The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone (1980) Movie Script

[theme music]
'Wilma! Where's
my chicken beak?'
'Just a minute, Fred.'
'I'm having trouble
getting my ears on.'
[Fred laughing]
Oh, boy! Just wait till
Barney sees the outfits
we came up with, Wilma.
Here's your beak, Fred.
I wonder what kind of costumes
Barney and Betty are wearing.
I don't know,
but if Monty Marble
doesn't pick us
to "Make A Deal Or Don't"
I'll sure be surprised.
Ha! Just think,
appearing on a TV game show.
Oh, I'm so excited.
Come on, Wilma, we gotta beat
Barney and Betty to the show.
First come, first pick,
you know.
[Fred chuckling]
Careful, Wilma,
we don't want the Rubbles
seein' us in our costumes.
Really, Fred, aren't you being
a little bit ridiculous?
Cut it out, Dino.
Shh. Be quiet.
He doesn't recognize us, Fred.
Stop it, Dino. It's me, Fred.
Cut it out, Dino.
Knock it off.
Run to the car, Fred.
[Dino barking]
We're a cinch to win, Wilma.
Even Dino thinks
I'm a real chickenasaurus.
Barney, what was that loud
racket outside a while ago?
Oh, that was just Dino
chasin' a big chickenasaurus
around on Fred's front lawn.
Remind me to have
our garage enlarged, Wilma.
Why is that, Fred?
Why, to hold the new car
we're gonna win
on the "Make A Deal Or Don't"
show, of course.
[Wilma laughing]
Uh, hello, chief?
Officer Riley here.
'I've just observed
a couple of strange characters'
'drivin' down Rock Avenue.'
Give me a description,
and I'll run a make on 'em.
Well, one guy is about 5'8"
'not countin' the top feathers
on his head.'
"Top feathers on his head?"
Uh, h-hold everything, chief.
This is gettin' more suspicious
all the time.
'I am now observin' a car
driven by a short daisy'
'with a bumble bee
sittin' next to him.'
'A short daisy
and a bumble bee? Huh?'
How about it, chief?
Shall I bring 'em in? Huh?
- Huh?
- 'No, Riley.'
I think you'd better come in
and let's talk about
a little vacation for you.
'I think you need a rest.'
[instrumental music]
'This is Monty Marble
saying good evening'
'and welcome to
"Make A Deal Or Don't."'
[cheering and applause]
Some of you out there
are going to win
some wonderful prizes tonight.
He's gonna call on me, Wilma.
I feel it in my bones.
Ha ha. Which bones, Fred?
Your drumstick
or your wing bones?
You'll see, you'll see.
And now, let's get our
first contestants up here.
What a collection
of goofy costumes.
- Pick me!
- Pick me!
Which one will I pluck
from the audience?
Me, Monty! Me! Me!
Sorry, chum,
I'm not a chicken plucker.
But I am, I am a nature lover.
So I think I'll pick a daisy.
Huh? Barney instead of me?
Oh, boy, Wilma.
Monty made one big mistake.
Oh, stop ruffling your feathers,
Fred. Sit down.
He's got no class.
He should have picked me.
Now, just relax, sir.
What's your name?
Uh, uh uh, my name?
Uh, uh, oh, gee, I..
Hey, Betty, what's my name?
Barney Rubble.
Oh, wow, he picked a real doozy.
Barney's not a doozy.
Ha ha. He's a daisy.
Okay, Barney Rubble, to get
this show off to a grand start
I'm going to give you a grand.
A $1000 bill.
- Uh, gee, gee, thanks.
- Hold it, Barney.
With that money,
you can make a deal or don't.
Are you willing to trade back
that $1000
'for whatever is behind
that curtain?'
Well, uh, I..
'No, Barney, don't do it.'
Keep the money!
Keep the money!
Go for the curtain, Barn!
Go for the curtain!
Well, uh, gee,
I-I don't know.
Keep the money, Barney!
Keep it!
Uh, uh, that's my wife.
I better keep the money.
He's going to keep the money,
Congratulations, Betty.
What do you mean,
He goofed. He might've
doubled or tripled that.
You chickened out, Barn!
You should be wearing
my costume.
Heh heh heh.
Uh, Mr. Chickenasaurus,
would you come up here, please?
Oh, sure.
[drum roll]
Hi. I'm Fred Flintstone.
Nice to know you, Fred.
- Here is a $1000.
- $1000?
'You thought your friend
made the wrong choice.'
So I'm going to offer you
the same deal.
That $1000 for whatever is
behind that curtain.
(male #1)
'Don't do it!'
Oh, oh, well, I, uh, well,
I didn't mean to.. Oh, gee.
We're waiting, Mr. Skinflit.
Uh, uh, Mr. Flintskin.
It's Flintstone.
Well, you see..
A-a-a bird in a hand..
What I mean, is..
Hey, chicken, I think
you're layin' an egg. Heh heh.
Oh, yeah?
I'll go for the curtain.
Open the curtain, Ronnie!
'Here is what you bought
for your $1000.'
- Huh!
- A picture?
- How much is it worth?
- About $4.
It's just a print,
not an original.
- $4?
- But that's not your prize.
It merely represents
the real prize that you've won.
A free trip for two
to romantic Rocksylvania
'where you and your bunny rabbit
will spend the night'
'in the castle of
the legendary Count Rockula.'
A free trip for Wilma and me?
A night in
Count Rockula's castle.
How romantic.
Oh, I'm so glad
Fred chose the curtain.
Count Rockula's castle has been
converted into a tourist hotel.
'You and your lovely wife'
will attend
the opening night costume ball
the Rocksylvania monster bash.
Oh, boy, I wish
I'd have picked the curtain.
Mr. Rubble,
I'll make a deal with ya.
Give back the $1000, and
I'll let you and your honeybee
go along with
the Flintstones!
Really? I, uh..
What do you think, Betty?
Take it, take it.
Oh, yeah, Barney, come with us.
It's a deal, Monty.
Here's your money back.
Attaboy, Barn.
Rocksylvania, here we come.
[instrumental music]
[intense music]
[train chugging]
Well, here we are.
[wolf howling]
[both gasp]
[thunder rumbling]
Hey, there's
Count Rockula's castle.
[wolf howling]
- Ah!
- Uh, uh, t-take it easy, Betty.
Uh, there's absolutely nothin'
to be afraid of, uh, I think.
Wouldn't you know
our train would be late?
The monster bash
must've started already.
Yes, Fred,
let's get to the castle.
How are we gonna do that? Fly?
Eh, why not, Fred?
Heh heh heh.
That's what Count Rockula
used to do.
Heh, heh, heh.
Cheep! Cheep!
Very funny, Barn. Come on.
There's gotta be a taxi stand
around here someplace.
We'll be right back, girls.
Don't take too long, Fred.
It's kinda scary here.
Good evening, ladies.
Fred! Fred, where are you?
Barney, help.
Stand back, girls.
We'll protect you.
You are Mr. Flinsteinund Mr. Ruble?
Uh, yeah, I'm Mr. Ruble,
and this is Mr. Flinstein.
It's Flintstone. Who are you?
I am Igor,
from the Rocksylvania Hotel.
I've been instructionized
to drive you to the castle.
'You are please to follow me
to the hotel auto.'
'Hey, they sent a car for us.'
Yeah, maybe we'll
be in time for the ball.
[wolf howling]
Sounds like wolves howling
out there.
Impossible, Wilma.
The guidebook says there
are no wolves in Rocksylvania.
Those are verevolves.
- 'Verevolves?'
- 'Verevolves?'
Verevolves are human beings
with the power
to change themselves
into volves.
Oh, how thrilling.
'Verevolves was the only things
that would frighten'
'Count Rockula.'
'That is why he was working
in the secret laboratory.'
- Working?
- In a secret laboratory?
Ja, to create
a Frankenstone monster.
To scare away the verevolves.
Boy, oh, boy, this character
could win the Rockademy Award.
Count Rockula has not been
seen for 500 years.
But no one knows when he might
again come to life.
- Come to life?
- Come to life?
Relax, will ya?
This guy is just part
of a phony act
the hotel is puttin' on.
[howling continues]
Here we are.
Count Rockula's castle.
Boy, what a spooky place.
I will carry the bags
in for you.
It's okay, Igor.
We'll handle it from here.
Very well.
- Fred!
- Huh? Oh, oh, yeah, sure.
Here you are, pal.
Keep the change.
Thank you, Mr. Flinstein.
It's Flintstone.
Whatever you say.
Ah! It's a real bat.
[door creaking]
[Fred chuckles]
Hi, there.
We're the Flintstones,
and, uh, the Rubbles.
You are who?
Uh, let me handle this, Fred.
Uh, ma'am, we're the Flintsteins
and the Rubles.
I am the housekeeper.
Frau Gerta Gravestone.
You will go inside, you will
ring the bell on the desk
and shortly the manager
will come out. Go.
Y-y-yeah, yeah. Sure.
Come on, guys.
How'd it go, Charlie?
Beautiful, Gladys.
They really fell
for my spooky stories.
Look what the big spender
gave me. Two bits.
Ha ha. The last of
the fat spenders.
[bell dings]
The service here is terrible.
Where's the manager?
Be patient, Fred.
She said he'd be here shortly.
- Aah!
- Aah!
It's Count Rockula.
No, no.
I amHerr Silika.
The manager. Heh.
This is my party costume.
Heh heh heh.
Are we too late for
the costume ball, Mr. Silika?
Oh, not at all, my dear.
It will continue until
the cock crows at dawn. Heh heh.
There is a costume
for each of you in your rooms.
Oh, thank you.
[disco music]
So this is the monster bash, eh?
Oh, it looks like such fun.
You know, Barney, I'm glad
they're providin' the costumes.
I wouldn't know what to wear
to a monster bash.
In your case, Fred
a monster bash is
a come-as-you-are party.
Heh heh heh.
I'm warnin' you, Barn,
that's a 30-foot drop.
This will be your room,
Mr. and Mrs. Rubble.
This was Count Rockula's
Hey, no kiddin'. So this
is where the old bat slept.
Heh heh heh.
Your costumes are in the closet.
Thank you.
See you later, Wilma.
But now I will take you
to your room.
It might interest you to know
that this was theboudoir
of Count Rockula's bride.
Oh, my goodness.
The bride of Rockula
actually slept here?
Did she sleep in a bed
or did she hang
from the ceilin'?
Heh heh heh.
Oh, Fred.
As soon as you have changed
into your costumes
you will join
the festivities downstairs.
Thank you, Mr. Silika.
Oh! Isn't this exciting, Fred?
I can hardly wait
to see my costume.
[clock ticking]
Here comes the bride
Come on, Rocky,
what's taking you so long?
'I will be ready in two shakes
of a vampire's tail.'
Wilma, are you havin' a fit?
No, but your costume
could use one.
Come on, let's see
what the Rubbles look like.
Heh heh. Watch this, Wilma.
I'll bet I scare
the daylights out of 'em.
thud thud thud
Open ze door.
In ze name of Count Rockula!
Hey, what's the matter, Fred?
Somethin' you ate?
Wise guy!
Oh, how cute.
Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstone.
Barney, you gotta be
the shortest Frankenstone
in history.
Instead of Frankenstone,
they're gonna call you
Heh heh heh.
Hey, watch it, Rockula.
It ain't smart to get us
monsters mad, you know?
Oh, my eyes are too dark, Betty.
Would you come into my room
and help me fix my make-up?
Sure, Wilma. I mean, Countess.
[both laughing]
Fellas, if you hear us scream,
come a-running.
You know somethin', Barn?
They're really scared.
Uh, they don't sound
scared to me.
It's this phony horror act
the hotel is puttin' out
for the guests.
Like this phony bat,
for instance.
[both screaming]
Hey, Fred, where are you?
I'm right behind you, Barn.
Uh, w-where does this lead to?
When we get there,
you'll be the first to know!
thud thud
Uh, you know somethin', Fred?
This is the place
Igor was talkin' about.
'Count Rockula's
secret laboratory.'
'A-and that's
the Frankenstone monster'
'Rockula was workin' on
500 years ago.'
'L-let's get outta here.'
Barney, you're as naive
as Wilma and Betty.
'The trapdoor, the lab,
that Frankenstone dummy'
it's all part of the act
like the funhouse
at the amusement park.
'Oh, I guess
you're right, Fred.'
'Boy, they sure went through
a lot of trouble'
'to make it look convincin'.'
Wait till the girls
hear about this.
We better get back upstairs,
'But-but-but how are we
gonna do that, Fred?'
'There's no door
leadin' outta here.'
Gee, you're right, Barn.
No doors.
Hey, uh, this is the way we
came in, but how do we get out?
Say, that's your window
up there.
These vines on the outside wall
lead to your terrace.
'Why don't we climb the vines?'
Hey, good idea.
As Rockula would say,
"Vine not?" He he he.
Boy, you've got
some sense of humor.
Yeah, I'll say.
It keeps me in stitches.
You're gonna get real stitches
if you don't start climbin'.
"Vine not!" Boy, oh, boy.
crackle crackle
[intense music]
Where could they have gone?
Maybe they went down
to the party without us.
Fred wouldn't dare.
- Hi, Wilma.
- Hello, Betty.
You'll never guess
what happened.
We won't even try.
It's midnight.
We'd like to enjoy the party
before it runs out of steam.
Well, but, Betty,
wait till you hear what, uh--
Come on, Barn,
we'll tell 'em later.
clang clang clang
[intense music]
thud thud
Midnight already?
How long have I been asleep?
500 years, master.
500 years?
Oh, boy, did I oversleep!
You should've awakened me
400 years ago.
[disco music]
what is that noise?
It sounds like music.
Come, we will investigate.
We will use
the secret staircase.
[music continues]
Oh, Fred, I'm having such
a good time. Aren't you?
Hm, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Terrific party.
I could dance like this
all night. Couldn't you?
Uh, uh, yeah, Betty, I could,
uh, dance like this all..
Wilma, look at this.
'My Frankenstone fell asleep.'
What? Fred, would you
believe this?
Oh, no.
Come on, you sleeping beauties.
Wake up!
I know how to wake them.
Dinner's ready!
- Coming, dear.
- Where, where, where, where?
Sorry, Wilma,
it's been a long day
what with all that travel.
I just gotta hit the sack.
Uh, yeah, me too, Betty.
Well, I guess that does it
for the big monster bash.
I'm afraid so.
Let's get these
zombies upstairs.
Yeah, and I was really
enjoying myself.
A couple of party poopers,
that's what they are.
See you in the morning, Wilma.
Goodnight, Betty.
Come on, Fred.
Now, let's see what's
going on in my castle.
Who are these people?
Where did they come from?
Looks like a party.
Now, here are the finalists
in our costume contest.
Your applause
will determines the winners.
Stop! Stop!
Stop the music!
'You are intruders.'
'I want you
to leave my castle at once.'
Oh, such perfect costumes.
There's no question about it.
Those are the prize winners.
The fools!
They think we are party guests
wearing costume.
I will show them!
[all gasping]
- Did you see that?
- Did you see that?
Oh!Ach du lieber. Folks,
this is not part of the show.
It must be
the real Count Rockula.
'Run for your lives!'
[bat screeching]
[all screaming]
Out! Out! Everybody out!
- Ah!
- Let's go!
Now to make certain no one else
is left in the castle
we will check the rooms.
Yes, check the rooms.
[crickets chirping]
Ah, what's wrong, Fred?
The noise. Don't you hear it?
There's no noise.
It's perfectly quiet.
That's just it, Wilma. There's
supposed to be a party goin' on.
Hm, that's true.
Oh, guess they all pooped out
the way you and Barney did.
- Go to sleep, Fred.
- I can't sleep. I'm famished.
I'm gonna go down
and raid that buffet table
before they clear it away.
Good luck.
Well, it looks like we got rid
of all the nosy people.
Everybody is gone.
Only one more room to check.
It's her! It's her!
I see my bride in there.
She is as young and beautiful
as she was 500 years ago.
How surprised and delighted
she will be
'when she learns that I have
returned to her.'
'No, do not lift the picture.'
I will make
my usual spectacular entrance
'from the terrace.'
Hm, they've already
turned out the lights.
Boy, oh, boy, I hope
they haven't cleared away
'the refreshments.
I'll turn on a light.'
[Fred screams]
'Do not move.'
'I will turn on
the light for you.'
click click click
[teeth chattering]
I had you fooled there,
didn't I, Fred?
Someday, Barn, someday.
Uh, you're not the only one
who likes a little
midnight snackeroo.
'Hey, we're in luck.
They left all the food!'
'Yeah, that's great.'
But why did everybody leave
the party and all this food?
Ah, who cares? Let's eat.
Right, pal.Bon appetit.
Yeah, yeah, bone.
[bat screeching]
My beloved bride!
It is me, Count Rockula.
I have returned.
Oh! Ah! You woke me up.
I was having such a nice dream.
Your dream has come true,
my darling.
After 500 years
I have come back to you.
Why, Mr. Silika,
how dare you come into my room?
- This is an outrage!
- An outrage?
But you are my bride.
Who is Mr. Silika?
Look, a joke is a joke,
but this is carrying it too far.
You'd better
clear out of here fast.
My husband will be back
any minute.
Your husband? That is me!
I warn you,
if he finds you here
there's no telling
what he'll do.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Come, we will leave together.
Oh, I'm gonna report you
to Monty Marble
'the producers
of "Make A Deal Or Don't."'
Or they gonna
hear about this!
Boy, these mastodon meatballs
are delicious.
Oh, I'll say.
Hey, how about it,
You want one? Eh, guess Frankie
don't care for meatballs.
Well, maybe old Frankie
would prefer
one of these here drumsticks.
Fred, the-the,
it-it's the real Frankenstone.
'Barn, would you knock it off?'
No, I-I mean it. Look.
It's real, huh?
Now, no more jokes.
I, I wasn't jokin', Fred.
You know, maybe
all this harum-scarum stuff
is gettin' to me, just like
it got to Wilma and Betty.
Hey, speakin' of the girls
they're gonna start wonderin'
where we are.
Come on, let's turn in.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, okay, Fred.
Goodnight, whatever you are.
See you in the mornin', Fred.
Yeah, see you at breakfast.
Guess Wilma's next door
shootin' the breeze with Betty.
Boy, these women,
yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.
No, Fred,
Wilma didn't come in here.
'That's funny.
She's not in our room.'
Well, if she's not in your room
and she's not in our room
where could she be?
I don't know, Barn.
She's gotta be somewhere
in this creepy hotel.
Just relax, Fred.
Barney, you go look
for the hotel manager.
Fred, you come with me,
we'll check all the rooms.
Okay. Boy, I tell you,
this could drive a guy batty.
[water dripping]
(Count Rockula)
'Ah, my secret crypt.'
'Do you not remember this place'
where we used to meet
before you became my bride?
Mr. Silika, I don't appreciate
this phony act of yours.
You know, my dear
you are beautiful
when you are angry.
Oh, I don't know
about beautiful
but I'm angry alright,
Mr. Silika--
Who is this Mr. Silika?
[banging on door]
'Well, my goodness!
Who are you?'
I don't recall seeing a tall
Frankenstone at the party.
She very beautiful.
Oh, no, not you too.
Look, fellas, I'm flattered
but I'm tired
of this corny game, Mr. Silika.
I am not Silika!
I am Count Rockula!
Watch this.
[bat screeching]
[Wilma screaming]
Well, my dear,
have I convinced you?
Uh, y-yes, uh, I believe you.
Now to get out of here.
Uh, look, uh,
you're the real Count Rockula
but I'm not the real
bride of Rockula.
Maybe I just resemble her.
Hm? It is true.
You are not my bride.
Uh, thank goodness
we've cleared that up.
But you are so lovely,
so beautiful
that I must make you
my new bride.
Oh, oh.
Look, I'm flattered
by your proposal
but I can't become your bride,
I'm a married woman.
I am Mrs. Fred Flintstone.
Hm, too bad.
Even in Rocksylvania,
it is illegal to marry a woman
who is already married.
But wait,
I could make her my bride
if she were a widow.
[both laughing]
Uh-oh. Think fast, Wilma,
he really means it.
Frankenstone, find her husband
'and take care
of that little matter.'
Yes, master.
[Wilma laughs]
Ah, you won't have to
look very far.
Fred is right behind you
with the chief of police.
- What?
- Where?
It's locked!
Quick, break it down!
thud thud thud
Uh-oh. I g-gotta
find a place to hide.
I will look for her upstairs.
You will go outside
and search the grounds.
I couldn't find Mr. Silika
or Igor or-or the housekeeper.
Uh, did you look
in all the guest rooms?
Yeah, and they're all empty.
It seems like
everybody has left the castle
including my sweet little Wilma.
Say, maybe the party
moved outside.
- She might be with the crowd.
- That's it! Let's go.
[knock on door]
In here!
I think we lost him.
- Where are we?
- Looks like the basement.
With those weirdos
runnin' around
maybe Wilma came
down here to hide.
Uh, you're right, Fred.
Hey, uh, she might even
be in here. Empty.
(Count Rockula)
'They could be down here
in the basement.'
- Uh-oh.
- 'Come, we will take a look.'
Yeah, yeah.
Quick, into the barrels.
I'm sure I heard Fred's voice.
(Count Rockula)
'This way, Frankenstone.'
That was Wilma.
Honey, where are ya?
(Count Rockula)
did you hear a voice?'
Wilma, it's you.
Fred, listen,
I've got to warn you.
- 'Follow me.'
- Uh-oh. Get down.
We must find him.
I will search over there.
You stay here
and check the barrels.
Yes, master.
[imitating Count Rockula]
Forget about the barrel,
search elsewhere!
Yes, master.
Phew! Good thinking, Fred.
Yeah, that was usin' your brain,
uh, for a change. Heh heh heh.
Thanks a lot, Barn.
Say, why are those weirdos
chasin' us?
Because Rockula
wants to make me his bride.
That's ridiculous!
He can't marry a woman
who's already got a husband.
He knows that. That's why
he wants to make me a widow.
Oh, well, in that case,
there's no prob..
Hey, wait a minute!
A widow?
Hurry, let's get out
of this castle.
I'm-I'm stuck.
Oh, help me, Barney.
I don't know
what's holding him in.
I do, about two dozen
mastodon meatballs.
(Count Rockula)
'This way, Frankenstone.'
Oh, dear, they're coming back.
Uh, I-I'll see you later, Fred.
Uh, uh, come on, Betty.
- You too, Wilma. Get going.
- Get down.
(Count Rockula)
'I am sure I heard voices.'
Those barrels,
did you check them out?
Uh, no, master.
Master told me,
"Forget barrels."
What? I said no such thing.
Look in the barrels.
I'll look over there.
Uh, what happened?
It's only a werewolf mask. Shh!
Aha! You must be Mr. Flintstone.
Yeah, b-but wait,
wait a minute, pal.
I-I'm not Flintstone.
I'm just the, uh, the, uh,
the, uh, the building inspector.
- That's all.
- You are who?
Uh, the-the-the local
b-building inspector.
Why would a building inspector
be rolling around
inside the ba-barrel?
Yeah, well, uh, well, uh
I'm also
the local barrel inspector.
You inspect
buildings and barrels
at 3 o'clock in the morning?
Uh, yeah, well, uh, um..
Moonlighting. That's what
I'm doing, moonlighting.
- I have several jobs.
- Ridiculous!
Do you take me for a fool?
You are Fred Flintstone.
Or shall we put it this way?
You were Fred Flintstone.
Uh, I like the first way better.
Argh! A werewolf!
My worst enemy!
Help! Save me!
Oh, please, Mr. Wolfman, mercy!
Oh, Fred,
it's only Barney in a mask.
Barn? Oh, thanks, pal.
I owe you one.
Hey, good actin' job, huh?
Heh heh heh.
Hey, maybe I can become another
Lawrence Locklivier, huh?
You were terrific!
Wasn't he, Wil..
Where is she?
Where is Wilma?
She's not with us, Fred.
I think she ran off
in a different direction.
We gotta find her before Rockula
does. Come on!
Hey, we just passed
that old mummy case.
'Uh, maybe
Wilma is hidin' in it.'
Wait here.
I'll check it out.
B-Barney, help.
Oh, Barney.
Look what you did
to my poor husband.
You mean, that's Barney?
Wilma, is that you?
- Uh-huh.
- 'Oh, thank goodness!'
Oh, I'm sorry, Barn.
I thought
you were a real wolfman.
That's quite a wallop
you got for a mummy.
It's lucky I hid in here
because I discovered
something fantastic!
Look! A secret stairway.
'That could lead us outta here.'
Hey, while old Rocky and Frankie
are looking for us down here
we'll be upstairs
makin' our escape.
Right! Let's go.
This is all your fault, Barney.
'You talked me into takin'
a chance on the mystery prize'
instead of keepin' the $1000.
Well, you tried to make me
go for the curtain too.
Oh, stop it, you two.
We're in enough trouble
without trying to figure out
who got us into this mess.
All clear. Follow me.
Nobody in the ballroom.
Let's go.
Here they come. Grab them!
In here, master.
We are locked out!
Mr. Flintstone, listen to me.
You cannot escape
from the castle
but I will offer you a deal.
Unh-unh. No deals, pal.
Makin' a deal
is what got us into this mess
in the first place.
Ah! He is too clever for me.
Master, I break door.
No, Frankenstone.
We cannot keep breaking doors.
Doors are expensive.
Remember, I had no income
for 500 years.
'Bring me the spare key.'
Spare key?
Uh-oh. We're in big trouble.
Uh, what do we do, Fred?
We've gotta escape
before Frankenstone
comes back with the key.
It's so dark and misty,
I can't see the ground.
Barn, you wanna jump
and see how far it is?
'He'll do no such thing, Fred.'
'It must be at least 50 feet.'
Why don't we make a rope
out of bed sheets and blankets?
I know a better way
to get out of here.
Betty's right.
We'll make a rope.
But, Fred, if you'll
just listen to my suggestion.
our lives may be at stake.
- We gotta act fast.
- Okay, Fred.
Easy. That's it,
keep lettin' it out.
Hey, Fred, we're, we're,
we're runnin' out of rope.
Keep goin'
with what you got, Barney.
I'm sure I'm near the ground.
Hey, I'm down.
Fred, come back, quick!
What? Why should I come back?
Look, I'm standin' on solid..
You know, I'm gettin' a little
tired of these close calls.
May I assume
that now you're ready
to listen to my suggestion?
'Okay, Wilma. What is it?'
A secret passageway.
Gee, whizz, Wilma
why didn't you tell us
about this before?
Come on, gang.
Ah, you know,
I love Fred very much
but there are times..
What took you so long?
Flintstone climbed down on rope.
I stopped him.
Ah! Go back under the window.
- They might try again.
- Yes, master.
And now, my friends,
you're finished!
You hear me? You are..
You are gone?
I did it! I did it!
Rockula is locked in the room.
Let's get out of here.
Back, everybody, back.
Uh, hey, he stopped poundin'.
I-I think we're safe in here,
uh, for a while.
Yeah. Wilma, Betty,
move away, quick.
'You're standing on a trapdoor.'
- Huh?
- Huh?
Uh, we fell through it before.
Zoom, right down
to the secret lab.
'A trapdoor
leading down to a secret lab?'
How did you get out?
We climbed out through
this big window down there.
Uh-huh. And where does
the window lead to?
Where does any window lead to?
It leads to outside,
out to the castle grounds.
Uh-oh. Hold everything, folks.
I just thought
of a terrific plan.
I knew you would, Fred.
Why don't we drop through
this trapdoor down to the lab?
Then we could
climb out the window
and escape from the castle.
That's a great plan, Fred.
- Oh, boy.
- Oh, boy.
(Count Rockula)
'you will not get away
this time.'
[doorknob rattling]
Uh-oh. Come on, Fred.
- Open that trapdoor.
- Right, Barn.
Eh, uh,
how'd I do it before?
Gee, I don't know.
You were movin' around the room
and, uh, just sort of pickin' up
different objects.
Yeah, I remember. It was one of
those objects I picked up.
- Which object was that, Fred?
- That, I don't remember.
We'll just have to try 'em all.
start pickin' up objects.
- Nah, it's not this one.
- It's not this one.
Be reasonable, Flintstone.
Let's talk it over.
And it isn't this one.
(Count Rockula)
'Give a big push, Frankenstone.'
Aha! You are trapped.
Stay behind me, gang.
I'll protect you.
I will not waste words.
Your wife, Wilma,
will go with me.
Unh-unh, pal.
Wilma stays with me.
I am determined
to make Wilma my bride.
'Just hold it right there, pal.'
Take one step closer
and you'll be sorry.
we will accept his challenge.
- Yes?
- Yes.
We will take one step closer.
Uh, uh, uh..
I'm warnin' you, I'll-I'll-I'll
bat you with this bat
if you come any closer.
You think you can frighten me
with that statue?
That was it! The stone bat
opened the trapdoor.
Let's get out of here.
What happened?
[Frankenstone chuckling]
This lots of fun.
boing boing
They must not escape!
To the window. Quick!
Hah! There they are.
Master, they escape.
I not able to catch.
You forget. I am Rockula!
I am able to catch them!
[bat screeching]
Boy, that a very nifty trick.
We're safe. It'll be clear
sailin' from here on out.
Don't be so sure, Fred.
I just wish
the sun would come up.
Because Count Rockula
is a vampire.
And vampires can't survive
in the daylight.
'Don't waste your wishes,
'The sun won't be up
for at least two hours.'
Aha! I am not too late.
'I can close the gate
and they will be trapped.'
We're gonna make it.
I see the gate up ahead
and it's open.
'Oh, what a break.'
You're right, Fred, it's open,
but Rockula is closing it!
You will be mine, Wilma
as soon as
I get rid of your husband.
Oh, no.
Quick, Barney,
do your rooster imitation.
- Uh, at a time like this?
- Just do it!
Well, uh, uh, okay.
[imitating rooster]
Oh, boy, the cock is crowing.
It will be dawn soon.
Back to the coffin!
[bat screeching]
Did you see that?
He changed into a bat.
'Look, he's going back
inside the castle.'
'You can thank Barney for that.'
- Uh, me? Uh, what did I do?
- You crowed like a rooster.
(Wilma) And when Rockula heard that
he figured the sun was ready to rise.
(Betty) I get it, he has to be back in his casket
before daylight, right?
(Wilma) Right.
Oh, Barney, I'm so proud of you.
I don't know why.
It was Wilma's idea.
Well, we better get movin'.
It's a long way
back to Bedrock.
Where is it? Where is it?
Where's that train?
Oh, I wish it would get here.
Rockula is sure to realize
we tricked him.
[train chugging]
Home at last.
And am I glad!
Me too. We've been travelin'
all night and I'm pooped.
- And hungry.
- Yeah, that too.
Why don't you all come in,
and I'll fix something to eat?
Wilma, baby, you couldn't
have said a nicer thing.
Now, just rest, and I'll be
right back with the snack.
I'll help you, Wilma.
No, Betty,
you stay here and see to it
that the bragging
doesn't get out of hand.
Okay, fellers,
you heard what Wilma said
so just keep it down.
Uh, don't worry, Betty.
There'll be no braggin'
from me.
Uh, I just feel lucky
that we all got back safe.
Right, Barn, ol' buddy.
'And thank goodness'
'we've seen
the last of Count Rockula.'
[bat screeching]
Wilma, my love.
Oh, no!
I have come here
to plead with you.
Please, be my bride.
Count Rockula,
don't you ever give up?
My dear, I have flown
all the way from Rocksylvania.
You flew all the way?
Oh, you poor thing.
Your arms must be tired.
Well, that is true,
but only because
I have a touch of rheumatism
in my left wing.
You know,
it is damp in my crypt.
Oh, I am sorry, Count
but I'm afraid
you made the trip for nothing.
Don't you see?
I am happily married.
You call this happily?
Living here in this hovel,
this dump?
Come back with me
to Rocksylvania.
You will have anything
your heart desires.
'Wealth, fine clothes,
servants to wait on you.'
Oh, thank you, Count,
it sounds wonderful
but I don't wanna live
in gloomy old Rocksylvania.
Would you hand me
the mayonnaise, please?
- Oh, of course.
- Thank you.
Then forget Rocksylvania.
We will live here.
I will build another castle
right here in Bedrock.
- 'A castle? Here in Bedrock?'
- 'Why not?'
'Become my bride, lovely Wilma'
'and I will give you
anything you want.'
Your word will be my command.
Please, say yes. Yes?
My word will be your command.
'Alright, in that case,
Rocky dear'
'I'll consider
being your bride.'
Oh, wonderful!
- Now, here are my conditions.
- Yes, yes!
First, you've got to stop
carousing around all night
and I won't stand
for this business
of your sleeping all day.
'Every morning,
I go jogging for an hour'
'so you'll have to drive
Pebbles to school.'
'When you get back,
take the garbage out'
'then turn on the sprinklers
in the backyard.'
Which reminds me, every weekend,
you'll have to mow the lawn.
'My tennis lessons
are on Wednesday afternoons'
'so you'll have to do
the shopping at the supermarket'
because that's the day
they have the good specials.
And by the way,
the front gate needs repair
and so does the roof.
And one more thing, be sure
you always wipe your feet
before you come into the house
and no more of this
flying through windows.
That would scare the daylights
out of poor little Pebbles
and her friends.
(Count Rockula)
I think I need
another 500 years rest.
And speaking of kids..
Oh, he's gone. Phew!
Oh, Wilma, you were wonderful.
you were really somethin'.
Well, that was really smart
of you tellin' him
the real truth a-about married
life. Heh heh heh.
Oops. Heh heh.
You know, I gotta admit, Wilma
for a while there
I was a little worried
that you were gonna
ditch me for Rockula.
Me? Ditch you for him?
Oh, Fred,
I may be a little baddie
but I'm not a dingbat.
I'll say you're not,
sweetie pie.
What you are is the most
terrific wife in the world.
And the same goes for you,
[both laughing]
And as Fred would say..
[theme music]