The Five (2013) Movie Script

Presented by KTMEDIA HUB
Co-presented by Woori Investment
CJ Entertainment, Cinema Service
A Cinema Service Production
Very good.
We're ready.
Ready to shoot!
Quiet on the set!
Okay, ready!
- Okay...
- Okay!
- Okay cut!
- Okay cut!
You're here!
Came to see me at work?
Let's wrap up!
- I'm starving.
- Again?
bring me the toolbox.
I gotta get fit
for the dress tomorrow.
Don't worry about that,
get my toolbox.
We get our mail
just fine without it.
It's so tacky.
This completes our home.
Sung-il, Ga-young, Eun-ah's Sweet
Home This completes our home.
Sung-il, Ga-young, Eun-ah's
Sweet Home
Our sweet home.
Our sweet home.
- Our tacky home.
- What?
It's dad.
I need money upfront.
Dunhill, 2 packs.
How old are you?
It's not for me,
it's for my uncle.
And I'm not a minor.
Don't ever say you saw me.
I'll kill you.
How much?
Could you pay in cash?
Well, I don't use debit card.
Give me a pack of Raison.
That one.
- Ma'am, forget the smokes.
- No need.
Just these please.
Yoyo: Location?
MiniPeace: Near Hongdae.
- Yoyo: Job, age!
- MiniPeace: 30s, musician! You?
Yoyo: I'm 22, gimme phone #.
MiniPeace: Are you tall? 170cm?
Yoyo: What the hell?
MiniPeace: I'll pay more
Yoyo: Fucking pervert!
'Yoyo' left the chat
Told you not to look away.
Don't worry.
You'll be reborn.
A woman is the most beautiful,
right now.
I'll buy it,
come home early.
Ga-young, let's go.
How much is this?
That's all?
My point card,
almost forgot.
Here you go.
Aren't you
Chae-young's uncle?
At Hongdae mart last night,
you were with her, right?
- You saw me there?
- Yes.
Please tell her I didn't tell
anyone about seeing her.
She looked upset somehow.
Well... She's home now,
wanna see her?
I can drive you back later.
Where do you live?
Not right now,
good bye.
Who's that?
Chae-young's uncle.
We practiced piano together,
she's an 8th grader.
Last night...
No, I mean...
I see, alright.
Okay, go!
- Happy birth...
- Rice cake again!
Mind your manners, honey.
I want a real cake,
kirishu cake!
Whipped cream causes atopy,
you know that.
But it's once a year...
Blow out the candles!
1, 2, 3!
Wow, blew it in one go!
- Congratulations!
- Happy birthday!
Now, my present!
- Honey, bring it.
- Me?
- Then should I?
- Why me?
- You were supposed to.
- No!
You said you'd buy it!
It's all ruined!
- When did I?
- You forgot?!
I don't believe it!
You didn't give me money.
And I'm a busy man!
It's okay, I don't need it,
don't fight!
That's weird.
- I'll eat the rice cake.
- She'll eat it.
She'll really
eat the rice cake?
Take this,
and eat your cake.
Come on...
You seriously messed it up.
Happy 14th
'Dad don't smoke!'
- Whatcha doing?
- I was actually...
Forget it, I've had it!
Stay here, don't come in.
Honey, baby!
It's not even lit,
I love you, baby!
- I'll give you a massage.
- Don't want it.
Let go.
- Allow me.
- Go away!
- It's been a while.
- Forget it!
If you're not out in 10,
I'll barge in!
Don't care,
I can't hear you.
Come on...
I'll be right out.
Can't I get some me time?
Honey baby?
I didn't even finish
washing my hair.
Are we playing hide-and-seek?
Come on out,
stop fooling around.
Gotta shop tomorrow.
Mom, dad, thank you
for giving me a life.
The patient is
KO Eun-ah, age 35.
Blood type Rh-O,
no allergies to drugs.
Something wrong?
That's a rare blood type.
We got enough units?
Enough for the surgery,
but since it's rare,
so we've requested more.
Is her family notified?
Husband and daughter
died on the scene,
and she turns out to be
an orphan.
Defibrillator ready.
Give me 50.
Charge, shoot!
Another, 80!
- Charge!
- Shoot!
Her pulse's back.
About her family,
it might complicate
things later on.
Look into it again.
Yes, doctor.
There's scribbles on them.
Friends gave it to me.
For a new semester.
Meal time,
go wash your hands.
Let me try these.
I heard there's fish in the stream
by our apartment.
We should go see later on...
You okay?!
Nurse! Nurse!
Organ Donation Agreement
Organ Donation Agreement
Let's wait a few more months!
When things die down,
I'll get involved too.
There won't be another chance.
Just follow my orders!
I don't believe it...
There could be a new donor!
Chae-young's uncle.
Last night...
No, I mean...
Well, I don't use debit card.
I'm YTN's KIM Su-hyuk.
What's Mrs. KO's condition?
She's the only witness,
can she recover?
Although the patient is...
not suffering from
locked-in syndrome.
She doesn't respond to light,
and so do her nerves.
Will she be in a vegetative state,
or go brain dead?
In my professional opinion,
Mrs. KO is...
already brain dead.
We'll now accept questions
concerning this case.
Is it true that no DNA or
fingerprints were recovered?
That is true at this point
in the investigation,
but we are doing
everything we can.
Mrs. KO,
I know you can hear me.
You'll give my daughter
a 2nd chance.
I am truly sorry.
Forgive me,
and rest in peace.
2 years later
God is always watching us.
We lived happily with God,
as indicated with this line.
So why did we part?
You see?
Look at these tortured souls.
- We must bow...
- I think she's ready.
Please read it.
You like whipped cream?
How many candles?
Take one of these,
as a special promo...
Okay, $26 please.
Sister, she has lost
all her family members
and lives off a tiny subsidy
all by herself, please!
Then I'll make it $25.
Peace on earth!
Came from the sky!
Awesome, awesome!
Came from the sky!
Sister, this is free!
I took another one.
What are you doing?
You can't terrorize civilians
with a knife all the time,
you're putting me
in a spot!
- Det. PARK.
- Yeah.
I'm doing my best.
What about Chae-young?
Found her yet?
As you say, if this fuck's
kidnapping runaways,
there should be other
similar reports,
but there hasn't been any.
We're not eating donuts
and taking naps here.
We're doing...
- everything possible, so...
- So please be patient.
This is nuts...
Chinese Food Menu
Take care of it.
We cannot put all our
resources on 1 case.
We're doing...
- everything possible, so...
- So please be patient.
You should come live with me.
This place'll be demolished,
you can't even get mail.
Please consider it, sister.
Why is she so stubborn?
I think I left something here.
Why do you follow me around?
Oh yeah.
Let's see,
Eun-ah's mail...
Here it is.
Looks like you don't
go here anymore.
You need regular rehab treatment.
- Eun-ah.
- Just leave.
our Lord loves you.
No matter what.
He will not give up on you.
Fuck off!
Our Lord,
please forgive her.
Your little sheep
is lost in the world...
Subj: Buying a Zippo lighter
1998 Edward J model,
any condition, will pay top dollar.
Subj: Zippo lighter 1998 Edward
will pay above street price
'MiniPeace' requesting chat.
Do you accept?
Feb 15, MiniPeace IP: 19...
It was a present,
1998 Edward model
Is it scratched?
It's got some scribbles.
Could you tell me
what it says?
'Dad don't smoke'
Let's meet.
Your location?
'Dad don't smoke'?
My niece wrote on it...
Pic? Too many fakes,
I want to see the scribbles.
I'll buy!
Give me your number.
'MiniPeace' is typing a message.
'MiniPeace' has left the chat.
Let's go!
Fearless for a chick,
a gimp one at that.
All alone too.
Let's go!
No! No!
It's working!
Have you eaten?
It's only a cake.
I never let her have it.
She wanted it so much.
Blow out the candles!
In all honesty,
praying is for myself.
Just for me only.
I'm quite selfish.
Nasty, isn't it?
I had breast cancer.
It's recurring though.
They gave me 3 months,
I think it's for real.
I did some stupid things...
I don't want to die painfully
in the hospital.
When it comes to pain,
we're even, right?
Weren't you married?
I was.
That fucker...
I'm sorry!
Dear Lord,
please forgive me.
How could I say
such nasty words.
I can't believe I said 'fuck'.
Dang it.
I should've swore some more.
Eun-ah, don't feel so bad.
You still own so much,
and plenty to share.
I own so much...
What could they be?
Healthy body.
Due to my cancer,
I can't even donate my organs.
There are so many people
in need of that.
Imagine their desperation.
Compared to me,
you're blessed.
Organ trade
If you're trying to
threaten me for what...
Not a threat, but a trade.
Trade with me?
I need a list.
Like your kid,
people with same blood type,
desperate for organs.
You know what?
I don't know
what you're scheming,
but even bringing up
such idea is illegal!
What you tried...
was legal by your definition?
This plan requires 5 people,
including myself.
Organ transplant waiting list This plan
requires 5 people, including myself.
Rh-O / Kidney
Someone who can
uncover him.
A hacker or programmer
who can retrieve data.
Cornea A hacker or programmer
who can retrieve data.
Someone who can verify him,
and shadow him.
A cop or a detective would do.
Liver Liver Third.
Someone who can capture him
and bring him to me.
Ex-SWAT or martial arts expert.
Someone who can
perform the transplants.
He must be a doctor.
What do I get for this list?
Your child's life.
There aren't any perfect matches.
They're the closest.
Patient record
Why can't you take care
of yourself while I'm away?!
Give me your arm!
You gotta take painkillers
regularly, remember?
Get up.
You still need food,
even in the face of death.
For your own good?
Who made me this way?!
Shush! I'll do better,
eat your food.
Go on, hit me,
you fucking asshole!
Taking care of you
made me this way.
Kill me while you can,
What a potty mouth.
I gotta go to work,
I took out bones from this fish.
You need food to take meds.
And meds to get better.
Finish your meal, okay?
Let go!
I know they're cutting line!
The poor and the weak must
all die waiting for transplant?
Let go, assholes!
- You're under arrest for adultery.
- I'm so sorry, honey!
Officer, gather evidence.
That condom too.
You wanted the divorce
for him?
I know you want the land,
take everything.
Why are you wearing
our kid's school uniform?
Nurse Why are you wearing
our kid's school uniform?
Officer! Hey!
I'm at work,
I'm not gonna flee!
What are you doing
with a sick woman!
Mom, are you nuts?
You should be in the hospital!
Get up.
Mom, are you hurt?
I wanted to make you side dishes
that you like before I die.
My cooking isn't
what it used to be.
Mom, please...
You won't die.
I'm going to save you.
I'll save you...
no matter what!
Are you Mr. BAEK?
The cornea applicant.
Why is the interest rate
so different?
I'm not saying I won't pay...
That's not what I'm saying!
Do whatever you want!
I see that your tissues
and blood type match,
but I want to do it legally.
Do I look so gullible?
I won't fall for this scam!
Don't fucking joke
with human lives!
Don't give me this shit!
Fuck off!
Before I fucking slap you.
No! Why should I
meet them?!
It's your job
to convince them!
How dare you,
you know what position I hold?
I'm giving away everything.
If you want to save you kid,
you must too.
What if just one of them
bails out,
and goes to the police?
No! I can't!
Medical Doctor License
Will you stop that?
I vetted him,
and he really is a doctor here.
So how much?
Once again,
money is not what I want.
Do one thing and my mother
gets transplant right away?
That's right.
I'm used to scammers like you.
Now you bring in a doctor?
His daughter'll get
my organ too.
I know there's nowhere
for you to turn.
Please decide here and now.
- What the fuck...
- No shit?
What do I have to do?
Find the IP location?
I gave you work to pay off the debt,
and you moonlight?
It's not like that, sir.
This is extremely important.
Extremely important...
Show me how important.
Mrs. KO?
Write this down.
PARK Kyung-su,
Gangnam, Chungdam,
Who is this guy?
Hey, PARK Kyung-su!
Are you Mr. PARK?
Son of a bitch!
Stop there!
Stop there!
Broke a sweat, shit.
You're not Mr. PARK?
Works nicely.
Dad don't smoke!
Keep your promise.
I didn't see anything!
Did Mr. JUNG send you?
I'll pay it back next month,
I promise, please!
It's not him.
Are you kidding me?!
The deal's on hold.
I'm sorry... We did our part!
There's no other way.
Fucking bitch!
Woman, you got
the wrong guy, right?!
I knew it, untie me!
Let me go!
Untie me,
what are you doing?!
Are you nuts?!
Stop that!
What are you doing?
Is this some kind of
bondage sex fetish?
Blood'll drain faster
if you get excited.
Drain what?
Are you from Red Cross?
Holy shit!
Let's talk about this, okay?
Shit, that's cold...
Was it last Saturday?
I was valet parking,
and it's a customer's.
Be precise. When?
Sat... Saturday for sure!
It was during shift change,
so 8:30! Yeah!
How did he look?
Wait, it's coming back to me!
About 180cm tall,
soft features that girls like,
but I'm not into that...
He had this aura about him...
like he was an
artist somehow.
Hard to explain,
he's not really my type...
Where was it?
It's in Chungdam,
'Apple Coffee'...
I told you everything!
Now, untie me woman!
2 Tasers in 1 day...
Are you kidding me?
I need Apple Coffee's CCTV files.
From Saturday night
till dawn.
Look, you think everything
happens on your command?
You must do this.
Only you can do this.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
80% of the people
on the waiting list die, 80%!
My wife could die any day now.
Doing the surgery
after catching him, or before,
it's same shit.
We're all only after
the results.
This was your idea
from the beginning.
Eun-ah, I was thinking...
He works with me.
- I was passing by...
- Welcome, come in!
Have you had lunch?
Please join us.
- I shouldn't...
- Come in, it's okay.
I don't really like curry...
Bless, oh Lord...
this food to our use
and us to thy service,
and thank you for bringing...
What is your name?
JANG Dae-ho...
Thank you for bringing
angelic Mr. JANG to us.
For all we're about to receive,
make us truly grateful.
Through Jesus Christ we pray.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Have a great meal,
I'll be off.
I'll see you again.
Is there a problem?
I was just passing by.
Taxi van's here.
Going to West Seoul, right?
I'm here, Ms. PARK.
Which room?
What the hell!
Let go!
Let go!
Careful, she's valuable.
Paying debt with organs.
Smart, Ms. PARK.
If it wasn't for mom's illness,
I wouldn't have used a loanshark.
Must you have done this?
My mom's dying before me,
and you want me to
run your errands?
And get fucked around
by the perverted boss?
Do I look stupid?
As promised, I want one kidney.
That's for mom.
I'm off.
She's the interest.
You're the principal.
Mr. BAEK, I got some
fresh merchandise.
Not just 1, but 2.
Of course, it's fresh!
Sell off one of them,
but the other is one of a kind,
a rare blood type.
Say what?
We're both pros,
I know the street value too.
Don't fucking cut in!
Get in line, asshole!
It's a sure thing,
prep for surgery!
We got a donor!
It just happened!
Where are you?!
Wait, what's wrong?
You used that bitch
to stab me in the back!
I didn't tell her
to do anything!
I'll fucking skin you,
So you had other plans.
What is it?
Why am I here?
Who the fuck are you?
How many fucks are involved?
Once I swallow this,
all my organs
will be contaminated.
And your fate would
be different.
For your own safety,
I never wanted you all
to come together...
But that's...
out of the question now.
Don't look away.
Look at me.
Please help... Officer.
Please help...
Right now, hurry!
Right now, officer!
Officer, please help...
Okay, we'll be right there.
Please help...
- Could you put your mom on?
- Please help...
So who's there now?
Put your mom on.
That's where my husband died.
This is what the asshole did.
You all have a chance
to save your family,
but I never had that.
I'll find him,
even if it's just me.
So leave now if you must.
Over here?
Keep going.
Good, stop.
What'll do with it?
Just do it.
CCTV and phone records.
So what's all this for?
Tell me!
Just do it!
Don't shout at me.
I went to engineering school.
You should get it patented.
I hope it cuts well.
It has to be slow and painful.
All I have to do is catch him,
and tie him up here, right?
Okay, where is he?
Wait there.
It's so cool here,
what do you do?
Gonna wash up first?
No bed either.
You must be into kinky stuff.
This is Chungdam
Apple Coffee.
When you visited us,
did you lose anything?
No, I don't think so.
In Chungdam?
I always blackout...
The person you're trying to reach...
I'm busy right now.
How did you get my number?
Yes, Ms. JO.
Mr. OH, are you hard at work?
You must be spent.
Did you call earlier?
'Angel' will be ready soon,
I want to photograph it.
I revised the description
for the booklet too.
Right now?
No, it's not...
Sorry, I dropped my cell phone.
Well, I'll be at Jihyang Gallery
by 7 tomorrow.
Well, I don't use debit card.
don't look away.
Ms. JO, sorry.
What the hell?
He looked different yesterday.
So, is it him?
Recognize him?
I could swear it was him.
I saw him with my 2 eyes.
Is it him?
I have to check.
What about the code?
It's unlocked with
any code now.
I studied engineering.
OH Jae-wook
Are you leaving?
Yes, yes.
Samgakji Station
It's for my uncle.
Hagye Station
We're offering a free issue, sir.
It comes with a $50 gift card.
It's a limited time offer.
Sir, just 1-year subscription!
It's D-Day, reply with heart symbol
if you're a go.
Stop the car please.
I need to take it back.
What necklace?
When Ga-young was 5,
she made it in kindergarten.
She and I kept one each.
It's at his house.
Displayed like a trophy.
You can do all you want
after you kill that fuck!
Would you really
give me time afterwards?
Our deal would be over then.
The plan is underway,
and I did my part!
Your body is not
yours anymore!
From: JANG Dae-ho
HEAR Yes, you did your part.
Be ready for your surgery.
Take envelops for your letters!
Write receiver's name here.
And their address here, okay?
How did you get here?
Let's have dinner.
At your place.
My place?
It looks yummy.
Don't know if you'll like it.
Is something going on?
You know...
Revenge may feel sweet
before you do it,
but he'll haunt you forever.
Every single day,
whoever you're with.
Always and forever.
Sometimes you get cancer,
and end up
carving out your breast.
My husband couldn't
even kill a pest,
my child...
she was...
only 14 years old.
If there is a God,
and if He condoned
the killer's actions,
then I will...
kill Him too...
All killers end up in hell.
is hell to me.
It's my lucky charm.
It made living in hell bearable.
Pray for me, Hye-Jin.
My prayers...
will not work anymore.
OH Jae-wook,
Jihyang Gallery, 7 p.m.
I'm Daehan Daily's
KIM Bu-sik.
You're so handsome
in person!
I'm OH Jae-wook.
I'm a huge fan.
You're so popular!
The curator'll be here soon.
Alright. Think of it
as my last present.
Where do you obtain
material for your work?
They're trash.
You mean like recycled stuff?
Angel too?
I work to purify dirty souls
and allow them to reborn.
Some trash becomes legs,
some arms,
and even wings too.
So these parts reborn as
one perfect piece of work.
It means your work is
that important, right?
I'm the creator.
Petal necklace, where is it...
Sir, over here!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
The interview just wrapped.
- A long drive?
- So much traffic!
Yeah, what?
Where are you?
Are you drinking again?
I'm not drinking,
I'll call you back.
- Put her on the phone!
- Put who on?!
- The bar girl!
- I'll call later!
Don't you dare!
Crazy fuck...
He keeps a souvenir of his kill?
Could all these be...
Scout during the day,
rob at night?
Is that it?
For my daughter.
Seoul, Hannam 12-4
OH Jae-wook
What, last words?
Kill me now if you will,
or untie me.
Don't put on a show.
You're nothing but a third-rate
pervert wannabe.
KO Eun-ah
What the hell?
Wait till OH comes back!
Just a bit longer.
Who are you?
That's Mr. OH's.
Seoul, Hannam 12-4
OH Jae-wook
I'm Daehan Daily's
KIM Bu-sik.
I'm calling about the Paju
murder case 2 years ago.
I don't know what article
you'll write, but let's drop it.
Haelim Hospital, rehab center
Mrs. KO hasn't been
here in a bit.
She was here,
last February?
Well, the address I got is...
Namyangju, Shinyoung.
Is that right?
No, detective.
It's Seoul, Oksu 533-3.
I was too late.
I went to his shop,
hospital, his home,
but that glass eye is gone.
Give me the asshole's number.
I'll poke him with this,
that fuck...
I think you better bail.
You'll finish this alone?
You quit, I'll do this.
Can't let anyone else die.
I'll keep my word.
Wait, wait!
If the glass eye's dead,
like you say,
then we're not after him,
the fuck's after us.
It's a walk in the park
finding out your address.
You hear me?
Eun-ah's mail,
here it is...
I'm definitely
on the right track.
Who are you?
You forgot about me?
KO Eun-ah.
I'm the mother and wife...
of your victims.
Where are you?
Please do not go home!
Got it?
Out of the way please!
We gotta know where he is
before we can fuck him up!
Let's call the police!
Of course not!
We'll all get involved!
What then!
Do we wait for our turn to die?
Hey! Who's gonna die?
Shut the hell up!
You can triangulate him,
It's not as easy as
you think!
His cellphone's off anyway,
we can't track him!
I can shout too!
- You're all useless!
- Fearless.
For a chick.
A gimp too.
All alone.
2 people have died!
People are dead!
No one has any good ideas?
He's not an ordinary killer.
He carves dolls
out of human bones.
I should've handled it
on my own.
This is...
where we part.
We die one way
or another.
We should've had
a cute daughter.
Baby bear!
What's wrong?
You look terrible.
No girls will like you.
When you remarry,
I'll be able to rest easy.
Now you're making shit up?
It's not made up.
I'm miserable for being born,
and living this far.
But meeting you
was the worst.
I guess she's on
a different level.
Just don't sleep elsewhere.
Or I'll crack your head open.
We shouldn't have
let her go alone!
That fuck's waiting for her!
Hurry over ASAP
and call me.
I got it.
KIM Sung-il
KIM Ga-young
She's at crematorium,
near Gwangju.
Fuck! I told you take
a different route!
It'll take all day!
Don't lash out at me!
Stop it!
Act your age, goddammit!
Been well, Eun-ah?
Yeah, now I remember.
You, your kid
and husband too.
Why did you do it?
Where are we going?
Well, not far.
Let's go meet your family.
So nice to fucking meet you!
Let her be,
I'll fucking whip you.
- You okay?
- Get him! Hurry!
Son of a bitch!
Out of my way!
Fucking asshole!
Goddamn fuck!
Eun-ah, I got him.
I'll bring him over,
do what you will.
You got a fancy tool.
Hurry, your friend's waiting.
Okay, I'm coming,
please let him go.
Let him go!
Who's captured?
Just kill me, fuck face,
don't kid around!
Holy fuck, refreshing!
Do it properly, asshole!
You're so fucking dead.
Let him go and
come here.
My next move...
is that.
It's all over, you fuck...
Get back here!
Are you mad?
I'm so sorry.
How old was your kid?
I feel terrible for her.
She probably died a virgin.
Maybe not?
Got you, son of a bitch.
Watch out!
Leaving your friend behind!
Do you know
what you've done?
Stop it.
You've had enough?
Trash like you
will suffer in hell.
Just you wait,
I will purify you.
I'm starting to like you.
Fucking nobody.
Eun-ah, it's...
I won't forgive you.
I can never forgive you.
Don't look away...
Look at me.
You can't die this easy.
Get up! Come on!
I suffered so much for this!
Took you long enough.
What are you doing?
Let go!
It's what we want!
Not anymore,
please don't.
This is my task,
I'm the final piece.
Are you fucking nuts?!
Please, don't!
Don't be weak,
this was the deal!
No one's on my side anymore.
There's only my child,
I have to save her!
I know how you feel.
But will she be happy?
That someone died for her?
Shut up!
I know you understand.
You do, right?
You understand...
I do.
I was... a mother too.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
No! No!
go home...
Written and directed by
JEONG Yeon-shik
Developed and produced by
KANG Woo-suk
Dad, hurry!
Go on ahead.
Smoke outside,
before I whip you.
Our daughter'll
end up looking like you.
She can't resemble me...
- Is it good?
- Yeah.