The First Born (2015) Movie Script

[pages flipping]
[electronic machinery powers on]
[title: The First Born]
[murmuring sounds, undistinguishable]
Pupils are responding.
Welcome back.
Where am I?
I can assure you, you're safe.
Can you sit up for me?
[she nods]
Are you in any pain?
What happened?
Follow the pen.
Re-Animation is a slow process.
Your memory will return soon enough.
If you don't mind I'd like to test something.
Take a look at this chart.
[Digital 3D Chart Open Sounds]
You see here?
This is where-
[Digital chart snapping off]
[she gasps]
[doctor laughing]
It's marvelous.
Am I doing this?
Oh yes.
You have a remarkable gift.
Remarkable gift indeed.
[thump of a body falling on ground]
But a mere parlor trick.
compared to her true capabilities.
Congratulations good doctor
a lifetime of trial and error has finally come to fruition.
It seems like my hard work has finally paid off.
Your cowardice shines through your heroism.
No good will come of this.
Evil has corrupted you.
Good and evil are irrelevant.
I serve a greater purpose.
Your bravery is admirable
[whirling sounds]
[sharp breathing]
but futile.
It's unfortunate that a great mind such as yours,
would not want to utilize this power to its full potential.
Is there no humanity left in you?
How can you do this
she's your-
[cut off by a gust of air sound]
She will serve her purpose, as we all do.
It's a shame
you won't be around to see it.
Leave him alone.
A king plays no mind to a pawn.
[swirlng sounds]
You truly are marvelous.
Who are you?
You don't remember me?
[painful gasp]
All in due time.
Hey everyone, Gearmark TV
My name is Brandon White from the Buff Dudes and we're collaborating
with them to make an amazing film and I play Iniquitous
Cut, cut.
Hold on.
Now what?
Roy, really?
I don't even know what you mean by that.
You got to see it like I do, alright?
You listening?
You seriously suck.
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Did we seriously hire him?
Thanks dudes. And Girls.
You're just going to hang there and pretend I didn't just tell you what to do...