The Flower Girl (1972) Movie Script

A film of the People's
Democratic Republic of Korea
This is the film version of
"The Flower Girl" a revolutionary play
written and Staged at Wujiazi in 1930.
# Buy my flowers
These lovely red flowers
Their perfume is as exquisite
as their colour
To buy medicine for my sick mother
I have tended them
with all my heart
Buy my flowers
These beautiful red flowers
Beautiful azaleas
that flower in the valley
Pink apricot flowers
that bloom on the mountain
Buy my flowers
If you kindly buy them
Your sorrows will disappear
and Spring will come
even to your aching heart.
Sit down.
In July or August you will receive
good, long awaited news
In September or October you will find
the man you have been looking for.
Like a sparrow freed from its cage
happiness will come to you.
Good fortune, indeed.
Thank you.
Your father is dead,
your brother is in prison.
What's more, your mother is sick.
I am so sorry for you.
To top it all,
isn't your little sister is blind?
Tell me, has she been
blind since birth?
Because of illness?
Not that either.
I see.
A noble man will come to help you.
I'm sure of it.
You mother also, will be healed.
Don't be dispirited.
Are you staying a bit longer?
# When the sun sets in the west
Rising now, the wind
A young, blind girl
Stands alone on the hill
She awaits her sister
Who has left to sell flowers
To buy medicine for their mother
Young girl
alone on the hill
Sun Hui.
Sun Hui.
Sun Hui.
You should be at home with mother.
She's gone to Mr. Bae's.
But she's ill.
Landlord Bae scolded her
for not sending you
as a housemaid.
But Madame Kim...
You shouldn't have.
Are you here to work as well?
I was told to help the kitchen maid.
You're working day and night.
What can I do.
I'm a slave in debt.
We've no land of our own.
Gan-nan, what are you doing in there?
How slow you are!
When will you finish that washing?
How tiresome.
If you send Kotpun here,
you'd have fewer mouth to feed.
I'll do anything you want.
But leave my daughter alone.
Do you spare her heavy work
to turn her into courtesan?
If you send Kotpun here
you'd have fewer mouth to feed.
Do you spare her heavy work
to turn her into courtesan?
I mustn't die.
If I die, she'll take my place here.
and be treated like a slave.
Madame Kim.
You've not even eaten
and still you're working.
You should stop.
Mrs. Kim.
Come, try this.
Where did you get it?
The cook gave it to me.
- You take it.
- I've had some.
Sun Hui, you must be hungry?
What if Mum doesn't bring any rice?
She will.
Can't we buy some with the money
you got from selling flowers?
Sun Hui,
be brave until we've
bought the medicine for mother.
I'll boil some water.
Sis, Mum's coming.
I can hear her footsteps.
Sorry I'm late, Sun Hui?
You're sick,
you shouldn't be working.
Don't worry.
Mum, did you bring rice?
Sister's boiled water.
Sun Hui, eat this. Here.
It's crispy rice!
Kotpun, take it.
You've had no lunch.
I'm not hungry, give it to Sun Hui.
Mum, take it.
Big sister, you too.
I nibbled a little.
You can eat it all.
I'll go to the neighbours
to borrow some corn.
darn Sun Hui's socks.
Show me your foot.
That tickles.
Mother, what does it mean
"a noble man"?
Why ask me, like this?
People say
someone noble
helps and makes happy
poor people like us.
If someone like that
would come to help you,
like in the old tales,
I could...
leave this world without fear.
I was told
someone noble
will appear soon.
If your brother were here,
you wouldn't suffer so much.
But I'm sure
he no longer belongs to this world.
I was told that he would return
and you would be healed.
Really, Big Sis?
whatever happens,
take good care of Sun Hui.
The poor thing's lost her father,
brother, and even her sight.
I worry so much for you
I can't even die.
To think Sun Hui
would be motherless too.
Mum, don't say such things.
# Every year
when spring comes
On the hill, in the fields
Thousands of beautiful buds
Finally open
But for us
who have no country
Spring will never come
When shall we have flowers
blooming in our hearts?
Up there, on the hill path
Where they dragged our brother away
With the coming of spring
Beautiful flowers bloom
But dear brother
We wait hopefully
Years go by of endless waiting
When will he return?
Big Brother,
it's as big as me?
Yes, it will grow with you.
We'll plant other flowers here.
We'll plant the magnolias
mother loves so much.
and touch-me-not as well.
Well, what's your favourite flower,
Sun Hui?
I love that one.
What are you doing here?
Mr. Bae's looking for you.
Hurry up.
Let me have it.
Why are you standing idle?
Hurry to the back yard
and gut the fishes.
Kotpun, go ahead.
Play here.
I'm foolish to entertain guests
relying on them.
Chol-Ryong, have you finished?
I've one more
round trip to make.
Don't you dare touch it,
you little pest?
Sun Hui!
Wild ginseng from my husband!
What, my ginseng?
It's your fault, brat!
Heavens! What a mishap!
She only brings bad luck!
Sun Hui, lift your hands.
We'll put
soybean paste on it.
Move your hands.
Let me see, please.
Don't cry, big brother is here.
- Sun Hui!
- Where are you?
- I can't see anything!
- Sun Hui, I'm here.
- Your big brother is here.
- Bring a light.
Sun Hui, he's here.
Where is he? I can't see him.
How could such a thing happen to her?
Life is so cruel.
How could heaven
take her sight?
Sun Hui, I'm here,
can't you see me?
I can't see you.
I can't see anything.
- Watch your steps.
- Good-bye.
We count on you.
Big Brother!
What are you doing?
How can we live without you?
Don't cry.
Take good care of Sun Hui.
Mrs. Gan-nan, please
to take care of my mother.
Mrs. Gan-nan,
What brings you here?
have you had
anything to eat today?
A little...
You can borrow some rice
from Mr. Bae.
Hunger makes any man a criminal.
Let's go to get some.
I know...
you're determined never to
set foot in that house again.
But what can one do?
Think of your sick mother.
They claim to be very generous,
but in Autumn they ask us
to pay twice the principal.
Two measures!
This is the third measurement!
Our lord, Mr. Bae
has such a good heart,
he takes pity on you
and lends you rice.
So, remember his generosity!
Now five measures for Yoon-chil.
Five measures?
Do you know how much
you'll owe me this Autumn?
You don't know?
That's why
you want to take so much.
Let's see.
Last time, you took three measures
when your wife died.
How will you repay
all your debts?
I have twelve mouths
to feed at home.
- Give him one measure!
- Yes!
A measure for Yoon-chil!
A full measure of golden rice.
Then Gan-nan wants to take
two measures!
Half the bag
is filled with rice husks.
Mr. Hwang!
The rickshaw!
I have to go to the pastor.
There you are!
You never came to work
and you want to borrow rice?
Your debts accumulate
and you ask for rice!
Of all the nerve!
Mr. Hwang, hurry!
Here, caramels!
Buy my caramels!
Rice caramels
caramels and jelly beans!
There are planes in the sky
and trains on the ground.
But until now, our forefathers
rode on donkeys
wearing horsetail hats,
reciting poems on fragrant mornings
and moon-lit evenings.
Is it any wonder we're so backward.
Buy my flowers.
I'd like a bouquet.
Here, caramels!
Buy my caramels!
Buy my mackerel!
Freshly caught in the East Sea!
Tasty, salted mackerel...
- Morning.
- Oh, you're late today.
Don't hang about here today.
Try over there
where the Japanese bar is
There'll be more people
and you'll sell more.
- But I daren't.
- Don't be so shy.
You're only selling flowers.
Give it a go.
I know this business better than you.
By the way, can you
bring me some herbs tomorrow?
They sell well these days.
A flower-seller
shouldn't stay in one place.
Go quickly,
in front of the bar.
Haven't you finished yet?
The guests will all be coming tomorrow
and you've hardly started!
Even if you have to spend all night,
finish it before dawn!
Or you'll ruin it,
tomorrow's party.
Where's Kotpun?
She should be helping you
at times like this
instead of selling flowers!
If she earned anything
she'd repay your debts!
Oh dear!
Buy my flowers.
I'd like a bouquet.
I'd like some roses.
# Buy my flowers
These beautiful red flowers
My flowers are adorned with tears
These beautiful red flowers
I've no country
I've no money
I have no means of support
In spring
where the buds bloom
I sell these flowers adorned with tears
You're home?
Why are you home so late?
You don't look too well.
Did something happen?
stop selling your flowers.
Must you even repair pots?
You poor thing.
Even this we must do
if we're to eat.
Go to bed,
I'll do it tomorrow.
You don't know how to.
You've never repaired a pot
It's not so easy.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Rest now.
It's not true!
You're working too hard.
You'll kill yourself
if you continue like this.
It would be better if Kotpun
worked in your place.
Even you repeat
Madame Bae's words?
I'd rather die
than have her
work for them as a slave.
I've held out until now
so she won't become...
their servant.
If I die,
how could you live alone
in this cruel world?
Mother, don't say that.
We couldn't live without you.
I'll sell lots of flowers
and buy medicine for you.
Soon, you'll be well
and brother will return.
And we'll all be happy.
Kotpun, don't cry.
I won't leave you all alone.
I won't let you slave
for Mr. Bae,
I'll fight it
with all my strength.
Oh, the bitch!
You're worth less than an animal!
How can you pick up the flour?
It's for the banquet.
If you've earned a little money,
you should bring it
to Mr. Bae...
to pay
at least interest.
I've no money.
Forget my medicine, please.
I really don't have any.
Sun Hui, stay with Mum today.
I'll go buy her medicine.
You've got enough money?
Yes, almost.
With the flowers,
I'll pick some herbs as well, today.
Sun Hui, isn't your sister
selling flowers today?
She went to pick some herbs.
She can't sell flowers today then.
Last night, my sister and me
cried over Mum.
can you take me to town?
To town?
Yes. I want to sell flowers
and earn money for my sister.
To buy medicine for Mum.
Want me to come with you?
- Please.
- Okay.
You think
we can sell a lot?
- I don't know.
- I hope we'll sell them all.
- Did you hurt yourself?
- No.
I broke my stick.
Doesn't matter. Let's go?
Buy my flowers.
Buy my flowers.
Children, go sell over there.
Where the violinist's playing?
There are lots of people around him.
I've come from the pastor.
The pastor likes bacon.
Nobody's buying, let's go back.
I'm hungry. Aren't you?
I'm not hungry.
I want to sell at least one.
Sun Hui, you can sing, right?
Sing a song.
A song?
People will come and listen.
You think?
What shall I sing?
Your favourite song,
that your sister taught you.
Sing it with me.
I don't know the words.
Come on, sing.
This is an entertaining novel,
"Beauty under the Moon".
And this is called
"Vengeance of my Life".
Buy my flowers.
Sir, buy my flowers.
Who taught you this song?
- Her sister taught her.
- Sister?
Her sister went
to gather herbs,
she's selling them in her place.
Her mother's ill.
She sells flowers to buy
medicine for her mum.
Children, come with me.
This isn't a good place.
Let's go.
Buy my mackerel!
You're here already?
They are still fresh,
these herbs.
There're not that many.
That's plenty.
Come back tomorrow
for the basket.
- I'll sell them from it.
- If you like.
- Take it.
- Is that alright?
Yes, I'll give you more
when I've sold everything.
Come on.
Thank you.
Buy my anise!
They're still fresh!
They've just been picked
on the mountain!
Buy my flowers.
These lovely red flowers
Sing it again!
Little beggar, sing again
I'll give you a coin!
Little blind beggar!
Sun Hui!
What are you doing here?
Why did you come here?
Yong Ran brought me.
I'm selling flowers for Mum.
We're poor,
but not beggars.
I can handle
people's insults,
but you mustn't do that.
Mother would cry to learn
you've humiliated yourself.
Can't you understand?
If you carry on like this,
our brother will never come back.
I was wrong, Sis.
Sun Hui.
Let's go.
Will we really buy the medicine?
Of course.
- Have you got enough money?
- Yes.
- I've got enough.
- Great!
Who are you?
Hello, doctor.
It's the flower girl.
I've come for Mum's medicine.
Fine, let's go in.
- You have enough money?
- Yes.
Hello, doctor.
Come in, children.
Doctor, the Japanese officer
has been here
looking for ginseng.
Sit down. You too.
we would also like ginseng
in our medicine.
This girl has waited a long time
to buy medicine for her mother.
Bring me all the ginseng.
Even if the Japanese insist,
I must use some ginseng
for her mother.
I've brought 3 won
as you told me to.
I'll prepare 3 packets
for the moment.
We'll see later,
depending on your mother's condition.
# Thousands of azaleas
Beautiful azalea blooms
Our devotion to mother
blossoms like pretty flowers
It blossoms in our hearts
Like a pretty bouquet of flowers
I prepared each flower
With all of my heart
My devotion blossoms
More beautifully than any flower
My devotion blossoms
Like a pretty bouquet
You still let Kotpun
go and sell flowers?
You've got a nerve,
not sending her to us.
What a bunch of ingrates!
Mr. Bae is generous,
but there's a limit.
Ask Mr. Bae
to forgive us one last time.
I wish I were dead.
You have only to pay your debts!
I'll have to sort that out.
So... If you don't bring us
the amount due today,
we'll take Kotpun
and sell her to a bar, got it?
Mrs. Kim, are you there?
Oh God!
What's happened to you?
Mrs. Kim, wake up!
Help me!
Is anyone there?
Mrs. Kim!
- Mrs. Kim!
- Kotpun's mother!
Big Sis, hurry up.
Mum'll be waiting.
When she's cured
and big brother returns,
how happy we'll be.
Yes, so happy!
Mrs. Kim,
What's happened to you?
Kotpun! Your mother is...
What happened?
Mum, your medicine!
Big Sis bought your medicine.
You can't leave us.
We've no father or brother.
You promised
not to leave us.
We can't live alone.
You can't leave blind Sun Hui!
# The river flows on
Never ceasing
But my sadness
Remains in my heart
On this vast earth
I have nowhere to go
We unfortunate ones
Have nowhere to go
Let's go.
Think of your little sister.
Sun Hui...
Let's go home. Come on.
It is said that
faith can move mountains.
Was Kotpun's faith not sufficient?
With the single desire
for her mother to get well,
she had held out till then,
If one scattered
all the flowers picked
by traversing the mountains
and braving the thorn bushes,
they would cover the whole village.
But her mother has left her
without receiving a single flower.
Did she not understand
the devotion of her daughter?
Life is cruel.
Why should one suffer
so much misfortune?
She does not know why there is
so much unhappiness in her life.
But who could explain?
It's been three years
since you've heard from him.
How can you travel 100 miles
looking for your brother?
I must know
what has happened to him.
Before, I thought
only of my mother,
but now,
I think only of him,
day and night.
I understand.
But how can you make this trip
without any money.
Have we ever had any money?
But I'm worried,
especially for Sun Hui.
Don't worry about her.
She'll stay with us,
with my Yon Ran.
When you get back,
you'll live with us too.
Even if we must starve.
I wish I could take her
with me on my back.
She cannot see our brother,
but at least
she could hear his voice.
It's too far,
it would be too hard for you.
Well, will you really leave tonight?
Mr Bae has already told me
to come to their house.
If he comes back tomorrow,
he'll take me by force.
Take it.
It's only one coin,
but it's all that I have.
Please sleep beside
Sun Hui tonight.
If she wakes up,
tell her I left for the market.
I'll go home
and then come back.
And don't tell your children
where I've left for.
I don't want Sun Hui to know.
And if Mr. Bae learns...
I understood.
Don't leave until I come back.
# The stars in the sky
Now are all asleep
Dear little sister
Sleep, you too, in peace
I must go tonight
Leaving you behind
Such a long way alone
My heart is filled
With bitter tears
Let the cold rains fall
Or the blizzard come
The great love I hold for you
Will protect you
When you hear
the breath of the wind
That comes from afar
Take it for my call
As I think of you
You there, faster!
Are they all prisoners?
It seems so.
Are you too here to see someone?
Yes, but I haven't got the date.
What do you mean?
You must register
and wait for a visit date.
How long is your husband's term?
My visit,
it's in another five days.
After tomorrow,
I'll be able to see my brother.
Why don't they call me?
Otherwise no visit!
Come when I call your name!
Ri Sun Nyo!
Kim Hong-sil!
Park Yok-joo!
Cha Tan-sil!
Park Seung-chol!
Kim Seong-geum!
In order!
Kim Myung-hee!
Kim Chi-sam!
Check if she's there.
Who's Kotpun?
It's me.
Kim Chol-yong is your brother?
See if it's him.
He's dead, go home!
Big Brother!
# In this cruel, wicked world
What should I do?
Wherever I go
There is only sorrow
In miserable plight
I am trampled and oppressed
Under this dark and heavy sky
There's nowhere left for me to go
How can I carry on
In this cruel and wicked world?
I ask everyone
But answers, I have none.
Whenever will I be free?
Free from this misery
There is no end
To my grief and sorrow
Tell me, who will pay for this girl?
I'm sorry for her,
but I can't keep her free of charge.
Seeing how she is,
I can't believe
she has any money.
You can't leave just yet.
Not in such a condition.
# On the hill
Where the cold wind blows
The little girl is alone
Piteous little child
Her sister has left
Searching for her brother
The girl waits
Hot tears scour her face
Sun Hui!
Sun Hui, Where have you been?
You're frozen.
- Hurry home.
- Goodbye.
I'm sure something's happened
to Kotpun.
It's been three months
since she left.
I'm worried too.
We shouldn't have
let her go alone.
She may no longer be
in this world.
Sun Hui, don't cry, please.
Isn't that the witch of Odong village?
Bae's wife fell ill.
It seems she suffers
from splitting headaches.
She'd do better treating me with a tiptop
dinner than wasting money on a witch.
She'd get well with an awl
driven into her noddle.
It's because of the evil spirit
from the South-east.
We must chase away
this evil spirit.
Or even expensive drugs
will be useless.
Money and power
are useless too.
We must drive it away.
This evil spirit
comes from the south-east.
A spirit from the South-east?
It must be
coming from the village.
Big Sister...
A spirit from the South-east...
It's come to kill me!
There's a horned demon come!
Right there, the demon!
There's no ghost here.
A Christian shouldn't
believe in ghosts!
I've put amulets everywhere,
you'll soon get well.
They've come to take me,
they come to kill me!
Come see.
Kotpun's house
is located south-east, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
When did my wife fall ill?
Her condition deteriorated
when that blind bitch
began to cry on the hill.
I'm convinced...
she's possessed
by the spirit of her dead mother.
Get rid of the child
to cure my wife.
Sun Hui, stop crying.
I heard your sister coming.
- Is it true, sir?
- Of course, I'm sure.
But she fell on her way.
She is injured
and is now staying in town.
Young-lan has gone off to see her.
- Please take me there.
- Of course.
Of course, I have
business there anyway.
Let's go?
Is it much farther?
We've just passed the bridge,
we'll be there soon.
Kotpun is here!
What? Kotpun here?
Has Kotpun returned?
Oh, Kotpun, you're finally back!
You're finally back!
- How you must have suffered.
- You're frozen stiff.
- Madame!
- Here you are at last!
You must've had
a hard time of it.
Grandpa, come quickly!
Is it true that Kotpun
is back?
She's been gone
the whole of winter.
Sir, don't make so much noise.
Its my fault.
I didn't take
good care of Sun Hui.
The whole village
has been looking.
We've searched everywhere.
But we couldn't find her.
Sun Hui...
I only kept going
thinking of you.
But you...
You too?
Sun Hui!
You must be strong,
otherwise you'll get sick too.
Sun Hui must be no more.
Those scoundrels must have...
That evening I came out
hearing her crying.
I saw Paek-man,
Bae's steward,
approach Sun Hui
who was crying on the hill.
I didn't pay any attention.
I never thought such
such a thing would happen.
I'm sure it's Paek-man
who took her.
They have the Japanese
supporting them.
What can we do?
I can't see...
Sun Hui!
What is it?
You're Kotpun?
Give me back my sister.
What? You dare?
Give me her now.
What did you do to her?
What are you talking about?
Are you crazy?
Chase her away. This instant!
Where is everyone?
Throw her into the river
or sell her!
get rid of her before dawn!
Six years ago, one rainy day,
Kotpun's brother
was arrested by the Japanese
and left behind
his mother and sisters.
Who knows
where he has been since then?
During his four years in prison,
he never forgot
his native village.
He escaped from prison
and rejoined the revolutionaries.
During that time,
he continued to think of his village.
Comrade Chol-yong.
Let's go to your village to see
your family on your return.
It's not far.
We'll visit old friend San.
He lives alone in the mountains.
But he's a good friend.
Are you there?
Who is it?
It's you!
I thought you'd forgotten me.
- Come in.
- I came with a friend.
- Glad to meet you.
- Come in.
You no longer live alone?
Who is that girl?
It's an incredible story.
I found her in the mountains.
She is blind
and she never speaks a word.
The day before yesterday,
I went to check the traps
I'd put out
to capture the roe deer.
Suddenly, I heard
a little girl crying.
I ran towards her
to see who was there.
I can't see, I can't see you...
# Like flowers caught by the frost
Falling under the weight of snow
These poor sisters are forsaken
In this lonely land
Even the moon in the sky
Seems indifferent
These poor children!
Who can save them?
Sun Hui!
It's me, your brother.
How is this possible?
How can there be
such cruel people?
It's not right.
We can't live with them
like this.
- Come on, let's wipe them out!
- Let's go!
We'll teach them a lesson!
What's more, they locked up Kotpun,
they deserve to die!
Let's go!
Let's save Kotpun!
You're alive!
Wake up.
Your brother, he's back.
It's impossible.
My brother...
died in prison.
It's not true.
Your brother is alive.
And we've found Sun Hui!
What? Sun Hui?
Kotpun is here.
Big Brother!
Brother, where have you been?
Why didn't you come before?
Mother so longed for you.
You know, brother?
I know.
But I wasn't even able
to offer a bowl of hot soup
to her who suffered so much
in bringing us up.
For you too,
life must have been hard.
Where are you, Sis?
Sun Hui!
it's not easy
for you to understand
why we suffer so much.
This is because we have no country
and the Japanese
and people like Bae
oppress the people of Korea.
this is the tragedy
of a stateless nation.
The tragedy of this ruined nation.
To free ourselves
from this oppression,
we must chase away the Japanese
and regain our country.
We must build a new world
without landlords and capitalists.
For these poor children,
we must feed their hunger,
dress them
and give them a decent education.
We must all unite
and lead the revolution!
Now the Korean Revolutionary Army
has taken arms to regain the country
and prepares the revolution
so our people
can live in a free world!
Support the KRA!
Let's support it!
# Icy is the wind
Fierce the frost and snow
But the cold cannot stop
The blooming flowers of spring
Under the benevolent sun
shining so brightly
The red flowers of revolution
Now bloom everywhere
In our village streets
And in the hearts of our people
Lovely flowers now are blooming
Blooming everywhere
In our beautiful golden land
In our beautiful homeland
We sow the seeds of revolution
That will bloom everywhere
Direction: Kim Il Sung Prize Winner
and People's Actor Pak Hak
Kim Il Sung Prize Winner and
People's Artist Choe Ik Gyu
Photography: Merited Artists
Pak Pyong Su and Ri Hui Son
Kotpun HONG Young-hee
Sun Hui: PARK Hwa-seon
Orchestra Ryongyang Ribada
(Winner of the KIM IL-SUNG Order)
Literary group of Baekdusan
(Winner of the Medal KIM IL-SUNG Order)
Korean Film Studio
(Winner of the Medal KIM IL-SUNG Order)