The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (2012) Movie Script

["Carol of the Bells" playing]
[Phone rings]
- [Beep]
- Hello?
Jesus, Dad. What are you doing
calling the house line?
Mom could have picked up.
No, I do not have any news yet.
- ROSIE: Gerald, is that for me?
- No, Mom.
Mom, don't worry about it,
it's for me.
Look, I'm having everybody
come over the house tonight
to celebrate Mom's birthday,
all right?
And then we're gonna discuss it then.
Oh, you got her a birthday gift.
Well, that's a first.
What was it?
Oh, that. No, no, no,
actually she did tell me about that.
Your wedding video.
Yeah, and what, you thought that was
somehow gonna help your cause?
Look, why don't you come by
the restaurant tomorrow and...
I'll let you know what
everyone decides tonight.
But, Dad... Yeah. No, I know.
But please,
don't get your hopes up, okay?
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[Phone beeps]
And how many times do I have to
tell you, I don't want a party.
Would you please stop fighting this,
you crazy old woman.
All right?
It's already done, it's organized.
Everyone is going to be here
except Cyril.
But he'll be home for Christmas,
- right?
- Yes.
I already told you
he's coming in tomorrow.
And he's better?
I don't know.
He says he is.
So we shall see.
And you're picking him up
at Port Authority, right?
Because he will need
someone there for him.
Yes, Mom.
For the 10th time.
- I will pick him up.
- All right, all right.
Don't get yourself all worked up.
I'm just double checking.
He is my baby after all.
Look, Mom, I don't want you
to worry about this. All right?
I already spoke to all of them
and they're all very excited
to get out here.
Don't try to bullshit me, Gerry.
They're my kids.
Yeah, well, look, whether they like it
or not, they're coming out.
I told you I don't want you
to make a big deal out of this.
Would you just stop
complaining about this?
All right? Look.
Dottie's gonna cook
you a nice dinner.
Connie's gonna bake you a cake.
And Quinn said he's gonna come out
this afternoon to take you shopping.
So why can't you just enjoy yourself?
Okay. Okay, what's really
going on here?
Nothing is going on.
It's your 70th birthday.
I just thought you might like
to have all your kids around
to celebrate with you.
Enjoy your French toast.
What are you not telling me?
Look, there's something I just want
to discuss with the whole family and...
I thought it would be good
if we're all together
so we could all weigh in on it.
And it has to be done
before Christmas.
[engine starts]
[Phone rings]
QUINN: Did you make
the reservations for tonight?
Did we get the same room
at the lodge?
Quinn, she's too young for you.
What do you care how old she is?
Well, because it kinda makes you
like a creepy old man.
You know, I'm not old enough
to be creepy yet.
Oh, yeah, you are.
- Did you get the same room?
- Yes.
- [Phone rings]
- Where's the ring?
It's at my desk.
QF Design.
Yeah. Hold on.
It's your brother.
Um, gonna have to say I'm not here.
Yeah, but I'm not gonna lie for you.
Take the call.
[clears throat]
GERRY: Hey, Fitzy, where are you?
You just called me at the office,
and I'm trying to get out of here.
Oh, okay, good. Then you should
be out here soon, right?
Change of plan, my man.
I'm taking Abbie up to the Adirondacks
for the weekend.
Got some serious plans in place.
You don't think you can
just stop by for an hour?
All right, then we can show all this off
to your latest flame.
Hey, Gerry.
This is more than a flame.
Well, even more of a reason
to stop by then, right?
All right. I'll see what I can do,
but no promises.
Look, you don't have to
promise me shit, all right.
It's not my birthday.
Just the woman that brought you
into this world.
See what you can do.
[Phone slams onto receiver]
[sighing, moaning]
[Horn honking]
MAN: Oh, no.
Don't stop, don't stop.
[woman whispers, indistinct]
[Horn honking]
MAN: No, it's not for you. It's not for you.
It's the neighbor.
WOMAN: I gotta see.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Oh, shit, it's my brother.
- Stay. I'll be right back.
- Okay.
What is this, Gerry?
What the hell are you doing here?
What do you mean
what am I doing here?
I got the supplies
for Mom's party tonight.
Oh, shit.
Gerry, I can't host
the party tonight.
What do you mean you can't
host the party? Why not?
I'm having all this trouble
with the boys.
They're in trouble up at school,
and they're not even coming home
for Christmas.
So, I...
I gotta deal with them.
All right. So what does that have
to do with Mom's party?
Okay, um, there's something else.
I... I was waiting
to tell the family, but...
Skippy and I split up.
Like, three weeks ago.
I know, because Skippy
was in the bar a couple of nights ago
telling me all about it,
crying on my shoulder.
He also told me that you've been
having an affair for six months.
Yes, I...
I've been seeing someone
and, um...
You know, Skippy and I
tried to work it out, but it's just...
It's not gonna happen.
Who are you having
an affair with?
Do you remember, um,
Jimmy Esposito's little brother Johnny?
Johnny Esposito, the gardener's kid?
How old is he?
Uh, I don't know. 20s...
maybe 30s.
How did you end up hooking up
with Johnny Esposito?
- He cuts my grass.
- He cuts your grass.
That's fantastic.
MAN: Hey, Sharon.
How about I just pop out
and drop you at your mom's
on my way to East Hampton?
No, you don't have to do that.
MAN: Not a big deal.
I'm just gonna take the train
or I'll call my brother or something.
Not the brother that I met?
No, that's Gerry. He's an asshole.
I'll call Quinn.
I wouldn't mind just, like, taking you.
I could see the house.
I could meet your mom,
say "Happy birthday."
[chuckles] No, that's definitely
not happening.
I haven't brought a boy home
since my junior prom date.
- I learned my lesson then.
- Wow, luckily I'm not a boy, honey.
Promise you I'll do better
than your junior prom date.
All right.
So...why don't we do that?
Do what?
I'll drop you off.
Meet some of the brood.
No, you're not seriously asking
to come meet my family today.
Are you?
Is that such a bad thing?
No, I just... I didn't think
we were, you know...
at the meet-the-family place yet.
I mean, I'm having fun
and you're having fun right now...
Yeah, I'm having fun.
I didn't mean to make it so complicated.
- Good.
- It's fun, it's good.
- Okay, good.
- Yeah, that's fine.
- Great.
- Call your bro.
Hey, Erin, the house
looks real festive.
Perfect place for a party tonight.
We can't have everybody over here.
I have to put the baby down at 7:30.
Mom said that she wanted to celebrate
at one of her girls' houses.
Now I've explained to you
why we can't do it at Dot's.
Connie's place is too small,
Sharon's apartment in the city
is obviously not an option.
So that leaves you.
Well, we can't do it here.
[whispers] And could you keep
your voice down? The baby's sleeping.
[whispers] I don't understand
why no one seems to think
that their mother's birthday
is a big deal.
Because she deals with you one way
and the rest of us another way.
You're the golden boy,
you can do no wrong.
She treats the rest of us like shit.
- I hope you know that that is total bullshit.
- Is it?
Do you know
she actually suggested
that I let her sneak the baby out
one day and get him baptized.
Yeah, she told me
and I think it's genius.
We're not baptizing the baby.
Why not?
Because Corey's Jewish.
I thought Corey's an atheist.
- He's still Jewish.
- Look,
just let Mom take the kid
up to church and have her do it.
You don't need to participate,
Corey doesn't need to know about it,
and that way the kid
is not stuck in Limbo
in case you two heathens
are wrong.
You're all crazy.
We're crazy? You're telling me
you're an atheist.
How do you explain
the Christmas tree?
We have a kid now. Where else
am I gonna put the presents?
Why don't you
just blow this thing off?
You know what?
That is not a bad idea.
it's your mom's birthday.
You gotta stop in for a drink
at least.
Oh, no. There is no just stopping in
for one drink with my family.
QUINN: Yeah, that's true.
And let's all be made aware
if we go there at all,
we're gonna be there all night.
So let's not go.
The less I have to deal with Gerry,
the better.
What is this beef with Gerry?
I'm just... I'm tired of him pretending
he's the patriarch of our family.
First of all,
he's not my freakin' father.
And second of all,
he's hardly qualified for the job.
He's a grown man
and he still lives at home.
You know with fairness to him,
he's got his reasons for that.
Whatever. The point is,
if I don't have to go to
Mom's house tonight,
I am more than okay with that.
I have an idea.
Why don't Sharon and, um...
I'm sorry,
what was your name again?
Francis Xavier,
but my friends call me FX.
- Oh, okay. I like that. It's a good name.
- Thank you.
So why don't Sharon and FX
come upstate with us,
get a room at the same hotel.
We'll get dinner,
hang out for the weekend,
and we'll drive back
Christmas morning.
Honey, you know,
it's really not a great idea.
It's not considerate.
Sharon doesn't ski.
It's a ski resort.
Neither do I.
You don't ski?
You know I got an idea.
I'm headed out to East Hampton
this weekend.
You guys want to come with me,
you're more than welcome.
I've never been to the Hamptons.
That sounds awesome.
Does it sound awesome?
Yeah. Big time.
Oh, well, you gotta come then.
You're gonna love it.
What do you think, babe?
I got plenty of room.
Ah, as long as we're all agreed
that we don't have to go to Mom's,
I mean, I'm up for whatever.
- Babe, that sounds like so much fun.
I don't wanna go skiing.
[Quinn sighs]
But I want to be with you.
Okay, fine.
But you're calling Mom.
[Phone rings]
Hey, Mom. Happy birthday.
Hey, Sharon!
Oh, am I gonna see you tonight?
Yeah, you know,
that's what I was calling about.
You know, there must have been
some sort of misunderstanding
with Gerry or something.
I didn't know he wanted us
to come out tonight for a party
and then also again
at Christmas.
That's what I thought.
But you know Gerry wants to
make a big deal out of it.
Yeah, but it's not a big deal
to you, though, right?
Well, I mean,
it is my 70th but...
Well, you know how I feel
about birthdays, right?
Yeah, yeah. See that's what I thought,
that's what I told Quinn.
I mean, he had these plans
and then he invited me, so...
- So Quinn's not coming either?
- No. But...
we'll both be out at Christmas.
Like we always do, you know.
And we'll celebrate
your birthday then.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
We'll--We'll do it then.
Okay, great.
I'm so glad you're cool with it.
- Look, I gotta go, Mom. I love you.
- I love you, Mom.
QUINN: Happy birthday.
I love you both.
Love you, too.
Okay, bye.
- We're good?
- We are so good.
Let's go.
Hey, Mom. You home?
Oh, I'm upstairs, Gerry.
Little change in plans.
We're gonna do the party here
tonight instead.
Okay? I already called
the restaurant,
and they're gonna bring over
a bunch of food.
The food is terrible.
And the takeout is even worse.
Oh, really? Is it? Then why do you
insist on eating there every night?
Because it's free.
And otherwise,
I'd have to eat alone.
But what is Dottie's problem?
I mean, why...
Why isn't she cooking?
Dottie has more drama
going on like always.
- But she's coming over?
- No. No.
And neither is Erin. I guess she has
her hands full with the baby.
Well, uh, Sharon and Quinn
have blown us off as well.
they made other plans.
Are you kidding me?
I spoke to Quinn earlier today
and he said he was coming.
Ah, you know what? I'm gonna call
that son of a bitch right now
and make sure they
get their asses out here.
No, no, no, don't do that.
No, it's--it's...
Hon, I'm fine.
Listen, when you have a birthday
two days before Christmas,
you get used to
eating your cake alone.
Mom, you're not eating
your cake alone.
I will, uh...
I'll be right back, all right?
Hey! Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm Gerry Fitzgerald.
I'm an old friend
of Mrs. McGowan's.
Just wanted to stop by,
wish her a happy holiday.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Um, I'm Nora, I'm one of her nurses.
Come on in.
NORA: Nancy?
Oh, Gerry.
It's so good to see you.
GERRY: Oh, yeah.
Oh, you want a drink?
Nora, get this boy a drink.
Oh, yeah.
What do you want?
No, actually I'm all right.
Thank you.
So how are you? know.
The holidays are hard.
Well, look,
that's why I'm here today.
I'm gonna invite you over the house
tonight for Rosie's birthday.
I know she would
love to see you.
Oh, no. I don't think so.
I don't have the strength these days
to leave the house.
But I'll call her,
I'll wish her a happy birthday.
Yeah, she would love
to hear from you.
And I'm gonna make sure
that she gets over here on Christmas Day
to at least stop by and say hello.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I got a phone call from your father.
- Mm-hmm.
- This guy is unbelievable.
- What did you say?
- I told him
there's not a shot in hell
that she is gonna let him
into that house again.
Especially, at Christmas?
I know. I told him the same thing
but he is insisting,
so tonight
we'll see what she decides.
What do you think
that she should do?
What do you think
in your heart?
- It's Christmas.
- Yeah.
If ever there was a time
for some forgiveness...
And mercy.
You're not gonna believe this.
I got this card from my sister,
and it just made me think
of this whole situation.
Just listen to this.
"Lost friend, lost child,
lost parent, sister, brother,
"husband, wife,
"in the season of immortal hope
"and on the birthday
of immortal mercy
we will shut out nothing."
Mr. Charles Dickens.
Great sentiment.
But I think you know how my mother
feels about the English, right?
[Both chuckle]
Now go.
Let me know
how it all turns out.
- Will do. Great to see you.
- [kisses]
All right.
Try to have a good holiday.
I'm trying.
Well, look, how is she doing?
She's good, she's good.
I think the holidays get her
a little down sometimes.
You know, I used to come by
and visit all the time but...
I guess I gotta
make more of an effort.
- Yeah, that would mean a lot to her.
- Yeah.
You should definitely visit.
All right, and, um...
What's your deal?
You're here with her all the time or...?
Yeah, yeah. Definitely.
So, so if you come visit,
I'll see you.
All right, great.
- I will definitely do that then.
- All right. Okay.
Uh, Mrs. G, happy holidays.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
I might come by again,
maybe, uh, tomorrow.
Just check in on you.
All right,
see you tomorrow.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Good to meet you.
- You, too.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
Hey, baby.
How did it go?
It didn't.
What happened?
I thought it was a done deal.
So did I.
What did they say?
They didn't say shit.
They just don't have any spots
open, that's it.
I don't understand,
I thought your brothers...
Oh, what does it matter
what happened?
The point is that they have no work,
end of story.
Let's go inside, have a beer
and get ready to go to my mom's, huh?
Yeah, I'm not going
to your mom's tonight.
What are you talking about?
It's her birthday, you have to go.
It's bad enough I got to
spend the day
with your asshole brothers
on Christmas.
JJ, why are you being like this?
[exhales deeply]
FX: This is it. This is us.
- FX: Right here's good.
- ABBIE: Oh, my God.
- ABBIE: This house is insane.
- FX: Oh, thank you.
- ABBIE: This is bigger than my college.
- FX: Oh, thanks. Yeah, it's not bad.
SHARON: No, it's not bad at all.
Oh, no, no. I got it.
FX: Yeah, okay. Is this yours?
ABBIE: I can't believe
how big this house is.
- Ah. Well, let me give you the grand tour.
- Oh, thank you.
You ain't seen nothin' yet.
So, what's this guy do for a living?
SHARON: I don't know. Nothing.
It's just, uh, family money.
- Family money?
- Yeah.
I'm not familiar with that concept.
ABBIE: So do you have a pool?
Uh, we got a pool and a pond.
Pond's good for you.
- You didn't think I'd know that, did you?
- That's good.
Now come this way, come here.
So, what do you think?
My girl. The girl.
Oh, I think she's great.
Well, I'm glad you approve, 'cause
I'm gonna propose this weekend.
Pr-Propose what?
Propose marriage.
[Gasps] What?
You just met her, didn't you?
Yeah, but I'm gonna propose
tomorrow night, Christmas Eve.
What is she,
like, 12 years old?
You should talk, you and
Money Bags Methuselah over here.
Yeah, true, but I'm not looking
to get married, far from it.
You know, when baby's all growsed up,
you're gonna realize.
When you know, you know.
FX: Hey, guys. Come on up.
- [Phone rings]
- [Sharon sighs]
- Hello?
- CONNIE: Hey, Mom.
So I have some bad news.
I'm not gonna be able
to come over tonight.
What's wrong?
Are you crying?
No, no. No, I just, uh...
I bought you a cake and I'm not
gonna be able to bring it over,
so I feel bad.
I don't care about the cake.
Why are you crying?
It's nothing. It's just, uh...
Uh, JJ didn't get that job so...
Look, look, baby.
Why don't you come over and--
and stay with me tonight.
No, I should stay here.
I'll, uh, I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?
Have a happy birthday.
- [Phone beeps]
- [sniffles]
Well, looks like
it's just you and me, kid.
So I heard.
Look, Mom, the reason that I wanted
everybody out here tonight--
and for the record,
I am furious with all of them--
was, there is something the family
needs to make a joint decision about.
Then we'll discuss it at Christmas.
Nah, it can't wait till then.
It's about Dad.
What about Dad?
Well, he wants to spend Christmas
with us here at the house.
Gerry, as I told him
when he walked out on me,
on us, 20 years ago,
the man will never set foot
in this house again.
I know, I know.
But in his defense, all right,
he has had a pretty tough year.
Yeah, and I've had a tough life.
Mom, his company went belly-up.
I mean, he lost almost everything.
Good, good. I'm glad.
He deserves it.
Yeah. Well, then you'll love to hear
that his divorce with Carol
got real nasty and...
Now that is a birthday gift.
I'm gonna celebrate with a beer.
So, you're not even gonna
consider it,
- are you?
- Nah.
What about the Christmas spirit?
Why don't you just give it
a little bit of time,
think about it
and then make a decision.
- Okay.
- All right.
- I'll think about it.
- Good.
I've thought about it.
And the answer is still no.
Now that that's settled,
I think you should go down
to the restaurant and check on things.
The restaurant can wait.
Come on, it's your birthday.
I appreciate everything
you're doing, Gerry.
But I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you.
I got it.
Happy birthday, gorgeous.
- GERRY: Hey, Brian.
- Hey. What's up, Gerr?
KK, how we doing tonight?
Eh, pretty quiet,
given it's the holidays.
But that's to be expected.
All right. Well, look, maybe we'll, uh,
close up early tonight, all right?
Sounds good.
I'll be in the office if you need me.
Oh, yeah, and, KK,
if my mom calls make sure
you put the call through, all right?
No problem, Gerr.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- I know you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- How are you?
- I'm good. Thank you for asking.
Good. Gerry.
We have met.
Right. Nora.
I'm Mrs. McGowan's nurse.
- Of course.
- She, uh...
said I should just stop by
while I'm waiting for my train.
- Speaks highly of the joint.
- Oh.
Well, what time is your train?
- Oh, in 10 minutes from now. So, yeah...
- Oh, shit.
I know, I've been here for a while.
Well, you know they run every hour.
They do.
So if you wanted
to catch the next one
maybe you could stay
and you could have a drink?
Thought you'd never ask.
It was complete insanity.
Because you gotta remember
we had nine people living
in a three-bedroom house.
Good Lord.
Bloody Irish.
[chuckles] So actually it was
a good thing that our father left.
We really needed the extra space.
Whoa, back up. You shared a room
with three of your sisters?
Yeah. Four sisters in a room
about the size of this coffee table
right here.
And our oldest sister Dottie,
she used to bring her boyfriends
back from college
[whispers] and have sex
with them in the room,
while we were all there sleeping.
- Did she really?
- Yeah.
- I never heard that.
- Yeah, she did.
And I've got the emotional scars
to prove it.
You know I'd like to meet
this sister of yours.
No, I don't think you would.
She's over 30.
[Both chuckle]
Stop it.
Anyway, meanwhile,
this whole time
the boys have the big room
all to themselves.
You sound particularly resentful
when you say that.
We deserved it.
What did you do to deserve it?
- They were boys, lass.
- That's right.
It's exactly correct.
Thank you, Francis Xavier.
Man who understands.
And for a while it was just
me and Gerry in the room.
Then Gerry moved to the basement
when the baby came along.
The baby became Cyril,
who became my indentured
servant till I went to college.
Yeah, and maybe that's
why C turned out the way he did.
I have to admit.
I was not very kind to the little guy.
- You were terrible to him.
- He was my little brother.
It was my duty to abuse him
at all times.
Yeah, I beat the crap out
of my little brother
- every day of his life.
- QUINN: Of course you did.
So just all older brothers are assholes.
- No, little brothers are punks.
- QUINN: You know I'd take offense at that.
I was never an asshole to you.
Oh, my God. I'm not even
talking about you, Quinn.
Well, it's clear
who you are talking about.
So would you give me
a little more detail
as to what Gerry did
to piss you off so much?
I don't even wanna talk about it.
- He told her he didn't approve...
- It's not even worth going into.
- Of her dating a...
- It's not.
...dashingly handsome,
- materialistically wealthy...
- No, that's not what he said.
- Slightly older gentleman.
- He said something more to the effect of,
"Why are you dating
that old fucking creep anyhow?"
Oh, that would piss me off.
Wait a second.
He called me a fucking creep?
Yeah, I didn't want to go into it.
That doesn't sound like Gerry.
I've always dated much younger women.
He never said anything like that to me.
Yeah, that's called
a double standard.
Too much information.
Don't want to know about
all the women you've dated.
- [Stammers]
- Just don't...
- FX: You've only dated younger women?
- Yeah.
How old are you, Abbie?
- 22.
- Really?
Wow. Sweet.
You are a fucking creep.
Stay over there, my friend.
ERIN: Okay. Here's Mr. Whale.
[Door closes quietly]
[Erin sighs]
[Corey exhales] Took forever.
- Is he down?
- Finally.
How come you don't want
to go to your mother's tonight?
We could have called a babysitter.
'Cause she drives me crazy.
In fact they all drive me crazy.
Besides we're gonna see them
on Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas,
I was wondering...
[baby crying]
Oh! Oh, God!
Can... I can't deal with it.
Can you...
- I got it, I got it.
- try?
[Baby continues crying]
[door opens and closes]
[Heavy footsteps]
[water running]
- JJ?
- Hey-.
JJ: Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Where did you come from?
- Boston.
- Boston?
Boston. So that means you're a...
- Red Sox fan.
- Mm-hmm.
Red Sox, Pats, Celts, yes.
Now, why did you go and do that
and ruin what I thought was
a pretty good thing we got going on here?
What makes you think
this was a good thing?
I'm a little out of practice,
but, yeah, it seems like
it's going pretty well.
You're smiling,
I'm laughing.
Something tells me
you don't laugh very much.
Probably not as much
as I used to, I guess.
I take it Mrs. McGowan
told you about me and her daughter.
I'm sorry about that.
Well, that was a pretty shitty day
for a lot of people, right?
I lost my dad on that day, too.
I'm... I'm sorry to hear that.
And she said that you guys were supposed
to get married that October.
[sighs] Look, I don't love talking
about this. If you can...
I get it.
Yeah, yeah.
So, anyhow, what, uh,
what brings you here?
Uh, nursing school and then I just
fell in love with the city.
No, not New York.
What brought you here tonight,
more specifically
to this fine establishment?
I was waiting for my train.
Well, I got bad news.
You, uh, you missed it.
No, I missed my train?
- It's gone.
- Oh, no.
There's got to be another train.
Not tonight.
Where do you live?
It's a long cab ride.
Thank you so much for the lift
and walking me to the door.
- You're such a gentleman.
- Yeah, of course. Anytime.
Do you really mean that?
'Cause I work five nights a week
and I hate that train ride.
Yes, I do mean it.
Hmm, that's good.
Look, I had a great time tonight.
I did, too.
You know I could, um...
stick around tonight if you want.
I don't think so.
Did I just totally blow this?
No. No, no, no, no.
I just, you know.
You sure? Yeah.
Just not tonight, I think,
you know.
All right, yeah. Um...
Still I'd, you know...
I meant that I would love
to see you again.
I would love that, too.
- All right, good, good.
- Yeah.
- All right, then.
- Thanks for the drink.
Thanks for the ride and...
- [chuckles] Okay.
- All right.
Okay. Bye.
[car engine starts]
[sea birds calling]
- Hey!
- Hey!
What are you doing up so early?
I'm always up this early.
- Really?
- What's your excuse?
Yeah, I mean, me, too.
I'm lucky if I get five hours.
You know, that's funny.
I mean,
we're brother and sister
and we don't even
know each other that well.
We know each other fine.
Oh, yeah? Where did I
go to high school?
Sacred Heart.
No, that was Connie and Erin,
the smart ones.
I went to Hewlett.
Where did I go to college?
I know you went upstate.
You played soccer.
Jesus, that was Cyril.
I went to Purchase.
I was a theater major.
I know all of this.
I'm fucking around with you.
You are so full of shit.
I bet you don't even know
how old I am.
You're 20...
I know you're not 30.
Okay. How old am I?
You just turned 38.
You went to Xavier High School.
You went to Fordham for college.
And of the six books
you have read,
The Old Man and the Sea
is your favorite.
Okay. So you know some things
about me. Congratulations.
I don't know you from Adam.
But you're my baby sister
and I love you to death.
And by the way,
don't pay attention to that bullshit
Gerry gave you about FX.
You don't think
he's too old for me?
Who's to say who's too old?
Is he good to you?
Then he's good with me.
[sighs] I don't know.
Gerry just...
He made me feel like such a clich.
You know, like,
girl grows up without a dad
so she dates old guys
just to replace him.
Sharon, give yourself a break.
You're not the only one in this family
with daddy issues.
[PA announcements, indistinct]
Yo! C!
Hey, Gerry,
what are you doing here?
How you doin'?
Good to see you.
Figured you could use a friendly face
when you got off the bus.
Thanks. Did you drive in?
I did. I did, you know.
And since we're in the city,
there's a little something
I wanna show you.
Okay? All right?
GERRY: You're looking good, man.
CYRIL: Yeah, threw in
a couple of pounds.
GERRY: I think it's good for you.
It's good for you.
CYRIL: Thanks.
GERRY: So, you recognize
this building?
No. Should I?
Yeah. You know the picture
in the living room of Dad with Grandma
on his First Holy Communion
sitting on a stoop?
- Right there.
- Oh? This is where they used to live.
Yeah. Third floor.
Well, if the stoop could talk
it'd probably tell us
what an asshole Dad was
as a kid.
How do you know
which building it was?
You know, he used to take me
into the city all the time
when I was little.
He wanted to show me
where he grew up,
how he grew up.
Said, "it's important that you know
where the Fitzgeralds are from."
Never did that shit with me.
Well, why do you think
I'm doing it now?
You know, he didn't call me once
when I was up there.
I don't know why
that surprises you.
I mean, I keep trying to tell you guys
he is who he is.
All right? And he's certainly
not gonna change
now that he's in his 70s.
Once a selfish cocksucker,
always a selfish cocksucker, huh?
Yes. Yeah.
You should know, though,
he wants to come out to the house
tomorrow for Christmas,
have dinner with us.
What do you think?
If he's gonna be there,
I'm not gonna be there.
[doorbell rings]
Mom, what are you doing here?
Dottie just called
and she's just busy this morning.
This is so typical of her.
Busy with what?
She didn't say.
She just asked me to cover for her.
She is so irresponsible.
Oh, everyone has their own issues.
what's up with you these days?
Doesn't the holidays
put everyone in a shitty mood?
No, it shouldn't.
it should do just the opposite.
Well, it never has for me.
Is it just the holidays
or is there something specific
- got you down in the mouth?
- Mom,
- I'm really not in the mood
- I mean, no...
- to have this talk.
- I look at this beautiful home,
that loving husband,
that gorgeous child,
and I can't imagine what you've got
to be so down in the mouth about.
Yeah? Well, as usual
you don't know half the story.
Well, why don't you
try explaining?
Mom, we don't have
that relationship.
We never did
and we never will.
You don't even want to try?
Consider it the birthday gift
you didn't get me.
Guilt trips, they work
with the others but not me.
- Ah.
- Hey, Rosie.
- You pinch-hitting?
- Hi, Corey, yeah.
- Happy belated birthday.
- Thank you.
Where are you two off to today?
Well, we're gonna
have some lunch,
see the tree, do the whole
Christmas Eve thing.
Aha. Oh, so even though
we don't believe in God
we're still celebrating
Doesn't mean you ever stop
believing in Santa Claus.
[Rosie chuckles]
You know, Rosie,
today would be the perfect day
for you to do that thing
you asked me about.
- Oh, my...
- Rosie.
If you do it,
don't tell anyone.
Especially this one.
It's between you,
Aaron and God.
- Okay?
- To the grave.
- To the grave.
- ERIN: So, Mom...
Aaron's down now
and he'll go back down again
- in two to three hours.
- Right. Okay.
Now, you two just take your time,
have a great day.
Aaron's in good hands with me.
Oh, I know he is.
You did such a great job
with this one.
I had nothing to do
with raising her.
She raised herself.
Father Mike,
it's Rosemary Fitzgerald.
Hey, Mom! Look who's home.
Hey, Mom!
That's weird.
She must have stepped out.
Well, look, the idea was for you
to stay in your old room.
So, you cool with that?
Yeah, of course.
And you're allowed to just
be left here on your own
without any supervision?
I suppose.
Well, what do you think?
- I think I'm good.
- Yeah?
- I don't need to lock up the booze or...
- No.
I'll be okay.
All right, brother.
Look, I got to get up
to the restaurant,
but it was awesome
to see you.
- All right? You're looking good.
- Yeah.
Hey, Gerry...
Can I borrow a couple of bucks?
Look, there's plenty of food
in the fridge and...
No. I want to do some
Christmas shopping.
Yeah, of course. Sorry.
That should cover it.
Hey. And don't worry
about anybody else.
Just get Mom something good.
All right?
She's gonna be excited
to see you, brother.
Welcome home.
[Door closes]
I think I'm good.
- [whispers] Hey.
- [whispers] Hey. What's going on?
She's asleep.
- Shit. Sorry about that.
- No. It's cool. It's cool.
Come over here.
- How's it going?
- Good. Good.
What are you doing?
Look, I just wanted to come by
and apologize for last night.
I mean I don't know
if that was...
No, you don't have to apologize.
I had a great time.
It was really fun.
Oh, cool. And I brought a little gift
for Mrs. McGowan.
- Oh, you did?
- Yeah.
What a nice boy.
Yeah, well, I figured it'd give me
a good excuse to come by,
see you again today.
Right, oh...
I'll be sure she gets this.
So, um, what do you got
doing for Christmas?
Well, I volunteered
to stay with Nancy through New Year's
so that the other nurse
could go be with her family, so...
Well, what about your family,
You're not going up to Boston or...
I don't really have anybody left.
Um, yeah, after my dad,
it's kinda just me. So...
Well, in that case why don't you
and Mrs. McGowan
come over
to my mom's house tonight?
It's just gonna be a little dinner.
But at least you're not going
to be sitting here alone.
That would be great.
But she can't leave the house.
The doctor just wants her
to kinda stay put. So...
But we're great.
We're gonna order in pizza,
eat our faces off
till she falls asleep at 8:30.
Then I'm gonna have
a glass of wine, maybe two.
I gotta tell you
that just sounds, uh,
a little bit depressing.
- I mean, for Christmas Eve.
- It's not depressing.
If you think it's so depressing,
why don't you come over?
Come over for the wine part.
You know what,
I would love to.
But I actually...
It's Christmas Eve.
And we've got
this thing going on
with my father
and my whole family that...
that's gonna need
to be addressed tonight.
Yeah. So you're gonna
need a drink.
Yes. I probably will.
So, you know what,
maybe when I'm done with them,
- I could come by here.
- Yeah. Okay.
All right. I'll, uh...
I'll throw a pebble at your window
if you're still up.
All right.
Just don't wake up Nancy, please.
GERRY: [sighs]
What do you say, Dad?
Hey. I was hoping to get
a decent burger.
But no such luck.
Yeah. Well, that didn't stop you
from eating it.
That's probably
why this place is empty.
You know my dad would be heartbroken,
he saw the place like this.
Yeah, well, look,
you're more than welcome
to jump behind the grill
any time you want.
[Dad sighs]
Why don't you get some young people
in here, you know?
Bring the kids in.
Hey, maybe your brother, Cyril...
Good idea. Dad,
Cyril just got out of rehab today.
All right? The last thing he needs
in his life is this bar.
That's another regret in my life.
- I don't even know that kid.
- Yeah.
Try picking up the phone.
He won't talk to me.
You know what he told me?
That I'm dead in his life.
Can you blame him?
You were a lousy father.
I slapped the kids around
a little bit. But...
that's the way it went
in those days.
I'm not talking about that.
You walked out on us.
- I got back when I could.
- Yeah. Which was never.
Look, I don't even
wanna have this conversation.
So, what else you got, Dad?
Ah, I went to see Father Mike.
I had a confession.
You must have been in there
a while.
We had a good talk.
Well, I didn't with Mom.
I spoke to her and she does not
want this to happen at all.
I don't understand that woman.
All I wanna be is with my family
at Christmas.
Is that so unreasonable?
You're just lonely.
All right? This is your first
Christmas on your own.
After the holidays pass,
I'm sure you will be fine.
No, Gerald.
It's, uh...
It's gonna be my last Christmas.
Your last Christmas?
What are you gonna do?
Kill yourself because of the money?
Because of Carol.
I mean, come on, Dad.
Oh, it's not that.
Well, then what--what is it?
I'm dyin'.
Pancreatic cancer.
Very advanced.
I got four or five months, tops.
[Whispers] What?
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
What are the doctors saying?
That I'm dying.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Who else knows?
Just Erin.
Driving over to see Dorothy,
tell her, then...
I thought it would be better
to tell each of you face to face.
So... I need your help.
Can you talk to your mother?
Tell her this is
so important to me.
Okay. Yeah.
- I will.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- Thanks, Gerry.
[Pats Gerry's hand]
We got a good family.
The best.
The best.
- Let me get you a drink.
- Yeah.
[exhales deeply]
[doorbell rings]
Skippy, it's...
What are you doing here?
It's Christmas Eve.
I've got some gifts for the boys.
I was hoping
that maybe we could talk.
No. I don't want to talk.
I told you if you wanna talk,
call my cell.
Is he here?
- There's nobody here.
- There's nobody here.
Is he in my fucking bed?
Because I'd like to have
a little chat with him,
- rip his fucking head off.
- Calm down.
There's nobody here. All right?
What is going on?
I can't do this anymore, okay?
Our life wasn't bad,
but I know that there's more out there.
- And I just can't do it.
- What is that?
What's... What's...
What's better?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
I don't know, but when I find it
I'll let you know.
Oh, thank you.
That's very kind of you.
That's extremely generous.
Please, please,
let me know when you find it.
Merry fucking Christmas, Dot.
DOTTIE: Hey. Hey.
Where are you going?
- Hey.
- Come on.
Yeah. You know
with Mr. Ryan comin'...
And I gotta go help my mother
for dinner tonight.
No, no, no, no. Come on.
I want some more action.
I would. I would.
But I gotta go pick up
a bunch of fish for my mom
and help her with the tree
and with the lights.
You know, I'm looking forward
to meeting your mom tonight.
Yeah, Dottie, about that...
Um, you know, it's just gonna be
sort of like a little get-together
with family.
I'll bring a few decent bottles
of wine, okay?
'Cause it's terrible to eat a nice dinner
with cheap-ass wine.
- All right?
- Okay.
- All right. Bye.
- Ciao,mammone.
Good morning.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Oh, hi, babe.
- Hi.
It's 1 P.M.,
so that's actually afternoon.
Oh, good afternoon.
All right. What's the plan?
What are we doing?
Just doing a crossword.
What do you need,
a four-letter word
for sitting around on your ass
on a beautiful day?
Just relax, okay.
Have a little breakfast.
Relax? No, come on.
I wanna go down to the beach.
Mm-mm. It's way too cold
to go to the beach today.
I got some herb
if anybody wants some.
- Really, you got weed?
- Yeah.
Wait. Seriously, we're not going
to the beach at all while we're here?
- No. We are going to the beach.
- Just relax.
You and I,
we're going to the beach.
Enjoy the herb.
I will.
Come on, last chance.
Have a good time.
I'll see you when you get back.
- Where you been?
- I was down at the pub.
That was fun last night.
Yeah. I guess.
Been a while.
Actually, it's been
about three months.
Yeah. Well,
I've got things on my mind.
You know howl remembered?
'Cause it was so special?
Yeah, it was.
You're not gonna believe it.
And I didn't want to tell you
'cause I know you're scared,
but it's gonna be okay.
No. What are you talking about?
I missed a couple of periods.
- You what?
- And I took a pregnancy test.
- And guess what?
- No, no, no, no, Connie, do not say that.
- Oh, JJ, it's a good thing.
- Do not say this.
- It's a good thing.
- No, no, no. This is not a good thing.
This is a goddamn disaster.
How could you let this happen?
How the hell could you
let this happen?
We can't afford this.
It's gonna be fine because you're
gonna find something soon.
And we can ask
my brothers for help.
No, no, no, no. I don't want
any favors from your brothers.
- Shit. This is a nightmare.
- Oh, JJ. JJ.
Once it settles in,
you're gonna see it.
- Why didn't you take the pill like I asked you to?
- This is a blessing.
- JJ, we're gonna have a family.
- A blessing?
Yeah. Oh, come on.
Just get out of my way.
You better get your ass
out of here right now
- before I kick your...
- Piss off, Richie.
Get your ass out of here.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay.
What are you doing with this guy?
He's a total scumbag.
No, no. It's not like that.
He's just having a hard time.
He's out of work and...
Bullshit. I've heard
what goes on over here.
Look. I'll call Gerry, okay?
He'll know what to do.
Please, just... It's fine.
It's fine.
Thank you.
Father, not a word of this
to anyone.
Agreed. Confidential.
And now, I want to ask
something of you.
Anything you want, Father.
James was in to see me
this afternoon.
Was he, really?
I am forbidden to break
the seal of confession
but I want you to know
that he is deeply sorry
for the wrongs he committed
in the past,
particularly to you
and the children.
I'm glad he's made
his peace with you.
But I am not having him
over tomorrow.
Rosie, he only has
a few months left.
A few months?
Where's he going?
He's dying.
Is that what he told you?
People don't lie about dying.
Then you don't know
the same James that I know.
Rosie, this is it.
Now, he's going to be dead soon
and I suggest,
in your own best interest,
that you forgive him
and invite him back into the arms
of his own family.
Is that what he calls us now?
You insisted on having
this child baptized.
Yet you yourself will not follow
Christ's teaching on forgiveness?
Because he's got his whole life
ahead of him.
I figure I'm already a lost cause.
This is not the season
for your jokes
or for hardness of heart.
You say that as if I have
a choice in the matter.
- Thanks again, Father.
- [phone rings]
Hi, this is Rosie.
Leave it at the beep.
Yeah. Hey, Mom, it's me.
Look, the whole idea
of having a cell phone
is that periodically
you pick the thing up.
All right, look. I just saw Dad.
He came by the restaurant.
And we need to talk. Okay?
So, give me a call
when you get this.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Nora, it's, uh,
it's Gerry.
Look, uh...
[laughs nervously]
I kinda need
to talk to someone
who isn't completely
out of their fucking minds.
And that kinda disqualifies
my entire family. So...
ls there any way
I could maybe swing by,
pick your brain for a little bit?
All right. Great. I'll see you,
15, 20 minutes or so?
All right. Perfect.
I'll just pull up outside.
Cool. Thank you.
You know he married the shiksa.
And he's celebrating his first
Christmas with her and her kids.
[Erin laughs]
Back up. Your father
is celebrating Christmas?
He's making an effort.
You see.
These old geezers hook up
with a younger girl,
they think they're getting
a free ride.
But there is no such thing.
I know.
I know, it's pathetic.
- But that's not the point.
- No, it's hysterical.
I would love to see the look
on your father's face
as he has to pretend
to enjoy Christmas.
Oh, she should make him
dress up as Santa.
Well, I can grant you that wish
since he wants us to be there.
Absolutely not.
I'm his only kid.
This is his first Christmas.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
I'm serious. He wants us...
Thank you.
He wants us to drive up
to Connecticut and help him do this.
No shot.
We've always done every Christmas
with your family.
I mean...
Last year.
Erin, that was awful.
I mean...
Well, he was drunk and he apologized
and he's sober now.
Listen, I don't ask for much.
All I'm asking for
is this one Christmas.
Well, it would kill my mother especially
since we just blew off her birthday.
You don't even like
your brothers and sisters.
Well, why not
blow them off this year?
'Cause this year's different.
I'm sorry. End of discussion.
End of discussion?
What--What's so different
about this year?
Just different.
Why won't you talk to me?
Can we please just shop?
- Let's shop.
- Okay.
See? Isn't this great?
QUINN: Yeah, it's great.
Freezing my balls off.
So, hey, you're really
gonna propose to this girl?
Yeah. It's time.
Why? Why is it time?
Why can't you give it a year,
or like, at least another month.
Because I'm not getting
any younger, Sharon.
And I want to have kids
before I'm an old man.
Well, do you love her?
I like her...a great deal.
She has her faults, but...
she's a good kid.
She's smart, she's funny.
But you don't love her.
She comes from
a very good family.
It's a shame she can't say
the same thing about you.
That's another reason
I gotta lock this girl down.
But you can't tell me
that you love her.
You know, at my age,
love is not the first priority.
I'm done looking around.
This is it.
[Quinn exhales]
- [cellphone chiming]
- Oh.
Richie T?
Hey. Rich, what's up?
Whoa! Whoa! Slow down.
Which sister?
Is he still there?
Okay. I'm on my way.
What is it?
What happened?
JJ fucking hit Connie.
- Are you kidding me?
- No, I'm not kidding you.
I gotta go deal with this.
I'll drop you off at the house.
No freaking way.
I'm coming with you.
[Knock on door]
Hi, honey.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
Listen, this is
fucking horrible, okay?
- No, no, no.
- No, it's terrible.
Listen, you're not
going back to your house.
- You can stay with me--
- No, you don't know the whole story--
No, listen. You can stay with Mom
or you can stay with me,
but you're never going
back to that house.
No, it's my house.
Yeah. But you've got to do
this now, honey.
- You know, he had a hard year.
- Oh, fuck that.
Fuck that. I'm sorry.
That's what you said the last time
and the time before
and you keep giving him
another chance,
- and look what happens.
- Oh, I know.
You've gotta do this.
I mean,
you've got to tell him
that you're leaving him.
You're gonna file for divorce
and that's it.
I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Connie.
- Why?
- I don't know why.
It just happened.
And he knows this?
And he still pushed you?
I'm sorry,
for the sake of this kid
you've got to get him
the hell out of your life.
He's an asshole.
- You have to, honey.
- I know.
- Okay.
- [doorbell rings]
- You think it's him?
- I don't know.
Go hide in the TV room.
Oh, my God, it's Dad.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
- Daddy?
- Hey, it's Christmas Eve.
- What are you doing?
- I got presents.
I sot gifts.
- Good to see you.
- Come in. Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing here?
Oh, it's Christmas Eve.
Come on.
It's the best.
- Baby, Connie, how are you?
- Hi, Daddy.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, sweetie.
- All right.
- This is great.
The house looks fabulous.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Is it too early for wine?
Because, you know, I could use a glass.
This is ridiculous.
I mean...
I'm just give 'em a quick call.
See what's going on.
[cellphone vibrating]
Oh, shit.
- Hey.
- FX: Hey.
What's going on?
It's like, almost two hours.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
I should have called earlier. I'm sorry.
But we had an emergency
and so we had to go.
You had to go?
What are you talking about?
What kind of emergency?
We had a family emergency,
but we're taking care of it.
Well, when are you
coming back here?
And what are you talking about?
When are you coming back here?
I don't know.
We have to go by one of my sister's.
We don't have
a fucking car here.
You're leaving me stranded
here without a car?
What are you talking about?
I don't understand.
Are you kidding me with this?
I'm telling you that we have
a family emergency
and this is how you react to that?
Look, I can't even talk to you right now.
- God, what a jerk.
- What, they pissed at us?
I don't really give a crap.
What's up?
ls everything okay?
I don't even know why I called,
quite honestly,
dragging you into my mess.
Don't worry about it.
What's going on?
All right. Well, it's...
It's my dad.
He just told me he's got
a few months to live and...
I don't know,
I'm just kind of numb,
I didn't know who else to call.
[Gerry sighs]
You're probably sitting here
looking at me like,
"Who the fuck is this guy?
I just met you yesterday
"and you're dropping
this shit on me?"
No. I'm not.
- I'm not. I'm not at all. Yeah.
- You sure?
Don't apologize.
Oh, you know,
I mean, he's dying, right?
So, obviously I'm upset, but...
I'm also fucking furious with him
because it's the kind of bullshit
he's always pulled.
You know, he only calls
when he wants something from me,
like everybody else
in my family.
You know, they're all consumed
with their own shit.
I mean, yesterday,
it's my mother's birthday, and...
not one of them can find time
in their busy fucking schedules
to come out and celebrate
her day with her?
And they get that from him
you know, he's the most selfish
son of a bitch alive.
And, you know, now,
now he wants my help because...
he wants to come home
for Christmas.
And I'm like, "You know what,
I've been helping you
since you walked out on us
20 years ago."
I mean,
I raised half of his kids.
I took care of my mother
when she was losing her mind
those first couple of years,
and he's off in Manhattan
having a great time.
I even took over his father's business
when his old man died.
And I didn't wanna do
any of this shit.
I didn't ask for it, but I didn't have
a fucking choice, you know.
And it's like...
Do you think he ever said thank you?
Do you think any of them ever say
thank you for anything? No.
I'm just...
I just... I'm kinda...
I just wish I could be
fucking done with them.
The whole...
I don't know. I don't know.
I'm sorry. I'm just...
No, no, no, no. That's okay.
Is there a question in there
OI' are we...
I don't know.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
- You know?
- What do you wanna do?
I wanna wash my hands
of the whole lot of them.
Just like, "You know what,
why don't you guys just figure it out
on your own for once?"
So do that.
You know,
have your dad figure it out,
have your brothers and sisters
figure it out for themselves.
Let them
do it for themselves.
It might surprise you.
I seriously doubt it. But...
I definitely like the idea
of letting them try, you know.
I think that's the hardest thing
in the world, you know,
for people like us.
But it sounds like it's time.
Connie went over to Dot's.
Hopefully this guy's
still fucking here.
[Brakes screech]
- QUINN: Stay here.
- SHARON: [scoffs] You kidding?
Hey, jerk-off, what is your problem?
- Hey, douchebag!
- You can't keep your hands to yourself?
what is your problem?
Do me a favor
and listen real close.
You're gonna go inside,
you're gonna pack up,
and you're gonna
get the fuck out of this house.
- That's right.
- And out of Queens.
I see you here past tonight,
you're not going to the hospital,
you're going to the fucking morgue.
And he means it.
Don't you think he doesn't.
You understand me?
Answer me!
[whispers] I understand.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here!
Pack your shit and go.
We'll wait till he leaves.
Hey, Rosie, we're home.
Oh, um, I'm in the TV room.
Where's Aaron?
He's still napping.
Oh, Mom,
you can't let him sleep all day.
I'll never get him to bed tonight.
It's all right. I got him.
How was he?
He was great.
ROSIE: Erin.
Could you come in here?
I-I've got something I wanna tell you.
I talked to Gerry.
And I'm assuming that you want me
to have your father over tomorrow, too.
Yeah. Of course I do.
And you really believe this bullshit
that he's dying?
No, Mom, it's for real.
He's been sick for a while.
It wouldn't be the first time
he told an elaborate lie
to get what he wants.
Mom, I've been with him
to the hospital
and I've gone with him
to see the specialist.
The why wouldn't he
tell anyone before this?
And on my birthday, too.
That's a great present.
He didn't want anyone to know.
I haven't even told Corey yet.
Why would the stubborn jackass wait
and keep it a secret?
Mom, you know Dad.
He thought he'd beat it.
Oh, he's been
such a stubborn old fool.
- Mom!
- Well, I don't know what to say.
If anyone deserved it,
it would be him.
But there will be no tears
shed for him from me.
How can you say such a thing?
I know he hurt you
but he's still our father.
The pain he's dealing with now
is insignificant
to the pain he's caused us.
What about me?
What about you, your childhood,
those little ones?
Never having a father
in the house.
That is real pain.
Pain you carry with you
for a lifetime.
So you're gonna cause
more pain for all of us
and not let him come over.
When he walked out on this family
20 years ago,
I told him he would never set foot
in my house again,
and I am sticking to it.
You son of a bitch.
You're not gonna make me cry.
Son of a bitch!
- QUINN: Hey, Dottie, we're here.
- Oh, hey.
We're in the kitchen.
Dad, what are you doing here?
And a very merry to you too.
I'm sorry. I'm just surprised.
How you doing?
DAD: Give me a hug.
There you go.
- Sharon.
- No. I'm good. Thanks.
Why didn't you tell us
Dad's here?
Uh... He just showed up.
[Dottie and Dad laugh nervously]
All right.
Well, despite this pleasant surprise,
we came to see Connie.
Now, before I get to the part
about how you're an idiot,
- are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay, good, because you're
a fucking idiot.
- Thanks.
- What are you doing with this guy?
- Sharon?
- Are you kidding me?
Sharon, Sharon, please.
Listen, she's just upset
and frankly, so am I.
I gotta find out from Richie what's going on in your marriage?
We just came from a little visit
with your soon-to-be ex-husband.
- CONNIE: What did you do?
- Quinn.
Quinn, what did you do?
I just talked to the guy.
But believe me,
he got the message.
- What's this you're talking about?
- Nothing.
It's none of your business.
Just butt out.
- Can I talk to you privately?
- Sure.
[sighs] us...
- What did you do to him?
- I did not hurt him.
Not that he didn't deserve it.
But you know what?
I got a question for you.
This is going on,
you don't tell me about it?
- What's that about?
- Well, it's not like we talk a lot, Quinn.
I'm still your brother.
And if anybody hurts you ever,
I wanna know about it.
And just so you know,
what I did tell this prick,
is he is never
to go near you again,
which also means,
you are never going near him
again either.
You're finished with this guy.
- I know, I know, I know.
- Do you?
- [sighs]
- Because if this happens again,
I will fucking kill this guy.
And doing 25 to life,
for homicide,
is really gonna screw up my plans
for the future.
Please don't put me
in that position.
I love you.
So, Sharon, uh...
Dad stopped by because he has
some big announcement
he wants to share with all of us.
Isn't that right, Daddy?
Well, it's nothing
to celebrate, really,
although some of you might.
It's just something I...
I need to discuss with you.
Can't wait. I gotta go outside
and make a phone call.
DOTTIE: Sharon...
[door opening]
[door closes]
Don't mind her, Daddy.
She's just a spoiled brat.
Yeah, can't blame her though.
Can't blame her.
What are you talking about,
you're not coming back tonight?
Look, we just figured,
since we're already out here
and you seem to be dealing with
some kind of important emergency
that we thought we'd
just hang out a little bit.
What is this "we"?
Me and Abbie.
Yeah, yeah, I know who.
Sharon, I don't know what
you want me to say, okay?
You and your brother seemed
to think it was fine to take off
and abandon us
without saying anything.
I don't know what the fuck you thought
was gonna happen.
Okay, I told you we had
a family emergency.
Right, I don't know what you
want me to say, Sharon.
Okay? We're hanging out,
and we're kinda having a good time.
You're "kinda having a good time"?
[laughs humorlessly]
You know my brother is planning on
proposing to her tonight!
You have to get her back here.
You know, he may wanna
check his voice-mail on that one,
because she's pretty pissed off
that he left without saying anything.
Let her know.
FX: And you know what, Sharon?
Seeing as you think this relationship
has no future,
I was kinda thinking
this might be a good time
for us to call it quits anyhow.
[gasps] Oh, my God.
You know what?
You are a creepy old freak
and the two of you
deserve each other.
- Yeah, whatever.
- [laughing]
- Nice.
- Done.
CYRIL: I had no idea
what to get you,
so you're probably
gonna hate it.
Got Ma something nice, though.
That's good.
You know you're gonna
get through this, right?
You think so?
Absolutely fucking certain of it.
I don't know
what the hell to do now.
Look, you don't need to worry
about that right now, all right?
After the New Year,
we'll get you hooked up with a job,
or maybe, I don't know,
you go back to school, maybe both.
Go back to school?
I'm not going back
to fucking school.
What the fuck job
am I gonna get?
I will find you something, all right?
You're home now.
- You're with your family.
- [sighs]
All right? That's what we do.
We take care of one another.
[cellphone vibrating]
Shit, man, I'm sorry.
Speaking of family...
Yo, Fitzy, what you got?
Hey, Gerry, it's Quinn.
[sighs heavily]
What are you doing right now?
No, I'm just actually
sitting here with Cyril.
- We're having a little talk.
- QUINN: Dad's here. He just told us.
Can you fucking believe
he's dying?
you gotta get over here.
We need to talk about Christmas.
All right, yeah.
Yeah, we'll be right over.
You think you're ready
to see the old man?
No. [laughs]
[soft music playing]
So what's with her nibs?
How does she know my Gerry?
Oh, they met here, yesterday.
She asked about him,
so I sent her up to the bar to meet him.
But don't you think
she's a little old for him?
No, I don't think so.
I think they'd make a cute couple.
- Well, what's her story?
- [chuckles]
No, rea--
Why isn't she married?
At her age.
I'm not as nosy as you.
I didn't ask her.
She seems like a nice girl.
I thought I'd do them each a favor.
Yeah, but there must be a story.
There's always a story.
What do you want?
Do you want him to die a bachelor?
No kids, having a Christmas
like the one that I'm gonna have tomorrow
with no one by my side?
Look, you do not have to be alone.
I want you to come over
to my house.
I don't want to go to your house.
There's gonna be more drama there
than my poor heart can take.
[Rosie sighs heavily]
So what am I gonna do about James?
I can't have that man in my house.
I gotta tell you something.
My Thomas,
that son of a bitch,
as much as I hated him
with a passion,
there's not a day that goes by
that I don't wish that he were here.
You don't mean that.
I do. I do mean it.
And you know what I would do?
I would tie him up in that chair
and I would pistol-whip him
until he screamed
for all the trouble
that he caused me.
[Both laughing]
- You know.
- [laughing]
You know.
But seriously,
if Deirdre were still here,
and she wanted me
to forgive him,
she wanted me to spend
Christmas with him...
[clicks tongue]
how could I say no?
Well, if I do forgive him,
I might have to borrow your pistol.
[Mrs. G. laughs]
I mean it.
- Hey! Look who's back.
- SHARON: Cyril!
- Hey!
CYRIL: Oh. [sighs]
Missed you.
Come here.
I'm really proud of you.
How's it going, Son?
Better than you, I hear.
Yeah, you look good.
Welcome back.
Oh, shit. Is this...
Are we okay to drink
in front of you?
You never gave a shit
about my feelings before. Okay?
Don't start now.
Makin' it easy.
That's a change.
Merry Christmas to you, too.
All right, so we're all here.
Let's talk about tomorrow.
No, no, no, no.
Not till Erin gets here.
[sighs] And why...
Why do I always forget her?
Because she's a stuck-up
pain in the ass.
You know,
she's really not stuck-up.
She just thinks
she's better than you.
Yeah, well,
she's not the only one.
Where... Where are these
comments coming from?
I think you know where
these comments are coming from.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Yeah, we talked about this.
Let's cut all the bullshit.
Erin's been through this
every step of the way with me.
She brought me
to the best doctors.
She's been at my bedside
all through this ordeal.
So I don't want anybody
bad-mouthing her.
We can still bad-mouth you,
though, right?
[sighs] Do what you must.
You know, Daddy,
you should've told us about this.
We... We could've helped you.
That's not entirely true.
Yeah, I gotta agree with him on that.
- Can't you guys just be nice?
- Who said anything about...
QUINN: Yeah, you wanna chill
with the comments?
It's Christmas. Be jolly and merry
and all that other shit.
No, no, no, no.
They're entitled. But...
Hey, Gerry, why don't you call and see
if there's any word from Erin.
I called her on the way over.
She should be here any minute.
[doorbell rings]
An angel just got their wings.
None for you, though, Pops.
I'll get the door.
- What the fuck's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with you, Cyril?
- It was just a joke.
- Oh, it's a joke.
Pancreatic cancer victim,
Christmas, it's a joke?
Shut up.
Just lay off him, all right?
- QUINN: Lay off?
- Yes!
- You lay off!
- Give him a fucking break!
Shh! Our father is dying!
[Erin sobbing] Oh, Daddy.
[softly] Nancy?
You asleep?
Mmm. I'm fine.
I'm gonna go now, sweetie.
Oh... Okay.
- Have a good Christmas.
- Okay.
She's falling asleep.
Yeah, well, it's about that time.
I understand met my boy.
I did. I did.
He's very nice.
[laughs wryly]
I don't need you to tell me that.
What's your name?
My name? Nora.
What's your last name?
How do you spell that?
If you're wondering
if I'm Irish, I'm not.
Then what is it? Scottish?
Grandparents were English.
Merry Christmas.
- [door opens]
- [whispering] Merry Christmas.
[Door closes]
So, what are we supposed to do
if Mom does not agree
to have Dad over for Christmas?
It seems clear she already said
she wasn't gonna have him over.
Does she know he's dying?
Yeah, she knows.
And she still said no?
She's still got a lot of anger
towards your dad.
But not all of it deserved.
How do you figure that?
She and I were young.
[sighs] It's never black and white
as it seems.
Oh, please, Dad,
don't even start with that.
I mean, you cheated on her.
How the hell is that
somehow her fault?
Can you just give him
a fucking break, please?
Look, we were kids.
When Dorothy was born,
neither one of us had an education.
We weren't prepared
to deal with life.
And life [sighs]...
just showed up,
and we had to do
the best we could.
Yeah, well, you know,
for some of us,
- you did a good enough job.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, for others,
you didn't do shit.
And I apologize to you, Cyril.
And you too, Sharon,
and Connie,
all you little ones.
I wasn't there.
It's unfortunate,
for you,
and me.
All right.
So, we take a vote.
If Mom refuses to have
Dad over for Christmas,
then we have the holiday at Erin's
and Mom is welcome to come
if she wants.
Well, I just wanna say,
that whatever you all decide,
I will be having Christmas
with Mom.
- Period.
- CYRIL: Yeah, me too.
I don't care if Mom
changes her mind, Dad, but...
I'm with Mom.
Yeah, Dad, it wouldn't feel right
to leave Mom alone on Christmas.
Okay, so, guess
there's nothing else to say.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
I had no intention
of breaking this family up
at Christmas.
What I wanted to do is
pull you all together.
If your mother doesn't want it,
she doesn't want it.
Let's forget about Christmas.
You're all here.
Why can't we spend tonight...
It's Christmas Eve.
Oh, shit, it's Christmas Eve.
I was supposed to propose
Oh, yeah, Quinn,
that's not gonna happen.
What does that mean?
You better check
your messages.
What does that...
What do you mean?
I'm really sorry.
I didn't wanna say it
when I met her,
but I knew she was a gold-digger.
Go ahead, Gerry, say it.
I know what you're thinking.
I have no clue
what you're talking about.
What about the rest of you?
You're not stealing
Christmas Eve from Mom.
Yeah, look, I gotta go.
I'm gonna go help Mom
get ready.
How about you?
I should go with them, Dad.
I'm sorry.
I really wish
you could be there tomorrow.
I hope Mom changes her mind.
Well, Erin?
You're gonna stick with me, right?
Sorry, Daddy,
I should get home to Aaron,
but don't worry.
Mom's gonna change her mind.
Listen, Dad,
I'm really sorry. I...
[stammers] I have to go
to a friend's house for dinner,
and I'm late already.
I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
I hope I see you tomorrow, okay?
Yeah, okay.
[Door closes]
I guess you reap what you sow.
Yeah. I made a lot of mistakes
in my life, Gerry.
I was a bad father.
I'm not a perfect man.
But God damn it,
I should be able to spend
my last fucking Christmas
with my family!
It's not right.
It's not right.
I'll talk to Mom.
Talk to Mom.
[Door closes]
[Connie sniffles]
Did you guys even know
he was sick at all?
But I think it's pretty
fucking weird
that Erin knew for, like, a year
and never said anything.
Yeah, well,
Erin's fucking weird.
I think we should ask Mom
to let him come for dinner.
Look, call me
a cold-hearted prick.
I'm not feeling that much sympathy
for him.
Why? What did he do
that was so bad?
He walked out on us?
He never came to one
of our birthday parties.
You know, I don't have one picture
of me and him together.
Not one.
CYRIL: Shit, he wasn't even there
the day I was born.
No, I know. He didn't do shit
for me either,
but he is our father,
and he's gonna be gone
in a few months.
And you know...
I feel bad for him for that,
but I don't think that's a reason
for me to forgive him.
Me neither.
We forgave you.
What are you talking about?
What did I do to you?
All the shit that you did
before you went to rehab?
- What?
- What shit did I do?
You were that fucked up
you don't--you don't remember?
You lied to me,
you stole from me.
And that's not even
the worst of it!
- Connie!
- What?
We said we weren't
gonna talk about it.
Sharon, what?
What did I do to you?
CONNIE: You and your crackhead
friends broke into her apartment
and trashed the place.
- I did not.
- Yeah, you did.
[sighs heavily]
- I'm sorry.
- [scoffs]
It's okay. It's fine.
You were sorry right when you did it.
It's okay.
I don't remember doing that.
I don't wanna talk about this.
We don't have to talk about it.
Cyril, you're my brother.
I love you and I forgive you.
That's all I'm saying.
You can forgive him?
Can't we forgive our father?
Just one day?
Just one day.
Just one fucking normal Christmas,
once in my life!
Hey, Mom.
You said it would be okay
if I spent the night?
Of course, baby.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Good night.
Hey, Ma, where you at?
Oh, my God! [laughs]
I'm back!
Oh, honey!
Look who I brought.
My two babies! Come down here
and give me some sugar!
Oh! Oh!
Cyril. Hi, honey!
Oh! Look...
[exclaims softly]
I can't believe you're here.
What are you watching?
Your father sent me this video.
It's the first I've seen it.
I just put the DVD in.
Is that you guys?
- Yeah?
- Really?
- ROSIE: Yes. [laughs]
- CYRIL: Ah!
Look at your hair!
You look like you guys actually
liked each other.
Yeah, well, on that day,
we loved one another.
Oh, my God.
Look how handsome he is.
I have to tell you guys,
you know,
your father wasn't always a prick.
Oh, he was charming.
Oh, my God.
We were something.
I'm glad you guys
are here with me.
Me too, Mom.
What a night.
My girlfriend leaves me
for my sister's boyfriend and...
Dad... [sighs]
I know.
It really hasn't even sunk in yet.
He does not seem that sick.
Gerry, we gotta
make this happen.
We don't have a say in this.
Did you even talk to Mom?
Yeah, yeah,
of course I did.
All right? And I get both
of their point of views
and I'm not taking sides.
Well, man, you gotta
have a horse in this race.
Oh, and you think
it should be Dad's?
- He deserves to be there.
- Does he?
This is a guy who walked out
on his family.
His life had changed.
Overnight, he's practically a millionaire
after he sells the company.
I still don't understand
how that gives you an excuse
to walk out
on your wife and kids.
We were only gonna be
holding him back.
He had a dream.
He had to go for it.
Great. So this "dream"
as you put it, can't involve us?
You know, you say you understand
both points of view. Do you?
He had to make a choice.
Yeah, and he made
the wrong choice. Clearly.
So, he fucked up.
He knows it.
Give him a break.
Think about how heartbreaking
this must be for him.
Think about how heartbreaking
this must be for Mom.
- Dredging up all these old feelings again.
- [sighs]
I feel guilty
that I even brought it up.
I wish I would've just
nipped it in the bud,
told Dad it's not gonna happen.
No shot.
Gerry, you gotta
talk to her again.
Look, it's not up to me.
This is Mom's call.
I don't understand.
When did this happen?
Tonight at dinner.
She came over with her parents
because our parents
are friends.
You know,
and we got to talking.
Oh, so that's it.
You got to talking and now you're
back together again.
No, it's just what I told you.
It's like this little
family get-together.
But this is bullshit!
I was supposed to come
to dinner with you.
Not really, no.
You kind of invited yourself.
I did not!
Yeah. Yeah, you did.
I just didn't know
how to say no to you.
This is unbelievable.
So I can't come in
for dinner with you.
She has all her nieces
and nephews here.
It's a whole Christmas thing.
Look at me!
I'm a fucking idiot.
Johnny, what are you doing?
Who's this you're talking to?
JOHNNY: Hey...
How you doing, baby?
Oh... Nobody.
It's just, uh... It's just...
A lady I work for.
I'm just a lady he works for.
And I had to bring
his Christmas bonus by,
for being such a good boy,
cutting my grass all year.
No worries, sweetheart.
Teresa. Hold on.
ERIN: We're so lucky
to have him.
He's the man.
You know, I know we said
we'd have a few kids,
but I think I'm good
with this little guy.
Big families are overrated.
Especially yours.
I'm sorry I've been
being such a bitch lately.
You wanna talk about it?
It's my father.
He's been sick and he didn't
want me to tell anyone.
Sick? How sick? How?
He's only got a couple of months.
- Hey... Hey, it's okay.
- I'm so sorry I didn't...
He made me promise
not to tell anyone.
[softly] Oh.
It's okay, it's okay.
Erin, it's okay. Hey.
QUINN: So, we good?
You gonna call Sharon?
GERRY: Yes, I will call
and I will apologize
and tell her I was wrong
and next time I'll learn to keep
my big mouth shut.
Well, you weren't wrong.
The guy is a fucking creep.
But sometimes, even when you're right,
you gotta apologize.
Ah, this is me.
All right, look. Are you okay
to drive all the way back to the city?
You didn't drink too much?
I'm only going down the block.
Gonna stay at Mom's tonight.
I'm not going back to the city.
You wanna come with me?
No, no, no. I'm going to go
meet this girl for a drink actually.
Ooh! Gonna meet this girl
for a drink?
Little Yuletide booty call, is it?
Oh, we'll see about that.
Enjoy yourself.
Come on.
- Bye, brother.
- All right.
Good night, man.
- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
- All right.
Hey, Santa.
Don't hurt yourself
going down the chimney.
[Car door closes]
[cellphone chiming]
Hey, Sharon, it's, uh, Gerry.
Yeah, look,
I just wanted to call...
I-I-I know
you're upset with me and...
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that stupid shit
about your boyfriend.
So, I was totally out of line.
Yeah, well, with all the crazy shit
that's going on with our family right now,
that is small potatoes.
No, no, no.
It's um, I, you know, I-I-I...
I should learn to keep
my big mouth shut.
I mean,
it's none of my business.
All right.
So we're good?
Yeah. Yeah, we're good.
All right then. Then I guess I'll...
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
Merry Christmas.
Yeah. Merry Christmas.
- Hey, Gerry?
- Yeah.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[starts engine]
[soft clatter]
Hi. Door's okay?
Go around. It's open.
[Door opens]
- Hey.
- [sighs]
- God, am I happy to see you.
- [chuckles]
How'd it go?
It's still a mess, but...
Thanks for doing this.
Thank you for coming.
I'm... I'm sorry for everything
I've put you through this past year.
I promise, never again.
All right.
- I'll be right back.
- Good luck in there.
Thank you. [giggles]
[trunk release beeping]
ROSIE: Gonna get a new boyfriend?
Mom, Mom,
take our picture.
Oh, my God,
what is going on here?
You gotta go get your pj's on.
We're taking photos.
It's gonna have to wait.
I got Aaron and Corey waiting in the car.
I just came to drop off
the presents.
We're gonna drive out
to Connecticut for a few hours,
and spend some time with his dad
and the new goy wife.
- [All laughing]
- Good luck.
- Yeah.
- Oh, look at this!
- Erin.
- Hi, Gerry!
I got the bagels.
I got the bagels.
Kris Kringle, I heard you crawled in
last night at 6 A.M.
You wanna share some details,
Uh... No.
I didn't know
you were seeing someone.
Well, yeah. I kinda...
I met somebody.
What's her name?
We're gonna meet her today?
You will probably meet this woman.
No, she's not coming by today.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
I will see you later.
Well, look, look, Erin.
Before you go,
Mom has a little something
she wants to talk to all of us about.
Uh, yeah.
Oh... Okay. Um...
I... I just...
just wanted everybody to know that
if your father
survives this cancer,
he will not be invited back
next year.
Invited back?
What are you talking about?
I talked to him this morning.
He's--He's coming out
on the 11 :00 train
and joining us for Mass,
and if he behaves himself,
he can stay for dinner.
Thank you, Mom.
Oh, that's so good you're doing.
ROSIE: Well, look,
it's a couple of hours, right?
I mean, how bad can it be?
QUINN: You two okay with this?
Yeah, we talked about it.
We told Mom this morning
that we thought it'd be okay.
Yeah, well,
Corey's waiting for you
and I'm going to get
the old man at the train now.
- Bye.
- CONNIE: Thank you, Gerr.
All right, guys-
This is a big day.
I'm gonna go get dressed.
And I recommend
you do the same.
Get out of your
Tiny Tim costume.
[all laughing]
Look at this, look at this.
Oh, look at these buttons.
ROSIE: it won't button.
Wait. No, no, no.
You can't have two bagels.
- You want a bagel, Mommy?
- Yeah. I think...
But somebody else
better cut it.
My hands are
shaking too bad for it.
You want some more, Ma?
Hey, Pops.
Hey, Gerr.
Hey, how are you?
Merry Christmas.
- Let me take that from you.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- You ready to do this?
- Yeah.
QUINN: Oh! There he is.
[Door opens]
Merry Christmas, Dad.
Merry Christmas, Son.
Hello, Rosie.
Let me look at you,
you stupid son of a bitch.
Are you truly sorry
for all you've done?
Yes, I am.
I still don't believe you.
But you are
officially welcome
back into this family.
[softly] Thanks, hon.
All right.
[clears throat]
Let's all go to Mass
and pray for your father.
[all chuckling]
[Overlapping conversations]
[No audible dialogue]
O come, O come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns
in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear
Rejoice! Rejoice!
He comes to thee, O Israel
O come, O come
thou Dayspring from on high
And cheer us
by thy drawing nigh
Disperse the gloomy
clouds of night
And death's dark shadow
put to flight
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Shall come to thee, O Israel
[new carol begins]
Joy to the world
The Lord has come
Let Earth receive her King
Let every heart
Prepare Him room
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven,
and Heaven and nature sing
Joy to the Earth
The Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy
He rules the world
With truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glory of His love
The wonders of His righteousness
Let Heaven and nature sing
Let Heaven and nature sing