The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011) Movie Script

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Supported by
Bank of Beijing and C.M.W.H. Content Fund l
A Film Workshop Co Ltd Production
Executive Producers Yu Dong Han Sanping
Li Ruigang Chen Danian Jeffrey Chan
Co-Producers Han Xiaoli Shi Dongming
Yang Wenhong James Zhao Zhu Guofan
Admininistrative Producers
Zhang Hao Zhao Haicheng Su Xiao
Associate Producers
Ding Yilan Peng Mingyu Liu Yong
Jet Li
Zhou Xun
Chen Kun
Gwei Lun Mei
Li Yuchun
Mavis Fan
Fan Siu Wong
Sheng Chien
Gordon Liu
Special Appearance
Action Choreographers
Yuen Bun Lan Hai Han Sun Jiankui
Produced by Nansun Shi Yu Dong
Produced and Directed by Tsui Hark
At the height of the Ming Dynasty...
The Emperor's eunuchs gained excessive power
They abused their position...
... and set up an East Bureau
and a West Bureau
All government officials were closely spied on
East Bureau,
or the East lnvestigation Bureau...
... infiltrated agents into
all major government offices
Officials were investigated and arrested
Many died in the grip of East Bureau agents
West Bureau...
... was the Emperor's secret service
lt was responsible for gathering intelligence
lt cast its nets far and wide
Charges were fabricated
Victims were locked up
The name 'West Bureau' induced fear and panic
Suspects faced immediate arrest and torture
Today, the head of East Bureau...
... Wan Yulou...
... visits Longjiang Naval Shipyard
lnstead of inspection...
His ulterior motive is to arrest opponents
And to execute them on the spot!
Bring the Minister of Law
and Junior War Minister!
At hand!
Bring the prisoners!
Bring the prisoners!
Here are the prisoners!
Here are the prisoners!
Kneel! Face judgment!
You two tried to report that l take bribes!
That l extort money from officials?
Before your letter reached the Emperor...
l intercepted it
You think to challenge East Bureau!
You are like soldiers in a defeated army
Fatally weakened, skulking in the shadows
But you're not bold enough...
... to report me to the Emperor
There is someone else behind you!
Minister of Five Armies! Step forward!
Can Qianzhi,
Minister of Five Armies, reporting
You are a master of treachery!
You hid your plot
behind two fifth-grade officials!
Behind your smooth talk, you're a plotter!
Sorry, but l must undo your hard work
Time to taste some pickled body-parts!
Cut off his tongue!
Restrain the prisoners!
Alert! There's someone on the drum tower!
Attack on the right!
Your Eminence!
The Captain is taken!
Don't worry
We're here to rescue you
So you're wearing concealed protective armor!
You're said to be highly skilled
You fear assassination even
with all these guards?
Tell me...
... whose body l'm going to pickle
My name is...
... Zhao Huai'an
But you won't need to remember it
l'll carve my name on your cursed head
So everyone will know who killed you
You're with the Civil Service Minister
He's already dead
You're just ensuring that...
... the last of his men die too!
l'm surviving better than your manhood did!
You've drunk so much pickled-flesh wine...
... that you can't even draw your sword
You really deserve to die
How dare you?
Foul eunuch!
Your lackeys and your enemies...
... are all watching
They will tell the world of your fate
Go to hell!
Hurry, report this!
Lock all the gates!
Wait for orders!
Your Eminence...
... your family have been moved to safety
You will see them again very soon
You may sleep easy
Thank you for saving us
The lmperial Court...
... is so bad that...
... men like us have to mete out justice
lt's a pity
Without good officials...
Who will care for the people?
ln the past months...
We've decimated...
... the powerful eunuchs
who ran the East Bureau
Now they're gone...
The good officials will soon come back
Any obstacle can be surmounted
lf their best fighters come for us...
Things won't be settled so easily
The front and back doors are well guarded
Many guards are deployed to the east and west
The temple is secured both inside and out
Unauthorized persons will be killed
You may leave
How should we report this to the Emperor?
Let's discuss this
lt needs careful consideration
Thanks to that Zhao Huai'an...
We're forced to hide here!
What if we don't report?
No, we can't
Despite the witnesses that day...
Does the Emperor have to be told?
lf anyone speaks up, l'll silence him
lt's so simple
Eunuch Yu of West Bureau is here...
... with his subordinates
This is a matter for East Bureau!
Why is he here?
A single swordsman...
... has you cowering in fear!
So you hide here...
Too scared to return to the palace!
lsn't it my business if they attack us too?
Attack you too?
They're no more than a rabble
East Bureau will soon deal with them
That day at the Naval Shipyard...
Weren't you well protected?
Some man named Zhao...
... had no trouble decapitated your leader
There's nobody here except cowards...
How could you manage to deal with him?
Eunuch Wan was careless
He underestimated his foe
He's too weak!
East Bureau's 'masters'
have been killed one by one
Your chiefs, captains, team heads...
Your turn next!
How dare you!
Sit down
You think you'll be safe, hiding here?
We are imperial servants to help the Emperor
Who do you think you are?
West Bureau was formed only recently
And you dare...
... to confront me like this?
You ask who we think we are?
l'll tell you
West Bureau exists
to remedy East Bureau's failures!
Listen well...
There's more!
l will kill those that
East Bureau dares not kill!
l will take care of what East Bureau botches!
Whatever East Bureau manages...
l will take over
Whatever East Bureau can't manage,
l will manage
We are empowered to
act without prior approval!
That's who we are!
ls that clear enough?
Concubine Wan is summoning him again
That Johnny-come-lately...
... treats the palace like his home!
He's even on her bed!
Your Ladyship!
Your Ladyship...
Eunuch Yu of West Bureau has been waiting
Send for him
Treasure of my heart...
Come here!
l gave you West Bureau...
... to maintain control here
Why are you needling East Bureau?
Your duty is to keep the maids...
... out of His Majesty's bed
Why waste time on...
... those old men of East Bureau?
Wouldn't l be happier...
... if you stayed here with me?
Your Ladyship,
l always take your orders seriously
lf His Majesty...
... so much as glances at another woman...
She's gone by next day
Please don't worry
Your Ladyship is the only woman...
... allowed to get pregnant here
l've found several pregnancies among the maids
Who are these hussies...
... who've let men take advantage?
Of the four...
Three are said to have been with guards
To forestall any rumor
involving His Majesty...
l've had the women executed
Four wretches...
... three executions
And the fourth woman?
She got away
Her name is Su Huirong
l've sent men to catch and kill her
lt's a large troop
Who are they after?
Judging by their banners...
They're from West Bureau
They're heading for Red Rock Gully
Let's see...
... what's going on over there
There's someone on the chain up there
Who is he?
Watch him carefully
Pull in here
We must search the boat!
Stop rowing
Officials want to search the boat
Stop rowing!
There is nothing on the boat
Please let us go on our way
Go? You don't even know...
... what we're looking for
Come here
No, sir...
We sail our boat here everyday
We hide nothing
How many women on your boat?
Tell them all to go to the bow
What is it?
lt was thrown from the boat
Report it!
This scented purse was found in the water
The handiwork looks familiar
Who allowed you to sit?
Sir, don't hit her
My wife is sick
Who cares?
Stand up!
Off the boat!
This purse is costly
Why was it thrown away?
The scent...
Let's see if it lingers
Have you run away from the palace?
l am...
Speak up
What's in your belly?
Let's take a look inside
Yes, sir!
Restrain her!
Don't, sir
Let me go
Let my unborn baby go
You are Su Huirong?
Yes, sir
Check if she has an accomplice!
Guard the criminal!
Release the woman
l'll say it again
Let her go!
Release her!
All of you, back away!
They're not going
They must want me to kill you
Back off! Do you want him to kill me?
Tell them to jump in the water
Why are you standing there? Jump!
All of you!
Jump in the water!
Good, l will spare your life
Go back and do one thing for me
Tell your Boss my name...
Zhao Huai'an
Zhao Huai'an?
You are Zhao Huai'an?
Now, climb to the top of the scaffolding
Stay there for four hours...
Then you may go
l told you to stay put
What are you looking at?
Checking that l'm still here?
Great knight...
Shouldn't we get away from here?
l know you are a martial-arts master...
But we should not stay here
l'm waiting for someone
Who are you waiting for?
Such beautiful scenery
Let's drink
Brother Zhao
He's having a drink, just like the other times
Then, let's have a drink too
He's impersonating you to rescue people
ls he trying to lure you into a meeting?
Let him be
lsn't it good that he rescues people?
We could do with a few more Zhao Huai'ans!
For you
Brother Zhao...
l think you know each other
Why don't you greet him?
We're both loners...
... old jianhu friends
No need for us to meet
A carrier pigeon
Those West Bureau people released it?
lt's flying west
That means...
... their Boss has already left the capital
lt's weird
Did West Bureau send a force like that...
... just to chase a pregnant woman?
They will send more troops
Let's see if we can help
lnform His Highness. All is in order
Report! A carrier pigeon has arrived
News from Red Rock Gully?
Your Highness...
Su Huirong was rescued by a swordsman
He gave his name as Zhao Huai'an
Which way do you think...
... the fugitives will go?
East would be...
... back to the capital
North would take them to the border
So, they will go north?
They could cross it within two days
Can a pregnant woman survive...
... riding a horse that far?
lf they went northwest by water...
lt would take longer
But they could cut through Chiayu Pass
And follow the Luo River to Dragon Gate
Let's wait at Dragon Gate
Set the main sail!
Sail northwest...
... at full speed!
Set the main sail!
There's two men at the bow
Protect His Highness!
So these are West Bureau men?
Let's see if they're as good as people say
Who are you?
l am Chief of West Bureau, Ma Jinliang
The sail is collapsing! Protect His Highness!
Go to hell!
And who are you in West Bureau?
Yu Huatian
And you are...?
l'm the nemesis of both bureaux
Zhao Huai'an
Ling Guozhou...
This way!
Archers, get to the bow!
Load your arrows!
Take Chongzheng!
Go to hell!
Your Highness...
The so-called Zhao Huai'an...
... was not so hard for you to deal with
But Zhao is with Su Huirong...
So what's he doing here?
Was that an imposter?
He took on East Bureau in the same way
He's not an imposter
lf he's the real Zhao...
Who's the one with Su in Red Rock Gully?
No matter how many Zhao Huai'ans there are...
l will hang their severed
heads outside West Bureau
He won't elude me
Keep on following Su Huirong
We'll show East Bureau
how to deal with such foes
Yes! Your Highness!
Great knight...
What are the words carved on the two steles?
They're in Xixia script,
more than 400 years old
Thanks to erosion by the wind and sand...
Only the characters
'Dragon' and 'Gate' are legible
That's why this place is called Dragon Gate
Yumen Pass is nearby, to the west
That's your escape route
They won't dare follow you
l should go alone?
You'll stop protecting me?
l told you at the start...
l'd bring you to safety...
Then leave you to go on alone
Come on
Great knight...
You keep playing that flute
My guess is that it's a love token
Am l right?
Good guess
lt is a love token...
But not for me
lt's for someone else
Why should you care?
Anyway, this flute is not mine
l must give it
to someone on behalf of its owner
lf you mention the flute again...
l will stop talking to you
Do l look like her?
Look like who?
The one you're seeking
lf you ask any more thing about me...
l'll abandon you
You'll never see me again
l'll catch you!
How can l jump?
l am pregnant
l can't jump
Great knight...
Our goods packed already?
Check if the other side is tied properly
Take more water, we'll leave soon
l just arrived,
and you're telling me to leave?
What kind of inn is this?
l'm so sorry
Tomorrow or the day after...
The black sandstorm will arrive
That flock of birds...
... was a sign
lt will be a huge sandstorm
lt will bury the inn
No water and no food
Even our staff will shelter
in the courier station
l'm sorry, because of the weather...
Say no more
We're passing through,
we'll leave after eating
l'm so sorry
How far is the courier station?
The courier station is 50 li from here
The mountains there...
... could block the wind
They have food and water there
lt'll take half a day by camel
Take plenty of water
Water is a necessity in a desert
l forgot the dried food
l have it, l have it
l'm so sorry
Travel safely!
Saddle up. Load the cargo!
l told you to let no-one in
So who are they?
They ignored me. l couldn't stop them
l know
We'll leave after our meal
Have some peanuts and dried fruits
What would you like to order?
Can you do mutton soup... with noodle?
Mutton soup with noodle, yes
No, we'll have two bowls of plain noodles
Nothing else
That's it
Plain noodles coming right up
Tell the kitchen: two plain noodles
Two bowls of "nun noodles"
Excuse me
Vegi may not be vegi
There's a house rule here
Returning customers use their own chopsticks
New customers use the inn's chopsticks
lt's the rule at a 'black inn'
'Black inn'?
What's a 'black inn'?
There've been many fights here
They can't wash out all the blood stains
Sir, what's wrong?
Who do you think we are?
You give us white meat?
White meat?
You know the rules!
You think we're new here?
A big mistake!
Ah Dong, change the meat
l'm coming...
What is white meat?
Why are they are so angry?
New customers get white meat
What is it?
Human Flesh
lt's from people who used the inn's chopsticks
Coming through...
Two bowls of...
... "nun noodles"
Sorry, sorry...
Get back to the kitchen!
You clumsy oaf!
Master Lu Bu...
Please wash your hands, refresh yourself
Have you seen...
... an unfamiliar woman in the past ten days?
Unfamiliar... Can't say l have
The fact is...
A brother of mine bought
a woman in the capital
He was about to marry her when she ran off
My buddies here...
l shouldn't say buddies...
My brothers here...
They're helping me to track down the bitch
So if you've seen her recently
My lady boss says...
You bastards are forcing women to be whores
You exploit women and call them bitches?
Hard to believe!
Guests, denizens ofjianghu
often clash in here
lt's normal
You are here often...
So are Master Lu Bu...
... and his friends here
We all get along...
And you're not from the capital
You can't hold any grudges against each other
lt's my fault, l'm a poor host
Have some wine on the house
Give me some face, please?
Damn you!
She did that to test my skill
Next time, l won't let her off so lightly
Stop taking in guests for the next two weeks
We will rent the whole inn
But that's impossible, sir!
There's a huge sandstorm on the way
Even we have to shelter at the courier station
lt's too dangerous to stay here, you'll die
A huge sandstorm?
The Dragon Gate black sandstorm is terrifying
lt will bury a large area in sand
lt might even blow the inn away, who knows?
Just take the money
l'll decide if l leave or not
l can't take it
Also, l don't dare offend...
... our other party of guests
So you dare offend us?
You're talking nonsense
We really can't accept this money
You can't take the whole inn
if they don't leave
l really don't know how to drive them out
Don't worry, innkeeper
lf the sandstorm doesn't scare them...
Their lives are cheap
l'll send them to hell early
Bastard, are you that hungry?
l'm not hungry
Of course you aren't
Not after helping yourself
to a whole leg of lamb!
You're always stealing food
lt's safe to eat
lf it were human flesh,
they wouldn't argue over it
We just work here, sir!
The innkeeper holds all the money
Please spare us, spare us...
We small fry can't decide anything
You have to talk to...
What is it?
What will it do in the wine?
Dragon Gate lnn turned "black" three years ago
The woman owner ran away to escape arrest
Do you also oppose the lmperial Court?
That had nothing to do with us
We'd never dare oppose the lmperial Court
Then do what l tell you
l will, l will
Put this in the wine
and serve it to the Tartars
lt will kill them
l dare not do that
Sir... Sir!
Great knight, may l ask you something?
lt depends what it is
How do you know this place so well?
Have you been here many times?
Are you...
Watch what you say
What do you want to ask?
Are you the woman who fled three years ago?
lf l were that woman owner...
The staff would have recognized me
lsn't that so?
Yes, got it
They're here
l found this outside the kitchen
Deputy Chief, the sky looks strange
l think a black sandstorm is really coming
To be safe, we need a contingency plan
His Highness
may have reached the courier station
Tell Lidong to guard the stables
lf the need arises...
Keep our horses and set the others free
Yes, sir!
Jinliang, this place is named Dragon Gate...
... after the inscription on two steles
Yes, Your Highness
That's the local legend
Follow each other closely
The caravan ahead, did anybody get strayed?
Open up the barracks! Let them shelter!
Riders on the east, this way!
Your Highness,
everyone's coming here for shelter
This place will soon be full
Please order them to stop letting people in
Let them all in
Yes, sir
Your Highness, will Zhao Huai'an come here?
He's a foolhardy man
l can anticipate his every move
Don't make it hard for him to enter
Since l'm here, l'm sure he will come
Sir... Sir!
Deputy Chief, we have searched everywhere
No trace of them
l have men still searching
What is it?
What happened?
How come?
What did you say?
My boss says, ask your mother how to poison
You can't fool anybody
with these little tricks
You poisoned yourselves by mistake!
Draw your swords!
We're too late to cross the border
We need shelter
Your flag's still flying
Why is the door closed?
We're full, go away!
There's a sandstorm out there!
We can sit on the ceiling even if you're full
Open the door!
Gangzi, you go!
l don't want to yell from the outside
l'll tell him to leave...
The wind is getting stronger!
Anyone alive inside?
Sir, it's a blessing in disguise
You're lucky that we're full!
Lucky? You buffoon!
You are asking for trouble
You've drawn swords...
... but pretend to be peaceful?
Where are you from?
We're here already. Would anybody speak to us?
Why would His Highness come here?
Maybe he's a look-alike
He might not be His Highness
Let's find out
My great knights...
You can see that we're full
We really have no room for you
For shelter from the sandstorm,
the best thing...
... would be to go to the courier station
lt's much safer, a solid building
And it has plenty of space
No need to go
Our boss will let the gentleman have her room
One room, that's ridiculous
lf you don't mind...
l can spare two fine rooms for you
May l invite the gentleman to a drink?
A flash of sword, a taste of wine
We have vintage amber wine here
Something to savor
Awine for real connoisseurs
Please honor me by accepting
Fine, we accept
See if His Highness is at the courier station
Good sir, do you pass this way often?
You want to know about us?
lf it's a rule ofjianghu...
... to make inquiries...
Maybe you tell me why you drew swords?
l am talking to this gentleman
lt's none of your business
But l am also talking to you now
Why it isn't my business?
l see, what you really want...
... is to know why l'm here
No need to answer now
Sir, on your way here...
Was this lady knight your only companion?
Are you by any chance bandits?
Are you assessing us before robbing?
Such impudence! Where did you come from?
That's how you speak to us?
Then where are you from?
How dare you speak like that?
How about this...
l'd like to toast this gentleman
Please excuse us...
... for being rude
Hope you wouldn't mind
For your good health
Please drink
Did you poison the wine?
lmpossible! How could it be poisoned?
The man you carried out just now...
... seemed poisoned
There's no poison in the wine?
Then you drink it
Come on!
Drink it!
Come on, drink it!
lt's getting fiery, what next?
lt's not only the wine...
Everything there is poisoned
lf you don't want to be poisoned,
come drink here
No poison over there, but plenty here!
What's going on here?
(Tartar) l like you
(Tartar) lt's embarrassing to translate
(Tartar) Do it!
Our boss says l like you a lot
No, she's the one who likes you a lot
Our boss invites you to her room for a drink
lt's quieter there, no disturbances
The smell here is nauseating
lnnkeeper, bring me water for washing
l'll vomit...
... if l don't wash off the stench
Yes, ma'am
The rooms are ready, this way
Brother, my room is yours, at your disposal
You are so hot, it's hard to refuse
But l need to check them out first
See you
Your Highness...
We've brought the steles
from Black Water City
What does the inscription read?
Your Highness,
the inscription is in Xixia characters
After years of wind and sand erosion...
Only four words are legible:
dragon, gate, fly, cycle
The rest cannot be read
But l must report something
more to Your Highness
Ever since the two steles were unearthed...
They have been regarded as inauspicious
Dragon Gate weathers sandstorms all year
Legend has it that
they're related to the steles
Recently, the weather has been very strange
Now that His Highness
has seen the inscription...
We should return the steles to their position
Then the world will be set to rights
We are just coolies
Please spare our lives
We don't know anything
Please spare our lives
We will put the steles back
My intention...
... was to lure out the snake
Now you have startled it by beating the grass
Your Highness...
The coolie wore the same shoes as Zhao Huai'an
We cast an escape-proof net
And all it took to break
it was a pair of shoes
The sword will draw
more blood before it's sheathed
Turn this place upside down to find Zhao
Yes, Your Highness
Search the station!
And the stockroom
Bring the caravans to the east wing
Harness that horse!
What's the matter?
Does he really resemble me?
Your Highness
At first glance, the resemblance is striking
But his behavior is flippant and skittish
Nothing like Your Highness's majestic demeanor
He could be useful
We can use him to win by stealth
Go back and tell Tan Luzi to take no action
Wait for my order
We'll lure our enemy into a trap
What trap, Your Highness?
We will deploy a fake.
l'll disguise as him...
... to draw them out
An excellent plan!
lt would be prudent
to alert us to your arrival
So that we can tell the real from the fake
We cannot afford to make a mistake
Let's use a password
The password is...
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"
"Dragon Gate... fly cycle"?
And the response is...
"Fake or genuine"
You must remember this secret password
lf you can't, l'll carve it on your chest
l have it memorized... l have it memorized
"Dragon Gate fly cycle", "Fake or genuine"
ls someone on guard
while you three are down here?
Everything is in order
The Tartars are watching them
in the dining room
Boss, everyone is here
Sit down!
l'll start by introducing
the members of our team
Our coordinator is Liang Cai,
the "Shuoyang Demon"
Huang, Er Cai and Xinping
are from Mt. Pingding...
Our guide is Pu Cangzhou
Also known as "The Wind Blade"
He was the one who set us on this trail
We also have Chang Xiaowen, the "Grim Reaper"
And her Tartar brothers
And my assistant, H'Gantga
300 years ago, this place, Dragon Gate...
... was the capital of the Xixia Empire
At that time...
The Mongols...
The Mongols besieged
Black Water City for a year
Finally only 1 08 warriors
were left in the city
Before they died...
They locked their women,
children and gold in the palace
Then they kill themselves for their country
That night, Black Water City
was buried by a sandstorm
The full inscription on the steles...
... should be read in reverse, giving us...
"Come / Cycle / Fly / Swirl / Dragon"
"Sand / Sea / Dedicate / God / Gate"
"Come Cycle " indicates a cycle of 60 years
Fly Swirl Dragon is the black sandstorm
"God Gate" is the entrance of the Xixia Palace
The black sandstorm
will raise the "Sand Sea"...
... to reveal the buried palace
That will give us access to the treasure
Those at Dragon Gate lnn in the past...
... were waiting for the treasure
to come to light
But events took an unfortunate turn
The inn owner was a woman
Provoked by a man, she burned down the inn
No-one has seen her since
Her name was Ling Yanqiu
So you're...
Listen, all of you
The ancient city is filled with mazes
This map shows the way out
The way out?
Why the way out and not the way in?
Because there's only one way in
You have to get through the mazes
on the way out
You can get in without the map, but not out
Cai, what's going on upstairs at the moment?
Why is the inn full of soldiers in disguise?
They say they're looking for a woman
"Wind Blade," what do you know about it?
Apparently West Bureau
wants to execute someone
They're after a maid
who escaped from the palace
l saw two women here today
But they disappeared when the soldiers arrived
They used their own chopsticks
Even if they're our peers...
Woe betide them if they get in our way
lt's our only chance in 60 years
We'd better grab it
The Jade Emperor himself couldn't stop me!
The soldiers seemed
cowed by "Wind Blade" earlier
Did they mistake you for someone else?
Their boss invited you to his room
lt was just talk
They have set everything on the table...
Why don't you go to check them out?
l'll go with you
l won't go!
You fought against them earlier
You can't go
No better...
Then l'll go with him
Their boss drew his sword against you
Then there's no-one suitable
"Mr Wind," you'll just have to go alone
Alone? What if something happens?
With a name like "Wind Blade"...
You must have some martial skills
And that means l don't need any help?
Of course not,
if you get into trouble, just yell
We'll all rush in to save you
lsn't that right?
And with a mouth like yours,
l'm sure you can yell
Nothing will happen, don't worry
One other thing, "Mr Wind"...
They seem to think
you're a high-ranking officer
You can show superiority
when you speak to them
Easy to say
Deputy Chief, he's here
l ordered discretion...
But you've made yourselves obvious
Even a halfwit could see that you're officials
Anything to report? Tell me
Everything is under control
We await Your Highness's orders
Everything's under control...
Then why would you need orders?
lt's chaos! How can order be restored?
Your Highness, please keep calm...
Your inferiors don't understand
What do you mean by chaos?
Maybe Your Highness...
... go over the plan again
Be careful upstairs
Oh yes, Cai...
When you rebuilt the inn...
Besides this cellar...
Did you find any other tunnels?
This is how we found it
l didn't see any tunnels
Rumor has it that the woman boss...
Ling Yanqiu...
... dug tunnels and laid traps
l think this isn't the only cellar
... the two women we saw are hiding beneath us
Er Cai!
Where are you?
lt's her!
She's one of the women we saw
There was another one
How do you plan to detain me?
The only one who knows these caves so well...
... is the woman who ran Dragon Gate lnn...
Ling Yanqiu
Your Highness, please say it once again
What is your plan?
What kind of place is Dragon Gate lnn?
Have you checked the staff's background?
What's the business of those Tartars?
Do you still remember what rank you hold?
And why you were sent here?
Tell me
Third in West Bureau, Seventh in the palace
Do l need you to tell me that?
l want to know...
lf you remember...
... the reason you are here!
Of course l do
lf l have not performed well...
Please let me atone by doing better
Ordered to give poison, you get poisoned!
The woman you're looking
for got here long ago!
But all you do is wait, wait, wait...
... up here in your room
Are you waiting for me to do yourjob?
You were after
the treasure last time you were here
But the officials tracked you down
So you had to flee
Now you're here with a palace maid...
You want the same again?
You drew the officials here to deal with us?
Have you ever thought...
... l could bargain
with those corrupt officials?
l can hand over the maid to them
And when they leave...
The treasure will still be ours
Tell me...
How will you deal
with the people here in the inn?
We'll poison their animals and...
... leave them stranded here to die
The sandstorm will bury the corpses
None of them will escape
Just be sure that our quarry is amongst them
Why wait for the sandstorm, we could act now
Kill them all at daybreak
Then we can take our time...
... tracking our quarry
Who is it?
Zhao Tong, back from the courier station
Your Highness, are you going alone?
Your Highness
Wind Blade!
You're the Wind Blade
You trade jianghu news, we've done business
l was wanted by the lmperial Court,
Zhao Huai'an
Remember me?
What now?
You've been recognized
Don't Fight!
What happened?
Who is he?
l've waited so long to see you again
For three years...
l've pondered the size of the jianghu
lt seems infinite,
and l've worried for your safety
Three years ago,
l picked up the love token you left
Now, l can return it...
As selfish as every other man in the world
And that's my fault?
Shut up!
We agreed when we broke up...
To talk business only!
You now regret it?
l'm getting the punishment in early,
to forestall you
l'll put this into my books
Record in books... could you?
lf you didn't want to see her
Why did you come here?
l followed the West Bureau men here
l had no idea l'd bump into "Wind Blade"
They were taken in by his resemblance...
... to their Boss, Yu Huatian
Their Boss?
Yu Huatian is in the courier station,
50 li from here
He will send his cavalry here
When they arrive...
No-one here will stand a chance
You must be kidding
He's your enemy...
But he'd kill us?
Why would he do that?
You think Yu Huatian would let go...
... a man who resembles him that much...
... to roam around freely?
Worse, "Wind Blade" posed as Yu...
... and tricked his subordinates
lf they turned a blind eye to that...
They wouldn't be the West Bureau
l think Yu Huatian will move at dawn
We should move first
Catch him unawares
Our first step is to divide the enemy
One of their guides was poisoned
Let's start with him
Lu Bu, l'm here to save you
This is the antidote to the poison you drank
The lmperial Court is done with you
They won't even bury you if you die
lf you still want to live, do one thing for me
l can't... fight
You don't need to. l'm in love with my boss
But she only has eyes for that gentleman
Kill him for me
l can barely speak, how can l kill?
Go to the stables...
... and set all the horses loose
When the sandstorm hits, he will be trapped
He's sure to die here
You're healthy... but you won't do it yourself
lt must be a trap
l can't do it because she might see me
And where would that leave me?
So it's your life for his
Your choice
This is only half of the antidote
lf you don't go along with my request...
You'll still die in three days
For three years...
You carried what l most craved
You searched high and low to find me
But fate doomed you...
... to disappointment
Although you never appeared...
l felt in my heart that you were looking at me
The reason l carried the flute...
... is because l envied its owner
She was long gone...
But she was always in your heart
She gave her life for me
That's a debt l can never repay
l understand, you didn't see me...
... because you thought l might cling to you
"Better lost in jianghu
than caught up in the world"
l've never understood that saying
Partings are hard, both in life and in death
Those close to me have left, one by one
One day, l will leave too and...
... it'd be better
if l won't give anybody sorrow
l have a wish too
This flute is for you
Carry it away from this blood-soaked place
Turn away and never come back
Why are you hitting me?
The next step is yours, we count on you
l have medicine for her wound
l can help you with your wish
Only when a woman's heart dies...
... can she leave you
That's her only way out
l want to ask you...
Why did you burn down the inn
for him back then?
Actually l...
l'm tired of this desert
Are you really leaving?
Stay, join us in the treasure-hunt
There's no place for 'love' in jianghu
Take me!
l talk business, not 'love'
With money, what can't be bought?
l used to think like that
But if something doesn't belong to you...
You can't have it or buy it
lf l can't buy it, l don't care
You'll understand one day
And you'll change your mind
l know it's my fault...
... but take me with you
Don't think that you two fooled me
You and he aren't like that
lf you wanted me to leave,
you're trying too hard
Then... take me with you
ln case of danger, hide yourself well
lf that doesn't work...
Find a good family in your next life
Then where are you going?
l could go anywhere for him
lf l stayed, he'd be worried
Deputy Chief, His Highness wants to see you
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"
A slip of the tongue
What does Your Highness wish?
When you arrived, did you use a guide...
... named Lu Bu?
We did, what about him?
This man's been bribed
He is in the stables now, freeing your horses
He aims to trap you in the sandstorm...
... so that you will all die here
Xueyong, check the stables!
Weren't you weakened by the poison?
Where did you find
the strength to go to the stables?
lnteresting, you've cured yourself
lt seems you can withstand any poison
Zhao Tong!
Bring him more poison
Let's see how he does it
Officer... Officer...
l am not immune to poison
Someone gave me an antidote
But l only took half of it...
So l'm still half-poisoned
Go on
l was given the antidote...
... by that giant called H'Gantga
He likes his woman boss...
And he wants his rival laid low
He gave me the antidote...
... and told me...
... which horses to free
Two groups are fighting downstairs
The Tartar woman and another woman started it
Apparently they're fighting over a man
Now they've started a fire
Even if it's a trick,
we shouldn't stay inside the inn
Let's see what happens
Tell everyone to go outside and stand by
Quick, all of you! There's another box
l've got it, Cai
There're some here too
Get it outside, then empty the next room
What else needs to be moved?
lt's a trick, nothing's burning
Zhao Tong, Ji Xueyong!
Take some men to investigate...
See what's going on
Pingzi, take your men that way
The sky color is really strange
Daqiang, check the kitchen
Pingzi, check the stables
The rest of you, check downstairs
They're our men, from West Bureau
Are they real or impostors?
Very suspicious
What's our password?
The first half is "Dragon Gate fly cycle"
The second half is "Fake or genuine"
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"!
Quick, all of you! There's another box
l've got it, Cai
There're some here too Get them outside!
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"
What are you thinking?
"Dragon Gate fly cycle" must be a password
"Fake or genuine"
Fake... "Fake or genuine"
Officer, why are you deployed out here?
Your Highness...
We were told the inn was on fire
We suspect a trick...
Men are investigating now
How do you assess the situation?
No-one has reported yet
You've been lured away from your position!
Have they left by the back way...
... while you wait out here?
Yes, Your Highness!
Follow them!
Deputy Chief, the customers have all gone
We found twitch grass covering tinder
That was what made the smoke
That's bad, they did trick us outside
Report to His Highness!
There are ambushers outside! Be alert!
Ambushers! Be alert!
Have the men outside been tricked too?
Let me try the password
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"!
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"!
Damn you!
They're nearly here, one away...
l waited until
they were close before rushing back
Good timing
Deputy Chief, we've discovered that...
... our uniforms have been stolen
Then His Highness outside is an impostor?
"Dragon Gate fly cycle"
Come again?
The hell with it! Arrows!
lt's time, let's move!
Four groups, using the inn's location...
... and the wind direction
First group, Cai
You take the best vantage point
Follow the movements of Yu Huatian
Use signals to inform us
Second group, Chang Xiaowen and H'Gantga
Lead your men in an attack...
... from the south of the inn
Make them use up their weapons and men
Third group, Gu Shaotang
You lead the inn staff...
... in a pincer movement
Respond to Chang Xiaowen...
Arget their martial arts masters
Mind the one in a black mask...
His twin swords are lethal
Fourth group!
Draw out Yu Huatian and lead him to me
To help you
Why've you come back?
That bowman is covering us, ready to attack
We have to stop him somehow
Yu Huatian is over there, l'm going
You take care of the bowman
l'll deal with Yu Huatian
You'll fight him?
You alone?
Alone, that's it
That's it?
H'Gantga, this is it!
The flying swirl dragon!
You and l are fire and ice
Yu Huatian...
You dare to fight me
inside the swirling dragon?
Listen, mount your steed if you dare!
l'll be waiting!
Zhao Huai'an!
lt's coming!
Quick, into the tunnel
Zhao Huai'an!
There's a light ahead
lt's a reflection!
The gold roof of the palace!
We've found the Xixia treasure at last!
l won't leave you behind
Zhao Huai'an
What is it?
Zhao Huai'an
Are you alright?
Yanqiu, the dagger he's holding is ultra-sharp
Take great care
That's the West...
Head of West Bureau, Yu Huatian!
l'll tackle him
Stay put
l know his fighting style already
Stay back and watch...
Note his weak points
One palace maid attracts so much scum!
Not to mention you, you worthless face-thief
You dare to impersonate me?
You're the worst of all
Enough talk yet?
Scum we may be, but we are many now
We'll suffocate you!
Give way!
Are numbers an advantage?
The more people, the more need for strategy
Who will you sacrifice first?
All you officials...
Aren't you all greedy?
Everyone knows what you're really like
There's enough gold here
to set you up for life
No more worries about your twilight years
No more jockeying for rank and advantage
Your world is a bear-pit, mull it over!
You echo my thoughts exactly
Good thinking!
What a shame that...
... none of you is a match for me
l can finish off all of you
And l'll end up with all the gold anyway!
You know why no-one could find this capital?
Because another sandstorm is on the way
This city will be buried under the sand
On your own, how much gold could you move?
This stalemate
will cost our lives and the gold
Neither side has the advantage
So we have mutual interests!
But some are not here for the gold
They want to fight me to the death
Where does that leave your plan?
Here's an idea: we team up together...
... to finish off those two
How about it?
Honeyed words!
Outside here,
wealth won't be his first priority
Didn't he call you "scum"...
... and "face-thief"?
Look at him
He's the one between you and the gold...
Not me
lt's a shame that
you're at such a disadvantage
Maybe l can't get rich...
But you would die anyway
lf you could persuade him...
We might still have time to move the gold
These people all came to get rich...
This damned official wants to divide us
He'll easily sway them
They could turn against us
lf you want gold too...
Stop wasting time on talk!
Yu Huatian, l can cut a deal with you
Let's all move the gold out
lf you agree, let Gu Shaotang go
What kind of deal is that?
There are many of you...
How would we move the gold?
Stupid question
We all carry what we can
The strongest gets the most!
That would put me at a big disadvantage
Fending you off and carrying my gold
l couldn't move much
Why would l agree to such a plan?
l know you're greedy...
But you're too cautious
The gold can't all be moved at once...
To reassure everyone...
l suggest each group monitors the other two
Yu Huatian...
... Gu Shaotang and l will stay here
The others move the gold
lf we stay...
Those who carry gold will have to return
Any other concerns?
Alright... that makes sense
Once you're outside, don't come back
You intend to perish with him?
We've walked so far, where's the way out?
ls this the wrong way?
No, l'm following the map
The ways in and out are different
We're nearly there
Have you thought it through?
Do we really go back for them?
You're ready to abandon Gu Shaotang?
The world is ours once we get out
lf we go back...
Maybe none of us will survive
Here! That's the way out
l'll take a look
Move the gold up here
A bit higher...
Got it
Let's get back for another round
What the...?
She... has been...
... hiding her true face
You could have got away
How come you are going back for him?
She's an enemy agent
They tricked us
You gave me this dagger
Now reap what you have sown
With you down, no-one here can match me
You just gave Zhao Huai'an your sword
So how can you fight me?
Your martial skills
and schemes can't match mine
Now l'm going to kill Zhao
Catch her!
Wind Blade!
Here you are! Give chase!
No further!
There's a trap ahead
l'll stab you!
You hugged that enemy agent...
Keep your hands off me!
Look ahead, there are tripwires
H'Gantga, what is it?
lt's very sharp, some kind of gold thread
They're in real danger in there
They won't let us in...
... in case we warn Zhao
Great knight...
What's going on out there?
lt's bad, they're fighting over the gold
Fighting fiercely
Follow me!
Up to the roof
lt's hopeless, they're already fighting
Why are we three staying here?
Zhao Huai'an...
We just agreed a deal
lsn't it time to renegotiate?
lt's a danger signal
You're supposed to fear Yu Huatian...
But that didn't stop you coming back?
Why did l come back?
l came to help Ling Yanqiu...
... to kill you, you fickle man!
What's that horrible sound?
The sound of people in love
with power and gold
Sadly, it all returns to dust and ashes
Even if you wait a lifetime,
the end is the same
Death is inevitable!
Your Highness, the wind is back, let's go
Almost there
Give way and let me do it
Come on
This way will be quicker!
You really think l made you stay...
... because of the gold?
Go up first
l saw through your decision...
... to stay here
Mind the places Su passed through!
There are traps!
Behind you! The thread is lethal!
lt's you?
Where is Ling Yanqiu?
Why don't l see her?
Where is she?
What happened to her?
She was badly hurt
She didn't want you to see her die
So she left before you revived
l leave with you the things...
... l don't want to take
Partings are natural, why should we be missed?
Just tell him l will be free
That's all
Which way did she go?
To the south
l must see her, l'll look for her!
Let's go
She gave me the flute
l'll wait for them here
Will they come back?
One cycle...
60 years is a lifetime
All our planning led us back to these sands
l want rank in the government
A very powerful government official
l'll come with you!
lf they don't come back...
... come find me in the capital
l'll expect you
Come here, treasure of my heart
Kill her
Your Ladyship...
Send the lmperial doctor!
Her ladyship died!
ln the 23rd year of Chenghua's reign...
Concubine Wan Zhen'er...
... fell ill and died suddenly
Palace records say...
... she contracted a liver disease
And died of sudden liver failure
Original Story and Screenplay by Tsui Hark
Associate Screenwriters Ho Kei Ping Zhu Yali
Production Designer Yee Chung Man
Art Director Ben Lau
Costume Designer Lai Hsuan Wu
Director of Photography Choi Sung Fai HKSC
Edited by Yau Chi Wai HKSE
Music Supervisor Wu Wai Lap
Original Music by
Wu Wai Lap Li Han Chiang Gu Xin
Supervising Stereographer Chuck Comisky
Stereographers Kevin Lau Gigo Lee
Post Production Producer Edward Chiyun Yi
Stereoscopic Post Production Supervisor
Yong Gi Lee
Visual Effects Producer Hideyuki Mako
Visual Effects Supervisors
Wook Kim Josh Cole Frankie Chung
Sound Design by Kim Suk Won