The Forest of Love (2019) Movie Script

The murders occurred
on a service road by the Omi River
as well as on a nearby forest road.
Sachiko Ota was found shot to death
inside a car parked on the service road.
The serial killer remains on the run.
Most of the killings
have taken place in forests.
Nearby residents remain stricken by fear.
The victim's friend, Takeshi Suzuki,
was also found
to have been shot twice and killed
outside of the car.
Here you go, sir.
-I happen to be a screenwriter.
-Is that so?
Do you know what it feels like
to kill someone?
I'm afraid I don't.
They say it's like
when a man loses his virginity.
It's not a big deal.
It's over before you know it.
Tokyo is...
Because Tokyo is Tokyo
and Tokyo is Tokyo
Look at that guy.
Hey you, you're interesting.
Where are you from?
Aichi Prefecture.
Aichi? Are you from Nagoya?
From a town called Toyokawa.
-I'd love to go there.
Do you know what?
I just got to Tokyo!
Yes! Tokyo!
Listen, Tokyo has everything.
Booze, chicks, drugs, clubs.
Anything you want to feed on.
Come with us!
Cool, isn't it? Come in.
You're one of us now!
This place used to be a movie set.
We can shoot films here.
Come up.
-Say, what's your name?
-I'm Shin.
All right, Shin!
Come in.
Impressive, right?
You can do whatever you want
with any of the stuff in here.
-Awesome, right?
We're making an indie film.
We're going to win the grand prize
at the Pia Film Festival
and become directors.
"Pia Film Festival"?
I'll teach you about cinema...
When I first met Jay,
I was inspired by what he said.
The Pia Film Festival?
It's an annual film festival.
Indie filmmakers submit their films.
Winning the grand prize
is the shortcut to becoming a director.
A director?
A world-renowned director.
Do you hear me, Fukami?
You can do anything in movies.
You can make a movie
about bombing Tokyo Station.
Or about fucking women around the world.
Or even blasting a machine gun.
It's all legal.
In movies, we have total freedom.
-Here, hold the camera.
-Try filming.
-No. Wait.
What are you looking at?
What? A porn magazine.
Are you a virgin?
-Seriously, are you?
-Yes, I am.
Poor guy!
I guess, but...
We can fix that.
What? Really?
Are you getting excited?
It's been a while.
You're looking cool, as always.
I've got a favor to ask.
Can we talk inside?
-What's this?
-A poster of a play we were planning.
Romeo and Juliet.
But they're both girls.
Look at these boobies.
Like a Jane Fonda sci-fi flick.
A bit Shuji Terayama.
How avant-garde.
Well, maybe...
That's what they would've said.
School festival...
Here we come!
What's the matter?
It cracks me up.
What's so funny?
Nothing, I'm just reminiscing.
So listen...
I have a favor to ask.
-Sit down.
This guy's still a virgin.
Would you mind...?
Not a chance.
Know anyone good for him? Someone pure.
I do know one.
She's a recluse.
I want her to act in my next play.
One more time, whatever it takes.
I want you to break her shell.
Is Mitsuko home?
Oh, my.
Taeko? Taeko, is that you?
Long time no see.
How many years has it been?
Is Mitsuko here?
Mitsuko, are you awake?
-Hey, Mitsuko!
What's the matter?
Long time no see.
Having good sex?
It's been so long.
Did you lose a lot of weight?
Does it look that way?
I guess not.
I'm just a little slimmer.
I'm a rotten fish.
Romeo! It's Romeo!
-Mitsuko, what's wrong?
-She's covered in blood!
-Covered in blood!
-Are you okay?
I didn't think you'd dig
even deeper into the past.
Everything is just as it was.
You still have Eiko kept here, don't you?
Is Romeo still here?
-She is, right?
-She is!
What are you talking about?
Create a scar and move forward.
That's deep, Taeko.
Tattoos aren't scars.
But memories are life's scars.
Good one, Shin.
Create a scar and move forward!
Mitsuko, you need to create a scar
and move forward!
Isn't it about time
you break out of that princess shell?
Let me introduce this guy.
My name's Shin.
I started a new theater company.
I want you to play Juliet again.
But this time you'll be Nancy
from Sid and Nancy.
I want you to bust out!
Have you had any boyfriends?
I've changed, you know.
I'm not a virgin. I'm a slut.
What are you talking about?
Have you slept with a man?
Leave me alone.
I don't think...
She's ever...
Been with a man.
Oh, come on.
How old are you?
I'm only 25.
Already 25.
Mitsuko, it's not about
"only" or "already."
This room is nuts.
What are you saying?
I sleep with a different guy every night.
This room makes me want to puke.
I may be desperate
but yours is a dead woman's world.
I've been struggling ever since that time.
To hell with virginity!
I'm a virgin, too.
I don't have any experience.
The virgins can get closer.
Forget it, let's go.
Mitsuko, come on!
Just get it over with!
I can't! I just can't.
I can't!
Think about the play.
Let's perform together again.
Let's go.
I just brought you tea.
-Sorry, something came up.
-Thank you.
What strange people.
They caused such a ruckus.
Don't worry.
Taeko's always been like that.
ROMEO AND JULIE O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?
What satisfaction
canst thou have to-night?
The exchange of thy love's faithful vow
for mine.
For what purpose, love?
I hear some noise within.
Sweet Montague, be true.
Stay but a little, I will come again.
Oh, blessed, blessed night!
I am afeard. Being in night,
all this is but a dream.
Taeko, can I talk to you?
O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
The exchange of thy love's faithful vow
for mine.
I gave thee mine
before thou didst request it.
You stand there
and Romeo enters from here.
That's where the conversation
will take place.
-That's great!
-I think that works.
-It's a famous scene, right?
Romeo's calling for you.
Go on!
-I like you.
Juliet, I love you.
I'm Mitsuko Ozawa, not Juliet.
Was that your first?
Was that your first kiss?
You're in a girls' school
but you've never kissed a girl?
I'm Romeo. Romeo, I say.
Romeo played by Eiko.
I'm Eiko. Oh, Eiko, Eiko!
You're Romeo.
-Sorry we're late!
-Let's get started.
The school festival is almost here!
It's soon! Too soon!
We need to get ready.
A lesbian Romeo and Juliet, how extreme!
Too extreme.
This is a girls' school.
Let's fall in love with girls.
Listen, the school festival is
just around the corner.
Let's do our best
to make our Romeo and Juliet
a big success!
You got that?
Let's do it!
Our high school days
Are numbered now
All those days
Are such fond memories
These classmates
I may not see again
The years and months
Have passed
So swiftly
And now it is our time to part...
What's the matter?
What do you think we were doing?
A foot massage?
No, stupid.
Moonlight in the white forest
In all of the trees
Cicadas emerge
From their chrysalises
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
And so
As thoughts of you
Run through my head
My body reaches the final stage
Of transformation
In the frozen forest
Sipping sap
I am an insect woman
-See you, bye.
-See you later.
See you later.
I'm home.
Why are you back so late?
Hey! Mitsuko!
Three words, dear Romeo
and good night indeed.
If that thy bent of love be honourable
thy purpose marriage...
Hey! Open this door!
-send me word tomorrow.
I'll send word to you
about where and when to perform the rite.
-Open the door!
-I'll lay all my fortunes
at your feet
and follow you throughout the world.
Is Mitsuko home?
You're one of those troublemakers!
Mitsuko! There was an accident!
Hurry! Come with me!
Hang in there.
Oh, I'm...
Are you from earlier?
-What? Earlier?
I'm Murata.
A cousin of one of Mitsuko's
high school classmates.
I'm sorry. Some young men came by earlier.
I thought you were one of them.
I see. Is Mitsuko available?
You have a phone call
from a high school friend of yours.
Someone named Murata.
Mitsuko? This is Murata.
I attended a girls' school, you know.
Do you know Kaoru Nakagawa?
I remember Kaoru.
Right, I'm Kaoru's cousin.
Anyway, I want to return your 50 yen.
-50 yen?
We were at a sweet shop
with Kaoru, and...
When I was short 50 yen,
you were so sweet.
You lent me 50 yen,
even though I'm 15 years older.
It's raining.
Is this one of Jay's pranks?
Don't tease me...
Just because I'm a virgin.
"Virgin"? What do you mean?
I can live my life
without sleeping with men.
I'm Murata.
My full name is Joe Murata.
So you really don't remember?
That's a shame.
But I really want to return
the 50 yen I borrowed.
May I return it to you?
You might think 50 yen is nothing,
but to me, it's a precious memory.
It might as well be 5 million,
50 million, 500 million.
I'd love to give you 500 million.
I just want to see you.
I want to return the 50 yen
that feels like 500 million.
By the way, after I graduated
from Harvard summa cum laude
I was the top of the class at MI and now I'm building a career
in Hollywood and Wall Street.
I don't need your 50 yen.
Let me return it.
No, thank you.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I don't need one.
Let me return it. Answer my question.
I don't have a boyfriend.
I'll take your 50 yen.
How about after 5 p.m. at Hinomaru Park?
Fifty yen, right?
Thank you. Thank you!
He says he wants to return the 50 yen
that I lent him seven years ago.
What do you think?
Well, if he really insists on it
why not go and accept the 50 yen?
He graduated from Harvard University.
Come on! Come on!
Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, well...
Mr. Murata?
Yes, I'm Joe Murata.
Do you remember me?
No. I'm sorry.
So I figured.
Back then I didn't stand out.
I was just your average kid.
Sorry for what I said earlier.
You mean the virgin thing?
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.
I never sugarcoat things, you see.
I speak without holding back
so people often misunderstand me.
It's fine. "Don't worry,
be happy."
I really don't remember the 50 yen.
Not 50 yen.
For me, it was 500 million.
Take it.
That sand is from a private beach
in Hawaii.
I snuck it out, just for this day.
Is that right?
That 50-yen coin
weighs more than 500 million yen.
I'm sorry, I really don't remember.
Look at her.
That virgin's already snagged a man.
-I'm having fun!
-So am I!
Anyway, let's film them.
Why did you leave me?
You left me all alone.
-Where's my yearbook?
-I don't know.
It's us again.
We want to borrow your monitor
to watch a video we shot.
I'm home.
I'll be right there.
You're home early.
There was a university strike
-and classes were canceled.
-Is that right?
Faculty meetings were canceled,
so I had to come home.
So much disturbance.
Well, it's just the culture of the school.
-Where's Mitsuko?
-In her room.
She saw someone today
she knew in high school.
-Listen, dear.
If he's a nice man...
He's a man? Is he trustworthy?
Don't get angry. Let's wait and see.
What's he like?
I know you want to get a son-in-law
but will you stop forcing her
to go to all the blind dates?
Shut up!
You went on a date?
I only met him because he wanted
to return some money to me.
Your curfew is 9 p.m.
You'd better tell him that!
Follow my rules, or he can't see you.
Dear, please!
That's enough, dear.
This looks good.
A great shot.
Let's start shooting an actual story.
We'll never win the grand prize
-at the Pia Film Festival at this rate.
Let's see it.
-Look, it's Mitsuko.
And the mystery man.
-What a cocky-looking guy.
Wait, this man...
What? What's wrong?
I know him.
This guy's dangerous.
-How so?
Looks like she's had sex with him.
-What? Are you serious?
Listen to me!
I'll tell you everything...
Nineteen ninety-three.
It was another year and the same old me.
The day started like any other.
Hey, girl, you're looking hot.
-Let's fuck, you guys!
My stupid sister suddenly called me
in the morning
and asked me to meet her at a cafe.
That's when it all started.
Actually, there's someone
I want you to meet.
-You see...
I got engaged.
What? Then throw a billion yen at them.
This guy suddenly appeared.
It's only a billion yen.
My name is Joe Murata.
I got engaged to your sister
just recently.
He graduated from Harvard
summa cum laude
and now he works for the CIA.
He speaks English sometimes!
That's top secret.
Isn't it amazing?
I heard you're always seeing
different men.
I'm just a slut.
Is that right?
There's nothing wrong with that.
You're only human.
I'm going to tell Mom and Dad next week.
Will you support us?
I'm going to the restroom.
He suddenly kissed me.
I got caught up in Murata's pace
and before long...
I'd become his lover.
The next day, my sister and Murata
came home to tell my parents
-that they were getting married.
-He seems like a nice guy.
Before I knew it, our whole family
had become fans of Murata.
You don't write songs anymore?
In fact, he still does!
My goodness!
-They're amazing songs, too.
-How nice!
I can't hold a candle
to Paul McCartney, I admit.
Dear Ma'am
What is
Your name?
Your whole family looks up to you
And they're all
In love with you
Hey! Hey!
Your husband
He loves you too
Yes! Yes! Yes!
So does Taeko
So does Machiko
You're a radiant woman
A special person
Yes! Yes! Yes!
You're a radiant woman
A special...
That was unbelievable.
These are the Employee Brothers!
Thank you.
Thank you for doing this for my mother.
I'm going to the restroom.
Me too. I'll walk with you.
Well, he's quite something.
-Machiko, I'm happy for you.
-Thank you.
I need to go to the restroom, too.
From the moment I met you, I...
No, Kyoko. Allow me to call you Kyoko.
When I saw you,
it was love at first sight.
One day, we got horrible news.
Dad's friend told him that Murata had been
checking our family finances.
Do you know what this means?
Not only that, he'd even been checking
my mom's family finances.
Never see that man again.
He ended up disappearing right after that
and now he's found Mitsuko.
Nice! This is a good story.
Wait, I know! Fukami.
-Let's make a film about this
for the festival.
-Shin, you'll play Murata.
Got it.
Afterward, we can tell Mitsuko the truth
about that guy.
You'll actually tell her that this is
the true story of that Murata guy?
Taeko, I want you to pretend to
bump into Murata by chance.
You'll find him if you follow Mitsuko.
Pretend it's a coincidence.
Let's do it!
The school festival's coming.
The school festival's coming.
Let's do our best.
Let's do our best.
The school festival's coming.
The school festival's coming.
Let's do our best.
Let's do our best.
School festival, school festival.
School festival, school festival.
It's hopeless.
Should we just go and join Romeo, then?
You mean we should die?
Performance canceled.
I can't concentrate on anything this year.
Maybe we should die.
Gracefully, like Romeo and Juliet.
Right. Maybe drink poison
and jump from the rooftop.
Let's make it a game.
We'll drink sleeping medicine
and stand on the rooftop.
If we stay awake, we keep living.
If we fall asleep, we die together.
-Leave the medicine to me!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
-I found it!
Wait up!
I'm starting to get dizzy.
It's nice. I'm sleepy.
I'm so sleepy. Let's just sleep.
I'm just so sleepy!
If you don't want to die, just quit!
-I won't quit!
-I want to sleep!
I don't know what to do...
-I'm so sleepy.
-I won't quit!
-If I survive, I'll become a slut!
Come over here.
Mr. Joe Murata.
Thank you for the other day.
I very much appreciate you thinking of me
but you still know nothing about me.
A neighbor told me you were
walking with some guy.
Who are you?
I'm Kimura. I go to Yamada University.
Did you have sex with Mitsuko?
Excuse me?
No, I'm not dating Mitsuko.
-He's my boyfriend.
-And who are you?
She's my mother.
Don't you dare date someone like him.
You're better than that.
My mother was strict about education.
But when she learned
my father was cheating on her
-I wasn't thinking!
-then, she changed.
You weren't thinking?
That's right. I'm so sorry!
Suddenly, she started being nice to me.
I'm so sorry for everything.
Mitsuko, forgive me.
May I say something bold today?
You're a lovely person.
But you haven't awakened to the idea
of living by your instincts.
You need to bare yourself more.
What do you mean?
Someone as pure as you...
You won't have sex until you're married,
I suppose.
It's not that.
I just haven't met anyone good yet.
Tell me more.
My parents have only me
and my younger sister.
No male heir.
You have a sister?
Ami, what's up?
Long time no see.
Who's that? A cousin?
-My older sister.
She's so innocent. I use her
as an example of how not to be.
So that's why you're so nuts.
Who are you calling nuts?
She's very free-spirited
and nothing like me.
My parents want me to marry
someone they can adopt as an heir.
My father sometimes brings me
pictures of men to meet.
Tell him I'm willing
to be adopted as his heir.
I mean it.
I want to marry you.
-What are you saying?
-I'm serious.
I've been raised
in a very strict environment
and I still have a curfew at this age.
I have to be home by 9 p.m.
So we'll abide by the curfew.
I can't wait...
What are you doing?
-Begin with a kiss.
-A kiss.
-Please, no.
-I want this!
Long time no see.
Want to go to a hotel?
Welcome home.
What's wrong? Did something happen?
-It's nothing.
What should I do?
Are you my prince?
Your father is worried.
You've been acting strange.
Tell me, is this man, Murata...
-Is he hurting you?
He's not hurting me.
Then why are you crying?
Because I'm so happy...
-It's scary. Mom...
He proposed to me.
Listen, you mustn't tell your father.
Do you hear me?
We only have you and your sister Ami.
You know how Ami is. So our family's
fortunes rest entirely with you!
-If he's not respectable, leave him.
-Listen to me!
-Listen to me!
-Get out!
You know the difference
between right and wrong, don't you?
You're a good girl.
Pull yourself together!
Pick up!
Think about it!
-Yes, hello?
-It's me.
Sorry about today. I was just turned on.
It's okay. It was my fault.
But you see, I thought you rejected me
so I'm with another woman right now.
Mitsuko, it's me, Taeko.
I'm his woman now.
Hey, what the hell!
Why did you do that?
-Leave Mitsuko alone.
-What are you talking about?
You're my woman.
I'll stay with you, so let her go.
-I'm home.
Mitsuko is acting strange!
What's wrong? Is she in her room?
What the hell are you doing?
-Damn it, how ungrateful can you be?
Think about our reputation! You're
the eldest daughter of the Ozawa family!
I'm sorry.
-I'll call an ambulance.
-Tell them to turn off the sirens.
We don't want the neighbors to notice!
Hey, Mitsuko.
I'll disown you if you dare do this again!
Mitsuko, are you in love with someone?
Who is it?
-Can I help you?
You must be Ami. My name's Joe Murata.
But you can call me Joe.
This morning, yet another woman
was found dead here.
Just as with the other cases
the handgun used in the murder is thought
to have been stolen from a police officer.
There are no houses or
commercial establishments here
so there were no witnesses.
There's little traffic in the area,
so it took time for the body to be found
and the murderer has gone into hiding.
ROMEO AND JULIE The killer remains on the loose
and the killer's motive remains a mystery.
According to the investigators...
You're a bad man, Mr. Murata.
I'm just a hunter of love.
"Hunter"? What about me?
You're a young adventurer
and a poet of love.
-I like that.
I'm doing a show tomorrow.
I'm going to sing for you,
so I want you to come.
I'm definitely coming.
-What the hell!
-This is crazy!
So many girls!
-Maybe this Murata is actually special.
-Maybe he really is!
-It's Mitsuko!
-Where? Right, there she is!
Go away, you bitch!
Mitsuko, let me explain!
You're filthy!
You're just a whore.
You're no friend, you're nothing!
-Go away, you shit.
Stay away from my beloved!
He'll hurt you, Mitsuko!
Do you remember what you said to me?
You said,
"Create a scar and move forward."
Then move forward!
You're only creating scars!
You disappoint me, stupid Juliet.
Romeo would never come to you!
Isn't that Taeko's sister?
You're right. It's her.
You both haven't given up yet?
Maybe I shouldn't have come.
Are all these people his fans?
Isn't she cute?
-She's ugly.
-It looks like she took after her mother.
-Shut up!
Maybe they're all his girlfriends.
-Taeko, I need to apologize to you.
A while back, Murata was looking for
your yearbook, so I lent it to him.
Did you need it?
Who are you to him?
What the fuck? And who are you?
Who are you?
Settle down!
Murata's here!
Too early to work yourselves
into a frenzy.
It's him.
He's perfect for a movie!
-Shin, you can play him!
Thank you all
for coming today
to see Joe Murata!
Mr. Murata!
Mr. Murata!
Let's get started.
We'll begin
with the first song I ever wrote.
"Pure Heart"!
Pure is
What I am
So you'd better
Call me pure
No matter
How rough it gets
I'll pierce
Your heart
And keep supporting
Your pure...
A pure heart
Check out his band's faces!
I'm guessing...
They all work for him.
He must be hitting them
and forcing them to play.
He made a band through violence?
What if he's the serial killer?
I like that!
I think I can write
a good script from this.
-Cool, let's make a film!
-All right!
Here we go!
You can stop. The camera's rolling.
You still love Murata, don't you?
I love him.
Let's change the title.
Ready... Start!
Pure is what I am
So you'd better call me pure
-You'd all better practice hard!
-Yes, sir!
Pure is what I am
So you'd better call me pure
Excuse me, you dropped this.
This must be some kind of fortune
Between you and me
-Sorry, it's a song I wrote.
-It's lovely.
Then sing it with me.
This must be some kind of fortune
Nice, you sing well.
I have a concert coming up.
You should come. Here's a ticket.
-And buy my CD, too.
Believe it or not, I'm with the CIA.
Oh, no!
Your precious shoelaces...
They're untied!
I'll tie them with love.
I love you.
I just can't do this!
When are my scenes?
We've been shooting for over a month.
I bet you haven't talked to Mitsuko
about it either.
It's not that simple. This is a film!
Did you get that shot?
-It's Murata.
Are you free to meet at a hotel now?
Surely you have other women.
Come on, just come over.
Or I'll call Mitsuko instead.
I want that girl
I don't know about her
Do I want Mitsuko? Do I want Taeko?
Which one is my girl?
Just come quickly.
-Then meet me
at the usual hotel.
In an hour's time.
Go talk to Mitsuko today!
I can't wait any longer.
-Okay. We'll break that shell of hers.
-Do it. I don't care who.
We can't let Murata get her.
I'll hold him at bay with my body.
Dear God, I pray
that everything turns out fine.
If you really exist,
then please make everything okay.
Whether I burn in flames
or pass out
at the bottom of the deep sea...
I have no regrets,
as long as everything turns out fine.
-Can I help you?
-Sorry to bother you.
-It's us again.
-I see.
You're the filmmakers.
-Is Mitsuko home?
-Yes, she is.
It's been a while. How are you?
We're making a film.
We want you to be in it.
We have an important part for you.
You're the only one
who can play this role.
And so...
Hey, Jay.
Let's take Mitsuko someplace else.
I'm a serial killer?
That's a hilarious story.
-Well, it's all made up.
-And who do you play?
I don't have a role yet.
Then why don't I write
the rest of the story?
First, get naked.
You really are the worst.
That's what you love about me.
What's wrong with being the worst?
Want you, you and I both
Want you
That hurts!
That hurts!
You like the pain.
Do you know any other guy
who'll bite hard like this?
-Right? And that's what you want.
Let go of me, pervert.
Hurry up and take them off.
-Just take them off.
-I said no!
-Get naked! Come on!
Is this how you treat Mitsuko?
Sort of.
Sort of, my ass!
What's with the bad behavior today?
You're usually such a good girl.
Am I wrong?
Fine! In that case,
a bad girl needs some discipline.
Just give me a second.
I anticipated this
and brought some toys with me.
Let's see, how about this one?
Hey, I'll shoot you. Hey.
I'll shoot you. Put your hands up.
Put your hands up! Bang!
Hey, I'll shoot you.
Maybe I'm that serial killer on the loose.
Not! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Come on, give me a reaction!
A reaction! Bang! Come on!
You lousy actor! Bang!
Fine. Let's move on.
Hey, I'll stab you.
Bang! I stabbed you! Bang!
Stab! Come on!
Now for the real deal, Taeko.
I actually brought
something special today.
Here, take a good look.
Murata's Custom Power Sticks.
You have to plug it in.
Just a second.
Will make you feel horrible
in an instant.
Don't worry.
-It only stings a little.
It's okay, it's not that scary.
Here, here!
The police have yet to locate
the serial killer.
It's been reported that the weapon
is a gun that was stolen from police...
You see, the truth is...
We know what you're facing.
What do you mean?
We're turning your struggles into a movie.
It's about Joe Murata.
Shin is playing Murata.
We know that he's a bad man.
Do you know about me?
We don't know anything about you.
We just know a little about his past.
We know about the women he's slept with...
The woman before you,
and one before her.
You know that I'm having sex with him?
He's not a bad person.
Everything is all my fault.
Don't be ridiculous. You're pure.
No, I'm not pure.
I'm a bitch. I'm a whore.
I'm a filthy woman.
What are you talking about?
Look at this!
All of this!
All of this was my fault.
Look how filthy I am.
I had him burn his name into me
with a cigarette.
Mitsuko! Hey!
You're in a bad place right now.
He's not interested in marrying you.
-He's after your estate.
That's not true!
You don't understand!
-No, listen! Listen to me!
-You don't understand!
Your fianc...
He's a murderer.
A "murderer"?
I know because I'm playing him.
I'm sure of it.
If he's really...
That serial killer on the run...
We're busy right now.
Murata wants to meet you right now.
Murata does?
Hold on.
Murata wants to meet us. What do we do?
-Let's go.
Okay, we'll go. Where do we meet?
A pub named "Nami."
Tell him Mitsuko is with us, too.
See you later.
Let's all go together.
Let's go, Mitsuko.
-Hop on.
-Let's go.
I wonder what he's like.
-We're coming for you, Murata!
Mitsuko and I are engaged, you know.
Aren't you engaged to Taeko's sister too?
-You're after money, right?
I was after the money.
I needed money back then.
Now you're putting Mitsuko
through hell for money, too!
No, no. I've got more money now
than I know what to do with.
Anyway, let's drink. A toast.
Cheers! Come on, cheers!
There we go.
So, I hear you're making a movie
about me as a serial killer.
Well, I've got to admit
you guys are quite imaginative.
You win.
Shin, you're playing me, right?
And I hear you came to my concert.
But you know, I'm not aiming
to become a singer-songwriter.
Like you. Right, Jay?
You do as you want.
Drink booze, sleep with women...
Life's a joke. For me, it's one epic joke.
That's why
I sometimes do bad things.
I also have a lot of shortcomings.
But that's being human!
What about Mitsuko's scars?
So that they could see how foolish I am
I showed them my scars
Taeko, why don't you show them, too?
Your body. Go on.
We don't have all day!
Raise your arms. That's right.
There we are.
So beautiful. Okay, turn around.
See? There we are.
Taeko and I are perverts.
It's sadomasochism, basically.
Mitsuko is a pervert too. Just like me.
-That's right.
-Now let's drink.
Drink up. It's my treat today.
Then you're really marrying Mitsuko?
I'm absolutely serious
about marrying Mitsuko.
She'll be my woman forever.
Now, come on. Let's drink.
Drink your beer.
Bottoms up, guys. Bottoms up.
You too, Mitsuko.
Drink it!
Good. All you need to do is
keep drinking my spit and my semen.
-Got it?
-You like that, bitch?
-You want more?
-Hit me more!
I fake a hit, and then...
A kiss.
Are you serious? That's amazing!
They're back.
That was a long piss. Now sit and drink.
This last story was insane.
Jay, you should hear it.
Man, it's unbelievable.
Right? You should all hear it.
It's a true story.
You see, to tell you the truth,
I'm actually a singer-songwriter.
I write songs anonymously
for famous brands.
t's a true story.
-That's amazing.
Wait a minute.
I might've written a song
for that band called Bitch of Chicken.
I've written hundreds of songs, you see.
Wasn't there a song like this?
"For the One I Love"?
-"Heart and Soul."
-There, that's the one.
What about this?
"Christmas Eve With You."
It was all bullshit
just so I could have sex.
Were you that gullible?
I was blinded by love then.
Not just then.
You still love me even now, right?
Say it.
Say you love me even now.
She loves getting hit.
But you see, Shin, it's not Taeko's fault.
I work really hard
to turn my lies into reality.
Come out.
Show yourself before me!
Shin, we don't have a chance.
That guy's a monster.
And Mitsuko loves him
from the bottom of her heart.
We can't get involved. It's between them.
You're right.
We have the passion to make a film.
Yes, let's go
for the Pia Film Festival's grand prize.
-And we'll become directors.
We can call ourselves
"The Jay-Shin-Fukami Brothers,"
like the Coen Brothers.
I like it. Let's go with that.
Go for it.
Jay-Shin, is there anything
I can do to help?
My company's bylaws
include film production, too.
Let me know if there's anything I can do.
What's wrong?
Seeing passionate kids like you
My heart is... I'm sorry...
Filled with regrets.
Believe it or not, I have a pure,
passionate streak in me.
We know.
Jay-Shin, I'll make the movie with you.
And we'll win the prize together.
-You all want to make a movie?
Yes, we do!
See? Surely there must be a way.
I'm sorry, but we can't give you a loan
to make a film like this.
You don't understand.
We're going to make a movie
and it will be a huge hit.
It'll rake in money right away.
-Right, youngsters?
Oh, youngsters, why?
Why must you leave?
This is a bank!
Why go to such lengths?
Believe it or not, I'm a movie director
like Kurosawa and Oshima.
Shut up, asshole!
What's your problem?
Shin-Jay, go!
Go! Hit him!
Hit him!
Jay! Shin! Let's go!
I'm going in, too!
Fukami, hit him!
Wait a second.
Call the police!
Hello? Is this the police?
Shit, let's go. Let's get out of here.
Come on, guys, let's go.
Let's go!
Arrest them!
Damn it, Fukami.
What the fuck was that back there?
You weren't violent at all!
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry, it was my fault!
-No, it was my fault!
-No, mine!
We're sorry!
Shin! You were good!
-Thank you!
-You too, Jay!
-Thank you!
-Michiko! You're in the way!
Taeko, you get a kiss.
-We're sorry!
-We're sorry!
This isn't good.
What do you think?
I see what's happening now.
-Me too.
We're talking about that here, too.
Come here.
Let's go.
None of us knew
that his company was in trouble until now.
We thought he was rich.
He's in so much trouble
that even the banks won't lend him money.
Film-making was just a show.
It was just an excuse to borrow money
because he couldn't get loans anymore.
In the end, he still couldn't get a loan.
He was about to go bankrupt
and got desperate.
But no one trusts him anymore.
-It's all over.
-That was a crime!
-This is no movie.
-We should leave.
-If you want to leave, then leave.
-Now's our chance.
-Yes. Let's leave.
-It's not too late.
Sorry, but we're off.
-See you later.
Let's toast to our movie.
Hey, it looks like the party's
getting started.
I managed to get money at another bank.
-So shoot to your heart's content.
-Yes, sir!
You're really something. You're the best!
It's not chilled at all.
Hey, Fukami. What's with the sad face?
-I'm sorry.
-What? Do you have a problem with me?
People have four emotions, you know.
You've only got sadness.
Where's your joy, anger, and happiness?
Give it a try, come on.
Joy, anger, and happiness!
Joy, anger, happiness! Go! Joy!
I said, do it.
-Anger! You know anger? Anger!
Show me anger!
What the fuck is that?
It's the easiest one!
Are you fucking messing with me?
Movies are serious, you shithead!
You little fucker!
Movies are about emotions!
-Come on!
-That hurts!
Do you think movies are a joke?
Jay, let's play this game.
Choose a color. I'll take red. Belgium.
You're yellow.
-Here we go! Let's go!
This Romeo and Juliet thing,
the script is great.
Murata? He went out with Mitsuko.
I'm sorry. I can't take it anymore.
What's the matter, Fukami?
I'm going to leave.
Are you serious?
You're going to leave, too?
It's you I wanted to follow.
It's your passion that got me into films.
But I don't see it anymore.
Give me a break.
I know we can't keep doing this.
Let's do something about it together.
I promised myself
that I won't lose anymore.
We're going to make the greatest movie.
-Hey, Fukami!
-Let go of me! Let go!
Let go of me! Fukami!
-Let me go after him!
-I'm sure he'll come back!
That asshole!
Damn it!
Jay, we can do it. Hang in there!
-Damn it!
You've still got me.
I love you, you know.
I just hope the kid grows up well.
So cute.
Come out of there nice and healthy,
do you hear me?
Hey. You're married?
-Good. Keep going.
No, I can explain.
I love both of you.
-Both of you.
-Both of you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-I love both of you.
Good, good. We're pulling back...
Move, you're in the way!
I've never been happier.
Everyone feels alive.
The shooting is going well.
But Jay has been depressed
ever since Fukami left.
Jay, hang in there. You're the director.
I got it. I'll stop moping.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Taeko.
Tomorrow is your big day, Taeko.
-Let's toast. Jay, bring the glasses.
-Yes, sir.
-I'll help.
-I'm fine.
Let's do our best tomorrow, Taeko.
We weren't able to die, Mitsuko.
What do you mean?
Taeko, hang in there.
Here, Taeko.
-Now let's toast to our film.
-To the producer, Murata. Cheers!
I decided to keep writing
my movie journal.
What in the world
am I doing here right now?
You chose this path.
Did I choose it?
Or was it chosen for me?
is harsh.
Don't blame it on fate.
You chose this path.
Cut! Taeko!
Why are you crying? I said no crying!
There's no crying in this scene!
Stay focused!
-Mitsuko, bring her some water.
-Yes, sir.
Are you okay with this, Director?
Well, I guess, then...
-Taeko, let's go again.
Ready... Start!
Your voice is too quiet!
Come on, put some more heart into it!
I'll do it, let's go.
Ready... Start!
What in the world
am I doing here right now?
Soon, I couldn't tell
who the director was anymore.
But it hardly mattered,
as long as we made a good film.
Or was it chosen for me?
But not everything went smoothly.
One day, we got some bad news.
The bank manager sued us
for the ruckus
-that we caused at the bank.
-Listen, cinema is life itself.
Life is cinema and cinema is life.
Which means...
Outlaws make outlaw movies
and need to be outlaws
during the filming process, see?
Yes, sir!
Good! From now on
we'll film while living as fugitives!
That's so cool!
We have to be fugitives, too?
Are you stupid?
You were there with us,
so you're our accomplices.
Jay, you need to be more committed.
Do you need a little energizing?
-Mitsuko, bring them.
-Yes, sir!
-Wait. That's not what I want.
That's not what I meant.
-I think we need to discipline him, Shin.
Jay, let's do whatever we have to
for the film.
-Shin, I'm...
-Just listen to Murata and...
And... Start!
-This is crazy!
-I'll teach him a lesson!
Just a little more! A little more!
A little more! And...
Fuck! It fucking hurts!
Let's do this!
-You can do it, Jay!
I understand.
I'm sorry.
Do you need energizing, too?
Okay, let's do it.
-Energy! Come on, Mitsuko!
-No! No!
-And... Action!
Keep going.
And cut!
You've improved. Okay.
For crying out loud...
We're filming at a villa
in Nagano tomorrow.
So stop crying.
For some reason, the lodge
Has a triangular roof
Hey, once we arrive,
we'll need to steal a car.
-Got it?
-Yes, sir!
-That one. Let's go!
-Open the trunk.
-Yes, sir.
The trunk.
Good. Now get in. Get in.
-Wait, Jay's not in.
Jay! Wait! Someone go and get him.
What are you doing? The car's over there.
Hey, Jay. What are you doing?
I need to pee.
You need to pee? Go to the station.
Yes, over there.
-Keep an eye on him.
-I need to go too.
-I'll go too.
Shin, are you okay with all this?
Is our movie going to be okay?
It's exciting, man! I like it.
Aren't we going a little crazy?
Jay, are you hoping to leave?
You're a fugitive too, you know.
I'm disappointed in you.
You're a wimp.
Come on! I'm talking common sense!
Shin, this is not a movie.
I said doing illegal things
in movies is fun
but doing illegal things
in reality is...
Come on, Shin!
What's the difference? They're the same.
Movies are fun, but doing illegal things
in real life is even more fun.
You're talking nonsense!
I just love movies, man!
I've had enough!
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I feel so alive right now, you know.
We can do it.
You and me, we can make it to the end.
High ten.
Give me a real one.
I think I'm pregnant
with Murata's child.
Let's do our best!
Pregnant, how nice it feels
Hurry up.
This is cool.
This is quite a nice place.
-I bet...
-Did you say something, Jay?
Well, these places are easy.
It was given to me.
Do you still have something to say?
I wonder what it could be?
Do you think I scammed it from someone?
That's not very nice.
But it's how you frame it.
I suppose it could be
interpreted that way.
Let's go.
You really are amazing, Mr. Murata!
Jay, can you believe we get to shoot here?
Jay, where's your answer?
-Where's the bathroom?
Man, is he going to be okay?
-Let's start filming.
-How is this going to work?
-We just have to do it.
We're going totally off script.
This area is perfect. Get ready.
Did you say something, Shin?
What part do I play?
An employee from my company.
I'm not the director anymore, am I?
A good-for-nothing like you
isn't cut out to be a director.
So you'll have to die once
and come back to life!
-I love movies!
I'd love to die in a movie.
In that case, go and get changed.
Here you go.
Here you go, Taeko.
We have no choice but to kill him now.
-Let's kill him together.
Do you want to keep living on the run?
He's in the way.
Hey, what are you doing?
-At the Pia Film Festival...
-We win the grand prize.
What the fuck, Shin!
Now choke him!
Do it like you mean it!
Cut! Cut!
Do it harder!
Keep going.
Do it like you mean it!
Cut! Cut!
Choke him!
Harder! Like you mean it!
Don't go easy on him!
Forget that it's a movie!
Okay, more! Keep going!
More, Mitsuko!
And cut!
All right, that was a good scene.
Right, Taeko? Hey, where's Taeko?
-She ran outside.
-What the hell is she doing?
Okay, Mitsuko. Help Jay up.
He's dead.
Hey, Jay.
What the hell, Mitsuko?
Didn't you hold back?
-I'll bring Taeko back.
-I'm sorry!
What have you done?
We're already fugitives.
Now what are we going to do?
Hey, Mitsuko!
-What are you doing?
-Stop! Let go of me!
-Give me the camera!
-Get off me!
-Stop! Let go!
-We've got a problem!
-Hey! Get up!
-Let go of me!
-Go back inside!
-I said go back inside!
We have no choice.
Let's get rid of him together.
I guess we need to chop him up.
You guys do it here.
Drain the blood first.
Slice his throat and drain the blood.
Then take the severed parts
and boil them in a pot.
After you've stewed him for hours,
take the soft meat and innards
and liquefy them with a blender.
After crushing the bones and teeth
mix them with miso into balls
then pack them
into about ten cookie canisters.
I asked if you understood!
Then do it!
Yes, sir.
Mitsuko, here.
Pull yourself together!
Grab the legs. You too.
You have to do it. Hurry up.
Okay, this side's ready.
Let's get to it, Shin.
-Yes, sir.
-Now take a saw.
Here, take a saw.
You too, Mitsuko. You need to cut.
Okay, good luck.
Farewell, Jay.
How scary.
What are you doing?
Did you just see Romeo?
It's nothing.
Over here.
Hey! Cut it out!
Seriously, that's cold!
-Hey, where's Taeko?
-She escaped.
She said couldn't handle it.
Don't worry, I warned her.
-She won't tell anyone.
-I see.
Then let's go back to Tokyo.
Shin, get the luggage.
-Yes, sir.
-Let's go, Mitsuko.
We need to keep filming.
A beginning needs an end. The die is cast.
There's no going back now.
We have to keep making this film.
-Got it?
-Yes, sir.
Now we have just one last location left.
I'm tired. The meeting took so long.
-Listen, dear.
Mr. Murata is here.
So I need you to do something about this.
Believe it or not,
I'm not a horrible person.
I'm here talking to you
because I don't want to abandon her.
Or will you abandon your daughter?
I know you have a lot of pride.
I hear that even when
Mitsuko attempted suicide
you told the ambulances to turn off
their sirens in order to avoid attention.
You're a respectable man.
That's exactly why I'm here to see you.
Azumi, may I have some beer?
-Bring me some beer this instant!
-Yes, sir! I'm sorry!
I'm here to help you, damn it!
Do you think I want to be here?
Shall I go and tell the police
about everything your daughter did?
No, that would be too cruel.
That's why I'm here, although reluctantly.
-Do you understand?
Do you?
Have a drink, mister.
Hey, come on, it's okay.
Let's have a drink.
And let's calm down.
Here you are.
I'm sure you're in shock.
Your daughter suddenly became a murderer.
How could that girl do such a thing!
I'm sure you're furious.
But there's only one thing
you can do right now.
Choose whether to abandon your daughter
or to protect her as parents.
You know the answer, right?
Now drink, come on. Drink up.
She cut up the body and disposed of it!
Which is why if you stay quiet,
things will be fine.
Anyway, for the time being
we can stay in this house, right?
-That's fine, right?
-Did she...
Did she really kill him?
I even have proof.
They were all friends with him, after all.
It gives me the creeps
seeing people like you who only care
about their public reputation.
It makes me puke!
You really care so much
about your public image, Professor?
Will you quit crying?
Hey, Azumi, bring some more beer.
Beer, I said.
You can drink this. Here, drink.
Drink up, come on. Drink, damn it.
-Good, take a swig.
-Oh, dear!
Get drunk and forget about everything.
Then you can start all over.
In fact, we're shooting a movie.
You should participate.
Assuming you still have some savings
you can be the executive producer.
That's a brilliant idea.
Pay the expense!
Money, I said!
Cinema is life, you know.
As humans, we're all living things.
Were all alive, every last one of us
Sing. Don't you know the song?
I bet you do.
-Sing, damn it.
-Stop it!
Sing, I said! Sing!
-Please stop.
-Okay, just drink.
Drink it. Bottoms up. Come on, drink it!
Bottoms up.
-Drink it!
-Yes, I'm drinking it.
-Stop it, dear...
-That's it.
Now sing.
I'm telling you to sing!
Sing, fucker!
-Sing, come on. Sing.
-Please stop.
Sing! Stand up!
Okay! Let's go. "We're all"...
Were all alive, every last one of us
And we can feel sad
Because were alive
- Were all alive, every last one of us
-Stop it!
- We can feel sad because were alive
-Yes, we have a deal. You can come over.
-Mitsuko? Mitsuko!
-Okay, grab him.
-Yes, sir.
All right. Shock him.
No, wait!
-Don't do this!
-You didn't discipline your daughter.
-Yes, sir!
Wait, no!
Mitsuko, what are you doing?
Okay. It's Azumi's turn. Ready...
Good. This is good.
And cut!
Thus began our strange life together.
On the first day
we threw away
all Mitsuko's parents' fancy clothes.
-One week later
-I'm home!
her younger sister, Ami,
came home for school holiday.
-How's the movie going?
-It couldn't be better.
Your kisses are still great.
So are your lips.
If Dad finds us, he'll be upset.
Don't worry.
I've already tamed your mom and dad.
Unlike before, your dad now has
a bigger heart.
-Yes, come with me.
Check them out!
-Isn't this great?
What in the world?
All right, Mommy and Daddy, dance!
We made them wear
Taeko's punk outfits.
I always wanted a family like this.
Finally, Mitsuko's parents appeared
in the film.
I'm fucking good!
I'm a bitch! Too young to die!
And cut!
-This will be an amazing movie!
-Right? The grand prize is ours!
Now drink more! The more you drink,
the sharper your mind gets!
Do you have any good sources of money?
Do you? We're out of cash.
You want to finish the film, right?
-You've got relatives and shit, right?
Bring all of them. Call them!
Call them.
What the fuck? Where's your spirit?
You're a punk, right?
-I am.
-If you really are a punk
-you have to enjoy having no future!
-Yes, sir.
Say it.
Say it like you mean it.
I'm writing a new book with Shigeru here
and it will be published
in Hollywood soon.
How can I help you?
Well, we're making a film
at the same time as the book.
This is one of the movies
that I made recently.
This movie's famous.
You see, we invested
two billion yen into the film.
-Two billion?
Do you know how much the film
earned in profits?
Fifty billion.
Fifty billion yen.
We paid our investors back
based on their contributions.
Those who invested 50 million got...
Let's see, 1.6 billion.
They got 1.6 billion yen?
Shigeru, is this true?
Yes. I believe they are trustworthy.
Did you invest?
Actually, I invested 50 million
into the last film
and made quite a profit.
-I see.
If you say so...
Of course
he invested immediately.
How are you feeling?
I can't stay quiet.
-What the hell?
-It's Mitsuko.
What are you doing?
You're creeping me out.
Everyone wake up! Lights on!
We're going to shock her right now.
You didn't discipline your daughter!
Yes, sir.
-You do it.
-Yes, sir.
Now get on with it. Shock her.
-Shigeru, do it.
-Yes, sir.
You bastard!
You bastard!
You bastard!
You bastard!
It's not plugged in!
Do you want to explain this to me?
Hey, Mitsuko!
Was that an act?
So you're all responsible here.
Electrocution for everyone!
They were shocked, one...
After the other.
It continued until morning.
Day after day...
Just filming
and electrocution.
-All right, cheers!
At night
we drank for hours on end.
It was insane.
We drank and drank
then drank and drank,
then drank some more.
And we kept filming.
One day
Mitsuko finally snapped.
What the hell! What are you doing?
-Mitsuko! What are you doing?
Thereafter, Mitsuko was treated
like a nuisance.
And finally, we've decided
to shoot Mitsuko's death scene tomorrow.
Say, what's really going to
happen at the filming tomorrow?
Are you worried?
Personally, I don't care either way.
How scary.
I want to go look for the outfit
that I'll be wearing when I die.
She wants to go look for an outfit
for her death scene.
-Keep a close eye on her, Ami.
You're walking too fast, bitch. Slow down.
Murata tasked me with monitoring you.
Isn't that amazing?
You're worth nothing.
He thinks I'm a good actress, too.
What a beautiful sight.
It's hardly beautiful.
I kind of feel good.
Feel good, my ass.
Mitsuko, get back here!
Open up!
Please, go!
-Hey, what are you doing! Stop it!
-Help me!
-Stop that!
-Hurry, just go!
-Hey, you whore!
-Hurry, just go!
-How dare you!
Do you love electricity?
Say "I love electricity!"
Say it!
I love electricity.
-Okay, very well. Let's do it.
-Yes, sir.
Ready... Start.
This caused severe damage for Mitsuko,
and she was then hospitalized.
She ended up losing Murata's baby.
The serial killer who has terrorized
the Kanto and Koshinetsu regions
for three months has yet to be found.
A gun stolen from the police was used
in all of the murders
and it is likely that they were
all committed by the same killer.
You must be her sister.
Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage.
But apart from that...
Yes, what is it?
She has bruises all over her body.
And I found burn scars
on her arms and legs.
They're signs of electrocution.
Was there anything odd about her recently?
No. Not that I know of.
This is just a personal suggestion
but I think you should go to the police.
-I believe
she's being abused by someone.
-That's not true.
-Then I'll call.
Wait, just give me a moment.
I'll speak to my family first.
We're in trouble.
-What's wrong?
-We're under suspicion.
The doctor wants to call the police
about Mitsuko's scars.
It'll be fine.
This way?
I love you, Mitsuko.
How could this happen?
Stop being so foolish!
Didn't I promise
that I would protect you forever?
Mr. Murata.
Thanks for the 50 yen.
She's always had a habit of self-harm
and she just won't change.
I never imagined she'd get to this point.
Whenever I was around
she always seemed normal,
so I never noticed.
From now on, please watch her carefully.
Will she be okay?
She'll be fine.
I'm so glad...
I'm so glad...
Thank you so much.
He's gone.
I see.
Hey! Shigeru! Where are you?
I'm here, Zenjiro.
What's with that outfit?
More importantly...
What the hell is this? I looked into this.
It turns out your company has
nothing to do with it!
Give me back my money!
What are you saying?
Have you gone mad? Give me back my money!
Stop it, please. Stop it.
-Give me back my money, you bastard!
-Leave me alone!
Snap out of it! What's gotten into you?
What on earth happened to you?
The university said you took
a leave of absence. What happened?
Everything is...
Stop it! Please, stop it!
Listen! Listen to me.
That girl killed a person.
What are you saying? Have you gone mad?
It's true.
We don't have your money.
He took off with all of it!
There's nothing left!
-Hit me!
Your fucking money is all gone!
Looking back on everything...
It turns out I'm the worst of all,
aren't I?
I should go home.
It's too early to be discharged.
-Don't cause trouble.
-I'm going.
I said don't cause trouble.
I caused trouble for Mom and Dad.
To hell with them.
What happened to my 50 yen?
Will you go look for my 50 yen
in my room somewhere?
Come on.
Stop the nonsense!
I can't live without it.
Nothing seems right.
As long as I have it...
You found it?
Yes, I found it.
-Where was it?
-At the bottom of the closet.
I'm so glad.
I'm home.
What? Where is everyone?
It was tough, but I got this far.
-I see.
-I think I'll try boiling it better next.
-I'm back.
We were surprised, too.
I took care of Zenjiro, so...
Please take care of your parents, Ami.
-There's nothing to it. Just cut them up.
Sorry to make you do it.
Gosh, it's disgusting.
"I devote myself to the Mystic Law
of the Lotus Sutra."
What happened?
What do you mean?
Mom, you're dead.
Why is he dead?
How should I know?
Don't you remember?
I'm not sure...
Ami, what are you doing? Ami!
Your father will be upset!
You know how strict he is!
I am your mother!
Tell me you love me...
Just once. Please.
I love you, Ami.
That hurts, Ami.
Kill me if you must.
It's only pain.
Give it all you've got!
What's going on?
I'll help you.
Let's get it over with.
What's with the glum look?
You're going to worry Mitsuko.
Come on. Get out. Come here.
You've done nothing wrong.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
-Answer me.
Mitsuko! Thank you for everything, sir.
Welcome back.
Get in slowly.
How about...
A picnic to celebrate Mitsuko's discharge?
In the white forest
-Are Mom and Dad doing well?
I don't know. Don't ask me.
They're fine. Fine as can be.
Fine as can be.
There's a lake nearby
that we used to visit with Mom and Dad.
Do you remember it?
I don't.
-Mr. Murata.
I want my wedding to be there.
What? Right.
Nice. Let's do that.
Good idea, Mitsuko.
-This area is fine, right?
-I suppose so.
Sure. Filming.
Isn't it nice here, Mitsuko?
It's wonderful.
Moonlight in the white forest
In all of the trees
Cicadas emerge
We're thinking about killing you.
We figured you'd understand.
From the moment we met,
I wanted to kill you.
-Mr. Murata.
I'm glad we met.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's kill her, then.
It's wonderful to be able to die
on a lovely day like this.
Wonderful indeed.
Why don't you stop the ridiculous act?
I figured this would happen,
so I wrote an essay.
May I read it first?
Wait, what? What?
Here I go.
"I, Mitsuko Ozawa
am far worse than all of you.
I told you at the hospital, didn't I?
That I'm the worst one of all."
I'm the worst of all, aren't I?
"First, I should apologize to Mr. Murata.
I never loved you.
Not once!"
"I knew you were a con artist
from the very first phone call."
I'm Joe Murata.
"In normal circumstances
I wouldn't have gone to meet you.
But that afternoon
my old classmate Taeko had
just come to visit.
She brought
a bunch of stupid kids with her
and said to me..."
Yours is a dead woman's world.
Create a scar and move forward!
Mitsuko, you need to create a scar
and move forward!
"I was incredibly hurt.
Hearing that from that damn Taeko
-I was so hurt I could puke."
-We'll come back later.
"I always despised Taeko.
When we were in high school
I always knew
that she was kissing my Romeo
behind my back
and that my Romeo
was head over heels for Taeko.
That's why I despised the two of them."
Is Mitsuko home?
"So when Romeo died in an accident
I was so relieved.
I figured...
Romeo and Taeko could
no longer love each other.
My Romeo...
Was separated from that despicable woman
and taken to heaven.
Then Romeo...
Became mine.
My own masturbation tool.
I'm guessing you killed Taeko.
When I sensed that
it felt so cathartic.
I'm grateful.
She's watching.
Serves you right!
Fucking Taeko!
When you and Romeo
were in the classroom
you lied to me and said you were
doing foot massages.
A foot massage?
No, stupid.
I will always hate you.
-I'm a rotten fish.
And I hated Romeo, too.
I hated Romeo for lying like that.
Once Romeo died and became mine
my hatred of Romeo faded.
After Romeo died
she began to love me.
She appeared before me
and loved me all the time.
And Shin...
You probably knew the truth about me
from the start.
You said
I hadn't been with a man yet, right?"
I don't think she's ever been with a man.
"That was funny to me
so I kept pretending to be a virgin.
Me? A virgin? Ridiculous.
I've been a slut since high school.
I slept with Manami's boyfriend..."
He's my boyfriend.
"I slept with Ami's fuck buddy, Kenji."
Who's that? A cousin?
"It's ridiculous!
Why do men like virgins so much?
When I was 16
I tossed aside my worthless virginity.
Why did I go through all this trouble?
I sensed that you were a murderer
from the very beginning.
I've been yearning for you to kill me.
But I didn't want to die first.
I wanted to see that bitch Taeko
and that idiot Jay, and...
That filthy Dad...
That slovenly, narcissist Mom
and that tramp Ami die first."
What are you rambling about?
I think she's gone insane!
Kill Ami first.
-Ami, take a good look at your sister.
-Just do it.
I see her.
You've never once looked
at your sister's heart.
Mitsuko, give your sister
some last words of farewell.
I love you, Ami...
-What the hell!
Truly, Ami...
I've loved you since you were little...
Not! You idiot!
Hey! Mitsuko!
Are you serious about all this?
"I wanted to die from the very beginning.
But I didn't want to commit suicide.
I was the only one who survived.
Romeo had saved me."
Come over here.
"I secretly spat out the medicine.
I wasn't sleepy,
but I was thankful for Romeo.
I thought Taeko was dead, too.
When I saw Taeko
she was writhing in pain
on the car dented by her weight
I figured she deserved it.
But she was alive.
I couldn't stand it.
When she asked me to perform
on stage with her again,"
Let's perform together!
"I wanted her to die.
Mr. Murata, help me!
Say something to her.
This cute woman's about to die.
Ami, I'm sorry.
You see, I...
Have no use for you anymore.
Well, that's perfect.
You can finish her with this.
What the hell, Shin?
Are you ordering me around?
You're a coward
who's never done anything himself.
Do it!
Do it, Murata!
Do it!
You third-rate hack actor.
Take it!
-I'll do it!
-Then do it.
Mr. Murata!
Don't shoot me!
Hurry up and shoot her.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, see?
I'm fine.
See, I got up. Mr. Murata.
I'm still alive.
Let's love each other again.
What's with that look?
I love you, Mr. Murata.
Give that back.
Hey, watch it!
You're useless, you middle-aged punk.
You should die here, too.
Do you want to know who I am?
I'm the serial killer
that's been in the news.
I'm a free spirit, doing as I please.
You, on the other hand.
You're a con man
who's never gotten his hands dirty.
I'm going to enjoy...
Torturing you to death.
Hey, Mitsuko?
You're alive again?
Hurry up and kill me.
Then can I ask you one thing
before you die?
What, scumbag?
Did you love me, even just a tiny bit?
"A tiny bit"?
Yes, a tiny bit.
Maybe I loved you a tiny bit.
That's great.
I loved you a tiny bit, too.
A tiny bit.
A tiny bit.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Thanks, I feel better.
Okay, Shin, you can kill her.
Is she dead?
-I think she's dead.
-I see.
What do you think about her?
Her heart's not exactly pure.
Not at all.
There isn't an ounce of purity in her.
I'm purer, don't you think?
A pure heart
Maybe a little.
Right? Did you feel my purity just now?
-I sure did.
Then what should I do?
-Die? Or perhaps--
-You should die.
I see. I'm going to die?
You should die.
But come on, not here.
Not together with them.
Hey, how about over there?
It's pretty, isn't it?
Yes, maybe over here.
I think I prefer this spot.
I like this big tree. Yes, this big tree.
-Yes. This tree. Run around, and...
That hurts!
You little shit!
You stupid shit!
Hey, Murata!
-Catch me, moron! Moron!
You think I'd let you shoot me? Moron!
You stupid serial killer!
I'll kill you the next time I see you!
-Are you okay there?
-I'm sorry.
My car broke down
and my phone won't connect.
Is that right? Well, I can take you
to a nearby gas station.
-Get in.
-Would you? Thank you.
-I'm so glad.
-Hop in.
-You saved me.
-Off we go.
I lied, of course.
Taeko, Mitsuko, it's Romeo and Juliet!
Taeko, Mitsuko, it's Romeo and Juliet!
Hey, everyone!
-What is it?
-You startled us.
I found our play for the school festival!
Romeo and Juliet?
Mitsuko will play Juliet,
and I'll play Romeo.
And you can be the director, Taeko!
Sorry, I'm lost. Would you mind
taking me to the highway?
-Thank you.
Where are you headed?
Go to Hell.
Hey. Hey, where are you going?