The Forbidden Girl (2013) Movie Script

Every sixty-six moon cycles...
The bridge
to eternity opens.
For evil,
This is the day of Lazarus.
If an evil being mates
under a darkened sun
In true love,
with the returning light...
They are given
the sixty-six moons of life.
You have been chosen.
You have the sign.
You must stop
this satanic cycle.
Evil will tempt you.
Be prepared to kill it.
All love is forbidden from now
until the day you die.
Repeat after me.
All love is forbidden from now
Until the day I die.
All love is forbidden from now
until the day I die.
Killing evil is doing good!
Killing evil is doing good!
Killing evil is doing good!
Killing evil is doing good!
"Wanna see you before sunrise. "
I wanna show you
something you'll never forget.
Follow the signs.
Your forbidden girl. " |
"Cowards miss out
on life and on love. "
Hello, hello, hello.
How many times I told you
not to hang around
With strangers in dark places?
Uh... Katie...
Huah! |
You shit your pants! |
Has your daddy been telling you
Spooky witch-in-the-graveyard
stories again?
Yeah, but he cuffed me
to my bed.
Oh, shut up.
I know, he's, like,
way intense
Into the whole, like,
preacher shit.
And he now thinks, check this...
My stupid birthmark,
It's a sign from God.
Or maybe it was the devil.
Wah! |
So... forbidden girl...
What did you have to show me
before sunrise?
No! No!
Toby, help me! |
So, what do we got here?
This kid, Toby,
wants to lose his cherry
In the woods
with the new girlfriend.
First name, "Katie. "
No last name.
That's a big help.
But the boy's born-again daddy
Wants to preserve him
as some sort of a-
a fundamentalist monk.
So he douses young Kate
with gasoline,
He wants to burn her
like a witch.
Someone else enters the story,
let's call him, "Uncle Mackie. "
Now, Uncle Mackie comes in
and he catches the two
going at it,
Kid's father
cheering in the stands.
Mackie whips out
a switchblade knife,
Slashes Bible-thumping
Daddy's throat.
Now, the boy
describes Uncle Mackie
As some sort of a-a-
a wolf-monster.
That's got to be
good enough for me.
But Mackie's
carried off the girl.
There's lots of kickin'
and screamin',
And we can look for 'em,
but judging from all this,
We're just as likely
to find young Katie
in a dumpster somewhere.
Whatever happened,
We don't have any evidence
against the boy.
Oh, man.
And I saw
those courthouse documents
That says he is
a danger to himself
and other people, Doctor.
So we can't lock him up. |
But you college grads can.
And besides, he's a goddamned
basket case anyway.
He's been
going around the neighborhood.
He's, he's grabbin'
random girls
Asking them for forgiveness.
- For forgiveness!
- Mmm.
He got the mayor's daughter
Mayor comes up to me,
Says he wants to see
some action.
Something about a graveyard
at night, huh?
Makes ya horny.
McClift, let's go.
Time to wake up.
Crime scene, you can't be here.
- Hey... let a...
- Hey, let's go.
Hey... let a college grad
take care of this, okay?
All right.
It's okay.
It's okay, huh?
Toby, help!
You must deny love!
I forbid it you.
No! Toby, help me!
No! No!
Get him off me. |
- Stop fighting.
- Okay.
- You got it?
- Yeah, I got it.
Okay, okay. |
All right.
He's completely gone.
He didn't even
get his dick wet.
Oh, come on!
McClift! |
You see any monsters here, Toby?
Come on.
No, they're...
Formless outlines.
One has to approach things
soberly and rationally, right?
And your visions?
At the time, my mind couldn't
process what happened so...
- But that's past now.
- How 'bout the girl?
I love you...
With all my heart.
Like the police report said,
she was, um...
No! No, help me!
You really understood.
Calm observations,
cool analysis,
Rational decisions.
That's how you get rid of
the ghost from your past.
You can go now.
I hope I never see you again.
It's a, it's a dumb
doctor joke.
Yeah, but I'm sure your therapy
was a total success.
As of now,
You're discharged, Mr. McClift.
- You can't do that.
- But...
He doesn't even have a family.
Look, from now on,
these here are your new family.
You take these every day,
Toby, 'till the day you die.
How many, Foster?
Uh... |
Two max.
Any more than that
would be a very strong...
Sedative... I know.
So, if you're feeling
overwhelmed or confused,
You just take your meds.
Things will be clearer.
What do I... What do I...
Toby, look for a job.
You're still young.
That's not so easy, Doctor.
- Who is going to...
- Give a job to a loony?
Toby, the world is-
is full of opportunity,
You-you just gotta-
you gotta grab...
"Looking for tutor.
Room and board included. "
Pays well.
Single applicants
given priority.
"Must meet
the highest standards!"
There you go.
You see?
You tutored some of
the younger patients here,
didn't you?
You even got some of
the hopeless cases
To pass their exams.
Look, I'm going to write you
a great letter
of recommendation.
You'll see.
Is anyone here?
You're okay?
Is anyone here?
This ain't happening.
The... the job.
The, tu-tutor po... |
Tutor position...
My mistress isn't feeling well.
She shouldn't be disturbed.
Down, please.
I love you...
With all my heart.
Toby McClift.
Today is the day of my birth.
Today is the beginning
of our everlasting love.
We are destined for each other.
It's my birthday,
and I wanna kiss, stupid.
- Oh.
- Mmm.
Son, keep my words within you!
Your courage must destroy
the evil seductress.
Dad, are you nuts?!
Leave her alone.
Dad, please, don't.
Put it out.
I love her.
You are not destined
for earthly love,
You are chosen
as a vessel of God.
Love and lust
are the forbidden fruits
of witchery.
You will be her slave
for eternity.
You must deny love!
I forbid it you.
Hey, you can't forbid love.
Do you hear me?
I wish you were dead.
You can't forbid love!
Toby, help me!
No, no!
No, Toby!
Toby, help me!
Help me... ! |
It's okay.
I'm the new tutor.
Yeah, I'm the teacher.
Welcome to Wallace Mansion.
There's to be no sunlight
in the house
Under any circumstances.
Laura's skin is very sensitive.
The smallest bit of sunlight
could burn her entire body.
Have I made myself clear?
That means she can't
leave the house?
Protecting her
is the most important thing.
Coming or going
without my permission...
Over my dead body. |
There you go.
An old family recipe.
So, um,
You, Lady Wallace, the girl...
Who else?
Just the three of us.
And now you.
I just saw a guy in the yard.
Do I get locked in?
You have to
take care of yourself.
Here's a choice.
When the wind whistles...
When the floor creaks...
When you see ghosts...
What a freak.
It's you.
I love you...
With all my heart.
You don't need that anymore.
Now, you've got me.
Katie? |
Twisted freaks.
Many years ago, this was
the grandest pool around.
But time is unforgiving.
What was
in full bloom yesterday...
Today has withered away.
How is the Lady?
Much better.
Her heart is young and strong.
Her body
just forgets that sometimes.
What's in the tower?
Is that the classroom?
That's the room for the book.
Lady Wallace has read
every one of humanity's
great publications
And has found there is
really only one
that is truly important,
And that is the book
in that room.
So, that's why this place
is like a fortress.
I thought maybe
it was because...
The girl.
It is because of the girl.
So, how long has the student
been here?
And what's her story?
Some coward deserted her
in her hour of need.
She was completely traumatized
when she came to us.
Whatever happened,
we'll never know.
She must have gone
through hell.
The only thing we know
is that since then,
She hasn't been able
to stand daylight.
It burns her skin.
What are you doing?
I was gonna ask for a key
for the book ro...
The library.
So I can prepare a class.
The room is forbidden
to all of us.
Only Lady Wallace has access.
In your own room,
You find all the material
you need to play the teacher.
What's your name?
I'm Laura.
Are you the new tutor?
My name is Toby...
Are you nice looking
in real light, too?
Real light?
In sunlight.
Do you look different
in real light?
I don't think so.
Then you really are handsome.
You are so young.
I'm pretty old now.
A grown-up, really.
But I will be soon.
Right after the eclipse.
You'll teach me everything
about being a grown-up,
Won't you?
People say that, don't they?
Like music and clothes and...
I want to know everything. |
Mr. McClift.
What are you doing?
D- don't you know me?
It's me.
You-you gave it to me
the night we kissed.
I hate to disappoint you,
it's not me.
I'd like to
start the lesson now,
or you should go.
No, listen... just... ! |
We're going to get out of here,
I don't have to do anything.
Let go of me!
Mortimer! |
Toby McClift said...
That I am the most beautiful
girl he's ever seen.
Follow the signs...
Follow the signs...
Toby, don't leave me alone...
Don't leave me alone...
don't leave me alone.
I need your help...
I need your help...
I don't like the way
you look at her.
You're here as a teacher,
don't forget that.
She's forbidden.
Ah! |
The most important book
in the world.
Hippie porn.
No sunlight in this house!
Do you now understand
what happens
When light touches Laura?
Exactly this.
You broke into
the forbidden room.
I'm allowed to kill you.
Can I just say how happy I am
that you're feeling better.
I do not think
it is clear to you
What you have damaged here,
Mr. McClift.
I can replace the book.
There's got to be one somewhere,
and I will find it.
On the first day...
Someone breaks
the most sacred rules
in our house.
How am I to entrust
someone like you
With a treasure greater to me
than all my worldly possessions?
With someone who is
as important to me
As my own life?
How am I to entrust
my Laura to you?
I know it looks bad, okay?
But... I was just walking past
and I saw the door was open.
And I saw the light and...
and I panicked
Because it's a rule,
because... I was...
I remembered the rule.
And I saw the fire.
And then I rushed in.
I was... trying to help.
Look, I don't know who...
Maybe the guy from the yard.
The guy from the yard?
There is no guy from the yard.
This coward is an intruder
but he won't admit it.
I'm not lying.
I swear that there was a man.
He couldn't speak.
He looked...
A little crazy.
Um, if he was in the yard,
he could be in this house.
He'd be here right now.
I should go check on the girl.
- You're not going anywhere.
- An intruder would be fatal...
So shortly before.
I must be sure the house
is safe and that Laura is safe.
Laura is safe.
Mmm, Mortimer.
A mute man was on the grounds,
the book is burned,
The window is broken,
And there was sunlight
in the house.
I just don't know who you are.
How should I trust someone
I cannot see?
My hands see more
than my eyes ever could.
That's enough!
That's it.
All right, indeed.
You get your chance.
I like what I have seen.
I can't allow it.
He can stay.
You better go.
Learn more about the intruder.
Oh, um, if you need a hand
with the window,
Let me know anytime.
You know...
Back home we tell a story
about Father Courage
And his three sons.
The first son showed courage
only for his own benefit.
The father called him a coward.
What does your father call you?
Well, if he were alive,
he'd call you a dick.
Must see you before sunrise.
Follow the signs.
Are you my new tutor?
Don't you know me... ?
I'm Laura.
What are you doing,
Mr. McClift?
I hate to disappoint you.
It's not me.
I'd like to
start the lesson now,
or you should go.
We're gonna get out of here.
I don't have to do anything.
Let go of me!
She's forbidden!
We really were a couple, right?
You remembered.
- It wa...
- In the graveyard.
We've got to get out of here.
I can unlock the doors.
I know the way.
Trust me.
I wanna kiss, stupid.
What are you having?
With pleasure.
Stop, I'll shoot.
You... are not ready to kill.
When you meet evil
You have to be ready
to kill it.
How often have I told you...
You are forbidden to love.
Affection, devotion,
Everything feminine
is forbidden you.
True love is forbidden.
Help me, Toby.
I had a dream.
I cannot have you dreaming.
You betray me when you dream.
The dream gave me strength.
It's coming back.
And I'm not ready to die.
You will not die as long as you
don't betray me.
Don't forget who I am.
What I am.
- I cannot...
- You cannot?
You watch me take one step
closer to death every day.
That, you can do.
You watch the dawn each day
Rips out another part
of my soul.
That, you can do.
You watch me fade
across countless nights
That we spend together.
All that, you can do.
But you cannot,
Not for the single stroke
of a human heart,
Forget who you are.
Maybe you can tell me
who you are,
If I don't know it anymore.
You look at him
Like you used to look at me.
The same gaze.
My gaze.
He has it...
stronger than I have
ever felt before.
You have to let me love,
Or you will lose me forever.
Not love.
Don't you understand?
Not love!
Then kill me here and now.
Break the eternal oath.
Kill me.
Just for a single moment,
let me love.
Trust me...
Trust me.
Forget it!
What are you doing?
I asked you something.
I was, uh...
Looking for insects.
For Laura.
For Laura?
Down there, without a shirt on?
- I thought it'd be
a good idea...
- You tried to sneak off.
The second son of Courage
Was only courageous himself
in the way that he... lied.
His father also called him
a coward.
What did your father call you?
If I wanted to go,
I would just use the gate.
It's locked.
You're staying.
Unfortunately, Lady Wallace
Doesn't have the strength
to find another one like you.
You will fulfill
your assignment.
I go when and where I want.
You don't scare me.
Oh, yeah?
But you must be scared
or you wouldn't
fence yourself in like this.
Stay away from the trench.
An unfortunate accident
can easily happen.
Don't leave your stuff
lying around.
Put that away.
You don't need that anymore.
Now you've got me.
See any monsters here, Toby?
One has to approach things
soberly and rationally, right?
Evil will tempt you.
Be prepared to kill it.
It is in perfect conjunction.
Almost perfect.
Unusually strong.
It could last a long time.
A small eternity, even.
Jealousy takes up
a lot of time.
I just want what's best.
Now, let's take a look
at this one.
The, um, the female
of this species
is extremely dominant.
Um, the males are smaller
And also a lot weaker.
You see those front legs?
She uses them
for catching prey.
And you see these little claws?
She uses them
to grab onto her prey with.
She's only small
but she's a real predator.
She doesn't move.
I mean, the prey
can just walk away,
doesn't even have to run.
Oh, it doesn't go away at all,
Comes to her.
It sacrifices itself...
Out of love.
Out of love?
Well, to the male,
she's irresistible.
Mm... She seduces him,
mates with him,
And in the moment of climax...
When he truly loves her.
She grabs him
and bites his head off.
They have sex,
and she eats him.
You're making
Mr. McClift nervous.
Let's dance.
Let's talk.
Just a little dance.
Sacrifice yourself out of love
for me.
Don't worry... no claws.
Can a man change his mind?
Do our minds have an influence
on our feelings?
If you can change your mind,
You can change your feelings?
I suppose...
What are you... ?
In two days, it's my birthday.
And I wanna kiss, stupid.
I'd like to share it
with someone like you.
Someone who really likes me
for who I am.
Who's prettier?
The girl you're looking for...
Or me?
You look so similar.
So, undecided.
That's a start.
No, no, you look
exactly the same.
Touch me.
Hey... ah.
- Touch me.
- Hey... What are you do...
Does Mortimer make you do this?
Forget about the other girl.
I want you to truly love me,
What the hell
did they do to you?
I am Laura!
- Where's Laura?
- On her swing.
May I help you?
I... I didn't see you.
You look...
You old... |
Sorry, a young flirt.
Don't play
with a more experienced woman
like that.
You never know what you might
be getting yourself into.
How wonderful to see
that I can still unsettle men.
It's silly, but it feels
so delightfully youthful.
Please forgive me.
Are you still taking
your medication?
I... excuse me?
I had a talk with Dr. Batigce.
Your capacities as a teacher
were highly praised.
Your medical history however...
Are you taking your medication?
Can I explain?
You don't have to
explain yourself, Tobias.
I don't believe in
illness of the mind.
A man's mind cannot be sick.
It's the man's soul
that determines everything.
And when a soul is in pain,
it confuses the mind.
Numbing the mind with pills
does more harm than good.
The mind is the leaf...
Not the root.
I believe someone
has robbed your soul of love.
You don't need medication
to heal it, Tobias.
You simply have to
find love again.
Maybe our little family
is the perfect place for that.
Do you believe in love, Tobias?
Open your soul.
Yes, Mortimer?
The replies have arrived.
Everyone has confirmed.
He is afraid of you.
Another unfortunate
waste of time.
He has to loosen up.
There really was someone
in the garden.
I don't know how he gets in.
I blocked all passages.
It must be one
from the old generation.
We have to be more vigilant.
With everything.
What a powerful thing.
What the fu... ?
In two days, it's my birthday.
I'd like to share it
with someone like you.
You know something about this!
What is this?!
Give me that... you touch her,
I swear...
I'll never see your face again,
Who is he?
What do you mean, "pedophile?"
He lives somewhere
across the graveyard.
He's always trying to get
into the house.
He's obsessed with Laura.
He's probably the one
who let the light in
And set fire to the book.
And only Mortimer can stop him.
Are you ready to defend Laura
with your own life?
- Where did you get this?
- Doesn't matter.
How could you let him
take this?
It was for fun.
A joke.
I was bored.
I'm always bored.
Would you like some lemonade?
It's made
by an old family recipe.
Stop. |
This pretending has to stop.
Look, I know you're scared,
so am I.
Just tell me
what's going on here.
Trust me.
You really worry about me.
How much exactly?
I'd do anything, Laura.
You called me Laura.
Finally, you've forgotten
about the other girl.
I haven't forgotten anything.
You've created this...
This person...
This world...
As a defense mechanism
'Cause of
what's happening here.
But it's okay... Katie.
I am Laura.
I've always been Laura
and will always be Laura.
More lemonade?
You look like her,
you walk like her,
You even smell like her.
And the medallion is the proof.
I'm gonna get you out of here,
- whether you like it or not.
- Oh, Katie, Katie, Katie!
There is no Katie.
There's only me.
And where is your medallion?
Show me your proof.
- Well, I lost it.
- Oh! Lost it!
I showed you before.
I don't remember.
Better get your head examined.
And have them erase your ghosts
at the same time.
- Hah.
- There is only me.
And I don't want to be saved.
I want to be loved.
I hate you.
- Wait.
- Go overdose yourself, loony.
Do I sense a little disharmony? |
She hates the idea.
You better get to your room...
Mr. Teacher.
I'm going to get you
out of here, Katie,
Whether you like it or not.
The time is fast approaching...
When sun darkens,
And evil becomes immortal.
Save yourself
And all will be saved.
What about Mortimer?
Mortimer hurts Katie.
He's gonna hurt Katie?
Laura kills...
If you really love us,
Help us to be free.
Free us today...
Say it.
I want to hear it.
For today...
Don't go...
Not now.
- I've...
- I dreamt about us.
- I've come to say...
- To say goodbye, I know.
No, to say I'm sorry.
I understand you wishing
I was another girl.
There's only one thing I want.
I wanna be with you.
I have the feeling
I've been waiting
For such a long time.
Will you trust me...
Where are you taking me?
Ah... Are we outside?
- Shh, shh.
I'm not allowed in the garden.
You're allergic to sunlight,
not moonlight.
And it's cool
to try new things, right?
And totally cool
to break the rules.
Toby, this is beautiful.
- Wait, this wasn't me.
Don't worry,
I can breathe under water.
Look what I found.
You were not lying.
She really does look like me.
Only the hair sucks. |
I wanna go with you.
But only true love is enough
for all life.
Do you...
Toby McClift...
Truly love me...
Laura Wallace?
Come on.
- Come on.
- He'll never rest.
As long as he lives
he'll find us everywhere.
Tell me, has Mortimer
ever touched you?
Countless times.
Since he took me
away from your arms...
In the graveyard.
So why were you lying to me,
I didn't know.
Can you kill him?
The third son
finally showed some courage...
But he had the wrong bullets.
You will never know
what true love is.
She will always love only me.
You're just easy prey.
Fodder without significance.
Her death is only
the beginning of our love.
Watch him die.
If you kill him, you kill me.
You love him.
I love you,
but you're ruining everything.
The kiss was real.
The kiss was real.
As real as the life
I will gain through it.
The life I wanted to share
with you.
Our oath is betrayed.
Then be the man you claim to be
and release me.
Kill me if you feel no love.
Let me forget.
I beg you take the pain away.
I beg you.
The eternal oath
cannot be betrayed.
Its price is pain.
Is immortality.
I am unworthy.
Even if I am no longer...
You will always be with me.
Come on.
Show me the sign.
It's in full bloom.
Did you miss me?
You have been chosen.
You have the sign.
You must stop
this satanic cycle.
Evil will tempt you.
Be prepared to kill it!
You are not yourself.
You are possessed.
Killing evil is doing good!
We are destined for each other.
Trust me, I can free you.
Killing evil is doing good!
Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
Power and the glory
for ever and ever...
So, uh...
She's got a few bruises and,
uh, she swallowed some water.
I gave her a strong painkiller.
How could you take such a risk,
He is obviously dangerous
to the public.
He almost killed us. |
Uh... I thought it's impossible
That his old psychosis
could resurface.
Did you stick to the dosage,
Old psychosis?
Someone like that
should be shot immediately.
You almost killed
a helpless girl.
Get that into your head,
you maniac.
Alright, alright.
We're going now.
Unfortunately, we can't
give you any more chances
- to prove yourself, Tobias.
- Please, just...
Yeah... we're gonna have to
commit you long-term.
I can't live without you.
I need your love.
Get inside!
She's burning!
Hey... !
I don't know who I am.
I do know that I need you.
Behold the rebirth...
Of the oldest witch...
In the world!
I'll be honest with you guys.
People hear voices around here.
66 years ago,
the son of a minister
Drowned his girlfriend
and then himself in the pool.
And at night,
you can hear him grieving.
Oh, my God.
This place is amazing.
Honey, I already have
so many decorating ideas.
I'm sure you do. |
Are those the previous owners?
These are the Wallaces.
It's an old European dynasty.
They date back
to the Middle Ages.
They look so happy.
Don't they, honey?
Yes, they do.
- Let's move on, shall we?
- Okay.