The Florida Project (2017) Movie Script

- What?!
- What?!
- What?!
- What?!
- What?!
- What?!
Freshies at The Future!
Freshies at The Future!
It's a celebration
This is your celebration
Celebrate good times,
come on
Let's celebrate
Celebrate good times,
come on
Let's celebrate
There's a party
goin' on right here
A celebration to last
throughout the years
So bring your good times
And your laughter too
We gonna celebrate
your party with you
Come on now
Let's all celebrate
and have a good time
Scooty, wait up!
No, guys, this way, come on.
That one over there.
The blue one.
I can get it farther
than you, Moonee.
Yeah, right.
I got two points ahead
of you, Moonee.
- I got 100 points ahead of you.
- Now, I got 100 points.
That's not possible.
Is that you?
I'm gonna get...
I'm gonna get the front.
I got the windshield.
I got the top.
What the fuck is-- Wha-?
Stop that!
Come on, are you
kidding me, guys?
- That's my car!
- Go home, rachet bitch!
You ain't shit, jit!
You are shit!
Get your ass down here
right now and clean it up!
- Shit! Shit!
- Bitch! Bitch!
- I'm not playing with you.
- Bitch! Fuck it!
Get your fuckin' ass down here
right now and clean it up.
Clean this shit up right now!
You're not the boss of me!
Where are your parents at?
Hey, hey!
He spit on me.
It wasn't him, it was
me, stupid thot!
I'm gonna go up there
and tell your parents.
Try it, bee-otch! I don't live here!
Rachet bitch!
Na Na Na Na Na!
That bitch!
Stay right there.
Go, go, go, go.
Come on.
Hey! Get over here!
Help clean this shit
up, right now!
Get your ass upstairs right now.
- Dad?
- Now!
Hey, is that your kid?
Him and his friends
just spit on my car.
Get over here.
Why you stop me in
front of my friends?
- Whoa.
- Whoo.
Put her up, put her up.
Mm, yeah, Mm, yeah.
'Cause I can't my boo boo boo...
Hey, hey, hey.
Take your shoes off.
Both of you.
Hey, where's the Slinky?
Here, I'll find-- like this--
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I wanna speak to the
manager right now.
Can I help you with somethin'?
Are you the manager?
- Yeah?
- Coming.
Which one is the half off price?
$180 for the waffle maker?
- Yeah?
- Gotta talk to your mom.
- Moonee, who was that?
- Nobody.
- Shit, Moonee, what did you two do?
- Nothing.
Halley, this woman's
from next door
and she said Moonee
did something to her car.
You in 322?
No, FutureLand.
Okay, her and her friend Scoot
spit all over my kid and my car.
- It's Scooty.
- It's Scooty, not Scoot.
- You saw them do this?
- Yes, I did!
And their friend's father told me that
they're always pulling this shit.
That's not true!
- Which friend?
- Whatever, they spit on my car,
- and they spit on my kid!
- O-okay, okay.
Halley, one, sort this out.
Two, you smoke in the room
again, you're outta here.
- I'm not smoking.
- Bye, Bobby!
- Last warning, Halley.
- Yeah? Well, I'm not!
Come on, you two,
go get some paper towels.
We need paper towels!
We need paper towels!
Papel de toilet, eh, eh?
- Que?
- Papel de toilet, eh, eh?
Por favor.
- These two yours?
- These? No, they're not mine.
Well, they're mine now.
My daughter made me a
grandmother when she was 15.
So I'm just taking care of them
till she stops acting
like her stupid father.
What time did you
move in, Gramma?
Oh, my God.
You got another one of those?
Hey, girl!
- You won another one?
- Yeah.
When was this?
Hey, hey, guys, you're
having too much fun
and it's not supposed to be fun,
it's supposed to be work, okay?
- So, get on it.
- It's summer,
- Get on it.
- We got it, lady.
- Don't worry.
- Let them have a good time.
- I think it was very disrespectful.
- It's summer, what do you want?
Very disrespectful.
This is not okay.
Clearly we have
different versions...
What's your name?
Jancey? What kinda
name is Jancey?
Hey, Jancey.
It'd be a whole lot easier
if someone were to help us.
- They're doing you a favor.
- I am ashamed for you right now.
Are you serious?
Doing me a favor.
It didn't need that
kind of car wash.
Hey, hey, Jancey, honey,
what are you doing?
I'm cleaning up!
Jance, let them clean it
up by themselves, okay?
- That's not your job.
- No.
They askin' me to,
so I'm gonna do it.
No, I don't want you
doing that, okay?
Let her help.
- They're making friends.
- We should clean the inside too.
It's a mess.
You think they're
gonna get along
if they're not gonna like, socialize?
That's what they do here.
Yeah, social kids like you.
Yup, like me.
What are you tryna say, lady?
I'll spike you up
'cause you seem stressed.
I will help you out.
Maybe that's what I need.
I need to lighten up, I need to
light up, and I need to get laid.
Same here, girl, I-I feel you.
My turn.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Hey, baby.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, Miss Ashley.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
Hey, yo.
My mom wants to know if you
want to go to OBT tonight.
It's Saturday, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay then, we're gonna go.
Bye, you guys.
- Bye.
- Go have fun. Be careful, okay?
- Bye, Mommy.
- Bye.
No maple syrup.
She didn't pack any for you?
My mom makes mistakes
all the time.
Well, you need to let her know
we like extra maple syrup.
I always tell her and
then she forgets.
Take our picture!
Hey guys.
Hey, girl, girl!
Thank you so much.
No problem.
Of course, of course.
- Let me know if they misbehave.
- Of course.
Guys, behave okay? Seriously.
How you been?
You've been good?
I've been good. Working.
You know, taking
care of the baby.
You already know.
Hi, babe.
- Hi.
- So good to see--
- Hey!
- Hola, chica.
Uno de chica en mi pollo
They fuckin' chose Simone.
Are you fuckin' kidding me?
I know, right? I've been there
way longer than that bitch.
I can't even believe it.
Fuck that.
The second that I'm a manager...
you're totally hired, ma, I got you.
Don't be tight.
Let's-let's just
have a good night.
We'll have a good night.
Most of those rachet-ass bitches
were doing extras, you know?
In the back room?
I'm not doing that shit.
I'm dancing for tips,
that's what I do.
I said no.
Two days later, with no warning,
Hector fires me.
After not letting me up on stage
all fucking night?
- Fucking bullshit.
- Halley, I'm sorry, but...
Okay, I'm-I'm sorry to say,
that's gonna affect your TANF.
No shit, that's why I'm here.
Okay, Halley,
please make a concerted
effort to find thirty hours.
You find me thirty hours.
I have applications in at every
shithole up and down the strip
and the parks ain't gonna hire me.
Okay, so can you please control
your language in front of her?
And everyone else in here?
Can you just give
me some bus passes?
Why did I even come out here?
Halley, please, I'm trying to--
Could Dicky come out and play?
After what you guys pulled?
He's punished for a week.
- Where we going?
- Just come on.
Lady, open it.
Hello there.
- What?
- Could Jancey come out and play?
What you're gonna take her
to spit on somebody else's car?
- No, we're just playing.
- Yeah, just playing.
- What are you playing?
- We're just playing!
Okay, what are you playing?
You didn't answer my question.
What are you playing?
Relax, your daughter's
safe in my hands.
And my hands too.
Do you wanna go play with
the kids from the purple place?
I want to play.
I wanna play too.
Hey, guys, don't you
live over here?
Yeah, but we have more
things to show you.
Come on.
I-I don't-
I don't love oranges, I...
I don't love oranges.
I-I love orange soda.
You squish--
I squish.
But the only thing I don't
like about oranges...
is the lid.
You mean the peel?
The lid.
Yeah, that's called the peel.
Don't you think we're
going too far?
No. Just come on.
Don't be a--
Don't be a loser.
Don't call me that, but okay!
And this is where we
get free ice cream.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, follow me.
- Could we have some money?
- Change?
Do we have enough?
I'm counting.
Let's go.
- Excuse me.
- Me.
Excuse me, Miss.
Could you give us
some change, please?
- We need to buy ice cream.
- Yes.
'Cause we don't have any money,
we just have five cents.
Yeah, we just have five cents.
And the doctor say
we have asthma
and we gotta eat
ice cream right away.
- Yeah, my doctor too.
- Sugar ice cream?
- Guys...
- We're not lying.
It's fine.
Thank you very much!
Here you go.
Let's go!
Come on!
Excuse me, excuse me.
Get that thing, girl.
- I feel like I'm gonna...
Okay, you wanna see the boss?
My turn.
And, uh, cousin, I'm going to
give the last bite to you.
- Oh!
- Hunh!
The man who lives up here
fought in some wars.
And he drinks beer.
This guys has disease
that make his feet large.
Oh, and no one uses the elevator
'cause it smells like pee!
The man who lives in here
gets arrested a lot.
This-this woman in here
thinks she's married to Jesus.
Oh, watch out,
watch out for the water.
'Cause guess what?
I went to the hospital one time.
These are the rooms
we're not supposed to go in.
But let's go anyway!
For just $19.99!
Just think, all that extra
practice every time you--
Oh, fuck!
What's going on?
Where's the power?
Bobby, listen, what's going on?
- Turn the power on!
- Hey, what the fuck man?
I pay my rent, $1,000 a month!
Okay! I'm on it!
Folks, come on!
Come on! Give me a minute!
It's gonna be all right!
Bobby, it's the hottest day!
I'm gonna get your power
back, I know, I know!
Can't rush any faster
than I'm goin'!
- What's wrong?
- What did Bobby do now?
Drama's over, folks!
Ya got your power back!
Thank you, Bobby!
Can use your TVs, VCRs, AC,
what have ya!
Have a nice day!
Love you, Bobby!
I love you too!
Try payin' the bills, Bobby!
You're dirt too, brother!
Crock pots, hot plates,
- These rooms are not designed
- And I... I...
for extended stay, Gloria.
You know that.
Yeah, but I pay a lot of--
Electric was down for
five minutes, that's it.
Yeah, I-I want a discount
for this week.
Why don't you just check out
and go down to the
fucking Wishing Star?
I like Wendy. She's nice.
Well, he's not nice to me!
Daddy, I'm...
The catch container even
doubles as a measuring cup.
The one amazing tool
you wanna use over...
and over, and over...
Moonee, you're not
gonna get that?
Halley, open the door!
Fucking-a! What d'you do now?
Open the door, Halley.
I got a videotape
of the kids illegally
entering the utility room
- and pulling the power.
- Don't act guilty, okay?
Hey, Scooty...
Did you hear what I
just said to her?
I got it. I'ma talk to her.
Happens again,
you're outta here.
It's only second
week of the summer
and there's already been a-a
dead fish in the pool.
We were doing an experiment.
We were trying to
get back alive.
That wasn't my idea.
And water balloons
thrown at tourists?
Ya can't fuck with tourists.
They didn't tip us!
Are you serious?
Oh, my God,
this is unacceptable.
I've failed as a mother, Moonee.
You've disgrace me.
- Halley...
- Yeah, Mom, you're disgraced.
And I'm gonna talk to
Ashley, by the way.
When your friend
puts you in charge of her kid,
that kid becomes
your responsibility.
You ain't takin' responsibility.
And you got that one too.
She's from FutureLand, right?
Oh, well, I's...
you gotta relax, my man.
You gonna redo my expense reports
with your whatevs?
Your kid killed my night.
I wanted to watch the ballgame.
You gonna pay me for the three
hours that I gotta work later?
Hey, guys, pay the man
for his three hours.
- I don't have any money.
- I don't have any money.
We don't have any money.
- You're shit outta luck.
- Speaking of which...
You haven't given me
this week's rent yet.
You don't think I know that?
Thank you.
You done here?
Thank you.
Watch those kids.
I think I wanna go home now.
Wait, uh, hold on, I, uh...
Sir, I think we're
at the wrong place?
That's the address you gave me.
No, I-I-I, there's a-
there's a problem, uh, this is
not where we're staying.
Well, you wanna
check the address?
What's going on?
How can I help?
They-they made the
reservation online...
La la la la la
La la la la la
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hey, what's up, man?
Oooh, nice bags.
Are those guys tourists?
I'm-a have to charge
you wait time.
I'm missing calls.
Wait, wait, wait, uh,
I'll get the new address.
Just one second.
Listen, just call the
company, all right?
She looks pretty.
But I feel bad for her,
she's about to cry.
I can always tell when a
girl's are about to cry.
You can tell that.
Yup, 'cause look what I'm drawin'.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
What's up, Bobby?
It's almost midnight.
The only room you're gonna find
is a single room this stretch.
I also gave him the AAA discount.
He doesn't want the discount.
You see my wife?
- There? Okay?
- Yeah.
She's Brazilian.
Brazilians love Disney.
She's been coming here
since she was a kid, all right?
And her dream is to have
her honeymoon at Disney.
Ma'am, they're just
trying to get a tip.
Yeah, kids are grateful!
Hey, hey, kids, kids, uh, leave...
Come on, leave her alone.
I told ya.
Does this have to be here?
Guests come through this door,
for Christ's sake, Bobby.
Will you go talk to her?
Tell her to go to the back.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
- Uh, Hi!
- Uh, who's in charge here?
- Yeah, that's me!
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Uh...
Could you move the van
to the back of the building?
- To the back of the building.
- Excuse me!
Right behind these
stairs right here?
Excuse me!
What would you like?
I want that.
I want that, I want that.
- Enjoy your day.
- Thanks, thanks, thanks.
I want... that!
That, that, that, that, that.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, yeah.
And I'll take the
raspberry croissant.
I really appreciate...
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Have a nice day.
Okay, have a blessed day, sir.
- All right.
- Thank you so much.
Okay, yeah, let's get it
packed up.
Watch, watch this, watch, watch.
Watch. Watch. Watch. Watch.
- Stop.
- Spot.
Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.
Oooh, spider.
Let's see if it farts.
Oh, fuck.
I woulda worn gloves
if I knew there was bedbugs.
I woulda worn gloves if you
told me there was bedbugs.
Well, the purple looks nice.
How much did that put you back?
Well, Narek spent about
20K on it.
And he can't afford
an exterminator?
I don't know.
Y-you should be using
longer strips.
It works better.
Whatcha doin'?
- Top secret.
- Really?
I need you outta here.
You guys are boring, anyway.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.
Catch you later.
I wanna play it.
You guys share.
Come on, let her play one time.
You gotta um...
Help her though.
- Let me help.
- No, I'm on.
- Let her figure it out.
- No, stop.
Scooty, let her figure it out.
No, she gotta play that game
that we were playing.
- That's the-- Yes.
- No.
No, she doesn't.
Let her do whatever she wants.
Thanks for calling The Magic Castle,
It's Amber.
We sure do.
It's $38 a night.
Well, we're here all night.
Alrighty, thanks a lot.
- Okay, out.
- But.
I warned you, one drip
and you're out.
- Oh, come on!
- Out now.
It's gonna melt outside.
Well, obviously,
it's meltin' inside, too.
- But Bobby?
- Out.
Thank you very much.
You're not welcome!
Bobby could be sucker city.
I wanna knock! I wanna knock!
I wanna knock!
We need Jancey!
Hey, hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa, hey!
One light knock will do, guys!
I see her.
Come on, Jancey, come on!
Remember last time?
She fell on the pool
'cause she was dancing.
Come on, Scooty!
Come on!
Come on, Moonee, come on!
Hey, Scooty!
Hey, let's look!
They look so funny.
- I see the day go.
I see the day go.
- Come on!
- Guys, wait!
Right there.
Hey, let's see what she's doing.
Stretching her legs.
Guys, she's stretching her legs.
Moonee! Moonee, come on,
Look at her.
Hey, you guys, come on.
Right there.
Come on.
- Boobies! Boobies!
- Boobies! Boobies!
- Boobies!
- Boobies!
Hey, her boobies are so big
that I can rub my face in them.
Banana boobs! Banana Boobs!
Banana Boobs!
Guys, Bobby!
Bobby! Duck!
Oh, no! Oh.
Get down!
We talked about this before.
Cover up.
Cover what up?
You know what I'm talking about.
I do not know...
These kids don't need a
health class right now.
What kids are here?
The kids are right over there!
Huh? Oh, they, they...
Well, they should be
in school, kids.
It's summer break.
Did he get her dressed?
I think he did.
Can you read?
What's that say?
Pool rules.
No, the other one.
Oh, no tits allowed.
No. "No alcoholic beverages
in pool area."
Okay, I-I'll do that.
But I still wanna go topless
with my big titties.
Gloria, please!
It doesn't say no topless.
I think he's having
a talk with her.
Let me go see, stay down, guys.
I want, I want to see, just...
No, you're a beautiful woman...
Oh, no, Bobby's gonna ruin it...
It's hot enough out here
without raising temperatures.
Just put 'em away, cover 'em up.
Oh, please, cover the fuck up?
You cover yourself up, man.
Does this happen all the time?
And it's great.
It's what we gotta do.
- That's the way it works here.
- Oh-oh!
He's abou--uh, call the Sheriff,
he just touched my tits.
Bobby, boobies!
Go back to your room!
- He molested me, officer.
- Go!
I'm gonna sue this fuckin' motel.
With this fuckin' pervert
that just touched my fuckin' titties.
Hey, Gloria! Rub--
Rub your boobs on his face!
- So he can...
- Get the hell outta there!
Good one!
- Rrweet.
- Rrweet.
- Rrweet.
- Rrweet.
- Rrweet.
- Rrweet.
- Kids, out.
- Yah!
- Stop!
- Rrweet.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Ice machine.
Yeah, well, it can't be fixed,
but I'm on it.
- Three months.
- We need ice!
- People need ice!
- I'm on it.
Three months.
Uh, Patrice?
Uh, keep an eye on 151.
There's been traffic
in and out of there all day.
Okay, okay.
Uh, take care of it
in the morning.
I can't whistle.
- In the morning.
You can't whistle?
You-you're gonna
have to train him,
- Bobby.
- Pkkww!
Stop it.
Time to go!
Come on!
Let's go!
What the fuck is
you talkin' 'bout?
I paid my room for a week now.
I'm not leaving the property.
- I don't care!
- You're breakin'--
- I don't care!
- You're breakin' rules.
Nobody's breakin' rules!
What are you talkin' 'bout?
How would you like it
if I called the Sheriff's office?
Oh, yeah? You gonna call
the Sheriff's office?
- Then we can figure things out.
- Go ahead!
Oh, really? Really?
Your man knows
what the story is.
Mom, can we get this one?
No, we're-we're gonna get
these ones.
We have to look
at these boxes, okay?
If I buy more than 20,
can you give me a discount?
This is wholesale.
Mom, what about this one?
You could smell
like Justin Bieber.
Hey, we're selling perfumes.
- Yeah, this one.
- No, listen...
It'll make your wife
smell really good!
You have Jimmy Choo?
Yeah, it's amazing.
It's only $20.
- Oh, let's see...
- It's so much more
expensive in the store,
It's a really good deal.
Do you wanna buy some perfume?
Yes, ma'am?
Do you wanna buy some perfume?
- Not really, she might.
- No.
No? It smells like designer.
We were having
a really good deal.
Would you like to
buy some perfume?
Yeah, this one will make
all the girls flirt on you.
I have samples if
you wanna try some.
But we have a whole bunch
of different ones.
Thank you so much.
- Yes!
- Girl! Whoop-whoop!
Hey, hey. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
if you gonna be late again,
you gotta let me know.
It was due yesterday.
Yeah, that's right.
It's due yesterday.
Whatev, are you gonna count it
like I'm broke?
I just gotta make sure.
Gotta make sure what?
That it's the right amount.
It's a simple thing.
I just counted it.
I can't count?
You think I can't count?
Listen, all right.
I trust you.
- Do you?
- Well, uh...
- Ya got me.
- You gonna put that in your--
May I count it?
May I count it?
Good girl.
You got your rent.
Let me count it.
Get outta here.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You wanna say bye to your room?
- Nah.
- You good?
They have rides there.
They have rides-- awesome.
Hey, Dicky, I can't take this, bud.
Look, there's no room
in here at all.
I'm gonna buy you new toys when we
get to New Orleans, okay? I promise.
Come on, guys,
take whatever you want.
Just grab whatever
you want outta there.
That is nice!
- Here you go, guys.
- I got the gun!
- Aah!
- Dad, please!
All new stuff, Dicky.
All new stuff, Dicky.
- Just imagine, all new stuff.
- Fine.
My mom said have fun.
All right, guys.
You can have the whole box.
Take the whole box with you,
go ahead.
Bye, Joyce. Bye.
Yo, T, take care, bro, all right?
You hold this place down for me
while I'm gone, ya heard?
- Be good, okay, sweetie?
- Okay.
Bye, Dicky!
- See you later.
- See you later.
Hey, you wanna
see something cool?
Okay, make sure
you don't tell anyone.
Look. And it has
a naked girl on it!
Did you steal that?
Moon, Scoot!
Yeah, Mom?!
Get off your butts and
go get some waffles!
My mom wanted extra maple syrup.
It's in there.
Okay, guys, go.
Have fun, be careful.
Hey, cutie, it's actually for me.
Are you twerking over there?
Okay, I'll do more.
Let me see. Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
Oh, wow!
You got some twerk skills, girl.
Watch me shake my booty?
- Oooh!
- Wanna watch me shake my booty!
Yo, you heard this song, right?
Wait, hold up, wait, bitch.
Did that guy from
OBT ever call you?
What's good with that?
He's mad as fuckin' whack.
I tried to show a hand.
He doesn't like it.
Goodbye, goodnight.
Take several seats.
Yo, by the way...
You gotta do me a fuckin' favor.
Next time...
Moonee comes to you...
to get food...
don't give her no
fuckin' maple syrup!
This bitch has been farting!
Goodnight, bitch, I love you!
Love you, night, bitch!
I'm gonna kiss it.
Can I have a crush on
the ice cream, guy?
Mmm, it's pretty good.
Hey, kids!
Hey! How many times
have I told you
that you can't be
hanging out there?
- Let people eat.
- Paying customers!
I don't care, you can't be
bothering my customers.
- No!
- Go on, get out!
You don't tell us what to do!
- Yeah, lady!
- Be quiet.
Hey, hey, girls, come on.
- I'm working here.
- We're hiding! This is serious, Bobby!
- I'm working.
- We need to hide! We need to hide!
We need to hide!
Go, go, go, go, go!
All right, but...
Now, be quiet.
And watch those
wires down there.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
Watch the wires
down there, girls!
No, no, no, no.
Have you seen Moo--?
Don't blow our cover.
Where's Moonee and Jancey?
I got you! I got you!
I got you good, yeah!
Move, Bobby!
- Excuse me.
- Move!
Have a safe trip!
Hallelujah, thank you,
Lord Jesus!
- No boys allowed!
- No!
- No boy!
- No.
Shut up!
Hi, kids.
You having fun?
This is a girl's table!
Oh! Fuck! Shit!
What the fuck?!
I'm sorry, buddy!
- You almost killed me!
- It was an accident.
- Fuck, man!
- Okay, I'm sorry, man.
- Punk ass bitch!
- Whoa.
What's your name?
- Huh?
- What's your name?
- Excuse me, can I help you?
Uh, no, that's okay.
Uh, what's okay?
Moonee, get off that picnic table!
People eat on that thing,
come on, girl.
You're a guest here?
Uh... no... I'm... looking for...
a-a soda machine.
You come to a motel
to get a soda?
Yeah, uh...
It's okay, I-I-I-I...
- appreciate it, thank you...
- No, no, come on, come on.
Come with me.
- Come with me.
- No, no, you don't understand.
Yeah, I know where
there's a soda machine.
- No, no, I...
- Just come with me.
You don't un... uh...
You want a soda, right?
Yeah, yeah, I think the...
I was passin' by on the high...
- On the road...
- Get off that picnic table!
- Yeah? Yeah?
- I was just passin' by...
and-and I wanted
to get a soda 'cause uh...
- I needed a soda.
- You were parched, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
You wanted to
whet that palate, right?
I never did get used to the-
the humidity here.
It's okay, uh...
machine's up there.
So, you like soda, huh?
Uh, yeah, yeah, it's-it's...
it's good.
Yeah, you know,
I read in a magazine that
soda's not so good
for quenching your thirst.
Oh, I agree, yeah, yeah.
Had you noticed that?
You know what's better?
- What?
- Tea.
- T-tea?
- Tea. Hot tea, hot tea.
Yeah, yeah, I drink that.
- You do? Okay.
- Yeah...
No, no, it's uh, it's right up here.
Just a little more ways.
You came for a soda,
we're gonna get you a soda, right?
- Yeah, but I-I wanted to...
- Is that so?
Have to have a walk,
I have to do a walk...
Yeah? Well, you're gettin' a walk.
It's right up here.
You're gettin' your soda...
and you came out in a walk...
What a choice.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Hey!
- I thought you were thirsty?
- Yeah.
- Aren't you gonna drink it now?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Good?
- Sure.
Get the fuck outta here.
You come on this property again,
and you won't be leavin' it.
You understand?
I don't know
what you're talkin' about.
You don't know
what I'm talkin' about?
You're gonna play it
that way, huh?
- Hey!
- All right.
"Charlie... Coachman"
of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
You can't keep that,
that's my license.
I'm gonna call your name...
into the County Sheriff.
Now, you get the fuck outta here!
What's your business--?
Get goin'!
Get goin'!
Don't you stop!
I'm making a sand castle.
Excuse me?
Do you wanna buy some perfume?
- Sorry?
- Do you wanna buy some perfume?
I'm selling perfume.
I have no cash on me.
Okay, thank you.
No, thank you.
This will make you handsome.
Come on.
Actually, actually, sir...
Can you just give us
a couple of bucks?
Just for me and my kid?
If you're not gonna
buy the perfume.
- Look...
- Please?
- Have a great day, okay?
- Thank you so much!
Tilt your head back.
Tilt your head back.
- You want to get wet?
- No. No! No!
Jancey, this is gonna be
a scary!
There's ghosts hanging out...
It's got--
Are we going there?
No, you'll see.
Hakah... Tetah...
- What?
- Hakah tetah.
Yeah, I got it.
Hey, you wanna see a joke?
Wait for me, guys.
What a gentleman you are.
Mm-mm, yeah.
Uh-uh-uh, pkkw.
Scooty, will you marry me?
Well, not...
right now.
- You may kiss the bride.
- I said not right now!
- Ew.
- Ew!
What is this place?
The abandoneds.
- Oooh!
- Aaah!
Hey, you know there's
alligators in there?
If I had a pet alligator,
I would name mine Anne.
Ooh, look, a pillow.
I... I bet... this house
was built hundreds of years ago.
Oh, this could be a dance room.
Party! With beer. Party!
With beer.
Party! With beer. Party!
With beer.
Oh, my God, come here, Jancey!
Ghost poop.
- Eww!
- Aaah!
This... would be... my bed.
And that would be my bookshelf.
No, actually, my bed would be
right in the middle.
And lots of toys!
What are you breaking?
The wall.
Good luck!
Whoa, a fireplace.
Hunh! I have the best idea.
We need you right now!
Put it there.
This is gonna be
the best fire ever.
Light it up, Scooty!
Yup, light it up.
Whoa, guys, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
We're gonna be in
so much trouble!
No. Um. Just.
Jancey, go home.
Um. Bye.
Don't tell anyone.
Don't tell your grandma.
- Okay, bye, bye.
- Okay.
Don't tell anyone!
Don't. Tell. Your mom. Okay?
Excuse me.
The old condo is on fire.
You wanna go check them out?
Scooty, come on!
Don't you wanna see
the burning house?
Nah. I just wanna
stay here and watch TV.
Hurry up, bitch.
I don't wanna miss it.
Yo, grab my cigarettes.
- I'll meet you there.
- Hurry up, bitch!
You can go from sad to glad
in just one flip.
Stack 'em on your arm.
You can be totally hip.
Look at me.
You tell me the truth right now.
Do you understand what will
happen to us if you did this?
Do you want the fuckin'
DCF down here, Scooty?
Blue, pink, green, and more!
So you can match 'em
to your favorite outfit.
Cool colors!
There are many
emojis to wear, and...
You need to tell me
the truth right now.
I didn't do it.
Don't lie to me.
Please don't lie to me.
Hurricane Harry
And more!
And each emoji
is given a school.
This isn't a game, Scooty!
This is not a joke right now.
I need to know!
Firemen coming!
Get 'em!
Hey, girl!
What the fuck happened?
Aren't you excited?
This so much better than TV.
Can I take a picture of you?
I wanna send it to Ashley.
Stand right there.
Smile, girlfriend.
It used to be a big
crackhead spot.
Prostitutin' and all that.
Let it burn!
Let it burn!
Got another one of those?
For you?
- Here, babe.
- Thanks.
You just like me
for my cigarettes now.
That's right.
You wouldn't even have
- said hello
- That's not so.
If I didn't have cigarettes.
- That's not true.
- No wonder I don't like you.
It could have been arson.
Could have been.
I don't know.
They were so fuckin' ugly,
I was thinkin' of burning 'em down.
Hi, Miss Ashley.
Is Scooty here?
Moonee, tell your mom,
no more food. Okay?
I have to go work, okay?
- Is Scooty here?
- No, he's not.
Well, he's not at home.
Yeah, I know,
he's with my friends.
Well, could you please
give me the address?
Look, you can't
come around anymore.
And I don't want you hanging
out Scooty anymore. You got it?
I have to go.
Hey, Ashley, you fucking
see this shit?!
Oh, shit!
World star!
How-how 'bout this...
No more
lettin' people run over other
people in the fuckin' parking lot?
How 'bout that?
Bobby, I didn't--I-I
- I couldn't do anything!
- What's wrong with you?
'Cause this, this can't
be happening.
Fucking come back
there, little fucker out.
You fucking kidding me?
That we can do for you
Go run and
get some waffles, baby.
And where the fuck is Scooty?
- Hi, Scooty.
- Hi, Halley.
Moonee's gonna hit the pool.
Does Scooty wanna come with her?
Uh, Ashley doesn't think that's
a good idea right now. Sorry.
The fuck does that mean?
Halley, Halley, calm down,
calm down.
Hi, here you go.
I want her to take my order.
Oh, it's you.
Never seen you inside before.
Okay. Hold on.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
What do you want, Halley?
What's going on?
What do you mean?
You've been telling my daughter
she ain't welcome here no more?
Look, she can come in here...
but I can't keep
givin' out free food.
Shit, am I in trouble?
And I don't want Scooty
hangin' out with her...
or that new kid from FutureLand.
So you ain't getting trouble,
what's going on?
Nothing to discuss.
- Really?
- Really.
What type of service is that?
You gonna come take my order?
Order whatever
the fuck you want.
We're staying here...
- All. Fucking. Day.
- Aaaah!
I want strawberry waffles
with extra, extra
warm syrup.
And I want eggs, bacon,
and... strawberries,
and blueberries,
and Coke, root beer,
and lemonade, Sprite.
You sure that's it?
You could order more.
I told you anything you want.
I actually want extra bacon.
Lots of bacon.
And fresh jelly.
Don't forget that.
You got all that?
You got money to pay for this?
Don't worry 'bout my pockets.
I got money.
And I got money, too.
- Mmmm!
- I have an idea.
You wanna have
a burping contest?
Are you serious?
I know you wanna have
a burping contest.
- You go first.
- Good.
That was a good one!
You got another one?
Yeah. Here it goes...
Here it goes...
Oh, my God.
You try to burp.
I want the rest to go.
You gonna pack this up for me?
Or do I gotta tell someone
what I feel about the service here?
Say hi to Scooty for me.
Mom, why did you do that?
Gonna squeeze out.
I told you, you gotta spin.
- I am.
- No, no.
I am! This is clockwise.
No... I-I guess counterclockwise.
Gotta spin it.
I am.
By the way, I told her
happy birthday for you.
- But I didn't.
- Come on, push.
But I didn't.
- Push.
- I didn't.
Why'd you do that?
Why would you do that?
Now, you call her
and tell her...
I didn't.
Can you please?
Hey, first, first...
you get her on the phone...
and you tell her I didn't
wish her anything, damn it.
You know what?
Keep the money.
Keep it.
I thought that...
appreciated the extra work.
No! It takes an hour and a half
just to drive here.
You totally screwed up
my Saturday.
I don't need the extra work.
Give the money to him.
He needs it.
Or tell your boss
to hire an extra hand.
Please just take the money.
I really don't need it.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm done.
Okay, but...
This thing.
Help me bring this downstairs.
Go on.
Finish what you started.
- You gonna press the button?
- Oh, yeah.
This one...
smells really good.
- No?
- Thank you.
Okay, thank you.
- Thanks, bye.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Oh, fuck.
Excuse me, lady!
We're leaving!
- We're leaving!
- I need you guys to come back inside.
Do you hear me?
We're leaving!
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
You were soliciting in our building,
you can't do that.
You're not even a real cop!
Hey, I'm just doing
my job here, all right?
You can't do that
on our property.
I already called the cops.
You gotta go back inside with me.
Get off your power trip.
You're driving a golf cart.
I need you to come back
right now.
If you're leaving,
I gotta confiscate that.
I need you... give me...
- Fuck!
- Wanna do this right now?
You're a fucking bitch!
Come back here!
Why'd you let her
have our perfume?
It's complicated, baby.
But why?
I can't get arrested again.
Could we go for ice cream.
You're walking too fast.
Get a pedicure
Get your fur did
Let's throw a party
Let's throw a
We're on an adventure
to get a haircut
Haircut party
Haircut party
Your hair's long, short,
curly or straight
When it starts
you're gonna look great
Then just rub, peel, and scrub
all at the same time
for a pile of perfectly
peeled potatoes.
It's that easy.
The secret is the handy peel's
molded rubbing nubs
that grip and cleanly peel the skin.
Old-fashioned peeling
is hard and wasteful.
With handy peel, you just
rub, peel, and scrub.
I don't wanna
watch this anymore.
Where's the iPad?
I had to sell it.
Whatever, Moonee,
this room costs money.
You know I like pepperoni.
Pepperoni costs money.
Don't wipe that on the sheets.
Gotta sleep there.
This is my pillow.
I can wipe my
hands on my pillow.
Are you gonna wash it, then?
I'll have Bertha wash it.
I'm not gonna
explain it to you again.
I'm ain't gonna let
you or anyone else
establish residency.
Don't think I think
you're as dumb as
you want me to think.
You're gonna screw me over.
You don't wanna do this?
You can go.
I'm serious.
Well, who's gonna know
if we even did this?
And I'm being straight with you.
Gotta settle up by Friday.
Come on.
Hey, April.
Come on, Moonee.
- What are you taking pictures for?
- New policy.
Narek wants me to
document the vacancy.
Moonee, come on.
Goodnight, ladies.
See you in 24 hours.
I'm right across 192
at the Magic Castle.
I come here once a month,
and the rate's thirty five.
Yes, well, our policy has changed.
You can't just changed the policy.
I certainly can.
Fuck this right now.
What are you doing?
Don't worry about me.
- Who are you calling?
- Mind your business.
- Can't you see I'm in charge here?
- I don't care.
Hello. Bobby.
Hey, Bobby.
These fuckos...
at the Arabian...
are trying to charge me...
Forty five.
Forty five bucks!
Can you tell them
it's thirty five?
I know how much Narek...
Hey, listen, Bobby?
Where's Jimmy?
It's me, Jimmy, Bobby.
We're not honoring
the deal anymore.
Hey, Jimmy, how's it going?
- Hello?
- Who's this?
Any arrangements or deals
you have with the previous owner--
- Give us a break, lady!
- Is no longer honored or recognized.
Thank you.
We've had an agreement
in place for a while
where we give a little break
to each others--
I'm well aware of the
arrangement you used to have.
But as I've said five times now...
this is no longer being honored.
I just went through this whole
thing with the Enchanted Inn.
- Can't you make an exception?
- No.
This is not up for discussion.
You see what I'm saying, Bobby?
Duh, lady, duh!
Magic Castle discount,
there you go.
- Excuse me...
- Aw, you're so sweet, Bobby.
We won't take your business.
Please take your money.
All of you kindly leave, please.
Thank you.
You can't do that.
I have the forty five.
Are you fucking serious?
Listen to you and your child.
No wonder
you're in this situation.
Please leave the property!
Right now, leave.
- Hey, hey, come on.
- What is wrong with you?
Are you crazy?
Out your mind?
You better come back here
and clean this up. Back here!
Fuck you.
Do not ever come back...
Damn, girl, this shit looks
fancy in here.
Thank you, thank you.
Yah, you got it like that.
You and interior decorator
some shit?
Shit is mad cozy.
Guys, you want cheesies?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What's that big thing over there?
That's a turkey roaster.
The fuck, is it
Thanksgiving up here?
You got some cranberry
sauce too? Shit.
I make some things, but...
Lunchables are like
one dollar, you know?
Gramma, can they sleep over
here every night?
- I don't know about that.
- Yeah, you tryin' to cook us dinner.
Oh, I don't know about
every night.
Why not?
We could sleep
together like a big
- family!
- Yeah!
I'll pull out a mattress on the
floor, somethin' like that.
But ya'll ain't
sleepin' in my bed.
- No, you sleep on this side.
- Aren't you happy?
I'll sleep-sleep on that side.
This is gonna be the
funniest sleepover ever.
Since it's bedtime,
can we finally go fucking
smoke a blunt outside?
Can you tie me up?
Where we going, swimming?
No, we're gonna take
swimsuit selfies.
Swimsuit selfies!
Okay, you ready?
Let's take a selfie.
All eyes on me I'm focused
It don't take a genius to
notice that I'd be an omen
If I say that Imma
blow up in a moment
Stick your tongue out.
- ...burst. Been up like a week
I'm not ready to sleep
cause I'm still
Living broke
but I'm ready to work
And ready to murk
Anything you send my way
- Cute!
- Tell me how to look pretty, Moonee.
Let me speak I'll lend my name
- Wait, hold on.
Ya'll ain't gonna bend my frame, I'm straight
Crystal clear
that visions great
My self awareness
got me scaring all these
My turn!
Get out there and
take a picture of me.
Inside the sideways 8 man
This that new age shit
These popping rappers
got be drowning
In that new wave kid
It's going to be a big surprise!
At the end of the rainbow is
I know! And--but a leprechaun
is on the end with the gold.
And it wouldn't let us keep it!
I wish that leprechaun was nice.
Let's go beat it up!
Come on.
This Slinky's broke.
The most hip hop.
That's the way we do it.
Power 95.3 Orlando's number one
for commercial free hip hop.
Sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to pay you
for the week, sir.
- It's good.
- Duh.
You spit a little bit out.
Hi, Bobby!
Hi, bossy guy!
Good kids.
- Bobby.
- Yeah.
- Come here.
- Yeah.
Okay, see.
- This is all fineable.
- What?
These bikes blocking the walkway.
Oh, okay. Okay.
You have to make
a flyer, all right?
It has to say, "Please
move your bikes
and lock them in the back."
- Okay, uh, in the...
- Okay?
- Way in the back?
- Yes.
Give them one week deadline.
Otherwise, we'll cut them off.
- Okay. All right.
- Thank you, management.
Gotta go for banks
on the south side
'Cause that's where I'm from
Options on options
on options
Options way more
I got me so many options
Ah! Open.
Open my eyes!
Options way more
I got me so many options
Let me wash myself again
without the soap in my eyes.
I'm gonna cook lasagna!
What are you gonna cook?
I'm gonna cook alien food!
Give me no alien!
I know she not feelin' you
'cause she is feelin' me
I whipped a four and she
taught me like she meant this
All of my bitches
stay with their man
They imitate Hillary
You're a good hummer, Jancey.
Oh, wait.
Mommy, look at us.
Girls, we got one.
We're just going straight,
is that okay?
You ready, Jancey?
Can I put it in?
Here it comes.
Be careful 'cause it has fire.
Don't want you to get burned.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Jancey
Happy birthday to you
Make a wish, big girl!
Happy birthday, Jancey!
- It's for you.
- I love it.
You really saved us
'cause I don't...
- Did you make your birthday wish?
- Yeah.
If you're on the other
side when it's wartime
Just dealt me your
best bet retreat
Only thing here is a defeat
We be the ones breakin'
all the weak links
Ain't got sht but
dck for these hoes
See how they move so
slick for this dough
Won't ever catch
me slip a no-no
I was brought up by pimps
and so young I was told
Switch it up, switch it up
On a new level, gotta...
Oh, come on!
Pardon me, excuse me.
- Pardon me, excuse me.
- Buenos Dias!
- So good to see you.
- Gracias.
Come on, ladies.
Excuse me, dude.
Get it, get it, get it, get it.
- What?
- It's really hard, Moonee.
Yeah, I know it.
Hey, wait a minute,
I didn't get jelly.
Tricky jar.
Tricky, tricky.
Tricky, tricky, tricky jar.
Wiggly, wiggly.
- Here you go. Oh.
- Oh, no.
Oh, thank you!
Kind of like that, don't ya?
This is the best jelly
I ever eated.
Do you know...
Do you know why
this is my favorite tree?
'Cause it's tipped over.
And it's still growing.
That's pretty cool.
All yours, Scooty.
- Hey, Bobby.
- Hey.
Ashley, have you been spottin'
Halley on the rent?
And why would I do that?
I don't even talk to that bitch.
Okay. Thanks.
- Have a nice swim.
- Thank you.
Can I go swimming with Scooty?
You're not going swimming
while that bitch is down there.
Why can't I?
Tickle monster.
Oh, no.
Moonee, get ready for bed, okay?
What kinda car you driving?
All right. Room 323, babe.
Cockaroach you on the
sidelines watching
I'm the motherfucking Kyrie
Callin' up, playing diamonds,
wet just like a boat
Still got the same
clothes from yesterday
Worried 'bout them hoes,
that was yesterday
We ain't worried 'bout them
hoes, that was yesterday
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ho. Hey, there's a kid in here.
Dude, I told you
the bathroom was off limits!
- I had to piss...
- Out!
Close the curtain, Moonee.
- There's a fucking kid in here.
- Whatever, out.
Moon, I'll be right back, okay?
Power 95.3 Orlando's number one
for commercial free hip hop.
I got my money up
Send it right
Shotty say
she dropped a little
Mm, yeah, mm, yeah, mm...
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
Do I look like a ticket scammer?
I don't know. What does a
ticket scammer look like?
- Not like me though.
- I'm just not interested.
If I was scamming tickets,
I would not be coming
in here with my daughter
trying to give you a deal.
- Hey, you going in there?
- I am.
Don't buy from these places.
They'll rope you
into buying timeshares.
- I got some I'm trying to sell.
- Uh, no thanks.
They'll make you do a two-hour
tour and hard sell you.
You really wanna do that shit
on your vacation?
You're selling ticket bands?
Well, I have four.
They're $164 per day so,
that's like $600 in cash.
I could do... $400?
And these'll work? No tricks?
They're completely unused.
My family had to
cancel our vacation
and they don't give out refunds.
But they're totally unused,
they'll work.
Look, I'll even come with you
to the front gate or whatever
so you know I'm for real.
And these are
Park-Hoppers, yeah?
Of course.
All right.
Uh, shall we say $350
for the four then?
- Cash?
- Yeah.
Lowest I could do is $400,
that's a steal.
All right.
Give him the bands, Moon.
Give the man the bands.
- Have a great time.
- Thanks, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Come on, baby.
Oh, my God.
- That one's beautiful.
- I want that one.
Get a fancy one.
Let's buy it, give me that.
- Look at what else they have.
- Hey!
Cotton balls?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Seriously, girlfriend?
- I'm rich.
- You got money.
I'm rich.
- Whoo!
- Aaah!
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's American flag
Hunh! Look, there's a flute.
Back in the workforce?
Say what?
- New job?
- Yeah.
Interesting hours.
I see you dressed in PJ's
all day, every day.
- Am I wearing PJ's now?
- Two...
If you're workin'...
who's lookin' after Moonee?
Mind your own business, bro.
Get that stolen cart
off the property.
Doesn't hold the curl?
Wish you had celebrity hair
without paying celebrity prices?
Celebrity Curls.
Who is it?
Simply insert the
Celebrity Curl wand
through the curling strip.
Hook a section of hair
Go away, asshole
or I'm gonna call the cops!
Why you calling the cops?
I'm not going away!
Mom, who's outside?
Nobody, baby, don't worry about it.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, what's going on?
- None of your business, bro.
- It is my business.
I'm the manager here.
What's goin' on?
Okay, yeah.
The girl in there, she's got
somethin' of mine. I-I...
I want it back.
The six-year-old?
No, man. The mom.
It's Bobby, we got
a situation here. Open up.
This guy says
you have something of his.
I don't know who this guy is.
She doesn't know who you are.
You got the wrong girl.
We gonna talk now.
You know, you gotta leave the
premises if you're not staying here.
I'm not going anywhere without
my four Magic Bands, okay?
She went in my bag, she took
four fucking magic bands.
What the fuck is a magical band?
I don't know what
this guy's talking about.
She don't know
what you're talking about.
She went in my stuff,
she lifted four fucking bands.
- I don't know what
- She don't know...
- you're talking about!
- What are you talkin'...
You do know what
I'm talking about!
Okay, I want 'em back now.
That's $1700, that's
grand larceny, bitch.
Hey, hey, hey, buddy.
I-I'm happy to call
the cops right now
and we can fill out a report.
And you can tell 'em what your
business was on the premises.
Four bracelets?
I imagine they were for your
wife and children, yeah?
I suggest you
leave the premises right now.
This isn't a premises,
it's a fuckin' dump.
'Bout time you
make yourself useful.
Did he have to pee again?
Don't worry about it, Moonee.
What now?!
From now on, all visitors
are required to check
in at the front desk.
- Got it?
- What?
You have a guest?
They check in with me
at the front office.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
You heard me.
Get back inside, Moonee.
When I say register,
I'm talkin' about ID.
They gotta leave the ID
right there with me in the office.
You can't just
not let me have guests.
What gives you the authority?
Uh, what, the authority?
Uh, my job title. Manager.
- I have friends, though!
- Hey,
- I have a lot of friends.
- Watch those glasses on the walkway.
Yeah, we all got friends,
we all got friends.
But this is a special rule for you.
Okay, but Bobby...
- I do follow rules.
- Gotta start to respect people.
Just 'cause they're not your
rules doesn't mean anything.
No, they-they-they're
the company's rules.
They're the motel's rules.
That's the way it is.
- Fuck you looking at, Tina.
- I'm a very fair person. Hey.
- No, listen...
- Hey, people are living...
You're not my fucking father.
I don't wanna be your father.
You can't fucking
treat me like this.
- This isn't a fucking jail!
- Uh, listen. Hey, calm, calm down!
- Calm down!
- This isn't a jail!
- No, no, it's a place where people live.
- You're just gonna take my friends away?
- And you gotta, you gotta calm down!
- That's fucking invasion of privacy.
- It's like the fucking
- I've had it.
- Fifth Amendment or something.
- I've had it!
- You can't fucking do that.
- That's it! That's it!
- Who do you think you are?
- That's it!
Bobby Big Shot?!
Fuck you, Bobby!
- I don't have to listen to you.
- Out!
I want you out of this lobby!
I'm gonna count to three.
And if you don't
leave this lobby.
You're outta here tonight.
Moonee, why'd you take
me on this adventure?
I didn't know
it was going to rain!
Did you not even watch the news?
I never watch the news.
It's so boring!
I watch the news,
it's not that boring.
That was pooey.
See! I took you on a safari.
These two are still busted.
But I'll be done with
that one in like two minutes.
Mom, it's Halley.
- Hey.
- What?
I know Moonee probably
did some shit.
And I'm sorry about that.
But I don't think that shit
should, you know...
affect us, you know,
they're kids.
Is that it?
Yeah, well...
Could you spot me
my rent this week?
I'm assed out.
I think you got that covered.
What are you talking about?
You don't think everybody
knows what's up, Halley?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Seems pretty clear to me.
Step aside, soldier!
That's you.
That's not me.
Those are your tats, bitch.
Are you fucking kidding me?
And I swear to God...
if Scooty was ever in the room
while you were whoring off...
I'll fucking kill you.
- Fuck you, bitch!
- No!
The fuck outta here!
Mom, are you okay?
Uh... are you okay, Mom?
You're not gonna like it.
Because guess what?
- What?
- No fun stuff in the class.
I heard in school,
you get recess.
And recess is fun,
you get to go outside,
you get on the playground.
- It's fun.
- I-It's just recess!
Nothing else!
Well, my grandma sometimes
does that to me
but I trick her
that I fall asleep.
But then I just wake up...
I think something's
happening at my room.
Did Ashley fucking
call DCF on me?
Ma'am we got a call, and it
doesn't matter who the person...
From who?
Who the fuck called you guys?
Who called you?
Halley, we're required
to investigate...
You fucking tell me who
called and I'll tell you why.
If it was Ashley, she's hating
'cause I fucking beat her ass.
You're getting into fights?
Don't fucking touch me.
You should uh...
You wait right here, okay?
Why is my mom yelling?
Uh, she's just talking
to these ladies.
Jancey, you go home.
- You go home now.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye, Moonee.
You're not coming in
to my fucking place.
I'm not doing anything wrong.
You're literally coming on
to my fucking property.
You're not coming into my room.
You don't have
a fucking court order.
Let me see paperwork.
So then can you help us?
Can I help you about what?
Why is my mom upset?
You know, I don't know, but uh.
They're just talkin', they
gotta figure something out.
What are--
What do they have to
figure anything out with?
Um, I don't know. It's
some sort of confusion.
But it'll be fine. Okay?
You're doing this in
front of my fucking kid.
Can I go back to my room now?
In a little bit.
- Couple of minutes, okay?
- Yeah.
Just, just, eh, Moonee.
Talk to the lady.
She's just got some
questions for you.
Then you can go
back to your room.
All right?
Can you tell me what kind of
stuff you do everyday, Moonee?
Do you ever go
swimming in the pool?
What about...
What kind of stuff do you
like to do with your friends?
I wish that you could
just be me for one day.
Oh, I wish that you could
be me for one day.
- I wish it.
- I wish it.
Oh, god, why does my mouth
suddenly taste like bubble gum?
It's me, it's Greg.
It's Warren, I'm in Greg's body.
And I'm in Warren's body.
What's going on?
Nothing baby, go back to bed.
What you doing all wet, Mom?
Come here.
Tag, you're it.
It's very good.
Tickle monster!
I'm gonna tickle the monster.
Is there any baskets over there
that are less than half full?
Throw them out, okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Girl, those are from the outside.
Your grubby little fingers
trying to unlock this window.
You better clean that.
Don't do that, don't do that.
If DCF has a fucking problem
with that, eff them.
Throw you these.
You better clean up
those underpants.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- You need towel?
- No.
Sometime a little bit.
I have a present for you.
This is for you, but make
sure you smoke all of it.
- Like all of it.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Enjoy that shit for me.
Thank you, hey.
And don't worry.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm promise gonna be okay.
Da da da ri da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
I don't know why we just like...
Just like I told them.
What's your-what's your
favorite thing to watch on TV?
SpongeBob SquarePants
Me too.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Good mornin'.
Yeah, you gotta go home.
There's cars comin' through here.
We got guests.
No harm, no foul?
No 'fowl'?
There's a... joke in there
All right, fellas.
All right.
Have a good day.
Wo-oh, oh, my Trinity
Beautiful islands in
the Caribbean Sea
Wo-oh, oh, my Trinity
Come get a plate.
I'm going to eat a strawberry
and a raspberry
at the same time.
Man, oh, man, that's gross.
And I wish they made
forks out of candy.
Then you could eat the
fork after your meal.
I love this.
Oh, I feel like I'm
going to burp.
Wish I had a bigger stomach.
Like I was pregnant.
I would fit food in that.
We gotta come here again.
This is the life, man.
Better than a cruise.
I mean...
this... this is not cruise
made of all this food.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah.
- May I have your room number, please?
- 323.
Thank you.
Have a great day.
Excuse me, may I have
your room number, please?
I know.
Mom, what's going on?
It's okay, baby.
What's okay.
'Excuse me.
- Hi, Halley.
- Thank you.
Hi, Moonee.
Can I help you?
Halley, these DCF officers are
here in regards to Moonee.
Do you wanna inspect my room?
Be my guest.
You wanna shake my boxes?
You wanna look inside my fridge?
We have security footage
showing nine different men
entering and exiting your room...
Why don't you take
Moonee outside, so
we can talk to Halley privately.
What's going on?
Well, you know what?
We just wanna make sure
that you're safe. Okay?
We've also obtained this
online classified ad
soliciting customers
for sexual activities
with your phone number attached.
Well, you're gonna go
somewhere really fun
and we're gonna have toys.
For how many days?
It will only be temporary, okay?
What's 'temporary'?
Temporary means just for
a little bit of time.
Can we do that?
I guess so.
Okay. Thank you.
You're such a big girl,
you know that?
That's able to take her.
But luckily, we have a
family in Polk County
that can take her
for the entire course
of the investigation, okay?
Could I say goodbye
to my friend Scooty?
He's down in 223.
We just need to check
to see if that's okay.
She wants to say goodbye
to her friend Scooty.
It's okay for her
to say goodbye, right?
I'll take her down.
We don't say goodbye.
But you can give
your friend a hug.
And you'll see them real soon.
- Okay.
- Okay. Let's go.
My colleague's gonna
take Moonee downstairs
to say goodbye to her friend.
And in the meantime,
it would be great
if you could pack a
bag with necessities.
Also, maybe a favorite
doll or a toy.
Hello, Miss, my name is
Susan Watson, I'm with DCF.
We have a quick
favor to ask you.
Ashley, what happened
to your face?
Okay, we can do a
hug or a high five.
Thank you so much.
I hope your eye feels better.
Thank you, baby.
All right.
Thank you so much.
My mom said you're going
to another family.
- What?
- Thank you.
Why did he say I was
going to another family?
You're just gonna go
live with a family
just for a little while.
Just temporary.
Moonee, we're going
to your room, okay?
Watch the steps.
Are those cops going to
take my mom away?
No, they're not.
Are they going to take
me to another family?
I'm going to take you
to a nice family
where you're gonna be okay
just for a little while.
- Is that okay?
- Well, I don't want to.
- I don't want to go.
- Moonee.
- I don't want to go.
- I know.
- Moonee will you please go upstairs?
- Stop.
- Your mom knows all about it.
- Stop.
Your mom said it was okay.
Do you want me to
get super angry?
No, I don't. That's why--
Hey, I-I'm gonna
fix those machines
by the end of the week.
Would you please
go get her parent?
- Stop! Let go!
- Honey, honey!
She's gonna...
Calm down.
Halley, can you...
Sweetie, sweetie...
I'm not your sweetie.
She's being very
emotional right now.
What's goin' on?
You want me to help you
take my child away?
- I am so so--
- Are you retarded?
You're stupid, right?
- I don't have to go.
- Take a breath.
- Sweetie.
- Stop this.
Okay, you're literally asking me
to help you take away
my fucking kid!
- This is what's best right now.
- Halley, calm down.
Calm down? Calm down?
You want me to
fucking help, right?!
You want me to fucking help!
- Get the fuck out of my house!
- Hey, calm down!
Stop! You're such a liar!
You're such a liar!
You're a fucking--
Don't touch me!
- Stop!
- She just went to get your mom.
You. Have.
You. Have. To.
You. Have. To. Stop!
I'm not going!
Shut the fuck up!
Don't touch--
Oh, my God!
Fuck outta here!
Get the fuck outta here!
I don't care!
The child's running!
No! No, that way.
A-1, I got a child
running eastbound...
What's going on?
I don't know.
You let her just run away?!
Halley, will you please just--
And I'm the one who's unfit?
Fuck you!
Hi, Moonee.
Here you go, honey.
Jancey, come, honey,
it's time to eat.
We're just about to have lunch.
Are you hungry?
Moonee, you want a bowl, honey?
Moonee, what's wrong?
Luci, por favor!
Look at this.
You're scaring me, Moonee.
You're my best friend.
And this is maybe the only time
I'm going to see you again.
What's going on?
Okay, just wait right here, okay?
Don't move.
This is--
I can't say it.