The Follower (2016) Movie Script

Tell me it ain't true.
It sounds really nice, Ratsy.
Just, if it gets loud in here
turn it up
in the monitors for me.
Thank you.
-What's up, ash?
-Oh, "what's up?"
-Are you kidding me?
-I'm so sorry.
I really am.
I wanted to tell you--
I've-I've dedicated
my entire life
to making you the biggest star
on the face of the planet.
You just can't quit now.
Well, you got a responsibility,
not just to me but to your fans.
-Have you thought about them?
You're their everything.
You're their life.
Is this because
of the last album?
This is not because
of the last album.
They've had 20 years.
I don't care
about selling out stadiums.
I don't wanna book
year long tours.
My priorities are changing.
You're gonna get used to it.
You're gonna like it.
Or you can work
with somebody else.
Chelsea, baby, you know...
You know, I'm gonna be with you
to the bitter end.
So if you're happy
with the last album, what is it?
-Why are you givin' up?
-I'm not giving up.
I just,
i am taking a break...
Because, uh...
For one thing...
-What's this?
-What does it look like?
What? How?
I can explain it to you,
if you need me to.
Well, how far along
are you?
Be happy.
I'm five months. Look.
How did I not see this?
Well, first of all,
you didn't wanna see it.
But we haven't
been talking about it
and we just wanted to be sure
you know, after last time
everything's a 100%.
When are you gonna announce?
-Next week.
-Next week?
Is he here?
He had a thing.
-A thing?
Mm. Come with us
to dinner though.
We're gonna go
to dinner afterward.
No, three wheels
make a tricycle, baby.
I'll let you grown-ups
have fun on your own.
When has that ever
stopped you before?
-What? You serious?
-Yeah, come with us.
Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!
I guess this is it.
-Yeah, kinda.
I hate you, bitch.
I hate you more.
Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!
Hello, New Orleans.
Let's have some fun
tonight, huh?
Thank you so much.
You all were lovely.
You know, ever since
i was a little girl
all I wanted to do was sing.
And thanks to y'all,
I've been able to do that.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
This exceeded my wildest dreams.
Uh, but after tonight,
I'm gonna take a break.
Next week,
I'll make an announcement
and, and I'll explain
It'll all make sense.
But meantime, what I wanted you
to know is, is that I love you
and I appreciate you
and thank you.
-Chelsea! Chelsea!
Everybody, back up
a little bit, please.
Chelsea, Chel, Chelsea!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Chelsea, get in the car.
Chelsea, it's me, frank.
Frank sharp, frank sharp.
-Let's go.
-Get in the car.
No, it's okay.
-I got this. It's okay.
-You know this guy?
Yep, I got this.
Okay. Hi. Hi.
I just wanted to say hi
before you left.
Yeah. You know what? Can you
loosen your grip a little bit?
Oh, yeah, yeah. Sorry.
I just love you.
I-i have all...
I got all the materials,
my materials of you
for the fan page and I got
so much stuff, I was thinking
you know, I should start
writing your biography.
Oh, that's a great idea.
Thank you. If you do that.
Will you send me a copy?
-Oh, yeah.
Okay, perfect.
Okay, have a good night.
-Have a good night.
-Have a good night.
God, that was incredibly
and incredibly disgusting.
I can't believe
you just did that.
I think I can still smell him
on you.
Oh, don't be mean.
He's just. He's...
Your very crazy, sweaty, fan.
He is sweaty.
So sweaty.
You sure you wanna quit this?
I'm not quitting.
I'm refocusing my energy.
You sure about that?
Decision made.
We'll see.
Couple of hours, baby.
I'm sittin' on the plane.
Let me come pick you up.
How about that?
Actually, I'm not alone.
Um, I have ash with me.
-What? Why?
-I forgot.
I thought we're going out
to dinner so I invited him.
He just broke up
with his boyfriend
and, you know
he's not taking the news
about the baby
quite as well as I had hoped.
And I just, I didn't want him
to have a meltdown or something.
I don't care
if he has a meltdown.
We're gonna be a family now.
You keep putting
that dude before us
you gotta learn to say
no sometimes.
I can, I can say no.
Really, you can say no?
Great, please, say no.
Listen, we can have
a romantic celebration
you know, tomorrow or whatever.
Never mind.
I burnt it anyway.
Go have dinner with Ashley.
I'll see you home.
He didn't like that
very much, did he?
He's fine.
You don't have to lie to me,
he's pissed.
-Whatever, he loves you.
-Here we go.
-Hi. Ginger ale.
-And champagne.
Champagne. Thank you.
Here is to, uh
your new ordinary
and pedestrian life.
I hope you're happy.
Here's to you being
a jackass about it.
Okay, can I get you
anything else?
This is great for me,
thank you.
Okay. Pardon me.
It's really fast.
Is that normal?
Between 120-170 is average.
So, we're good, right?
That means we're good?
Oh, yeah.
Have you guys thought
of a name yet?
No, not yet.
I wanna call it blueberry.
-For real?
-No, I, yeah, right now.
Actually, she's, uh,
more like a kumquat by now.
Uh, blueberry is,
blueberry is good.
Okay, blueberry it is.
-We did good, huh?
-We did good.
We did do good.
What happened?
Okay, I'll turn on the news.
What happened?
We just received confirmation
that the plane did go down
somewhere in the woods.
We'll have more updates for you
as the story breaks.
Authorities have now confirmed
that the three bodies
found in the wreckage
belonged to the pilot, co-pilot
and Chelsea angel's long-time
manager, Ashley gold.
There's still no sign
of Chelsea angel.
We'll have more for you
as the story breaks.
Can you tell me about my wife?
Well, from the size
of the debris field
it looks like the plane
came down in one piece.
Which means
she came down with it.
If anything happened after that,
well, I don't know.
We did find some tracks
back in the woods
but we lost them
in-in the marsh. Yeah.
I don't even know
if they're hers
to be honest with you.
Anything I can do to help?
You know, just find a place
to sit down and pray.
Ah. Ah.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, wake up.
What happened?
We crashed.
-Where are we?
-I don't know.
I don't remember anything.
Someone does not
want us to leave though.
-Help! Help! Help! Help!
-Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
What's your name?
Evelyn, Evelyn king.
Well, are you okay?
Just a few scratches I think.
What about you?
-My leg.
-Can you walk?
If only I could
get this damn thing off.
It's too tight.
-Help! Help! Help!
-Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn.
Evelyn, Evelyn, come here.
We need to figure out
what's going on
and we just need
to be quiet right now, okay.
Who could've done
something like this?
Shh. I don't know.
I don't know.
Hey, hey...
Hey, you look familiar to me.
Yesterday was my
first flight. So...
You hungry?
-You got any news, sheriff?
-No sign of 'em.
If they're out there
and not too badly hurt
we should have
at least three days.
Three days?
No, no, no, no.
We can't, we don't have
three days, s-she's pregnant.
We're doing the best
that we can.
Oh, oh, hey, Dillon.
I-i thought I might
run into you out here.
Who are you?
You with the sheriff's
Oh, no, I'm a friend
of Chelsea's, frank sharp.
I run her web page.
What the hell are you
doing out here by yourself?
Well, I'm-I'm here
to find Chelsea, just like you.
You wanna come out here
where I can see you?
How did you get out?
What happened?
What are you doing there?
What happened?
Where have you been?
Oh, here.
Here, let me help you.
Where did you find the key?
Come on. Up, up.
After you went to sleep,
i went back to my bedding
and I found it was just
lying there on the floor.
Isn't it lucky?
Why would someone
just leave it there?
Who knows?
Oh, you thirsty? I found
some water in the kitchen.
Where did you go?
Oh, I went to look around
the house. It's empty.
I couldn't find
any phones either.
-Did you go outside at all?
There's nothing
but trees and bushes.
Alright, we need to go
get help.
No, we need to go now
before he comes back.
-Whoever put us here.
You can't go outside.
What if he's out there?
-You don't know.
-I don't care.
Sit down.
Can't you see you're hurt?
I mean, what are you gonna do?
Hobble around in the dark?
-I need to get to a doctor.
-Well, okay.
I need to get to a doctor.
Okay. Okay.
It's gonna be okay.
That's an old one.
I used to be a fan.
Well, see,
i told you we'd be fine.
Don't move,
I'll be right back.
Wait, wait, wait.
Be careful, okay?
-They found us.
-What are you...
-Who, the cops?
-No, the neighbor.
He saw me walking
around the woods
and he came to see
if we're alright.
I told him about our situation.
He's gonna go call for help.
-Oh, my god. Oh, god.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Where are we? Did he say?
Yeah, it seems we're just
a few miles away from the crash.
-He knew about the crash?
Did he know about the others?
I'm so sorry.
He said that
they're all dead.
Oh, Jesus.
He didn't have a phone
or anything?
Oh, my god, I...
I was so excited
i didn't even ask. I'll...
Wait, where are you going?
I'm just gonna go see
if I can catch up to him.
That's okay.
Just, just stay with me.
I'll be right back, I promise.
Okay, be safe.
I will.
I'm sorry, he got away.
Are you hungry?
I found this in the kitchen.
Uh, how's your leg?
-Not good.
-Let me see.
Okay. Well, okay...
Can you see it?
Yeah. Oh, you're gonna
need some stitches.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Oh, no thanks, I'm fine.
Come on. Have half.
No, no, I ate something
I still, I just don't understand
how we got here.
Well, that doesn't matter
anymore, does it?
I mean, all that matters
is that we survived
and we have a new
chance at life.
Maybe you can use this
to relaunch your career.
It's the last thing
on my mind.
I just want a hot shower.
Oh, there's a bathroom here.
Do you want,
maybe I can carry you over?
I will wait.
You should seriously
consider it though.
The shower?
No. Your music.
After this, I'm sure people
would wanna hear from you again.
Most people don't value
what they have
until they think
they may have lost it.
You said
you used to be a fan.
I don't like
the direction you've taken.
In what way?
You know, your songs,
they used to be passionate
and exciting and they, they took
you out of your problems and...
I don't know,
now they're sad.
Uh, what, are you depressed
or something?
Just how I felt
when I was writing 'em.
Yeah, but that's the problem.
Art is about uplifting people.
And no one wants to hear
about your sadness.
Most people aren't happy,
they're miserable
and they need something
to keep us going.
Your songs did that for me
but now they don't.
You can't please everyone,
No, you can. You...
I'm just gonna go downstairs
and wait for the paramedics.
Just yell
if you need something.
No, no. I'm sorry.
Was that rude?
Look, it's not your fault.
It's just the situation.
Can you stop that, Evelyn?
You're making me nervous.
My mother taught me
that you always
have to keep your things
in order.
An organized mind requires
an organized life.
You should try it sometime.
We just had a plane crash.
And we're in someone's house
in the middle of the woods.
I think it's okay.
Okay, why are you so cynical?
All you've done
since I've met you is whine.
I just don't understand
what's taking so long.
-Be patient.
-We've been waiting all night.
We waited all, that's it.
They should have been here
hours ago.
I'm leaving. Ah.
Are you gonna help me
or not?
-No, sit down.
-Let's go. Come on.
No, sit back down!
-Did you do this?
No, it's not like that.
It's not what you think. I...
I, I saved your life.
So you, you chained me up?
I was afraid that you'd
wander off and hurt your leg
while I was asleep so...
You've been lying to me?
I didn't, I wanted to tell you
but i-i-i panicked.
Are the paramedics coming?
Please, just give me
a chance to explain.
Yes, please explain.
You remember how you said...
That you thought
i looked familiar?
I'm your spiritual twin,
I'm your soulmate.
What is going on?
Don't you recognize me?
I'm angel twin '91.
We grew up together
in Mooresville.
We used to be best friends.
The problem is they put
a chip in your head
to erase me from your memory.
I used to have one too
but my mother removed it.
Why would they wanna
erase you from my memory?
'Cause I wanna
save you from them.
Who are you saving me from?
From them.
From, from your boyfriend,
your manager, your parents.
They, all of them.
They are in it together.
They wanna keep you
all for themselves
but I won't let them.
I'm not gonna lose you.
Did you crash the plane?
I didn't mean for you
to get hurt.
But the storm,
it made everything harder.
Just give me a chance. I, I,
you'll see it's for the best.
-Yeah. Okay, it's okay.
-It's all okay, okay?
So listen, so now
it's time to take me home.
So let's get me to a doctor,
come on.
-Yeah, you can.
-No, I can't.
Yeah, you can.
Let's help me.
-I can't!
-Let's help me get to a doctor.
I can't! Can't you see,
i did all of this for you?
Thank you. Thank you.
It's-it's just...
This is not what I want
so please take me home.
Stop! Stop whining!
You're gonna do what I say
and you're gonna like it
because there is no one
coming here to save you.
Do you hear me?
It's just you and me now.
So you better be nice
because if I leave
or if anything happens to me
you and that baby starve.
We got a call from a man who
lives a few miles from here.
He says he saw the girls.
-Heading out to investigate.
I'll be right there.
-That's me.
-I'm sheriff Cooper.
-Yeah, I figured as much.
What with the uniform
and all.
You must be that girl's husband.
I saw you on TV.
-I'm Walter.
-Thanks for your help.
So, uh, we came here to look at
the footage you told me about.
-Yeah, I got it right inside.
-Yeah. Right.
-Just give me a second.
Here it is. Here it is.
Here it is. I found it.
There. See that?
Look here.
Well, I don't really
see anything, you?
I see somethin' movin'
behind that tree.
-What did you see?
You see, you see two women?
You see people?
Hell, yeah, it was kinda...
Yeah, I saw people.
That's where they are.
They're right there.
Do you, do you know
where they went?
Yeah, that house
on the other side of the bayou.
Stay behind me.
Stay behind me.
Sheriff's office!
We're coming in!
I gotta get that leak fixed.
Are you sure?
Hang on. One more.
I'm full.
Just two more scoops.
And one more.
There we go. Good job.
Now, drink some tea
with honey.
You know, mother always said
there's isn't anything
that can't be made better
with a little bit of honey.
Can I ask you something?
How did you do it?
How did you get the plane
out of the sky
and get me here?
This isn't just some
spur-of-the-moment thing.
I was planning this
for a long time.
Well, t-tell me how you did it?
Well, I listened
for the nearest Vor beacon.
Got the prevailing wind
and then downwind leg
I fly parallel to the field.
Fed in the flaps,
and in the final
you slow to just barely
controllable VOS
which gets a bit squishy
but we made it.
And you stay in ground speed
as long as possible
rear wheels down, you know.
How did you know
how to do all that?
I was in the air force ROTC.
I wrote you all of this.
I became a pilot, you remember.
I mean the hard part
was figuring out
how much rohypnol
to give everybody
because of the weight
and everything.
It was a bit tricky.
Why did you have to kill them?
I couldn't leave
any evidence behind.
In five days' time
when everyone thinks
you've been eaten by animals
you'll come back from the dead
and announce
your triumphant return.
And it will all make sense.
And then we'll drop
your new album
and you'll be selling out
all across the world
like before.
What new record?
The one we're gonna
make together.
Oh, right.
Well, I have, I have
a little surprise for you.
What the hell...
-Sheriff. Sheriff?
-No questions.
No questions. Let me through.
What's going on here?
What are all these people
doing out there?
It's been three days now
since Chelsea's disappearance
and if there's anyone
out there who knows...
Is she dead? Sheriff,
is there any evidence?
...for any information that can
lead to finding Chelsea.
Thank you.
You gotta be shittin' me.
What do you expect me to do,
sit around
and wait for you
to find her corpse?
I expect you to let me
do my job like I asked you.
Now, I'm gonna have deputies
answering phone calls
from wackos all day
and still looking for Chelsea.
I did what I had to do
to help.
You talk to press again
and I'll have you locked up
for obstruction of justice.
You understand me?
Do you understand me?
You wanna hold it?
What do you think?
It's you.
Yeah. I see.
I made it from scratch.
I knew you'd appreciate it.
By the way you write
your songs, I can tell that
you're an analytical person
like me.
Someone who pays attention
to details as much as I do.
How long did it take you
to make it?
Not very long.
You wanna learn
how to make one?
I have all the materials
right here.
Well, I have to check
my calendar.
Oh, I've always liked
your sense of humor.
Okay, so the first part
is drawing
all your lines on the cloth.
But I already did that part.
So now all we have to do
is cut the cloth
following along the lines.
It's important not to open
and close the scissors
when you cut or you make
these little jagged edges.
It's better to use it
like a cutter.
Just slice it through
in one smooth motion.
I'll show you, like this.
-Well, I don't have to---do it.
Be careful, those scissors
are sharp.
No, the cloth is too loose.
Hold it tighter.
-Tighter, I said.
No! No! No! Not like that.
You ruined it.
You ruined the whole thing.
Here, try it again.
No. No, no, no.
Are you doing this on purpose?
-This is ridiculous.
-Try it again!
Happy now?
Not yet.
But I will be.
We really gonna have
to take care of that.
What did you give me?
Just a little somethin'
to help you sleep.
Why, why am I chained?
Why, I have to take care
of that cut
you have in your leg
before it gets infected.
Evelyn. Evelyn. Evelyn.
-No. Listen, listen...
It's okay.
I'm gonna be okay--
this is gonna hurt.
Shh. Shh.
I couldn't sleep
all night wondering
why the hell you're
so damn unhappy.
I wait on you day and night.
I save you from your captors.
And all you do is think of ways
of going back to them.
Be quiet while I'm speaking.
And then it suddenly
dawned at me.
I used to be the same.
I remember when mother
took me away from dad's house
living in the car
bathing in the gas station
sink in winter
begging her to take us back.
But she insisted that
that's the way things had to be.
Hold on, hold on.
Don't pass out.
I'm so angry at her.
But now that I'm older
i realize
that all those things she did
would make me stronger.
Just one more second.
I got it.
I'm gonna make you
strong again, Chelsea.
I promise.
How do you like your eggs?
I don't care.
Over easy, scrambled
or sunny side up?
I don't care.
Okay, scrambled it is then.
Is everything okay?
You know, I think
i prefer them over easy.
Just a second ago
you said you didn't care.
I know. I changed my mind.
I'm sorry.
If you don't like eggs
i can make you something else.
Just tell me what you want
so I can get organized.
This isn't some fancy restaurant
like the ones
you're used to, you know.
You can't just be throwing away
your food for nothing.
By the way, how's your leg?
It's good. I-i-i think
it's, uh, I think it's better.
Eat up now.
Wait, not so fast.
We have to say grace
before we eat.
Dear, lord, thank you
for the unborn baby chickens
who were savagely taken
from their mothers
so that we may
enjoy this meal together.
May we live in a way that makes
us worthy of their sacrifice.
And may their undeveloped
flesh and organs
fill us with strength,
health and creativity
curing our sinful minds
so full of sorrow and hate.
Never heard that one before.
Oh, I'm like my mother
in that sense.
I like to do things
my own way. Mm.
So, um...
You don't have to be
in the air force right now?
Oh, I had a little
medical issue
but I'm fine now.
That's good.
-Thank you.
I have a question.
What do you expect
from this?
What do you mean?
I mean, from...
From my time here.
What am I doing here?
Oh, I told you the other day.
All I want
is to make you happy again.
-I am happy.
-No, you're not.
You used to be a star.
Everyone loved you.
I'm gonna
get that back for you.
-I see.
Why here?
Why, why like this?
Well, I mean,
what else could I do?
If I would've walked up to you
on the street and said
"i wanna rescue your career."
Would you have taken me
Well, that doesn't matter now
though, right?
And you have my attention.
And we could go record
the album in my studio.
I can see the doctor
and-and we'd be
more comfortable at my place.
No, they would take you away
like they took mother
and then I'd be alone again.
-Who would take me?
All the leeches
that live off your blood.
If I let you go then
I'll never see you again.
I would not let that happen.
You can't stop it.
They're too powerful.
We are safer here.
Evelyn, you know
they'll find us here, right?
They'll figure it out
and they'll find us.
Not alive, they won't.
That's strange.
No one has that number.
Hello? Who is this?
They hung up.
It must be a wrong number.
Mm. Must be.
So can I get you more eggs?
Um, you know,
maybe just some water.
Just learnin'
how to work this thing.
Gosh. I think I didn't
quite get it.
Well, next time
you need anything
just call for me, okay?
There you go.
-Thanks, Evelyn.
-You're welcome.
Cell phone was a burner.
What's that?
Prepaid device.
Can be bought with cash money.
There's no way of knowing who
that number actually belongs to.
We asked for
the cell tower information.
We should have that soon.
What's soon, sheriff?
A day. Maybe two.
Still that's only gonna
give us the general area
the call was probably made from.
We're doin' the best
that we can.
Angel twin '91.
The-the person
that we're lookin' for
her name is angel twin '91.
She's one of Chelsea's most
active posters on her website.
Well, the day that Chelsea went
missing, she stopped posting.
On December 19, she posted that
she purchased a bunch of stuff
from Chelsea's website.
So if I could get access
to Chelsea's website
and then look
at the purchase history
maybe I, I can find
her real name and an address.
Okay. What do we do?
I need Chelsea's password.
I don't have her password.
Well, I've tried all
the typical stuff, you know.
Uh, names of pets, parents,
the street she grew up on
your name, your parents...
Uh, if-if there's something
that's not public,
maybe there's
there's something just between
the two of you that...
That only you would know.
Okay, frank,
let me think on it.
Alright, well,
I'm gonna keep, keep trying.
Well, if you think of anything,
you give me a call.
Hey, thank you.
Oh, yeah. Cool.
Evelyn, what's going on?
Well, it's the middle
of the night.
I told you earlier,
it's your choreography.
I found one of your old videos
i set it on a loop
so you can study it.
This was my favorite song.
Isn't it great?
I'll stop by later
and we can try it out.
No, that's not necessary.
Don't worry, you can do it.
What began
as a rescue operation
has now become
a recovery effort.
As authorities fear the worst
regarding missing musician
Chelsea angel
and flight attendant,
Evelyn king.
After their plane
crashed tragically
and under suspicious
four days ago with no clue
to the women's whereabouts.
Response agencies have
turned to dragging nearby
lakes and waterways in hopes
of uncovering any evidence
even bodies that might tell
the story of their fate.
Dillon? Hey.
What if the flight attendant
is the one that actually
took Chelsea?
Well, I guess it's
a possibility, um...
Yeah, well, uh,
let me do a, a search
and i-I'll see if I can find
anything at all.
I'll-I'll call you back.
Alright, let me know.
Evelyn, I got this.
I remember it.
Can you hear me?
Go to hell!
-Dillon, it's frank.
Look, I found her address.
I'm gonna text it to you
and then I'll meet you there.
Okay. Okay, I'll be right there.
Are you ready?
I am ready.
Please turn it off.
Let's see it.
-Yeah, right here.
Right here.
What are you doing?
Sit down.
Sit down! Sit down!
You're gonna show me how?
When you had your big concert
in New York in '96.
My mother and I drove
all the way there to see you.
We danced and sang in the car
all the way
to Madison square garden.
But when we got there
we could only afford
to buy one ticket so...
She bought one for me.
And she promised
that she'd wait outside
until it was finished.
And it was the happiest
night of my life.
I mean, you were amazing.
But when...
I got out that night
she was gone.
I looked everywhere for her
but... they took her away.
I never saw her again.
I'm so sorry.
I loved you, Chelsea.
When they took mother,
i was so afraid.
I was so lonely
but your songs
got me through it.
You know, they moved me from one
family to the next, to the next.
I thought I would go crazy.
But your music, I could
just listen to your songs.
I could just play them over
and over in my head...
Till I fell asleep.
I don't know. I thought,
i thought when we were reunited
that everything would be fine.
But it's not.
And now I understand.
You'll never love me
as much as you love your baby.
I found this sonogram
when I was washing your clothes.
What is it?
What is that?
It's for your baby.
Take it.
Either you take it on your own
or I shove it down
your throat.
No, Evelyn,
I'm not gonna take it.
No. No.
I tried to be nice.
Evelyn, we can raise
this baby together.
-You're lying.
No, I'm, no.
I remember the first time
i saw you.
I knew we were destined
to be together.
And the baby doesn't
change anything.
No, it won't work!
Listen, it's too late.
If the baby dies then I die
and you don't want that.
It's too late
and then, then you'll never
hear the song
that I'm writing.
What? You're writing?
Yeah. It's in my head.
Oh, when can I hear it?
Well, I need a little more time.
You have until tomorrow.
She's on the third floor.
Stop acting so suspect.
The door's locked.
How do we get in?
They have a card to get in.
I'm sorry, Dillon.
I thought they said 324.
It's alright.
The tenant looked pissed off.
Let's just do this and get out
of here as fast as possible.
I'm just gonna knock
and introduce myself
as Chelsea's husband.
See if they let us in
so we can take a look around.
Hey, nobody's home.
What are you doin'?
I'm gonna get us in.
I saw it on YouTube.
A little office over there.
You wanna check it out?
What exactly am I looking for?
You find anything?
I don't know,
some vacation photos.
Not even vacation photos.
So when can I hear something?
How about
give me till after lunch?
I'm glad I didn't have to kill
you last night, you know.
I've invested so much
into this relationship.
It really wouldn't be fair
to end it that way.
Oh, hang on.
Here, I need you
to sign this.
What is this?
Well, I thought
since we're working together
it'd only be fair
if I'm your manager.
So it's a representation
Aren't you gonna read it
Oh, no, I trust you.
Oh, just one more.
What's this one?
Oh, this one's for your baby.
We're gonna give it up
for adoption.
What? Why?
Well, because you're right.
I'm not a baby killer.
In four months, I won't...
We won't be here.
You have a great plan.
We-we should stick to the plan.
Yeah, tomorrow,
you'll have my song.
And we'll...
No, imagine people's reactions
when we reappear
and we tell the whole world
how we managed to survive
and escape from a lunatic
who held us in captivity
for a whole year?
A year?
Evelyn, now the plan works
whether it's five days
or a year.
A year is perfect.
It will give us time
to wait out your pregnancy here.
And then we can work
on the record
and we can get you
back into shape.
And the new album
will be called "kidnapped."
It'll be inspired by our time
in captivity. What do you think?
I understand the idea,
I think it'll work.
Whether we're here or not.
No, that's wishful thinking.
Children are a lot of work.
That's why you almost quit
a few days ago.
You know that.
I'm not gonna do it.
Come on, Chelsea.
Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
You wanna, you wanna
wake up every two hours
and-and breast feed a baby,
burp it, change poopie diapers?
No one wants to see
a fat, tired woman
with sagging tits singing.
You have everything, okay?
You're rich. You're free.
People love you,
this is who you are.
Why do you wanna give that up?
I won't do it.
Sign it.
Now the song.
-Sing it.
-I can't.
Sing it!
i can't, I can't do it.
-I have to, uh---shut up.
You think I don't know
what's going on here?
You think that I'm just
some stupid little fangirl
that you can just laugh at?
Well, let me tell you something
you have no idea
what I'm capable of.
No, I, listen, what are you,
what are you gonna do, kill me?
And then you'll never hear
the song that I'm writing.
And it's one of the best
I've ever written.
No, I don't believe you.
You're a liar.
-Keep going.
-I can't.
I'll rip that song right out
of your throat. Keep going.
-I need my guitar.
-What are you talking about?
I always compose with my guitar.
That's what I'm trying
to tell you that's...
I can't do it
without my guitar.
There is no guitar
so it's just too bad.
You can't make a doll
without the proper materials.
You can't do it, can you?
We are analytical people
and, and the details matter.
I can't take you with me.
That's okay, I'll tell you
exactly what I need
and you just bring it to me.
Okay, yeah.
And I'll see what I can find.
But you'd better
write a damn good song
or I'll carve that foetus
right out of your stomach.
So you're saying that you saw
a car come out of the woods
the night it crashed but you
don't know where they went?
Was there a license?
One second, please.
I'll be right back.
What's going on?
I owe you an apology.
I'm a hothead.
And I know I haven't been
of much help.
I'm not prepared
for any of this.
I'm just desperate.
Last night was really,
really rough.
And, uh, I found myself
looking through pictures
that I have taken of Chelsea
over the years.
And I came across this one
and there was this woman
lurking in the background
who looked a lot like
the flight attendant.
And I started
thinking to myself.
What if she was the one
who took Chelsea? Right?
Evelyn king,
the flight attendant?
Except she's not Evelyn king.
Look, Dillon,
i think you've been
under a lot of stress lately.
I strongly suggest you go back
to your hotel
and get some rest.
Yeah, but you gotta
listen to me.
What if this woman is not
a flight attendant?
What if this woman...
Is a stalker
who planned all of this
in order to kidnap Chelsea?
Look, Dillon, I have dedicated
every single resource I have
to finding Chelsea.
But you cannot go breaking
into houses on a hunch.
Now, if that woman decides
to press charges
both you and your friend
are going to jail.
You don't understand.
That woman is Evelyn king.
This woman is some crazy stalker
who stole her identity.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're making a huge leap here.
There could be a dozen
Evelyn kings out there.
Who are flight attendants,
that live in Louisiana?
I'll look into it.
I stole this from Evelyn king's
night stand in her apartment.
Please, run this
through your database.
If this woman comes up
as Evelyn king
we're gonna have our answer.
Because she...
Is clearly not her.
Please, please.
I'm gonna go get your guitar.
Do you need to use
the bathroom before I go?
I'm fine.
I'll see you soon.
I forgot my wallet!
-What are you doing?
My calf is Charley horsing
so I'm stretching.
-Do you need help?
-No, no, it's fine.
This will, this will do it.
Thank you.
-Are you sure?
Okay. See you in a bit.
-Can I borrow your pen?
-Yeah, sure.
-Congratulations, guys.
-Thank you so much.
Hey, blue.
Hello, Dillon. Any news?
Try blueberry.
Hold on.
It worked. I'm in.
Alright, uh, let me look around
and I'll call you back.
Yeah. Hi. Hello.
Uh, yeah, um, I,
i ordered some stuff
uh, from you
and it hasn't arrived yet.
And I, um,
i just wanted to call
and make sure that you,
you have the right address.
And the address?
Yes, that's the correct address.
Here's your guitar!
Dillon, it's frank.
I just texted you an address.
I think the kidnapper's
real name is Monica Gordo.
I'm on my way there now
to make sure it's her this time.
Call me back.
I tried to make this work,
i really did.
But it seems
that no matter what I do
you still won't understand.
Before mother and I ran away
I got into a fight
with a girl at school.
She threw a rock at me.
I don't even know why.
And when mother came
to pick me up...
Blood was pouring
out of my mouth.
So she took me home.
And she grabbed a pair
of pliers like this one.
And she pulled out
my tooth in the bathtub.
I screamed.
I begged her not to do it.
I-i told her
I'd be a good girl.
But she told me
that she had to do it
because it had a chip in it.
I didn't wanna
have to do this.
I know it's really
gonna hurt.
But trust me,
this is the only way.
We're gonna
have to remove your chip.
So just open your mouth.
It's gonna be okay.
There's no,
there's no microchip.
Your tooth must've chipped
from the rock.
There's no microchip.
Don't pull out my tooth.
No. Please don't
pull out my tooth.
-There's no microchip.
-Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
There, there.
No one took your mother.
She abandoned you because
she couldn't take care of you.
That's not true!
That's not true.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Sing the song!
Sing it!
If I give you my song
you'll just kill me.
That's not true.
You're already dead.
The song will just determine
if it's fast and easy
or long and painful.
Sing it!
Sing it!
Sing it.
Anybody home?
If you make even
so much as one noise
I will shoot
whoever is out there.
And I will come back
and I will shoot you.
I'm coming.
Anybody home?
-Can I help you?
-Oh, good morning, ma'am.
Well, I'm with
the Louisiana department
of, of environmental
protection, Ldep.
We're looking at houses
in the area for asbestos.
You mind if I come inside?
Oh, I am in a bit
of a hurry right now.
I needed to run some errands
in the city.
Maybe you can come back
some other time?
It won't take long.
Yeah, I just, I really
don't feel comfortable
with people looking
at my things.
Besides the place is a mess.
At least if you give me
some time to clean up?
I don't mind the mess.
I'm sorry. Really, I, i
just don't feel comfortable.
Well, I have a city warrant
in the car.
Maybe we could call the police
and have them settle it.
No, it's fine.
There's no need for that.
Come on in.
So you live out here
by yourself?
Uh, yep. Just me.
So, uh, how long you lived here?
Oh, just a couple of months.
I'm remodeling it.
Now, you know what year
the house was constructed?
Oh, I have no idea.
Have you experienced
shortness of breath or coughing?
Not really.
I'm sorry, I really--
uh, do you mind if I just
take a look around
and take some pictures?
Go ahead.
What happened?
Oh, like I said,
I'm fixing up the place.
Oh, when I was drivin' in
I noticed there was a-a shed
down the way.
-Uh, can I go look at the shed?
-It's just a shed.
I, I don't think there's
any asbestos in there--
oh, no, all the buildings
on the property
must be inspected.
Can you open the shed,
All clear.
Alright, I hope I didn't
inconvenience you too much.
Oh, no.
Just need to do a quick
visual around the property
and then I'll be done.
-Have a good day.
You too.
-Dillon, I found her.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I-I-I took
a look around
the house and, uh,
she's here somewhere.
Frank, don't do anything.
Wait for us.
I'm gonna get the sheriff,
we're on our way.
Okay, I'm-I'm gonna
hang out here
to make sure
they don't go anywhere.
Be careful.
Where are you?
We have to go.
Stay in the goddamn car!
Tracy, you keep him here.
Sheriff's office!
We're entering the house?
CHELS... Shelly!
She's in the shed.
I love you. I've missed you
guys, I truly...
I can't tell you
how happy I am to be here.
Um, I think, you...
Probably know that I wasn't
writing songs for a little while
and recently,
i found the inspiration
to finish one
that I had started.
So, uh,
this is a new one.
I'd like to dedicate it
to three men in my life.
To ash, my manager
who was like a brother to me.
To frank sharp
a true friend...
Uh, who left us too soon
and to the love of my life
my husband, the father of my
beautiful baby girl, to Dillon.
Alright. This is called
"mountain lions."