The Firing Line (1988) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
(dramatic music)
(helicopter blades whirring)
(explosion booming)
- Everybody down!
All right, take cover.
- Let's go!
(explosions booming)
- Hurry up!
(explosion booming)
(explosion booming
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
(explosions booming)
(machine gunfire rattling)
(helicopter blades whirring)
(dramatic music)
(speaking foreign language)
[Soldier] Halt!
(speaking foreign language)
(stirring orchestral music)
(helicopter blades whirring)
[Mark] How many
rebels were killed?
From our sector, we
found 36 rebels killed.
Nothing else from the
cleaning up party,
though we captured their
leader, Rodriguez.
Rather conservative count;
The other sector reported over 40.
I think a more accurate
count would be 30.
Call Central, tell them
30 rebels were killed
and two captured.
And one with Rodriguez.
Guess this is the end of the
trail for you, Rodriguez.
I never thought they'd
catch you alive.
I understand what
you're fighting for.
I don't agree with it.
[Rodriguez] It's better,
a political trial
to educate my people than
to be a silent martyr.
Well, you got you wish.
Perhaps this little slut
will be more talkative.
Though I must admit
I find her silence
most refreshing.
Quite an unusual virtue in a woman.
Courageous Rodriguez, huh?
Looks like your little revolution
didn't get too far off the ground.
My failure does not mean
that the fight cannot be won.
(speaking foreign language)
You're already
finished, Rodriguez.
I suppose this one is Laura?
We're still lookin' for her.
None of the bodies
fit her description.
Well, you did a hell of
a good job here, Mark.
Why don't you give it a rest, huh?
[Mark] Thank you.
Colonel Nunez and
I, we will take care
of the tactical interrogation.
You can grab the bird
back to town if you like.
Thank you, I'm lookin' forward
to that bed with clean sheets.
[Milton] Why don't you find
someone to share them with?
I will, Milton, I will.
I'm sure you will.
(orchestral music)
I have nothing to tell you,
(speaking foreign language)!
We shall see.
(woman crying out)
(blow thudding)
(woman crying out)
Captain Mark Hardin!
Harrison, International
News Alliance.
Yeah, the reporter.
Yeah, I hear you had
some action up the coast.
Might have been.
I hear you finally got Rodriguez.
You hear a lot.
Did you?
No comment.
(slow, romantic music)
Usual, John.
- Right.
- Yes, sir.
Another for the lady, please.
For the lady, that one?
- Yes.
Mark Hardin.
Sandra Spencer.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
It's not often I see such
a beautiful girl here.
Especially an American.
Thank you.
Won't you sit down?
Yes, I will.
As silly as it sounds,
I'm here selling sports equipment
to the major hotels.
What's your excuse?
I'm a military advisor.
Oh, American Peace Corps?
Not quite like that.
Don't tell me you're a
communist sympathizer.
No, I'm not that kind of advisor.
Uh huh.
It was right in my office.
(muffled speaking)
Well, Mr. No Comment.
Did you get your bounty yet?
Or do you get straight salary?
Listen Harrison, back off.
Don't worry about me,
I'm not gonna cause ya any flak.
Anyway, you're gonna
be famous, pal.
The man who ran Rodriguez
to the ground,
and killed him!
He's not dead.
Oh, can the shit,
I'm no fuckin' cub.
Anyway, you don't
gotta worry about me.
I'm not your conscience.
What's he talking about?
Tell her, Mark.
Anyway, I gotta go.
But I got a piece
of advice for you.
Don't ever try to bullshit
the working press.
What was that all about?
What's he talking about?
- It's okay.
I don't know what
he's talkin' about.
But I'm gonna find
out what happened.
Can I call you later?
Yeah, sure.
'Kay, I'll see you.
- Okay.
What the armed forces need
is more helicopter gunships.
To go after these rebels.
Jim, what do you know about
the death of Rodriguez?
You've gotta be kidding.
War, and you talk about death.
Rodriguez is inciting the masses.
He's a communist, Captain.
With all due respect, Colonel,
this is between the major and me.
Be reasonable!
The guy's a pain in the ass.
I brought Rodriguez and
the girl in for trial.
What happened?
(speaking foreign language)
What's he sayin'?
- Look, forget it, okay?
She is of no value!
You're wrong.
I'm sure she died with
a smile on her lips.
Just like a common whore.
Now cut the crap.
Either you're in or you're out.
You're out.
(blows thudding)
(Colonel Nunez groaning)
(bones crunching)
(Colonel crying out)
You fool.
(panting) We could've
been together, you know.
He used me.
(suspenseful music)
Once again, Mr. Hardin,
we're gonna go on
with this all night
until you agree to answer
all of our questions.
Are you a double agent
or a rebel sympathizer?
I told ya, I don't know
what the fuck you're talkin' about!
[Interrogator] You were seen
with the American girl,
Sandra Spencer.
What's the connection
between you and her?
And who's payin' you?
I told ya I just met her today.
Leave her alone!
She has nothin' to do with this.
(machine whining)
(Mark groaning)
(machine whine descending)
(Mark groaning softly)
(Mark panting)
[Interrogator] Once again,
Mr. Hardin, you and the girl.
Who are you working for?
Up your ass!
(machine whining)
(Mark yelling)
(machine whining)
[Rebel] Laura!
(Laura gasping)
Let her rest!
- No, can't rest now.
I won't sleep for two days.
I need some coffee.
(speaking foreign language)
[Woman] We thought
you had been killed,
along with Rodriguez.
Did they say, you
heard the news then?
It's been all over the radio,
since last night and today.
Coffee, Amiga.
Did they say how
Rodriguez was killed?
You did not see him get killed?
I didn't actually
see him get wounded.
Go down, I assumed
they weren't lying.
I know he was wounded.
I heard him screaming.
It's all over!
Years of struggle for nothing.
It means exile for us.
[Laura] It means nothing.
But how can you say...
It means nothing!
Rodriguez was a great man,
one man!
But his death cannot change
the course of this struggle.
He was only great in what
we could learn from him.
And this we learned.
It's starting all over again.
Then we start it all over again.
(somber music)
(keys jingling)
(key clanking)
(blows thudding)
(suspenseful music)
(cell door creaking)
(blow thudding)
(key clanking)
(blows thudding)
(door banging)
Hey, wait a minute, you can't
barge in my room like that.
Come with us!
Why, I... Now!
I didn't do anything!
Where's Hardin?
I don't know.
What's this all about?
You lyin' whore.
(speaking foreign language)
(Sandra whimpering)
For the last time,
where's Mark Hardin?
Look, I don't know,
I just met the guy.
I don't know what you want from me.
(gun clicking)
It gives me great pleasure
to get rid of you mettle some fools.
I don't know anything.
No! (Weeping)
- Lookin' for me, amigos?
(gunshots booming)
Come on, get up, get
up, come on, get up!
Move, come on, go, move, get up!
(dramatic music)
You got me into this goddamn
mess, dammit, get me out!
Hey, I just saved your butt!
And if you listen to me, I can
get you outta here alive.
Great, this is
just friggin' great.
(telephone ringing)
Mark has escaped
with Sandra Spencer?
Well, you see that they don't!
I don't care what it
takes to get them back.
Put up road blocks everywhere.
Shoot them if you have to.
Get down and stay down.
(soldiers shouting)
(gunshots booming)
(dramatic music)
(engine groaning)
We're out of gas.
Oh, great!
Am I gonna walk home
from this date?
There's nothin' I
can do about it.
We're just gonna have
to do the best we can.
Oh, the hell we will.
Look... How dare you
get me mixed up in... Look!
I can take you with me
or I can leave you here.
Where are you going?
I can't very well tell you
if you're not comin'
with me, can I?
If you think I'm going
to fink on you,
you're probably right.
Wait a minute!
(Sandra cries out)
Can I please stop now?
My feet are killing me.
We can slow down a while.
Oh, we can slow down,
that's wonderful!
- Hey!
Don't you know I
killed Colonel Nunez?
And they're after both our asses?
They wanna kill us both.
Well can you at least tell me
where we're going?
- No!
The less you know the
better, now let's go.
(suspenseful music)
[Sandra] Wait for me!
(Sandra whimpers)
(snake hisses)
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
Hold it!
Wait, no no.
Wait, wait, here's
the man you want,
right there... Move!
That's the one... Move!
Their main force is concentrated
on the northern slopes of
these hills over here.
At 05:00, we'll launch
a surprise attack.
Catch them off guard.
Helicopter attack
will swoop down.
And commence firing at exact
zero point 5:10 ten hours.
Good, well that oughta do it.
The usual mopping up
operations will follow.
Are there any questions?
That's it gentlemen, thank you.
He is an enemy of the people.
Why don't we just kill him now?
[Laura] No, he's also a
fugitive of the government.
We don't know that,
he could be a spy.
Wait a minute.
There's another thing
to be considered here.
For instance, he's
not directly known
to have been involved
in any atrocities.
I am a fugitive
of the government.
I killed Colonel Nunez.
I'm wanted as much as you are.
Seein' as how we're
fightin' the same enemy,
I could be a great help to you.
Can you believe he can
change sides automatically?
Just like that?
That kind of mercenary
we don't need.
Don't you think I'm as
skeptical as you are?
But this must be democratically
decided in the morning.
(somber music)
(martial music)
(helicopter whirring)
(muffled speaking)
Get outta here!
(gunshots booming)
(explosions booming)
You gonna stand there, or
you gonna use that thing?
- Thanks!
(Sandra screams)
Come on, move!
Come on.
(explosions booming)
(gunshots booming)
Number one, number one, come in.
Change your coordinate,
from 030, at four o'clock.
They are now on the southern slope.
(explosion booming)
(bones crunching)
(gunshots booming)
(explosion booming)
(explosion booming)
Red Leader to Bravo One, Red
Leader to Bravo One, over.
Redirect fire, to northern valley.
Range of target 200 meters, over?
That's a negative.
Convoy has been captured by enemy.
Open fire.
Repeat, open fire,
fire at will, over.
(explosions booming)
(gunshots booming)
(explosions booming)
(gunshots booming)
(explosion booming)
(jangling music)
(somber music)
(gunshots booming)
(explosions booming)
Red Leader to Bravo One,
Red Leader to Bravo One.
Cease fire.
Repeat, cease fire!
Over and out.
Why do you suppose they
hit their own convoy?
Maybe they switch side, huh?
I don't know, Carlos.
If I was the leader, I'd say
it was divine providence.
I don't think we
incurred much loss.
Let's get back to
camp and find out.
Where's the Americano?
We still have to figure
out what to do with him.
You don't have to
worry about that.
Look behind you.
I'm turning myself in.
How did you get...
I went back to cut him loose.
Took the high ground,
basic instinct, tactics.
Got a couple guys with a squawker.
[Carlos] And you
redirected the fire?
Looks like you do have a few
useful talents, Mr. Hardin.
I told you I could be helpful.
We shall see, Mr. Hardin.
- Okay.
(insects and frogs chirping)
[Newscaster] There
has been a round
of known sympathizers
with the rebels.
Along with the closing
down of the universities,
Dr. Julio Montiero, known to
preach armed insurrection,
has, among others, been arrested,
and is now being questioned
by the Ministry of
Defense authorities.
There are no new developments
regarding American fugitives
Mark Hardin and Sandra Spencer,
but a government source
has labeled them
as possible communist agents.
An early arrest, they
say, can be expected.
They've arrested Montiero.
We should have never
sent him to the capital.
He's too valuable here.
They've probably
tortured him by now.
Isn't there anything
that we can do?
You can bust him out.
You've got more firepower now.
Then we must move at once.
We can't stay here any longer.
It's too dangerous now.
We must draw up a plan.
You know the details of the town?
Very well.
- Good, good.
(dramatic music)
Who is this?- Senor!
I'm bringing in Mark Hardin.
(blows thudding)
(muffled speaking)
Stand back.
Let's go!
Got him, let's go!
(muffled speaking)
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat music)
What happened?
[Soldier] Hardin escaped.
(speaking foreign language)
[Soldier] Sir, American
leader took us by surprise!
Dammit, Mark Hardin!
I knew it, he's gone and
joined those bandits.
[Mark] All right, take
a break, take five.
I'm trying to figure out
what he's doing with us.
I don't know why
you should be so suspicious
about his presence here.
This is an international struggle.
Besides, Mark here led
that jail raid, Montiero.
You owe him that one.
I just think that too recently
he was working with the other side.
Where do you think he go
this consciousness from?
Hold on a minute.
The reason I'm here,
because I've done a few
things I'm not very proud of.
And last night I started
makin' up for 'em.
You do not intend to
stay for the fight?
I didn't say that either.
The government used me.
Now I'm gonna pay the fuckers back.
All right, break's
over, let's move out!
Move it!
(martial music)
Did you check out the area,
Mr. Hardin?
Yes, it's a good location.
High ground, we'll be
plenty safe up here.
Nearest town is 15 miles
to Ah-Dee-hoo-ta.
Great, I can't wait
to get stateside.
I've had enough of this shit.
I'm afraid that's not
possible right now.
We're at the top of
the most wanted now.
Will you come along with me?
You can stay here if you want.
But in the meantime,
you're gonna have to
learn something about jungle
fighting and survival.
I'll teach you a few things.
(waterfall roaring)
I hope you realize that
you're a sitting duck
for a reconnaissance raid.
(waterfall drowns out speech)
I had to get some
of the smell off me.
(waterfall drowns out speech)
I'll take care of that.
You'll be all right.
I suppose you're going
to be the lookout.
Don't worry.
Living under the
circumstances that we do,
we have to learn to
discipline ourselves
to ignore each other's body.
You're so disciplined.
Get dressed.
And get some rest.
We've got plans to move
out, at 06:00 hours.
All right, stand behind me.
Proper technique to
fire this weapon:
Shoulder width apart
with your feet,
right leg
Bend off the left knee.
Take the weapon up
into your shoulder.
Cradle it with the left hand.
Sight to bolt.
Do not pull the
trigger, squeeze.
(gunshots booming)
stand here.
Shoulder width apart.
Back leg straight.
Pivot on your right foot.
Slightly bend the right knee.
Cradle weapon in your shoulder.
Do not put your
finger on the trigger
till I tell you to do so.
Square it up.
Cradle it this way, it's okay.
Give it a little bit of time.
(bolt clacking)
All right, sight your bolts.
Little bit.
Now, squeeze the
trigger, do not pull.
(gunshots booming)
(bullets whizzing)
Good girl.
Take this.
Let's go.
See what you got here.
Weapon up, handle it properly.
All right, safety off.
Take out the birds for me.
(gunshots booming)
This is the M203,
combination M16 and
M79 grenade launcher.
This is the shell.
An assault rifle.
Yeah, but what the hell
do you shoot with this?
You can shoot anything
you want with it.
How accurate do you
think this thing is?
It's accurate up to 300 meters.
I think we need a demonstration.
Come with me.
- Move out!
(bright music)
(dramatic music)
(explosion booming)
Move out!
(gunshots booming)
(footsteps rustling)
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
(martial music)
[Rebel] A few suckers got away.
Then we'd better get outta here,
there's only a few guns, get 'em.
Wait a minute.
Aren't we gonna hold this position?
We fought our butts off here.
No, it's not that kind of war.
We've gotta hit and
run, move when we can.
All right, let's get outta here.
[Laura] Move it!
Come on, let's go, move it now.
(crickets chirping)
(birds tweeting)
[Man] It seems the
bandits have picked up
some fresh energy ever since
that American renegade
Mark Hardin joined them.
I wouldn't worry
about it, Governor.
He's already got that
tempting reward on his head.
Sooner or later, a Judas will
step forward and talk to us.
Are you implying
he's Christ-like?
A peasants' messiah?
At any rate,
I think we should start
taking reprisals
against those peasants
who are helping them.
Reprisals against civilian
targets are counter-productive.
They discredit the government
and build more support
for the bandits.
(speaking foreign language)
You're beginning to talk
like a bandit yourself.
(birds calling)
[Mark] Hi.
(soft music)
Wanna get lost?
We can go to the waterfall.
Is it safe?
Kinda safe.
[Laura Voiceover]
How safe?
Not very.
I thought you said
something about discipline.
I thought you said that when
we live all together...
(martial music)
Okay, all right, take a
break, take five, everybody.
Okay, you're doin' fine.
Who ordered to stop here?
I did.
You got a problem with it, asshole?
It's okay, Montiero, we
needed a rest anyway.
Yes, but he's not our leader.
Whoever the people
listen to is the leader.
(snare drum music)
(birds twittering)
No way.
If we have to retreat, look at
the space we have to cover.
In a night attack, we
will be just as confused
as the enemy.
That's why we must
attack in the daytime.
We'll be decimated
before we get in.
That's the main problem.
That's why we have to infiltrate
to attack from within.
We can do it, I say we go for it.
[Laura] I agree.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Get out of the road.
Please, officer,
I've hurt my ankle.
And I have no way of
getting back into town.
That's too bad, uh,
but we have our orders, and
no civilian riders.
Well, I could ride on the floor.
And you could let me out
before we reach town.
I don't think there'd
be any harm, uh,
get up in the cab with me.
[Laura] Oh, thank you.
Thank you officer, so
much, tell your men
to drop their guns or I'll
blast your brains out!
Do as she says, put 'em down!
All right, move it!
Move it, get on outta there.
Come on!
Get over.
- Vamos.
- Come on.
[Laura] Move it!
[Man] Move!
(electronic music
with martial beat)
(slow electronic music)
(electronic music
with martial beat)
(suspenseful music)
Stop, where you going?
I, I have to get my papers
in the mayor's office.
My baby, I need the papers.
- I said stop!
But, but my baby's
dying, I need you to...
Stay back.
(Sandra whispering)
(gunshots booming)
(explosion booming)
(gunshots booming)
(explosion booming)
(gunshots booming)
(explosions booming)
(gunshots booming)
(explosion booming)
[Laura] Come on, hurry up.
Get down there.
Take 'em away.
Hardin, are these the men
that refused to join?
What's this?
They bust you to private?
Or are you just afraid
of me findin' you?
I understand you murder officers.
I did not choose to be
killed by these bandits.
This is Captain Delgado.
Perhaps he can tell us something
about the murder of Rodriguez.
I have nothing to
say to you, rebel.
And the rape and the murder
of the girl who was with him.
I think I know a
way of questioning
the people who raped
and killed my sister.
(knife clicking)
(somber music)
(blade wooshing and thudding)
Stop that fool girl!
I'll answer anything you want!
[Mark] Now you'll tell us
about the death of Rodriguez?
I did not kill
Rodriguez, it was Nunez!
What about the girl
who was with him?
We gave her great pleasure.
(gunshots booming)
(suspenseful music)
Those fools!
Look how high they
have built the fire.
Those aren't camp fires.
Let's get the hell down there.
Goddamn degenerate bastards!
(hammers knocking)
They think they've got us beaten.
Maybe they have.
They've got one third of our force.
If we get one third of theirs,
it would be over.
Unfortunately, we have lost.
Is that what they
sacrificed their lives for?
So that we may give up so easily?
I say we can still win this battle.
But we've got to hit them hard,
where they least expect!
And soon.
Like in the North,
in Santo Pietro?
You're learning fast.
I am all for that, but
we must rebuild here
before we start branching out.
Good, then that will
be your job, Montiero,
to rebuild here.
In the meantime, our offensive
will go underway.
It's fine with me.
I won't be in your
glorious mission.
We can't go back the
same way we came in.
There's an alternate route,
an old wooden bridge
about five miles south of town.
Carlos, I want you
to rig it to blow
as soon as we get over it.
You've got it, but
I need more time.
Go ahead and take it.
Take care, Carlos.
Sandra, beyond the bridge
is neutral territory.
You'll be able to go home.
Home seems like along
way away from here.
There was no misjudgment
in conducting this operation.
Those women and children
were supporting the enemy.
And as such,
they are to be considered
part of the rebel forces.
They only got what
was coming to them.
And so will you, Milton,
if you don't move right away.
They must have decide
on the target already.
There are only two places
of any strategic value
in Santa Pietra.
The barracks and the radio station.
And there are not enough men
available to protect both.
You can send for some
more reinforcement.
Anyway, there is plenty of time.
They will not attack
until tomorrow.
Listen, Montiero.
You get this straight.
Mark Hardin is not your
usual weekend warrior type.
He is an elite.
And he's gonna use
every dirty trick
in the goddamn book to hit us.
And when he hits us,
he's gonna hit us hard.
I came here to warn you.
Why do you suppose I'm doin' this?
How the hell am I
supposed to know?
Blood money, ambition, revenge.
I don't really give a damn.
I'm just wondering if
there would be any reason
that they might delay the attack.
No way.
Tomorrow is the anniversary
of Julio Rodriguez' landing.
They hope to make a splash
in the world press.
(snaps fingers)
That's it, then.
It'll have to be at
the radio station.
(brakes squeaking)
I don't like it, it's too quiet.
(martial music)
(gunshots booming)
Get away!
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
Well get in there, after them!
(gunshots booming)
Move, come on, you guys,
get in there, move!
(martial music)
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
Don't hurt me.
[Mark] Do you know this building?
You don't know of a way out here?
The basement, tunnel,
leads to the river.
All right, if you're lyin',
you're dead, sucker.
- No, I swear.
All right, come
on, let's get outta here.
Go to the bridge,
I'll meet ya later.
Come on, move, come on, move!
Right, let's get outta here!
Mark, what about you?
I'm gonna create a diversion.
I'm staying with you.
No, no, you move your butt.
Come on... But.
(Mark grunting)
(gunshots booming)
Where is it?
There, behind the door.
[Rebel] Watch out.
You better not be
fooling us, Mister.
(gunshots booming)
[Sandra] Bingo.
(explosions booming)
(suspenseful martial music)
(gunshots booming)
(gunshots booming)
They went that way, sir.
They're probably at
the river by now.
Well don't just stand
there, come on, go get 'em.
The rest of you, we'll head 'em off
at the old bridge, come on, move.
(gunshots booming)
(suspenseful music)
What happened?
We were ambushed.
Mark's coming right
behind us, I hope.
Go to the other side.
This thing will blow up
soon as Mark gets here.
you've only got one chance.
Be careful.
[Carlos] Vamos!
(suspenseful music)
(gun clicking)
Now you hand over the
detonator, Carlos.
What's this?
You're not going to blowup
this bridge, are you?
The detonator, now!
Mark's gonna get killed!
(blows thudding)
(gunshot booming)
(gunshots booming)
(dramatic music)
(gunshots booming)
(explosions booming)
(upbeat music)
(Sandra gasping)
[Sandra] Give me your arm.
(Mark yelling)
I'm sorry.
Are you still excited to go home?
(music drowns out speech)
Gone are the days when
Our love has to wait
Let's take this chance
Our dreams are not too late
Fillin' our hearts
With hopes of sharing
our joys together
Love will remain till the end
Let the windows of love
Shine through our lives
Greater love is
meant for you and me
Let the rhythm of love
Play in our hearts
And its music, the sweet melody
Love is the answer
Our worries are over
Love is for you and me