The Flight Before Christmas (2008) Movie Script

VOICES: # We're reindeer,
we're not horses #
# We're Santa's Flying Forces!
Ho ho! #
Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!
MALE VOICE: Guys! Guys!
We lost Santa!
That's better.
Julius, look!
It's Santa's Flying Forces!
- JULIUS: Not again!
- NIKO: Yahoo!
Oh, Niko! Be careful!
JULIUS: Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa!
Niko, look out!
Darn kid!
I think I know which one
my dad is.
JULIUS: Don't tell me...
the one who flies the fastest,
jumps the highest,
and has the most courage?
Did you see him too?
I'd do anything to be up there
flying with my dad.
I know, I know.
But these things don't happen overnight.
They take practice.
But I'm always practicing!
Sure, but you gotta
really believe in yourself.
I believe you can fly.
Now show me that you believe it.
- (Niko sighs)
- That's my boy!
Don't think, believe!
Believe! Believe!
(short cry; thud)
I don't believe it.
I almost flew this time,
didn't I, Julius?
You sure did, Niko.
You sure did.
- (kid laughing)
- Hey, Niko...
...was your daddy a chicken?
'Cause you fly like a chicken!
My dad's on the Flying Forces!
Yeah, and my dad's Santa Claus.
Just you wait, or I'll...!
(kids laughing)
Remember how we deal
with bullies?
Chin up...
...and just ignore them.
My dad's a three-legged moose.
Yeah! And my daddy's
a four-headed... ugh!
Now, that's ignoring.
(Niko chuckles)
(Niko mimics whooshing air)
I don't get it, Julius.
If Dad's really
on the Flying Forces,
why can't I fly like him?
No one knows exactly why
Santa's Flying Forces
have the gift of flight.
(Niko sighs)
Maybe those boys are right.
Maybe my dad isn't
one of the Flying Forces.
(Julius scoffs)
You're ten times as brave as those boys.
Just... pretend they're not there.
- You're right, Julius.
- Thank you.
I'll go practice flying at Antler's Hill,
where they can't see me.
Hey! That's not what I said!
Come back here.
If anyone heard you talking about
going to Antler's Hill for flying practice!
Are you going to Antler's Hill
for flying practice?
No! Definitely not!
No way!
- Can I come along?
- Would you?
No one is going anywhere
for flying practice, least of all to...
(whispering) Antler's Hill!
- Antler's Hill?!
- (both gasp)
How many times
have you been told, Niko?
Sneaking out of Home Valley
is strictly forbidden!
Yes, sir.
Niko wasn't sneaking anywhere.
I asked him to come and help me...
...pick up my Aunt Sally.
She hasn't been well.
Aunt Sally!
Everybody, this is my Aunt Sally.
(kids laughing)
I'd better be going now.
- I'll take you!
- Such a good boy!
Let me get that for you.
(onlookers laugh)
All right, all right.
But it won't be so funny
if the wolves see you.
We're only safe here in the valley
as long as the wolves don't know it exists.
That's why no one leaves Home Valley.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, Dad.
(Leader grunts)
You heard our leader.
I don't want to hear any more talk
of going to Antler's Hill.
Is that clear?
Okay, Julius.
Finally, I'm getting through to you.
(both whispering)
See you tomorrow at Antler's Hill!
Now, let's see. I'm sure I was
supposed to take a right back there,
and then a left,
and then another left,
and then a right.
That means I should be back
at the tourist bus right about...
(wind howling)
(Niko grunting)
Niko, stay still!
Mom, why does nobody believe
that Dad is one of the Flying Forces?
Well, no one ever met him,
apart from me.
Tell me about Dad again.
JULIUS: Ugh...
Your dad was the handsomest
reindeer in Santa's Flying Forces.
That must be where I get it.
(Oona chuckles)
It was the day after Christmas,
and I went out on my own
looking for moss.
Suddenly, the Flying Forces
landed right in front of me.
Santa's sleigh had broken down.
And what happened then?
That's when I met your dad.
He was a real daredevil,
and once he'd fixed the sleigh,
he took me for a spin.
It was magical!
Flying through the clouds
high above the valley...
... but then he had to leave.
(Niko gasps)
After that, I never saw him again.
If Daddy was so great,
how come he never came
to visit his son?
Well, he never knew Niko here
would be born that very next spring.
Who could know?
But why didn't you go and tell him?
Because he lives
with the Flying Forces in Santa's Fell,
and no one knows the way there.
Don't you miss him?
(scoffs) No. I have one man in my life,
and he's quite enough.
Now, go to sleep, Niko.
Mom, what's Dad's name?
Good night, Niko.
(wolves howling)
(sinister growling)
More bad luck, boss.
No reindeer anywhere.
We need reindeer.
We need food.
I've got an idea, boss.
One word: moss.
Huh? Huh? Huh?
- (Black Wolf groans)
- Reindeer eat moss. We eat reindeer.
I'm simply cutting out the middleman.
Please yourself.
Our luck must change.
Go out there, find food.
Find reindeer.
(Saga laughs)
Crash-landing maneuver.
Never know
when you're gonna need it.
I thought I'd find you here.
What do you have to say
for yourself, young man?
You've got to help me.
I've been making
a fool of myself all morning.
None of that!
It's dangerous out here!
Straight back to Home Valley with you.
JULIUS: (hesitates)
Oh, all right.
But only for one minute.
Maybe you don't have to fly.
Maybe you could glide.
It's really just falling,
but slower.
Hey, I'm great at falling.
Good! Now, climb to the top
of that tree and...
Are you crazy?
Reindeer don't climb trees.
That's just dumb.
Wow! Are you really going to do it?
Oh, yeah, and uh,
don't try and stop me.
(Saga laughing)
SPECS: Not bad.
(grunting uncertainly)
- (timber creaking)
- Uh-huh!
Uhh... aaahhhh!
Now, that's a view.
No wonder reindeer
have been so hard to find.
What are you on about, Specs?
They've started living in trees.
(Julius straining)
Don't worry, Niko.
I know you'll fly one day.
You think so?
Wo...! Wo...!
(Smiley laughing)
Run, kids!
JULIUS: Oh, whoa!
Aah aah aah!
Nah nah-nah nah-nah!
Look where you're going, boys.
Ow! Guhh...
They shouldn't be able
to find our tracks now.
(wolves howling)
Come on, Saga.
We've got to warn the herd.
- Hey?
- Wolves! Wolves!
- What's going on?
- Wolves! We saw them!
Niko, I thought I told you to...
Are you sure they didn't follow you?
Yes, Grandpa, we lost 'em.
- Are you absolutely certain?
- (Smiley laughs)
Black Wolf will be pleased.
Come on, Specs, let's eat!
You go ahead. I'm stuffed.
Just had some moss.
Defensive formation.
Men on the outside, women
and children on the inside. Hurry!
Children! Stay together, children.
Kids, stay close to your mothers.
OONA: Children, together.
LEADER: Keep it moving!
Come on! Keep it moving!
Keep in! Keep in!
Emergency evacuation!
Come on! Hurry up!
Dad! Come on!
(muffled straining)
Hey, you let 'em get away.
(muffled grumbling)
Niko! Thank goodness you're okay.
(Saga sobbing)
What's going on?
Everyone, stay calm.
Who left the valley
and led the wolves to us?
I was sure they didn't follow us.
Flying practice again, was it?
Look what your silly dream
has cost us...
our home,
and very nearly our lives.
That's enough!
He's just a boy. He didn't mean
for any of this to happen.
The wolves will come back,
and when they do,
there will be many.
We must keep moving.
Oona is right.
We have to keep moving.
Where to, I do not know.
(sighs) I don't know
what to do with the boy, Julius.
He just doesn't listen.
He'll grow out of it, Miss Oona.
From now on, there will be
no more mention of his father
or of flying lessons.
He just has to forget all that.
That boy Niko is a jinx!
GRANDPA: Unreliable!
How can you trust a boy
who thinks he can fly?
SAGA: I know.
If only I hadn't gone with Niko,
then we'd still have a home.
LEADER: I don't want you
playing with Niko again.
(pained grunt) Next time
he might bring death to us all.
No wolves to be seen.
Where's Niko?
- OONA: Niko!
- JULIUS: Niko!
- Niko!
- Niko!
- OONA: Come on! Niko?
- JULIUS: Niko, where are you?
- OONA: Niko's gone!
- SAGA: Niko?
We have to go back and find him.
I'm sorry, Oona,
but we must continue.
Otherwise, the wolves
will track us down.
Please, Dad, we have to find Niko.
I'm not leaving without my son.
No one leaves the herd!
What if the wolves find your tracks?
- But...
- You'll bring them down on us.
We'll all die.
He's right, Miss Oona.
This is a job for me.
I can avoid the wolves by flying
and spot the boy from the air.
You must promise
to bring him back, Julius.
Don't you worry about a thing.
Niko! Wait!
Ah. So... where we going?
I'm going to Santa's Fell.
I'm spending Christmas with my dad.
Great idea.
Really? You think so?
Sure! Only...
Well, there is one small detail.
Nobody knows where Santa's Fell is.
So... why don't we go back
to the herd and ask around,
and maybe someone might know.
I know where it is.
The Flying Forces always disappear
behind that big fell on their way home...
Hey! So does the moon, big guy!
...which means Santa's Fell must be
on the other side of it.
I have to be strict with you, young man.
I'm drawing this line here,
and if you cross it...
(Niko scoffs)
I will...
Fine! But you're on your own, Niko.
I'm leaving.
You hear that?
That's me, leaving.
Leaving, leaving, leaving.
'Cause I'm a jinx,
and I'm unreliable.
- Uhh...
- You're better off without me.
Then again... Santa's Fell?
Are you kidding me?
I've always wanted to go there.
Lots of toys, right?
And elves!
Who doesn't love elves?
(wolves howling)
I'm saved!
How do you lose
a whole herd of reindeer?
(chuckles) Those reindeer
are meanies, boss.
I mean, look at poor Smiley.
They nearly crushed him to death.
What I need's a miracle with this lot!
ESSIE: Oh, am I glad
to see a friendly face.
Hi! How do you do?
- I'm Essie. Nice to meet you.
- Wow!
You would not believe
what I've been through.
One minute I'm minding my own business
while the owners go skiing,
next minute it's like, Hello!
Where are all the signs?
I must have been
wandering around for days.
Be a sweetheart
and fetch me some water.
I am dry as a bone.
(exasperated growl)
Is he a little simple in the head?
(Specs chuckles)
Poor pooch.
(Black Wolf growls)
ESSIE: You're no pooch.
You're... a wolf.
And you're a marshmallow,
sweet and tasty.
(claws clink; Essie whimpers)
(rumbling sound)
# We're reindeer,
we're not horses #
# We're Santa's Flying Forces!
Ho ho! #
I hate it when they do that!
But the Flying Forces are nice,
and don't eat anyone.
They help Santa bring presents
to all the children,
and if you'd stop being naughty
and become nice,
Santa might give you a job too,
and then...
then you'll get plenty of food.
Much better than eating me.
Flying Forces?
Santa Claus?
That's it.
(sinister laughter)
(Essie yelps)
(wolves growling)
Nobody touches the marshmallow.
She's given me an idea.
She's our lucky charm.
We're moving out.
Next stop, Santa's Fell.
(Julius panting)
Let's... let's, uh, take a break, huh?
The Flying Forces!
We're almost there! Yes!
I was... so sure.
You did your best, Niko.
At least you tried.
No one will ever be able to say
we gave up.
I thought we were giving up!
(sinister forest sounds)
(distant female voice shrieking)
Whoo, yeah!
# Ain't no point in looking back #
# So they tell me #
# Though I know this to be true #
- # I've been tossing... #
- Are you... okay, madam?
(scoffs) Miss Wilma.
And, yes, I'm fine.
But... you're trapped.
I'm not trapped!
I'm just resting.
- What?
- (whistling nonchalantly)
What did you have to go
and do that for?
Hey! We just saved your life!
Now I have to save
both your lives before we're even.
(sighs) This is just great.
I'm already late
for a big gig in the South.
And you thought hanging upside down
was going to speed things up?
Maybe I'll just have
to save his life twice.
Don't worry, Wilma.
You don't have to save our lives.
We're heading north, anyway.
(Wilma chuckles)
That's west, Captain Compass.
That's north.
(mocking Wilma)
"That's west, Captain Compass.
That's north."
WILMA: Hmph!
You know, Niko, that foolish weasel
can teach you one important lesson:
those who can't read nature
will be beaten by nature.
- Read?
- That's right.
Take that cloud over there,
for instance.
Now, what could that mean?
That a storm is coming?
(Julius laughs)
A common mistake!
No, that particular type of cloud
is harmless.
What it means is...
No need to be afraid, Niko!
It's just a gust!
It'll blow over...
before you know it!
(breathing in marching cadence)
(wolves grunt; Essie shrieks)
I don't want to sound gushy or anything,
but I just want you to know...
I would never eat you.
That's... sweet.
SMILEY: I'm hungry!
And I'm sick and tired of walking!
Listen up, men.
For years, we've been forced to hunt
and scavenge for our next meal.
Well, no more,
thanks to our new lucky charm here.
Hey! Go on, Essie!
I have had an idea
that will change our lives.
We're going to Santa's Fell.
(Niko gasps)
And we're going to feast
on his flying reindeer.
(Niko gasps; wolves chuckle)
And by eating our enemies,
their strength will become ours.
You will be Santa's Flying Wolves.
(wolves laugh; one wolf howls)
maybe I'm barking
up the wrong tree,
but if you eat Santa's reindeer,
don't you think he might just be
a little bit upset?
(relieved sigh)
That's why we're going
to eat Santa too!
(gasps; Black Wolf laughs)
And I'll take his place.
Just think of all the delicious
little boys and girls
waiting for me to visit.
But... but Santa's supposed
to give children presents,
not eat them!
New Santa, new rules.
Next stop, Santa's Fell.
(wolves howling)
- Huh?
- Huh?
I was just leaving!
BLACK WOLF: Get him!
Where are you?
Niko! Boy, am I glad to see you!
Can't I leave you alone
for five minutes?
They're gaining on us!
Faster, Niko!
You fly!
- Save yourself!
- I'm not leaving you alone again.
You only make things worse!
(wolf pack barking)
(low growl)
- NIKO: Oh, no!
- JULIUS: Uh-oh!
(Black Wolf laughing)
The reindeer knows too much.
No survivors.
(wolves laugh)
- WILMA: My public!
- JULIUS: What?!
My first number is guaranteed
to bring the house down.
# Well, there's something
that I want to say #
# And there's something
that I've got to do #
Oh, goodie!
I love a good knees-up!
Really? Me too.
Oh. This seat's free, miss.
# Even got down on my knees to pray #
# 'Cause, baby, I miss you #
# 'Cause, baby, I miss you #
# Whoo! #
(cracking sound)
(both gasp)
(all shouting)
WILMA: Whoo! Whoa!
(Julius yelling)
WILMA: I'll drive, old-timer!
Jump high, reindeer boy!
WILMA: # Dah dah doo-dah doo-dah
doo-dah whoo! #
(wolves yelping)
(Niko, Julius, and Wilma screaming)
JULIUS: Ohh! The tree!
Watch out for the tree!
WILMA: I see it!
Backseat drivers!
(all yelling)
WILMA: Whoo! Yeah!
Oh, here we go!
WILMA: Whoo-hoo!
(all yelling)
(Julius yelling)
Whoo whoo whoo whoo!
Huh. Whew!
I can't believe I got out of that
without a single scratch.
(Wilma laughs)
WILMA: Nice going, Nutboy!
(wind howling)
(Essie gasps)
(Specs chuckles; Essie gasps)
Aah! My legs!
I can't feel my legs!
What the heck are you doing?
All right, sorry!
Keep your hair on!
(rumbling sound)
The reindeer boy
must be destroyed!
Only room for one up here, missy!
WILMA: Is that the gratitude I get
for saving your furry hide?
JULIUS: What do you mean,
saving my handsome hide?
I had the situation
perfectly under control.
Well, that's the last time I'll save your...
Hey! I said "furry," not "handsome."
Okay. So you saved our lives,
and now we're quits.
I suppose you'll want to be
on your way now.
You don't have to go.
I know when I'm not wanted.
JULIUS: Let's go, Niko.
Santa's Fell is that way.
WILMA: Oh, and before I go,
Santa's Fell is that way.
JULIUS: Hey! Don't listen to her.
She's totally unreliable.
- You know the way to Santa's Fell?
- Yep.
- Used to work there.
- Wow.
Did you hear that, Julius?
You really think we believe that?
- You gotta come with us.
- (exasperated sigh)
The wolves are going to eat
Santa and his Flying Forces!
What?! When... when were you
going to tell me this?
Calm down. No wolf ever made it
all the way up to Santa's Fell.
- Ciao, boys.
- Please!
We need you!
We'll do anything!
(grunting uncomfortably)
Don't get used to the view, missy.
This is strictly a temporary situation.
(Wilma chuckles)
So... have you ever met
the Flying Forces?
WILMA: Oh, yeah, lots of times.
- JULIUS: Whoa!
- WILMA: Whoa!
(Wilma laughing)
Can't you keep your hands off me
for one second?
Madam, please!
My dad's in the Flying Forces!
Maybe you've met him.
Really? Your dad's
one of those guys?
What do you mean,
"one of those guys"?
Oh, n-nothing.
I just never thought of them
as the daddy types.
- What's your dad's name?
- I don't know yet...
...but he's going to teach me
how to fly.
Oh, they love their flying.
It seems like that's all they do.
I've taught Niko all the flying exercises
he needs to know.
Really? Have you taught him
launching leaps? Hmm?
Or breathing short bursts?
Or using hooves
for improved aerodynamics?
Wow! Real flying exercises!
I'll be keeping an eye on you, missy.
Will you, now, Julius? Hmm?
And the name's Nutboy!
I mean Julius!
- I mean!
- (Wilma laughs)
Oh, shut up!
(wolves howling;
Wilma and Niko gasp)
(low growling)
(sinister chuckle)
NIKO: Isn't there a faster way, Wilma?
Well, the shortcut across
the River of Certain Doom
is just around the corner.
River of Certain Doom?!
(distant wolves howling)
WILMA: Okay, this is it!
(Julius scoffs)
That's nothing!
Okay, here's the plan.
(growling and howling)
- WILMA: Hurry, men!
- That's it, Niko! Jump!
JULIUS: Aah! Aahhh...
Go for it! Come on!
That's it, Niko. You can do it!
WILMA: Nice going, Niko...
and a heck of a plan, Julius.
The River of Certain Doom
was a piece of cake.
That was the Trickle of Tranquility.
This is the River of Certain Doom.
NIKO: How...
how do we get across?
WILMA: Across the bridge,
of course.
WILMA: Or not.
NIKO: All aboard!
We have to fly across!
Are you nuts?
I'll do the flying exercises
Wilma taught me.
What's all this Wilma stuff?
Don't you listen to me anymore?
I do, Julius!
You always say I can fly.
That's different! This is for real!
(Niko panting)
NIKO: I can fly! I can fly!
It's working! It's working! It's...!
Oh nooooooo!
That's the end of reindeer boy.
Looks like you bring us luck
after all, marshmallow.
(Black Wolf laughs)
ESSIE: Poor kid.
Come on. We have to find
another way across.
There's a meal waiting
at Santa's Fell.
- JULIUS: Whoooaaaa!
- (Wilma screams)
(both grunt in pain)
JULIUS: Niko, get up!
Oh, no! Look!
Niko! Niko!
Can you hear me? Ohh!
Hurry, Julius, hurry!
Uh, right! Rocks!
We're going to need rocks!
No! Too big! Too small!
Niko's in mortal danger,
and you're insulting rocks?
On my signal...
three, two, one.
(Wilma gasps) Niko!
Niko! Niko!
(both grunt)
- Oh!
- Unh.
(both grunting, straining)
(both gasp)
Oh oh oh!
BOTH: He's alive!
He's alive!
Nice work, Nutboy.
Uh, you too. Whatever.
Come on. We can't just
lie around here all day.
I think somebody does need
to lie around here all day.
(snores softly)
Do you really think Black Wolf
will eat Santa and his Flying Forces?
(chuckles sheepishly)
Well, you know,
doing bad things is
kind of a tradition for us wolves.
(Essie sighs)
But we're not all like that...
nasty, I mean.
Some of us just look that way.
Hey, do you think you could make me
look like less of a bad guy?
Hmm, let's see.
You can start by wagging your tail.
(straining and grunting)
Come on, tail!
(straining and grunting)
Talking to your tail again, Specs?
(Wilma mumbling)
Hey, Nutboy! Who are your friends?
Oh... nobody.
Aren't you going to introduce me?
that's my Aunt Sally
and that's my wife and that's...
that's my son.
Why aren't you at home with them
instead of hanging around
with reindeer boy?
One time long ago...
it... it was a cold winter,
and the little one was hungry,
so I went out to find food.
When I came back,
they were all gone...
Aunt Sally, my wife, my son.
In the snow were tracks.
Wolf tracks.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Nutboy.
I-I didn't know.
Niko's my family now...
at least until he finds
his real dad.
What about you?
Do you have a family?
Yeah, sort of.
Sort of?
Truth is,
my family didn't want me
to be a singer,
but I was young and restless,
so, uh, I ran away from home.
I've been away for years.
I know what it's like
to be on your own.
(Niko gasps)
I had a dream.
I dreamt that Black Wolf
attacked the herd and ate Mom...
and Saga.
It's just a nightmare, Niko.
It wasn't your fault
the wolves attacked the herd.
Nobody blames you.
How do you know?
If Julius says so, then it's true.
(Julius snoring)
(Julius stretching)
(Wilma giggling)
(Niko chuckles)
WILMA: # Well, there's something
that I want to say #
ALL: # And there's something
that I've got to do #
# Even got down on my knees to pray #
# 'Cause, baby, I miss you #
# 'Cause, baby, I miss you #
# Oooohhhh! #
Gentlemen, I give you...
Santa's Fell!
NIKO: We did it! Yay!
- WILMA: Whoo-hoo! Whoo!
- NIKO: Come on!
We have to hurry!
It's Christmas Day tomorrow!
WILMA: The entrance to Santa's Fell,
said to be haunted
and full of deadly traps at every turn.
No one who has gone in there
has made it back out alive.
Last one in is a chicken!
(clucks like a chicken)
JULIUS: (chuckling) Hey!
WILMA: Hey, shh!
Here's the secret shortcut.
JULIUS: Whoa, whoa.
We haven't been very lucky
with shortcuts,
so in my considered opinion...
You didn't hear my considered opinion!
- (cracking sound)
- (gasps)
(all growling)
(Essie gasps)
After you, marshmallow.
(wolves laughing)
But... I thought I was your lucky charm.
You are.
If there are any surprises in there,
you get them first.
Lucky for us!
- (laughing)
- SPECS: I'll go first, boss.
I'm going to miss you, Specs.
(ice cracks)
Watch the step, guys.
JULIUS: That's it!
Niko, I'm not letting you go
one step further.
You go on, Wilma.
Find his dad and tell him
the boy says hello.
Niko and me
will stay right here.
(Niko chuckles nervously)
Nothing to be afraid of.
Ice can't hurt me.
Ice is nice.
Nice ice.
Move it.
(Black Wolf laughing;
rumbling sound)
(Specs and Essie gasp)
(Essie yells)
Oh! Unh! Ohh!
(both sigh in relief)
Look out!
WILMA: Boys.
This is it... the place
where dreams come true.
Up there is Santa's factory.
Look at that!
And that's the Flying Forces airport.
Dad! I'm gonna meet Dad!
You know, Niko,
people aren't always
exactly the way you think they are.
I know exactly what Dad is... a hero!
No, but he...
What Nutboy's trying to say is, well...
Sometimes heroes turn out to be
just like everyone else.
My dad's not like everyone else.
Maybe we should come back
after Christmas!
- Niko!
- Ohh...
Stay sharp, men.
Christmas is no time for fun.
Well, it is,
but you know what I mean.
Uh, Dasher...
I'm not in the mood
for interruptions, Comet.
- But Dasher!
- You too, Blitzen.
Reindeer on the runway!
- That has got to hurt.
- Nice work, guys.
- We almost broke Santa.
- (shatters)
(painful grunt)
Hey, what's the bright idea, kid,
standing on the runway?
Are you trying
to ruin Christmas?
l... my dad. I wanted to...
Do you have any idea
who we are?
Of course he does!
Everybody knows the Flying Forces.
# We're reindeer,
we're not horses #
# We're Santa's Flying Forces!
Ho ho! #
All right, that's enough!
Christmas is right on top of us.
C-Day. I won't tolerate sloppiness.
One slipup like that tomorrow,
and we're all out of a job!
- (laughs) Yeah, right.
- What's funny?
- We can't get fired!
- We're irreplaceable!
CUPID: We're the Flying Forces!
# We're reindeer,
we're not horses #
# We're Santa's Flying Forces!
Ho ho! #
Guys, guys, guys, seriously,
it's starting to get annoying.
Now, let's just hear the kid out.
REINDEER: Yeah! Yeah!
The... the wolves!
They want to eat you... and Santa.
(yawns theatrically)
Thanks, kid,
but there's nothing to worry about.
No wolf has ever made it
through the labyrinth.
- But...
- Why don't you come...
...and get that imagination
something to drink in the mess hall, ja?
BLITZEN: Incorrigible.
Well? What are you waiting for?
(ice scraping)
(low rumbling sound)
(frightened yell)
(ice scraping;
low rumbling sound)
(weak laughter)
(rock 'n' roll music playing;
exasperated sigh)
(reindeer chattering)
DONNER: Hello?
Here speaks Donner.
We're needing more barley brew. Over.
For crying out loud! Again?
- CUPID: That's yours!
- Ja.
(liquid flowing)
Hey, guys, guys, listen up.
I just thought of something.
Nobody can get through
the ice labyrinth, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Ahh!
So how did the kid get here?
- Um, well, l...
- Hello, boys!
Okay, boys,
have I got a song for you!
Wunderbar! I love music!
PRANCER: Bring it on!
- (music playing)
- WILMA: Hit it!
# Ba-dum, ba-dum,
ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum #
Mm mm mm mm!
# Ba-dum, ba-dum,
ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum #
# Hello, fellas #
# We know you're heroes
and you can fly so high #
# You all make Christmas
a special time #
# Now one of you
will get a surprise #
# Yeah, a real big surprise #
That's what I'm saying!
# Is it Dasher,
so strong and wise? #
# Or is it cutie Cupid
with his dreamy eyes? #
# Is it Vixen or even Blitzen? #
# Come on, Prancer,
don't you tell me no lies #
# Listen, fellas, this boy
has come a long way today #
# And one of you shares
the same DNA #
The what?
# Yeah, one of you is Niko's daddy #
The what?!
# So tell me who is Niko's daddy #
She's right.
One of you is my dad.
Do any of you remember taking
a young lady reindeer flying one Christmas?
- Yeah!
- Yeah, right.
Sorry, kid, this is the world famous
Flying Forces you're dealing with.
- We're gonna need more details.
- # We're reindeer, we're not horses #
# We're Santa's Flying Forces!
Ho ho! #
Flying Fools, if you ask me.
- Her name was Oona.
- Oona?
From Home Valley.
- Nah.
- Doesn't ring a bell.
I was so sure.
Santa's Flying Forces. Ha!
None of you deserve to be
this boy's father!
Come on, Niko.
We don't need these guys.
There is one way
we can settle this.
The ability to fly is only passed
from father to son.
If Niko can fly, then we'll know
one of us is his father.
So, guys, what do you think?
REINDEER: The flying test,
the flying test!
The flying test!
(wind howling)
(Niko gulps)
Y-y-you don't have to do this, Niko.
There are many other ways
of finding out who your dad is.
Like what?
Like... like...
I know I can fly, Julius,
just like you always said!
Don't worry, Julius.
It'll be okay.
Imagine you're
a shooting star in the sky.
Don't give in to your fear.
If you get scared,
your power of flight disappears.
You're not here to fall, Niko.
You're here to fly.
- Let's do it!
- You can do it.
- You can do it! Go on!
- Go on, boy!
- All right!
- Go, kid.
I'm not letting you do this.
You mean you don't believe
I can do it.
Yes. No... I mean, you almost died
at the River of Certain Doom.
What if you're not so lucky this time?
I don't need your help, Julius.
Hey, y...
(reindeer chanting)
Believe you can, and you will fly.
Believe you can, and you will fly.
Believe you can, and you will fly.
Believe you can, and you will fly.
- Believe you can, and you will fly!
- No!
Believe you can, and you will fly!
Oh, no!
Niko! Niko!
Niko! Are you hurt?
You were right, Julius.
I couldn't do it.
Whew! Well, he tried.
Don't feel bad, kid.
Wilma, take this brave boy
back to his home.
I guess my dad wasn't
one of Santa's reindeer.
He was just a coward like me.
I know it feels bad, Niko,
but when we're back home,
things will look better!
I don't want to go back home.
I wanted to fly.
You always said you believed
I could do it, but you lied!
I was just being cautious.
You didn't want me to come here.
Of course I did!
You didn't want me to find Dad!
- Niko...
- You didn't want me to fly.
...lower your voice.
- WILMA: Guys!
You ruined everything!
- I forbid you to...
- You can't forbid me anything.
You're not my dad.
I never want to see you again!
WILMA: Niko, wait!
(distant ice creaking and rumbling)
(high-pitched screeching sound)
(ice cracking)
(howling; ice cracking)
Nutboy means well.
He's just...
- (low rumbling sound)
- (gasps)
BOTH: Huh?
- Wolves!
- Oh, no!
NIKO: Hurry!
(panicked gasp)
(wolves howling)
The wolves are here!
Now, Niko, I told you
no wolf has ever...
(evil laughter)
Men, assume flying positions.
There's a new Santa in town!
Why don't they fly away?
WILMA: They're too scared.
They've lost the belief.
Whoa! Hey, hey, hey,
nice wolf.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey, down boy.
Not the face, not the face!
(sharp growl; small toy squeaks)
Dooh! Uhhh.
Christmas dinner is served!
(Black Wolf laughing)
You're supposed to be dead!
- (Niko chuckles nervously)
- I'll give you something to laugh about!
(all yelling in terror)
(wolves howling)
(distant, indistinct
Christmas carol playing)
# Have a happy Christmastime #
# Have a happy, happy... #
Help! Santa!
The wolves are here!
You've reached Santa's Hotline.
If you've been nice all year
and want to leave a wish list,
- please press one.
- (Black Wolf growls)
If you've been naughty,
please hold and one of our elf operators
will be with you shortly.
(female vocalists continue singing)
(Niko gasps)
MALE ELF: Please state
the nature of your naughtiness.
Oh... kay.
No presents for you this year.
(needle scratches
phonograph record)
(Niko gasping)
(sinister laughter from Black Wolf)
(sinister laughter)
(sharp whistle)
- Wow, a teddy bear!
- Wow!
Lucky you!
(Wilma giggles; Smiley growls)
(Niko struggles)
Hey, reindeer boy.
Know how we catch squirrels
in the summer?
(amused snarl)
- (Black Wolf chuckles)
- JULIUS: Leave him alone!
Don't worry, Niko!
I'll take care of him.
(Julius tries to sound fierce)
(toy squeaks)
(snarling ravenously)
(Wilma giggles)
(Julius groans; Niko cries out)
- Niko!
- PRANCER: Just relax, Prancer.
- PRANCER: This is good, this is good.
- JULIUS: Come on!
- PRANCER: Your face is fine...
- JULIUS: You gotta help him!
You can fly!
PRANCER: I can't see them...
so they can't see me.
(Prancer yells)
Oh, grr!
No one to help you now,
reindeer boy!
- (Prancer and Julius yelling)
- Huh?
PRANCER: Whoooaaaa!
(low, steady growl)
(Wilma giggling playfully)
Hey, come back here, you coward!
I wasn't finished.
(reindeer quavering)
(Prancer yelling)
Niko needs help!
Save him!
We... we can't even save ourselves.
That boy braved rivers, wolves,
and blizzards to meet you,
the Flying Forces.
He thought you were the bravest,
most heroic reindeer in the world.
He believed in you!
Well? Was he wrong?
Are you the world famous
Flying Forces
who never give up,
no matter what,
or... or just a bunch
of frightened... horses?
(sharp gasp; short chuckle)
We're reindeer,
we're not horses.
We're Santa's Flying Forces.
Ho, ho!
(Black Wolf snarling)
(timber creaking)
(timber cracking)
(evil chuckle)
Ha ha ha!
(reindeer chuckle)
(Julius and Niko gasp)
(Black Wolf laughs)
(Niko whimpers)
Hold on, Niko!
(Niko cries out)
(sharp growl)
Men, Santa Speed!
(sinister laughter from Black Wolf)
End of the line for you,
reindeer boy.
(Julius cries out)
Julius! No!
- I've always believed in you, Niko.
- Aah!
NIKO: Aaaahhhh!
(sinister chuckle)
At least I won't go
on an empty stomach!
NIKO: Leave him alone!
(short, surprised growl)
You did, it Niko!
You can fly!
You can fly!
(Niko giggles)
(Julius laughing, yelling)
(gulps hard)
(Niko growls)
- (Smiley growls)
- Boss...
What do we do now?
Who needs reindeer
when you've got moss?
Raahhh! Raahhh!
(Julius laughs)
(all laughing)
Hey, you wanna go see if there are
some leftovers in Santa's kitchen?
That sounds like
the best Christmas present ever.
(both laughing)
(Julius and Niko laugh)
Hey, kid.
Good work.
Uh, Prancer, is it?
Well, actually,
you can... you can call me...
(swallows hard)
- You're... you're my dad?
- JULIUS: Whoa, whoa!
Yeah. I... I guess so.
(laughter and music)
Hey, fellas, a big cheer
for my son, the hero!
# For he's a jolly good reindeer #
# For he's a jolly good reindeer #
# For he's a jolly good reindeer #
(Niko sighs)
(reindeer belching)
(short burp)
- (all laughing)
- Nice one, son.
Ho, ho, ho, men,
Santa's ready!
Oh, wow!
So, you must be Niko.
Uh, yes, sir.
I hear you've had quite a time.
I've had a word with the boys,
and they tell me you
may be able to do me a little favor.
Oh, wow.
Look at the boy.
He really did it.
You were pretty heroic
yourself, Julius.
I kinda like "Nutboy."
Listen, kid,
I'm sorry about earlier...
you know,
not telling you right away.
I guess I was...
No. No, no, no.
Santa's reindeer don't get scared.
When Christmas is over, Dad,
we can go back to the herd
and you'll meet Mom again...
and Grandpa!
And we can all live together!
Oh, of course,
that'd be just great,
but we need
to practice flying every day.
You know, race over the Alps,
shoot up to the moon.
(Prancer chuckles)
But what about after all that?
After all that,
we'll have even more fun!
Sing reindeer songs,
play reindeer games!
And boogie the night away!
# Unh unh unh
unh unh-unh #
- Funky!
- Yah, mon.
I have to go back home now, Niko.
I'll tell your mother you're all right.
I know you'll be the best reindeer
on the Flying Forces.
Julius, wait!
Just like you always dreamed of!
No, Julius!
Come back!
Why did he leave, Wilma?
I have a feeling
he didn't want to get in the way.
I'm telling the truth!
Niko can fly and has joined
Santa's Flying Forces!
We don't have time
for your stories, Julius.
They don't put food in our mouths.
I trusted you to bring my boy back!
SAGA: I believe you, Julius.
Do you think Niko's happy?
Sure. I've never seen him so happy.
(Julius sniffling)
NIKO: Yeehaw!
- Hey!
- What?
- SAGA: What's that up there?
- (Oona gasps; Grandpa chuckles)
- GRANDPA: What on earth is that?
- SAGA: It's Niko!
(Niko laughing)
- REINDEER BOY: Niko can fly!
- Huh?
Whoa! Niko can fly!
(Niko laughing)
Niko! My little boy!
Mom! Not in front of everybody.
What happened?
Are you all right?
Where have you been!
I'm sorry I ran away, Mom.
Niko? Why aren't you
with the Flying Forces?
Uh, because, well...
And they let you
fly off on your own?
Those irresponsible,
# We're Santa's Flying Forces!
Ho ho! #
OONA: It's them!
I never thought I'd see the day.
SANTA: Make it snappy, boys!
DASHER: As a token of our gratitude
for saving our lives,
Julius the Flying Squirrel
will from now on be
an honorary member
of Santa's Flying Forces.
- What?
- Ja, ja! Excellent!
Okay, men, come on!
(performing vocal warm-up exercises)
# He's a squirrel, not a hamster #
# A hero, not a prankster!
Ho ho! #
Thanks, guys.
That's... almost too much.
Yes, well, it is, but, what the heck,
it's Christmas!
(Niko chuckles)
Hey, Niko, you coming with us?
I went all the way
to Santa's Fell to find my dad,
but then I realized
he was with me all along.
I'm staying here.
(Julius weeps softly)
(reindeer sigh and chuckle)
(clears throat softly)
But... maybe I could come
visit you after Christmas, if...
if that's okay.
Yeah, and I could teach you
vertical takeoffs and backward flips.
Well, I mean, if that's okay with,
uh, your mom.
Merry Christmas, Niko.
SANTA: Let's get this show
on the road, boys!
Ho ho ho!
Hi, Niko.
(Saga chuckles)
(wind howls softly)
Over here!
Plenty of food and water.
What did I tell ya?
I always said the boy could fly!
slow down!
Don't ever do that again.
What the heck, do it again!
Do it again!
# Winter snow and ice between us #
# Keeping us so far apart #
# In the stars
I'll find the answers #
# To the questions of my heart #
# Moonlight on the snow
that whispers #
# Falling through the silent night #
# Like the stars so far above me #
# I know your love shines so bright #
# Can you show me,
can you show me #
# Can you show me
the way to the stars? #
# Will you take me,
will you take me #
# Will you take me
away to the stars? #
# Through the cold
and stormy weather #
# Far across the mountains high #
# Through the forests,
over oceans #
# Your love guides me like a light #
# Can you show me,
can you show me #
# Can you show me
the way to the stars? #
# Will you take me,
will you take me #
# Will you take me away? #
# Can you show me #
# Can you show me #
# Can you show me
the way to the stars? #