The Fold (2013) Movie Script

- The classifieds might have a dog.
- We're not getting a dog.
Here we go.
Five Doberman puppies. Pure bred.
- No.
For Sale.
One wedding dress unused,
three bridesmaids dresses, unused.
100 invitations unused.
Oh, dear.
I found it in the shed,
and it's all pumped up.
Can I take it?
Yeah, I don't see why not.
Be careful though.
Of what? A cow?
- Reverend Ashton.
- I didn't hear the bell.
Sorry. I didn't mean
to frighten you.
The last vicar had
an open house policy.
- You must be Anne.
- Anne Bligh.
I thought we could take a drive
down to the church?
Yeah. Okay.
The original church was the first
entry in the Doomsday book.
Course back then
it held a congregation.
Sailors, merchants, fisher-folk.
- And now?
Well, there is
a weekly service, ten a.m.
Not much in attendance I'm afraid.
Here. We don't normally bother.
Not many people come this far.
Daniel Eaves is expecting you
at the drop in centre in Redruth.
Two mornings a week.
- Thank you, Anne.
I'm so sorry about your daughter.
Do you want me to wait?
- No, it's fine. I'll walk back.
- Okay.
I don't know what that is.
Oh no, don't you dare.
You know that word.
I couldn't even pronounce it.
What is it, "mingeing"?
It's minging.
It's a triple word score.
It's time to get out the book.
- You can't use that book.
- Why not?
It's the Oxford English Dictionary.
- Yeah, from 1924.
Right, let me see.
That's basically cheating. I mean,
only you know what's in that book.
As I thought, minging
does not appear in the book.
I'm sorry, withdraw your letters.
- No way.
Withdraw your letters,
these are the Ashton family rules.
Well, I don't care
I've got another one anyway.
See, that's better.
Alice used to always win.
Well, lucky you,
now it's your turn.
My letters are useless.
St. Pirin's started off
as a religious organisation.
Helping disadvantaged kids
find spiritual enlightenment...
...the right path.
Things have moved on now.
Less focus on
the spiritual growth...
...more on gaining tangible
benefits for the kids.
If you've moved on,
why do you want a priest?
We don't. We want an extra pair
of hands, that's all.
If you could fill that out Rebecca.
That would be great.
This place must get
a lot of paperwork...
...filing, government forms
to fill out? That sort of thing.
- We're drowning in it.
- Well then I'll do it.
- The admin?
- Yeah.
I think you ought to see it first.
Hey Damon. How you doing man?
Okay. Here we are.
I told you.
- It's fine. I'll get started.
Okay. Give me a shout
if you need anything.
El. El.
Hi? Hi.
So you got the number then?
Well, the church is tiny.
Yeah. Yeah, it's fine.
It's beautiful really.
Yeah, she's fine.
So did you get out the contract?
Not for a month?
Do you want a word with El?
Hi. How's everything on the street?
How's Polly?
Yeah, I'm really nervous.
Yeah. Yeah, she's fine.
My heart is an anguish within me.
The terrors of death
have fallen on me.
Fear and trembling have beset me.
Horror has overwhelmed me.
I said "Oh, that I had
the wings of a dove...
...I would fly away
and be at rest."
I would flee far away
and stay in the desert.
I would hurry to my place
of shelter...
...far from the tempest and storm.
Daniel? Daniel?
There was a girl here
just a second ago.
Long dark hair. Grey top.
Scars on her arms.
- Radka.
- Is she homeless?
No. She's working the daffodil
harvest up at Lane's End.
She stays there.
- Well, why was she here?
She's Bulgarian. She's trying to
get into an art course in Exeter...
...but she needs
the language grade.
There used to be a teacher here
but there was an incident.
See you next Thursday.
- Rebecca, hi. Hi.
- Hi.
I've brought you this.
- Thanks.
And I was thinking
about that girl, Radka.
Radka Dimitrova.
I used to be a teacher before this.
I thought that I could take over.
- It's okay.
I know you don't have much time.
- No. No, it's fine.
I mean, I can get the admin done
and then do an hour a week...
...with her. I'd be happy to.
- Sure, that'd be great.
She has a language exam
booked for April.
She might be reluctant.
- Well, don't worry about that.
I'll talk to her.
- Hi.
- Can I help you?
- I've come to see Radka Dimitrova.
- What's she done now?
- Nothing. I work with Daniel Eaves.
- They've just finished.
She'll be at the caravans,
hers is number four.
In the woods, behind the field.
- Great. Thanks.
- You're a priest?
- Yes, I am.
You dealt with trouble
before then?
Hi. Can you tell me
where caravan four is?
It's this one.
Okay. Thanks.
Stop staring.
It's open.
What do you want?
Don't worry. I came because
Daniel Eaves sent me.
My name's Rebecca Ashton.
He thought...
...I could help with your English.
I used to be a teacher.
I can get you a pass.
Daniel wants me to do
an art course.
But my boyfriend wants me
to stay here now.
Your boyfriend.
Yeah, I saw him.
You want to stay here
for him and do what?
Well, stay for the flowers then
there is other work on the farm.
Maybe we get a place together.
I like your pictures.
You're a good artist.
I don't want to be an artist.
Artists are poor.
So what do you want to be then?
Maybe fashion design
or interior design?
Well, for those
you need the course.
And for the course
you need the language grade.
I can see an artist living here
but I don't know...
...too many fashion designers
living out in a caravan.
Okay then.
It's nice to meet you.
I'll come.
How about Saturday morning,
nine o'clock?
Okay, I'll see you then.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Come in, sit down.
I'm making tea.
There you go.
- Thanks.
So, what do you find the hardest?
What did you struggle
with at school?
I've brought these books.
Well, they're childish really...
...but to start with they
might be useful.
You may have had something
like these at school.
There's a family, you have
to follow their holiday..., all that.
It's good for the basics.
The Jones Family.
Oh, and I've brought you
this notebook.
That's for your written work.
There you go, you can put your name
on it if you want.
You're left handed.
My daughter was left handed.
My mother said the devil used
his left hand to baptize people.
Do you tell your daughter the same?
- No.
I told her it made her special.
Your English is good.
I can speak but my writing
is terrible.
Okay. Well, we can work on that.
You talked of your daughter.
You said "was". In the past.
She died.
- Sorry.
- Thanks.
Why you say Daniel sent you to me?
He says you asked to teach me.
I felt like you needed me.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- I'll come to your house.
- No, don't come to my house.
- Why not?
- I told you... mum'll give me grief.
- You don't want me... meet your mother.
You think you're better than me?
That's it?
- Radka, it's complicated.
Take your nasty little eyes
off me.
What she say?
Speak English.
- F..k off!
- She'll beat you, Mitchell.
Leave it!
- You're f..g nuts, you know that?
- What's your problem?
Hey, what are you doing? Mitchell,
if I see you in anyone's face... that again, you're barred.
You understand?
Go on f..k off!
You didn't come to the lesson.
I waited.
I can't come to the
classes anymore.
- What? Why not?
- I don't want to come.
Can I come in?
I don't understand.
I work all week.
I'm too tired for it.
Well, if you don't want to do
the homework it's okay.
Why did you come here?
To England?
I heard there was good money.
What's the money for? What do you
want to do with your life Radka?
- I'd like a home, a family.
- And that's it?
What about the art course?
I don't understand
what you want from me.
I see someone in you who is bright,
who is talented.
I don't want you to
throw away that chance.
- This is not me.
- Why not?
So, you want me to come?
Yes, of course.
I'll try to do the homework.
How's the music?
- Yeah. It's okay.
- Her teacher's good.
I met him when I came to look round
in the autumn. I really liked him.
No, he left.
There's this old dragon now
called Mrs. Greenhill...
...and she has a beard.
- Scary.
- Everyone finished?
- That was lovely.
There's something I wanted
to do tomorrow for Ali.
You know, on the actual day.
- I went to visit her before I came.
Took her some flowers.
We need to do something tomorrow.
To mark it.
Maybe we could come to your church?
Say a prayer for her.
- Yeah. Of course.
- I don't want to do it... the church.
It's something else.
- Of course.
Whatever you want to do.
Your favorite.
Look at that.
- So, how's El been?
- She likes it.
- You letting her go?
- I hardly see her.
She still needs you to be here
when she chooses to come back.
- I don't know that she does.
- She's still a child Becky.
Sometimes. Sometimes not.
She grieved like a child,
didn't she.
Crying every night
for a week and then... was as though
it was all gone.
It's different for everyone
I suppose.
What is that?
Coast guard.
Probably looking for a boat.
Don't go tomorrow.
I have to.
But I'll come back.
You're taking your time.
- You're the one who left.
- You said that you wanted to come.
I said I wanted my family back.
Sorry. Sorry. I'm coming home.
No. I thought you were...
Oh, no. Okay.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
- What did she do?
- She cut herself again. Badly.
One of the girls found her
just in time.
- Jesus.
- What's been going on...
...with the classes?
- Nothing. It's fine.
What are you doing?
I felt alone.
But you're not alone.
You have me.
I came to your house
to give you my homework.
I saw you there with a man.
That was my husband, Edward.
I thought I was special.
Perhaps I was wrong.
Perhaps this is too much for you.
No, I want to come.
Look, why don't we leave this
for today.
I'll drive you home.
- I need to see the Doctor in Truro.
He needs to look at the dressing.
Okay, well I'll drive you
there then.
It's beautiful.
We're early. Let's go in.
I didn't see God.
They say you see a light,
you feel the presence of God.
I didn't.
Everything went black.
And then I saw you.
You weren't dying.
You don't know what I felt.
No. I wish that I did.
- Radka?
- What?
I was thinking, perhaps you would
like to do the classes... the church,
I have an office there.
It's closer than the fields,
it might be less tiring.
There's no bus though.
I'd have to walk.
Well, leave that to me.
Would you like to though?
- Bye.
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.
I wanted to know more about her.
She's got no one.
We had a meeting about Radka
last week after the incident.
Well, what was the meeting about?
Supporting her on the next stage
of her journey.
If she gets the exam the move to
a new place could cause a repeat.
You think that she should stay?
I've been speaking to a mate,
a social worker in Exeter.
He put me in touch with
a foster family there.
She could stay with them
while she was doing the course.
- A foster family?
- It's an informal arrangement.
She'd stay there as a lodger.
She'd do her classes...
...then she'd come home
for a family meal.
They're a great family and they
have experience with troubled kids.
I thought perhaps
you could talk to her.
I feel we don't really talk.
We're talking now.
You know what I mean.
I know you lost a daughter.
You don't mention her.
- There's nothing to say.
You know, I think it's time
we moved on from this book.
- No.
- Yes. It's too simple.
I feel I know them.
My English family.
- Here.
Try this one instead.
- It was a beautiful service.
- Thank you.
I do envy you, your belief.
Where did it come from?
- I've always been interested.
But it was in my first year
of teaching.
My mother had died.
I was alone in my room...
...then suddenly I wasn't.
There was a wonderful sense
of safety.
I suppose you think that sounds
ridiculous, don't you?
No. In fact,
I've heard that before.
Daniel, It's Radka!
- Put it down.
- You lied to me.
- Radka.
- Who was the girl?
She's my cousin.
She's standing there.
She's my f..g cousin.
Radka, come on!
Let go of her!
Come on!
Are you alright?
Why do you go near Arran?
I don't understand it.
He was my friend.
I just..
Can I still see you after the exam?
Even if I pass?
I thought I could come to your
church service.
Yes. Of course you can come.
Here's the key. You need to
lock the door behind me.
I want you to stay with me
for a bit.
Okay. Just for a bit.
Will you lay down with me?
Tell me about
when you were a little girl.
Sometimes my mother would send me
to stay with my grandfather.
He lived in the mountains.
In the summer
there were flowers everywhere...
...and in the winter piles of snow.
All the women there sang.
Their husbands and sons
were shepherds in the hills.
So the mothers would sing
with a special voice...
...very loud so they could be
heard over those big spaces.
There is a Polish girl
at the fields who sings like that.
She calls it the Bialy Glos.
In English it means
the White Voice.
Oh, please.
Daniel said you teach English?
- Well, I...
- Please, could you teach my nephew?
He starts school in September.
He does not know anyone.
I'm sorry really,
but I can't help you.
Hi. What's wrong?
- What did she want?
- Who?
What did that woman want from you?
She wanted me to teach
her child English.
What's wrong with you?
- I just don't want you... teach the boy.
- But why not?
It makes me feel like you're
going away from me.
Silly girl.
- I told Arran I wouldn't see him.
- Good.
Will you tell that woman
you can't teach?
Radka, it's not the same. But I'm
not teaching her nephew anyway.
Radka, will you leave please?
I'll talk to you after.
- I don't want to leave.
- I told you to go.
Don't worry. It's fine.
You have her coming
to your church now?
She wanted to come to a service.
Is that a problem?
- Anne saw you in bed together.
- I fell asleep.
It was entirely platonic.
Please Daniel, don't be ridiculous.
Ridiculous. You shared a bed
with someone in your care.
As a priest, you should know
where to draw the line.
- It wasn't wrong!
- You can't teach her anymore.
But her exams on the 12th.
And she's nearly ready.
Please let me just finish
the classes.
I can't. I've got to think
about the centre.
I've got to think about Radka.
You need to leave.
What did he say?
Rebecca can no longer
teach you, Radka.
If you're seen together,
she could lose her job.
Do you understand?
- Where are you going?
- A friend's.
- Which friend?
- You don't know them.
Hi, this is Edward Ashton.
Hi. I've missed you.
- I have my exam in five days.
- Well, you're ready for it.
If I pass I'm going to stay
with a family.
Daniel spoke to you.
I would go
when the daffodils are gone.
Please don't go, Radka.
It doesn't seem right for you
to go stay with strangers...
...when you could stay here
with me.
What do you mean
stay here with you?
I could be your guardian.
Your legal guardian.
I don't know that word.
I could take care of you, properly.
You mean like a mother.
Yeah, sort of.
- I've asked Radka not to leave.
- Is this a joke?
No. I have offered to
become her guardian.
Are you mad?
The daffodils are nearly gone.
Where will she stay?
- I could find a place for her.
- Where? In your office?
- She might get a place of her own.
I could introduce her
slowly to Eloise.
I have thought about it Daniel,
it could work.
People are talking already.
They would never allow it.
I would make sure
they would never allow it.
You have a family.
- No, don't you see Daniel?
We need her.
We don't function without her.
We've been torn apart, without her
we're just three people.
Go home Rebecca,
see your daughter.
Get some help.
- I'm going for a shower.
- Can we talk?
There's something
I need to tell you.
Not now, mum.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I like seeing your house.
If it happened would I live here?
- If what happened?
- If you adopt me.
- Adopt you?
That's what you said.
Like my mother, you said.
No. I said guardian.
I want to be here for you
if you need someone.
I don't want you going off
to another family.
So, would I stay with you
and your husband?
- Who is this?
- This is my daughter, Eloise.
- Your daughter?
- Yes.
- Your daughter is dead.
- I have another daughter.
I wanted you two to meet.
You never once mentioned her!
- Mum.
- I'm sorry, I have to go after her.
Radka! Radka.
You're alright.
Mummy! Mummy!
It's alright. What's wrong?
What's wrong? It's alright.
It's alright.
It's alright.
I've brought Radka this.
- Well, that's it.
- Are you sure?
- What will she do?
- She will leave.
She'll have people to help her,
the right people.
I'm so sorry I brought you here El,
to this place.
I like it here.
I feel free.
- Why did you come?
You left your friends,
your school, Daddy.
I knew you needed me.
I do.
And I needed to get away too.
Would you rather
it had been me, mum?
You know, who died?
Would you rather it had been me?
Don't ever think that.
You are perfect.
Daddy will be here
in two weeks time...
...and we'll all be together again.
Thank you.
Tonight we have a guest
playing with us.
We normally don't let the
English play, but...
...she's special.