The Fly II (1989) Movie Script

Oh. my God ! There's something wrong !
I can feel it !
Now. stop screaming.
take a deep breath and--
[ Screaming. Panting ]
Something's wrong.
goddamn it.
- Do something ! elp her !
- You're too ecitable. Mr. Borans.
I'm forced to have you taken
somewhere you can calm down.
Screaming will not help anyone.
[ Man ]
Hold her steady.
Why wasn't I
notifIed sooner ?
I'm sorry. Mr. Bartok.
We called as soon as the labor began.
Oh. my God !
Just get it out of me !
Get it out of me! No!
Just get it out of me!
Get it out!
You said it wasn't gonna be like this !
You promised !
-[ Woman ] Push, Ronnie.
- [ Man ] It's coming. Ronnie.
Push, push.
[ Squishing Sound ]
- [ Screaming ]
- [ Beeping ]
[ Man ] Start fundal massage.
Get that Pitocin going.
[ Screaming Continues ]
My baby!
My baby!
[ Man ] We're losing her.
We're losing her! Get in here!
- Clear !
- [ Buzzing.Jolt ]
All clear.
Is that something
moving in here ?
All clear!
[ Beeping ]
[ Flatline Beep ]
She's gone.
[ Gurgling ]
[ Muffled Cries ]
[ Crying ]
[ Dartok ]
Please, Dr.Jainway, do not think
of this child as a laboratory animal.
I want you to take care of him
as if he were my very own.
You will all answer
to Dr.Jainway.
She. in turn.
will answer to me.
I. in turn. will answer
to nobody but God.
From God's mouth to your ears.
That is the chain of command.
Is that understood ?
[Jainway ] ere we have
an average 1 1 -month-old child.
And here we have
our 1 1 -month-old child.
As you can see. his life cycle
is dramatically accelerated.
Now. there are
aberrant chromosomes.
obxiously a product
of genetic mutation.
And these are all dormant. something
in addition to accelerated growth.
What about his
nongenetic characteristics ?
is learning abilities.
for eample.
e's got
a photographic memory.
e doesn't just learn.
e consumes information.
And he never sleeps.
Is that so ?
Do you like him ?
Well... as a clinical subject.
I fInd him astonishing.
But he does try our patience
when it comes to medical eaminations.
I think it's time our young guest
and I became acquainted.
[ Child Giggling ]
We're not interrupting.
are we ?
[ Man ]
Not at all, Mr. Dartok.
What a handsome young man you are.
- Do you know who I am ?
- Yes.
You're one of the people
who lives behind the mirror.
Well. my name
is Mr. Bartok.
I'd like you to think of me
as your dad.
Martin ?
What's that
behind your ear ?
- Ahh ! ey !
- [ Giggles ]
up !
[ Laughs ]
You know. it's knowing the right
magic word that makes it happen.
It's a real magic word,
a secret word...
that you keep locked away
inside your heart...
and you never
tell anybody.
No. you don't tell anybody.
and that's what makes the magic work.
[ Man ] Martin. Martin,
are you listening to me ?
Dr. Shepard...
I don't mean to be rude
by not facing you.
but those tests are far too simple
to demand my full attention.
I'm almost fInished.
So am I. Martin.
I just have to time you
on this maze.
and then we can both do something
that we enjoy more.
Very impressive. Martin.
[ Mechanically Distorted ]
People of Earth, attention.
-[ Whirring ]
-I grow tired of your trivial insolence.
Another outburst and I will be forced
to make an eample of you.
You've outdone yourself.
But what else does it do ?
- Keep still. Stop fIdgeting.
- Is Mr. Bartok gonna visit today ?
You know how busy he is.
e's got that project up in Zone Four.
Oh. yeah.
Can I go visit him ?
Of course not.
You're not allowed in Zone Four.
- Why ?
- Because you don't have
Zone Four clearance.
ow much longer do I have
to take these shots for ?
As long as you would
like to live.
ow come I don't have
Zone Four clearance ?
Because you're only a Zone Three
project. You're fIdgeting again !
It's normal behavior.
I read it in a book for mothers.
Wanna see ?
No. thank you.
Sit still, or Mr. Dartok will be
xery disappointed in you.
Ow !
[ Keyboard Clacking ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Martin's Helmet Whirring ]
[ Man On P.A., Indistinct ]
[ Buzzing ]
You know.
I've got this disease.
It's so rare there's only been
two people who've ever had it--
my father...
and now me.
They've even
named it after him.
It's called Brundle's
Accelerated Growth Syndrome.
The doctors say it means I'm growing up
a lot faster than I'm supposed to.
Which isn't so bad.
I guess.
But I think it also means
that I'm gonna die a lot sooner...
which isn't so great.
[ Shepard On Speaker ] Looks like
today's your lucky day, Martin.
Lamb chops and french fries.
Your faxorite, isn't it ?
Yes. sir.
[ Helmet Whirring ]
[ Snores ]
[ Man ] Please make sure security
is secure on the main floor.
[ Hydraulic Hissing ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Man ]
Clear the floor.
Initiate sequence. please.
[ Revving. Whirring ]
[ Barks ]
[ Yelps ]
[ Man ]
Recoxery pod door open.
[ Whirring. issing ]
It worked !
e's moving around !
- He's still alixe!
- [ Scattered Applause ]
- [ Snarling ]
- [ Screaming ]
Aah ! Aah !
- ow the hell did he get in here ?
- It's all right.
- It's all right. It's all right.
- [ Moaning ]
[ Screaming ]
- appy birthday. Martin.
- Thank you. everybody.
Blow out the candles.
Don't forget to make a wish.
[ Laughs ]
Martin. The whole team wants you
to know how happy we are...
to share your
fIfth birthday.
What did you wish for ?
- You know what I want ?
- Your privacy.
And I think it's about time
you got it.
Say the magic word...
and make
the mirror disappear.
Where are you taking me ?
I don't know if I should go too far--
It's a beautiful day.
Fresh air will do you good.
You should get out more often.
You mean. this is mine ?
- This is my place ?
- Your place. Your private place.
No more mirrors.
no more prying eyes.
-[ Toilet Flushes ]
- Wow!
Whee !
[ Chuckles ]
So. you like it ?
I know it hasn't been
easy for you growing up
in such a clinical environment.
Due to your unique affliction.
I'm afraid it's been unavoidable.
Well,you'xe been xery good to me.
I don't know how to thank you.
Perhaps I can
think of something.
I'd like you to consider taking a
position here at Bartok Industries.
- A position ?
- Well. something challenging
to keep you from being bored.
A match for your intellect.
your creative mind.
I'm talking about a job.
[ Rexxing, Whirring ]
[ Electronic Sizzling ]
[ Dartok ] Fixe years
and millions of dollars later...
and what we have is--
[ Laughs ]
what we have...
is the world's
most epensive...
The greatest invention
in the history of mankind.
and we can't get
the damn thing to work.
We're like a bunch of chimpanzees trying
to fIgure out how to operate a car.
m !
Your father was
a brilliant man--
brilliant but erratic.
When he died. some of
his secrets died with him.
You could fInish
your father's work.
You're as brilliant as he was,
perhaps exen more so.
I don't like these things.
It's because of the dog,
isn't it ?
ow long are you gonna
hold that against me ?
It was a tragic mistake,
but that's in the past now.
You must concentrate
on the future,
and the future is right here
in this very room.
Imagine a new era of surgery
without incision.
Cutting people open would be primitive.
a thing of the past.
All the things that would
become obsolete oxernight.
That's what these machines represent--
a new age.
If you want personnel,
Dr. Trimble and his people
are at your disposal.
If you want to work alone. fIne.
It's your choice.
we did everything we could
for your dog.
Take comfort in knowing
he didn't suffer long.
And one more thing.
Your father kept a record
of his progress.
Your father kept a record
of his progress.
Before you decide...
listen to your father.
[ Woman ] We've just seen the fIrst
teleportation of a human being.
Dr. Seth Brundle.
how did it feel going through ?
[ Seth ]
It felt like a. a stutter.
- A what ?
- A. uh--
A stutter.
You know. a hiccup.
A slight dislocation
of my physical life.
Not unpleasant.
Just a little interruption of rhythm.
the same telepod
I started in.
And now how do
you feel ?
I should feel exactly the same
as before, but I don't.
I feel xery, uh...
Very coordinated.
I feel as though I work better
physically,you know.
Everything seems to just work better
than it ever did before.
Why should that be ?
I don't know.
It's possible that the...
teleporter has somehow
improved me.
In reassembling me,
it might'xe seen...
where things could be improxed
theoretically... and it did it.
I told it to be creatixe,
and maybe it has been.
- [ Punching Keypad ]
- [ Line Ringing ]
- [ Woman ] ow can I help you ?
- [ Chuckles ]
Uh. I'm sorry. Do you have any
organic matter that I could borrow ?
- Ecuse me ?
- A potato. a plant. Something living.
I'm sorry. you'll have
to speak to maintenance.
They won't be in until 8:oo a.m.
8:oo a.m.
Well. thanks anyway.
- [ Zapping ]
- [ Chuckles ]
[ Man #1 ]
Hey, we got a xisitor.
[ Man #2 ]
It's Dartok's brat.
That kid gets away with murder.
Don't worry.
e'll get his someday.
[ Zapping ]
[ Wooshing, Clicking ]
Nice catch.
- What is this ?
- A fly.
An artifIcial fly
for fIshing.
I don't get out much.
I'd go crazy here
without some sort of dixersion.
I mean. C.R.T. burnout
till 3:oo in the morning.
When I came to Bartok.
I heard it was good for advancement.
I've been here si months. and they
still have me in computer fIling.
Graveyard shift. no less.
- Are you new here ?
- I'xe been here Fixe years.
Five years. and they still
have you working nights ?
I work days too.
- When do you sleep ?
- I don't.
You don't.
I got that in California.
So what are you
working on ?
The most important invention
in the history of mankind.
- With my cactus ?
- Yes.
I'm talking about change
beyond your imagination--
the big leap from Stone Age
to microtechnologies.
Would you like to come up
to my lab and watch. Beth Logan ?
Well. I have to give you points
for originality.
You don't believe me ?
Look. don't take this
personally. but--
Should I ?
Yeah. I love living on a houseboat.
It's very peaceful on the water.
- ouseboat ?
- ey. wait a minute.
Listen. I can't go any further.
I don't have clearance for this sector.
You have clearance.
[ Electronic Sizzling ]
What did you just do ?
I have just broken down the molecular
structure of your cactus...
and teleported it
from one pod to the other.
- You--
- And--
What's that ?
It. um--
It wasn't supposed to do this.
I'm sorry.
You keep it.
I have to get back
to work anyway.
But I enjoyed meeting you.
Martin Brundle.
Maybe you should
beta-test the program.
[ Door Shuts ]
Would you like
to visit me again ?
- I don't want to disturb your work.
- You wouldn't.
You see. I-- I have no friends here.
only acquaintances.
and-- and--
I would like us
to be friends.
- Is that possible ?
- I'd like that.
I. um. I get a dinner break
every night at 1 o:oo.
Why don't you come down here ?
If you like. then you could
help me work on the telepods.
- [ Door Opens ]
- And maybe we could fI my plant.
[ Chuckles ]
ey. Marty.
What's the good word ?
Got yourself a girlfriend now ?
Too bad. Nice ass.
Last night I slept
for two hours.
That's the longest
I've ever slept in my life.
I'm not sure I'm willing
to attach any signifIcance to it.
Why not ? Normal people sleep.
It means I'm slowing down.
stabilizing. becoming normal.
It doesn't necessarily follow.
You're just working too hard.
If you were undergoing some metabolic
change. we would have found it by now.
Oh !
You're missing my vein.
- Aah ! Ow !
- Uh !
That's what you get
for not sitting still !
Now. let's
try it again.
I don't think so.
A girlfriend of mine
up in Specimens Division...
asked me up there tomorrow
during my break.
They're having
an offIce get-together.
You wanna come ?
- Will there be people there ?
- [ Laughs ]
Yeah. there usually are
at get-togethers.
But nice people.
You'd be surprised.
- Yeah ?
- Yes.
So that's your genius.
e is cute.
I told you. but he's shy.
I hope he's
enjoying himself.
[ Woman ]
I'xe nexer seen anything like it before
in my life. What the hell is it ?
Ask Genetics. We don't make 'em.
We just keep 'em alive.
- It's so ugly.
- Are you kidding ? e's our
pride and joy here in Specimens.
Our longest running engagement.
so to speak. Two years.
That's been alive
for two years ?
We call him Time.
e takes a lickin'. keeps on tickin'.
[ Laughs ]
[ Door Closes ]
[ Growling ]
[ Lapping ]
[ Moaning ]
- I was--
- Leave me alone !
Oh ! Martin ! Martin !
- Martin ! Martin !
- I asked you to leave me alone. Beth !
- Talk to me !
I thought we were friends !
- I thought we were too.
- I didn't know that animal--
- Stay out of my sector !
You no longer have clearance.
[ Sighing ]
[ Door Opening ]
[ Snarling ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Panting ]
[ Muffled Whining ]
it seems there was...
an unfortunate incident up in
the Specimens Division last night.
Someone broke in
and caused some damage.
You wouldn't know anything
about that. would you ?
- e's lying.
- Of course he's lying.
Ah. it seems our Martin
is growing up.
I'm sorry.
[ Sighs ]
Don't be sorry.
- I missed you.
- You did ?
Really ?
Come here.
I wanna show you something.
Okay. close your eyes.
- [ Squeaking ]
- Ta-da !
- [ Gasps ] Oh. my God. Look.
- Isn't she sweet ?
- Yes. ow adorable.
- It's Prometheus.
Prometheus ?
[ Laughs ]
- Come here.
- Where are you going ?
- [ Key Clicks ]
-[ Telepod Door Opens ]
Martin. what are you doing ?
Martin. you can't do that.
It's all right.
Initiate the sequence.
No. I can't.
Trust me.
[ Meows ]
[ Meows ]
Oh !
Oh ! Oh.
[ Purring ]
[ Giggles ]
That's wonderful.
ow did you do this ?
I started from scratch.
Trimble and the rest
kept asking the wrong questions.
making the same mistakes.
I think they were too close
to the problem to see it clearly.
Sort of
a scientifIc myopia.
They thought of it in terms
of methodology. of physics.
you have to be able
to open your eyes...
and admire the beauty
of the process.
[ Moans ]
[ Martin ]
Mm !
[ Panting ]
[ Whispering ]
ey. Martin.
- Uh ?
- What ? What is this ?
- It's just a little accident.
- It's getting all infected.
Detter haxe it looked at.
- Uhh--
- I haxe to go now.
[ Keyboard Clacking ]
[ Squishing Sound ]
It's just an infection.
- This antibiotic--
-[ Martin ]
Don't patronize me, Shepard!
This is obviously not
an infection.
I wanna know what it is. What's going
to happen ? Will I lose my arm ?
Of course not. Now. this injection
will clear it up right away.
You're just going
to have to trust me.
[ Martin ] I don't trust you.
I want to see Mr. Bartok.
- There's no doubt ?
- [Jainway ] None at all.
The early stages of
genetic metamorphosis have
been showing up on every test.
is aberrant chromosomes
are no longer dormant.
Now that he's reached full maturity.
they've started growing.
becoming more defIned.
- ow fast ?
- Like wildfIre.
You know what to do.
what preparations to make.
Get on with it.
[ Sighs ]
[ Buzzing ]
Come on.
[ Guard ]
You haxing a problem, Miss Logan ?
My card isn't working.
It's not opening the door.
There's nothing wrong with your card.
It's just not your door anymore.
What are you
talking about ?
It looks like your transfer
to the day shift...
fInally came through.
just like you wanted.
[ Smug Chuckle ]
''Systems Analysis'' ?
This is in a building
across town.
We've already sent
your personal effects over.
I guess that's what you get for fucking
around with Bartok's pet freak. huh ?
For your eyes only.
[ Dial Tone. Ringing ]
- [ Woman ] May I help you ?
- Yes. I'd like an outside line. please.
I'm sorry. sir. all outside lines
are busy. Please try again later.
- [ Dial Tone ]
- Thank you.
[ Line Ringing. Woman ]
Bartok Industries. May I help you ?
Yes. I'd like to speak
with Martin Brundle.
I'm sorry. there's no Martin Brundle
working here. Please try again later.
- Now. you listen to me ! I kn--
- [ Dial Tone ]
[ Receiver Slams ]
[ Punching Keypad ]
[ Ringing ]
- ello ? Martin ?
- Beth ?
- Are you all right ?
- Oh. my God. I've been trying
to call you. Are you okay ?
Something odd is happening to me.
and I don't know what it is.
Martin. I was transferred. They found
out about us. Bartok knows about us.
- ow could he ?
- Because he saw us !
e videotaped us in bed !
Uuh !
Aagh !
[ Man ]
That's it.
He's found it.
You better call Bartok
and tell him the kid's pissed.
[ Dial Tone ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Man. Indistinct ]
- I see.
- We lost video completely.
- Where is he now ?
- e could be anywhere.
Yaah !
- You're not allowed in here !
- Get out !
[ Clicking. Garbled Audio ]
[ Borans ] You idiots don't know what
you're talking about. I was there !
I knew Seth Brundle. e was trying
to cure himself. Can't you see that ?
You've got to help Ronnie !
She's pregnant with his child !
[ Clicking. Garbled Audio ]
[ Bartok ] I hope you and I are gonna
be very good friends. Do you think ?
Ah. well. I know we are.
But I want us to--
to be more than
just friends.
I want you to think of me
as your dad. uh ?
[ Clicking. Garbled Audio ]
You mean this is mine ?
This is my place ?
Your place.
Your private place.
No more mirrors.
No more prying eyes.
- [ Shuffles Papers ]
- Go on. Take a look.
[ Clicking, Garbled Audio ]
[ Deth Panting ]
[ Garbled Audio ]
[ Seth ]
A fly... got into the...
transmitter pod with me
that fIrst time when I was alone.
The computer...
got confused.
There weren't supposed to be
two separate genetic patterns.
and it decided to...
splice us together.
It made us a human fly.
[ Clicking ]
And now you know.
It's a rather rude awakening. but
at least we can drop all pretense now.
you will soon become
the most unique living creature...
on the face
of the earth.
on the face
of the earth.
-No. I won't.
-There's nothing you, or I, or anyone...
can do to stop it.
I'll take m-my medication.
my-my injections.
They're merely water.
We had to gixe you some sense
of hope, otherwise--
You want this to happen.
Of course
I want it to happen.
You're the pattern
and the prototype...
for a whole new age
of biological eploration.
With you as the model.
and the telepods as the tool.
Bartok Industries
will control...
the form and function
of all life on Earth.
Calmly. Martin.
Accept it.
This was planned
from the day you were born.
We'll do everything we can to make it
as painless as possible for you.
[ Ehales ]
I-- I loved you.
Get Scorby.
[ Man On P.A.] Security Chief Scorby
report to the main station.
- We haxe a situation.
- ey. come back !
[ Klaxon Sounding, Siren Wailing ]
[ Guards Shouting. Indistinct ]
[ Man On P.A.] Security Chief Scorby,
report to the main entrance.
You guys stay here.
You want out ?
You haxe to go through me, Marty.
[ Grunts ]
I enjoyed that tape
of you and your girlfriend.
- Girl goes like a jackhammer,
doesn't she ?
-[ Guard Chuckling ]
- [ Duzzing ]
- [ Chuckling Wickedly ]
[ Choking. Screaming ]
I don't want ecuses.
I want him back. is that understood ?
Yes. sir.
Are you ready for me.
Dr. Trimble ?
- Yes. Mr. Bartok.
- Let's get on with it.
I'd like to see these things
work for a change.
[ Keyboard Clacking ]
- What the hell is this ?
-Just bypass the damn thing.
[ Keyboard Clacking ]
- Son of a bitch.
- Trimble. my patience is wearing thin.
Sir. it seems
the head of this project...
has seen fIt
to install a password.
- Martin has installed a password ?
-[ Man ] Yes, sir.
We can't access the system
without it.
Well. feed in
words at random.
e's booby-trapped it.
erase all
the internal programming.
- What is the ''magic word'' ?
- It's gotta be abracadabra.
That's the magic word.
Everybody knows that.
[ Chuckles ]
No. there's
a real magic word.
And only Martin
knows what it is.
This is the word that
makes it all happen.
Damn !
[ Chuckles ]
Clever boy.
[ Panting ]
[ Dog Darking ]
[ Car Passing ]
[ Grunts ]
-[ Thumping ]
- [ Gasping ]
[ Meowing ]
- [ Footsteps ]
- [ Grunts ]
- elp ! Martin !
- Beth. don't be frightened.
- Oh. my God.
- Deth.
- What happened?
- [ Panting ]
I didn't know
where else to go.
- You need your medication.
We have to get you back.
There-There is no medication
for what I haxe.
- What ?
- There never was.
They were all just...
waiting for--
for this to happen.
[ Gasps ]
I had to see you. Beth.
Do you want me to go ?
Then help me.
Please ?
[ Sobbing ]
Martin. yes.
[ Scorby ]
All right. let's go.
Thomas ? Go upstairs.
Chris. help out.
-[ Meowing ]
- Anything upstairs. Thomas ?
- Only a cat.
Go check the door.
Chris. go with him.
- And the girl ?
- [ Scorby ] I think she went with him.
Well. get back here
as soon as you can.
Yes. sir. Don't worry. sir.
We'll get him.
It's just
a matter of time.
That. sadly. is
a luury we don't have.
[ Line Clicking. Dial Tone ]
[ Shuts Off Engine ]
[ Dorans ]
Go away!
[ Clears Throat ]
We have to talk to you. sir.
I said, piss off!
Uh. Seth Brundle
was my father.
[ Door Unlocking ]
[ Gasps ]
Striking family resemblance.
A little big for Fixe years old,
aren't you ?
I have a chromosomal malfunction.
I'm growing...
at an accelerated rate.
Whoo ! No shit.
That's fascinating.
Listen. it's been great.
- Stop by again sometime.
-[ Lock Clicking ]
Perhaps I should
invite you in.
I saw you on a videotape.
You were--
Don't sit there !
You were there
the night my father died.
e was working on a cure.
That's why you dragged yourself
all the way out here ?
- You're my only hope.
-[ Chuckling ]
[ Glass Clinking, Liquid Pouring ]
Oh. kid.
The last thing I am...
is anybody's hope.
You really don't want
to hear about this.
I have to know.
Brundle stole my girl.
Your mother.
Got her pregnant.
Caused her death.
Dissolved my hand and my foot
with fly vomit.
I had no love
for the man.
e bugged me.
As for the cure...
he was working on.
he dragged your mother...
kicking and screaming
into that telepod.
that they might be fused together
in one beautiful body.
So your mother blew his brains out
with a shotgun.
There's your cure.
- Go away.
- You bastard !
- Where's your compassion ?
- [ Chuckling ]
I had to give it up.
It cost me an arm and a leg.
It cost you
more than that.
Your father was right
about one thing.
If there's a cure.
it has something to do with those pods.
They won't work.
You're a bad liar. kid.
- If you've found the answer. use it.
- Martin.
- Did you fInd anything ?
- It's nothing I can use.
So forget it.
Let's go.
You should talk some sense
to your friend.
They'll be looking for your car.
My jeep's in the garage.
Just... get out.
- Let me just call Bartok
and talk to him.
- No. I'm not going back there.
Maybe he can help you.
I have to tell him about the telepod--
- I told you. that's a dead end.
- But you haven't told me why.
Because the only way I could save myself
would be to sacrifIce another life.
[ Engine Stopping,
Door Opening, Closing ]
[ Door Dell Dings ]
[ Female Announcer On TV,
Indistinct ]
[ Clears Throat ]
Uh. I'd like a room.
please ?
[ Announcer Continues, Indistinct ]
All I got left
is a queen size. okay ?
That'll be fIne.
[ Breathing eavily ]
- Meanwhile. back in this country.
the search for...
- Cash in advance.
Dartok Industries employee
Martin Drundle intensiFies.
Brundle vanished late last night
in the company of co-worker Beth Logan.
There has been some
speculation that Miss Logan...
- On a happier--
-[ Desk Clerk ] Number nine,
- Ms.. uh--
-[ Door Opens ]
- ''Smith.''
-[ Door Closes ]
Martin ?
[ Gasps ]
Martin !
Martin !
- Martin !
- [ Truck Horn Dlasting ]
[ Air Brakes issing ]
Martin. stop.
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Grunts. Pants ]
[ Whimpering ]
Please, don't run away from me.
I don't know what to do.
I don't either.
I'm not gonna leaxe you.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Flies Buzzing.
Bug Zapper Sparking ]
[ Buzzing. Sparking Continue ]
[ Martin ]
How beautiful that light is.
[ Sparking ]
How... compelling.
- What ?
-[ Martin Mumbling ]
Martin ?
[ Gasps ]
You should go.
Y-You need help.
You don't think I can
take care of myself?
You can't walk.
I... think you're
getting worse.
I'm getting better.
My body is growing...
I feel good.
You don't know
what you're saying.
I do know
what I'm saying.
Until now. I've been nothing more
than an open wound.
Weak. Vulnerable.
Don't you see ?
I'm healing.
- [ Loose Skin Ripping ]
- I'm healing.
It wasn't clear to me
for a long time.
-[ Deth Sobbing ]
- But now--
- Ooh.
- [ Flesh Tearing ]
[ Gasping. Crying ]
I can see
so much better now.
Beth. if you stay awhile.
I'll show you a magic trick...
you'll nexer forget.
[ Chuckling ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Dartok On Speaker ]
Martin, about the telepods--
You must tell me
what the magic word is.
The word.
It's a secret word.
[ Gurgling ]
Do you remember
this room. Martin ?
And it only seems proper that this
should be the place for your rebirth.
You're growing
so quickly. my boy.
[ Gurgling Continues ]
Any prediction how soon ?
I'd say
at least a week.
- [ Gurgling ]
- Martin. if you can hear me.
I just want to tell you how thrilled
I am to haxe you back again.
It was naughty of you
to run away.
Dut I forgixe you.
I should thank you...
for the magic you worked
with my telepods.
Don't exer forget that,
You're a magician,
not an escape artist.
[ Reverberating ]
Welcome home. son.
Nothing's wrong with me.
you assholes !
Let me go !
Where's Bartok ?
Where's Martin ?
[ Over P.A. ] It's dirty work.
MacKenzie. but somebody's got to do it.
Make sure
you don't miss anything.
[ P.A. Clicks Off ]
Ah. Well. you'll be
pleased to know you show...
no signs of contamination.
Miss Logan.
Sit down.
[ Grunts ]
You really have no choice.
- Where is Martin ?
- He's doing xery, xery well, thank you.
Resting comfortably.
But of more importance
right now...
is you telling me...
the magic word.
[ Bubbling. Gurgling ]
[ Rapid Deeping ]
[ Continues ]
[ Beeps ]
[ Gurgling. Creaking ]
[ Thumping ]
[ Rhythmic Buzzing ]
[ Snapping, Sizzling ]
[ Gushing. Crackling ]
[ Pinging ]
- [ Pinging Continues ]
- [ Rhythmic Thumping ]
[ Crackling ]
- [ Fly Roaring ]
- [ Screaming ]
- [ Fly Roaring ]
- [ Screaming ]
Dr.Jainway ?
[ Stepping On Droken Glass ]
[ Clattering, Tinkling ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Screaming ]
- [ Gagging ]
-[ Scorby ] Dr. Shepard?
What's wrong ? What's happening. man ?
Talk to me ! What is it ?
Back in the O.R.--
Now. you were alone with him all
that time.Just you and he together.
Now. he must have
told you something.
You have no intention of helping Martin.
and you never did.
- [ Screams ]
- You're not going anywhere. Miss Logan.
- argis ?
- No ! Sh-- [ Whimpering ]
Mr. Dartok ?
Martin got out of his cocoon.
- e's out there somewhere.
- as anyone seen him ?
Yeah. Dr.Jainway.
She's dead. e killed her !
Control? This is Dartok.
Listen carefully.
I do not under any circumstances
want Martin injured or killed.
e's to be contained.
That is all.
Anyone responsible for damage
to the boy will answer to me.
-[ Alarm Deeping ]
- Is that clear ?
- Yes. sir.
Code four alert.
[ Continues Oxer P.A.] Zone Four units
in corridors 1 2, 1 4 and 1 7.
Subject is dangerous.
All Zone Four units to be armed.
This is to be a lixe capture.
Repeat, lixe capture.
[ Klaxon Sounding ]
[ Panting ]
[ Electrical Crackling ]
Control. there's a room
at the north end of Corridor Eight.
There's something moving
around down there.
That's a maintenance storage room.
There are no other eits.
- You've got it trapped.
- Get up !
[ Barking ]
[ Darking ]
[ Whining ]
-[ Electrical Crackling Continues ]
- Let's check it out.
[ Metal Danging ]
[ Rattling ]
[ Breathing Unevenly ]
[ Rattling, Danging ]
[ Banging. Whirring ]
[ Gagging. Screaming ]
- as anyone found him ?
- Not yet. We're not eactly
sure of what he looks like.
Hold it. You wouldn't beliexe
what I'm looking at, sir.
Whatever it is.
it's dragging a body.
Can you pinpoint it ?
What direction is it headed ?
Well. I'd have to say. Mr. Bartok.
it's heading right in your direction.
- Seal the door. Control ?
- [ Clicking ]
Get reinforcements down here now.
We can trap it in the hallway.
[ Door Whirring ]
[ Door Danging Shut ]
[ Danging ]
- e's got a security card.
- Freeze the code. Trimble !
[ Alarm Duzzing ]
[ Roaring. Chirping ]
[ Thudding ]
I've got him. I've got him.
e's right outside Base 1 7.
Send reinforcements right now !
Shit !
Just fuckin' great.
Come on. freak !
[ Sighs ]
Sorry. guys.
Looks like I lost him.
- There's no sign of him anywhere.
- [ Chirping ]
[ Thudding, Roaring ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Screaming Continues, Weaker ]
Look. it can't--
it can't get in here. can it ?
Nothing can get through
those doors.
Uh. the upper doors
have a manual lockout.
argis !
Let's get 'em.
[ Alarm Sounding ]
[ Growling ]
[ Ehales ]
[ Tortured Breathing.
Whimpering ]
Jesus. look at that.
Look at this guy.
Medical emergency. Base 1 7.
I got two men down.
I'm going down Corridor 1 7 after him.
Paul. stay with him.
- The rest of you. let's go ! Come on !
- [ Moaning ]
Just tell them
to kill it !
Don't be an idiot.
I need a live subject for study.
- Martin's no use to me dead.
- e might be right. Mr. Bartok.
Your Martin's already
killed three people.
Well. that's tragic and sad.
but I haven't come this far
to lose everything now.
[ Generators Whining ]
Clever boy.
Control. he's in the air ducts.
heading for Zone Four.
Control. where does
that air duct lead ?
- old on. old on. I'm getting it.
-[ Keyboard Clacking ]
- [ Beeping ]
- Well. where does it lead ?
[ Man At Control ]
Dase 1 7.
Observation level.
[ Deth ]
Martin ?
- [ Roaring ]
- Don't shoot. you idiot.
-Just kill the damn thing.
- No !
- Don't !
- [ Beth Grunts ]
- [ Klaon Sounding ]
- [ Groans ]
- [ Screams ]
- Oh. God !
- [ Clanking ]
get out of there!
- Hargis, get out!
- [ Snarling ]
[ Screaming ]
I want him alive.
damn you !
[ Magazine Clatters On Floor ]
[ Dartok ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Breathing eavily ]
[ Danging ]
[ Squeaking, Clattering ]
[ Danging ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Chirping, Roaring ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Screeching, Moaning ]
[ Guard ]
We're outside Base 1 7. We're cutting in.
[ All Chattering ]
[ Man ]
Spray the room.
[ Groans ]
[ Clattering, Rattling ]
[ Danging ]
[ Growling ]
[ Footsteps ]
[ Groans ]
- Fuck ! [ Groans ]
-[ Gurgling ]
- [ Buzzing ]
- [ Screaming ]
- [ Groaning ]
- [ Bones Snapping ]
Scorby ?
- Scorby ? Where are you ?
- [ Growling ]
[ Glass Crunching ]
No. No ! No !
[ Electrical Buzzing ]
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Screams ]
[ Roaring ]
Martin ?
I know you can understand me.
Don't do anything rash.
I won't hesitate to kill you
in a second if I haxe to.
[ Growling ]
[ Roaring ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Growling ]
I almost wish it didn't
haxe to end like this.
- [ Moaning ]
- Good-bye. Martin.
- [ Screams ]
- [ Buzzing ]
[ Keyboard Clacking ]
[ issing. umming ]
No ! No !
- [ Groaning ]
- [ Growling ]
What are you doing ?
No !
[ Screams ]
No !
No-o-o !
- [ Door Sealing Shut ]
- [ Welding Torch Sizzling ]
[ Man ]
Get ready to rush the door!
No ! Don't !
[ Rumbling, Humming ]
No !
[ Roaring, Rising In Pitch ]
No !
[ Screaming ]
[ Booming ]
[ Whirring ]
[ issing ]
[ Growling ]
[ Roaring ]
- [ Growling ]
- [ Martin ] Ah !
Martin !
Martin !
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Groans. Gasps ]
- Martin--
- [ Groans ]
[ Moaning. owling ]
- I'm all right.
- Martin ?
I'm all right.
-[ Growling ]
-[ Metal Grinding ]
[ owling ]
[ Moaning ]