The Forest (2009) Movie Script

Rock, paper, scissors, out!
You lost twice, now.
Rock, paper, scissors, out!
You lost. It's your turn now.
- I won't take this turn.
Why won't you?
You both cheat daily
and beat me every time.
- You guys cheat...
When did we cheat?
You wink each other...
- You...
You take the turn then. You never...
- Okay, I'll do it.
You'll play the turn for the next 10 times
if I catch you. Deal?
You can try, first.
Okay, I'm moving away.
Going aside now.
Don't you dare cheat!
You're a cheater anyway.
Don't you see where we hide!
I'm watching you!
I got you!
I got you!
'Radha and I had been married 12 years.'
'Family, friends'
'even the neighbors had started asking'
'why we didn't have a family yet.'
'Fact is'
'we were desperate to have a kid as well.'
'But there were things that had happened.'
'Things that were tearing us apart.'
'I wasn't a great wildlife guy
or anything.'
'But I thought'
'maybe if we went away to a place'
'where time moves slowly'
'where we could speak gently.'
'Maybe we'd be able to reach out'
'through the fog that had come
between us.'
'My greatest fear'
'was that she would disappear,
one day'
'and I'd never see her again.'
'And fear brings out the worst in me.'
'But I have come to believe
we were summoned'
'that we answered some primeval call'
'and nothing that happened that night'
'was either chance or coincidence.'
'I've seen it, man.'
'I've seen things you will not believe.'
No, no, no, no.
We won't be able to call back.
We'd be out of range soon.
So, we're all set?
Yeah, he's just speaking to them.
"Our untold dreams..."
"Life is such...
Ah! Here's the wildlife.
Mumbo-jumbo dude!
Not too many people this year, huh?
You know, sir, since antiquity
we've shared these jungles with predators.
What are you talking about?
Tigers and leopards
are shy creatures, sir.
They move away.
Avoid contact.
Our ancestors knew this.
There was respect.
Take your time.
Only day trips are allowed. I'm sorry.
When a leopard is wounded, it can't hunt.
Deer-sheer and all are too fast.
But every now and then
it'll take a swipe at one of us
and develop a taste called human flesh.
Man flesh.
For a leopard
it's not natural.
Three nights.
A hundred for each
and two more because you're a gent.
What would you do with the bird
if you hit it?
I only kill what I can eat.
I don't see the point.
Because you're a girl.
I'm Radha.
I'm Arjun.
Such violence.
You're from Delhi?
- Mh-hmm.
I lived there.
We live here now.
Can I look at the engine?
My, my! Look what Arjun saying!
Hi, papa!
So Sniveling Singh's become
a big shot, huh?
Read about your wedding.
So how's the bugger?
He's-He's fine.
Holidaying with the kids?
No. Just Pritam and me.
We don't have any.
Not yet.
No clocks ticking, babes.
I'm sorry about your wife.
Arjun just told me.
- You didn't know?
Who was she?
Never mind.
Far from the high tables of Delhi.
A man-eating leopard
is operating in this area.
All overnight stays are suspended.
My brother-in-law is Rajinder Singh.
These are his reservations.
My regards to honorable minister.
You're making a mistake.
Thanks for a donation.
These are wild animals, sir.
Jungle has its own law.
And our rules protect you.
I told you to check ahead.
It's always the same
with your darn family!
Randhir didn't call ahead, obviously.
Why are you making a scene?
- Scene?
What did I say?
- Please.
Now what's the matter with you?
Whatever, man!
It's darn shot to pieces anyway.
We've got to go back.
Funko Singh!
Oh, man! Some things never change!
I thought you were in England
or something.
Did Radha tell you?
Abhishek wrote to say that he's back.
What are you doing with yourself now?
I'm a cop around here.
Now. That's my son, Arjun.
Arjun, say hi to Snivlings...
Uncle Pritam.
Who's he?
- Aunt Radha's husband.
Hi, uncle Pritam!
Great kid, dude!
Great kid!
You quit university in England
to become a cop
here in India?
Thought you were a smart guy.
Man, you get married and they
write about it in the papers!
Beautiful wife, nice car.
You've done well.
And then her pictures keep
coming on Page 3 and all!
This party, that party.
Smooching this one, smooching that one.
Swinging here, there, everywhere.
And can't get rid of you!
Not much to do in the districts, buddy.
keeping tabs on old friends.
'Kumaun National Reserve, Kanda Chaud'
Oh, what does he want now?
You can go in.
Mr. Abhishek says, you are nature lovers.
Are we now?
We have to take precautions.
Something happens, we're to blame.
People don't understand wildlife.
Looks like your pal's been
of some use, at least.
Fill up all the columns. All the columns!
- Hmm.
It's been a while, huh?
Here we are, alone!
I just want to talk.
You want to take a relook at adopting?
You wouldn't mind adopting Arjun, though.
Darn you!
Get up.
Hi, tiger! Settled in?
So, Radha's been working out and all!
You have a gun, in here?
- Rabbits, shabbits, dude.
Wild boars sometimes, small stuff.
It's a protected forest!
Ever handled a gun before, Pritam?
It's a great, buddy...
Watering hole... chill in the air.
Rifle cocked.
We can go out tonight, if you want.
Out? Where?
On hunting!
Full Jim Corbett style!
- Centuries of instinct, right here.
In your guts.
Hello! Who's praying here?
That's Radha. She's...
Oh, no, man!
She's serious!
Well, what did you do to her?
She has to call on God so hard.
People find peace in different ways.
Peace and all!
- Don't get me wrong.
We'd really like to be left alone.
We're here to sort things out. You know?
Listen to me, Pritam.
When Arjun's brother passed on
I could've been anywhere, done anything.
But I'm here.
The jungles, with my son...
Some memories.
That's my reality.
And I'm happy.
So what's your sadness?
Got to go in, mate. For a shower.
'And what shoulder, and what art?'
'Could twist the sinews of thy heart.'
'What thee hand...'
- No, no.
No, no, no!
'And when thy heart began to beat'
'what dread hand and what dread feet?'
What after that?
You're still not ready, yet?
He's here.
- He's okay, you know.
Changed a lot.
- You guys had a chat?
Let's not start singing songs about him.
Come here, you...
Never a dull moment with you, is there?
"Been drowning..."
Hey Rads, you're on camera.
"Moving, so never to cry."
"Never leave, I..."
"Cold and cold, you're looking old..."
Look, look! Look!
"You watch me rise with scenic
fall, never shake or fall."
That's a beauty!
"Every time"
"I turn around this winter."
"And every time,
I'm close your lips for..."
Are we allowed to walk around here?
On foot, I mean.
This is an ancient temple complex.
The main temple used to be over there.
They eased upon park rules
to allow pilgrims
until someone decided it was... haunted.
Now the villagers say that the
witch has become a man-eater!
But this is all nonsense.
So you can go ring the bell
of the temple, alone, right?
Yes, of course, I can.
You're not serious.
- See?
Aunt Radha doesn't believe you.
What are you doing, pal? Abhishek?
Don't worry, buddy. It's not too far.
- Papa!
Hey, hey, hey!
Get back here. Radha!
Come on, Radha!
Go get her, Tiger!
What did you see, son, Arjun?
What if there was a real
something in there?
It was nothing, papa. I just got scared.
The testosterones went to your head!
Alarm call!
What's that?
Alarm call.
Kind of like a jungle telegraph.
Deer, monkeys, even peacocks
warn each other that a predator is nearby.
Look, look!
Wait here, wait!
It's a very rare sighting.
It's the tigress and four cubs.
Tiger cubs...
Why aren't they moving, dude?
Are they just going to roll it out?
Look, he's moving! He's moving!
- Shush! Don't disturb them.
Hello, bugger!
Good guy, Abhishek!
I swear!
That was very special. Full marks!
That's enough.
Killjoy that you are...
What's your problem?
Come with me! Come with us.
I'll get some grass for the elephant.
Wish I knew.
Wish I knew!
Before we got married
in college, in fact
we were careless.
You know?
I had a friend, a medical student.
And I took her to him.
No question of getting married back then.
Hardly knew each other!
You know, how it is in college.
Some years later,
we decided to get hitched up.
Tried having a kid.
You did the right thing, buddy.
It's not like today, when you can...
Doctors, shamans, freaking mutt bags.
Done it all.
And everyone thinks I'm the one
firing the blanks, dude.
You'll get back what you lost.
Use it at the right time.
"Rain is..."
"Rain... Rain..."
Darn! The bugger can drink!
Listen to me, do you know, what this is?
No, sir.
Cohiba. It's called a Cohiba.
It looks great!
You smoke it like this.
'After two years of hunting'
'and nearly becoming
his three hundred victim.'
'Three...' Three hundredth victim!
You wrote hundred.
'Jim Corbett finally rid the Kumau Hills'
'of the man eating leopard
of the Rudraprayag.'
'They found bullets in the beast.'
'His tongue was black with
the cyanide he consumed'
'and his leg was ruptured by a gin trap.'
'This animal outwitted
the best hunters of the time.'
'He struck terror into these hills.'
'And I'll tell you
what terror really means.'
'Two men huddled by a fire.'
'Smoking as the sun set.'
'One of them turned to fill his pipe.'
'On turning back'
'found his partner gone.'
'He called out to him.'
'Then he felt something wet on his cheek.'
'He rubbed it off.'
'His fingers were bloody.'
'His friend's shawl nearby.'
So close.
Just like you, uncle Pritam.
And he didn't hear a thing.
Can you imagine?
How silent!
How fast!
Much more dangerous than a tiger.
And when he becomes a man eater
you can only think...
He learns to open doors.
He comes in through the windows.
They cannot take from the ground.
And from the trees.
They learn to think like us.
Hell, Arjun!
Come on, in, now.
- In?
What about our hunting, bugger?
- What nonsense!
Animals come out to drink.
It's the best time.
Come on, dude.
I'll get my jacket.
Don't let her talk you out of it, tiger.
Uncle Pritam is gonna get
a spanking tonight.
What's this stupidity, Abhishek?
The water's bad.
Forget the tigers,
even rats don't turn up!
Come on, aunt Radha! It'll be fun!
I really wish you guys hadn't told me!
- Please.
He's my husband, you know.
Look, husband gets it out of this system.
You and me, watch the stars.
Everybody's happy.
All right, I'll get my jacket.
Ever used one of those before?
Now listen very carefully.
Just aim
and pull the trigger.
And the butt firm, in your shoulder.
Yeah, sure. Recoil.
You've read the book.
And only a small game this time.
Nothing bigger than any ice-box.
You got to get it out, also.
Nearly overdoing it now.
And for God's sake, sir
if you see a tiger or an elephant
don't shoot.
Not done, man.
Wi-Will a tiger come?
Where are you guys going?
- Just here, dude.
- And
once you've taken a shot
you take a flashlight
point it over there and go!
Flash, flash!
Flash, flash!
Flash, flash!
Oh, man! Here, have a look!
Arjun, uncle Pritam's camera.
Shoot, quick, quick, quick, quick!
- Yes, papa.
You're getting it, right?
- Yes, papa.
Come on, give here, give here!
Give it here!
Okay, one more. Arjun?
- Yes.
Ready, yeah?
- Yes, sir.
You're recording or not?
- Papa, you do it yourself!
Enough now, guys! Okay?
- Okay, sorry. Sorry.
You do it now.
Mr. Abhishek!
What is this going on, sir?
Sir, indeed.
What's the meaning of this?
Frightening the life out of the madame.
Night driving is not permitted.
You know better than me.
You forget who you're talking to.
I'll escort you back.
Kindly follow.
Do you think he saw Pritam?
I'll come back for him later.
- We're not leaving him here.
We'll be bailing him out
at the end of season.
Rifle and all!
We said, half an hour. Right?
I'll come back.
He'll be all right.
Good night.
- Good night.
You didn't tell me
when you found out, Rads.
Found out what?
- That you were pregnant, baby.
So why didn't he marry you, then?
I didn't... I was...
- Was it mine?
Was it?
- No.
I would've married you.
- Sure.
You would've raised his kid, right?
You could've told me, it was mine.
You could've told me anything.
I would've believed you.
That's absurd.
I wouldn't have gone, if I'd known, okay?
But you did!
You and your dreams.
- You were never a dream, Radha.
Can't we start again?
Make a go of it.
You, me, Arjun.
Who is this moron flashing a torchlight
at the waterhole?
Is it any of our men on duty?
No, sir. It isn't any of our men.
But there are some villagers here.
They are waiting for you.
Hurry up! You must take a look at this.
All right, I'm coming.
Just leave it! Stop, stop!
Wh-What are you doing out of your...
bed so late, son?
Where is uncle Pritam?
Actually, we're waiting
for Bholaram to leave.
But he left a long time back.
Son, go back to your room, please.
- See how he was looking at me?
How am I going to explain this
to him, now?
God, what were we thinking!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Get a grip, okay?
Okay, we came back and put him to bed.
And I fell asleep as I was waiting.
And don't say anything to him!
Unless he asks you.
And... and... and blame it on the warden
because he's the one who brought us back.
Take care of Arjun while I'm gone, okay?
He's afraid of the dark.
'Use it at the right time.'
I think...
Does this mean
that you'll live with us, now?
'Check Post, Kanda Chaud'
Was this... the leopard?
Yes, sir. It was a leopard.
He was eating him
when we frightened him away
and got the kid, here.
You should've told me,
that it's hunted a kid!
He'll be hungry again and
he'll set out to hunt, again!
He'll hunt in this forest region, now!
We just let a few people
inside the jungle!
Guard at rest house, over!
Guard at rest house, over!
Guard at rest house, over!
Man! Where are you guys, man? Darn!
Hey, minister... Mister!
What's your name?
Mr. Singh, get up.
Are you okay? What happened?
What happened?
Leopard? Where's the leopard?
Which way? Which way did he go?
Which way?
Hey, you, get back in the jeep.
- No, no.
My, my... my friends...
Your friends have gone long time ago.
Get back in the jeep. Fast!
Can you drive? Huh?
Good, go!
I... I can come back with some help.
Help? You've done enough!
My wife was there, right?
- Go!
We were waiting.
Arjun is afraid of the dark. So...
We were waiting for him
Abhishek to come back with you.
And I... I thought, I should...
stay back.
What happened here, Radha?
You wretch!
What were you thinking?
Sleeping with him is gonna
get you a little Arjun?
Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking!
But you messed everything up, didn't you?
That was an accident!
Stop kidding yourself!
You freak!
You poor little victim!
And how dare you compare that to this!
Took me to a freaking butcher!
Don't you use that!
It's an awful thing to do!
And it's not gonna shut me up, again!
It's not like I've been
sitting around. I did something!
I became somebody!
- Who cares?
Look at me! Look at ourselves!
If we would've had a child,
you would've had your name.
Think about that!
I didn't want to start a family like that!
I just hope you're happy with
that little family, right now!
In fact, it's all ever going to be!
No matter who I sleep with!
So yes, I made love to Abhishek
on your bed and he was great!
Do you love him?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
'Arjun, ready? Recording?'
'Yes, papa.
- Okay.'
'Oh, man!'
'You're getting it, right?
- Yes, papa.'
Easy, easy, easy.
Pritam! Radha!
Come on, you guys! Open up, open up!
Radha! Pritam!
You guys, okay?
Something happened?
Look, make some sound
if you can't speak, okay?
Radha! Arjun!
Wake up, man! Radha, Pritam!
Pritam! Radha!
Open up, man! Open it, open up!
The guy's dying on me here, man!
Wake up, man! Wake up!
Oh, man!
Here, man! Bholaram! Bholaram!
Stay awake! Don't sleep!
What's happening?
I can hear you!
Radha, is that you?
Pritam, I can hear you, man!
And it's not a freaking joke, man!
Open the door, dude!
He's messing around again!
You guys deranged, dude!
Listen to me, man!
The leopard is back!
I just got there in time.
It had already got Bholaram!
The jerk's bleeding all over
the balcony, man!
It's not a time to explain, Pritam!
Open the door, man!
Nice story, Tarzan!
- Oh, darn!
Save it for your next gag!
Okay, why don't you come out
and see for yourself!
Just leave us alone! Go away!
Where do you want me to go, man?
I don't want you in here! That's all!
Go, sleep in the freaking jeep!
There's a freaking leopard
out there, you fool!
Then this jerk's bleeding out to death!
Okay, that's it!
I'm going to shoot the door now!
Get away from the door! One!
Your freaking Radha is standing
in front of the door!
You coward!
Darn you, man!
- Arjun!
Radha, is that you?
Pritam, you freak, I swear, man!
You touch her and I'll...
You'll what? You'll what, huh?
You son of a gun!
Want to make love to my wife again?
I had a lot of fun in the jungle
with tiger!
Now you have some!
Hey, open the door, man! You coward!
Darn you, Pritam! Open the door!
Do you understand,
what's happening out here?
You, okay? Pritam!
Freaking heard that?
Get out!
- No!
You crazy freak!
Pritam, you crazy freak!
Wait till I get inside!
You gonna get hurt!
- No.
I swear...
- Pritam!
Are you crazy, Pritam!
- Crazy?
Me? I'm being crazy?
Wake up!
He's banging on!
He's not gonna stop at anything,
he wants to!
You'll have to kill me first, you freak!
- No, no!
Now, try and get in, scoundrel!
I'm gonna leave you for a bit.
Darn you!
Here, hold it, man.
Hold it. Wake up!
Wake up, don't sleep! Stay awake!
Hold this, I'll be back. Okay?
Don't sleep!
Just hold on to it, baby. Tie it, okay?
That's like it...
What's that?
Baby, don't...
Arjun. My son!
Papa, this...
- Shush!
Quiet, it's not my blood.
It's not my blood.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
Get up.
It's here somewhere.
Uncle Pritam is not letting me in.
- But why?
He's gone crazy.
He knifed aunt Radha.
And now, he's giving her some first aid.
You don't go anywhere near him.
Got it?
How do you get me back in, now?
Papa, should enter through the window?
Cover me, okay?
Hey, it's me.
- Oh, darn!
Oh my God!
- Sir...
Where is it?
- Papa!
Papa, your pistol.
Darn, it's broken!
Please! Help him!
Run, run! Papa, run!
Aunt Radha! Aunt Radha, run, please!
Come on!
- No!
Come on, you can do it!
Papa, run!
Close the door! Shut the door!
Come on! Come here!
Losing blood fast.
You freak son of a gun!
Stop it, guys! Just stop it!
- I'll kill you!
Stop it, guys!
- Stop...
The guard's dog?
How did the dog...
How did the dog get inside?
What! What's he trying to say?
- He's saying, we're in a mess!
He's inside!
Oh, darn! Darn!
Oh, God!
Oh, no! Darn it, man!
He's made a kill. He wants it back.
He won't stop now.
We got to get him out of here!
How genius?
Both the lousy jeeps are outside the door.
What if...
What if one of us traps him in there?
The rest can make a run for it.
You'll go, huh?
- No way!
We're safe in here.
Oh, God! He's inside!
It's in the room.
Okay, that's it.
I'm going.
We'll keep him busy.
You'll hear him.
No matter what happens
you'll hold onto this. Okay?
And don't leave the room. Here.
Take it.
Pritam. Pritam, I...
Don't worry, baby.
Make sure, you lock the door.
Take a gun, go there.
Go there!
You brat! Here!
Yeah, come on!
Yeah, yeah! Yeah!
Darn you, rascal!
Pull it! Pull it!
- No, no, no!
What is it doing?
Where is it?
You see something?
Where is he?
I've got him!
I've got him! I've got him!
Well done, buddy!
Full cannons, man!
Freaking! The buddy's got him!
Darn you!
It's okay. He's trapped.
He's on the roof.
Pritam! Where are you?
Pritam, get in, man! Pritam!
Pritam, he's on the roof!
Keys... Oh, God, the keys!
Uncle Pritam!
- Pritam!
Get in back, Pritam!
Pritam, where are you?
Pritam, come in here, fast!
Where is he? Pritam!
- Pritam, where are you?
We gotta do something.
Aun... Aunt.
- Where is he?
Uncle Pritam's gun has no bullets.
Papa removed them to put in this gun.
What the fish! Why?
- Take it easy, okay?
Look, there are just two bullets
left. Darn it!
Bugger didn't fire a shot in his life.
There's four of us in here,
one of us out there.
What do you expect...
Oh, darn!
Pritam, run! Run!
- Arjun!
Get back! Get back!
Get off here!
Get away! Get away!
Get away!
He got what he wanted.
Nothing else to do.
Come on!
Let's get out of here!
Come on!
'Back then, we wondered'
'why didn't he shout?'
'Why didn't he make a noise?'
'Did he think, the leopard would spare us'
'if he gave himself to it?'
'The leopard turned man eater'
'because he was injured by a poacher'
'out to make a quick buck.'
'A starved creature unable to hunt'
'he had no choice'
'but to kill man for his own survival.'
'Violating the course of nature
had consequences.'
'Life is a precious thing.'
'Our life and the life that we destroy.'
'Soon after we returned to Delhi'
'Radha and I adopted a little girl.'
'Our daughter's name is Prakriti.'
'We take her to the jungles
as much as we can.'