The Fluffer (2001) Movie Script

Thousands of girls and the guys I want...
beautiful and proud, but Narcissus
none of them wants to.
Ovid, Metamorphoses.
THE FLUFFER / Translation: Jeannot
- And a classic?
- Kind of like that thing.
4.31 U.S. dollars, please.
For Freedom
and against censorship.
All models in this
videograms have over 18 years.
And that and American citizen,
you right...
Men of Janus presents
HOW Citizen
- Sean McGinnis.
- Coming soon.
- Hi.
- Hello. Chad Cox. Come.
He and the so here are the
Men of Janus.
Janus was the god of passages, and Doors.
Here everyone is king.
Alan, chief, is very discreet
I'm so I deal with everything keeps
This is my resume.
Everything seems okay.
Tell me something about yourself.
I am in Los Angeles
three weeks.
I wanted to work in a
conventional film
but you must have relations,
and I do not know anyone.
- How old are you?
- 22 years.
Gay or straight?
Rather bisexual
and to say.
You want to try in front of the camera?
- No, no...
- You're sure?
Yes, I do not feel too good in front
room, so...
You know what movie are we doing here?
Yes, I saw that.
And, you say?
It was good.
In fact, his room
can move as much.
The film he shot.
1000 copies sold in a month.
That's owe him Mikey.
- Mikey?
- Johnny Rebel.
The porn industry, everyone
has a nickname.
May and now works for you?
Yes, we exclusively.
It has a nice body, fucks well
Tool has a 25 cm
and ends as a stallion.
With it, you do not what to worry about
as respects money. Blessed be.
You know, Sean, you know everything are
the porn industry, like that for me
you look at movies skipped and are not
closely than ejaculation.
Do this for 29 years.
I started as an actor
but an accident forced me to stop.
I destroyed liver. Look.
- I think it was terrible.
- It was.
After that I could not come back.
I feel embarrassed.
One to show you something
that few have seen her.
Least look at it.
Me and my dick.
Artai well. Seriously.
Thanks. Smoke?
- Depends on what.
- I thought so.
Hold, take this.
- You should.
- I'm cool.
So you want to work with us?
How can you not!
So, how come for us?
I'm doing well with the camera,
with projectors,
anything can... I know everything.
What do you like that and sex?
I do not know. Starting to become
as a porn film.
I like felaiile.
Do not fuck I never liked.
Not even when I was healthy.
What I like is to suck a cock.
You want to suck your a?
I think you have the wrong person...
Want to work here, huh?
He and going here.
Yes, I want to work...
But, just can not.
I'm sorry.
Wait, Sean, do not pack.
I like to undress me gain
bread, Sarah
but that does not mean I do not dignity.
- See?
- Was perfect.
You so realistic!
Thanks. In fact, I have documented.
Yes, last week I was
girls in a striptease club.
It's great!
Thanks for coming, Vicky.
I thank you.
- Fall next.
- Agreed.
- You should not like Kevin.
- Definitely.
- Name?
- Julie Desponsio.
Julie... Where do you photograph?
Who's your agent?
Not an actress, I actually came to that
a customer from the bar where I worked gave me the address.
Oh yeah, Bob.
Well, and place yourselves
Tell your, and introduced to your
in front of the camera.
Whenever you want.
My name is Julie Desponsio,
stage and my name is Babylon.
- You want to say in some way?
- How feel.
I think you're crazy.
What are you doing with this guy?
I'm in love with him.
And that he can get
Yes, you can talk to...
I like to undress me gain
but I am and dignity.
Yes, it succeeded.
That's all?
I could to interpret otherwise,
if you want.
There was perfect.
You are born for this.
Very good.
What is this movie?
Sarah is called that confusing.
It is the story of a girl, Sarah
which is a little confusing.
Yes, just like that seems... Goodbye.
Nice girl.
Too natural.
Even the true
not even true.
How your name again?
Johnny Rebel.
How old are you?
25 years.
What is that tattoo,
It's new.
Where are you gonna do?
In prison.
And with what looks like?
With Disneyland.
What were you in prison?
I violated the law.
How you?
I was too wise.
Give your shirt down.
Okay, Johnny.
It's very good...
Sean is my mother. I never heard you
for some time.
Give us a call. We love you. Bye.
Are from Men of Janus .. We should
a cameraman for Friday.
Call and ask for the silver.
Kevin's office, Smolowitz.
I began to cast
Sarah the confusing
and we need immediate assistance.
So I give us a call. Thanks.
Look good in goal.
One... Two...
Hector puts spotlight here.
One, two, three. Okay, Johnny, go ahead.
Are the evidence?
- Sean McGinnis.
- Sam Michaelson.
- You porn?
- Not really.
You know how it uses a Betacam camera?
Of course.
I've heard that too not wait in vain...
Well, tonight
dancing in a club in San Diego.
The sooner the better.
Shoot four frames in environmental plan
and eight in the general plan.
If the ambience, you will see
the general plan.
Do not miss ejaculation.
A general plan for Rick
skinny guy.
It's like Rick is a douche.
For Mikey, general plan.
Much ejaculate
and need to see how far we and you and THA.
Tony, are you ready?
Thanks that you clean the pool.
That's my job, sir.
How Do you spend your free time?
May the soul.
Come Fuck it!
- A and A, put it to me!
- Feel my dick?
Oh yeah, give me a deeper!
Go to position 2.
I do not think that. Least
I care about Chi-Chi!
It paid for the studio.
No way. Keep your money.
Should focus.
Give them some magazines.
No more, but can go for.
No, dark.
May we give to him a Viagra?
At least it would make you ejaculate?
Sam needs to go. We show.
Okay, a stretch.
I think I feel.
Do not be embarrassed to have sex in front of everyone?
I could you do this and a stadium.
Not understood at all, the other not?
Made me lose concentration
the show's stupid...
Definitely one for travestii.
You want to give me a hand?
Your might seem embarrassing, but...
sometimes a little help not hurt.
No problem.
He and has, all I will finish soon.
Mikey is a guy really well.
It's too stylish.
Will be awesome, once arose.
Get two or three seconds.
No more.
Penetration counts most
and it does not appear at all.
Normal. Gel was objective.
Heck, look at that!
Farmers in the Midwest do not masturbate
Seeing an ear!
It sucks, I have checked
Not every time.
We need qualified staff.
It's the fourth camera in two weeks!
A to pick up Hector.
Hector filmed an entire
scene with the empty room.
Ted likes.
And Mikey's.
But do not know how to shoot!
He filmed the better ejaculation
You know what character is.
So far I can not hire anybody.
We need a cameraman. Have you seen this?
That's great!
The 25th time, it's not, believe me.
I do if I want.
See you soon.
Galore in the Garden
When you read "Summer pleasures"
Are you thinking boats,
the beach, the sea, not in a pool!
It's hard, and this matter is in full!
At $ 30,000, and interest is!
Me and like waves, sand,
not a pool...
- Have one!
- Stops you, confuse me!
Derek, you're gorgeous.
I like your tool.
Sat, did you see Derek's dick?
We called him 5 times.
Not available now.
- Owes me money.
- Cheers.
To the bottom
I have a new title:
Suck, are Belgian.
You said it!
A small blonde, broke eight blacks.
You pass heat.
To see his mouth when you swallow it.
- You have finished.
- I work tomorrow.
It's an important scene.
And that matters more!
No more than you.
But you know...
E for money.
Listen, Julie...
You know I feel.
I'd like to finish me on your breasts...
When they fuck there, you think.
- What to say...
- I swear.
I love you.
Me and the others, Mikey.
- And you?
- What about me?
When I think of all men
that you touch.
I'll put that pigs that
lovelele to chiloi.
You tell me that?
But, just is not?
He and it happens.
Because not all talk and work...
I'll stick you dick in all poponarii.
Now what, you're homophobic?
Where were you?
Sat download yank hair!
If it had hair...
I would come sooner.
- But I was stopped.
- Fine?
- They were cops.
- Really?
- A chick in a Porsche.
- Jokes are?
A blonde in a black Porsche.
- You got the number?
- What do you think?
We're gonna shoot him?
What do you think?
Go Fuck them all.
You're the owners?
A highway to make a way.
And a 'the city that wants to give us
I'll tell you, we give him a new back!
A feel me up.
Believe me, one to feel.
Who writes the dialogues?
- I.
- Oh? Welcome...
And if those two
would be held one hour and citizen?
Johnny is always the active.
It's straight.
How, not gay?
It's only gay on screen, as and others.
Of straight porn, tigi not win anything.
So I compete and something else...
Mikey refused to be scheduled, to suck or
to kiss.
Or was not paid enough.
Mickey would want it are a bit heated.
- Alan said your not?
- Yes, he said.
It was good.
Got a cigarette?
Do not smoke.
That stage it looked like you were angry.
When you toppled over mass
those guys.
You want to go get a drink
an event?
Of course.
- When?
- When you want.
I agree.
What is your tattoo?
Oh, nothing.
It bites.
You know, a fly
do not keep the place and you can die
- You'll rape you.
- Stops you are broken.
- Come...
- Mikey, I'm not joking.
Neither do I.
Kiss me.
I love you.
You're stoned.
I have and for you.
No, thanks, one to wait on Stacie,
prepare for chi-chi soiree.
There are three weeks until then!
It's next Friday.
In addition you know I do not like to
Why do not you get anything?
A better you feel then...
A to do a shower.
Okay, Mom.
How was filming?
Piece of cake.
A call to Stacie, you can not tell
May come.
I am. Get me the machine
or call the police.
Call me in five minutes.
Look what we have here.
Trumpets to sound!
Hello, frumu and Elul.
Stands here?
You frowning brows.
I'll buy you a drink?
Because my eyebrows?
A Bombay Sapphire and i. .. ?
A Whisky hull.
Tallulah had just ordered.
Keep the change.
're Not gay, do you?
Obviously, and as my eyebrows?
No, but do not drink through a straw.
You break, you know...
All my iubiii were married.
The one I was just five years. Terry...
He and a tool to have...
I was a bieel with a lollipop.
I went to him every weekend.
I care little for his wife.
A petard.
But always leave room open for
to hear.
I think I still knew
When you go to work,
came to my bed praying
to shoot him.
There were no gay bars where I lived.
It was quite funny without them.
For the closet!
For closet.
This put them on shelves.
The posters here, in order
Put them in cardboard boxes.
Costumes and accessories store them.
- Have you seen this?
- What?
E Alan Dieser.
A former porn star.
Since when?
Everyone here has done porn?
Alan and Chad?
Else do not have what to do.
Especially Alan.
He's funny and has!
I have prescribed drugs
but he still forget to take them.
- How the studio founded this?
- The inherited.
He and has had a chance to become chief.
- "In LA, everything is possible."
- You said it.
You like to work here?
Moreover Thiele you like girls.
- I love more than gay porn.
- Really?
- How to?
- I love to watch a penis.
With lesbian porn and are not steps.
That's only if you like fake nails.
What's new?
What did you do Friday?
Not know. I was caught.
Go to Chi-Chi's evening?
I do not know.
Should be. It will be full of porn stars.
Then maybe one to go.
Move it to this room!
Where you learned to do this?
It's funny.
Put her on the shoulder.
There adjust.
And that symbol
I'll show when you're too close.
This is the zoom.
How to register?
From that button, but not
in box.
Then what good?
Strange however i. Always
behind the camera...
To see the world and a. ..
Maybe, yes...
Do not you worry.
Hey all those who like to suck,
are Chi Chi LaRue
and he's my party!
All know, before!
Gino Colbert and daring you to display
that the model that blew me in!
What model?
Elul Frumu and that in Colorado...
Not know his name.
Sat Martins.
- Okay?
- We have not seen the...
- Cream buttocks?
- It was!
Guy up there
tool is 36 cm!
I've had. I can not forget it.
- Who?
- Let me guess.
Mikey, how are you?
Greek here?
Wait, I think he e.
- What are we doing here?
- What?
- It's the CC?
- From Crystal.
When Kim Novak out of the shower and the
dedicates all.
It seems that your Hichcock has something...
There are embraces shows, the camera returns
and let it download.
Cold sweat, is a pure porn.
Do we take the final scene...
- It Catholic?
- I think so.
Porn is dead.
Jokes are. All the dogs go in
this job.
It's my cool and make you're mad.
In two months one to one and wipe away.
- What to do?
- A stretch.
We're gonna go to Mexico or elsewhere.
I have sand...
Mexico is a place where
are whales
and when you wave them
swim with you.
My cool.
Are ameit. Pull one?
Yes, but not anymore. You must to wait
my beloved.
What does?
It dancer.
In a club on Reset.
Here it is.
You see?
It is?
You do not want, right?
No, I jaw pins.
It's mint. Not with tizan.
- Did you have fun last night?
- Not really. You?
It was not pretty, and pa.
- I looked closely.
- And?
You know already.
- It's not gay.
- He and the E!
Can you be gay and not to do gay movies!
- And?
- That's not gonna change anything!
A man to accept it
eventually. Always happens!
- With me is different.
- Why, because they suck?
Why he needs me
that to end?
We're gonna learn.
In his mind he's not gay.
In my mind I'm crazy about him.
Then you happy trii
until deep btrnei!
Sandra, from the beginning, everything was brilliant.
But I think that there is
think about it.
And in bed, feel far from me.
Some like that have been born.
And that's what attracts you to them!
Later, I'll gonna bite your fingers.
To say that Johnny's gonna be your...
Stops you, the way it is, not to lead to anything.
- And Do you agree?
- No, it did and bye.
It's like I have a knot in me that
trying to unravel it.
Try, but fail.
Believe me, im always end up with them
Forget it.
Can you vomii?
No, but it seems everything revolves...
He and shows up.
A look to aspirin and some vitamins.
Mikey, stops you, you're not well.
Stretch, right?
Look at the stars...
Not gonna be nice tomorrow.
But I will be.
A to I'll make coffee...
Fried eggs...
Mikey, I love you.
I love when I hear.
What do you mean?
We're gonna have a baby.
A child...
Plutii load.
Around you is nothingness.
Keep your thoughts to fly.
Clear your mind of everything.
Worries, problems, allow them
Simii breath,
Imagine a golden disk
raft and get on top of your navel.
Will fill the body with a purifying light.
Absorbii this light. Absorbii
energy universe.
Give a hand fatigue and suffering
and receive prospeimea vitality.
Around you is peace and hot.
ntindei your fingers and the corners
a star.
Intindei them to the universe.
And more.
I am doctoral.
Acupuncture and oriental medicine.
It's even better.
How are you?
Trying to get into theaters.
And I go?
I already have a job...
Ok and what work?
In a small studio. Not too big...
What are they doing?
S musical?
A little, yes.
Is it porn?
A bit, yes.
And how is it?
And fuck all, but it's a job
as any.
The atmosphere is great.
See, people always have things
New said...
Even those steps which are surly finds
have lived exit sprung from common things.
Are you okay? You seem a little...
No, it's ok.
Type that was
always wanted to do a porn movie.
At first I did not say anything...
But one wonders if...
I do not know, I...
when a type
I want to achieve,
You feel it's there.
I do not care about actors.
All right. Another one.
Super. Profile.
Concrete. May 1.
Now get Johnny Rebel.
Do your eyes to that which kills.
I hate you.
No kidding.
I take it a little while
load is that thing?
Mikey, May 1 Viagra?
Let me, will you?
The first is always the effect, do you?
I could have two minutes to quiet?
Take a Midol, what the hell...
Can you die. Simple pictures
fell $ 175.
Go to and fooled.
You said it.
It did and bye.
You should ask for more every time.
You like my dick?
It's beautiful.
You like my body?
Yes, I like...
Tell me that you like my dick.
I like. I love you.
I like totally.
- One of my fault.
- Damn!
Just kidding.
I'm ready.
I know you love Mickey.
A to I'll create problems.
It's charming to everyone.
I find this repulsive.
However it is not my type.
And what's your type?
I do not know.
May grace and men,
older, Sam.
Sat Martins?
Before we were always together.
Now we had calmed.
When you feel close,
I lose my mind.
You know what that is...
Mr Gordon?
Hi, Sean.
I could make you a picture?
You want to ruin the movie?
Study at school darkroom.
Okay, okay. Just one.
Zmbii not. Be natural.
You, in the office!
- Have you seen this?
- I'm sorry.
It cost $ 2,000 suit that!
It's wonderful, I pay a curirea.
We can provide anything from
- That it will not apologize.
- No, of course.
I promise you will not ever make
foot in this city.
Kiki, you follow.
Babylon, baby...
It was funny.
You said it.
- Good for ashtray!
- You saw the face.
I've seen.
I said we should look are town.
How to not...
I'll have to talk.
You know what it is.
What you decide?
Retaining them.
Are you sure?
May you can not work here long.
Customers can download one realize...
Anyway I wanted to tell you about it.
Why do you you need?
It will be hard to top
but Mikey is gonna have more presidents
and movies.
Should go up one to have
a real job.
It's a good thing, Marcella.
I needed a change.
Then this is it
- Yes?
- I am.
Fri now.
- Have you changed the code?
- No, what the hell...
Are you single?
- Got something to draw?
- No need to come.
- When?
- At 7-8.
You know how it
Chad, hell, I have now.
Relax. Since you have not got?
I do not know... Tuesday.
Tuesday? Jokes are not?.
All right.
You made me come to taste.
How long you been here?
An hour or two. Meanwhile take a cigarette.
Let me hell with this!
I know you have doubts!
- Get them!
- You have only to carp!
Should be good to receive are.
Did I say you must behave yourself you're raw.
Okay, Dad...
Maybe I got something for you.
He and shows up.
Come on.
And if you do not calm down,
Do you not to attach too much at all.
Go me. You'll see...
the refrigerator is a package.
How do you say?
Thanks, Daddy.
Even you're an asshole.
You should buy a camera.
Or have other ideas.
These pictures always look so gay.
I feel like they got off.
And me too.
Look, it forces you to not be gay.
The hetero be a cult of Cher's.
Mind if only sleeping
Of course not.
With you, I'm enough.
And me.
It's okay?
Come to bed.
I have to go.
You know what time?
Mikey, where you been?
I walked.
I called continuously?
Who were you?
- With nobody.
- How can you not!
- I was with a colleague.
- Who?
- Sean.
- I do not believe it!
- Staci you saw the ace of clubs.
- Let me.
I lit a little.
Forgot What I Do I?
Yes, for too long.
- Whose fault?
- I hate you.
Get five days,
Are you going to ride a blonde
with large breasts.
And I, what?
I told you I'm in and
Do not you like this, right?
And then what?
- Abortions.
- I talked about it.
Do anything. We finished talking.
For three years, doing my life
depending on your own.
As I can finally do what I want.
Even I do not agree to have a baby.
- It will be better for us.
- Dream green horses on the walls?
- I seem to be a father?
- No, you're destroyed.
You looked at yourself?
Not know what's wrong with me.
I know.
A and do anything.
If we reached the bottom.
Super, Cole.
Okay, come here.
- It thickening and joked!
- What?
Johnny Rebel and it came not to be found.
He had to call on Cole
the last minute.
- Sam go?
- Not really.
At the assembly, have complained about
of your staff.
- Why?
- You do porn!
- You shoot everything, but penetration, no.
- Yes...
Not quite. We address those in the Midwest.
They want to see how and a better shooting
70% of the movie!
But that's not sex!
Sex is done in two...
You gel anal?
Must be.
Do not talk about sex, talk about porn.
- It's not Viagra?
- Somebody take us all.
Pleo and Tita Everybody in this movie.
I thought it was a professional.
He says that the other does not know how to suck.
And Sean?
Let it warm.
- We could call it.
- Tell him.
Do me the pleasure.
Sean, we need your help.
- I said no Tony.
- And?
That are not paid.
You're paid to do what you're told.
- I'm paid to shoot.
- No, you suck.
Now, if I'll not agree, tell me.
I can not feel sorry for you.
It applies to everyone.
Come to work.
You need a felaie?
Just please.
Sorry for the delay.
I left my car.
Even worse, had to
replace you.
You have exceeded the limit it.
Nobody replaces me!
Or if not, are to compensate me.
I need lovelele, hell!
Get out of here.
- Listen...
- Clear it, I said!
You're finished. Nobody
need you.
No home.
Sean is Brian.
I know it does not really work with us
but I can not think about you,
what you said.
You know, I think...
I think you love are not enough.
Hope you exit it.
- How?
- Twelve weeks.
Retaining them ever want?
- Do not expect too much.
- I know.
And your pretty, what is the weather?
It's bullshit. We had no money
and held it.
I do not know where he is, I must
How Do you need?
$ 400.
In a weekend you did.
It's more complicated now.
After 12 weeks,
is more difficult, so expensive.
Usually do this,
but if I'll give money, one may need
I can give him back.
I thought that a baby will change everything.
Now it and worse.
Always like that, with this kind of problems.
I am Babylon.
- I, Jimmy.
- What?
Where do you want on the table?
Good on her knees.
You're welcome, dear.
$ 20 before.
Can your put a question?
How to not chicken and town...
What is your type of man?
Bieeii nice so I you
with synthetic shirt.
No, seriously.
Calm down.
I like you, you knew?
Tell me what you like.
I like those better fcui,
a perfect body
a thick tool...
A worker
who know how to handle me.
Someone virile,
who know how to fuck me good.
What do you do with it?
We draw all night.
I take the heat when it gives me.
I talk to his scent.
A true wild animal.
How is it?
When you come in?
As in paradise.
And Thiele, Jimmy?
What kind of men you like?
We have the right to life!
Julie, I am.
Let me go, I know you're home.
Hell, once opened!
- What does this mean?
- I changed the lock.
Get out of here!
- Listen, I...
- Let me!
We do not have anything to tell us.
I want to talk about us, baby.
That we can make this work,
not gonna do shit.
We buy a wheelchair to walk
The child no longer exists.
I'll revan and settlements.
We have only two of us.
I love you.
Go to hell...
You're gonna come back to me...
On your knees!
A fan of Johnny Rebel.
That happens a lot.
- You see?
- No.
The better.
It seems to be hiding in the neighborhood.
Is there a website where its customers
evaluates the bastards.
Johnny is not too good criticism.
S hard-and mulumeasc to customers.
Especially when not trying at all.
There is a life after doing porn?
- How to?
- Everyone decades.
It's as if you work in a
supermarket or Hollywood.
Must be adult
make an adult profession.
- But what I see?
- What?
- That? Hollywood Hair Club.
- You're beautiful.
- Thanks.
- You look 20 years less.
Let's say 10. And also had to
Sean, where is the room?
- In storage.
- It's not there.
- I put it there.
- Show me.
He was there when I left yesterday.
A look to Alan.
Chamber disappeared.
- Jokes are?
- Look and single.
Worth over $ 20,000!
I think they came here.
No, it's one of the house.
The glass is intact and pushed
- Then who?
- Chad.
I have not seen today.
Can you always say that.
Chad, answer...
We know you're here.
It's open.
Do not touch anything.
Call the police.
Do not touch anything!
Is he dead?
Your concentration, Mr. Deaver
and answer questions as well.
It was stolen from a studio camera
Your Days?
Yes. Seeing that Chad did not answer,
I came here.
Do you believe that Mr. Cox would be stolen camera?
I do not know, it's hard to imagine that.
Since working for you?
18 months... Two years.
This job was his life.
I honestly do you?
No, actually. Not at all ..
Could someone close to Mr. Cox
to be complicit in the theft?
You can repeat the question?
Hi, Stacie. What?
What channel?
After the police report,
victim, Herman Lasky,
May known as Chad Cox
was a star in the film business
Police searching for it now
the porn star Michael Rossini
aka Johnny Rebel
and consider any information.
Back at the studio.
Do not turn around.
Stay silent and still.
I have to hide.
- Did you kill?
- No!
- The Police and believing.
- Do you not even imagine
- What the fuck are the.
- I saw the news.
- What to do?
- Find your lawyer.
- Moreover, they did nothing...
- You'll see.
Agree, go, let you down.
- neap thing.
- Well like that and should.
That gives change!
I look like...
a Neamt!
Simply to change my name.
Klaus something.
I would still be false papers
as you cross the border.
Thanks, Mr. Klaus. Good day.
- Spanish talk?
- No, you?
- A poquito.
- Mean?
A little.
- He and need an interpreter.
- It was!
No kidding.
sea is clear like that, you say
boats float.
I do not know if you and the latter,
I would view...
- As an accomplice.
- Did I say!
I did nothing.
We succeeded.
Already not resist.
I wanted to be sure.
I was dead afraid, but we succeeded
to go!
That looks like America. Worse.
4900, 5000...
- 5100.
- What in dollars?
About 500, I say.
Would have had to give your 700.
The firm said 10-1, but left in August.
- What cad!
- He and the always happens.
And we are free.
Yes Can you believe...
How do you think is up to Acapulco?
I do not know.
Acapulco is not the best choice.
You should target above.
- Something you move?
- No.
I thought at San Ignacio.
You know, where are the whales.
What to fuck there whales.
I want women!
And before you were?
Threw me out.
It was not pretty.
It's the right icnit, girl.
Ah, women...
It seemed beautiful to me.
Nice, but bad, hell...
I loved her.
I love that more.
But trust me...
is very serious.
What happened to Chad?
What happened to Chad?
- No talking about anything?
- No.
I went back room and there
I talk to that guy...
He said he would bring, and a third.
Listen, one more...
I love to tease him.
That mad me.
I was angry and suddenly I snap
one in the jaw.
I wanted...
I hit a little.
He fell...
I continued to give.
It was there, on foot,
and trying to regain breath.
After that I ran faster.
I did several stupid. But that was
You gave your account, do you?
I thought...
You understand.
Well, not...
I'm going to look for tequila.
Mr Gordon?
Cigarette that tastes?
It's good.
You want to govern are?
Hey, you want to join?
Where were you?
I wanted to take a little air.
- And that.
- Cool.
What are you thinking?
A lot of stuff...
And you?
They are good girls here.
You saw that in the reception?
You saw how I looked?
You know why?
Because blonde hair.
Girls love the blonde hair.
It will be easier to ourselves here.
How about that?
Well, I'm already very hot.
Stops you, Johnny.
We are not in the studio.
What are you talking about?
Nothing. Leave.
You make me feel miserable.
When something happens to you.
I back memories.
Bad memories.
You see that guy when I was
Something happened...
I thought not doing well.
Then in May you had not hear me.
I do not know...
I made these dreams...
Heck, are the same years
Even understand?
And to me things have happened.
Dirty things.
I did things I would not want
to do.
Just crazy in this world
Believe me.
A lot of crazy.
We're gonna be fine.
We're gonna be all right, Mikey.
I ruined my life.
United States, por favor?
El Norte? Tijuana?
United States, por favor?
No, San Ignacio.
Can you climb?
Of course.
Dear friends of the Janus Video
Reading a number of Beaux MECS,
I saw this guy,
with a fly tattooed on the shoulder.
His name is Johnny Rebel.
What beautiful man.
Once, when I was at vidoclub,
I rented "The summer pleasures"
Johnny Rebel.
It's beautiful, natural
and completed by his partner.
This resembles the love
more than a simple porn.
I really like.
Returning the box, I rented another.
"How Citizen." Movies I've seen,
but that...
It's one of the best.
I just bought.
I love the scene where Johnny
stands face to mirror.
Is reached, kissing and reflection,
is very exciting.
An excellent performance.
Continue all the so and especially
Johnny Rebel keep him.
It's a piece on choice.
A nice and funny guy.
If you'll write, just to have
Just kidding, of course.
But if one day I'll meet him,
you'll be grateful for that.
Johnny will play in other movies?
Ralph Shiftlet.
Paduca, Kentucky.
Translation: Jeannot