
It's not difficult.
Daniel, can you get my Walker?
I need to use the bathroom.
All right.
Take your time, Elizabeth.
Turn toward me.
I don't want those strangers
in our house.
Of course not.
I'm not finished!
Nobody's going to bother us.
Get them out!
Elizabeth, how are you feeling?
Ready for some breakfast?
Not now.
You need more than candy
if you're going to get better.
I'm not hungry.
Well, I'm going to go downstairs
and fix a little something.
I'll bring back up a tray.
I'm going to fix that
light switch today, too.
Aw, shit.
Here we go.
I should have figured.
Just wanted to say hello properly.
You boys don't listen real well, do you?
Come on.
Dr. Dan? Sheriff mcknee.
Dr. Dan!
Morning, doc. How are ya?
Just fine, thanks.
I have a little electrical problem.
I hate to barge in like this,
but I wondered if we could visit
about that accident yesterday.
You got a few minutes?
Looks like you have some company.
Oh, excuse me.
I invited these gentlemen along.
One of 'em here,
this fellow says he knows you.
Dr. Dan. Bill Jenkins?
William, I mean... Willy Jenkins.
Willy Jenkins! Oh, my goodness.
Gosh, how long has it been?
Come on in.
Come on. Come on in.
Well, come on in.
Let me get a look at you, boy.
Please, have a seat.
So, just what brings you
back around here?
Uh, mom passed away
a couple of months ago,
and I had to sign a few papers
down at the bank... nothing really.
I remember your mom.
I'm awful sorry to hear that.
Oh, it was for the best, you know?
I didn't want to see her suffer.
Yes, the lord works in mysterious ways.
Oh, Dr. Dan,
this is my friend Cameron streckman.
He and I were roommates.
Nice to meet you.
Back in medical school.
Medical school?
Well, I'll be.
Yeah, I guess you were more
of an influence on me than I realized.
So how do you two know the sheriff?
I met these boys last night,
over at the tavern.
Oh, imagine that.
You know, doc,
I wanted to ask you some questions
about the accident yesterday.
Yes, terrible.
I was going to call the hospital
first thing this morning.
Looks like the boy's going to be okay.
I mean, I reckon he's not going to be
chasing rabbits anytime soon.
They saved the leg, then.
Thank god.
So, doc, what the heck happened?
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have them horsing around
the barn or that darn tractor.
It just isn't safe anymore.
No, I'm sure it wasn't anything you did.
Do you know how the boy got hurt?
Not exactly.
I just walked outside,
and they came running and screaming,
yelling like nobody's business.
I ran down there as fast as I could.
Well, the kids said
that you saved Tommy.
They say you pulled him out
from under the wheel.
Well, I did the best I could.
I'm sure you did.
That's not what I meant.
How did you move it?
Move what?
The tractor.
The tractor?
I was just pulling on that boy
so I could straighten his leg.
I didn't move the Ford.
Oh, well, those boys said that you
picked it up with one hand
and pulled the kid out with the other.
Well, their minds must be
playing tricks on them.
I reckon those kids were plum scared.
Heck, I was scared myself.
Well, that's what I figured.
You know, those are good boys,
sheriff, all of them.
It looked as though the wheel
had clipped that boy's leg.
There was a fair amount of blood,
so that might have spooked them.
Well, you were up at the house
when it happened, right?
- Yes, sir.
- and the missus?
Mary Elizabeth
doesn't get around much.
And she had a tough go of it
the night before.
Dr. Dan, how long
as Mrs. Green been ill?
Quite a while, Willy.
Maybe a year and a half.
You'll all have to excuse me
for a moment.
Thank you.
Well, I guess we should get going.
Sounds like a good idea, boys.
I'm sorry, sheriff,
but my wife needs me at the moment.
You understand.
Sure, doc.
I would like to tie up some other details.
I need you!
I'm awfully sorry.
You just tend to your wife.
I'll come back another time.
- Sure.
- See ya, doc.
Dr. Dan, maybe we can
talk again before I leave?
I'd like that, William.
All right.
Take care now.
Well, that about ends it for you two.
I was actually going to come back...
You've gotten to say hello.
Now, I'll take it from here.
Sheriff, priority. Units 149 and 1415
request you at their location,
intersection front and Chambliss.
All right, I got to run.
Just remember,
your work here is finished.
Your work here is finished.
Ya hear, pilgrim?
He's a little over the top
with that lawman routine.
Hey, looks like the old doc
may be up to something after all.
What are you talking about?
What, you didn't see?
On the floor. The binders?
Well, they had
medical information in them.
How do you know that?
A tab on one said,
Well, maybe he saves
medical publications.
Yeah. Not likely.
There were handwritten
papers jammed inside.
No medical journals?
- He's up to something.
- - you're nuts.
He's old. He has a sick wife.
You heard her.
You're bustin' me for
believing stories about the guy.
Hey, what if he did
something to the old lady?
You watch too much television.
Hey, Willy!
I'm glad I caught you.
I wanted to ask you something.
What is it, doc?
I was wondering,
have you boys plans for this evening?
Plans. Not really. No.
How's about joining me for supper?
It'll give us a chance to catch up.
- Supper? Where?
- here.
Oh, that'd be great.
We were just trying to decide
what to do for supper.
Are you sure about that, doc?
I mean, the sheriff...
I'm the one doing the inviting here.
And god knows I spend
enough evenings alone.
Well, what about Mrs. Green?
Oh, the steps are a bit much
for Elizabeth.
Sounds like a plan.
That'll be great.
Hey, what can we bring?
The company will be
more than I can ask for.
Oh, that's awfully generous.
I'm going to put together
a special treat for you two.
Yes, sir.
People used to say I made
the best chili in town.
'Course, it's been a while.
I love chili. What time?
No rush.
I've got some preparing to do.
I'll have supper on the table at 8:00.
Are you sure we're not imposing?
It gets pretty darn quiet around here.
That's why I like seeing the kids.
Okay, doc. You got a date.
Elizabeth, I got to run out
to the store for a minute.
Will you be all right?
Store? Why?
Oh, I just need a few things...
Milk, bread and such.
Call the boys.
After what happened yesterday,
I think the boys could use a break.
Why do they need a break?
I won't be long.
You'll be all right, then?
Elizabeth, will you be all right?
We have plenty here.
I'll probably go by and see Nathan.
It's been a while.
I'll tell him you said hello.
Bring him a butterscotch.
He loves them.
I know it's been a little while.
You'll have to forgive me.
Taking care of Elizabeth's become
pretty much a full-time job these days.
Not that I mind, of course.
I'm sure she wishes
she could have come along.
I had a surprise today.
You remember little Willy?
Willy Jenkins?
'Course, he's not so little anymore.
Came by the house today.
In fact, he and his friend
are coming for supper.
Sure do miss you.
So does your mom.
You take care.
I'll be back to see you real soon.
Still not 100% on this.
He invited us, remember?
You think too much.
I guess that's why I think
the beer's not such a good idea.
What else goes with chili?
Come on.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
I'm still wondering about those binders.
What about them?
Just imagine if the old man
is actually onto something.
Could help explain a few things.
What if he's just a lonely old man
who's distraught over
his wife's condition?
I don't think that's everything.
- He's a physician.
- yeah?
So, he knows exactly
what's ahead for the old lady,
and there's nothing
he can do to stop it.
- Just be cool when we get there.
- Absolutely.
If he asks us to leave, we're out of there.
- - Fine.
- I mean it, Cameron.
"I mean it, Cameron."
Come on in, boys.
Well, something sure smells good.
You know, you didn't
have to bring anything.
- Dr. Green.
- Welcome, young man.
It's been a long time
since I had company
to call for dinner.
Oh, please. Have a seat.
Anywhere's fine?
Anywhere's fine.
Okay, let me get this here.
Can we help with anything?
No, there's nothing to do
but fill your plates and your bellies.
Doc, can I put these in the fridge?
Of course.
How about a beer?
No, thanks, but you go ahead, son.
Well, now.
You know, this reminds me
of my Fridays with Elizabeth.
We had a little ritual.
Friday nights was chili night.
You're kidding.
Oh, no.
Sometimes we would sit
out on the porch and eat.
Oh, that must have been nice.
Yes. Those days were precious.
So precious.
Sounds that way.
Oh, my Elizabeth loved a glass of beer.
- Small one, mind you.
- Really.
And every now and again,
she'd splurge and ask me
to pour a refill...
Had to be ice cold, though.
That was her only vice.
So don't you fellas go spreading
that news around town.
A little beer won't kill ya.
Dr. Dan, do you want
to take a glass up to her?
No, Willy, she's resting.
Looks like the weather's coming up.
Yeah, we noticed.
Yeah, Elizabeth is not in the mood
for much anymore.
That bad?
Plus early signs of Alzheimer's,
I'm afraid.
Then a few complications
that just come with old age.
Started using a Walker a few months ago,
and even that's a strain.
Yeah, it must be hard
on the both of you.
Has she been hospitalized,
Dr. Green?
There's nothing they can do.
It's mostly custodial care.
And no one's going to
take care of my Elizabeth
the way that I am.
"For better of for worse."
Isn't that the way it goes?
Enough about me.
What are you boys up to?
Just hoping to unwind a little
before getting into
that whole residence thing.
Tell me something, William.
How the heck did you get
interested in medicine, anyway?
You know, doc,
I'm not sure I remember exactly.
Biology and chemistry
always did interest me,
and I guess I like helping people.
Come on.
Just about every kid in that school
was looking at the cash.
I don't know if it was evewbody.
Well, what field of medicine
are you boys after?
The only one that makes sense.
Plastic surgery.
- Plastic surgery.
- sure.
There's no health insurance.
Plus, people have disposable cash,
and they're more than willing to spend it.
Well, when I got to school,
my heart was in family practice.
Yeah, but then you came
to your senses, right?
I think you'd be a good
family physician, Willy.
Heck, who needs some
corporation telling you what to charge?
They're not doctors.
What got you, doc?
What got you into medicine?
You know, when I was a boy,
my daddy said, "son",
"if I could give you
one lesson in this life,
"it would be this:
"In this world,
there are two kinds of people-...
Givers and takers."
He said, "you want to work real hard"
"to make sure that you're a giver.
"And you want to spend most
of your time with givers.
"And you want to be careful, too,
"because there are people
who pretend to be givers,
"but deep down inside, they're takers,
and those folks
are full of bad intentions.'"
you know, out here,
it's easy to see the difference.
Hey, doc.
What's with all
the Chinese stuff around here?
You into alternative medicine
or something?
Cameron, it's only alternative
based on your perspective.
Are you really into that, doc?
Yes, but it was all
pretty much a coincidence.
Yes, some years ago,
when Elizabeth and I
were getting settled here,
I was feeling a bit ovennhelmed.
Looking after the farm
and seeing patients,
I was running.
Since I'd had pneumonia twice
as a young boy,
I couldn't afford to be laid up
for any length of time.
I needed help.
Anything to help me
burn the candle at both ends.
What did you do?
I read a lot.
Nutrition, vitamins, basic stuff.
Did it help?
On top of the vitamin idea,
Elizabeth got me started at graduation.
I'm sure that's all you
ever hear about anymore.
Back then, hardly anyone knew
there was something wrong.
Did it work?
I suppose. I think it's typical.
Then what?
Would you boys like more chili?
Oh, you're twisting my arm.
- Please. Help yourself.
- All right.
Elizabeth and I had a little ritual.
Oh, what was that?
When we were two young pups,
we'd have our chili dinner
every Friday night,
just the two of us...
But I'd do all the cooking.
We'd eat out there
on the front porch.
Elizabeth would try to get
between me and my chili recipe,
but I'd just tell her,
"just sit and enjoy your beer."
But, doc, how did the whole Chinese
thing enter the picture?
Oh, almost forgot.
One afternoon,
I got a call from a patient of mine.
His wife had cut her finger,
and he didn't know if it was bad-...
Well, on account of John
was a bit squeamish.
John weller was his name.
I told him to sit tight and I'd come by.
It turned out they were
having a yard sale,
and his wife cut her finger
putting out some tools.
- Weller's not a Chinese name.
- No.
There on a table was a box of books.
"Medical books," John said.
"Real old stuff."
John wanted me to take them
for the house call,
but I... you know,
I told him "no, I'd rather pay."
Turned out to be the best buck
I ever invested.
About a week later, I went through that box
and stumbled across
a story about these monks.
Monks! I thought
they were medical books.
Me, too.
But this one book was
a chronicle about these monks
who lived in some remote mountain area.
Told about how they built
a monastery themselves.
What does that have to do with you?
These men were building
that monastery by hand.
Their daily routine was exhaustive,
and they all took this
herbal supplement for stamina.
What? Where'd they get it?
The supplement.
- They made it.
- Oh, really.
This piqued my interest, so I dug deeper.
And after a while, I tried to duplicate it.
You tried to make it yourself?
After a few months,
I came upon something remarkable.
What do you mean?
You know, at one point,
I almost gave up.
I was taking the solution,
but nothing changed.
And before I abandoned the idea altogether,
I decided to take
one more look at that journal.
There was a reference
to a group of men doing a specific task.
And they led a group of two.
I don't follow.
But twenty. Not two.
So I went back through the journal,
and sure enough, there was
another reference of two.
2 milligrams.
So I changed it to 20.
Next morning, things were different.
It was like a powerful amphetamine.
Same effects,
but not coarse or debilitating.
From that day fonnard,
I never got sick, not even a sniffle.
And my physical strength
increased tenfold, maybe more.
Come on. Is it really that dramatic?
I was up every morning at 3:30 am.
First there was the farm,
then house calls,
time at the office,
and back home for supper.
Sometimes Elizabeth would
help me with my papennork.
But by the time I got to bed,
it was 12 A.M., 1A.M.,
then back up again at 3:30 am.
You could never sustain that.
How long?
Well, when Elizabeth got sick,
everything changed.
Dr. Green, were there
any complications, side effects?
None. It was perfect.
Except for the preparation-...
That's another stow.
Stop right there, doc.
Billy, are you ready for another?
Dr. Dan, are you sure
you wouldn't like,
you know, a little taste?
Storm's coming in on us, I'm afraid.
I forgot how intense
the weather can be out here.
Dr. Dan... just a little glass?
It sure would go with the chili.
Was it too spicy?
No way! Cleared my sinuses, too.
You should sell the stuff.
Cameron, give me just a taste.
Just smelling it brings back
so many memories.
Coming right up.
Now, hang on a second.
What is it, doc?
Well, would you take a look at that?
How long has that been in there?
Too long, Willy. Too long.
Here ya go.
Here's to old friends
and new discoveries.
Yes. That is fine.
So, Dr. Green,
how do you prepare
this medicine, solution,
or whatever the heck it is?
Took quite a while to get
the preparation just right.
I kept pretty detailed notes
to stay organized.
- A journal?
- of course.
Were you really that much stronger?
Like an ox, son.
You don't look muscular.
Those monks moved huge rocks
to construct the walls
of that monastery.
- Walls?
- walls, altars, steps.
I got to see this book.
Do you still have it?
I have everything.
Hey, doc?
Just between us girls,
when that boy got hurt yesterday,
how did you help him?
Cameron, we heard what happened.
I picked up the Ford, and I pulled him out.
What do you think?
I am being serious.
Just between us girls.
Who do you think put that Ford up
in the first place?
I been meaning to fix that machine
so I could get back into a little farming.
Excuse me, boys.
I'll be right back.
Did you hear that?
The old bastard did lift the tractor.
Wait a minute.
Did the ancient Chinese
measure in milligrams?
I don't know.
Is that book that he's talking about
written in Chinese or in English?
- Who cares?
- The whole thing's just weird.
You're weird.
We got a chance to find out
what's been going on here.
Imagine if he's for real.
And he's got notes?
Oh, slow down, champ.
We don't know what to believe.
It doesn't make any sense.
He seems disoriented.
Is he wearing his pajamas?
Yeah. It's perfect.
What did I tell you?
Please. It's okay.
Nothing's okay.
You made a big mistake!
Please, don't be upset.
Go away.
Hey, how about the way he repeated
that Friday night chili shit
about him and his old lady?
That's what I mean.
Hey, man. If the old man
wants to show us his notes,
we'll be able to figure this out.
I think he's proud of his little discovew,
and he's been dying
to show it to somebody.
Now he can.
Sorry about that, boys.
Is Mrs. Green okay?
Are you sure about that, doc?
Of course.
Now, Dr. Green, did you ever build up
any sort of tolerance
towards the supplement?
I mean, does it still work?
Are you still taking it?
It works.
How do you know?
Yeah, but how do you know?
Cameron, let me have your hand.
My hand?
Let's wrestle.
Arm wrestle.
It wouldn't be fair.
I'll go easy on you.
Dr. Dan, you don't have
to prove anything here.
You're both curious.
Let's just call this a clinical study.
Why not?
For fun?
For fun.
Now, if I start to hurt you,
you go ahead and tell me,
and I'll stop, okay?
Let's dance, doc.
It still works.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Good. Stand up.
Stand up.
Once more.
Are you kidding?
This time, use two hands.
Are you nervous?
Then humor this old man.
This time it's not going
to be so easy, doc.
- Say when, son.
- when.
I believe that's what you're looking for.
That's unbelievable.
I want you boys to sit with me
in the living room.
I have something I want to show you.
Cameron, give us
a couple beers, would you?
That's all right.
That happens a lot around here.
I've got a couple flashlights.
I think the lightning
hit the friggin' house.
How can he be that strong?
I have no idea.
But I tell you what, man.
My arm is throbbing.
Hold on to these, will you, boys?
I'm going to check
the circuit in the basement.
Do you need help?
No, no. Just sit tight.
The old lady's up again?
I don't think she'll make it downstairs.
Listen to that.
It's giving me the creeps.
Do you think she knows we're here?
Man, the old man almost ripped
my arm out of its socket.
Where the heck are those binders, man?
They were right under here.
The storm must have taken out
a transformer or something.
But I'm sure they'll have it
fixed in a little while.
You boys all right?
Cameron, you got my beer?
Right here.
All right. Thank you.
No one has ever seen any of this,
so I trust we'll keep this
to ourselves, okay?
Of course.
This is my journal.
It documents everything,
from the beginning.
The effects of the liquid,
my vitals, regimen,
routine, evewthing.
Here, take a look at it.
Is this accurate?
Every word.
I couldn't make that shit up, junior.
Doc, your nose is bleeding.
Is it?
This happens every once in a while.
Must be the weather.
Remember when you said there was
a problem with the preparation?
A problem?
Yeah, yeah, when bill asked about...
Oh, yes, of course. Preparation.
That can be tricky.
Tricky, how?
Crotalus adamanteus.
What's that?
Crotalus adamanteus.
Eastern diamondback.
Why would you need a rattlesnake?
Not the snake,
the venom.
Did you know that the diamondback's
venom is 90% proteins?
It's a really fascinating
chemical structure.
So where do you get the venom?
I harvest it.
How do you mean?
I harvest it right here.
No way.
You can't buy it or something?
Not likely.
They don't sell it at the local grocer's.
Besides, you can't store it.
You can't freeze it?
There's something about
the chemical structure that's volatile,
and I haven't figured out what.
So you keep
a rattlesnake around here?
Three, actually.
In the basement.
No way.
Want to hear something funny?
I gave them names.
Rosemary, Francis, and Roscoe.
Are they looked up?
Of course.
Doc, what if you got bitten?
What do you mean, if?
It doesn't really affect me anymore.
I mean, it hurts, sure,
especially the first time.
But I'm pretty much immune
at this point.
How can that be?
Did have a bit of trouble
breathing once.
They're ornery son of a bitches.
Don't like to be handled much.
Especially that bastard Francis.
He's a nasty mother.
Help me understand this.
You drink snake venom.
But it doesn't kill you,
it keeps you healthy?
Heck, no.
You got to process that venom, son.
Acetone, benzene,
hyaluronic acid, et cetera.
Then you distill all of that,
come up with these delicate
white crystals.
That's the magic.
What is it?
I don't know.
Go and ask those monks.
Then you have to dissolve
those cwstals in ethyl alcohol.
200 proof,
and presto.
It's all written down in the binder.
If someone had the time
and the proper facility,
they could figure out
exactly what this is.
Might even be worth something.
Not in that binder, Cameron.
You've got the journal.
All of my notes on the formula itself...
The components, the procedure...
Are in another binder.
- Cameron?
- Yeah?
Is there any beer left?
I hope it's still cold.
Would you mind?
Yeah. Sure, doc.
My leg's bothering me
a bit this evening.
Doc, what happened to your cane?
What do you think? It's for show.
Here's another little
life lesson for you boys.
Find what you like and let it kill you.
Is that one from your daddy, too?
Nah, that one's mine.
Hey, doc. You're bleeding again.
Cameron, when you're in the ba...
Back room there,
would you get me a paper towel or two?
And don't forget the beer.
Doc, are you sure you're all right?
Go away.
Much obliged.
Doctor Dan, honestly,
are you sure you're all right?
What, this?
Oh, voila.
Right on cue.
You'll have to excuse me.
I'm going to go see about my bride.
This guy's crackers, man.
I'd like to know where
those snakes really are.
- How about the bleeding?
- - what about it?
I don't like it.
Screw that, man.
I heard something in the kitchen.
- What?
- it was that voice.
What voice?
The voice I heard last night in the barn.
Come on, Cameron.
I'll tell you what,
I think it was coming from the stairs.
- It wasn't Mrs. Green.
- no?
This whole place is nuts, all right?
We're sitting here in the dark
with an old guy that's
half-shot in the ass...
He's strong as an ox,
and he's got rattlesnakes in the house?
Now Mrs. Psycho's talking to me...
Relax. Okay, let's sit down.
Jesus Christ.
That old bastard better
let me take a good look
at that other binder.
Then we'll know for sure if he's nuts.
I bet you, when your buddy reappears,
he'll go, "you boys all right?"
You boys all right?
Is everything okay with Mrs. Green?
Jealous she's missing the party,
are we keeping her up?
I think she smelled the beer.
Oh, boy.
Hey, doc.
Can I ask you one more
question about those snakes?
Cameron's not too keen on reptiles.
You said you use
venom from an eastern diamondback.
Well, I don't know much about snakes,
but I'm pretty sure there aren't any
eastern diamondbacks in China.
I've gone over that same thought
a few times, myself.
I don't have an explanation.
- But...
- Cameron, how's your shoulder?
Hey, doc, you know,
the beer is starting
to catch up with me a little here.
Is there a bathroom I could use?
Just down the hallway to your right.
Mrs. Green's in bed.
Dr. Green, you don't mind
if I get another look
at yourjournal, do you?
Go right ahead, son.
What is it, doc?
Do you remember Nathan?
Our little boy.
Sure do, doc.
He'd be about your age now.
I loved that little boy.
Tried my best to help him, you know?
What was it, doc?
Got real bad, real fast.
Antibiotic wasn't strong enough.
I'm sorry, doc.
Big germ in a little boy.
I wish I could say
I knew how that feels,
but I'm sure that I don't.
It used to be that medicine was a-...
A familiar friend.
Now, all it does is torment me.
He visits, you know.
Who's that? Who visits you, doc?
Your son?
Comes mostly at night.
Elizabeth gives him candy.
Butterscotch. That's his favorite.
What took you so long?
What's he, asleep?
No. I was just talking to him.
Dr. Dan?
Man, you're not going to believe...
Hey, doc.
Dr. Green.
He's got a room upstairs
filled with plants.
Yeah, little purple flowers
hanging upside down like weed.
Yeah, like marijuana,
but they're just flowers.
Purple? Echinacea?
I don't know what the hell it is.
Oh, he's bleeding again.
Dr. Dan?
Dr. Dan?
Do you think he's all right?
He's shit-faced.
We should call an ambulance.
For what? For drunk?
Yeah, but you saw
the way he was bleeding.
What are you going to tell
the paramedics?
"We have a guy here who is drunk,
"we think, and by the way,
he's been self-medicating
with snake venom"? Come on.
We have to do something.
I mean, Jesus.
Either way you look at this,
we should just find that other binder...
- No, no. Then what?
- Then-...
Look, if he's really sick,
somebody may be able to
figure out what he's been taking.
Look, his breathing is not labored.
He's snoring, for Christ's sake.
We'll just have a look around.
No, no, no.
- We have to call the sheriff.
- What? What are you, nuts?
What is he gonna do
when he finds out
you been boozing it up
with his old pal?
- Lower your voice.
- You do what you want,
but he's got serious things
going on here,
something that could have
market potential.
You get it?
I'm not walking away from this.
Look, just give me two minutes.
Two minutes. We'll look for it.
If we find it, we'll wake him up.
And if we don't,
I'll call an ambulance, okay?
Come on.
Dr. Green?
Okay. Okay.
You check around here.
I'm going to check upstairs.
Upstairs? What about Mrs. Green?
I was just up there. Remember?
Cameron, I'm not
giving this a lot of time.
What's with the candy wrappers?
He's whacked.
Keep an eye on him, will you?
Hurry up.
What... this storm's driving me nuts.
Where is that other flashlight?
Where's the phone?
Hey, two minutes. You agreed.
- - I'll be right back.
- Two minutes, Cameron.
That's it.
Go away!
I told you!
Son of a bitch.
Bill, where are you?
Bill, where are you?
- Good evening, sheriff.
- Evening, ray.
How is it out there?
Looks like we're getting a little break.
Just for a minute, anyway.
The weather report
says we need the rain.
I guess so,
but it doesn't make my job any easier.
You're working pretty late tonight.
Yeah, well, we got power on and off
all over the place.
I'm just trying to make sure
we stay on top of it.
I guess it's been
pretty slow around here.
That's for sure.
But I got a nice surprise earlier today.
Yeah? What's that?
Yeah, I saw old doc green.
Daniel green?
Here, today?
Yeah. I was surprised, too.
Haven't seen him in a bit.
Oh, you know, the kids pick up
any of the groceries and stuff he needs.
What'd he say?
Not much.
Appeared to be in a hurry.
Said he was having company.
I got to run.
Hey, sheriff! You forgot your
Looking for this?
Mr. Streckman?
You need your medication.
You have to take these.
It will help you rest.
I was resting.
I'm sorry.
Burbank, ca