The First Slam Dunk (2022) Movie Script

yes good fleld
I'm getting better and better at this
I want to be the main force
yeah? okay
I'll be home
Captain or the house
We have to be mom's helpers
I'll be captain
You'll be the lieutenant
Please, Ryota
You want to be the main force
I'll treat you like the main man
Don't keep your back to the ball
You'll be cornered
To get past me
If you're afraid, show courage
I always do, too
Heart thumping
So I try to pretend like I don't care
That's a foul. - No foul
It's after you fall that counts
Confont me
Do well
It's a lot of momentum
Don't forget
let's keep fighting.
oh, you want to come ? - Hello
Let's go one-on-one
T'm sorry called them first
you said one on one again
come back tomorrow
Then you take me with you
No, you're too young
Work on your dribble fist
Don't you want to be the main force
you're lying. you said it was one-on-one
lied to me about doing it again
Big liar, asshole.
zontai idiocy
Stupid, you're such a bed guy
Don't you ever come back
I can't believe you got in
the mountain king enters one
It's a two-point line for everyone
Good shot
well done
fuzu fuzu you're the best
That's a lot of fighting to do
How many them are here
It is a famous basketball school
compared to other people
This is so unprofessional of us
I have sisters . I have friends I have bitter enemies
Maybe we should make some uniform T-shirts, too
put it on. -I'm not wearing what you guys are wearing
Sakuragi, get out of the way and cut in
sakuragi this basketball rookie
just showing up on the field looks amateurish
He's got red hair and he's got not eyes. - Like a clown
Hey, hey, hey
worried like an old mother
I understand. - what are we talking about
come on, cheer them on
But Mitsui is in great shape today
Good shot
that's pretty impressive
that's a good ball.
Good to defend
take that shot. -Let's do it
spell it this way
I think it's time to got tired
All over Japan
No other man can dribble like that
So can he
What did you eat
king of the Mountains
this is the number one defender in Japan
He can make all the defenders in Japan feel broken
Don't back off, Miyagi
you tell me
you guy
I'll play with you for 40 minutes
come on, run.
Xiao Xin sit a little bit in front
Okay , there's no one sitting here
Thank you very much
you're here
Been waiting for you
Ah Liang is obviously more active than usual today
It must be because Mom's here
Let's go. - Oh,good for you
Number seven is pretty good for a small man
That child
He is the younger brother of sota miyagi, who died a few years ago
Oh, I remember zonta eas number seven, too
he's a very good kid
oh, he died
They say he died in a shipwreck
It's not.
Now I live alone in a place far , far away
On a small island
Run, run, run
I'm sorry.
My word!
Start of the second half
I'm on number seven
I'm on 15 and I'm on 6
Nice shot
come on
By the way, I used to play against your brother
At the time he beat us defenseless
I didn't expect his brother to be so handsome
come on , good field
One more thing
Leave it to me
come on, Aryan
That's how you lose
My word!
It's still not working.
It's on match for his brother
It seems he can't replace his brother after all
Ah, I want to put all this stuff away
Let's move somewhere else
It doesn't have to be because he's a brother
Just wear the same jersey, okay
Let's find something else
What the fuck
Do not enter this room again
Take it off quickly.
I thought you had your own clothes
It seems he can't replace his brother after all
start of the second half
Now it's a new fight
It's okay. turn the score around. - Okay
the press is coming
the second half ended in three minutes
miyagi pass. pass fast
This guy pushed me shit
Good Xiangbei is not good
Here we go again. - What are you doing
Pass me the ball
you undrestimate me
Offensive foul
Let me introduce myself to you
My name is Ryoda Miyagi
start from today
Miyagi Ryoda
Students will officially join our big family
Miyagi just moved here from Okinawa
It might take some getting used to
So students
what are you so arrogant about
I want you to play ball somewhere else
This way, I can't
Follow this
Shoot the ball. Come on, come on
Oh, shoot!
Come on, come on
What can we do? we're one man short
What do you want him to do
Forget it, He's a bad guy
Let's take a break
Okay, I agree. Okay
An elementary shool student?
It's my junior year
you can't survive on these flowers alone
Come on, come on
Just gave up
Always playing alone
All that good technology goes to waste. - Mistress
Come back and play together
Try to beat me next time
Be bored to death
Hey, what are you guys doing here
I haven't touched the bell yat
Shut up and open up a 20-point gap
Put Xiangbei into the national competition for the first time
Beat oneself to pieces
It's gonna be five seconds. - Just serve
Ten seconds and a half to go
In turn
What kind of ball is that
Rukawwa, you pick up the three of us
point and one free throw
Red team eequesting a timeout
I haven't even touched the ball yet
you guys slow down for half a minute
If were the coach of the mountain king
will keep them on a full-court press
Until it's cracked or
Drive your opponent to the point of complete collapse
Starting now is key
Xiangbei was helpless against our pressing
It's time to blow them in the face. - Yeah
But we will never fall apart
Mitsui Rukawa. - Yes. - You two are also rushing forward
Miyagi? - Yeah
This is your stage
Then what am I doing?
Dad I's a genius
Sakuragi Hanamichi
Hey. - You just go for the basket
Fetile farmland
Give me your hand
Red team hurry up. - Oh, what
Give me your usual swagger attitude
Oh, that's another way to kill Miyagi
Xiao wei stops the bell
Ah, so fast.
that's beauitiful. - I'm number one on speed
Pretty went for it
Just use this ball to turn the tide
What is it?
Finally got the ball
Turn and shoot fast. - Go on, idiot
One first
Let's go first.
We're in. - No, there's no Angle
Can I beat this guy
Kawada, you are the best
Kawada, you are the best
Akagi gave him one back
One by one
Go in, go in, go in , go in, go in
In one
This kind of attack we know
We know that way, too
Wow, look at that, Mountain king
A 20 point gap
Very good, very good
One goal, one goal for us first
Ichinokura, look at Mitsui
Looks like you marked him closely in the first half
It worked
He was completely dumb
Let you shoot three
The percentage of jump shots is not high
They saw through the weakness of good fields
Which leaves me as the ultimate weapon
Let's fight it out
The final weapon Ahhh
Cherry wood
Double dribble. - Ah
Are you sure?
Next time you're an iodiot, I'll kill you
Shut the fuck up, asshols
Eight minutes and no points
Must find a way to score goals
this side
Ogawa pass him
This guy
Without a flaw
Quick pass
The boss is about to throw
I can't lose. - Here
A team like us can make nationals
With a powerful inside man
The boss opened it.
Other people get more opportunities
Can't you?
Play defense with momentum
Let me hear your voices
Oh, that's hot blood
Shout something
Don't play so quiet
Next group
I don't like to whine when I'm playing - Miyagi
Did you need one of those fancy passes
You play with flair
It's kind of annoying
You don't have to worry about getting used to it
Then it's faster
There's no way they can get down
But I didn't expect that
Even our own people don't get it
What did you say?
Cannot stand
I don't get along
Because he thinks a lot of you
Mr. Akagi has great expectations of you
Excuse me
So short
Who would expect such alittle man
You still have to be tall to play
Let's go, good field
Hey, Longhair. - Stop it
Any time one-on-one
Let's og if we lose
Just go shave your head
Don't run away, boy. Stop right there
Dom't run if you can
I'm gonna kick that guy's ass
No problem
How did he just
Nonsticking felt
It cold have been passed
Defense get the ball
Ah, come on, defend.
Return defense Quickly return defense
Damn it, let me play
That was abad fight.
I can tell he was the only one doing his best
It's finally over.
So I retired
When all our old players are gone
He's got the whole team in his pocket
What a pity.
Hey, you guys, just hold on for another year
Oh, I don't think you're gonna make it to summer
Troubled kids. - Ah
That's the look
Don't you agree
Wooden heads and troubled teenagers
How is it possible to play well
At least Miyagi can pass the ball
The burden on your hearts is too heavy
You need to run a lot
Kuki. - Yes. - You take Sakuragi's place
All right, let's go. Red team
Is Daddy giving up by replacing me with a genius
Because Glasses is retiring soon
So we put him on the field in the end
Or am I the only one who thinks thet
Can we still turn the tide
Haven't you already given up
Pop. - Come on. - Give up
Once you give up, the game is over
Wow, good shot.
Get a substitution ready for the next score. - Yeah
that's too high
Look forward to
What would have happened if you had grabbed the rebound
The mountain king lost heart
That won't be the first
It stops Yamamao from gatting a rebound and starting a fast break
Secondly, Xiangbei will get another shot
Tat is to say
Not only will we not lose two points
It also increases the chances of scoring two points
Do you understand, sakuragi
That's four points for us
Ifn it can be done
You're the ace in the hole
Give me strength
I've sent you my thoughts
sakuragi and us
Give me strength. - And ghosts
What are they doing?
It's really just you guys
Such unscrupulous thoughts are for mere mortals
What does it matter
We are human
Can mind grab a rebound
Still not ready
Old father
I mean, you're not gonna let me play
Let's get me on the field
Come on, Sakuragi
That's a big margin for Sakuragi to play
I don't think this freshman is going to be a three
Come on, cherry wood
The king of the mountain will prevail
Glasses. - The king of the mountain will win
The king of the mountain will prevail
The king of the mountain will prevail
The king of the mountain will prevail
Sakuragi is waiting for you
Troubled youth
The king of the mountain will prevail
We're gonna have to turn this thing around
Once you give, up the game is over
What are you doing at a time like this
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Come on down.
This fool
I'll take dowe the king of the mountain
Genius Sakuragi put his money where his mouth is
Get off
Hurry down.
Send him out
Ah. - Big idiot
I'm really sorry
Kid just started playing basketball four months ago
One more time and he's oof the field
Hey, hey, hey. What's up, guys
Now we have to win
Gorilla, what's that face
Do you think we're gonna lose
What did you say?
That's easy for you to say
Now the difference is so big
Stupid hoops with common sense
Cherry wood doesn't work for me
Because I'm a layman
Let's go, supporting characters
Just stick with the genius that I am
what can't I hear
Hey, you guys.
Cheer on the road to victory
Don't lose to those noisy guys
On the road to victory
I don't have a plan yet
Damn it, the idiot voted. - Okay
The score in the second half was 26:2
But the difference between the two teams is not that great
We can turn this around
If we can get this to within 10 points
There's still a chance.
Akagi help with defense
Cheer up
The advantage is to be earned by ourselves
It's a three-pointer
Here we go again
fake move
In the cherry tree. - Cherry tree
Ha ha . See
That's great. He really did what you said
The twe balls were given away for free
And why I put Sakuragi on the field
Not just make him rebound
Let's get this down to ten points. - Okay
Xiangbei Xiangbei attack
Xiangbei Xiangbei forward
Xiangbei Xiangbei forward
Damn it. - Boss, the ball stopped too long
Gee, that's a hard shot to make
Did not enter
so tall
Not only that
It was quick. - How
Good boy. - Good for you
Sakuragi quick pass
Dominate the whole country
Red offensive foul
It crushed me
All alone
All alone . All alone
It's good that you're just lying there
Who's not gonna say anything about you
you've done enough
It was a dream.
You weren't awake anyway
Do you always feel like you're alone
Is the right thing to do
Don't dream about dominating the country
Pull someone to play with you
I've been meaning to ask you Akagi
What's it like looking down on other people
What do you think we are
Is everything okay? Do you need change
Nothing to do
Originally my wish
It already happened
Ha-ha, finally a little gorilla
Oh, good. - Kawada is Kawada
You are you
Akagi is akagi
But me
Red team ball
Go, go, go, go.
Come on, come on.
One in. - Go, go, go, go, go, go, go
This guy's got no energy left
Kawada is Kawada Akagi is Akagi and I am
Who am I?
You don't want to fight me
Cut the chatter
what's my name
who I really am
Is this a bad cartoon
I didn't think I'd actually meet him
Your crooked eyebrows are pissing me off
I don't like the way your hair flutters around
What's my name
You can barely stand
Oh, great. We're only ten points away
Hey, Miyagi. pass me the ball
pass it to him
Will help me pick and roll
I'll have an empty seat.
Except for the three-point shot
I have nothing left
Good shot
Now all I can see is the basket
Come on. You want to attack, you have to defend
Ah, on the defensive now
Why is he so exhausted
Don't take it to heart, Matsumoto
Let him pitch
That's tough enough
But it's better if they just want to shoot threes
Just got to save the rebound
Uh-huh. I don't think I can make it
Ah, backboard.
Alas, this is just the beginning
What are ypu crazy about?
Be careful
Let me go
What is this?
It's like garbage
My heart
Bang, bang, bang
What's wrong with you?
What's going on
Mama Aryan woke up
Aran, are you okay
Do you still know me
This is a hospital.
Your bike was smashed to pieces
I think I see Okawa
What the hall were you thinking, son of a bitch
The doctor said you were lucky
To save a life
I said if you could just slow down
What are you talking about
You're a former national chamion
Oh, isn't it Aryan
You're back.
All grown up to be big boys
Hi, Grandma. - Grandma
Who is he
Kid. - Ha, ha, ha, ha. That's bad
Brother is so impressive
Ha ha ha ha
Is a professional player
No, high school students.
Three national championships in a row
The king of the mountain. - The king of the mountain
Brother, aren't you gonna join them
I want this more than I want to join them
First, second, third and third
Four years later
Okinawa representative ace player Sota Miyagi
A layup.
Dangerous fast hand layup
You beat the best team. Ha ha ha
Zonta is sorry.
Why is that?
Why do I always make mom angry
If only you were here
Yeah, go ahead
Intentional foul by white team 4
Intentional foul
Beautiful beautiful
What happened to that long hair of yours
You're not thinking about getting back on the basketball team
So much nonsense.
I'm a person who never gives up
This is the moment of truth
If we seize this opportunity, we still have hope
Or you won't be able to defeat the mountain King
You know what? Try to get it
It's only 10 points. - Okay
we're back in the game
Japan's number one defender Futsu
Match me
I'll be guarding him tomorrow
Even though I'm the commando captain of the team
But I always
Always timid
How come
Aren't you a fierce fighter
Fukotsu has been a starter for the Mountain King since he went high
That's the kind of guy I want to watch
Isn't that appropriate
Commando Miyagi
Heart thumping
True and false
You can't tell at all
You always seem so relaxed
You're a big-time defender yourself
Kanagawa is the first
No, it's not.
The second one doesn't seem to be eiter
That's - Oh, never mind
You might want to stop counting
Find something to do when you're feeling down
Anything goes
What do you do
For example
Look at the palms of your hands
First guard
Miyagi must be a lot of physical exertion
Komiya is going to make a penalty
Be careful you don't make a bad shot
Cut the chatter and don't distract me
Made a good free throw
He'll be fine
All right, ha ha ha
The king of the mountain
Come on, come on
Come on, come on.
He want to guard the red one
Kawada except for you
It's the first time I've ever had someone on my hands
Taking away so many rebounds
Damn it. - What are you laughing at
Stop me as hard as you can fat chimp
Ha ha no problem
Sakuragi is responsible for this rhythm
Backboard. - All right
Oh, there you are. - Fat chimp
No good
Very good Ryukawa
You're not getting there. - Okay
Don't let him pass the ball so easily
You didn't wake up, you stupid fox
What did you say?
What? - What about being number one in Japan
But he was afraid of the little monk
You must be deaf
Come and guard Sakuragi
At this level
Prepare to die
I'm waiting
Relieve a garrison
To the riverfields. - All right
I can't believe he's still here
Good job. let's go
Uh-huh. That's terrible
Come on, Sanwang
This is a very humble team - Xiangbei team
Come on, Sanwang
If we can gat that high school couple to work
It feels like we're gonna have a little trouble
It's up to us to keep those twe boys safe
You just have to pay back an eye for an eye
It should be a threefold payback
pass me the ball
Captain Fukatsu
I told you not to put it down
I can't believe there's someone like that in my grade
He's spent the last 17 years
I think basketball is the only thing on my mind
Are you the same
I passed it. - Not yet
Captain's pass
You big fool
Stupid fox!
It's another three-legged cat shot
You're lucky.
Do you want to be number one in Japan
Cut the crap. - I'll let you you be
I'm leaving Japan anyway
Set up run
Look down on people stop assholes
I did everything I could do in high sclool basketball
I don't have anything to prove anymore, okay
Please give me some necessary experience again
If there's anything else you need
Please give it all to me
Five six seven eight nine eleven two three four
Five six eight eight eleven twenty-three
Not bed. This one.
You can't beat me one-on-one, Rukawa
I never thought Rukawa would be pushed to this point
It's not over yet.
Don't let the red boy jump
The main task is to keep him from jumping
And then just wait for the ball to drop and grab it
What, you just gave up
Come on, come on.
Come on, Sanwang
Come on, you're an ace
Go, go, go, go.
That's a little off guard
One extra penalty
This big fool.
No. 1 Japanese High sclool payer Eiji Sawaki is invincible
That's great.
The number one player in Japan
He's just a sophomore like me
Honestly, I'd love to see him regret it
That's what i eas thinking. - Right
Speaking of which, I'm talking to you for the first time
It was a wonderful game
Yeah, it was a good fight
This Xiangbei team is a good team
Feed the five men on the field
Now we're fighting a powerful opponent
Those of us off the court have to fight to the end
Doesn't this guy get it
He's not gonna beat Jersey
What does Rukawa want
There's nothing you can do
Rukawa has six seconds
Almost 30 seconds
Four seconds left.
Where are we going
Score. - Okay.
pass now that Ryukawa has passed
The rukawa
I actually passed the ball.
Good judgment
want to enter
Pass it on.
Ah, keep him out
Rukawa is finally getting better
And he's not quite the same man he used to be
Good for you, Rukawa
Can't imagine
So quick to jump on me
In fact, I can't even lift my arm
Damn it, he was already exhausted
Three and a half minutes left
By 13 points
Opportunity - Fast break
He won't vote
can't be that useless
The goal
No matter how many times
It always wakes me up
That's great
The mountain king enters one
The mountain king enters one
The mountain king enters one
The mountain king enters one
Good shot
Get a good hold of this shot
This guy
Two minutes and 50 seconds left
Only eight points
Still have a chance
Well done
Be happy, too
We have a chance of winning
Rukawa kaede will still get hit
But zebei can't pass the ball
Because this guy never loses
Beautiful. See
A brilliant tactic that led to victory. - Cool
Defense. - Two minutes to go
Eight points to Xiangbei's possession. - Defense
Gorilla There's still hope for us
Defense. - You got it
Up and up and up
Come on, come on.
I can't believe this guy is so calm
The ball touched me
Be saved
Can't give up
Can't give up
Get out of the way
Suspension of play
Be still
Cherry wwood
You did a pretty good job
Although clumsy
Who are you calling clumsy
So you're not dead after all
You bet
Can it go on
Of course
Refueling in northern Hunan
It was a crucial goal
Who is it? - Go Xiangbei
Xiangbei, come on
How many times does it take to get you to give up
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
What's going on
Get over him. - Okay
Fadeaway jumper. - Nice. - No
All right, one more goal. - Defense
No matter how tired
Heart thumping again
Try to act like you don't care
Damn, are you still afraid of kaeda
Just stay away
- If you can't keep uo, replace them
You have to excel.
Or pass the ball
Apparently you forgot one more thing
Three-point shot. - The Mountain Kings call a timeout
Good shot and only five points away
Bed feeling is getting more and more painful
Sakuragi flower said where does it hurt
Yeah, just a little bit in the back
Where on the back
How does it hurt
It's just a little tingling now and then. It's okay
This is about the lives of your players
I can't escape
Right now
We need to keep the momentum going
Can you still run
I can't even lift my arms
Okay, I'll pass it to you
Dad, we can turn this around
Ah, of course
Sakuragi for the team
Contributed valuble rebounds and strong fighting spirit
Miyagi brings speed and subtlety
Mitsui has brought chaos
Later, however, he contributed wisdom
and excellent long-range throws
Rukawa brings great explosive power
And a determination to win
Akagi and Kuki
Laid a solid foundation for this team
These elements add up
It is we in Xiangbei
What kind of best fiends are we
And you're always pissing me off
But what is it? - But
Thank you very much
Thank you for what
I'm not doing it for you. - I'm doing it for me. - Get out there
All right, guys
Let's go. - All right
It's a mismatch defense
So calm.
There's supposed to be pressure on the person being chased
Yeah, the popponent is, after all
King of the strongest Mountain
Full-court press
Fertile farmland
It never occurred to them to run away
They'll fight until the last turn
That's the unbeatable way they play
Mr. Miyagi
If you were a man
Just rush through
Would Mom like someting smaller
That's right.
I'll take a big one if I'm skinny
What did you say?
It's noting.
And cut a big one for the biehday girl
You got the biggest piece
Here's your birthday card
It's rare for two brothers to share the same birthday
It means we're both special
What time do you leave tomorrow?
What time are you going put tomorrow, Aryan
To Hiroshima for the national competition
6:00. - So early
Mom, he said he was leaving at 6:00
Aryan is 17 years old
What ab out Azon
I think he's 20
If he's still alive
20 years old.
It's been three years
I mean, I would've caught up
Let's put up a picture of Azon
I almost forgot what he looked like
It's been eight years. - Yeah
17 years old
Happy birthday
thank you
Good for the back
Azon, come on
I'm sorry I keep getting in trouble
Cause you a lot of trouble
You must hate basketball
Because he reminds you of Azon
But even so
And you never told me to give up basketball
At the junior basketball game
I'm glad you could come
That's great. Azon already scored 20 points
Brother, he's pretty
He's the captain, after all
Want to be as good as your brother
It must be possible
As long as you practice hard
In a world without Azon
Basketball became my only spiritual support
Thanks for letting me keep plaing basktball
No, why throw it away
Mom's not okay.
I don't know.
What to do
It's good to keep playing basketball
It was supposed to the be Azon's battlefield
It's going to be me standing there
Oh, stop praising me. Go ahead
The center of gravity is too high
It has no power.
Ha ha ha come on
Damn it. you're running ont of energy
this big defense
How do I break through
Go for it
Go for it
come on, good field
That's how little people survive
Foul goal disallowed
come on Akagi
It's serve number four
I serve the cherry wood
Disallowed goal
Are you kidding?
I can't believe I dunked this genius
Sooner or later, I'll beat you
Rulawa Kaede
I don't know if you want to change
I'm not getting taken off the field
Sakura Wood
Sakuragi, he just got hurt flying to save the ball
He's not hurt
Tamiko don't say
My player's life
Can it be said that
Is this how it's gonna end
Can it be said that
I can't play basketball anymore
Do you like basketball? - Yeah
Like very much
Because I'm athletic
Brother and sister
Put in
Stuck bit
That's right. That's it
Last shot
The left hand is only auxiliary.
Rebounding King natioal contest
Cherry wood
Waiting for you
Troubled youth
What an abomination
Go for it. - Go for Akagi
I ask for a replacement
Cherry wood cherry wood cherry wood
What are you doing
Sakuragi Sakuragi Komiya
Come right away
I just need you under the gorilla basket
Sakuragi Hanamichi, you need to stop mesasing around
Come here.
Look at you. You can barely stand
I'm sorry. Please cancel the substitution
Old father
cherry wood
I'll be honest with you
In fact, I already know that you are not in the right state
I didn't take you off the court, though
Because I wanted to see you bedly
He's getting better and better on the court
I failed as a coach
I came this close to making a mistake
that I will regret for the rest of my life
One minute left
Let's cheer for them, Sakuragi
Dad, what was your greatest moment
Was it with the national team
While mine
The most glorious hour is now
The red team fouled a push
What the hall are you doing
It's a real eyesore to just stand there
If you want to fuck, fuck you idiot
He's gonna go
Come on, red boy
Waiting for you
Cherry wood
All right, Sakuragi
Yeah, why are they all so bitter
I was missing back there
You guys must be freaking out about this little injury to Ben
Even a weak team like the mountain King
We're adout to win the cnampionship. The gorillas
Just a little bump in the road
You need a layman to tall us that
Come over
They will continue to press hard
All come and guard me
Rukawa, I'm dead and you're gonna take the ball
Fight on your own if you can
All right. - Boss
Well, look at Rukawa
We can do it
123 must win
Ah defense
No, Sakura can't hold it
Come on, Miki
can't imagine
Upstream river
Hold him
fake move
A three-point shot
Foul White team 6 push
One extra penalty
That was a great by Mitsui
It's battle of wills to get this far
It's all about the belief of the players
How much do you believe you can do
One point short
Just one point
47, 46, 45, 44, - captain
They must not be allowed to score
Come on
Cherry oil
Mitsui oiling
Come on
No good
Return to me
stop him. stop him
It's over
Face the king of the mountain
How do you feel?
They are strong
Mom, Wait for me.
Make people scared
What now?
Welcome back
I'm back.
Are you growing
Ah, how is that possible?
How did it grow in four days
It's Azon's
Ah Liang, you're back
Ha, ha, ha. What the hell are you doing
All right. - It's good to have you back
Ha ha. - You crazy girl
Come here. Don't run.
Let's go.
Maybe one day
Your past failures will become your valuable assets
Please give me some more necessary experience
Have you felt any changes since coming to the Unied States
There are so many strong man
I feel like I'm surrounded by Kawada seniors
Haha direction of future efforts
I'm a little guy
Can play point guard
But it takes pratice
And always used to go forward with the ball alone
You've come a long way for your hard work