The Fisherman (2015) Movie Script

I caught you!
I scared you! Didn't I Wong?
Damn you, Lee!
You almost ruin my dinner.
You asshole!
What kind of monster
are you going to fish tonight, Wong?
It was a giant squid, you imbecile!
It was at least five metres long.
If you don't believe me, go to hell!
Yeah, yeah Wong,
you caught it and fought for hours...
...and then it vanished
into the depths, forever.
Bloody idiots!
Up your ass!
Whatever. See you tonight
at the harbour Wong.
You own me three months of rent
for that boat.
You pay me now...
...or I send you back to the streets.
Mr. Kam...
This is the night.
I'll get a good catch and
pay you back.
I promise.
That's what you told me last week...
...and the week before...
...and you still haven't caught anything.
I'd get more money renting the boat out... take tourists around the harbour.
Mr. Kam, squish fishing is my life... it was for my father and
my grandfather before.
It's an honourable job.
...the world is changing
and it's leaving you behind.
You stubborn mule!
That's it!
I don't give a damn!
Don't you dare!
No... no...
Come back!
Mr. Kam...
I am sorry but I will pay.
I promise.
Come back right now!
There are too many boats.
Bloody idiots,
you are scaring the fish!
Come on old Wong,
in this world,
nothing comes for free.
Just as my father said...
...if you don't go for it,
you will never make it.
No, not now.
Don't play with me now.
Come on son of a...
Not now!
No matter how big you are...
No one messes with Wong!
Here we go.
Come on, just a bit more!
What the hell?
No one messes with Wong!
Look at that...
Let me take a picture...
Look at that, it's huge!
It's incredible!
Come on, everybody,
come and take a look!
Damn it!
I can't believe it.
It's over.
Fuck it!
Come, come here
you son of a bitch!
No one messes with Wong!
Subtitle Editing ssniper
(from hardsub)