The Foreigner (2017) Movie Script

You like it?
All right.
I need to go.
My dad's here.
I'll see you tonight.
This is the dress.
Do you like it?
We've got to hurry.
Everyone's going.
There's only two left
in my size.
Come on, Dad,
let's go.
When do I meet him?
His name's Chappy.
On the football team and very... Chubby?
You'll meet when he
picks me up for the dance.
Not before?
Dad, you really need
to go faster.
Will he drive you
to the dance?
He's rented a limo.
So, he won't drive you?
Limos come
with drivers.
So, stop worrying.
It's a nice dress.
You'll be very pretty.
I want you to like it.
I'm getting out.
No, no, no.
Wait until I park.
Everyone's already inside.
Fan, careful crossing
the street!
You stupid...
Metro desk, Ian Wood.
MAN: Listen carefully.
An action wing of the Authentic
IRA has just exploded a bomb
at the OBT Bank
in Knightsbridge.
The code word is "Phoenix".
Britain's banks are now
targets for the Authentic IRA.
The bombings will continue
as long as
Britain's financial
criminal institutions
persist in their support of the
illegal occupation of Northern Ireland.
A bomb just went off,
an OBT Bank
in Knightsbridge.
A group called the "Authentic
IRA" just phoned it in.
They're claiming credit.
Who's the Authentic IRA?
No idea.
Never heard of them.
Christ. There goes the Peace
Accord right back in the shit.
Listen up. A bank has just
been bombed in Knightsbridge.
A group calling itself the
"Authentic IRA" just phoned it in.
I want to know who they are,
who's behind them.
Call the Met, Sinn
Fin, monitor the blogs.
Is it the IRA, or is it
something else? ISIS? Al-Qaeda?
What are you waiting for?
Get over there.
REPORTER:...have asked a
number of police officials
for current estimates on
the dead and injured.
FEMALE ANCHOR: This is a major
incident that they're treating
as a possible
terrorist attack.
The bomb went off at...
...exactly 4:15 GM in Knightsbridge.
One theory on the cause
of the blast,
was that it may have been a
gasoline explosion underground.
How many?
How many I get?
Twelve dead so far,
three times as many injured.
The explosion was centered
at the OBT Bank Branch
in Knightsbridge.
There was no warning, and police
were taken completely by surprise.
Fuck warnings.
That'll teach 'em.
Any problems?
We should be moving.
That's normal procedure.
Every cop, hotel,
and landlady in London
is now looking
for the Irishman.
This place is safe,
so long as we stay put.
Would I go to jail if
I murdered your phone?
Destruction of
government property?
Too bad. What's the time?
Almost 10:00.
Ten more minutes.
I'll miss my flight.
Let's stay here,
door locked, blinds down...
Room service for a week.
Sound good?
And your work,
Deputy Minister?
An acute case of
food poisoning.
You need to work
on your excuses, darling.
Jesus Christ.
There's been an IRA
bombing in London.
Scores dead and injured.
Jesus, Liam. Half the
world's trying to find you.
Do you even know
what's happened?
Yes, yes, yes, I heard.
I've been trying you for
hours. Where've you been?
And last night? You didn't
come home. I was worried.
Came in late, left early.
Lot of work to catch up on.
But the guest room
wasn't slept in.
Who said I slept?
Oh, cut the crap, Liam.
You didn't come home,
plain and simple.
And what if I didn't?
Look, I've got a lot
to deal with, okay?
So, don't wait up,
and don't be worried.
Sunday is
the 20th anniversary
of my brother's death.
Saint Mary's is dedicating
a mass to him, so...
I'll have Beth put it in the
calendar, okay? We'll talk later.
Oh, Jesus.
Yes, I understand the need
for swift action.
But until we can identify
the threat,
there's not much we can do.
Well, you have your finger
on the pulse over there, Liam.
We're depending on you.
Anything you can provide,
anything at all,
would be a tremendous help.
I'm meeting the Council now.
I'll shake the trees as hard
as I can, and see what falls.
But, Kate, this is crucial.
We've managed to keep the
lid on this for 19 years now.
But there are new upstarts
in the ranks
pressing for the way
things were.
I could use something now.
And you know
what I'm referring to.
The Royal Pardons.
I remember your list,
the 40 On-the-Runs.
Are we really back to that?
My cousin's on that list.
He hasn't even been convicted
of any paramilitary offenses.
These people are suspects
in many things,
including murder.
These people are critical to
holding the peace together now.
A few letters of pardon
would be a small gesture.
We keep it quiet.
But knowing
it's been considered
gives me leeway
to press certain men
for something in return.
As Irish Deputy Minister,
you have served the British
Government honorably,
which hasn't always
been easy,
but appeasement
is a dangerous thing.
LIAM: These are
longstanding issues.
That if addressed now,
would smack of appeasement.
I need something, Kate.
The newer members
haven't lived the bloodshed,
and are easily swayed.
I'm trying to
hold this together.
A gesture is all.
It would make a difference.
I'll consider it.
But I want something first.
Something real.
We're closed.
We open at 12:00.
Uh, we're looking for the
owner, a Mr. Quin Minh?
LEVETT: They were found
on site,
not far from
your daughter's body.
Can you positively
identify them as hers?
Who did this?
I don't know, sir.
We don't know,
but we're going to
find out.
Why my daughter?
Is there someone we can call to
come and be with you, Mr. Quan?
I have no more family.
These bombers,
will you catch them?
Will they get punished?
they certainly will.
We'll let ourselves out.
Ah, good morning, Hugh.
Thanks for coming.
Been a long time, Liam.
It's been
a long time, indeed.
Go on,
take a chair, there.
MAN: All right, Hugh?
Now, that we're all here,
does anyone know
who this Authentic IRA is?
Are they even part of
the IRA?
Some new upstarts, or
something else entirely? Hmm?
They're trying to
undermine everything
we've achieved
over the last 19 years.
Well, I won't have it.
They don't have the support of the
people who said no to the violence.
Our mandate's to uphold
that choice
and maintain the Peace
Accord, no matter what.
Are we in agreement?
There's a lot of support for their
actions amongst the younger ranks.
Hotheads who don't remember,
or know any better.
You were once one of
those hotheads, Liam.
Aye. Long ago, when it was the
only way. And what did it give us?
More graves
than I care to remember.
This bombing rivals Omagh
with its civilian deaths.
It's unacceptable,
anytime, anywhere!
And do you think the
bombers come from our ranks?
The Brits ID'd the explosive.
Czech-made Semtex
from our dumps.
also used our code word.
Which means they have a
contact in our command.
Maybe someone in this room.
They're trying to divide us,
put the Brits back
on the streets again,
stir up the troubles
all over again.
Well, I won't have it!
I want a complete check of all
the arms dumps here and abroad,
everything verified, guns,
Semtex, the whole fuckin' lot.
Jesus, you can't be serious.
Never been more so, Patty.
We check 'em,
and if something's missing,
we trace it back to those
who knew the location.
And then we deal
with this internally.
Unless someone here's got
a better idea.
What do we get
in return?
Is that so bad, Brennan?
Haven't you paid enough
in family blood?
So, unless you all want to
trash what we have,
I need your full support
and respect.
I want a complete list of all
the stocks within the week,
along with their locations,
and everyone who knows
where they are.
And no fuckin' exceptions!
Show me.
We backtracked
47 minutes.
Clearly anticipated
the CCTV.
He circled London for quite
some time prior to the bombing.
Now, this is the first
CC feed we have on him.
Heading southbound on the A413
near Wendover at 10:53 a. m.
We retrieved the serial number
from the bike's frame.
It was reported stolen
in Reading the night before.
The license plates were also
stolen from another bike in Reading.
What about phone calls?
Assuming that the bomb
was phone-activated,
we've dumped the five closest
towers to the blast zone,
trying to ID any call terminating
at the time of the incident.
Sorry. Excuse me.
For you.
He's here again, sir.
The Chinese man.
The Chinaman. It's
five days in a row, now.
Christ. Tell him I'm busy.
I did, and he said
he'd wait, again.
BROMLEY: I assure you,
this investigation is our
top priority, Mr. Quan.
And we're doing all we can and
pursuing every possible lead
to find those who killed
your daughter.
But they're a difficult people to catch.
And it may take
some time.
I need you
to understand that.
You must catch these men,
Commander Bromley.
Again, it's our
top priority.
Twenty-thousand pound.
All I have for the names
of the bombers.
I'm sorry,
but we can't take this.
Then please tell me...
Just give me the name
of someone in the IRA.
To be clear,
these are vicious men
who take pride
in their atrocities.
Any attempt by you to contact
them is likely to end very badly.
This is our work, not yours.
You need to be patient.
How long have you been
in this country, Mr. Quan?
Since 1984.
I'm a British citizen.
You were born
in Guangxi, China.
Yes. I'm Chinese Nung.
I work in Saigon
after the war.
We escaped to Singapore.
Then we immigrate here.
You had two daughters
before Fan.
Both killed
during the escape.
And your wife?
Where is she now?
giving birth to Fan.
I'm truly sorry
for your loss.
But you mustn't keep coming
here on a daily basis.
It doesn't help,
and diverts time and resources
from our investigation.
Do you understand?
Yes. I understand.
Thank you for seeing me,
Commander Bromley.
MALE ANCHOR: After three
weeks of investigations,
there's little in the way of
solid leads that I'm aware of.
The public is looking
for reassurance.
One leading politician
who somberly may have answers,
lies uncomfortably
at the center of this storm.
We go now, to an interview
I recorded earlier in Belfast
with Deputy Minister
Liam Hennessy.
Deputy Minister Hennessy, you've
publicly condemned the bombings.
Yet, as a former leader of Sinn
Fin, and a member of the IRA,
you took part in
similar events years ago.
What's the essential
difference between
those acts
you were involved in then,
and what's happened
in London recently?
We had none, just years of
vengeance. (KNOCKING ON DOOR)
We needed to break
the cycle,
so, we committed to a
political path, which led to...
ANCHOR: So, if you say "hope, "
why are these IRA men,
who come from your own ranks,
returning to the violence?
LIAM: I can say with
reasonable certainty,
that the IRA are not
behind this.
They stand firmly behind the
agreement and the promises...
LIAM: It creates a hotbed
for opportunists.
ANCHOR: So, you're saying
possibly it's a financial problem,
rather than a political one.
People look for scapegoats,
for a way out.
And for some, they are more
than happy to resort to violence,
to upset the status quo.
Prepared for your signature. They
absolutely must be signed now.
What's the latest reaction
on social media?
Same as before.
Fear and anger.
Anger directed at whom?
From the Prime Minister
on down.
CNN and The Irish Times
want interviews with you.
You can do tonight, or
tomorrow morning at 8:00.
Tomorrow morning by phone.
What else?
You've a call waitin'
on line two.
For 30 minutes, now.
A Mr. Quan from London,
very insistent.
What does he want?
His daughter was killed
in the bombing.
I tried my best
to console him,
but he really just wants
to speak to you.
He saw you on TV.
Oh, Christ, Beth.
Civic duty.
Take it and be done.
This is Liam Hennessy.
How may I help you?
What on Earth makes you think
I know who killed your daughter?
Because, you are
the First Deputy Minister
and the advisor to Sinn Fin,
and a former IRA member.
I am truly sad for your loss, Mr.
Quan. I have a daughter myself.
And I condemn these acts of
violence, but I can't help you.
Then please tell me someone who
might know the names of the bombers,
someone I can talk to.
I don't have any connections to
those sorts of people. I'm sorry.
I don't believe you,
Mr. Hennessy.
You are very powerful man.
Well, I work for the government
and our elected officials.
I do not work
for terrorists.
IRA politics and terrorism
are different ends
of the same snake.
Whichever end you grab,
you still grab a snake.
It makes a great deal of
difference which end you grab,
because one end will bite.
Again, I'm sorry for your
loss, Mr. Quan. Good day.
You have a room?
These are important documents
that we must have today.
Yes, I will keep trying
the sender,
because apparently, there's
nothing else I can do,
which I find strange, and certainly
not the service I've come to expect.
Yes, 329174-N for November.
You tell your supervisor
I'll be calling back.
Good day.
Yes? May I help you?
Please, I would like to
speak to Mr. Hennessy.
And your name?
Ngoc Minh Quan.
BETH: You're the one
who's been phoning.
QUAN: Yes.
I phoned many times.
I'm afraid the Deputy Minister is
busy, and won't be able to see you.
I will wait.
No, you must leave.
Best do as the lady says.
He's been phoning up at
all hours, asking for Liam.
He won't take no
for an answer.
Just groceries.
Go now, before we make you.
No. I'm wait.
It's the man who's been
phoning you from London.
He's got a knife on him. One
of those Swiss Army types.
Well, take it off him.
Jesus, how much damage can
he do with you two around?
Let him be.
As I explained before, I
don't know who the bombers are.
I realize you're angry, but
there's not much I can do.
It's also very dangerous
for you to be here.
People in Belfast won't take
kindly to your accusations.
If you do not know
who they are,
I would like you
to please find out.
I haven't been affiliated
with the IRA for 30 years.
When I was, I fought hard
against the violence.
I went to prison for what
I did, and paid my debt.
Now, I serve the politics
of both sides,
trying to heal the wounds
and bridge the divide.
my sincere condolences,
but there's nothing
I can do.
What if your wife and
daughter were killed by bomb?
I'd do everything
in my power to get justice.
So, I've chosen you,
Mr. Hennessy.
You will tell me
who killed my child.
Again, I don't know.
You will change your mind.
Thank you for seeing me,
First Minister Hennessy.
I'm sorry, Liam.
He took me by surprise.
You're okay, Beth.
Okay, you're okay.
Take her, take her.
Murphy, have the boys
check the building. Right.
Would you like
a whiskey, Inspector?
No, thank you.
I suppose it would be
a waste of time
asking who might've
done this.
No one comes to mind.
Well, it appears to have been
nothing more than a warning.
it wasn't a serious bomb.
If it had been, we wouldn't
be here talking, would we?
Feel free to reach out, should
you have the unexpected urge.
I'll feed the press a gas
leak story in the meantime.
Fair enough. Thanks
very much, Inspector.
It's him.
You come to my office
and plant a fucking bomb?
Have you changed your mind?
Changed my mind?
Are you out of
your fuckin' tree?
You have no idea who you're dealing
with, but you'll soon find out.
Give me the names.
I'll tell you what.
Let's meet face-to-face.
We'll settle...
The fuckin' wanker
threatened me and hung up.
Right. Let's check all the
hotels and guest houses.
He won't be hard to find.
Fuckin' Chinaman.
Uncle Liam?
What's up?
I'll be there.
Stop! Hold it, hold
it, hold it! Don't move!
Don't move!
She's wired to blow!
KAVANAGH: Two sets of wires
10-foot long.
soldered to that light bulb and
covered with ground-up match heads.
Gives an extra kick.
Not needed, but a nice touch.
Crude, effective, and easy to spot.
So, he wanted us
to see it.
Well, it wasn't in the tank,
so, it wouldn't have worked.
He just wants you to know he can
get to you. (CELL PHONE RINGING)
We found him.
A B&B in Wellington Park.
They found him.
Grab him.
Drag him out of Belfast.
Discourage him from returning.
KAVANAGH: Wait for me.
I'm on my way.
(SIGHS) Hello.
DAVIES: I hear
your office was bombed.
(LAUGHS) Hardly. It was
the toilet in the hall.
An Asian man
in his 60s with a grudge.
It's all being
taken care of.
Why'd he do it?
His child died
in the bank bombing.
He thinks I know who did it.
He's not the only one
of that mind.
So, where are we
with the pardons?
Lots of resistance.
But if you give us
something useful,
things might turn
in your favor.
I have a lead.
I'm pursuing it.
Well, let's hope it bears
fruit. People here want heads.
The dogs won't stay leashed
much longer.
Top floor,
on the right.
McMAHON: Fuckin' get him!
LIAM: Christ Almighty,
are you dumb and blind?
An old man making fools
out of the lot of you,
and he's still running around
out there, for God's sake.
You are four men. Four.
We had him cornered,
then he jumped off the roof
and slid down like
some fuckin' monkey.
MARY: What is goin' on?
Pack your bag.
You're going to the farm.
Go on.
Get your things.
You all right, Sean?
Hi, Christy.
Go on through,
he's expecting you.
LIAM: Beat you up.
Come on in and have a drink,
for God's sake.
Well, look at you.
Jesus, the place looks well.
It's not bad, is it?
No. You're a sight for sore eyes.
So, how is New York
treatin' you?
Ah. It's cold.
LIAM: Uh-huh.
Look, Murphy filled me in,
there. That bloody Chinaman.
(CHUCKLES) He set off a bomb
in my office, put one in my Jag,
and beat the bejesus
out of Mick and Jimmy.
Do you want me
to handle him?
No. That's Kavanagh's
I need your help
with the London bombing.
Any idea
who's behind it yet?
Not at all.
Well, the Yanks aren't
happy, Liam. LIAM: Mmm...
Dead women and kids
all over the news.
Any fundraising now
is impossible.
Yeah, this is not
about fundraising, Sean.
I need you to go to London
and meet someone...
A Richard Bromley in SO15.
He needs to know
the bombings aren't ours,
and that we're working
the problem hard,
but we need his help.
Why me?
You're a decorated Ranger
in the Royal Irish Regiment.
Bromley will respect you as much as
he's capable of respecting any of us.
Should anyone find out that
we're talking to the Brits,
to go after one of
our own, rogue or not,
there'll be the devil
to pay.
So, can I count
on you, Sean,
to be discreet?
Of course.
Right this way, sir.
Thank you very much.
You took your time.
I just had to put out the
odd fire here and there.
I'll be back in a minute.
I'll be right here.
Mr. Morrison.
Commander Bromley.
We're not responsible.
Forensic evidence and the use of
your code word suggests otherwise.
It's a renegade unit. We
don't know who they are yet.
You're telling me there's an
active IRA unit on the loose
you know nothing about?
Yes, I am.
BROMLEY: And the Semtex?
SEAN: They're raiding
our dumps.
Dumps that were all
given up for the Accord?
And your code word?
They're being helped by someone
in our command, Belfast or Dublin.
So, what do you want,
Mr. Morrison?
We've a plan.
Different codes will be given
to each member of command.
When the bombers claim credit
for the next attack,
you'll tell us
which word they use.
Then we'll know who gave the
orders and then we end it.
Who else is involved
in this plan?
Liam Hennessy.
So, you can appreciate
the need for discretion.
Only Liam knows who
will be given which word.
So, Hennessy will personally work
with us to take out an IRA cell?
A rogue cell.
Your people, nonetheless.
I've one condition.
When Hennessy finds the
bombers, he tells me directly.
Then we take them down.
Not you.
This is non-negotiable.
We found some
plastic bags in his room.
Based on what I saw, he's
brewed up some nitroglycerin,
mixed it with weed killer, packed
it into some plastic plumbing pipes.
How much damage
can he do?
I'm guessing
he's made four bombs,
each enough to
blow up a lorry.
Knows what he's doing. I've
half the city looking for him.
When he surfaces in Belfast,
we'll find him.
You'll be safe here.
Aye. I wouldn't count on it.
Jesus Christ!
MAN: Move it! Move it!
He roughed up Benny and
Sean. They'll be fine.
Get more men
from Belfast.
I've underestimated him.
It won't happen again.
It's another warning, Liam?
LIAM: Aye.
Nothing I can't handle.
First Belfast, now here.
How in God's name
are you handling anything?
The problem's being
dealt with.
He is destroying
our farmhouse...
Intent on God knows what, and
you're calling it a problem?
God, you can be
so pompous sometimes.
I'm leaving for London.
Gonna stay at Keri's.
I'm not sure
that's a good idea.
Well, I wasn't asking
for your permission.
He's hardly likely to know
about our daughter's flat,
and besides, it's you
he's after, not me.
Well, the point is, if he
knows about the farmhouse,
I assume he knows about Keri's
flat. It's not worth the risk.
Well, then, you're just gonna
have to handle it, like you said.
I remember a time when you
would've dealt with this, properly,
and other things, too.
But those days are gone.
Weighs a bit more,
but shouldn't be noticeable.
All I'm adding is the Semtex, a
micro-chip, and a few inches of wire.
It looks good.
Tricky part will be getting
it through the scanner,
but we'll find a way.
And if it's turned on?
Shorter battery life, but
it'll work, no problem.
Any idea which plane yet?
We don't want to hit a
flight with any Irish onboard.
One in the queen's fleet'd
be best.
We just need
the right mule.
Code word has changed
as of tonight.
My news editor's
a complete twat.
Spends as much
on a pair of shoes
as I get for eight hours
writing crap like this.
Makes perfect sense.
Who doesn't like
a new pair of sexy shoes?
You should try
a real whiskey.
Two Jamesons, single malt.
"Wife Attacks Husband's
Transgender Lover."
Some serious news
you're writing there.
Well, if it pays,
I'll write it.
Beats being knee-deep
in a bloody bomb site.
So, what do you do?
Wealth management.
I'm Maggie.
All right.
I'll call if we need more.
Thanks, Mary.
Six more men are on
their way from Belfast.
When they get here,
they'll relieve the fellas
who've been up all night.
Is it enough to
secure the farm?
Secure as it can be.
It's 20 total
working two shifts.
All right. You're flying
to London today with Mary.
Right, yeah.
That's completely unnecessary.
Get her into Keri's flat,
then move them into a hotel.
I can manage this,
all right?
I'll not be debating this!
Nick's gonna fill up
the Jag.
You're leaving...
LIAM: Take him
to the hospital.
Get Mary to the airport.
Buried nitro bomb,
detonated by remote.
He needed a line
of sight.
Those woods,
that's where he'd be.
Sean! Mick! Get in the car.
Go, go, go!
Come on. Go, go, go!
You guys spread out.
I'll take the high ground.
LIAM: Jesus Christ!
One ol' man running circles
around the lot of us.
Why is it so hard?
He's ahead of us every step
of the way. We need more men.
100 more men, at least.
And if we did that, we'd have
the whole of Belfast against us.
Bring in a tracker,
someone who knows the woods,
and beat him at his own game.
My nephew?
If you can spare him.
Come on.
How's Keri? Where is she?
You're a wee bit early,
but I'm nearly ready.
Have you a restaurant
in mind?
Haven't given it
much thought.
So, what urgencies bring my
nephew all the way to London?
A few personal matters.
I'm glad I made the list.
Mmm. I think that works.
What do you think?
You've gotta be kiddin'.
Tell Bromley
I'll accept his terms.
I'll pass it on.
I've given out the code
words. Now, we wait.
Quan hit us again.
Blew up the Jag,
put Billy in the hospital.
Kavanagh and the boys
went after him.
The wee shitey
injured three more men.
Punji sticks,
if you can believe that.
Liam, it sounds like
he's trained.
Maybe Special Forces.
Which brings me
to the point.
I need a tracker, Sean.
Can you give us a hand?
I'll take a morning flight.
Good man.
Hey. How'd he sound?
He's got a lot going on.
Well, if he doesn't find the
bombers, the Accord's dead.
And politically,
so's he.
Do you think
he'll find them?
Yeah, if there's
another blast.
The code word will lead us
to who's running them.
He's finished. The code
word won't save him.
What the Council needs
is new blood,
someone stronger like you.
He's afraid to use
his power.
He's just a washed-up
old man
trying to hold onto
whatever he can.
I've never forgiven him
for my brother, Patrick.
Liam found out
who killed him.
A UVF death squad.
Four men.
I told Liam to kill them
before they got to court.
But he said no.
That the time
for revenge is past.
So, my Patrick
is dead and buried,
and they're sitting in
jail now, all four of them,
taking classes
at the open university.
(CRYING) It's not right.
It's not.
Hugh McGrath's here.
I heard you're
checking my dumps.
We're checking everyone's.
No exceptions.
Four came up short.
Two were yours.
Ten kilos of Semtex missing.
What in God's name
are you doing?
My dumps were off-limits. We
were clear in that. Remember?
You were at the meeting.
If you knew they were short,
you should've handled it.
They were in perfect order. I
checked 'em myself, and that's a fact.
Christ, Liam, so, the
committee knows it's my Semtex?
Don't know who we can
trust anymore. Do we?
Trust, or fear?
In your case, mostly fear.
Simple and brutal,
like my dad taught me.
Look, we have an opportunity
here, Liam, if you take the lead.
This Chinaman
isn't helping matters,
but let me get some
locals to hunt him down.
How much do you know?
Bomb in your office.
Your farm. Your car.
Mary and your daughter
hiding out in a London hotel.
A bloody mess, it is.
And the men sense weakness,
as do the UVF.
You should be back
in Belfast,
out in front,
taking charge.
Look, I'm no politician...
What're you trying to say?
The bombing.
A few quiet words of encouragement
would soothe the ranks.
"Encouragement"? They kill
civilians by the buckets.
They went a bit far,
I know,
but they have given us
real momentum.
The Brits
are on the ropes.
Jesus Christ, I said hit a few
financial targets. That's it.
No one gets hurt. That's what we
agreed to. You gave me your word.
And by God, I kept it.
I don't know who they are, don't
even know who's controlling 'em.
And that's the way
it has to be.
Because if something
goes wrong,
they could trace 'em
straight back to us.
Go wrong? This wasn't
the fuckin' plan.
I needed this
to get our people back.
You and I have spent
our whole lifetime...
You don't give a shit
about those men!
You needed the bombing
to shore up the election,
to prop up your weakness
in the ranks.
Well, guess what?
In the fog o' war,
plans fuckin' change.
Now, I stood by you
when you put fire
into the lads.
M62, Aldershot, Mountbatten.
You were calling for
an escalation then,
right enough.
Those days are long gone!
That's not what I heard
a few months ago.
I heard the old Liam, a man
back on track with a plan.
You haven't forgotten what
we're fighting for, have you?
You question my loyalty?
I buried my brother-in-law, before
that, my da and my two cousins.
We spilt
our fair share of blood
struggling for
united Ireland,
not profiting off
a divided one.
So, don't fucking
go asking me again
if I've forgotten
what we're fighting for.
If there's anyone profiteering
around here, it's you,
sitting in your fancy houses,
cozying up to the Brits.
You're not the Liam
I once knew.
You want
the old me, huh?
The Butcher of the Bogside,
is that what you want?
Well then, hear this.
You reel in those
fuckin' cunts and end it,
or by God,
I'll bury the lot of yas.
Right. I'm going now.
I'll be at my farm
if you need me.
And take care of
that Committee issue.
We don't want them jumping
to the wrong conclusion
about that Semtex.
Do we?
Do you
or any of the men know
where Mary's staying
in London?
No. No one,
but Murphy.
Hmm. McGrath knows
where she's hiding.
I wanna know how.
What a day, Charlie.
What a day.
Come on now, let's go.
Come on, Charlie,
up you get.
You killed my dog.
Dog's fine.
Just sleeping.
I'm wearing a bomb.
Anyone comes in, I touch
it one, then we die.
Now, give me the names.
They claim they're the IRA, but
I don't know who they really are.
I'm doing everything I can
to find out who's responsible.
You're lying!
Who killed my daughter?
I'm sorry.
I truly don't know yet.
The explosives the
bombers use, it's Semtex-H?
Yes. Yes.
You know about Semtex?
I know Semtex-H.
During the war, Czechs
make for the Viet Cong.
Good for bombs and traps.
In Vietnam?
Many American people died
by Semtex-H.
Now, IRA use
to kill my daughter.
That's ironic.
I've read your history.
We both know about war. We've
both tried to put it behind us.
You and me, we're alike.
We are nothing alike.
You're nothing!
You kill women
and children! Names!
To Almighty God, I
don't know! (GUN COCKS)
Wait! Wait.
I've set a trap for them
when they use the next bomb.
When they claim responsibility
for the next bombing,
they'll use a code word,
telling the police they're IRA.
I've changed that code word.
So, when they use it,
I'll know.
You have one day.
What if they don't
set off a bomb by then?
Twenty-four hours.
Oh, Jesus.
Jesus, Sweet Jesus.
MIRA: We missed it
the first time.
But ran a reconfiguration
through RAPTOR,
and the image's anomalies and
architecture became more apparent.
Now there, look,
the back of his hand.
Hmm. Looks like a burn, or a birthmark.
We're running
comparatives now.
So, it's a bit more time,
but we'll get it.
Good morning, Sean.
Thanks for coming.
SEAN: Are you all right?
Well, I've been better.
There's been another bombing.
Yeah, I just heard.
Aye, a London bus.
Has Bromley phoned?
No. Not yet.
McGrath's on his way with some
locals. They'll give you a hand.
No, I don't need them.
I'll handle it.
Good man.
They called, but didn't give a
code word. What the hell's going on?
Maybe it wasn't them.
Press Association
took the call.
A man with
an Irish accent said
there'd be no more
fuckin' cooperation
with the Brits,
and no more code words.
He knew exactly which bus, and
how much explosive was used.
And it's been ID'd
as your Semtex again.
Either someone talked, warned
them off, or you're playing me.
Only two people knew
what was happening.
Myself and Morrison.
Like I said,
one of you can't be trusted.
Send me a number where
I can reach you day or night.
I'll call the moment
I have something.
It better be soon,
or you'll feel a backlash the likes
of which you've never felt before.
DAVIES: A bus now.
For God's sake, 16 dead,
twice that injured.
LIAM: I'm sorry.
I had a plan to nail
the bastards. Didn't work.
(SIGHS) I've just come
from Downing Street.
The PM will consider
the pardons,
but only if you give up
the bombers immediately.
And how in God's name
do I do that?
Find a way!
Plans are afoot to put
the paratroops
back on your streets
in 48 hours.
Belfast will erupt.
You'll give the bombers
exactly what they want.
Well, it's out of
my hands now.
Call when you have something.
I'm heading for a conference
in Rome tomorrow.
I'll have my cell
at all times.
How was London?
Is Mary okay?
You said to
keep an eye on her,
and make sure she and
Keri were kept safe.
I spent some time
in her hotel lobby,
watching the comings
and goings, you know?
She had no idea
I was there.
And your nephew turns up.
He spent two hours
in her room.
He spent two hours
in Mary's room?
Aye. And after he goes,
Mary comes down,
and calls Hugh McGrath
on the lobby phone.
It's done.
Unless they take it apart, there's
no way to know it's been modified.
Fuckin' brilliant.
What'll set it off?
The internal clock. I'll input
the time once we know the flight.
There's a security conference
in Rome tomorrow.
All the top MPs and security
people are flying there
on three lunchtime flights.
What about our mule?
Sara just confirmed
he's going.
We then ran the burn-mark
through the database.
We got a positive hit on a Patrick
O'Reilly, age 29, from Belfast.
O'Reilly had one prior for a domestic
abuse incident three years back.
Did two months in Hydebank.
We entered O'Reilly into the
facial rec bank for matches.
We got a hit.
That's him in a Dublin pub with
an IRA member four weeks ago.
It's a known
IRA meeting place
we've had
under surveillance for years.
And the other two with him?
BROMLEY: I was about to get
to them, Minister.
That, and a woman we've just
ID'd at the bus explosion.
Your mole's Hugh McGrath.
Did you hear me, Hennessy?
Are you sure now?
We've ID'd
the Knightsbridge bomber
as Patrick O'Reilly
of Belfast.
Three weeks ago,
Mr. O'Reilly was observed
meeting Hugh McGrath
in a Dublin pub.
Where's McGrath
and O'Reilly now?
I don't know O'Reilly.
I haven't seen McGrath.
Let me help you with McGrath.
His phone's GPS puts him
52 meters south of you.
I'm watching him
coming up your drive.
So, let's cut the shit.
There's a Chinook airborne
right now, with a 12-man team.
They'll land on your farm
in 30 minutes
to take McGrath
into custody.
I needn't tell you
how that'll go,
nor how your cozy relationship
with him will sink your career...
This time, for good.
Question McGrath your way
and get what I need.
Names and locations
of everyone.
You can't save him, but
maybe you can save yourself.
Thirty minutes, get what I
need, I'll turn them around.
Send McGrath's men to the trailhead,
see if Sean needs any help.
Give me your phone.
What the hell?
Give me your phone.
Get your ass
in that chair there.
A London bus, for Christ
sake! Now, hold on!
Not even
fuckin' warnings!
Sixteen dead!
You stabbed me in the back
and sanctioned this bloodbath
to get your war back on.
The plan had no balls.
This wasn't
a Bombing Light campaign.
You said hurt 'em,
and hurt 'em, we did.
By killing women
and children?
You can't restrain yourself.
You never could. Well, it's over.
Their names, aliases,
and location!
You know I can't do that!
That's me being nice.
Now, write, and it better
match what I already know.
By God, I'll take you apart
joint by joint!
You used me.
You wanted the pardons for
your own political gain.
You're a disgrace
to the cause!
Four men and a woman.
Maggie Dunn?
Aye. You call her that.
Sara McKay's her real name.
She works for you?
Bloody right.
Checks and balances.
An insurance policy, in
case you lose your nerve,
which you have.
So, now,
if they take the lads,
she will lead them
straight back to you.
Not so easy anymore,
now, is it?
SO15 will be here in 20
minutes to take you in.
We both know
that can't happen.
You gave me up
to the Brits?
You tout bastard!
You gave yourself up.
They've got surveillance of you
in an IRA pub with a Pat O'Reilly,
who they ID'd
as the Knightsbridge bomber.
And thanks to your GPS phone,
they tracked you here.
You broke every rule, Hughie.
And now, I'm left
to clean up your mess
as I have
for the past 30 years.
A final thing.
My wife?
What about her?
She hates you
because of her brother.
And so,
she reached out to me.
So, yes, I helped her.
And she helped me.
LIAM: Bromley.
I got your names.
Oh, shit, I'm late.
I've got to go.
Did you come?
I'm not a three-second wonder
like you.
Well, keep wearing that shirt,
I'll be a two-second wonder.
You're gonna have to
get used to it.
Practice, practice, practice.
I'm close.
LIAM: McGrath confessed.
It was his op all along.
I've got the bombers'
names and location.
I'll text you the info.
You may need it.
The one who killed Quan's
daughter is Pat O'Reilly.
He's got a burn-mark
on his right hand.
Either way, Sean,
you end this, now.
You hear me?
You know why
you're still alive?
You want the names?
They're in the phone.
The last text, code 7741.
Five names and their
location in London.
O'Reilly set the bomb
that killed your daughter.
He's got a burn-mark
on his right hand.
You fought in the army.
Iraq. Royal Irish Regiment.
Two tours,
Special Forces.
You're Catholic, but you
fought for British. Why?
I fought for the regiment.
Out there,
religion didn't matter.
We were all the same.
That's it.
A brother.
The rest have passed away.
Come in.
Take a seat, Sean.
Aye. You look like you've
been through the wars.
Aye. Quan got the drop
on me.
I gave him the names, he
took my things and let me go.
When the bombers
called in about the bus,
they didn't use
a code word,
because someone
tipped them off.
Only two people knew the
reason for the code change.
You and me.
Liam, I didn't tell anyone.
I swear.
I spoke to Bromley,
and that was it.
What if I told you
I had Murphy
stay and watch Mary
in London?
My own flesh and blood.
Liam, I'm so sorry.
I don't wanna know what
happened in that room.
All I wanna know is,
what was discussed when your
sweet Aunt Mary was with you?
Did she say she was involved
with McGrath and the bombers?
No. Never.
She was upset about her
brother and kept on about that.
When you and I were talking
about the code word,
she asked about 'em, but she
never let on about McGrath.
Oh, so, she could
hear us on the phone?
No, it was only after our call
she mentioned the code word.
She thought
they wouldn't be of use.
So, she steered
the conversation?
Well, yes, I guess she did.
Ah. A good manipulator,
she is.
So, she told the bombers?
She told McGrath,
McGrath told them.
Thick as thieves,
they were.
She tricked the information
out of you, Sean.
She used you.
Liam, I...
Shut up!
Bury that pig
in the sow-pen.
And after that, I have
one final task for you.
And when that's done,
go back to New York, son.
Thank you.
Zero, this is Alpha Two.
Echo One toward target house.
ROSS: Zero. Echo One's
toward the target house. Copy.
ELECTRICIAN: Echo One has entered
the target house and unsighted to me.
Zero. Echo One is in target
house and unsighted to you. Copy.
Thank Christ for that.
Sierra call signs.
Confirm when Echo One
is complete in target house.
Sierra Two, roger that.
Sierra Three, roger that.
X- Ray One on balcony.
approaching front door.
How'd it go?
It's done.
JOKER: I have visual. X
- Ray One and Echo One have left the room.
All other X-Rays remain.
Zero, this is Alpha Two.
One unknown Echo
and two children
entering the target house.
ROSS: Roger that.
He's a slobbering oaf.
It had to be done.
I had to shag him.
It was fuckin' disgusting.
Look, I know what you
went through. All right?
Do ya, Denis?
Do ya really?
Well, maybe,
for the next bomb,
you can set up
a gay Magistrate.
How would that be?
Taking a shower.
GUARD: Next.
JOKER: X-Ray One
entering living room.
All X-Rays now complete
in living room.
All call signs, move to
your final rendezvous.
X- Rays and Echo complete
in living room.
We've lost visual. Echo
One has closed the blinds.
Fox One, you have control.
JOKER: Roger that. I have
control. Standby. Standby.
Stop, stop, stop!
Sierra call signs,
report what's going on.
MI5 TECH: I've two unknowns
at the front door. Wait.
Sorry for the bother, but there's
a gas leak in the building,
and the gas man needs entry
for an inspection.
Our gas works fine!
There's no problem!
He needs to inspect
all the flats, regardless.
He won't take a moment,
and it is an emergency.
It's quite important,
Mr. Upton.
By law, I'm allowed
to use my own key.
All right. Just a second.
Come down when you're done, and
I'll take you to the next flat.
Thank you.
I will be very fast.
This way.
Can I see
the boiler, please?
Would you mind putting
your bag on the table?
Open it up.
All right.
All call signs,
standby, standby!
All call signs, go!
JOKER: Get down! Get down!
Get down! Get down! Get down!
JOKER: Room clear!
X- Rays down.
ROSS: What about Echo?
She's alive, under control.
Who planned this?
Go fuck yourself.
What's this, eh?
Your next bomb?
Go fuck yourself.
Talk, you rotten slag!
It's too late.
Nine minutes, it blows.
No time to land.
JOKER: What's that?
A plane? Which plane?
Which plane?
RICE: Open her shirt.
This is how it works.
I ask questions.
You answer.
RICE: That's right.
Flight 136 to Rome.
Passenger name Ian Wood.
Bomb's in his laptop.
Set to go off
at 3:00 p. m. exactly.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and
gentlemen, please be advised.
Flight 136 to Rome
has been overly delayed.
We apologize for
the inconvenience.
Again, Flight 136 to Rome...
OFFICER: Ian Wood!
Is there an Ian Wood here?
Ian Wood! Ian Wood?
Is there an Ian Wood here?
Ian Wood?
Ian Wood! Ian Wood!
What's going on?
What's going on?
They're looking for someone
named Ian Wood.
That's me.
I'm Ian Wood.
OFFICER: Ian Wood!
I'm Ian Wood.
(PANTING) Is that your laptop? Yeah.
Move! Move! Move!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get down! Get out!
Get outta the way! Get out!
Move here! Get out! (GROANS)
JOKER: She said
a gas man turned up
with an assault gun,
a Chinaman.
Started shooting,
killed everyone but her,
and then walked out
the door.
She said he was a Chinaman?
About 60 years old.
ROSS: Just got word
the device is neutralized.
Good work.
Fox Hunt is now terminated.
No loose ends.
BROMLEY: It's Bromley.
I need an AP out to all
city-district units
from Wapping High Street
to the A1203.
Suspect's an Asian male, 61
years of age, 5'8", 11 stone.
His name's Ngoc Minh Quan.
He's armed, and has
US Special Forces training.
Use extreme caution.
I was on the flight
they targeted to blow up.
Because of your
timely information,
we stopped it.
I wanted to
thank you personally.
Thank God you're okay.
The bombers were neutralized,
even Sara McKay,
whom you called, "Maggie".
She gave a reporter the bomb
that was to have been put
on my flight.
She also carried out
the bus carnage,
and is directly connected
to you, and McGrath.
We have call-pens going to and
from her off the cell towers
by your farm and town homes.
That's 250 precision
locations and activations
consistent with
your mutual activities.
I've spoken to the PM.
He's agreed to keep you
in office for now.
I'm issuing pardons for five
On-the-Runs, one is your cousin.
But make no mistake, Deputy
First Minister, you are ours now.
I say "jump,"
you say "where?"
You're on the next flight
back to London.
Tomorrow, you'll brief SO15 and
myself on everything you know.
All of it.
Good evening, sir.
How did you find me?
I gave you the names,
like I said.
This woman, she's a bomber.
You lie. You plan everything.
For whatever it's worth,
I never intended to
hurt your daughter.
Or any of those people.
Do it!
It's now on the Internet,
you and your mistress.
The whole world will know
you are a terrorist.
Goodbye, Mr. Hennessy.
It's Landesman, sir, in S-11.
I've got him.
The Happy Peacock Takeaway. He's
returned. Do I send in a team?
I believe we owe
this chap something.
Keep back for now.
Observe and report only.
Yes, sir.